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Pacific Lutheran University Senior. Biology major and pre-med student with excellent writing, reading, and mathematical skills. Also write in my spare time fiction short stories and working on fiction novel. Experienced in many computer programs and have A+ certification in computers. Write scientifically, and academically constantly as I am a student. Have a wide range of interests as well as knowledge that I would love to impart to an employer.

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Skilled in the techniques of Professional Writing

I have had writing as a hobby of mine since I was in the 5th grade. My aspiration to be seen as a unanimous writer is what drives me to develop the products and works that I do throughout my lifespan. Writing to me isn't just some job; it’s a natural trait that was instilled into me that I was meant to do. I started off writing short fictional stories in school and then advancing to writing more developed stories as I got in college earning me A+ in all my English Comp. classes and advanced Comp. classes. I then evolved myself to writing professional resumes and cover letters for my fellow colleagues at the University of Southern Mississippi in which I was able to obtain many jobs through our business department. From having so many success stories from my resumes, I was then asked to do a workshop on the development of professional resumes and the limitations of interviews. These things show why I am the best choice. I thank you for your time and opportunity in this fashion.

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Ghost Writer Making Your Dream Book Come True!

Available for non-fiction. Specializing in personal growth, recovery from tragedy, loss, widowhood, addiction, lack of goals and direction -- for those who have begun to lose faith in themselves, in humanity, and in the future. Law of Success and Law of Attraction principles are also a major focus. Fiction also available. Free writing project (blog or short chapter) to your specifications available with no contractual obligation. Once you have experienced what I am able to do for your project, we can discuss rates. Correspondence available via email, text, phone, and eventually Skpe. Allow me to serve you in transforming your dream book into reality. Focus will be on your vision as the author rather than my vision as the ghost writer. This is your project! Please contact me and feel free to visit my Facebook page where you can review two recent blogs. (Blog titles - Service?; Believe in the Arrival- more are on the way.) Thank you. George

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Business and Creative Writing Services Available!

I am available for both business writing and creative writing projects. My business specialties are Accounting and Federal Acquisitions Regulation areas. For creative writing, I specialize in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

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Writer... cause that is who I am.

Hello there! A history of Jackie Luther... NYC at the age of sixteen: Sitting on the stoop of my house in deep thought... "I think I shall be a writer... cause that's what Tiggers do best." In 1985 I was lucky enough to be employed by Penthouse Magazine. Hired as an editorial assistant I worked hard and by the age of 25 I was Associate Editor. Worked there for 7 years, got laid off and became a freelance writer... and since then I have lived a very charmed life. I became bartender at the most famous rock-n-roll club in the world CBGB. Not only can I write the most superb erotica, but I can write about music, fiction, non-fiction, food, cats, passion... I am a great story-teller who can place it on a page. I am now writing about my own experiences while at CBGB but I can bring all that fire and light to whatever assignment I receive. I am conscientious, consistent and can work very well with deadlines.

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Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer who has finished her first novel.Most of the time I write for myself but I can write different topics for other people that may interest me for personal and professional growth or material earnings.I can write everything that has to do with prose like essays,fiction,non-fiction,psychological biographies,reviews, critical thinking,journalism articles,inner growth articles etc etc.

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author. fiction. academic. translating. PR.

I am a published author, I have written two fiction novels and I love writing both fiction, editing, translating, academic writing etc. I can assure and promise good quality original articles. My aim and dedication is to give the client the the best quality work and effort on my part. I have lived in Norway for a very long time so I am fluent in Norwegian as well as English, Swedish and Danish.

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Writing, Editing, and Public Relations Expert

Here are just a few of the many assets I have to offer: More than 20 years of writing and editing experience in the publishing (online, magazine, and book), communications, and public/media relations fields; highly developed written and interpersonal communications skills; the ability to multitask; superb copyediting abilities; a strong eye for detail; a tendency to thrive when working in a fast-paced environment as part of a creative team to produce content under deadline; and a dedication to professionalism and integrity.

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Liberal Arts writing expert.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree from an extremely accredited Liberal Arts College in the North East, and I have acquired expert skills in writing fiction, research papers, proofreading, editing, and analyzing.

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Christine Widmayer is just graduated with her MFA in Creative Writing at George Mason University where she also studied folklore. She worked as the nonfiction editor at So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language & Art for two years. She currently teaches Composition at George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College. A Michigan native, Christine often handles her Great-Lake-windrawl by writing about her natural habitat. Her writing can be found in Flashquake. Specialties: nondirective tutoring, composition instruction, literature instruction, creative nonfiction, communications, Spanish, video editing, creative writing, communication, outreach, TV production, copywriting, multimedia production

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Well, I can type fast and I used to write some fanfictions on :) So if you need someone to do copywriting or fiction writing, please hire me. And yes, I speak Bahasa Indonesia, English, French and Javanese. Want me to tutor you? I can do it!

