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Award-winning author and professional writer.

I worked for many years in an office setting writing content for newsletters, wide-spread appeal and corporate letters, editing professional documents, and creating engaging web content for the organization's site. I also have a decade's worth of experience in fiction writing of anything from poetry and flash fiction to long novel-length work. I am a multi-published author and work well on a deadline. I have tutored and taught French and English at the school age and collegiate level and have fluency in French. I have lived, worked, and studied in France, so I have first-hand knowledge of both French language and culture.

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Writing takes an understanding of the recipient.

I am a young Maltese student, My love of fiction has allowed me to develop the ability to believe strongly in what I want to say/sell/express and through writing I can use clever word play and sentence flow to convince the human mind that they too believe in what I have to say. I can write using flamboyant vocabulary too envelop the mind or simple catchy language that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. My skills are most embellished when using descriptive writing as my OCD allows me to pick up minute details that are only noticed when pointed out.

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I am a responsible person, and willing to work. I don't like to ask too many questions, just show me the job and tell me what do you want to be done, and I will give my best effort to make it as fast as posible. I can write fictional stories, but also catch phrases, commercial writing etc... I can translate from English to Serbian and oposite. I also have good knowledge of history, literature, sports, movies... I traveled a lot, went to USA, Chine, Germany, so I know something about this countries and their lifestyle. I also sing, act and learn German language.

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Professional Creative Fiction & Fantasy Writer

I have Ghost Written several books for other authors in the past. I am currently seeking to get back into this business. I enjoy writing creative fiction and/or non-fiction, and books—Fantasy and Paranormal preferred, especially Vampires, but will accept Contemporary Fiction as well. Outlines or plot is optional, but a precise "what the book is about" or mini-synopsis of your expectations is appreciated. Sample work can be provided, given the option that you send me a chapter outline of the work you're seeking for me to possibly write. I believe it is better for me to provide you with a direct sample of what you're needing written, than an arbitrary sample of something I've previously written, as this will better help you decide if I'm the writer for your project. Thank You, and I look forward to working with you soon!

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need a 20-in-1 writer?? click hire me n its done

Writing is core for successful running of every small business or organisations. I have a 5-year experience as a content creator and related type of writing. Plagiarism free research guru. My availability is immediate and I complete client's projects within the stipulated deadlines.

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Committed to the success or your project.

I am a freelance writer who specializes in creative writing to include children's literary, poetry and fictional stories. I also specialize in blogging and currently maintains blogs on motherhood and personal interest. I also bring 16 years of insurance experience in claims and service divisions. With combined multi-tasking abilities, organization, communication, writing and negotiation skills, I am able to effectively relay personal thoughts, feelings and ideas into written text with ease. I am the mother of four beautiful children ranging from the ages of 14 years to 14 months old. I began a blog of my own called What the Momma! My posts have slowed for some time as I raised a newborn. But he is now on his feet and he hit the ground running. It’s time for me to do the same. I am available to do research work, informative articles, creative writing and ghostwriting.

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Proficient Writer of medical and Creative Articles

I am a Pharmacist, a versatile writer with the ability to blend various genres of writings. I write medical and pharmaceutical articles, true life stories, company profiles, fictions and anything worth researching and writing about. Being a pharmacist, I have keen eye for details, so I make sure i explore all avenues accessible to get the best of information for my clients. If you are looking for high quality contents, then you have come to the right place.

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I have wide skills gained from different aspect of professionalism and thus; Having being a graduate of computer engineering and a trainer in basic computer skills for years, I am proficient in basic IT fields and data processing. My writing skills are impressive being an author of a computer textbook and fictional novel. My works are diligent and I know how to make up with time without my output being robbed and because I am more of a perfectionist, my works are always up to the desired taste and standard.

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Why you should hire me : -In-depth knowledge of medical sciences -Decent creative writing skills. Areas of expertise: 1.Health and Nutrition 2.Yoga and Meditation 3.Medicinal plants 4.Home remedies 5.Creative Writing- facts and fiction

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Practiced, diverse research & creative writer

What makes a good writer? Practice, some say. Diversity, others claim. Creative imagination, of course, someone else argues. What if you want all three? I've been writing creatively & academically since I was in Jr. High and have just finished my M.A. in English, so I've been practicing all my life, both on my own and under the tutelage of English professors. Throughout these past 15 years I've honed my skills in research writing, my tastes and style in poetry and lyricism, and my creative ideas and dialogue in fiction. I've drunk deeply from the wells of the greatest creative minds of the past centuries whether Lewis, Tolkien, Rowling, Asimov, Spenser or Shakespeare. Though I'm just starting off here at elance, I am no stranger to the pen. But until I build up my street cred, you can hire my writing mind for a bargain.

