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'Ruby on Rails', 'Web development', 'API', 'SEO'

I like participate in projects, that changing the world. I'm motivated and technically proficient person who enjoys problem solving and has a keen appreciation for good design. My interests revolve around science, technology, psychology, design, drawing, photography and the outside world. I am continually striving to improve and expand my skills through self­ teaching and online courses - demanding excellence is an important value for me. Comfortable and experienced communicator, with colleagues, customers, suppliers and the public in writing, by telephone and in person. Good understanding how to leverage Rails and Ruby to rapidly build RESTful APIs that are easy to understand, use and maintain. I can squeeze out every drop of performance using well-architected API design, caching.

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Exclusive Competence of Ruby on Rails

We are a team of 9 engineers with average 4.5 years of experience on Ruby on Rails platform. We are firmly poised to deliver a high quality solution at competitive costs by capitalizing on our experience, gained with past projects. i) We follow Agile Software Development Methodology for RoR Projects. We strongly believe on delivering simple, logical and most consistent high quality solutions to our clients. ii) We use ROR's Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming. iii) We can Port legacy applications to Ruby on Rails Application architecture, re-design or improve your existing RoR application User Experience iv) We understand the importance of SEO during site development stage so we embedd SEO techniquess in RoR Applications to improve your website's visibility in all the major search engines. v) Provide tailored services to give you a upper hand and ease of work

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Ruby on Rails Shop

A Ruby on Rails shop with over three years experience in RoR web application development.

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Experienced Ruby on Rails developer

I have been working with Ruby on Rails for over a year and falling in love with it. My favorite technologies are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, jQuery. I am a fast learner and I keep learning new techniques every day. Open Source project is also one of my favorite things to do.

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Ruby on Rails / Angularjs / D3 Developer

I work as a front-end Javascript / data visualization developer, working in Ruby on Rails, D3, AngularJS, data-intensive applications. I also have an eye for UX and design, and focus on writing clean, reusable code. I graduated from the University of Chicago in June 2012 after studying Mathematics, and I'm a former management consulting analyst turned web developer. See my full portfolio on

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Ruby Software Engineer - OOD addicted

A Ruby software engineer focused in Object-Oriented Design, makes software always supported by tests - TDD, always. Software quality addicted, like to read about software metrics applied in the source code; Clean Code techniquies, refactoring skills and know how with many design patterns that helps a lot too. Have also exp with DevOps tasks, such Amazon AWS and specially with Heroku plataform. In the early days (2004-2010) worked fulltime with PHP 5 (TDD and OOD too). Now works only with Ruby and/or Rails framework. LinkedIn:

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Ruby on Rails,html,javascript,jquery,coffee,php

Senior Web Developer Ruby on Rails, PHP.

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I use Ruby on Rails to solve web problems

I use Ruby, Rails, HTML(5),CSS(3), JavaScript, and Postgres to build stuff. I can manage linux servers, and deploy applications using Passenger, Nginx, Thin, Postgresql, or Mysql. I'm familiar with MongoDB as well. With a computer and google, I can do anything. Specialties: HTML, JavaScript,CSS, Ruby on Rails.

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Ruby on Rails Programmer, Expert in Web Designing

I am Amarjeet Singh working as Software Devloper + Designer and having more than 4 year experience with Ruby on Rails. I have grown with rails and i am very passionate about this technology. I do work on Ruby on Rails variety of domains like explosives and blasting, finance and banking, dating and social networking, online auction system and ecommerce, pos systems and airlines sector, data center automation,health care, real estate etc.

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Expert on Ruby on Rails and JS Frameworks

More Than 5 Years of relevant experience in web development with Ruby on Rails and sound knowledge in Ruby programming language. development team.Experience on Project Handling with remote teams, Estimation, Client Interaction, And Client Interviews Experience on follow Coding slandered of Ruby and Ruby on Rails and Js Utilizing tools including private gem servers and custom Rails engines. http://githubcom/rajcybage

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Over the last 2 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using Ruby On Rails including sites for e-commerce and small businesses. i'm familiar with various rails plugins like Active Scaffold, Attachment-fu, Acts-As-Taggable, backgroundrb, ultrasphinx, acts-as-Authenticated, in-place editing etc I'm also familiar with cutting-edge technologies RESTful resources, web service, Feedburner Integration etc I also have some experience in the following areas: Ajax, OOP, and testing. See All Work History & Feedback (0 items, with Feedback) Recent Work History & Feedback Visit if you want to know more about my work histories

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Ruby on Rails experts

Ruby on Rails & Ajax experts, copy this url to your browser to see my experience on other project

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Ruby on Rails done right

An experienced web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and Clojure with the WebNoir framework

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Ruby on Rails Expert

I'm experienced Ruby on Rails and Javascript developer with over five years experience in the field. I can help your product design and build successful web application front-end to back-end. I'm also an Award-winning Android mobile application developer. * I test and document my code with RSpec and Cucumber. * I work professionally and quickly using Vim editor * I adapt to changes and new requirements easily More info:

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Experienced Rails & Javascript Developer

I am a software developer, technologist, teacher and musician. Straddling the business and art worlds, I work to combine music, culture and technology to build tools for fellow musicians and artists. My technical background is primarily in Rails development, client-side application development and agile methodologies. With experience working in agency and contract environments, I typically focus on medium-sized bespoke web applications and startups.

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Web Developer - Ruby on Rails Specialist

I am a passionate web developer with around 4 years of experience in the field and 3 years writing and testing Ruby code.

