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Copywriter - Champion of Catch Phrases

Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts w/ a minor in Biology from Neumann University. Looking to get my foot in the door of the copywriting world. My hard work ethic, witty catch phrases, and ability to work under pressure will make up for my lack of experience in the field.

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Your Message is My Business

I help Entrepreneurs and Businesses Captivate and Motivate their clients by Crafting clear, catchy and memorable taglines, slogans, catch phrases, product names and elevator pitches. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Master of Arts Degree in Communications. I work closely with clients to ensure that I am clear about their messages and how best to get their messages heard. I have background in editing as well.

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Exceptional Writer/Translator. Reliable.

An experienced writer- for both non-fiction and a multitude of fiction works. Holds a Cambridge language certificate in English language. Known for a strong work ethic, reliability and the highest quality works. Is multilingual and has a certificate for translating from and to English.

Serbia, null, Belgrade | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
I write things; they're usually good.

I've been writing at a college level since middle school and have never received any grade less than an A in any college or high school English class; this includes both academic and creative writing. Pay rate is always up for discussion, and being as I am new to writing and editing professionally, prices will be fair and reasonable. If you're on a budget, you're not going to find anyone better.

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Songwriter and Composer

Multi-intrumentalist, composer, audio engineer... I am the Music Man. Whatever genre you need I will make it happen. Whether I use live instruments ranging from ukulele to theremin or software virtual instruments, I can provide you with the highest quality audio at a fair price. I write stock audio for films, games, and apps and provide music lessons in my community. I teach all ages, all genres, and many of my students happen to be college music majors. When it comes to music, experience and talent are what matter!

United States, NJ, Hackettstown | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (12 reviews)
Imagine all possibilities and fulfill the greatest

Old at heart, I am a recent high school graduate who is recognized for expert skill in writing, proofreading, and editing. I am capable of many diverse writing styles and have been commended for both my abstract and concrete works. I am also very flexible with my writing so that I may incorporate the ideas and opinions of others. I pride myself with articulacy and a wide vocabulary, but would happy to write in slang if requested. I am dedicated to every task I am given and will work passionately in order to provide complete satisfaction for those who may be affected by my work. Those who have a passion will triumph over forgotten dreams. The proof of dedication is displayed in the sweat of the brow and the steadfast of heart. Never doubt the commitment of an eager spirit.

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Wording Your Ideas

Catching the imagination of others and then planting a seed that would flower and come to fruition is all what we do. We have a dynamic team of writers who are masters in their own fields and experienced in writing Articles, eBooks, Web Copies, Press Releases, Blogs and other types of non-fiction writing. Our work is unrivalled, seize the reader's attention and ensure continued reading. Working under strict deadline to complete the project or walking an extra mile just to satisfy our clients is never a problem for us.

United States, GA, AUBURN | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (464 reviews)
Insight Inside

While IT and computers is my career wife, writing has always been the affair, the woman in the background I have been visiting since my youth. And I am dropping the career wife and moving in with the love of my life. Occasionally, while ‘married’, I will be developing web sites and find that the front page will be essentially empty of content. It was usually during those technical sorties that I would disappear for an affair to dress up the front page of the website before allowing the customer or my employer to evaluate what was essentially a technical piece of work. The front page content I produced turned out to be the work accepted and eventually displayed when the web site went into production to use the parlance of the IT world. Two pieces which are part of my portfolio categorized under the set ‘Commercial’ testify to the adulterous nature of my married life. If you are interested in writing which departs from the norm, please consider having an affair with me.

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Wording Your Ideas

Catching the imagination of others and then planting a seed that would flower and come to fruition is all what we do. We have a dynamic team of writers who are masters in their own fields and experienced in writing Articles, eBooks, Web Copies, Press Releases, Blogs and other types of non-fiction writing. Our work is unrivalled, seize the reader's attention and ensure continued reading. Working under strict deadline to complete the project or walking an extra mile just to satisfy our clients is never a problem for us.

United States, GA, Auburn | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (395 reviews)
Writer/Editor - Clear, Concise, and Engaging.

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable writer and editor who delivers accurate and high quality work at affordable prices. Follows strict guidelines and is open to work autonomously or cooperatively to ensure creative and engaging work. Experienced in grant proposals, essays, web copy, essay editing, and report editing. Interested in creative works and pursuing a career in fiction writing. Vast experience freelancing in providing work for non-profits, creative, and print media. Strives for excellent work in every partnership. Communicates frequently and meets every deadline.