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Writing is my passion!

I have my BA in English Writing and I also hold a MAT degree in Secondary English Education. I have published five books and I have also won several creative non-fiction writing awards, presented at conferences and for workshops. I am truly multidimensional when in comes to many titles I hold. I am a writer, teacher, editor, speaker, and organizer. I just love to write stories, articles, ads and read quality literature. I am new on elance but I have been writing professionally for 10 years.

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Motivated detail oriented strong writing/reading

I am knowledgable in many areas and have extensive educational and professional background. My specialty is writing (any type, ie. persuasive, opinion, fictional, factual, creative, etc...). Reading and proofreading is another strong area. Excellent computer skills and dependable work. Consistent output, detail oriented, and dependable.

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Motivational Speaker/writer

I have 15 years leadership development experience and over ten years as a public speaker. I am a certified trainer of other speakers. Over thirty years of writing experience (mostly in fiction). Passion for teaching others drives me, as does sharing. The potential in every human is limitless. Sometimes others just need someone to believe in them, until they can believe in themselves. This is how we change the world.

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Simply the best

Seventeen years as a college writing instructor has given me innumerable opportunities to teach and write for a many kinds of audiences, to understand how writing works to insure communication, and to adapt to a variety of writing situations. I typically teach 10 classes a semester as well as 2 in the summer with classes averaging about 20 students. These students 7-8 papers each, all of which I read and offer suggestions for improvement. I have taught both academic, research, and professional writing. As a reader of writing, I have the experience to know how to strengthen written communication so that the writer's message reaches its reader. In addition, I am a strong research writer competent in both MLA and APA styles of documentation. I also am fully aware of the importance that strong writing has for every area of public human endeavor.

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Copywriter, article design, SEO writing, and more.

The decision to hire someone to write content on your behalf should not be taken lightly. You have worked hard to make a name for yourself, and should expect the people that you hire to understand that fact. Successful management of a project in todays world requires a team approach. You need a hard working and motivated individual on your side, and that is just what you will find here. Skills / Experience: - Health writing - Nursing writing - Original article design and content creation - SEO article desing - eBook design - Non-fiction based content design - Science writing - Customer service / Hospitality writing - Customer service / Hospitality consulting Make your project or publication even better by adding rich and colorful content that your readers can relate to! Thank you for your time and consideration, Matthew

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Writing/Editing Specialist, Environmental Designer

I'm an 18 year old student studying science in Chicago, soon to pursue environmental science and urban landscape design and development. I will be achieving my associates in science by Spring 2015. I graduated high school a year early at 17 with a 4.0 grade point average. I'm a skilled amateur writer and editor, ranging from biographies, historical content, fiction and non-fiction, film/article reviews and etc. I have an inclination towards languages and linguistics. I've taken 4 years of Chinese and am self-teaching German and Russian in my free time. I have a talent for speech writing and public speaking in either an informative or persuasive setting. I draw and sketch architectural scenes and space layouts. I'm familiar with SketchUp but don't have the idealized experience with CAD and similar programs.

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Writer for Hire

Hello, my name is Brittany. I am a native speaker/writer of English and have been writing fiction, non-fiction and other content for the past ten years. I am prompt, and will always provide updates on the status of my work, in addition to ensuring that anything I send out is of the highest standard possible. I am looking to build a portfolio and work experience, as well.

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I am a English and Creative writing student with a background in business. I can write both fiction and non-fiction pieces of work, as well as sales pitches and scripts. I can proof-read and edit as well.

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Hey!!! ready to employ?

I'm a 17 year old adolescent keen to earn through the my academic skills.I am in GCE-A levels.Highlighted services i can provide are specially in the field of math science subjects,creative writing,fiction,speech tips,english gammar correction.Hope you employ me in view of my constructive services.And for the ending i am a mind sciences graduate having done USA certified 4D mind sciences,NLP and Silva system from expert affiliate trainers.

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I have a Bachelor's degree in history with a minor in theater. I have completed many creative writing and fiction classes and written many things including short works of fiction, thesis papers, screenplays, research papers, and book reviews to name a few. I enjoy reading and writing and excel in both. I am currently a part of the United States Air Force and living overseas in South Korea. However, I can still complete many jobs online and submit work through mail if need be. In three years time I expect to start my Master's degree in history once I get back to the US and I'm trying to find ways to make more money so I can pay for school as well as save for other future endeavors. I'm a hard worker and very determined to finish a job once I start it. I have instilled in me a lot of military discipline along with much creativity from my college background and the many places I've traveled. I look forward to whatever opportunities come my way.