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Senior RUBY on Rails developer

I always provide great value with my work! I'm one of those rare developers who programs and also understands and can implement good front end design. I have been building web applications using Ruby on Rails for over 6 years now. In addition to being proficient in Ruby on Rails, I also do front end CSS, design, and UI, along with backend linux based server administration. I've worked before for 5 years as accountant and I understand how money are important for the project. I can help you to stay lean with your project and stay focus on the "customer development".

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English Ruby on Rails professional in Berlin

I'm a passionate Rails all-rounder with 5* feedback on oDesk looking to get started on Elance too! I love writing succinct, maintainable ruby code and I value clear communication above nearly everything else. My recent projects include an entire billing system for, an asynchronous CSV importer with Soundcloud API integration for an as-yet unreleased project, and a new feature for the open source route_translator gem. I love git (and github!) and made a gem for one of my previous employers (since downloaded over 17,000 times) adding github/pivotal tracker issue tracking to any git project, as well as automating the merge and deploy process. I look forward to working with you. My oDesk profile:

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Ruby on Rails Developer/Mathematician

I have 3 years of experience developing web based applications (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, HAML, Git/GitHub, Heroku) but before Ruby on Rails I have also gained experience in desktop applications (C# .NET, VB. NET) and algorithm development (Matlab, Mathematica, C). Highly motivated self-learner possessing excellent interpersonal and communication skills and self-manageable. Since I have started to work as a Ruby on Rails freelance developer in 2013, in only 4 months I became the top 10% of the most successful oDesk freelancers (my oDesk profile:

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Ruby on Rails |HTML/CSS | jQuery |HAML

- Worked 3 years at company - 4 years freelance on odesk. Here are a few things to use daily. 1) Rails 2.3.x, Rails 3.x, Rails 4.0 2) Haml, Compass, Less, Devise, Resque, Paperclip, CarrierWave,... 3) Javascript, jQuery, MVC javascript (using BackboneJS, AngularJS) 4) Heroku, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 5) Mysql, Postgres, MongoID 6) Writing test with Rspec, cucumber,... 7) Sphinx, Elastic Search, Sorl 7) And many gems Don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for an creative and dedicated programmer. Cheers, Chon

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Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer,

Hi, Im an experienced and skilled Ruby on rails developer that have good knowledge and experience with ruby, javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, coffeescript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, bootstrap and testing stuff. I'm always concern to write code that follow best practices and produce elegant code. I have experience creating website using Ruby on Rails as a main framework, including (woman marketplace), (recipes website, still on progress and in beta test), Advideum (private web for manage video advertising and publishing from Liverail) and possetrips (event and trip website, still on progess). And if you want me to create some sample app to make sure that i'm the right person for your project, just let me know, i'll do my best. :) Best Regards, Cecep Barkah

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Business-Oriented Ruby on Rails Developer

Professional Ruby on Rails developer & technical manager. 5 year experience in development and maintenance of highload projects provides perfect knowledge of full stack of web development. 3 year experience in development teams management (both in startup projects and corporate environment) bring clear understanding of customer needs and business communication skills. I believe that key to project success is excellent build quality and great user experience. Feel free to hire me, and we'll deliver great product together!

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Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer

I have been developing in Ruby on Rails for the past 6 years and am one of those rare developers who also understands and can implement good front end design. I've worked with a number of remote teams on projects of varying code based sizes and have built projects of my own (my site has over 90k users), so I write maintainable and well refactored code and also have a great product sense.

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Ruby | ROR | Jquery | AJAX | Web2.0 | SaaS | PAAS

7 Years of solid web development using ruby on rails, expert in cloud configurations and deployments, expert in JS/Jquery/AJAX Expertise in Ruby, Rails 2 ,Rails 3, Rails-4 Version control with Git, Subversion Cloud server deployment to Heroku, Amazon AWS, EngineYard, Rackspace etc Expert In BDD and TDD Backend databases using Redis, PostgreSQL, Memcache, Mongo Authentication gems Devise, Authlogic, CanCan, OmniAuth Message queuing usin Resque, AMQP RVM to deploy multiple rails installations Utilizing existing rails gems for efficient rails development : Application performance Management: New Relic Continuous integration using Capistrano/Passanger Very comfortable with Agile/SCRUM development HTML (XHTML, W3C Validated) Web services ( SOAP , XML , REST , JSON ) Mobile Applications : Android, iPhone Expert in SAAS, PAAS and IAAS apps. Expert in API development Thanks for reviewing my application.

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Ruby on Rails specialist

I specialize in Ruby on Rails web development.

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Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Expert

Spent last 5 years as a lead developer, CTO, business analyst in several software companies and now I am working as a part-time virtual CTO and seeking my career as a freelancer. Worked as a sub-contractor to several companies and agencies in United States and Europe, namely BNP Paribas, Cisco, Evonik, etc and have successfully developed numerous outsourcing projects. My main expertise lies in - Ruby on Rails veteran Rails 3, 4 developer experience with legacy Rails 2 through vagrant - Native Javascript, Node.js, AngularJS, JQuery, RequireJS, D3, Amcharts - Postgres, MySql, Mongodb, Neo4j db - Hybrid frameworks, PhoneGap, Cordova, Ionic - Android, iOS 6/7 - Redis / Memcache - RabbitMQ - Integration of 3rd party APIs including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, various Payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, I am a competitive, ambitious young developer, who always wants to improve and learn new technologies, and welcome challenges.