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Professional Editor/ Writer

Writing is a passion, one that not everyone shares. For some the written word can be overwhelmingly elusive. I, like many other writers, have a much easier time communicating through the written word than the spoken one. I have been writing for over 20 years; fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and technical. My commitment to punctuality and perfection is relevant to every aspect of my work.

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International Baccalaureate HL Writing Student

I currently attend an International Baccalaureate high school student located in Downingtown, PA. I attend the only S.T.E.M. IB school in the North Eastern portion of the united states. I have been writing for several years, which includes practice in fiction writings, speeches, and article writing. I have regularly enter writing and poetry competitions, as well as attend competitions in person for presenting speeches and prose. I'm always working on new material, and am happy to share. -Cole

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Creative writing and social network specialist

I am a published author, both in fiction and non-fiction. I am also a published photo and print journalist. I have an associates degree from Lane Community College in general studies with an emphasis on marketing and graphic design.

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Professional Background: I graduated in philosophy at Belgrade University, and soon after got job in "Kurir", the most popular daily newspaper in Serbia. There I quickly became an assistant editor for the "Planet" section which deals with foreign news, while I was simultaneously working as a journalist for the "Science" section. Additional Activities: Before collage I was an accomplished athlete with many achievements (including international trophies and gold medals). In high school I did a photography course where I worked with digital and analogue cameras, and learned to develop film and photographs. Hobbies and Interests: I'm a fan of good movies and music. From my early teens up until recently I was in various bands where I played drums, guitar, or bass guitar, and sang. I'm also a big animal lover, who views house animals not as pets, but as a part of the family. Personal Characteristics: I'm very punctual, posses a set of creative and analytical skills.

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I am currently a college student studying music and minoring in English Literature, I am well versed with English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I have started a few books of my own, both children and adult, and although I prefer writing fiction, I am not opposed to writing and editing other genres.

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I am very passionate about my work in all areas. I spent two years at West Chester University of Pennsylvania studying Music Theory & Composition before deciding to go my own way. I achieved impressive work there through compositions and performances, adding to the talents I discovered at a very early age. I have also been writing short stories, novels, and the like for as long as I can remember. One of my short stories was published in a high school level anthology of short stories in my area. I type at a fast pace, and fairly accurately. What expertise I have lies more in the range of fiction and science-fiction/fantasy writing, though I have written in other areas successfully as well. I also developed skills in graphic design myself as well, teaching myself as I went and achieving first place in a regional competition in high school. I feel my skills have only improved since then. I am 22 and unemployed at the moment, but very hard-working with a flexible schedule.

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I don't really have experience in writing. But I love reading and I am a good listener. It's only because I started reading, that I developed an interest in writing. I really want to know if I have the capability of becoming a professional writer. I definitely am gonna need help. Hope I get some here. My interests are music, animals, books (fiction,non-fiction), movies and travelling. I hope I'm what you are looking for. :)

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I will try my best to satisfy you.

I am good at writing fiction and mini stories. I made my worker price low because I am still a kid and it would bring more people to hire me. Also my worker price is low because I don't always have time like once in a while when I am working for somebody and my parents would call me to help them with something, so I make my price low so that you will not mind to much. Please hire me. You won't regret it.

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Since grade school, I have diligently fostered a natural proficiency in writing that has recently begun to flourish with copious ideas as well as a unique style. I pedantically follow grammatical rules and structures unless I allow creativity to take the reins in which case my style may buck all conventional schema while adhering to a strict standard of coherence and substance. I can only write topics that capture my interest, but in such a case I do so with unparalleled passion and discipline. I am by far my harshest critic and any piece that falls short of the standards to which I hold myself endures severe and scrupulous assessment, evaluation, and editing. I loathe writing that can to any capacity be described as boring and, thus, induce as much word play, sentence structuring, creativity, and style as I can while writing. Whether I am writing fiction or non-fiction, formally or informally, the descriptions I have furnished above remain reliably steadfast.

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Versatile Published Writer: Fiction, Non-Fiction

Full academic credentials (PhD and MA in English, MFA in Creative Writing, BA in Science Writing; 3 published collections of short stories; several non-fiction articles published in national magazines; range of university teaching experience

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Experienced Creative Prose Writer &Journalist.