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I am a New Jersey-based writing with experience in fashion, health and lifestyle press releases as well as short newspaper articles, non-fiction and creative writing. I can keep a reader's attention while also delivering content efficiently and creatively.

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Young College Writer

I have been writing for years. I write mostly fiction but have written blog posts as well as articles. I had a seasonal stint as a Movie Trailer Reviewer, I hope to do it again one day.

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Creative Writing Specialist

I excel in creative writing in US based English. I primarily write fiction, of all genre, but the skills earned through that process have served me well, and may now serve you well.

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Writer Non-Fiction

I love to write, and I am very experienced in writing, especially short-story non-fictional writing. I am young and full of life, I also don't expect much in return.

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My services include speech writing, reviews, article writing, journalism, and non-fiction writing. I will provide a professional and above average piece for every client I work for, and will follow directions given.

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I studied journalism with an emphasis on creative non-fiction and have expanded that to include memoir writing, travel writing, and creative reporting. Here are some of my published pieces:,, and

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Clear, precise writing with a creative flair

I have a BA in Psychology and have excellent verbal and written skills. I have always enjoyed writing in a wide array of styles, particularly creative writing and short stories. I work well under deadlines and have extensive experience writing research reports, fiction and non-fiction stories (mainly in college courses) among other styles. I type at 65 wpm without errors and am tedious about scrupulously editing my work as I go along, as well as before completing a piece. I enjoy spending time with my kids and family, travelling, and reading in my spare time.

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Professionalism with Intergrity

I have been in the writing business for quiet some years now. And always still learning the Art of Writing in this modern world. I am into General Articles Writing, Columnist, Short Story Writings, Fiction Writings, Poems and not forgetting Gender and Relationship based issues. Some of my works can be found at The onething I do is to work under pressure and anytime of the day, when the need arises. You would feel happy working with me. Thank you.

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I am a writer specializing in research-oriented historical non-fiction and suspenseful, sometimes horror-driven fiction. I have been writing for a very popular underground publication for over a decade, and my first book is due to be released next year by The History Press.

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I offer a variety of writing skills. I can be imaginative, I can be logical. I write short stories, poems, and lyrics in my free time. What I enjoy to do though, is fictional writing. I like to put myself into the shoes of fictional characters. I like to live my life through imaginary events, unrealistic events; things that wouldn't normally happen in our "ordinary" waking lives.

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Writer. Journalist. Creative.

Highly motivated and skilled technical writer. Qualifications: - Bachelors Degree in Law and Arts (Journalism, Media and Communications) - Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice Experience: - Technical writing - Academic writing and referencing (Harvard, APA, MLA, AGLC) - SEO Blogging - Non-fiction feature articles [eg. Social justice; Holistic living (yoga, health, exercise, nutrition); Band/musician Q&As] - Fiction and poetry; creative writing prizes

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Am in love with the English language

I have been enamored of the English language since a youngster, and pursued an education in English lit and creative writing. Over the years I have published a number of essays and short stories gleaning awards and grants alike, and in 2008 earned my MFA in creative writing and literature at Bennington. My favorite job was working as an editor for a nationally respected literary journal, offering my services to correct and better wonderful writers needing a bit of direction. As a writer myself, I know how one can become so caught up in the story, in its characters, that one becomes blind to flaws however large or small.

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Professional Ghost Writer, Highly Unique Style.

Professionalism, timeliness, commitment, and an in-dubious mind revolving around creativity are traits you acquire at birth. Building blocks which, as we mature, strengthen like a crystal lattice over time and provide a solid foundation to knowledge and success in any business. Along with indistinguishable qualities that define us as unique in fields we prefer specialize in, we all have our own "tweaks" and essential components under our tool-belts that allow further sustainability in finishing the task at hand. These essentials that are under my tool-belt consist of Creative Writing, which really flexes my brain in the story-telling process, and allows my writing to go into a dimension that when read, makes you feel the double whammies or double rainbows I wish to portray. Ghostwriting is also another skill set that I value highly due to my wish to go into the music industry, so I am greatly inspired and put 101% into whatever I write. I also get creative when writing fiction stories.