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Freelance Developer, mainly Ruby on Rails

CURRENTLY BOOKED SOLID UNTIL SOMETIME BETWEEN MAY AND AUGUST 2015. Consulting software engineer with nearly three decades of experience in a wide variety of languages, systems, techniques, and domains -- plus creating and delivering training and other presentations. Looking mainly for remote Ruby on Rails contracts. Will consider other technologies, or temporary employment, but not "permanent" employment, multiple months away from home, or being paid in stock/options. See for more information.

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Ruby on Rails developer (TDD/BDD) and DevOps

I am a responsible and passionate Ruby on Rails developer with over than 7 years of professional experience. I have previous system administration and frontend background. I like scaling problems, prefer TDD approach, love to contribute to open-source projects and aspire to automate everything.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Over 5 years experience in web development. I have developed websites using Java/J2EE, Spring Framework, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, ajax, git, heroku.

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Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Web developer with experience working in advertising campaigns, little startups and freelance works where i had to meet high quality criteria. I work with Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Sass, NodeJS and Python, and i'm experimenting with Clojure and Datomic

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expert ruby on rails,ruby,ror,rails developer

Myself Krishna, Senior ruby on rails developer. Working on ruby on rails since last 7 years as full stack developer. Was working for a MNC as RoR developer since last 7 years, and now started as full time freelancer. In my past carrier i have worked on more than 25 ruby on rails projects with different versions of ruby, rails, with databases like mysql,postgresql, ms-sql and for front-end used html5, twitter bootstrap, jquery, haml,slim..etc I can also deploy and maintanance of ror apps as-well. Used all types of major servers like aws,rackspace,linode,digital ocean, heroku.etc I will be available online around 16 hours in a day, via skype, gtalk for assistance.

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Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby on Rails development - clean, tested, maintainable code - 5 years web development experience - 2 years Ruby experience

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Expert Ruby on Rails Developer

Availability : Full time for $4500 per month I have an active oDesk profile Expert Ruby on Rails developer with over 7 years experience in developing web applications in different domains. My core competency is to be able to jump in to any phase of project life cycle with full efficiency. Worked well on projects with team of 1-12 members as well as single handedly built projects from scratch to the production/maintenance stage. Full stack developer with backend, frontend and server management skills. Skills: Ruby on Rails, Ruby JavaScript, jQuery, node.js, backbone.js, d3.js Mysql, postgresql, neo4j, mongodb HTML5, CSS3, HAML, SASS RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, Capybara Amazon Web Services, Heroku Github, SVN Trello, Asana, Pivotal Tracker Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator API Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Salesforce, Google Services and any third party service) SDK development, API development

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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

I am a Ruby on Rails Developer with more than 7 years of experience in developing both simple and complex web-based application. I am fully capable in these following areas: Ruby on Rails, Rspec, Jquery, and Linux Administration. I’ve built my career in a variety of roles: Rails developer, Rails Trainer, Team Leader, and also own few commercial websites in Indonesia (Namely,, After some time, I decided to back to be Ruby on Rails Developer again, simply because I have strong passion in it. Those experiences have made me understood the responsibilites of a developer, a manager, and an owner I personally think that the key to a successful website is strong "chemistry" and passion on all team members ( owner, project manager, developer, designer & others position ). Because once we connected, we will have a great team-power.

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Ruby/Rails Expert, Sencha, Jquery, Webservices,php

For last 4 years i have been developing many web applications in cutting edge technologies like Ruby, Rails, Php, Sencha, Jquery and mysql. My core competence is delivering end to end projects from start till end. I have developed and delivered many application from scratch and have worked on tons of on going projects as well. I have led the team many times and also have worked alone on projects. Now i would like to use my skills for better opportunities and challenges.

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Ruby on Rails , Bootstrap, RSpec

1998 onward in IT field and from 2009 onward in web development as a fully dedicated Ruby On Rails developer. Front end development with Bootstrap,jQuery, jQuery Mobile and AngularJS BDD/TDD with RSpec,Cucumber, jasmine,capybara and selenium Source Code Management using Git and GitHub Authentication using Devise,omniauth and Authorization using CanCan Data storage using MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Amazon S3 Deployment Management using Heroku,Passenger and capistrano eCommerce using spree, PayPal payment Gateway

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Ruby On Rails / Cucumber / RSpec / BackboneJS

Thank you for visit. I am Ruby on Rails expert with great open source technologies of web. I have worked with good reputed company for 3 years as well as many start up companies who needs developer to make their start up good. So I believe my development skill is good for your project. I have worked for clients for product development and design as a full time developer and also worked as a freelancer / consultant for per hour basis. Following are things my clients like in me : -> Quality of work -> Available in skype, GTalk and phone for anytime need -> Never give up the problem -> Advice and suggestion for better solution. -> Friendly in nature and good English speaker

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Ruby On Rails Developer

I'm Ruby On Rails developer with 8+ years of experience in IT. I'm a strict follower of the TDD/BDD practices. Love solving technical puzzles and constantly improve my skills

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7 year exp. Ruby on Rails/Javascript Developer

I'm an experienced and professional Ruby on Rails and Javascript programmer.

Russia, Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Front-End Developer with Ruby on Rails experience.

Pretty friendly, big team player, and super cute. I'm a passionate developer with design experience. I like how-to books, tacos, traveling and general mischief.