Though my main niche is creative writing (mainly prose and poetry, but also fiction stories), I've been published in both online newsmagazines (Her Campus, specifically) and a local newspaper (The Renton Reporter in 2010) for journalistic writing. I have some copy editing experience and am well-versed in English grammar skills. I am currently working towards a major in Forensic Psychology with a Creative Writing Minor at Tiffin University, giving me a broader prospective into the human mind and bringing a little diversity to the table.

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Writer and Proofreader

An experienced writer with exceptional attention to detail, I provide a number of services within the realm of writing. Fiction or non-fiction, writing or proofreading, I will deliver a high-quality product while adhering to all deadlines.

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Avid writer, motorcyclist, hiker and geek

Jennifer Eidson is known as an avid motorcycle rider, hiker and technology wiz. Her strong writing ability, insatiable curiosity, background in social networking and internet technology as well as competency with a variety of operating systems and software give her a competitive edge. She regularly helps people with their computer questions and technical problems at a computer class she teaches at the local library. As an avid blogger she enjoys writing product reviews, tech reviews and short fiction stories. Her technology blog is at Curiosity Crashed the Geek, her motorcycle diary is at Fairingphoto's Blog and her solar energy blog is at The World According to Jen.

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I grew up surrounded by books (because of my family but also due to my own personal intrest) and everything related to writing or reading intrests me. I have writen fiction (short stories and novels) since I learnt how to write and my dream is to become a writer. I have gained skills in academic writing through literature classes and am fluent in both portuguese and english.

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I have studied creative writing with the poet laureate of Maine, Betsy Sholl, and fiction writing Justin Tussing. I am also the lead editor of the annual literary and arts journal Words&Images. In 2013 I was nominated for the 91st Kathryn Glascock Poetry Award.

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Certified Editorial Technician

15+ years of professional editorial experience. Published author. MFA in Fiction from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Former university Creative Writing and English Lit instructor. Web skills. Writes with swerve. Edits with eagle-eyed accuracy.

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Creative Writer

I have been writing for many years and am currently undertaking Creative Writing at a degree level. Although I specialise in dark fiction, I am very versatile when it comes to theme. My degree has allowed me to develop my voice as a writer and enlightened me to the different writing fields, including prose, poetry and screen writing. I have achieved consistent 2:1's throughout my first year and have continued to write regularly in my spare time. I have set up two creative writing blogs, one for a social network, the other for Wordpress, which I upload my work to whenever I can.

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Excellent writer and editor.

My writing and editing skills have been honed through a variety of professional and academic experiences. The majority of my work has been in creative writing. For years, I have read and given draft notes for some of the best science fiction and fantasy authors in the business. I also have extensive experience in academic editing, most notably with MLA and Chicago-style citation formats. As a content writer, I have a charismatic, engaging style which can be tailored to suit the marketing needs of your company. I have written copy for real estate companies, the tourism industry, and am also a newly-published creative writer. I produce impeccable work with an emphasis on extensive research and good communication with my contractor.

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I am currently an undergraduate at Ohio University studying Economics and History in search of additional money to fund my studies. Through school I have become practiced in non-fiction/article writing, but have a passion of writing of all kinds. I strive to keep all work clear and concise while simultaneously completing tasks in a timely manner.

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Qualified Proofreader and Copy-editor

- Professional author, proofreader and copy-editor. - First Class BA (Hons) Degree in English and Writing. - Postgraduate Degree in Fiction Writing. - Proofreading and copy-editing qualifications. - Over 15 years' experience writing and editing for students, authors, magazines, journals and businesses. - Specialist in perfecting written English for clients with English as a second language.

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History-Journalism student with a love for writing

I'm a 22-year-old history-journalism student from Belgium, with a love for writing. What can I do for you? I can write both fictional and non-fictional, like poetry, speeches, reports and resumes; and I am fluent in English and Dutch

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Writing for all occasions

As an undergraduate in Creative Writing, I have experience in both being able to write professional, academic papers and creative pieces of fiction as well.

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Anyone interested in written services of the academic and creative variety would do well to consider my services. I am a college graduate of a premier university of Asia. With my degree in BS Psychology I am fully equipped to write scientific journals. I am currently striving to obtain a Medical Doctorate from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. It is ranked the best medical school in the Writing is one of my passions. I believe I excel in it on multiple forms. Be it academic, fiction, or non-fiction I can promise prompt and quality work. I am willing to receive any instruction to provide whatever piece that is needed for my client. I can also do clerical work such as transcribing and encoding. Being a student of Psychology with a background in both quantitative and qualitative work, I am no stranger to diligently ensuring that the quality of data remains at its most accurate and precise standards. I can also be funny.

