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Python Django developer

With a full time job as a developper in a big IT company on the French Riviera for the last 5 years, I am an experienced developper and architect. Passionated with web technos, I m dedicating my evenings and week end to external projects as a freelancer. My main added value will be to understand your business and to implement the best web application structure that fit your needs. With strong foundations, your website will be ready for further evolutions.

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Python Java PHP ERP software develop. programming

Grand ERP - unique IT solutions for You and Your business. Our team's goal – to create modern solutions that allows to create more efficient business, to create such solutions that saves not only time but money as well. Our team professional team: - 4 programmers (5, 4, 4, and 3 years of experience in programming ,,Python“, PHP“ or ,,Java“. Plus master degrees); - 2 project managers (6 and 5 years of experience with master degrees); - 2 supports (4 and 1 year of experience with bachelor degrees); - 1 analyst (3 years of experience in Informatics with master degree); - 2 sales managers (14 years of experience with bachelor degrees); - 1 CEO ( 10 years of experience and master degree). Has loads of experience in creating software for manufacturers, and staff managing. Has an award for successfully managing IT company in Lithuania;

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Your Idea, Realized

Have been involved in the web development field for nearly 8 years now, using languages and technologies such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Django/Python, mySQL, and even some Java. On the other side of the coin, I have extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop creating designs for websites and other media.

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Coder with a passion for Linux, Python, Django

Our company, Danemco LLC, was founded in 2005. We are a website technology company with a strong emphasis in custom website application development. Our team has helped over 200 businesses succeed online in the past three years. Our software engineering skills include communication, professional project management, design, programming, server configuration, and on-going software maintenance. Our company's strengths are in Linux, Python, Django, and MySQL. We have successfully completed projects in other technologies, including Java, PHP, and Perl. We have also developed our own software products over the years, including an e-commerce system, a website management system, e-mail mailing list software, blog systems, forums, auction websites, classifieds systems, 3rd party software applications, API integration, iPhone and Android application development, and mobile website design. Come visit our website for more information about our services!

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Expert Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps Developer

Working as a software programmer since Jan 2007. Worked on various challenging projects and hungry for more. Developed skills in different languages, platforms and domains. Having B.Tech (4 years) in Information Technology. Skills: Languages: C#, VB.NET, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, R Markups: HTML5, XML, XSLT, XSL, XSD, CSS Relational Database: MsSQL server 2000-2008, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite Object Databases: Mongdb, Couchdb, Redis Dev IDEs: Visual Studios, JetBrains, Eclipse, Adobe Live Cycle, Emacs, Notepad++, SublimeText Packages and Platforms: ASP.NET (MVC, Webforms), WCF and Webservices (SOAP and RESTful), Node.js, jQuery, jQuerymobile, Angularjs, Highchart js, Swing, Android, Qt. I am here to help and to solve computing requirements around the globe and to make long term healthy business relationships with interested profiles. I am available through skype or any preferred mode of communication.

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Python Developer / System Administrator

Experience in Development and Administration more than 10 years. Experience with different services and in various operating systems. Degree in Computer Science .

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Machine Learning Researcher

PhD in machine learning with around 3 years experience. My strong suits are C/C++, Java, Python, Matlab and scientific computing. I have experience in developing cross platform computer vision applications, 2D and 3D image processing and analysis with machine learning algorithms. I am Interested in projects in DSP, DIP, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, machine learning algorithm implementation, etc.

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Python web developer

Driven professional with a high level of competence in the key aspects of web development and information technologies. Motivated by change, instability and new challenges. I actively develop websites using the Python programming language and the Django Framework. My skill set also includes front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery) and application development (Java). As a web developer I also have the necessary experience with databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL).

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Web Application Development Company

Webnoetic is one of the leading Web agencies in the PHP and Python space and our favorite projects involve helping people to bring their idea to launch.

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Every challenge is a new learning experience

Experienced in designimplementation of enterprise solutions. Disciplined in pure mathematics, financial mathematics and statistics 7 years of experience programming in various paradigms and expertise in main stream programming languages including C++JavaC#VBRubyPython Familiarity with various DBMS and spreadsheet packages including MSSQL, MySQL, Access and Excel Knowledge and experience with creating financial analysis software %u2013 Gemchart (an Forex chartinganalysis program) Extensive experience in requirementsystem analysis and dealing with clients Ability to adapt to new systems and framework in a short time frame Love to experiment with cutting edge technologies and keen for new challenges

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Freelance cross platform programmer

Over 15 years of work experience for small and medium companies. Mainly programming in c/c++, but if needed also in python, java, javascript, perl, php, sql and html. Project types range from command line utilities, gui applications, 3d engines with or without haptic feedback, object recognition and tracking with opencv, linux kernel and driver programming, unix system administration, databases and web page automation.

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Python + Javascript + HTML5/CSS3 Developer.