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A voice for your brand

When I work, my first priority is to ensure that my clients are fully satisfied. I manage to do this by putting a strong emphasis on the key points of the subject I am given. No one wants to read flat information, they want something that attracts their attention and shows that a lot of thought, expertise and care has gone into it. When clients send me a document and ask me to improve on it, I don?t just add a few words or sentences. I look through the whole structure to ensure people actually want to read it. I ensure the work I undertake is not rushed and is of the highest quality. I truly believe that quality is more important than quantity. We have all ended up on a website or blog wondering whether a 5 year old was let loose with the computer. If you want the best, don?t choose an emotionally barren program that reads like flat pack furniture instructions. Choose a person who knows exactly what both you and the readers want instead!

United States, NC, Apex | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (215 reviews)
Get skilled and professional web content writers.

Worthtext is a service company that helps individuals and business generate content that offers true value, communicate effectively, helps in implementation of marketing strategies in social media and cutting edge internet as well as enabling businesses advance their online presence via targeted and high impact content.

United States, TX, Corpus Christi | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (48 reviews)
Chameleonic Copy (UK) - Words you wish you wrote

"Sophie is the writer everyone dreams of. She is gifted with a talent to be able to translate your voice into words in the style you desire. She gets it! She'll bend over backwards to help you meet your deadline going above and beyond all expectation.? Do you want engaging, well written web content? Articles and e-books that establish you as an authority in your field? What about voice over scripts that make your listeners pay attention? All that stuff?s great, but I know what you really want: to increase your bottom line.

United Kingdom, Torfaen, Pontypool | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (43 reviews)
I'll make sure your work is the best it can be.

As a crackerjack editor, it's my job to understand exactly and deeply what your writing is about, so that I can help make it everything you know it can be. Whether light or substantive editing is what you need, whether you want your voice retained or developed, I will apply skills gained over 30 years in trade publishing (fiction and non-fiction), magazine editing, pharmaceutical advertising, television production, researching, and generating b2b marketing materials. Comparison proofreading in 14 languages for a pharma re-branding effort, researching to find hidden information, writing newsletters and editing Web sites for arts agencies, suggesting revisions for scholarly articles written by college professors, and working on books that became NYTimes bestsellers: all were interesting projects for me, and successful for my clients. Certainly, editing fiction is always a delight. Whatever your project is, I will help you make sure your work is the best it can possibly be.

United States, NY, Irvington on Hudson | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (51 reviews)
Creative Writer

I am a talented Article Rewriting Freelancer looking forward to be hired by you. I have a fair technical knowledge and experience in the areas of Article Rewriting, Articles and Blog. I also possess strong skills in Catch Phrases. When given this opportunity I will be a great asset for your company. I look forward to being hired by you.

Philippines, Laguna, San Pedro | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Freelance writer and computer whiz that is great at humorous and eye catching phrases and tag lines. Exceptional computer and human relations skills. Experience with logo design and web content. Great illustration skills. Skilled ghost writer and copy writer. Accurate and reliable.

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Rightly Written -Your satisfaction isn't optional!

There is a saying "Some things are better left unsaid", in my opinion that is because things are always better off written! My name is Mea and my passion for writing stems from the limitless destinations a creative mind can take you on paper. My broad-ranging talents in writing encompass everything from catch phrases to content writing. If you are looking for low price services without compromising on the high impact results you deserve, then look no further! It's not the final draft until you are fully satisfied!

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Together we can accomplish everything!

A freelance journalist looking to supplement income by helping you out online. Have a background in CD/show reviews, writing technical reports, job status reports, catch phrases, you name it I'm on it!

United States, NM, Moriarty | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a responsible person, and willing to work. I don't like to ask too many questions, just show me the job and tell me what do you want to be done, and I will give my best effort to make it as fast as posible. I can write fictional stories, but also catch phrases, commercial writing etc... I can translate from English to Serbian and oposite. I also have good knowledge of history, literature, sports, movies... I traveled a lot, went to USA, Chine, Germany, so I know something about this countries and their lifestyle. I also sing, act and learn German language.

Serbia, Zemun, Belgrade | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative and Adaptable Writer and Translator

I am a intelligent, smart and visionary college student hoping to be hired by you. I believe that to write you must not only be good, but also love what you are doing, and I sure do love writing. I also believe that I can be helpful in Catch Phrases and Creative Writing. I am a fluent speaker of English (US) and Portuguese (Brazil), so I can perform translations in these languages. If hired by you for your jobs and projects I will put in my best work. I am ready to be hired by you today.

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Screenwriter, IT developer, translations and more

If you need any type of writing comnsult with me and will see if I am the person you need. If your company needs logos, motto, catch phrases I am your guy, I make few questions and work, in less than in one week you will have what you need.

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Civil engineer with passion for writing and music

I offer services for managing social medial accounts, ghostwriting for musicians,slogans and catch phrases

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3+ decades experience in public policy & politics

I have 35 years experience in local, state and national government and politics and public policy. A highly experienced professional who works quickly, I can turn a phrase, a sentence or a paragraph into something that will catch people's attention. With extensive writing experience, as well as substantial experience in media relations, marketing and strategic planning and communications, I can support a variety of platforms with my writing skills.