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New Writer Fresh In The Mix

My name is Nora Arnette. I'm an avid writer who specializes in writing articles, columns, and fictional pieces. I'm always pushing to capture my audience in order to present the big picture, tiny details, or imaginative concepts. I currently reside in Roswell, GA where I enjoy gardening, reading, making tea, reading comic books, and writing since I can never not write. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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I have been writing and involved in public speaking for many years. I enjoy all kinds of writing from creative to formal, poetry to persuasive. I was published threw the Bemidji State University of Minnesota in 2010 and given the Raymond Chandler award for my mystery fiction short story, "The Blood That Had Taken Hers". I was also involved in a national speech tournament held in Boston at the Harvard University that same year. I have taken a few english and creative writing courses threw my local college and it has really helped to sharpen my writing and reading and grammar skills. I am very creative and experienced, also incredibly easy to work with.

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We should do Bizness.

My arsenal includes a master's degree in journalism, three years teaching English at the collegiate level, over two years working in a college writing center, and two years of freelance copywriting experience for a large, online retailer. Plus, I have a passion for creative fiction writing. Whether you need news articles, press releases, online content (news or sales), academically written material, or creative fiction pieces, I've got the experience. Bizness is good.

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I am a confident and articulate writer with experience in producing both fiction and non-fiction content for online publication. I have published articles with the online magazine 'The Feminist Observer' and maintain active blogs across varied platforms including my own Wordpress sites, Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit. I am familiar with writing intelligently and critically in varied areas and disciplines, including: media and cinema, social politics and feminist theory, the sciences and information technology. Past writing experience includes poetry and spoken word, lyrics, script writing, prose, RPG flavor writing, autobiography, promotions, critical and research essays and articles, and varied blog and web content. I have also performed copy editing services for both under and postgraduate work in Arts and Science disciplines.

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Online copywriter, retail & social media

I am a UK-based online copywriter with a degree in English and experience in ecommerce content writing, blogging and social media marketing, mainly in the fashion and bookselling industries. I specialise in product descriptions, website copy and blog entries based on any general subject. I am good at internet research and can write in any tone of voice, so whatever you need, I can do! I am also a social media addict, and I run facebook, twitter and Pinterest accounts for several companies and clients.My precis skills are very useful when trying to communicate in less than 140 characters!

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Well Versed Researcher

I have been an educator and have worked in the medical field for over fourteen years. I am proficient at technical writting and enjoy all kinds of research. I have written numerous short stories, song lyrics of varying genres, and am currently working on a fiction book. My hobbies include independent plant research, theatre and herbal medicine.

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I'm fluent in both Indonesian and English. I have enough experience in writing fictions. I offer translation service, too. And you should hire me because I'm responsible and honest on doing my jobs. Thank you.

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Researcher and writer covering a variety of topics

I am a veteran of the United States Army with skills in research and writing. My content knowledge covers a wide degree of topics from History (I am a trained historian) to Football (I have 13 years of coaching experience). I believe in diligent research when writing, even when writing fiction, as I believe everything hinges on facts.

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Im pretty much just looking for a fiction writing job.

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freelance writer and social media expert

I will work day and night to get a piece right, I look to do creative or fictional writing and in blogging my specialty is beauty and fashion. I will keep editing a piece until it suits your needs or qualification. I always give 110% in my writing and will do anything I can to make it better. I also offer social media and social networking skills. I will help you on all your social media accounts to get more fans/followers/likes/ whatever. I will make sure people talk about and keep talking about your brand.

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Award Winning Journalist, Novelist, Tech Writer

My articles, essays, fiction, and copy have been in print since 1991. I have one mainstream novel currently on bookstore shelves (not self-published). I've written instructional manuals for the US government and advertising copy for Internet startups. My writing has won awards in three countries. I only take on projects that excite me. Through words, I can transmit my excitement like contagion.

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I've worked for 8 months as a technical writer and social media director for an energy and lighting company in Boise Idaho known as Global Energy & Lighting. During my time there I've written blog articles, PR articles, white papers, marketing articles, flyers, web-content, technical articles, job proposals, and many other styles and forms of written media. I'm also a student at BSU, studying English, with a graduation date set for May of 2014. My focus has been directed toward creative writing (both fiction and poetry) with classes also in technical and business writing. I also maintain a personal blog featuring poetry and personal hobbies at

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i am 15! i have a flair for writing both fiction and non-fiction and even ghost writing!