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IOS | ANDROID | Django | Ruby | PHP | Magento

10% DISCOUNT ON 3 FIRST BIG JOBS We're talented and experienced mobile and web engineers offer mobile apps and web apps development. We're high focusing on mobile development include iOS, Android, Windows Phone native or hybrid apps. We're now experienced and effective with Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Bootraps, JQuery, AngularJS. We're providing startups and enterprise companies with entire system solutions focus mobile solutions to support their rapidly growing business needs. There’s so much bad and ugly technology out there, we are making beautiful, fun, and easy to use technology that helps people and puts companies on the cutting edge. Please feel free to contact and keep in touch with us via number +84 (0) 932758890 or email ronn at slss dot mobi

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full Stack Expert Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is my Primary Programming Language and Framework currently.. I have been 5 years working with Ruby on Rails.. Make a beautiful code is my hobby now as It's part of my life anyway.. My first Ruby journey started in Kiranatama a.k.a PT. Walden Global Services, I worked 2 years there and gained so much things there in experiences as well as expertise.. Currently I work with no company which means I dedicate myself as Independent Developer Full Time or Part Time with direct Client.. Besides of that I'm also full time Dad and Husband.. My Passion is Research and Developmemnt which means feeling thirsty with cutting-edge technology..

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Meteor.js + Node.js + Ruby on Rails + jQuery+HTML

Both Ruby on Rails & jQuery skills are tested as top 5% respectively among all Elance providers. My specialities are: - Rapid web development using Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Bootstrap, Meteor, and so on. - Database development using either SQL (MySQL, Postgres, etc) or NoSQL solutions like MongoDb, redis, memcached, etc. - Backend development in Ruby, Node.JS. I am now a full-time freelancer! Invite me if you have cool projects for help.

China, Guangdong, Guangzhou | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails developer

I am a web application developer and designer with a love for Ruby on Rails. With a solid start-up experience, I have good understanding of what is involved in bringing project from an idea, to prototype, to successful application. I am deeply passionate about web development and design, edge technology, and Ruby on Rails. I am committed to learning and utilising best practices and creating high quality software. I have worked with many technologies and found Ruby to be my favourite due to its extensive capabilities, developers community and rapid changing technology.

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Ruby on rails Developer / Automated Browser tests

I am a freelance web developer living in Hamburg, Germany. I started freelancing in 2010 and have worked for a wide range of clients and agencies. I offer complete web solutions to my clients. I guide you through early stages of project planning and research, help you with architecture and user experience and finally build the site for you. My toolkit? Ruby. Ruby on Rails. rSpec. CoffeeScript, Docker, Nodejs, HTML5, MongoDB, Postgresql, AlchemyCMS, Selenium, capybara What else? Liquidlabs GmbH: Head of QA / Chief tester / ruby on rails developer WebCare LBJ: Ruby on rails developer / QA / MSP AG: Agile coach / java and angularjs developer I also Contribute to famous Open source Projects: 1. Angular-rails Book 2. Oh-my-zshell 3. Presto (zshell) 4. Alchemy-CMS (rails) 5. Methadone (ruby shell framework) 6. Padrino Book (ruby web framework) 7. Play-Angularjs (Playframework2 java/scala)

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Ruby on Rails developer

I am Ruby on Rails developer. I develop Web applications in Rails about 2 years.If you would like high quality work with a fast turn around for a fair price, contact me. You won't be disappointed.I love to work with Rails and doing everything accurately, but I take a little, because I want to guarantee my work. I think it is very convenient.

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Ruby in Rails developer (back-end and front-end)

I have 3+ years of Rails experience. I worked with wide range of technologies and languages. Able to solve untrivial algorithmic tasks (have ACM comptetitions background). Always try to follow conventions and keep code quality in mind. github:

Russia, Moscow, Moscow | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails and Linux expert.

I have worked professionally with Ruby on Rails and various web technologies for over 5 years, and knowledgeable with all aspects of web applications. Projects have varied from implementing request throttling for a very large web application to converting Excel spreedsheets into JSON and Thrift bindings. My primary concern is with finding the right solution and creating the course of action to reach it. Let me know what your project is and I can help you define the scope and steps forward based on your needs, resources and time. Check out my website,, for a more detailed resume.

United States, AZ, Tucson | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails programmer

I spend most of my working time building database-driven web applications with Ruby on Rails and Nodejs frameworks. I work with popular web databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and, recently, do a lot work with NoSQL database - MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j. I am able to design and build complex queries to handle the data you might have. I feel no fear working with Javascript, Coffeescript, Ruby, Python. I have 4 year experience in development and maintenance of startup projects. You can find a few of my open-source projects on GitHub -

Poland, null, Rumia | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full stack ruby developer

I'm a professional web developer and Ruby enthusiast. With over 5 years of experience in web development I always strive for the best quality by writing clean and reusable code, using Ruby on Rails as my favorite tool

Lithuania, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Ruby on Rails, Android Developer

2+ years experience on Android Developing; 3+ years experience on Rails Developing

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
3+ years exprienced Ruby On Rails Developer

3+ years Ruby On Rails Developer

India, RAJASTHAN, JAIPUR | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby On Rails Expert, Analytics, Database Expert