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Specializes in Editing Native American Content

I hold an M.A. in English from the University of Oklahoma, with a concentration in Native American Literature. I also hold a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), with a minor in Indigenous Liberal Studies. I’m a recipient of the Truman Capote Scholarship Award through IAIA, and also a winner of the Native Writer Award through the Taos Summer Writers Conference. I have a short story forthcoming in Good Medicine: An Anthology of Native American Humor, and also have short stories published in South Dakota Review, American Short Fiction, Yellow Medicine Review, Surreal South ’09, and Red Ink Magazine. To learn more about me and my abilities visit my website:

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RPG game design and fantasy fiction writer

I have experience with writing for fantasy role-playing games (D&D, White Wolf's Storyteller System, etc). I wrote the Immortal Eyes trilogy of fantasy novels (The Toybox; Shadows Under the Hill: Court of All Kings) for White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming game. I have contributed to numerous White Wolf fiction collections, most recently, the story "Moonshine" for Rites of Renown: When Will You Rage 2? I have also been part of two DAW invitation only theme anthologies: Time Twisters ("Voices") and Spells of the City ("Rose"). In addition, I wrote the sf/fantasy column for Library Journal from 1984-2003. I have an occasional blog at -- in which I talk about animal rescue and my own rescue pets and fosters. I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction that encompasses compassion, integrity and love for life and living creatures.

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Experienced writer who exceeds expectations

Thank you for your interest! I offer exceptional writing and administrative support skills that will surely exceed your expectations. Having graduated from Brown University with a liberal arts education, I have 6 years of experience writing reports, papers, and both non-fiction and fiction pieces. My major at Brown was focused on behavioral sciences research, and I served as a research assistant for 3 years so I have considerable experience writing research papers. When you hire me, you won't be disappointed!

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I have a B.A. in Creative Non-Fiction Writing from Empire State College, where I graduated third in my class, and an A.A. in Liberal Arts, minor in Writing, from Cayuga Community College where I graduated with honors. I have experience writing web content, newsletters and articles, in addition to writing for several local papers. I can utilize any written "voice" your publication prefers, from irreverent humor writing to academic writing. I pride myself on my incredible work ethic and professional approach to time management and deadlines, so you will always get a solid return on your investment if I am hired to do a job for you.

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I am an Electrical engineering graduate from a reputable university. I have been writing short fictional stories, content writing for websites and blogs and also served as an editor for an IEEE newsletter. Apart from this I have worked as a reporter and content writer for an online magazine.

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An English, Drama and Psychology student with strong writing and computer skills. I excel at humorous Fiction/Creative Stories, but will write anything. Happy to help with anything!

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I have 5+ years of experience in freelance writing and proofreading. My work consists of articles, how-to guides, news writing, fiction and non-fiction writing and editing, marketing copy, and much more. I am familiar with a range of topics, including cars, lifestyle, health, travel, fitness, and technology. My clients include eBay, Angie's List, TrustedChoice, and more.

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Writer, Editor, Blogger Extraordinaire

My name is Kelsey M. Raut., I write mostly science fiction, and I am very passionate about animals and the environment. I studied an Honours with a Specialization in English at the University of Ottawa, my focuses being on dystopian science fiction and victorian literature. I have freelance journalism experience and have several popular blogs on different topics.

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Graduate student in English with many years experience writing and editing everything from copy to fiction. Intensive study on advanced communication and targeted writing.

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Experienced copywriter and fiction writer

Experienced copywriter and creative writer, excellent researcher, seeks book-length or shorter work, on-line or print.

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Beauty, fashion, blogger, feminist, writer

Okay so, let's get started. I am Zahra Haider, and currently doing my o levels, a 15 years old girl. I'm a good writer, no doubt. I am a fashion and beauty blogger, plus, a feminist. I'm currently looking for an online job, I hope i would be getting one, soon. Why should you hire me? Okay so, you should hire me because that is my promise to you that i won't disappoint you at any cost, I will try to come up with my best and surely it will be.

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I'm an experienced freelance editor with a master's degree in English and a background in editing and proofreading academic writing, technical writing, non-fiction, and novels. I always work quickly to meet my deadlines, and I'm dedicated to producing clear and concise copy for my clients.

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Copyediting, Writing, Translation

As a graduate from a top-tier college, I know how to produce great work under tight deadlines. My writing has won awards in both academic settings and creative fields; my expertise extends from academic theses to comic book writing formats. I'm able to produce anything from simple proofreads of manuscripts, heavy overhauls, brief articles on niche topics, to extensive translations of poetry and non-fiction.