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Creative fiction & non-fiction writer

I am a versatile writer and obsessive editor who excels at creative fiction and non-fiction for adults and children in print, blog, and e-book formats. As a freelancer for a top content company (Chillibreeze Ltd.), my output has included travel and lifestyle articles, scripts for children's stories, human interest articles, and corporate speeches and presentations. I am also a columnist, scriptwriter for iPad applications, and a widely-read blogger. I have a background in early childhood education, which makes me ideally suited to review, edit, and create books and products for children ages 2-10.

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I'm a fiction writer that has been writing for around five years. I enjoy writing anything and everything. Poetry, short stories, comics, novels, etc. I love hearing stories and telling stories. Other things about me: I am a new mother, I practice yoga, I'm a very hard worker, I enjoy music and playing guitar.

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Expert Geographer and Writer

With a decade of Geographic Information Systems, writing (technical and fiction) and data analysis expertise, I bring a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm to any project.

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Proofreader/Copy Editor/Beta Reader

I am a freelance beta reader, proofreader, and copy editor, specializing in fiction and creative writing. Communication is my passion, and I work quickly and thoroughly to make sure messages are conveyed properly and efficiently.

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I am a freelance New York based journalist with a concentration in lifestyle, art and business news. I have also studied and am passionate about creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

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Story Writer & Simple Cartoonist

I've been a creative writer for a long time, as well as a professional writer for a fiction writing group for about 6 months, and always got positive reviews. Most of my recent experience has been in action stories, erotic stories, and murder mysteries.

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Writer, English/Spanish Translator

I am a graduate of American Public University, where I earned my BA in English, with a concentration in writing. I graduated on May 15, 2013. As long as there is a listener, my pen will speak. Writing is a second career for me. After my job as a loan originator in the auto finance industry left for Tennessee in a corporate consolidation, I spent a year searching for something similar. But when we ask ourselves the right questions, we discover the truth. I decided to consider what I really wanted to do, and the answer to the question was clear. I am a native English and Spanish speaker, reader, and writer.

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Published Novelist, Fiction Writer

Completing a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature. Published author with superior grammar, spelling, and technical writing skills. Vast knowledge of history that has helped in writing historical fiction.

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Fiction/Nonfiction Writer

My background includes a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing and 30 years of work as a writer, including over 10 years of experience as a grant writer and a proofreader. My collection of short stories, The Last Night on Bikini, was published by William Morrow Publishers (now part of HarperCollins Publishers) in 1995. Writing awards have included a Wallace Stegner Writing Fellowship at Stanford, a Provincetown Fine Arts Center Fellowship, a California Arts Council Grant, and a Ludwig Vogelstein Grant. I also have been an educational writer for Teachers' Curriculum Institute.

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Creative Writer, Proofreader, Business Writing

I am a published author of romance and women's fiction. My wide range of interests include travel, the entertainment industry (music, movies, TV), gay/civil rights, Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum, and education (K-12 and higher ed.) I have worked retail and believe in excellent customer service. I am a former English teacher and have worked at as Academic Advisor in the community college setting for close to ten years. I also have experience writing and editing cover letters. I excel at proofreading, especially advertising or web copy. Additionally, I have a BS in Elementary Education and 12 graduate hours in European History.

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Translator , Writer

Translator. Ever since I was fourteen I started participating in an online translation forum and found it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I'm currently studying Translation in college. I have over 6 years of experience as a translator. I specialize in translating fiction, but I am fully capable of translating any other type of work. I have taken writing courses at college and I am learning academic writing at the moment.

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Versatile(not to brag)

Hi Guys, I am pleased to say that i am your one stop solution. (Huh, guess all bragging rights are with me) I am an Electronics engineer with also a diploma in Sound engg. I love reading novels(mostly fiction) and a Die Hard 4.0 fan of Hollywood movies and English sitcoms. I could be mostly useful in Technical things, English lang. stuff (I rock at spelling words), Creative Writing, Data Entry, Advertising and others to name a few. So please give a chance to this fella to become a Goodfella. (All hail De Niro)

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a writer, creator, and visionary. I have an uncanny ability to take words or stories that are relayed to me and transform them into words that flow. I have published a non-fiction book, poetry, magazine articles, web content, and even curriculum for training and development as well as children's curriculum and books. Writing is my joy and my passion.