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Creative Writing Specialist

I work as Marketing Assistant for a financial institution and my duties include newsletter writing, radio commercial writing, and ad content writing. I also compose content for our LCD screens in our branches. I have previous experience as a newspaper correspondent for the Free Press Standard newspaper in Carrollton, OH. I recently completed courses to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Walsh University School for Professional Studies and will graduate in May 2014. During my classes I especially loved my advertising oriented marketing classes and had a knack for coming up with creative catch-phrases and taglines.

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I'll make your product funny.

Advertise with a sense of humor! I write funny slogans, catch phrases, Facebook statuses, Tweets, blogs... just about anything online. I employ irony, coincidence and exaggeration to make a point. Contact me and let me show you what I can do. I don't have an hourly rate or payment terms because I'm new to this. In all honesty, I've never written for anyone except professors. I have received 4 standing ovations, but not for writing. I'm a parish pastor who's looking to make a few bucks on the side to put kids through college. I'll take just about anything I can get. But I refuse to pose nude and eat sardines. Other than that... the sky's the limit.

United States, IL, Joliet | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a well educated 53yo British/Australian citizen with qualifications and experience in industrial engineering (including automation and CNC), mechanical engineering (automotive), and construction engineering (asst to PM at HK airport). I also have qualifications and experience web design, SEO and content writing, business proposals & startups, English language training & formal testing (IELTS). It has been said that I possess a natural talent for catch phrasing. Having lived and worked extensively throughout Asia, I have good sympathy and a working understanding of Asian cultures including Japanese (12yrs). I currently reside in Thailand. Fast turn around for large, ongoing and small jobs.

Thailand, Bangkok, Bangkok | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Coupled with my sales background and penchant for words, I can feel people's pulse very quickly and can connect with very effectively through the written word. I am the ideal person for slogans and catch phrases !! Try once !!

Qatar, Ad Dawhah, Doha | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Content creator, Copywriter

I've been working as an Editor-in-Chief in women's website for about 4 years. I have a Master degree in Brand Management too. I have skills in content creating - travel, and creative writing, SEO, catch phrases and copywriting, product descriptions and reviews, press releases, translation, photo editing, web design, Now I think it's time to fulfill my dream and to become freelancer. I am new to this website but I believe that soon I'll have a chance to get my first job done!

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Journalist, Writer, Researcher, Translator, Photo

I am a media professional with over 12 years of experience, specialized in sports, entertainment and tourism. Writing and translating to/from English/Croatian, editing, researching, fact checking, proofreading, content writing/management, lyrics, slogans, catch phrases, SEO, humour.

Croatia (Hrvatska), null, Split | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

My addiction is learning & fortunately my passion is writing.So I always want to reveal my acquired knowledge through writings.In conjunction with those, I am a student who is a science & technology maniac.I always stay updated with current affairs too.So,I have great knowledge on various fields of writings which I do use in my writings. As writing is my passion,I write to catch the reader's eyes with informative & catchy phrases.I also use my strong sense of humor in my writings which helps me to construct creative & amusing content which all age groups/kinds of people find regenerative to read. As a passionate writer, I have got the dedication & patience to work in time with accuracy,professionally & last but not the least with Honesty which can be very beneficial to any employer. I love to take challenges.So,eagerly waiting for new tasks & new challenges.As I believe in the saying ''Don't limit your challenges, Challenge your Limits'' ... PeacE ...

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Complete web solutions

A work YOU will love or YOU don't pay! Payment is only after YOU are Satisfied. *High Quality Standards*Dedicated Service*Competitive Pricing* Full five feedback on Elance, excellent communication and 24/7 response. We are a team of professionals from Asia, UK and U.S working together to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Happy customers is our reputation It has been long since we are delivering quality work to the multinationals and have expertise in delivering quality and on-time design, development and content work. we are a team of artists, experienced in writing, designing and web development. We follow our passion. Our designers, developers and content writers are professionals who have been working since over a decade. their experience speaks for them. the designs we provide are innovative, attractive and eye-catching-customized for your business. we are flexible and have committed to dedi

Pakistan, Punjab, lahore | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (78 reviews)

?Thank you! Zenzam was incredibly professional, always updating me on the status of my job, adhering to deadlines and delivering great work. I've hired Zenzam twice and will definitely come back ..." Article writer, content creator, certified workaholic. Intuitive, intelligent, communicative. Station Manager, airline courses teacher/trainer for the last eight years. Trained and skilled on 7-Habits and 5S. Conscious about productivity, work quality, and cost efficiency. An able partner, a loyal worker.