I am standalone web developer from Indonesia, passionate Web Developer with have expert skills in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. Currently I'm working as full time freelancer. I've 5 years experience building web application with many various types. I'm starting develop Rails app since Rails 2.x - now. RoR Application that has been built are about: 1) E-Commerce 2) Data Analytics 3) Social Media 4) Some internal projects 5) and many more for more details, please take a look at my portfolios. My other best skills which related to my professional are NoSQL( Redis-DB & MongoDB), SQL-DB(MySQL), BootStrap, Git, PSD2HTML, HTML & CSS, Deployment(Heroku / AWS), NodeJS, iOS Development, AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJS, Familiar with some popular APIs, and many more. I'm full time freelancer, I'm ready to work on your timezone if needed. Not only coding, I will always give my best IDEA, both technical and business flow to deliver High Quality Product, Development and User Friendly, Sca

Indonesia, West Java, Bandung | IT & Programming | Rating 4.5 (4 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Expert

Ruby on Rails Developer

India, Gujarat, Vadodara | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Rockstar

I'm Team Lead of Brooders - the community of Ruby on Rails engineers, who are inspired by delivering complex and innovative applications with expert level quality. We fond of cutting edge technologies, that allow us to simplify development process and build flexible and scalable solutions - that?s our core value.

Ukraine, null, Sumy | IT & Programming | Rating 4.5 (5 reviews)
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Hello, I'm professional web developer. I have developed a wide range of websites using Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/CoffeeScript including sites for startup companies and small businesses. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. I also have experience in the following areas: SQL, Ajax, jQuery, PHP (Zend Framework, Kohana, CodeIgniter), Node.JS. Best regards, Zahar.

Russia, RO, Taganrog | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full-Stack Ruby Developer

Full-Stack developer, passioned about Ruby. Confident guy, oriented on results and perfomance.

Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyiv | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (7 reviews)
Smart RoR Coder, Having 8+ years experience

More than, 8 years of experience. Specializing in Ruby on Rails, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap3, Responsive, AngularJS etc. I can deliver excellent and quality services. Your satisfaction is my top priority. # Passion for building great things # Expert in web technologies: Rails, Postgres, Heroku, Git, Sass, Javascript, JSON, Ajax, Bootstrap # Cloud deployment experience # Unit, integration, and load tests # AngularJS framework using REST API # Experience with Git version control # Experience with a modern front end javascript framework # Excellent interpersonal and communication skills My expertise: Ruby on Rails (Rails 2, 3, 4), Redis/MYSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTTP, RESTAPI'S, Git, SVN, HTML/Slim, CSS/LESS/SASS, Rspec, Cucumber. Frontend skills: - JS/JQuery, CoffeeScript, Angular, Bootstrap

India, MP, Indore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Rails developer passionate about style and design.

I am a Ruby on Rails developer passionate about style, presentation, and design. I have 2 years experience specifically with Ruby on Rails and I also have over 10 years experience in DevOps and System Administration. I have worked on several freelance projects and as a full time Ruby on Rails developer. I have a 3 year Computer Engineering Diploma and I completed a 2-month intense web development boot camp focusing primarily on Ruby on Rails as well as courses in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and AJAX.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver | IT & Programming | Rating 4.5 (3 reviews)
Ruby on Rails developer

- Ruby on Rails full stack. - Front end and back end development, confident from design to deployment. - Write clean code. - Care about user experience. - Meet quality standards and best practices. - TDD unit and integration tests. - Ruby on Rails developer from 2011. - Twenty years of experience in systems development at large enterprises, although new as freelancer.

Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, BURZACO | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby / Python / C++ / Java / C# / Android

I'm an all-around programmer. I've tried breaking my passion off several times over the years, but a force bigger than I keeps bringing me back to programming. On top on that, I'm interested in finance, cyber security, big data and machine learning. Languages: Ruby, Python, Scala, C, C++, C#, Haskell, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Perl 6 Frameworks/libraries: Ruby on Rails (RoR), RSpec, Django, Flask, Sinatra, Play!, ASP.NET MVC Platforms: Linux, Android, Mac, Windows Db: MongoDb, MySql, SQL Server, PostgreSQL Github - Bitbucket - Website -

Russia, Moscow, Moscow | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (12 reviews)
Ruby/Rails developer, EmberJS developer

General background: 8 years application developer, 4 years web developer. Programming/Scripting languages/Frameworks: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JS, EmberJS. DBMS: MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL, Postgresql, MSSQL. Operation systems: Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) ? primary desktop/development system, Ubuntu server, FreeBSD server. Control version: Git. Project management: PivotalTracker, Trello, Redmine, Rally, Jira. BDD: Rspec with shoulda, UnitTests. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian - native, English - limited work proficiency. Other skills: HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS2, CSS3, HAML, SLIM, EMBLEM, HANDLEBARS. Several projects done by me:,,, - all of them used EmberJS.,

Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast, Ukrainka | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Python/Ruby/Django/Zope/Pylons/Rails/GAE/AWS/HTML/CSS/JQuery/AJAX/ Jinja2/Twitter Bootstrap

United Kingdom, London, London | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (1 reviews)
Ruby / JRuby / Rails, Spree, Ember.js, Clojure

"The most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills." "Don't code today what you can't test tomorrow." iRonin, an IT samurai with 11 years of experience in various IT technologies and systems, currently working exclusively with Ruby/JRuby and Rails mostly for US & European start-ups and enterprises. Worked on-site for international companies in Germany, Netherlands, Australia and UK. Owner of Rails dev shop, Senior Engineer of web applications (Ruby), mobile applications (iOS, HTML5), enterprise applications (Java/JEE), e-commerce (Ruby/Java). Experienced with on-site & remote team management and team leading, project management, business analysis, cloud computing (Amazon AWS), CRM, web traffic analysis, social media, user experience & information architecture (UCD approach). Problem solver fit to roles involved in the most challenging projects in diverse and changing environments both startup- and enterprise-like. Hates compromises and mediocrity!