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A writer and an artist, I'm both pursuing and teaching my passions. My forte is in writing fiction, however, writing articles and communicating to people is also another interest of mine. I'm currently working on a comic in collaboration, which I hope will be published at the end of this year. So far I've had three years experience in tutoring students in creative writing as well as two years in teaching drawing.

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My experience includes fiction and non-fiction editing. In regards to fiction editing, I can help with character development and content. I am also experienced in academic, grant and article writing. I am a published poet and article writer. Furthermore, as a Department head in higher education I am skilled with writing newsletters, proposals, grants, reports and letters or memos.

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I graduated magna cum laude from Ramapo College with a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Psychology. As a library assistant, I learned about the world of books and the publishing industry. I am currently writing short stories in many fiction genres and have just finished writing my first Middle Grade fantasy novel. I am passionate about reading and writing and strive everyday to become the best writer I can be. If I can inspire others to do the same, i have done my job.

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More, for less.

I can offer you content and documentation, written with attention to both detail and effectiveness. Whatever your needs are, be they content creation, article writing, product description, or copywriting, I can deliver to a high standard. I have experience with creating content for websites and providing templates or complete pieces for various purposes. This includes the writing and proofing of articles, fiction and non-fiction pieces, official letters and items of correspondence, Curriculum Vitae, and other documentation.

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I'm Amy, and my passion is for writing! I have much experience with lots of positive feedback, particularly with non-fiction, poetry and lyric writing. I am currently on a Gap-Year before University, so now is the perfect time to hire me as your writer! I won't let you down!

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Writer & Editor with 20+ Years Experience

A wide range of clients, including individuals, organizations, and publishers, have made use of my book production abilities. Over the years, I have used my writing, editorial, and layout skills to create children's books, spiritual books, academic books, educational (school library market) books, romances, and other genres of both fiction and non-fiction. I am a versatile freelancer with more than 20 years of experience, who prides herself on accuracy, creativity, and promptness. I can handle large quantities of work, while still delivering high-quality work on time.

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Experienced Writer

I have had work published in the Daily Telegraph of London, also in various online creative writing and poetry journals and in print anthologies. I have also published a book of poetry and two books of flash fiction. Whatever genre you need work in I can fulfil your writing needs.

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Writer - Editor - Proofreader

From resumes, corporate communications and technical policies to lifestyle articles and event brochures, I write, edit and proofread a wide range of non-fiction materials. With a work background in manufacturing, I have experience writing technical documentation and corporate procedures, and as a ballet teacher and choreographer, my passion for writing extends to the arts. In addition, I have published local business feature articles in lifestyle magazines. In my personal time, I blog about fixing and flipping houses while scouting yard sales for antiques. I enjoy traveling to Europe and soaking in different cultures, food and people. And anything to do with weddings will always get my attention.

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Professional writer/editor with broad background.

I am a professional writer and editor with federal government experience of writing and editing thousands of professional reports. I have extensive experience using active voice as well as management level handbook, mission statement, and operating procedure writing. I also have a background in creative writing including screenwriting and short fiction. Along with creative writing, I have experience editing and creating music with Logic Pro and Guitar Pro (Tablature and transcription software).

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Free Lance writer

I am a stay at home mom, I am in the middle of writing a Historical Fiction. Looking for more ways to add income potential and get me name out there before publication of my new book.

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Would have worked for pennies! E-Lance, come on!

Greetings, My name is Brandon Bauer and I am a college undergrad with a little extra time on my hands, as of late. As we all know, idle time is money wasted. So, in order to rectify my financial situation (and all together obliterate that tired stereotype: the penniless college student), I remain optimistic...and believe me, it's hard to type with crossed fingers. I feel like my strongest skill is my capabilities of expression. I have a very solid creative writing background. I KNOW how to write screenplays, fiction, poetry, etc. My prose is flexible. For example, lately I have been advertising for a modest apartment complex. Photoshopping independently shot pictures that are appealing to the right demographic. A demographic set by my employer of course. As a bonus, I freely created a new logo for the complex, a skill I did not even know I had to begin with. Well, that's all e-lance is allowing me to write. Just like Joe Pesci's narrative in Casino, I'm afraid this narration may...

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My experience includes writing for a wide range of media, which include screenplays, short stories, flash fiction, spec scripts, treatments, synopses, summaries, etc. I also have a BFA in creative writing from Full Sail University. I am offering my help in any area that requires creative writing, editing, proofreading, or screening. If hired, you will notice a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to the work. I have been trained specifically to understand the mechanics of writing. As a result, my work should reflect the desires of the assignment every time.