Philippines, null, General Santos City | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.6 (9 reviews)
Expert copyeditor, writer and fact checker

International Relations Bachelor's and History Master's Graduate - Specialist topic knowledge of Politics, War, and Intelligence. Experience of copyediting; proofreading; fact checking; ebook formatting; latex typesetting. I have specialised in the past in copy-editing work in English by non-native speakers to ensure true English-style grammar and phrasing is used. Experience of writing compelling web copy, optimised for SEO. My spelling and grammar is impeccable and I am known for my succinct style. Samples can be seen at Native English speaker (UK).

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18 years of editing and writing experience

I have over 18 years of article writing and editing/proofreading experience, including resumes, newsletters, press releases, news stories, website content, magazine pieces and more. My topics vary, and include (but are not limited to) parenting, cooking/food, pets, budgeting, home business and working from home. I have many glowing testimonials from clients; that, plus my fast turnaround time, sets me apart from other writers

United States, VA, Catawba | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
Senior Content Writer and Communication Strategist

From the film industry to the world of advertising, I have produced creative and innovative content that exhibits strong market strategy, precise communication and strong ROI. Awarded "Best Technical Ad," for Gateway Computers 2005, my skill set ranges from technical writing to creative. Understanding the marketplace and representing my client's inherent communication strategy is key to writing content that raises brand awareness across all platforms. Getting to know my client's needs is my strength and it shines through in my writing of, blog articles, website content, social media content, to communication strategies and everything else in-between.

United States, null, null | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Quality Content Provider

I am a native English speaking, professional freelance writer. I have a B.A in Communications. I specialize in writing unique quality content that is helpful to the reader. I understand the newest changes to Google?s algorithm. I have done SEO research on a variety of niche sites, ranging from travel to technology, so I am knowledgeable about keyword placements, and using both long and short tail formed keywords in articles. In addition, I have been a professional transcriber and screenwriter for the last 5 years. Most importantly I am passionate about what I do. My goal is to get you best quality work in the shortest amount of time possible. I look forward to working with you today.

United States, CA, Burbank | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (75 reviews)
I write the good stuff.

If you need it written, I can write it. Period. Every day I write all aspects of global branding campaigns for companies around the world. This includes Web sites, TV and radio spots, emails, banner ads, print ads, and other collateral materials. I even wrote an entire newspaper once. I also think of new ideas, develop concepts, proofread like a madman, write compelling copy, and work independently or as part of a team. No matter what you need written, I'm who you need to write it. Exclamation point.

Skills: Advertiser
United States, MI, Three Oaks | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (3 reviews)
from conception to fruition

For more than 20 years I have written thousands of words, phrases and more for almost every industry. From 1993, my career focused on media (radio, TV, theatre) until I opened my own Translation and writing company, Words Written Write / Les mots corrigés, in 2006. Since that time, we have garnered many repeat clients and built a solid reputation as an established resource for clients looking for exceptional editing, translation, writing and proofreading services.

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The Write One-You'll be like 'How'd she do that?'

Truth is, I can write like nobody’s business. I’ve got a creative spigot and energy that is spot on, and I have mad love affairs with words you only wish you knew. I can play with words like a kid in the park plays with a merry-go-round. Words take adventures with me. Born in 19haha, I am a horse of many colors. Since I was a kid, I’ve had the ability to come up with phrases, limericks, jingles and entire songs. I come up with them based on the particular moment I am in, whether it be funny, serious, gross, etc. Being a Wordsmith is one of the coolest things I do; my kids dig it when a school project requires a crazy limerick or rhyme. They know mama’s got this! I am full of ingredients and I can come up with some pretty great words and ideas; I have an imagination that will leave you saying, “How’d she do that?”

United States, TN, Elizabethton | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, Editor, Health Care

Freelanced for multiple healthcare magazines. Fast turn around time. Great writer, editor, proofreader. I specialize in healthcare writing. An RN and a freelancer. Professional with quick, polished, eye catching results.

United States, FL, Jacksonville | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Great words are hard to find!

A published writer for a sports and travel magazines. When the right words come together, it's a beautiful thing. My interests cover a diverse range of topics from snowboarding to the playing the piano. I spent ten years travelling the globe, enjoy good food, timber, riding my bike and catching a few waves.

Australia, Victoria, Fitzroy North | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Impactful Writer

With degrees in history (Indiana University) and creating world peace (Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland), I am an avid follower of current events and sift through a lot of information daily. Are you like me - most likely to settle on pieces and read through them if they are well-written? And does that mean to you, as it does to me, that the content is succinctly presented; arguments are satisfyingly logical; words and phrases are thoughtfully chosen; crucial points are strategically featured; and the grammar is of course impeccable? If you agree that all of these features together make for a well-crafted communication that is easy and interesting to read because it captures and keeps the attention, then I am your freelancer!