Poland, mazowieckie, Warszawa | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Ruby on Rails and mobile developer

8+ Years experience with Ruby on Rails development. Successfully delivered 40+ web and mobile products for leading companies & startups including: AOL, WSJ, NBC Universal,,, Groupon, Cintas, Family Dollar & more. Quick overview of my profile: ? A full stack RoR developer with solid knowledge of Rails, HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript, ActiveRecord, Devise, OmniAuth, Warden, Refinery, Sinatra and other related frameworks. Aware of the differences between different versions of Ruby (4.x, 3.x & 2.x). ? Avid follower of TDD & BDD, experienced using cucumber, rspec, capybara, factorygirl & selenium. Experience of deployments on Heroku, Amazon EC2, Rackspace, EngineYard. ? Extensive experience with iPhone/iPad & Android development. Developed more than 100+ applications for clients like Cintas, IGT, Workday & more. ? Use Github & SVN for code management.

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Ruby, RoR, HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, API

5 years Ruby expirience

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Full stack Ruby on Rails Developer

Vasily is a full-stack Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer. He is proficient in web application and data base design, has a great experience with Ruby and RoR, HTML, CSS, Slim/Haml, JavaScript, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, MySQL and other technologies. Vasily has strong skills and is very reliable, responsible developer who pays attention to details. He always meets client's deadlines and provides objective estimations. In his free-time, he builds RC UAVs.

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I am a web developer with over 10 years of experience in delivering software products to market. I have participated in a lot of web sites development based on Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL and so on. Skills - Ruby, Ruby on Rails - HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Jquery - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL - Github, Heroku - C++, PHP, Java,

China, Guangdong, Shenzhen | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (5 reviews)
iOS | Android | Cocos2D | Unit3D| Php | Ruby

Amerald is a Software Development and IT Consultancy firm specialise in Mobile, Gaming, Web, Ecommerce and Enterprise Solutions. By 1st May 2015 Amerald have spent 100,750 hours in providing solutions and in last year alone we have successfully delivered 47 Mobile apps and Games, 84 Web and Ecommerce projects. WE HAVE 5 STARS ON ELANCE! It means we always provide our clients the best servise during our work process. We are the company that provide FREE LIFETIME BUG FIXING because we believe we should make the perfect product.

Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Senior developer

Thank you for your great care. I am Ruby on Rails senior developer, Javascript expert and Linux administrator. I have 8 years career as a Senior Developer, Project Manager, System and Quality Administrator and Pair programmer for eCommerce, Saas, and Large scale projects. I will support on-going projects with best skills and great experiences. If you need to secure high skill and believable engineer, then call me. Thank you.

China, Hunan, Changsha | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Creating bits bridges for web communication.

We are 5* Ruby on Rails , PHP, Jquery, HTML5, CSS, Javascript , Bootstrap, Zurb foundation , Backbone.js, Angular.js Programmers . We also have google certified digital marketing Team to boost traffic on your application. We helps startups & company's creating customise web application for their businesses . The cost effective solutions and optimum use of technologies is the main reason to prefer us. We impart you the team of professionals, who understands the right use of technologies. Our team of skilful geeks can easily put hands on Photoshop, adobe illustrator, android development, java, javascript, UNIX server and many more. We follow agile software development to help startup applications & gives are best to make them big. We have created number of startup applications & some of them making profit now. We do all require steps to create scalable application & always follow test driven development . We follow Restful architecture in development.

India, Haryana, Faridabad | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Success for all!

Developing software is a essential part of my life. I have worked as web developer for a long time. I have enough experiences of developing web site & web service using PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, MySQL, etc I like to build a software and it will be all of my life in the future. I will work hard for this and I won’t regret it. Success for all. Sincerely.

China, Jilin Sheng, Changchun | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
ruby rails

Hello. I'm looking for a vacancy of ruby programmer or web developer. Consider other options. Info about my skills please see here: Best regards.

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ruby on rails programmer

Ruby on Rails developer

Poland, Malopolskie, Cracow | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Top expert of PHP, Wordpress, Ruby, REST API, Angular.js, node.js and Frontend/Backend Development. -Wordpress/Woocommerce -Javascript: angular.js, Node.js, Meteor, Express, backbone.js -Ruby: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Spree, RSpec, Jira, Redis. -Frontend /Backend: HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, Bootstrap, jQuery -e-Commerce: Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Spree -Database: mySql, MongoDB, PostgreSql -Version Control: SVN, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket Client's satisfaction is my value. I have 8+ years experience in web development and I can work full time to complete the job successfully in timely manner. I can be online more than 14 hours per day on skype and I can work in your time zone also. I am looking forward to working with you.