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Creative writer with experience in non-fiction

Graduated from the University of Mary Washington in May 2014 with a BA in English and a concentration in creative writing. Adept in both non-fiction and poetry, as well as songwriting and audio-engineering. Interested in any job that will help hone my creative writing skills.

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I am a seasoned and self-motivated professional writer with experience communicating for industries such as education, fashion, nightlife, food, culture, art, and home-improvement—complete with online and print publishing credentials. I hold a BA in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College. I am currently a Fiction candiate in the University of North Carolina Wimington MFA program.

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Writer. Editor. Grants Specialist.

My awe of language, coupled with my obsessive need for order, inspire me to use and arrange words with more precision and imagination to help you tell your most compelling stories. Over 14 years as a published writer, editor and development professional, I have wrangled words on award-winning short stories, grant proposals, academic papers, online and social media content, and nonprofit newsletters and annual reports. Reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you! Specialties: Substantive editing, Developmental editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Grant proposal writing, Fiction Writing, Public Speaking and Counseling. AKA/Common misspellings: Mei Ooi, Mei Liooi, Mei L. Ooi

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Creative writer.

I indulge myself in original ideas and seek to provide new, fresh, and clever routes of expression. I've lived in a rural area most of my live, it has been somewhat boring but I have realized it is a playground for imagination to develop. A few genres I enjoy writing are fantasy, comedy (some romantic), science fiction, drama, and music. I might add that these preferences do not limit my ability to delve into different categories. I am a very open minded individual. So due to the lack of my financial stability and excessive need to prove myself, I know I have the drive to explore and create amazing ideas.

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Creative, versatile writer - fiction/nonfiction

Though my career background in healthcare and while earning my masters degree, I have gained experience and skill in academic writing, technical writing, editing/proofreading, and research. To see a sample of my short fiction, visit ("Or Whatever the Girl Is Now").

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Ghostwriter & Intuitive Translator

I specialize in a form of ghostwriting that involves intimate, ongoing, one-on-one work with a client in determining what aspect of their story needs to be told and how – which sometimes changes as the process evolves. My strength lies in biographical material of all kinds – personal statements, profiles, resumes and bios, with a particular flair for memoirs and stories, be they fiction or non-fiction in form. Although we don’t approach it as such, a collaboration of this ilk often becomes salubrious in nature; a process of discovery that reveals “the story within the story” and can be extremely rewarding for both parties. In my experience there can be any number of reasons a person is compelled to express themselves, and it is often not what they think it is when they first start out. In this sense I consider myself a midwife to narrative. I tend to attract (and am attracted to) people in major life transitions. It is less about what you do and more about how you see things.

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I'm currently in high school. I know I don't seem qualified for this but, I am good at writing. I have good grades in my writing classes and I can show proof for this. What I write varies from murder mysteries to romance stories to fictional writing. I always check my work over and I will not finish it until I think it is good or until it provokes an emotional response in anyone who reads my stories.

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I come from a small city on the South-East coast of South Africa called East London. I have been writing short stories and essays for 10 or so years, I have also started work on my first novel. I am interested in History, Fiction, Fantasy, Hunting, Gaming, Science, Technology, Cooking and Health. So if you are looking for someone that understands those fields and can relate as well as offer some insights of their own, then I am the man for the job.

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Editor for fiction and non-fiction content

I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a BA in English (concentration in creative writing). I have letters of recommendation for my editing skills, including one from my grammar professor. I have a strong passion for reading and writing. I would love to help you edit your latest novel, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. I'm also available for editing or writing website content, blogs, as well as any other project you'd like to discuss.

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I, hereby, offer my services as a Writer as I'd love make a living, loving what I do. My passion happens to be 'writing', especially song writing and creative/fiction writing. Even if this isn't enough to make a living, here's hoping I can make a quick a buck now and then! I've had a knack for creative writing and song writing since I was a kid. I've always been at the top of all my English language classes (school as well as college) due to my writing skills. Song/Lyric Writing was always something I've been very passionate about. I've so far shown only a handful of people my work, but those that open up my work to, always gave very favorable responses. If I am hired, I can promise that the work I put forward would be a product of hard work and passion. And of course, I can promise that it would be completely authentic.

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In college I studied technical and business writing, as well as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Professionally I have written two instruction manuals.

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talented bloger/article writer & technical writer

I am an experienced writer, an expert in article and technical writing in medical, business, information technology, fiction/creative writing and advertising. I have the ability to satisfy client needs by writing detailed information as required. My ability to finish my assignment on time and making adequate research qualify me as one of the best freelance writers.