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Beginning Freelancer and Editor

I'm a recent college grad and Air Force veteran. I majored in Creative Writing after switching over from Journalism. I have covered sports for a small, local newspaper. In the military, I was a personnelist tasked to proofread and edit awards and evaluations, speeches, official correspondence for commanders. I have public relations interning and English tutoring experience as well In my free time (if there is any), I enjoy reading, writing fiction, and pursuing my Tour card.

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Experience writing web copy, marketing copy and editorial features for a number of organisations online and in-print. A solid understanding of current SEO requirements and a natural flair for the English language.

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Freelance Writer

What would you like to know about me? Well honestly, I am a half self-taught, half-degree educated writer. Most of my profession has been made through the passion I have for writing and that is why I can take pride in telling my clients that I am self-taught. I started at the age of 18 freelancing with an equalities organisation and this year I have set up my own business. I do all types of things from PR (copy, press release), Editing/Editorial (proof reading, editing, blogging, article writing) to Creative Writing, Fiction and Poetry (which I can proudly say I have had a poem published in an anthology under the publishers - Forward Poetry). Basically anything I can get a pen on and my keyboard to, I will do. I believe that the most important thing is the relationship that I build with my clients, I love to provide top quality work for those who not only need but want it but I also love getting to know and working with people again and again, so I always deliver the best quality.

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Experienced Creative Writer

I have been writing for as long as i can remember and it has been one of my greatest passions. I have professional experience as a content writer in two companies and besides that I write science fiction, fantasy, and mystical stuff. I'm in the final stages of my LLB with the University of London and also extensively read books on Psychology, Physics, Biology, and Philosophy.

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Proofreader, Copy Editor

I have a keen eye for detail and experience writing both academic and fiction. My schedule is flexible, allowing for a quick turnaround and with short notice. I have 2+ years experience in proofreading academic and creative writing, as well as poetry, and I'm familiar with MS Word and Adobe InDesign.

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Writer and Creative Director

I'm a natural born writer and ideas guy with over a decade of experience working with a large marketing communications agency. I can turn my hand to any writing or conceptual project, and have great experience in helping to define strategy and convert it into compelling, award-winning creative. I also have experience as a journalist and researcher, and am all about digging deep to uncover true meaning for the target audience. I have led teams of graphic designers, writers, videographers, editors, radio and TV producers. I have directed voice and acting talent. I am as comfortable writing a well-researched article as I am flexing my fiction muscles. I'm a creative catalyst, skilled and experienced in bringing out the best in others. I love to collaborate as much as I enjoy spending hours with nothing more than a desk lamp and a laptop for company. In summary, when you just have to figure out what to say and how to say it, I'm your guy.

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Writing comes from deep within the heart.

My name is Mahkaela, I am a freelance creative writer. Most interests are sparked in YA romance and a little erotica. I do enjoy writing all kinds of fictions so don't hesitate to ask about other kinds of fiction. I don't have any titled qualifications but am hoping to enroll in perhaps an English diploma or a creative writing course.

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I am an IT professional by trade, but my passion is writing. Fiction mostly, but also articles on travel and wine, fitness and adventure, as well as blogging and book introductions. I am a published author of several short stories, poetry and also image art.

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Journalist, writer, content writer - portuguese

During my adolescence I started to work as a sports journalist in a local newspaper of the city of Montijo, in Portugal. When I was 18 years old I had the opportunity to work in one of the major Portuguese newspapers in Portugal – After that, my career as a journalist starts growing. I did online journalism, radio journalism and a lot of works for several magazines and newspapers in Portugal. Later, in 2009, I started to write non-fiction books related with football and other subjects. One of those books is called «El Portugués» – published in 2011 – and it´s a biography of the ex-football player Paulo Futre (he is the face of Betclic in Portugal). We sold more than 20.000 copies and it was one of the best-sellers of the year in Portugal. After that, I entered in the Brazilian market with another book – «Jogada legal» – about the allegations of corruption in FIFA. Right now I work as journalist, author and TV commentator in Portugal.

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teaching and writing abroad

I have a B.A. in Writing, Literature, and Publishing with a focus in Non-fiction from Emerson College in Boston. I have worked as a reporter, a bartender, a photographer, an English language teacher...many positions! I would like to write for the rest of my life.

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I offer proofreading and editing to upcoming writers. My fields of interest include history, music, historical/fantasy fiction writing, travel, and culinary arts.

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Diverse Writing Professional

Coming from an academic background in History, Law and Economics, I bring together the world's of Creative writing and business. I have professional experience working in financial services, hospitality and project management as well as writing in fiction, non fiction, editorials, newpaper, web, blogging and copy. This wealth and variety of experience allows me to focus my work on the needs of the clients and the demands and desires of the audience. I work tirelessly to research my markets to ensure I understand their needs and am constantly working to update my own skills and training. I have also completed courses on Photoshop, InDesign and web publishing among other things which help enhance my abilities to give the clients what they need. If you want someone who will go to the limits to do the job right, I am your man!