Bulgaria, Sandanski, Sandanski | IT & Programming | Rating 4.7 (8 reviews)
Java | Ruby | Android | AngularJS | Clojure | iOS

FreshCode is a software development company with 15+ highly skilled programmers and managers. We are based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine and we provide IT services since 2010. During this time we've completed many projects, ranging from relatively small and simple web and windows applications to a large and complex distributed solutions for enterprises from all over the world including USA, Germany, Russia, Australia, etc. We use only creative and cutting-edge tools therefore our team assures the excellent quality of the services and their delivery in time. We want to establish strong and long-term business relationships with our clients who are looking for high-end service and client-oriented specialists. Why clients choose FreshCode? - highly-qualified and detail-oriented specialists with 10+ years of experience in different programming fields; - over 100 commercially successful projects completed; - wide range of technologies mastered; - client-oriented customer support

Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhzhya | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (7 reviews)
Connecting Resources

Salzer Technologies has extensive expertise in delivering solutions for global Fortune 500 companies across various industry verticals. Our solutions are based on blending new technologies like SOA / Web Services, J2EE, .NET, Ruby on Rails with traditional software development services such as enterprise application integration, custom web application development, business application development, maintenance, enhancement and migration. Salzer Technologies are thought leaders in the areas of Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Content Management and Web 2.0. Salzer Technologies has a unique point of view in defining content organization that will ensure successful use of the information portals. The company is founded with a vision to be the pioneer in offering solutions around Information Worker Integration.

India, Tamilnadu, Chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (18 reviews)
iPhone, Android, Titanium, Drupal,. Ruby

Halosys Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is now officially renamed as MOBILOITTE Technologies India Pvt Ltd. NEW brand name: "MOBILOITTE" reflects our current focus and work more clearly. Why you should select Mobiloitte ? Triple "E" : EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE & EXUBERANCE forms the core of company value proposition! **Active since last 1.5 years on Elance! ## 400+ Mobile Apps ## 7000+ Hours of work with 500+ Milestones delivered on Elance An awesome track record!**A big thanks to everyone! Working since last 7 years in Software development industry with ISO 9001:2008 quality certified. MOBILOITTE provides end to end custom software development, services and solutions. We have expert and experienced teams for NATIVE MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT (iOS-iPhone/iPad, Android-Phone/Tablet) CROSS PLATFORM APP DEVELOPMENT (Titanium, Phonegap, HTML 5), OPEN SOURCE CMS MDM, Ruby on Rails,

India, New Delhi, New Delhi | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Senior Web Developer and DevOps

I've been building solutions using web technologies since 1998. I have extensive experience in several languages, and pride myself on picking the best technology for the customer's need, even if it doesn't make me the most money. I've spoken at several conferences and user groups, and have been a technical editor on several programming titles.

United States, TX, Spring | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Ruby Lead developer

Full-stack web developer with solid experience in building various web applications. Have team and tech lead experience and providing consulting for projects in needs. BackEnd development: Experienced ruby programmer, working with Rails, Sinatra, Merb. Work experience over 4 years. Frontend development: CSS1.0 - CSS3.0; HTML; XML; JavaScript(CoffeeScript, BackBone, Jquery, Prototype, DOJO)

Ukraine, Kiev, Kiev | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Developer

Software developer with 3 year of IT work experience, holding exceptional knowledge of C++, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery, software applications. Developing and running many repository queries to check standards and verify object conversion. Trained, enthusiast and skilled at applying, enhancing the current technical expertise. Eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate latest technologies, skills, concepts and ideas. Trained in cutting edge technology like JAVA, J2EE, ORACLE, Linux, from Sun Microsystems, and CMC Limited. Well knowledge in developing web applications using Rails, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Struts, HTML and other web based development tools. Specialties: Ruby, Rails 3.0, C++, Java/J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, HAML, JavaScript, ExtJs-SenchaTouch.

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Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer in NYC

I'm a Full Stack Ruby on Rails developer in New York City. I've got experience with Rails 3 and Rails 4, Ruby, Python, R, JavaScript, Git, Heroku, Dev Ops, HTML, and CSS. I enjoy programming, and helping people solve challenges. I've also built two startups. If you're a new company I can help you with programming, selecting appropriate technology, or developing a great user experience.

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Expert Ruby on Rails Coder (Back and Front end)

Hi there Im Expert Ruby on Rails with +4 Years experience and +6 years Web Development (Back End and Front End) ... I have worked with many clients in the world... I can design, develop, deploy, publish your site... Best Regards Thanks

Indonesia, jawabarat, cimahi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full Stack Dev/Engineer Ruby on Rails Expert

I'm a Full-Stack Developer / Engineer with over 10 years of experience, ranging from enterprise .NET development, e-commerce, API's, desktop software, WordPress, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS. I've even built an arcade game for the Xbox 360. I love learning new technologies and pushing my limits in this ever changing landscape that is Web and Mobile development.

United States, TX, Lake Dallas | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails developer

More than 5 years experience Ruby on Rails developer, working with a US company, integrating applications with third party APIs such as adwords, bing ads, authority labs, mozscape, Google analytics. Worked in several complex projects applying high quality design and coding practices. 15 years working in the IT field.

Dominican Republic, Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails developer

I've been working with Ruby and the Rails framework since 2006. I'm a full stack web developer. I also did some Android development.

Hungary, Budapest, Budapest | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Ruby On Rails Haml coffeescript developer

I'm a versatile and qualified poliglot developer. I've experience in created sophisticated systemes that are working with huge amount of data and has a complex logic. I'm familiar with worlds of Java, Ruby and JavaScript. I also have some experience in the following areas: SQL, Ajax, OOP, Databases, and software design and testing.

Russia, Omskaya, Omsk | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby / Ruby on Rails programmer with 7 years experience dating all the way back to Rails 1.0. Proficient with front end design and development, responsive design / development, and UX design. Working in the industry for 10 years now, I have an eye for well balanced user experiences with the technical ability to implement those experiences.