I specialize in delivering high quality web applications using Python + Javascript + HTML5/CSS3. My web framework of choice is Django. I bring to the table nearly 10 years of experience primarily as a developer of distributed, critical applications in C++ and Java on Linux. About 3 years ago I started exploring web application development as a freelancer working from home, initially choosing PHP for its ready deployability. However, I later switched to Python as my workhorse language since it's a better fit for the applications I want to work on. I place a high premium on honesty, clear communication, client satisfaction, and producing quality work that I can be proud of. When you hire me, you deal directly with the person (i.e., myself) who will do your work so that very little information is lost due to middle-persons. You also get the services of a senior developer + project manager without paying any agency overhead.

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Enthusiastic and Passionate Network Engineer

Enthusiastic and Passionate Network Engineer with 5 years of experience, I support, design and build networks from branch to DCs sizes by using open standards, I like to say NO to vendor specific implementation, where it's possible to do. My second passion is python programming. Also I have deep expirience with unix and windows systems. You can find more at my Linkedin profile: Sergey Marunich

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Experienced developer seeks your project!

I have been building web and desktop applications since 1998, and have become a firm believer in the importance of proper requirements gathering and writing clean maintainable code. I'm well-versed in both python and php, and have a firm appreciation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each.

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Python, Php and Java Programmer

Agile development and high technology productions.

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Experienced web developer (PHP/Drupal/Symfony)

PHP (Drupal, Zend Framework, Symfony) and Python (Django) programmer with 10 years of experience. I can build new web sites, intranet applications and frameworks. I'm also not afraid to dig into your current codebase and extend or improve it!

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C#, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Jquery

Hi. My name is Stas. I'm an IT developer with 6+ year of experience. I work only with clear tasks, do my best always. C#, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL etc. Mostly, I'm intrested in middle and long-term projects, but free to discuss everything. More info upon request.

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Full stack WebDeveloper, Data Scientist

Spot light Developer of QT, IOS, Python,State-of-The-Art Algorithm Designer. Providing solutions for local German and outsourcing agencies. My capital is Hardworking, Reliability, Teamwork and Communication. Aim is to maximize clients satisfaction and make long term relationship.

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Internet Applications for everyone

We have the following capabilities: 1. Web Applications 2. AJAX 3. Python 4. Hosted solutions 5. Javascript 6. Database We also have functional knowledge for the following: 1. ERP - including Financial Accounting 2. Project Management 3. Employee Portals See our website for more information

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Highest quality code, systems that work

Software Architect with 20 years of both deep and broad professional experience across numerous areas of system software: iPhone / iPad / iOS applications, TCP/IP servers/clients, device drivers, 2d/3d graphics architecture and device programming, X11 Server development, ASIC verification tools/processes/flows, wxWidgets GUI programming, custom GUI debuggers, simulators. Graduate level education in computer science from top US universities: (MS CS University of Washington, BA CS University of California, Berkeley). 30 years of C programming experience (27 professional), 10 years of professional C++ (including STL and Boost), 10 years perl, 2 years python, DHTML, Javascript, CGI-bin web apps experience, PHP / MySQL. Strong design, implementation, debugging skills, building systems that are correct by construction. Strong intuition and empathy for the end-user experience, giving users what they want and need. Native English speaker. Linux, windows.

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Expert C++/OpenGL coder

I'm a skilled graphics and games programmer, and as a result have programming experience in a large range of fields. I have done programming for: 3D rendering applications Wireless Sensor Network simulations Font Recognition software Computer Vision Ray Tracing Fluid Simulation Shadows/Reflections Collision Detection I've also done some moderate-level Android development, and Python programming.

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C++/Python/NodeJS Project Manager

Mediterra is a small custom software development company based in Moscow, Russia. We offer specialised, creative software solutions tailored to our customers needs. On the market since 2004, we have proven expertise in C++, Python, C#, Middleware, system software, high-performance network servers, distributed data processing systems, and algorithms. Feel free to read more about out team and experience at our website

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Expert Web developer

I have 4+ years professional experience. Linux infrastructure, Django, Flask Web/Python software development, data processing automation, Google analytics, performance tuning, social media integration, SEO, Scrapping, Internationalization, Hosting using VPN servers, HTML, CSS, LESS, javascript, MySql, Postgresql, Setup Email Servers, Web Applications and Web Services I have worked on 15+ projects on python Web Frameworks(Django, Flask)

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Expert Full Stack Web Developer

Contracting and consulting with GoAugust. I'm able to handle backend and frontend web development, and devops/system administration. Currently working on projects involving JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, WebRTC, MongoDB, Firebase, HTML5, Drupal, PHP5 and MySQL. My career goal is to work in a professional software development environment. I aim to be a full stack web developer. I am interested in profiling and performance improvements for code and server configurations. Specialties: - Python, Java, Ruby, Scheme - Django, Ruby On Rails - PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebase - Git, Subversion, Mercurial - Emacs, PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA - GNU/Linux, ArchLinux, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server - IE7, IE8 website testing - jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS - BASH shell scripting - Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL

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Building Intelligent Software

I am a double major in German and Computer Science (concentration in machine learning) from Pomona College. My interests include distributed computing, machine learning and natural systems modeling (artificial neural networks and other cell communication models). I have 3+ years experience in Web Development. I'm also a natural language processing enthusiast and have built search engines, sentiment analysis engines and other text classifiers.