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Award-winning editor and published fiction writer

I'm an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years of experience as a newspaper editor. I currently work as an editor for an online news site. I'm also a published fiction writer -- with experience editing other writers' fiction -- and a five-time recipient of fiction-writing fellowships at the prestigious Va. Center for the Creative Arts.

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my name is Abraham. I am exceptionally good in fiction writing.

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Engaging Writer and Editor

I am a published writer in various fields: creative fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, memoir, lifestyle, and home magazine. I also have experience as an academic writing copy editor. My communication with my clients is consistent and timely. Writing and editing are the work I enjoy best, and I am eager to be your creative partner in building a narrative or re-working the one you have already finished!

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Published fiction author and commercial copywriter

A dedicated reader, fiction, biography, and history lover since early childhood, at the age of seven I began writing essays, or monographs, on diverse topics and themes for my great-grandmother. While in college I began writing classical fantasy (Tolkienesque) and detective fiction ( in the transatlantic tradition of Conan Doyle and Rex Stout). Since then I have produce many thousands of words of commercial copy, in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) arena, and retail luxury goods. For many years, my life has revolved around reading and writing, in one form and fashion or another. I was also a entertainer (singer/songwriter) in the country-western, folk, and blues genres. The upshot is that my knowledge, expertise, and deep interest are all focussed on writing, both fiction and non-fiction. My major, and second major, in two stints at college (University of Florida, and Appalachian State University) were history and English.

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creative writer with a unique and powerful voice

I have been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post since 2010. Here is a link to my blog: where you can review my writing style. In addition, I also have a personal blog: I just published my first book of poetry: My poetry and creative short fiction have been featured in, Diverse Voices Quarterly ( and upcoming in Crate Literary Journal and Onthebus.

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I am a Fiction writer who is able to easily create imaginative worlds that are believable; who also has a passion for cooking and writing and creating recipes..

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I am London-based writer, skilled across a range of genres. I can write fiction, articles and copy, and am also a proficient proofreader. I have degree in English Language and Creative Writing from Lancaster University and have completed a certificate in proofreading from Chapterhouse. I have had short fiction and poetry printed in a range of publications, and I have had work performed at events such as the Fresh Festival and Stand Up Tragedy. I have also edited two short fiction collections for audio project RethinkDaily. By day I work as a teaching assistant, so I have a background in education and an ability to write for both younger and adult audiences.

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Writer/columnist (history or current events)

I'm open to begin writing a fresh column (or providing what my newspaper calls "news briefs," commentary of two or three sentences referencing something that is making news) for the sort of outlet that I've been writing for since 1991 (a weekly published in a town of less than 5,000 population). Or I could contribute to an online publication whose needs and philosophy would also prove to be a fit.

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I'm a full-time writer looking for fiction and nonfiction projects. I have worked in the publishing industry for 20 years and have been writing full-time for over seven years. Have 30-plus books published.

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Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction

Alissa Cooper has been writing for 18 years and has published two novels of historical fiction as well as one young adult novella all of which can be found at She also thoroughly enjoys the language and story telling of the classic novels and has written several formal and informal essays on their subjects. She has a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in English Literature. She is very diligent, responsible and adventurous in her undertakings. She plans to expand her horizons with different genres and to continue writing professionally.

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I am a recent graduate of Baylor University's Honors Program with a BA in English and a minor in Journalism. I have excellent writing, communication, and editing skills. I can write in any style or format desired, from formal business and many journalistic styles to creative and academic styles. I have written and published several articles for Baylor's newspaper, "The Lariat," as well as an academic thesis. I have also published some poetry in a literary magazine called "Strictly Fiction." I have experience with editing journalistic articles and essays written by myself and by others. In addition, I am currently writing a novel.

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Hi my name is Robert Smith I am 56 years young very creative in writing short fiction stories and rebuttals focusing on World issues,Humanitarian problems and solutions. I am an inventor with good ideas using Common Sense as my format.

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I am very good at writing poems, fiction, and non fiction. Also I have been published in a young poets book when i was in high school. I have worked in finance for a few years before i decided to be a stay at home mom. My husband is a truck driver so that means he has to be gone a lot. But just really ready to get back out there and start earning my own money again and though through writing i would be able to pursue my dreams.