United States, OK, Edmond | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Rails Developer

7 years Ruby experience 3 years iOS experience 3 years DevOps experience 4 years agile management experience for remote team Experience on large Rails project, service orientated architecture, high available website Experience on DevOps Experience on US payment system Speaker, Topic including Ruby/Rails, Remote work, DevOps and Startup github:

China, Shaanxi, Xi'an | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Java/Ruby/Web Scraping/MySQL/Postgres/XPaths/ROR

Having used concepts/frameworks such as: - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS, S3, Heroku, Javascript, jQuery, HighCharts, Ajax, MemCache, Redis, Sideqik, HAML, ERB, XPATH, Nokogiri, Mechanize, Feedzirra, API restful Calls, Facebook Social Graph, Postgres, MySQL, Neo4j, Objectivity Graph Databases,Twitter Bootstrap, CSS, Git, Payment Processors, Java, SWING/AWT, Jigloo, Weka, Algorithms of Information Retrieval(AIR), Data Mining, I am constantly looking for new business opportunities and challenges. I am also interested in the marketing and business side of IT Development. I have a few personal ongoing projects as well, so I love being part of start-up ideas. Whenever I sign a contract for a project I always: - Review business requirements - Make sure everything is clear and I'm on the same page with my client. - Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements - Contribute ideas for making the application better and easier to use

United Kingdom, England, London | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby engineer

Ruby developer with extensive experience in web programming

Ukraine, Kharkiv, Kharkiv | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full stack Ruby on Rails Developer

A self-learning and passionate programmer who has 10 year+ experience in a wide variety of business applications or websites. Particularly interested in using Ruby on Rails and relational databases such as MySQL and Postgresql.

China, Jiangsu Sheng, Nanjing | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails expert

Hello, my name is Boguslaw Tolarz and I'm a Ruby on Rails developer from beautiful Poland. I have diverse experience. I've been working on big data websites (like - the biggest 9gag like site in Polish), on CRMs, but also on small websites and games. I personally very much enjoy CRM and ERP project. With help of my friends and co-workers we can built any website, e-shop, mobile app or any other piece of code build to your specifications. I have an extensive period of seven years of experience and carrier path from a grunt developer to a project leader responsive for planning and evaluating work of whole teams of developers. If such need arises I am I can also be the project manager of your IT project needs. I speak fluently English; communication via Skype isn't a problem. Choose me if you're looking for a good backend guy with experience. If you would happen to have any additional question about me my experience or you would like to get my opinion on your project I would b

Poland, Podlaskie, Bialystok | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Passionate Ruby on Rails developer.

Daniel is passionate about programming. He spends his time writing code, reading about developments in technology, listening to music and playing competitive volleyball. He feels always eager to learn something new. His strongest asset is curiosity, which has pushed him to accept new challenges in the computer science field, and he keeps his finger on the pulse of his favourite programming language, Ruby. He feels comfortable writing eloquent code in Ruby and developing new features and gadgets for Ruby on Rails applications.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Developer

3+ years experienced in software development. 2+ years experienced in Ruby on Rails. experienced in jQuery, coffeescript, heroku, BackboneJS, Rhomobile

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Django and Ruby on Rails poets

We focus on Python/Django and Ruby on Rails frameworks. These technologies are well designed for creating web applications and they're much better than PHP frameworks. We create code which is clean, tested, understandable and extendable. Writing software is like writing a poem - knowing language is not enough to write it. It's the way of thinking that makes you a good poet or a good software developer. That's why we named our company 'Code Poets'.

Poland, Dolnoslaskie, Wroclaw | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Over 3 years in Ruby on Rails with extensive experience in backend development, database design, object oriented programming, MVC, agile practices and technical leadership. Most recently used software/gems: Ruby 2.0, Rails 4, PostgreSQL 9.x, Git, Heroku, Bootstrap UI framework; cucumber and rspec for TDD; devise, rails_admin, ckeditor, paperclip (on AWS S3), stripe payments, typeahead, REST API, mechanize, nokogiri, unicorn webserver, Atlassian Jira, google visualization API. I have previously worked in San Francisco Bay Area (before moving to Bangalore) for over 12 years at startups and established companies such as CA Technologies, Looksmart, Informatica and As a technical lead I have built several web-based enterprise applications in the areas of e-commerce, online advertising, document management, collaboration, and business intelligence.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby On Rails , PHP , Web Design

I'm posses more than 5 years of experience in High End Website Development. Our strengths are in RUBY ON RAILS, PHP, LARAVEL , CODEIGNITER , MySQL , POSTGRESSQL , MONGODB , Wordpress, Jquery, Bootstrap , HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT etc. We are specialize working in any Open Source, latest web trends like RSS, WEB 2.0 standard, PHP Frameworks, API and Web design. We are capable of building custom framework too.

Indonesia, West Java, Bandung | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full Stack Developer - Ruby On Rails

I am passionate about using technology to make beautiful things and see them work. I believe in continuous improvement and perseverance. These days I am consulting businesses and making Ruby on Rails based business & reporting applications. My experience includes Trading Enterprises and Financial Services.

India, Rajasthan, Sikar | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails developer

I'm talanted web developer/designer. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Magento. I will finish your project on time and on budget. My 3P - Possibility, Progress & Positivity.

Ukraine, Kyiv City, Kiev | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)