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Research, reference, and creative embellishments,

I have a Certificate in Communication Studies/Skills from Evergreen Valley College. I am a natural proofreader, editor and writer, who was raised by a Professor of the English language, published author and all around "Jon- of -all -trades" as far as writing goes. I was setting type and proofreading right from the gate and back then we had no spell check or Wiki... . It was Websters and 'The Encyclopedia Brittanica'. I enjoy doing research of all types, writing, document preparing and compiling reference directories. I catch a TON of spelling errors on websites that most would assume knew basic grammar and diction. DO YOU NEED... to find something out? File court, tax, immigration or other government forms? a comprehensive list of the "what-ever's" near you? a letter, statement, or almost any other written document created? secret shopper info about your business? your product merchandised, retail business audited for inventory or financial consistency? All that and much more.

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Expert Writer and Proofreader

Let me introduce myself not only as a writer and proofreader, but as a quick reader. I was a State Champion in creative writing by eighth grade and on the journalism staff of a major urban newspaper by high school. I understand the value of excellent writing because it reflects the client's voice and must make a strong impression. I will work hard, diligently, and accurately to achieve the results you need. My skills include: 1.) Speed and accuracy in typing and reading. 2.) Proficiency in phrasing, grammar, and punctuation. 3.) Emphasis on clear and precise language. 4.) Listening and working with clients to achieve their goal and vision. I can discuss your vision as well as my strategies to help you achieve the best results. Message me for samples of previous works I have done. Thank you for your time and consideration and best wishes on your success.

United States, OH, Chagrin Falls | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

As one of Maine's up and coming writers, I'm a blue collar multi-tasker with a well rounded and well regarded portfolio. I'm a salaried blogger for The Bangor Daily News, one of the leading newspaper publications in New England. I'm also a featured columnist for The Portland Daily Sun, a popular free daily. I know how to produce professional, eye-catching content that will get you the results you want.

United States, ME, Portland | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am creative person. I like to write slogans,phrases and articles. I have awesome ideas.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, null, Prijedor | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer for hire

I adore the written word. I love the eloquence of a well crafted sentence, the cleverness of a pithy turn of phrase, or the nimble use of an uncommon word that captures just the right feeling. This is what I aim to do. This is my goal. Each piece of writing should stand out, shout for attention, grab the reader and hold tight.

United States, MD, Cambridge | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Concise thought in plain English

Hire me like your phrase depends on it.

United States, CA, West Sacramento | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I studied science and maths. Now I work in financial sector and i also write a few columns in some local magazines generally on topics such as human conditioning, working of mind, insights into patterns that we generally miss etc. I have been said that my grammar and vocabulary is quite good and also i feel i have this ability to phrase complex sentences when required.

India, Assam, Guwahati | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Need humor? Creative writer/blogger/laugh junkie will punch up your words to catch your clients interest and capture their imagination! Essays, content, newsletters, press releases -- let's get creative!

United States, MA, Longmeadow | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Curtain-raising Copywriting

Marketing writer & copywriter & technical writer & essayist & English teacher & creative writing teacher: a lifetime of writing and coaching writers. So if you're looking for a writer who will craft ideas into beautiful thoughts and the produce compelling, nod-generating phrases, then I'm the writer for you.

United States, VA, Alexandria | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Quirky Engaging Writer

Bachelor of the Arts in Stromboli Making but also English Writing. Catch me intellectualizin' about pop culture and what not.

United States, NY, Long Beach | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
'Expert Content Editor', 'Expert Content Writer'

An engineer by education, took up content editing due to the extreme passion for writing and reading. Currently working for a well known publishing firm who are one of the top companies in the field of E-learning related to IT technologies. Good at writing poetry, catchy phrases, slogans and marketing documents.

India, Maharashtra, Thane | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

My name is Galina Iarotcaia. I am originally from Moldova. Since 2013 I have moved to Turkey. I graduated from State Institute of International Relations from Moldova, faculty of English philology. I am highly proficient in English and Russian vocabulary and grammar. Being a student I worked as a private tutor of English, Russian and Romanian languages for 15 students (age 7-17). I am currently working in hotel as marketing and sales executive, so I can provide high quality promo texts in English and Russian with key phrases that guarantee the successful sale of the product. I truly believe that the main key to learn a foreign language is to combine texts and key phrases with interesting grammar exercises.

Turkey, null, null | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Hire me for Quality Content

I am a hard-working Academic Writing Writer. I have gained an extensive experience in the areas of Academic Writing and Article Rewriting through working as a Academic Writing Writer and Article Rewriting I love writing catchy phrases, slogans, tag lines. I can write script, article and concepts for you. I also have great experience working as a Articles Writer and Audio Services Translator throughout my career. I also have great experience and a thorough understanding of Blog. I am ready to be hired by you today.