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Passionate and Experienced Software Developer

I have a passion for software, web and mobile application development and this has given me the required zeal to learn and work with a number of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Am a results driven individual who ensures work is completed accurately and in a timely manner as required.I have worked in the service industry where customer experience and satisfaction is key.

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Individual programmer with broad experience

Individual programmer with experience in C, C++, Python and Linux.

Russia, Chuvashia, Kanash | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
9+ yrs in programming,development and 6+ as admin

I have 9+ years in programming perl/python/php/Qt/c/C++/Shell scripting/JS etc through out my carrier I have worked for EDA, webapps/standalone applications for employers like Microcontroler/Microprocessor developers like Cadence, Freescale and software companies like Adobe. I have also 6+ yrs of experience as Linux Administrator, I have looked after the servers like Web Server, DNS, Sendmail, firewalls, databases, AWS, installations, configurations, maintenance, upgrades, fixes etc..

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (8 reviews)
Software Engineering Duck-tape

Independent software engineer with a focus in Linux, and Python programming.

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Highly experienced Java/J2EE, Android professional

Hi, I am an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in IT and software development.I have varied experience in all the phases of a software development, as well as Production Support. I have skillset and experience in the following area of IT. - Java/J2EE, Android, Perl, C/C+, Python, Java script, Cobol, Unix/Windows shell scripting, HTML, Assembly (x86) - JMS, Struts, JSP/Servlets, OOAD, Design Patterns, Middleware, SonicMQ, SonicESB, WebSphereMQ, Jboss, WebSphere, Tomcat - Unix, Linux, Windows, AIX - Security, pen testing, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, crypto, binary malware analysis, computer forensics

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Systems business analyst / Web programmer

Highly qualified business analyst, with bachelor degree in engineering and 5 years of professional experience in IT. Works at multinational company for local and international clients from small companies to big organizations and governmental ministries in various business areas with complete responsibility on all phases between receiving RFP and proposing technical solution and analysis phase including requirements gathering and provide software requirement specification document based on different analysis techniques and diagrams specially UML diagrams like use case and context diagrams. Also provide effort and cost estimation, initial planning and obtaining clients approval on defined scope and analyzed requirements. Also, I have good knowledge about web programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Python, MySQL) currently i am searching about building great profile through contribution within web applications/websites projects as analyst or developer.

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Desktop, web and mobile app developer

I am a software developer with focus on Python made GUI, web and mobile applications. I have experience with Linux administration. Kivy framework is my tool of choice for making GUI programs that are packaged to work on Windows, Linux and Android.

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Professional software developer

With almost 5 years of developing corporate projects for some of the biggest companies in the world I can help you give life to your ideas. I have used low level languages such as c and c++ to develop efficient and robust applications, overcoming all issues that tried to get in my way. I have also used high level languages (Java, C#, Objective C) to develop sophisticated interfaces for a great user interaction experience. I can and will deliver great results with a process that’s timely, collaborative and at a great value for my clients.

Romania, Iasi, Iasi | IT & Programming | Rating 4.5 (2 reviews)
web scraping with python

Web scraping/crawling using Python and Scrapy framework.

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I am a web programmer

I am a web developer. I have 4 years experience in PHP, with Code Igniter framework and 2 years in Python, with Django framework. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. I am familiar with GIT technology. For sample source code, I stored on my GitHub. - PHP (Code Igniter) : - Python (Django) :

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Mobile/Software QA & Testing Expert

I am carrying experience of 6+ years in mobile/web testing (Feature,Performance,UI,functionality and multimedia ), testing of mobile Games and applications, testing of web applications, and wifi driver testing for mobiles. Currently I am located in Stockholm,Sweden. Following is brief introduction about me :- 1) Good experience in both Manual and automation testing for mobile/web applications. 2) Have good exposure of various bug tracking tools like jira, bugzilla. 3) Have experience in test automation by using open source tools such as Selenium, Junit, JMeter, Appium, Android Driver and languages Python. 4) Experience in creating Test Plans, Test Strategy, Test Cases and Test Report documents 5) Have complete exposure to SDLC and STLC life cycles for an application. 6) SKill Set: Java (Junit), Selenium, Appium, Python, JMeter, Soap UI, Firebug, Putty, Firepath, ADB Shell, Android Driver, Iperf, Jira, BugZilla, ClearQuest.MySQL Server,Eclipse, Scite, Wireshark, Omnipeek.

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Computer vision R&D

I have strong background in applied maths and 6+ years experience in computer vision, image/video processing and machine learning. I offer to proceed research and to develop proper back-ends on a part-time. My usual programming languages are C, C++, Python and Matlab. Despite the fact that in my work I prefer to develop applications and libraries under Linux OS, I generally use cross-platform tools for easier porting under different platforms. I'm always opened for cooperation and consulting in complex and large-scale projects. Please, feel free to contact me.