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I am a working professional looking to break into the editing world. My current job involves extensive writing, review, and editing of professional documents such as user manuals. I am am avid reader and am confident that I can also provide insightful feedback to fictional works. I love literature of all kinds and am passionate about being a part of helping a good story become great.

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Highly Creative & Technical Writer

Highly skilled writer with degrees in Biology, Neuroscience, and English. I have experience writing and editing in the very technical (e.g., grant proposals, reports, journal articles) and have published pieces that lie far outside of that realm (e.g., travel blogs, creative fiction, advice columns). I'm a very fast writer with experience in a number of fields. I deliver on deadlines, and can write easily for an array of audiences. If you're interested, let's work together.

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I am a good writer and am a good evaluator of writing. I am a professional secondary science educator with 35 years teaching experience, have served on a university physics research team where one of my duties was writing process procedures, and have written numerous scenarios and short pieces of science fiction for a game company. I am a self-starter and am highly motivated to finish what I begin. I am a very detailed person and am motivated to do a good job in any endeavor I decide to do. I enjoy doing detailed work that requires concentration. I am new to freelancing, but I believe I can do good work for any client who cares to give me a try.

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Small business developer.

As a freelancer serving a variety of publishing fields, I work with small business owners to provide educational product information, training programs, graphic design services including logos, SEO content, and social media content. I provide small business clients with technical writing and copy writing services on a project by project basis. I design and maintain websites for small businesses using complete CMS website software suitable to the needs of the business. I publish fiction and essays, and educate writers who desire to improve their own skills.

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Write. Edit. Perfect.

With a diverse background in writing and editing, I offer valuable skills, experience, and expertise to anyone looking to create clean and polished publications. As an editor, I provide research, writing and editing, as well as document formatting. My experience includses structural edits for a first-time novelist whose book went on to received the Weatherford Award for fiction. I previously worked with Zondervan publishing company as a freelance copy editor for both fiction and nonfiction books. I have provided content and copy editing for books, articles and essays. I have contributed to works by authors: Lee Strobel, Chad Gibbs, Gary Smalley, Karen Spears Zacharias, Lori Copeland, Camy Tang, Diane Paddison, Deborah Vogts, Mary DeMuth and others. As a writer and a blogger, I have traveled to such places as Cambodia and Guatemala to work with various nonprofit agencies and write about the work they are accomplishing.

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Creative and professional writer

I'm a writer and tireless traveler, third-culture child and native speaker of 3 different languages. After traveling and exploring the world for the past few years, I'm currently pursuing an M.A. degree in Barcelona while I write my first novel. I have abundant experience with fiction, journalism, creative writing, academic writing, business oriented literature and blogging. I am exploring the world of freelance writing as a way to support myself through graduate school. I offer excellent work ethic and well-rounded, on-time jobs guaranteed. I am looking for potential long-term business relationships.

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Creative Writer, Fantasy, Fiction, Christian,

I am a published fantasy author. I specialize in creative writing - fantasy, fiction, and Christian especially. Available for all writing types and open to new opportunities. Great computer skills and experience in most any word processor.

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Born and raised in Canada (English) learning Spanish. I enjoy travel and fiction writing.

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I have a Master's in Library and Information Science, and I love to write; I can help you with research, writing, and editing of scholarly papers, proposals, and business writing and correspondence. Please feel free to contact me about large or small projects.

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My experience with both writing an editing largely extends to the Tabletop RPG industry. I've written for both Paizo Publishing and Rite Publishing, and edited as a freelancer for Rite Publishing. However, while these jobs help to keep my skills sharp, they don't limit them. I especially enjoy writing fiction, and I'm up to editing whatever crosses my desk.

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Excellent writer & professional librarian

A librarian by trade, a writer and editor at heart. I have extensive writing, editing and proofreading experience for academic writing, memoirs, creative writing, resume crafting, websites, and more.

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Dare to be distinctive. Writer of a generation.

Don't settle for anything less than spectacular! Having spent my whole life perfecting my craft I am able to quickly produce fiction and non-fiction articles that are gripping, emotional and memorable. My work is deeply layered with meaning and philosophical thinking that encourages readers to explore their own humanity- this causes an extreme connection between the reader and the writing, it makes them care, it keeps them thinking and it gets them talking, which in turn promotes the book/article. I am an award winning film maker who has branched into novels and journalism because at heart I am a writer- one who can elicit a cult following (A film I wrote 3 years ago that is yet to even be released has a 20,000 strong cult following on tumblr). With me you get more than just a writer, you get someone who knows how to promote the work to the best possible audience, you get someone who is experienced in provoking a response and you get access to my mind of unlimited creative potential.