India, NCT, Delhi | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (2 reviews)

I am a native russian speaker who studied English in a linguistic university, been living in the Netherlands for 9 years, dus als het nodig is, kan ik ook Nederlands vertalen. Im excellent at translation (see languages in my skills section), spelling and grammar checking, cooking east-asian meals, reviewing obscure films, lovemaking, relationship counselling, editing, market research etc etc. Im a quick learner, too, so if need be i catch rather fast. Cheers!

Netherlands, null, amsterdam | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am familiar with most functions of computers. I am a talented writer who is looking for employment putting my skills to use. I am good at catching typographical and grammatical errors. I am task oriented and always focused on my work and doing it well. I am motivated and I pride myself in delivering quality work to my employers.

United States, OH, Bellbrook | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
personal trainer diet fitness translations german

Hello there! I am a NSCA Certified personal trainer from Spain with quite the cultural background. I was born in Germany and have lived 19 years in Spain where I also learned the languages Catalan. Health and Fitness is my passion and I love helping people reach their goals. I also enjoy translating texts in any of the 4 languages I speak. I am a witty person and I think I would be great at coming up with ideas or catchprases to sell new products, also I am great at motvating and inspiring people since I have been through quite the struggles myself (Crohns disease since I was 21) I have had great success coaching people who wanted to get fit, first at Vital-Fitness in germany and then on my own as a personal trainer here in Spain. Thank you for reading through my biography and I hope we will have a wonderful time working together!

Spain, Baleares, Magaluf | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
A Quality Writing Service You can Trust

Words You Want, Inc. is the most experienced writing company on Elance with 6,000 completed projects and over $2 million lifetime earnings, our reputation speaks for itself. Words You Want has been the one stop shop for SEO articles, blogs, eBooks and PRs on Elance since 2006. We have written on a wide variety of topics ranging from automotive topics to web design and everything in between. Feel free to request a link for our full portfolio. We understand that quality content takes time and research, so we work hard to ensure that you get what you pay for. All content is guaranteed Copyscape clean and is tailored to your requests. We do have a $100 minimum order requirement, no exceptions. Phone consultations/calls require a prepaid $50 fee and are taken on an appointment only basis. Our business is 100 percent online, which allows us to provide the best service possible to our clients to ensure quality is met and deadlines are kept.

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Hire me to make you or your brand famous.

I'm an award-winning writer possessing notable accolades such as CA, National Addy, and hundreds more. But above all else, I'm sane, reasonable, rational, and just really easy to get along with. It helps to hire someone who is smart and just gets it.

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I'm an experienced online content creator and educational content writer. I have experience working with video, image, and written content. Most importantly, I have a sharp and witty sense of humour.

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i have a degree in criminal justice. i am a state certified domestic violence counselor. i am efficient and thorough. i have no trouble following direction or working on my own i actually prefer to work on my own so i know the job is done right. i graduated the top of my class from Glenville State College. i have recently assisted the wv state cyber crime division on a case involving gender identity and pedophilia which resulted in the criminal being found guilty and sentenced to 10 years upon release federal probation for life.

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Fully rounded writer, editor, and proofreader

Clarity, dexterity, and precision -- three excellent reasons to hire me for all your writing, editing, and proofreading needs. I hold a British First Class Honors BA in English and American Literature, as well as an MA in English and an MFA in Fiction Writing. I've taught university-level English for 14 years and edited a nationally acclaimed and distributed literary journal. Addtionally I've worked as a writer/editor in the Communications office of a medical school. My broad experience includes business plans, strategic growth plans, commencement speeches, grant writing, financial reports, book proposals, and thesis/dissertation editing and structuring. On a personal note, I have published a novel, a nonfiction cultural studies book, and a number of short stories. With my wealth of experience I can expedite a wide range of projects. My professionalism insures all projects are completed to the highest possible standard and ahead of schedule.

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write on

I specialize in world building, plot development, and character growth. I have a BA in history with an emphasis in labor laws and ancient civilizations. I value research, details, and deadlines. I am not opposed to constant communication for long projects and enjoy working late nights.

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German-English Translator

I do my best work when handling translations that require a certain degree of creativity, and yet, capture the tone and mood of the original. In fact, my translations are never staid, pedestrian or boring., I am currently working as a freelance translator (DE-EN) specializing in marketing, corporate communications and corporate compliance. From 2007 until 2011, I was employed as a legal assistant and translator at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP in New York City and in a previous career, I worked as a German instructor until 2006. Born and raised in Germany, I lived in the UK for two years before moving to the US. I have had a passion for translation since college and pride myself on accurate and idiomatic translations which reflect my careful observation of the locales and cultures I have lived in.