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Professional, dependable, and discrete.

Elance Top 1% WordPress, Top 1% PHP5,Top 1% CSS3, Top 1% python, Top 1% Ruby on Rails. we are a group of High qualified developers . Personalized world class Mobile and Web solutions for your business. Proven expertise and dozens of successfully completed projects. Specialized , Experienced People are waiting for you to provide the best Web and mobile app Solutions using Latest Technologies.

United States, CA, San Diego | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (4 reviews)
Unity for desktop & mobile, Python server backends

I develop mobile and desktop games using the Unity engine, and can produce the 'full stack' - from server backends for mobile games to client facing UI and engaging gameplay. I also have experience developing Android apps in Java and web applications in Python using Django and Google App Engine. Bonus ! I'm a expert in bioinformatics, dealing with genomic, proteomic and macromolecular structural data. It may not be immediately obvious, but experience dealing with the messy Big Data from biology puts me in a good position to deal with Big Data problems across many domains.

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Guaranteed Work

Web application developer in the open standards development languages PHP and Python with MySQL database and PostgreSQL. Using the Django an CodeIgniter web development frameworks. I speak Spanish and read technical English.

Venezuela, Merida, Merida | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
6 years more in Object-Oriented Design

Proficient in Python, C++ and C

China, Sichuan, Chengdu | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert: Python; PHP Web; Desctop Webdesign

Expert in: Developing of websites, Python: Framework Django, Tornado PHP, Framework: Yii, Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony; Ruby on Rails CMF: Modex Revo, CMS: Open Cart, Word Press... Development of GUI-applications: Python, Qt C + +, C, C #, .Net Development of applications for Android, iOS, WP Webdesign, Corporate identity and Logo JavaScript, jQuery, Raphael, AJAX, ExtJs Layout of websites, CSS3, HTML5 SEO optimization

Ukraine, Poltava , Poltava | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web Development & SEO Expert

Hi. I'm Ismail, an Student Entrepreneur. I have profound skills in Web Development, like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python. My other profession is about SEO, SEM and also Social Media Marketing, Online/Mobile Advertising.

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Web developer & Information Systems Consultant

Providing services in Information Systems to individual or Small and Medium Enterprises. Django/GeoDjango/Python|OpenERP|Drupal|PHP|MS Access|PostgreSQL/PostGIS|MySQL|NodeJs|GIS|Google Maps API|. Web development, remote support through SSH in Linux or remote desktop in Windows environment or 5250 terminal emulation in IBM AS400 (iSeries) environment. Expert in Web Services, web development using rock-solid Content Management Systems and a Web GIS programmer, a husband and a father of two. I use multi platform O/S in daily life, Windows7 and Ubuntu (12.04) Linux for most of the day. I would like to hear from you...

Indonesia, DKI, Jakarta | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced mobile software developer

Dynamic, hard-working, attentive to details. My passion - mobile application development (iOS and Android) as well as innovative web systems (mainly python/django).

Lithuania, Siauliu, Joniskis | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Programmer - Programming, C, PHP, Python, Java

Hungary, null, City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software & Design

I am a software developer with some design skills, residing in Germany. 9 Years ago i started my current business by providing static web design with HTML and css. I continuously extended my knowledge over the time and started providing more complex services like dynamic web development with php and MySQL. 2004 i published my own Content-management-system "awes portal" based on php and MySQL. As free solutions like Joomla! evolved rapidly, i discontinued the development of awes portal and switched to Joomla. In the following years i produced many online-solutions based on joomla and developed several dynamic web solutions in php/mysql as well as x-platform software projects mainly based on python/GTK, e.g. the free qemu gui qemulator which is part of many Linux distributions. 2009 i co-founded the mobile-app development company canupa and worked as their chief developer. recently i left canupa mainly due to differences about our (lack of a) marketing approach.

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Wordpress, PHP/Python Scripting, Web Development

Sourcewerks LLC is owned and operated by Brandon Beasley who is a PHP and Python programmer and has published numerous libraries and classes using both procedural and object-oriented PHP and Python methodologies. In 2010, Brandon developed Werks, a MVC web framework for agile web development. In addition, Sourcewerks has developed custom web applications and Wordpress plugins for the affiliate marketing industry by using popular social networking API’s such as Twitter, Klout, Twitpic, Facebook, and Sponsored Tweets. Sourcewerks has also contributed to the WordPress, PHP, Python, and Bitcoin communities in various facets over time. Sourcewerks is also know for it cutting edge techniques used for web scraping and data aggregation using popular web APIs and frameworks.