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Professional writer Spanish and English

I have experience in many diverse fields: writing, proofreading and translating academic, fictional, and general interest documents. Also, I have worked as a public server in the fields of strategic planing and environment. This combination has allowed me to obtain different perspectives and knowledge for a more complete understanding of reality, a better adaption to change, and the accomplishment of better writing works.

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A dentist with a flair for creative writing.

I am a general dentist and stay at home mother, currently working from home. I enjoy creative writing and have written for several journals in my area of interest. I have also written fictional pieces for various newsletters. I speak in Urdu, so I can translate scriptures between English and Urdu. In the past, I have written speeches and essays for other clients and also written resumes. I have some experience in content and article writing.

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Specializing in Writing and Editing

I've been writing for fifteen years and have experience in various fiction genres as well as non-fiction articles. I worked as a content editor at a popular digital-first e-publishing company for ten years.

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I'm from Nigeria, Africa. Some of my articles are posted on, and I do Creative Writing, Fiction, Article writing, Inspirational writing. I'm always conscious of my readers. Hence, my use of diction consist English Language, pidgin English and Yoruba (Native Language).

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I have been editing fiction and non-fiction books for 2 years and have worked with many authors. I have done both book editing and formatting for ebook publishing. I enjoy writing, learning new things, and teaching what I have learned.

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Medical and Science Writer

I am a native English speaker and live in the United States. I have a Master of Health Science degree (with a concentration in Pathology) from Duke University and a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University. I am available to write scientific articles in a variety of fields, including but not limited to general biology, genetics, anatomy, immunology, pathology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and medicine. As a librarian, I am committed to research excellence, properly analyzing information and data, and accurately citing reliable sources. Combining that with my medical expertise, I can produce a variety of publications - from research papers for medical professionals to informative, consumer-friendly health articles.

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Healthcare Professional with Writing Background

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing and a Masters degree in Public Health. I have experience writing formal reports to federal and state agencies for the health care industry, medical record abstraction and chart auditing, and developing communications and marketing materials for a small health insurance plan. I also have experience with formal and informal non-fiction and essay writing. I am well-versed in all Microsoft Office products.

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Expert in " Article Writing".

Hello Sir, I am Master level student. my research area is information and communication engineering .my interest in technological writing like science fiction, space engineering, information engineering, data mining and technical based data analysis. you can find me available on Skype or eance because i am individual full time freelancer .

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I am a student of history, currently studying for my masters degree. I have past experience in creative and non-fiction writing for different websites, blogs and forums.

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Experienced Copywriter and Social Media Consultant

If you are looking for a Copywriter, Social Media Consultant or contributor for a creative writing endeavor, then I would love to be considered for your project! I offer a blend of creativity, technical know how, and marketing awareness, and I enjoy the collaboration process involved in seeing something through from idea to completion. I have written online marketing copy, professional blog posts, product descriptions, book reviews, technical and scientific documents, and edited academic content. As a social media consultant, I maintain online presence for professional brands by preparing and scheduling content. I am proficient with MadMimi and Sprout Social. I am also a published fiction and non-fiction writer and poet, and I have written for the LA Post-Examiner (my archived posts can be found online: I have a bachelor's degree in English and Theatre. A full resume, references, and writing samples are available.

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I am a recent college graduate with a BA in English creative writing. I have been published for both poetry and journalistic work in New Voices and the Jewish Journal. I specialize in fiction, poetry and non fiction narrative.

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Expert in Psychology and Writing

Educated in Psychology, the English language, and the teaching of these subjects, I am also knowledgeable about family life, life with a disabled child, technology, and the world around us. I have extensive experience writing both fictional and non-fictional pieces, as well as academic papers and essays.

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I have a Masters Degree in Feminist Research, which has fostered excellent critical thinking, writing, editing and proofreading skills. My background also includes creative and fiction writing. I have an intuitive sense of the English language, with a strong ability to revise written works to increase reader comprehension and reception.

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A talented writer, I just finished writing a non-fiction story that has the potential to be a best seller. Despite a tremendous background in sports, I view myself as more of a news junkie with a passion for politics, culture, local community, national and worldly events. Having been in the mortgage business for many years and a keen observer of the world around me, I have the capability of using the power of the mind in putting into words thoughts from a versatility of angles that will offer a nice stimulation of the mind of the reader.

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I have over 3 years both academical and practical experience in copywriting. Being Bachelor of Advertising and Public Realtions and fluent English speaker, I have worked for International PR agency "Grayling" and for few start-ups projects. I always keep to deadlines and do quality work.

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