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A way with words

That my quarter-century in the theater as a stage director/administrator has been a richer and more layered experience than it otherwise might have been is, to a great extent, the result of my quickly having learned to deploy, in as many and varied ways as possible, my facility as a writer. In the not-for-profit, performing arts world, never is there a time without board members to address, ticket buyers to beguile, underfunded projects to assess, program notes to shorten, or super-titles to prod from first-draft ramblefest to cohesive nuggets of narrative. Nearly every facet of the work required extensive use of the written word, a fact that, if anything, loomed even larger in light of the short supply of both financial and human resources that was typical for most of the places where I worked. It required me to think of myself as a staff of writers, but being able to do so was a great skill to acquire and an enormous boon to the organization.

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Loves helping others. Creative, Artistic, Highly skilled and knowledgeable, Ambitious, Hard working, self-motivated, outgoing, and very people-oriented. Quick and accurate, great memory, and a witty sense of humor.

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I have an M.Phil. degree in English Literature from Mumbai University, India. I have taught preparatory courses for MBA entrance exams such as GMAT, CAT and GRE. My specialization is verbal ability. Besides, I have written biographies and articles for several web-based publishers.

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Academic Writer & Translator

My name is Jessie and I am a 28 year old single mother and sales manager. Beyond that I am graduate of Mount Saint Mary College with my Bachelor of Arts in History. I've spent my entire life writing and being primed through writing for college. I am very well versed in Chicago, APA, and MLA formats. I've written book reviews, extensive college reports, news articles, blogs, and stories for fun. I take an immense interest in learning other languages. I am very proficient in French and German. I am currently learning Korean as my concentration in History was focused on Asian Studies. I find myself turning to Elance for potential opportunities to branch out into writing professionally or at the very least earn a small income from it in my free time. I am constantly being asked to help people write reports and resumes because of my expertise in these areas. I decided after hearing from a friend that I would start freelance writing online.

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You either watch or participate

I am creative in all things crafty! I like to edit and proofread and I will get the job done quickly and accurately!

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I recently graduated from a small liberal arts college in East Tennessee where I received my B.A. in psychology and a minor in physical education. During my time in school, I played collegiate baseball. Since then, I have been working in the social services field. In my experience in this area of study, I have fine-tuned my way with words and how to say things. I have also been faced with many different views in my time as a social worker. I enjoy looking at things from a different perspective and occasionally playing devil's advocate. I insist on being extremely thorough and paying great attention to detail. Since I graduated, I have been an aspiring actor and comedian which has greatly improved my public speaking and speech. I also consider myself extremely clever and able to connect things together in a way so that they may make sense. I have found this to be true through my success during my sets.

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Ever since high school, I have actively been involved in a lot of activities that have helped me hone my creativity. I love to write and hence my biggest strength lies there. I have also interned with Random House Publications to help me understand the business of this sector. I have sound knowledge about practically everything related to creative writing and I keep myself engaged in writing every now and then. Being a business undergrad, I have acquired knowledge, practical skills and interest in the field of marketing and sales. I have also worked with the marketing team of MTV that has added to my overall experience. I also actively participate in plays (stage and street) and contribute in terms of acting, directing and writing. I am also well versed with ms-excel. word and power point.

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Freelance Blogger/Writer

I am a freelance writer/blogger. I run a personal blog called Raising O and am a columnist for Elite Daily and the elephant journal. I am a stay-at-home writer and can produce many articles a week.

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I am a young and enthusiast young man looking to be hired. I have earned a good reputation through working as a Human Resources Manager for a Romanian American Football team - the Bucharest Wolverines, where I also have the task of regularly posting articles on the team's official website, Facebook page and any other related media channels. I have been regarded by my teachers, coaches and friends as that individual who just doesn't give up once his mind is set on something. I consider myself a mature, responsible, honest and dependable guy, who follows a strict code of high ethics. You can count on me for your profitability as I will substantially contribute to your company's growth if employed.

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An expert for your needs

I am here to help as many people as I can. Hoping to make someone else's life in this vast virtual world a little easier and better. I put great importance in excelling in every work that I do. I excel in communicating skills, a wide range of experiences in business, accounting, to engineering, software and so forth.

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I am an Engineering student in Electrical and Electronics, with a keen interest in writing,translating,programming and in electronics.

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I specialize in ghostwritting, I've done this for the last 8 years. My price is negociable and depends on the work. Don't hesitate to contact me for further info. I reserve the right to choose my clients.

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Experct Customer Service, Writing, research

With 25 years working in call centers and office environments, I have vast experience in customer service, writing, editing, proofreading, utilizing data bases and search engines to locate and research information. I am dedicated to detail, and giving my best to get the job done correctly, efficiently and effectively.

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Flexible Writer: Features, Sports, Poetry, etc.