United States, SC, Lamar | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software Testing, Developing Automation Framework

7 years of experience in IT industry. 6+ years of experience in Software Testing Expertise in Manual & Automation Testing ( Perl, Python & QTP). Proficient in writing test cases. Expertise in Data Entry, Web Search & Data Analysis.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Challenges are made to be solved

Hi, I am a Freelance Software Engineer. I have worked on a lot of web projects using latest technologies like PHP, Laravel, codeIgnighter, Python, Django, Git etc. I have also work on crawler / scrapper type project using scrapy, beautifulsoup and php-curl. I am Looking forward to work on projects that require coding skills and web knowledge and expertise. I do not work on CMS projects like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc.

Bangladesh, Dhaka, Dhaka | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
RHCA Linux and Open Source Specialist

I am an RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect) seasoned Linux and Open Source specialist with over 10 years of enterprise open-source experience. Having worked at Red Hat, I combine technical competence with an understanding of best business practices. I take real pride in my work and I'm currently looking for challenging opportunities around the world.

United Kingdom, London, London | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Part-time web programmer, like Python, Javascript.

I work in a trade company as a market engineer. I do web develope part time just because I love it. I live in Shenzhen China, specialized in Python programming. I am familiar in Django, jquery, HTML and Linux server management.

China, Guangdong, Shenzhen | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Android/iOS Developer

Professional Android, iOS developer and Full-Stack Engineer (including Python, PHP, Node.js, mongodb). Developed multiple high profile and successful applications including New York Times Android App, Instapaper on all platforms (iOS, Android and Web) and Sketch Online on Android * Received Award from New York Times: * Worked on multiple NYTimes projects including: -- NYTimes Android App : -- NYTimes HTML5 Crossword Game: * Developed Speed Reading feature for Instapaper on ALL platforms (Android, iOS and Web) - The Lead Android developer for Instapaper * Developed Sketch Online multiplayer game on Android which was featured in Google Play store in 35 countries:

United States, FL, Orlando | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software that always exceeds expectations.

I am a freelance .NET and Python developer in the Cincinnati area with over 10 years of experience creating web applications, Windows applications, web services, client/server applications, and databases. My professional profile:

United States, OH, Milford | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Outsource WEB and APP development company

Hello, My name is Yuriy Fedorchenko and I`m Senior Project Manager representing one of the most creative and perspective young software development companies in Ukraine - Attract Group. The main office is situated in Odessa. But we also have offices in Amsterdam and Las Vegas. Our teem consists of skillful web, IOS and Android developers, experienced testers, creative designers and highly motivated managers, working together to deliver you the whole-package IT-services. Our experience approved by many successful international web and app projects, among them: Yansh, DigitalGoods, BroadwaySupercars etc. We can provide the best quality services including all stages of SDLC, such as: - development and implementation of your business requirements; - specification development; - php, Python, Java, C++ development etc.; - html, JS development etc.; - Android and IOS dev; - QA and testing; etc. We can bring to life all your ideas in time with the best qu

Ukraine, Odessa, Odessa | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software Development and Clinical Data Management

oDesk profile: Specialities: - languages: java and python - platforms: Android, GAE, heroku - databases: SQL and schemaless - data analysis with R

Canada, QC, Prevost | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
PHP/Python Developer

Experienced software developer(Python, PHP, JavaScript)

Moldova, Republic Of, Chisinau, Chisinau | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
php expert

python django expert

China, shandong, jinan | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
PHP Developer

College Student, PHP Expert, Javascript/Jquery/Coffeescript Expert, HTML, CSS, Ruby/Ruby On Rails, Python/Django, and C

United States, GA, Kennesaw | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (6 reviews)
Reliable Software Solutions

Looking for a reliable software expert with a broad skill set? You found one! I specialize in all things Python (programing lang). Over the past ten years I've piled on experience in Chemical R&D, Finance, Real Estate and Sales. I learn fast and bring creative solutions to the table. If I don't have experience in your specific discipline recognize that this typically not the best metric as there are nuances to every project. What is important is excellent communication and time management skills; combined with the knowledge of how to solve problems with software. I have an actual day job that pays the bills and freelance on the side. Know that I may not complete projects the fastest, but they will be done right the first time. I look forward to working with you.

United States, MA, Greenfield | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
efficient Java/Hibernate, PHP, Python, DB engineer

On a daily basis, I create high-quality object-oriented programs in Java. I am very familiar with design patterns. I am a Hibernate and data modeling expert. I am a fast web programmer as well, and I have implemented solutions in ASP, PHP, and Python. Also I'm an excellent writer. I quickly grasp business concepts and technical concepts alike, and can write professional technical documents. Similarly, I can do research on nearly anything and write great generic articles.