I am a reporter and and web assistant at Youngstown State University's The Jambar. I am a very flexible writer. My stories have ranged from feature stories like concerts and plays as well as news and sports. I am a creative writer as well and can produce any length fiction story, poetry, or recipe within deadline. I also do my own photography and have been doing photo work for The Jambar. I am an ambitious worker and will write a high quality story within a given deadline.

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Recent graduate from Columbia University. Political science major.

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An Imagination Creation Station Rolled Into One

A creative, think outside the box type person. Love to come up with original ideas or accentuate others and make them better. Love to help solve problems in creative ways as well. If you can dream it, I can just about do it or tell you how to do it. Let me help make your fantasy a reality.

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feature writer topics

keen on deadlines,willing to work full time,able to write about different topics eg, travel, human interests

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Writer, reseracher, translator

Hi! I'm an ex-journalist who has all the writing skills you need and a great sense of timeliness, I respect deadlines for projects very much. I also have a business-proficiency level in Chinese/Mandarin which will be handy for your translating needs.

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Every word has meaning.

Prompt quality services: creative writing, event planning, performing artistry including MC, comedy, timing/presentation, motivational speaking (Law of Attraction,) and, the writing, performance, production, copyright, and publication of original music. I am a creative thinking motivational muse for writing jingles, tag lines, product naming. Happy to collaborate and co-create.

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I am a twenty two year old professional who seeks to claim a career in freelance creative writing.

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An English girl currently living in Udaipur (India), I am an intern at an NGO. I completed my degree in Social Sciences (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology and Criminology) from the University of Southampton in 2013. I have travelled and worked extensively in an effort to gain experience in fields related to the social sciences. From my degree, to teaching, to marketing; all of these have required me to hone my writing skills in various styles to meet the needs of the task. I am interested in freelance work to help support myself financially whilst I am an intern.

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Portuguese Linguist

Cintia Cavalcante is a former journalist and Radio/TV Hostess and Linguist, born in Amazon-Brazil. As Spiritual Activist in Brazil, Europe and USA, Cintia founded two Spiritist non-profit charitable 5091(03)c organizations in San Francisco Bay Area. Cintia writes column of Spiritual Living for Examiner. Key strengths: Curiosity and interest in the world; Gratitude; Love of learning; Fairness, equity, and justice; Zest, enthusiasm, and energy.

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Skilled Editor and Writer

? Comprehensive knowledge of writing for Web sites, magazines, newspapers, and books and blogs ? In-depth knowledge of the techniques and strategies of social media, web publishing and marketing ? Extensive interest in social/interactive media ? Possess exceptional writing, editing and organizational skills ? Experience coordinating various Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr campaigns ? Possess excellent communication, presentation and organizational skills ? Expert knowledge of Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Internet Research

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Writer, Creator, Traveler, Good Man

After going to an esteemed School of Liberal Arts, I've been running a successful, multi-million dollar a year bar in Chicago, IL. My other passions include reading, writing, music (both listening to and creating), and traveling, and am currently embarking on an intercontinental adventure.

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My technical skills are second-to-none, and I have an excellent record as a reliable, productive employee. I am looking for new challenges and this sounds like the perfect opportunity.

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I am looking to provide clients with quality work in a timely manner.I hail from a land known as Montana where your word is your bond and customer satisfaction is paramount. Let me put my creativeness to work for you!

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Fluent Spanish-English writer

I am a fluent Spanish writer and I have many years of academic writing experience. I built bilingual programs and I am very resourceful if you need information about the educational field. I am willing to look for words that you may have trouble putting together and work with the employer to specify what you need to communicate to your audience.

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Professional Writer & Editor

Believe it or not, my passion for editing was sparked early in life, as my friends would have me proofread their papers! I love language and am excited to showcase my work through the various avenues of online writing.

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I'm here looking to make some extra money. I have a strong writing background. I also work a data entry/customer service job right now. I know what needs to be done, and I am certainly not a slacker.

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I am an American living abroad and have extensive work experience in proofreading articles written in English.

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Philosophy/Literature Scholar

Hello, my name is Levi Dowdle. I am a scholar of philosophy and literature and as such, I take pride in my literary abilities. Anything that provokes thought captures my interest. If I am hired for a job, I will put forth my full effort to achieve exactly what you have in mind.

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Hi, I'm a doctoral student in the UK with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Critical Theory.

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I am a college student. I love writing in my spare time. I am very creative and hard working. Whatever task I take, I give my full effort and best work.

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I've been teaching for three years now, and I am finishing my second Master's degree. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English cum laude in 2010, and my first Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages magna cum laude in 2012. I'm a skilled and passionate writer, I type 56 WPM, and I have experience in a variety of writing and editing jobs.

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I work with a big professional translator team.

We work with fix prices. You send us the work and I tell you the price. The team is working very fast, they are all professional translators.

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