United States, MT, Bozeman | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Front-End/Rails Developer

Hey, I'm Andrew. For the past 7 years I've been writing tons of code. Sometimes as much as 20 hours per day. I'm a first place Google hackathon winner, an ACM regional qualifier and I just happen to know how to get things done. My expertise right now is in the following areas: - Front End - Javascript + AngularJS Data Visualization / Analytics UX A/B Testing - Back End - Ruby on Rails / Ruby Java PHP PostgreSQL I studied computer science and business management at the University of Washington. I've done a bit of work, including about 114k in consulting/contracting projects. Here's some of my past employers: 1) Software Engineering (GUI) @ F5 Networks 2) Software Engineering (Analytics) @ Seeq 3) Front End Developer @ Telepress 3) Front End Developer @ Montana State University And of course, whatever other experience I have from running this consultancy :)

United States, WA, Seattle | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expertise in Linux servers, security and scripting

I am a linux engineer by proffession and I have got proffessional experience on Python, Bash, C and networking. My other ares of skill set are Web Penetration testing, Owasp, network security hardening, LInux server security hardedning. I can give reference up on request to my previous clients I had worked for My linkedin profile: Thanks for your time. Thanks & regards, Venkat

India, karnataka, bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
python,ruby, sqldb,nosqldb,js,backbone

TDD web using python, ruby and javascript.

China, ShangHai, ShangHai | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Experienced Testing, Automation, and Development

I've been in QA, Software Development, and Automation Development for over 5 years, dealing with all areas of the SDLC. I have a wide development background including C, C++, Ruby, PERL, Python, Java, .NET (including mono), TCL, and others. I have experience in all major platforms, with a strong Linux background, and a deep Windows understanding. I learn and use new languages and libraries very quickly, with little to no additional time required to deal with new/changing technologies. Due to this, I can offer input on how best to approach a problem, regardless of the underlying architecture, language, or platform. I currently have a full time position at a "Fortune 1000" telephony firm, leading a team of QA Engineers. With this role, however, I don't get to develop creative code nearly as much as I would like. Part time contract work allows me to fill this void, choosing contracts which interest and stimulate me while providing an additional income source.

United States, NE, Omaha | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
PHP | MySQL | AJAX | jQuery

Website Developer for past 7 years mainly being PHP developer, also worked on JavaScript, CSS. People for whom I have worked in the past and my co-devs feel I m a master, so i would like to believe i m. For Elance Providers, I don't bid on projects until i m 100% sure of delivering it with acceptable efficiency and quality (one odd reason i have very less jobs in my kitty - also i won't win all bids). I don't have anything to show in my portfolio as i m a developer mostly writing scripts (php, python, html, javascript...) and not a designer, putting my providers designs here in portfolio would be misleading (also in some cases NDA). I believe in keeping learning new things in life and will keep doing so.

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web Developer and Mobile Application Developer

Web Developer and entrepreneur since 2006, I've worked in MNCs like Amdocs and Adobe Systems. I've also worked in couple of startups - and I have a total of 8 years in web development. I have developed various web applications in PHP, Nodejs, Python, Java using AngularJS, Backbonejs, Bootstrap and AdminLTE. Additionally, I've also handled performance engineering, release engineering, system administration in Adobe. Linux, AWS and deployment related tasks are welcome

India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative Web Developer

I work with: HTML, PHP, Python, Javascript, XML, JSON. I have previous experiences developing with Django, Prototype & Scriptaculous.

Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software developer

Cross platform software development in c++, python, gtk. Windows development in C#, VB (WinForms and WPF). Database design and administration, PostrgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL. Linux system administration, RedHat, Debian.

Hungary, GYMS, Gyor | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Developer and Sysadmin, all rolled into one.

I'm a CompSci and Networking student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I love coding, I love UNIX, and I'm passionate about all of it. I specialize in Perl, Python, C, C++, and Java development, and I also specialize in Linux, BSD and Solaris systems administration.

United States, CT, Trumbull | IT & Programming | Rating 4.7 (1 reviews)


Ukraine, NA, Kiev | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Custom Web Applications, Tailored To Your Needs

Having developed a wide range of web based applications I can help you get your project/webapp/idea off the ground and into a full fledged web application. I will help you clearly identify your goals and develop custom solutions that best fit your business model. I take great pride in my work and consider the key metric to be the satisfaction of my clients.

Croatia (Hrvatska), Croatia, Zagreb | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Web Designers

Expert Web Developers that specialize in Python/Flask/Django as well as API Integrations for services such as Balanced Payments, Stripe, Twilio, and many many more.

United States, MI, Kalamazoo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
always eager to try something new

I am an organized and productive Software Developer with 8 years of experience, also an excellent team facilitator. I have worked as a SCRUM, an agile software development process, developer in a many projects for over 2 years. I can work independently as well as in a team environment. With analytical and problem solving abilities I am good at bug fixing and optimization. I hold high proficiency in C/C++ programming and in scripting language such as python, perl, ruby and linux shell scripting. Most of my projects have been with mobile application development and implementation of networking protocols. Also worked in embedded applications with focus of memory, speed and power optimization. All of them in either C or C++, I am also much familiar with STL library and used it in many of my projects which involved multithreading environment, in both windows and linux. For the past 2.5 years, I have been working with applications using Qt framework.

Finland, Pirkanmaa, Tampere | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expirenced Web Developer

Nice to meet you. Over the past years, I've worked with numerous web technologies starting from PHP/MySQL/Apache to Python with Django. While I mainly consider myself a Python/Django guy, I'm eager and very quick to learn any new tools that get the job done in time.

Ethiopia, P.O. Box 11917, Addis Ababa | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
C++ expert and mobile device veteran.

Guru in designing and implementing solutions to demanding technology problems, with specialities in mobile device development, including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and also Linux devices. Qt expert with over 10 years of C++ and Qt experience - perfect for cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) applications.

Australia, Queensland, Red Hill | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Python Programming

United States, null, West Warwick | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Certified QA Engineer, Software developer in test

I have over 3 year of experience in software industry as a Quality Assurance Engineer. And over 9 years of system administration. As QA, I have been working on long, mid-term and small-term contracts. I have carried out test planning, requirements analysis, test design (test cases, checklists, software testing). I have considerable experience in White Box and Black box testing, Bug-fixing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, Exploratory Testing and Stress Testing of a number of Android, iOS, Linux console and Desktop applications. Creating Test Plans and establishing defect-tracking. I have experience writing scripts on Linux-shell. Knowledge of C++, Java, Python. My current responsibilities are creating project test documentation (covering requirements by tests and creating Test Scenarios/Cases, creating Test Plans, Defect/Issue Reports and Execution Reports), design and implementation of functional/non-functional tests for Android, bug fixi

Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyiv | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Skilled Android Developer

7 Years Game & Software Development - Android Development - Python Development & Prototyping - Django Web Framework - Automatic Bots - Game Servers - Support Tools - Data Scraping

Russia, Udmurtia, Izhevsk | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced C/C++/C# developer

20+ years programming experience in the software development, specifically: C/C++ (10 years), C# (4+), Delphi (4), Python (1+), Java(1+). I have developed programs for a variety of applications, including computer graphics, data visualization, scientific computation, modeling & simulation, high performance computing, etc.

Russia, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Odoo Developer

I have 3+ years of functional and technical experience in Implementing, Customizing and Installing OpenERP modules - CRM, Project management, Finance Management, Manufacturing Management, HR-Management, Product Management, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Warehouse Management, Chatter, POS and Accounting. Alsso have experience in functional and technical training, Ecommerce integration with openerp, Other accounting software's with openerp. I have sound knowledge in python coding, Xml-rpc. I strive to do the best and succeed in whatever I have committed. I always make sure my work ethics follow: Quality Time Frame Budget

India, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram | IT & Programming | Rating 2.6 (1 reviews)
Web developer HTML/CSS/JQuery//PHP/MySql

Abhishek is a web developer from Bangalore with an emphasis of simplicity in design. He develops on open source platforms with PHP, Python, MySql, Smarty, jQuery, ExtJS, etc in his toolbox.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Web developer

I am a professional web developer with 5+ years of experience. I am well versed in frontend and backend web development. I am also proficient in shell scripting and desktop software development.

Nepal, Morang, Biratnagar | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (12 reviews)
Freshly Minted programmer looking for projects

Graduate of the University of Washington where I studied Psychology and Anthropology. I learned computer programming in my spare time through online lectures through MIT as well as other written resources and Team Treehouse. I've been programming since I was about 10 years old starting with visualBASIC and have moved up to Objective-C as my first real native language. Full language list in order of strength: Objective-C/iOS C++ Python SQL HTML Ruby PHP Java CSS

United States, FL, Orlando | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
A quantitatively trained MBA with Secret Clearance

Feyzi's expertise includes Data Analytics, Web Development and Web Marketing. Feyzi's skills include Analytics (Excel, SQL, Rapid Miner, R, SPSS, Tableau) and web development (Python, MySQL, Linux). Feyzi's background includes data analytic and business intelligence experience with Fortune 1000 software companies. Feyzi posses an Active Secret Clearance. Feyzi consulted and participated in setting up graduate programs in Analytics for several US and international universities. Feyzi is an Adjunct Faculty Instructor in Analytics at the Southern New Hampshire University and a Faculty member at the MS in Data Analytics program at the University of Maryland University College (largest online public university in US). Feyzi is also conducting customized corporate training in Analytics for US and international corporations.

United States, MA, Watertown | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Android Developer

I am an Software Developer with expertise in Natural Language Processing and Android Programming. I have experience of 3.5 years in two different tech startups. I have worked with tools like lucene, solr, CUDA and also proficient in python.My interests include game programming and machine learning.

India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

The culture of the company was based on the use of tools "open source". Our company specializes in the use of Python, Django, Bootstrap.js, Backbone & Angular Js. We can work in the Backend & Frontend. We also work with Joomla CMS to small sites.

Bolivia, La Paz, La Paz | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Java, PHP, Python, Networking, MikroTik, Linux

I'm programmer that capable in J2SE, i have experience using RMI and Hibernate for creating distributed application. I'm also capable in PHP programming with Laravel Framework, Python Programming with Django Restful Web Service, and Javascript with AngularJS.

Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Mataram | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
The Tenacious Technologist

MY PROMISE TO YOU To design elegant, cost effective solutions to the most tenacious technological challenges in web application development while never compromising the highest quality customer service and exceeding all expectations. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ME * Unrelenting Optimism - drinking from the half full glass (and liking it) even when the scene seems grim * Energetic Versatility - continuously adapting and empowering success even when given very spartan resources * Demonstrable Expertise - designing elegant solutions to complex problems with open source technologies * Bona Fide Nice Guy - fully realizing that the last thing you need in your life is one more problem to solve ADDITIONAL INFORMATION * Author Dojo: The Definitive Guide, published by O'Reilly (Jun 08) * Extensive professional JavaScript and Python programming experience

United States, TN, Franklin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Scripting Developer

Scripting Developer with over thirteen years of broad experience. Hard working, creative, and able to learn new things. Experience includes application development, backend web development, Unix automation, GUI development, and software testing.

United States, VA, Bristow | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
I provide complete solutions not just code

I’m an experienced software engineer and system administrator with 15 years of proven expertise in troubleshooting and developing sustainable solutions. The latest software project I developed involved using text mining techniques to create a better Twitter reader that is able to group similar tweets together, automatically identify the noise relative to the user’s Twitter stream and filter it out, highlight important tweets and learn from the user’s interactions to improve ranking. The end result is clutter free and compact stream of boxes sized by importance. See the video to learn more The latest IT problem I solved was to devise a low cost DDoS protection solution for an online poker room and protect it against vicious 3Gbps DDoS attacks for as little extras cost as possible, leveraging innovative ideas and the cloud to achieve that goal.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

In 2012 ended college, and get qualification technician- programer. Then working as programmer, in team from three of programmers develop game on Unity3D. Now will happy working on project as programmer for web-background. Or as programmer for not big 3D-game.

Russia, Stavropol'skiy, Blagodarnyy | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
geocomputation expert

I have just finished a PhD in Geography. I code in python and javascript. Data analysis in Numpy and R. I can make a web application using the cloud system of Google App Engine. I can make custom web mapping apps using javascript and Google Maps API. I have experience with in parsing large datasets and statistical data analysis. I have written articles for academic peer reviewed journals. I have edited the academic English writing in for international professors and graduate students. I am co-director on the opensource clusterPy project which has made software for making regional maps called GeoGrouper (release in August 2010). I am an expert with parse US Census Data. I speak and write Spanish.

United States, NJ, Florham Park | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Senior iOS Developer

Software engineer, in love with solving problems. I have over 5+ years of solid iOS development experience. I have worked on official apps of numerous large European Union brands, including Next UK, HMV, Jack&Jones, and Game UK. I also have a suite of educational and productivity apps on the Appstore. 'Popt' is a e-commerce enabled app that I recently completed for US market. While engineering is my strength, I love to help with idea refinement, product development and design as well. Remote work is a challenge, and I excel at it by practicing high standards of communication and transparency. You will never have trouble reaching me during a project.

Pakistan, Islamabad, Islamabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Engineer interested in Data Science and Big Data

I have 15 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer in the field of IT and Telecom. I have been working in various positions and served with dedication and honesty. My current interests are Data Science and Python as the programming tool. I have deep theoretical knowledge as well as ability to apply concepts to real life problems.

Pakistan, null, Lahore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software Testing and Development Expert

I have solid skills in software development and testing. My coding skills include C/C++, Python, and PHP/MySQL. I am highly experienced in planning, designing and executing software testing activities. Based on my experience in telecommunications and medical devices, I am able to provide high quality work based on industries standards and best practices. Currently working as Scrum Master in software development team.

Finland, Southern Finland, Vantaa | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
web application developer, software engineer

Highly skilled in web applications technologies: * Python(Django Framework), Django REST framework * SQL and noSQL: mysql, postgresql, mssql, redis, sphinx search engine * HTML, Javascript and CSS: jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS, less, etc More than 10 years of professional web application development I have experience with PHP, ?, Java, Delphi Almost a year, I have spent my free time programming in Erlang. I solve in erlang pubsub protocol Binary protocol for gamedev for turn-based network games. I use Linux at home and use Docker and Vagrant

Russia, Moscow, Moscow | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Linux and Open Source Systems Engineer

Administration of Large Complex Linux and Windows Networks Open Source software customization, integration, and administration. PHP and Python web engineering: MySQL, MSSQL, Drupal, Joomla, Plone, Zope, Symfony, Zend Framework, Google AppEngine Python Application Development: gtk, wxpython, panda3d, twisted, zope

United States, null, Davie | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Delivering solutions without the fuss

Apricot Web Solutions is a small company that specialises in web application development. We offer expertise in Python/Django and Javascript application development.

France, Midi-Pyrenees, Lieurac | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Data Scientist

I am Data Scientist with 11 years of experience into Machine learning, Predictive Modeling, R Programming, SAS , SPSS, Python,Statistical analysis, Tableau, Hadoop,Hive etc

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)