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"If you're a writer, declare yourself the best."

In addition to my first self-published book being a biography on Marilyn Monroe, my major passion is in fiction, whether general, romantic, fantasy, erotic or otherwise. I enjoy being able to plumb the depths of human emotion in my work. I have been writing for as long as I can possibly remember, and my time is best spent honing my craft. I am an avid reader and in particular a major fan of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Ian McEwan. I have, over the years, turned my hand to almost every kind of genre and would give any piece of work given to me the upmost dedication and level of quality it deserves. If you think we would be a good match or have any queries, please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you and potentially taking on your work. Thankyou for your consideration, Jj Robbins

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Starting my career at journalism :)

I'm a young, smart, ambitious and workaholic girl. I love writing - that is my hobby. I like creating stories: romantic, fiction, non-fiction... doesn't matter I can write anything, my imagination is boundless! I'm interested in journalism, currently seeking this profession of my dreams!

Lithuania, Petrašiunai , Kaunas | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I enjoy writing entertaining fiction so that others may read and enjoy. I wrote many sci-fi shorts in high school and took many writing classes. I offer cheap but quality fictional stories. I'm able to write almost any part of the day.

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novelist and freelance writer

With nearly fifty thousand downloads so far, my first novel hit number one on the Amazon bestseller list for its category. The sequel is just out and already earning consistent rave reviews. I have experience with non-fiction too, from travel writing to reviews and more.

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I graduated in 2011 with a BA in English and a minor in writing. As a student, I won and placed in my university's writing contest three out of four years. My work has been published in a variety of local venues, and I have experience writing everything from fiction and creative non-fiction to poetry to feature and news articles. Samples of my work are available upon request.

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I am a Law Graduate. I freelance because I like writing - both fiction and non-fiction. After all, writers lie, but lawyers tell the truth.

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Creative and Intelligent Writer

I've been writing (both fiction and occasional non-fiction) as a hobby throughout my life. I co-wrote the original drama class play in my senior year of high school, and was one of two writers chosen through an open submission process as a "Heroclix Scribbling Strategist," writing copy for the website of a customizable miniatures game.

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Expert Writer and Ghostwriter

I am the author of eight books, former managing editor of *newWitch* and have extensive experience writing fiction and nonfiction articles.

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Creative/Inspirational Writer and Editor

My name is Kristen Dewey and I have my B.S. in Theater with my minor in Creative Writing. I have had a few poems published over the years. I have experience in writing short fictions. I am also part on the board for a non profit theater group in Orlando Florida, Playwrights' Round Table which is dedicated to presenting original theater to the community year round. I participate on the reading committee and the monthly workshops where we help writers edit and shape their pieces.

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I have worked as a Technical Writer for technology related organizations for over ten years. I have a BA degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley and an MA in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I am most interested in editing books (fiction and non-fiction), short stories, articles, papers, and any other writing projects you need help with. Particular interests include (but aren't limited to): fiction of all types, psychology, spirituality, religion, history, politics, human interest, health and medicine. I work in a focused and efficient manner and hope I can help you with your writing and editing needs.

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Creative writing has been a part of my life since 2001. I write poetry, music, short stories, movies, and fictional books. I find writing on the concept of love to be most enjoyable. Still, I often venture off on other topics.

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Psychology and philosophy background. Analytical mind. Creative imagination. Research. Writing proposals. Fiction. Non-fiction. Exploring all the mind has to offer.

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Medical and Health Field Writer

Jennifer is a young professional with a strong background in biological sciences and healthcare. She has had a wide variety of work experiences in many aspects of the biology field such as laboratory work, public health, and even pharmaceuticals. She also enjoys creative writing projects, especially science fiction.

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Fresh, creative and out-of-the-box English writer

Hello! I am currently a college student majoring in social work and creative writing, but my main focus is writing. I strive to produce creative, professional work in a timely, competitive manner, and if I do not know how to do something, I am a quick and eager learner. My area of experience and interest would be Christian and faith based writing, fiction for adults and children alike, and writing about the human experience.

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A copy editor, specializing in fiction manuscripts

I have a company, LITedit Ltd, which currently has 38 authors on its books. (as of January, 2014).We can supply recommendations from many past, satisfied customers. We deal mainly with editing and formatting fiction but are perfectly capable of preparing C.V.'s, reports and university papers. We have a staff of four. I am a former Naval Officer, Architectural designer, professional musician and the author of eight novels.

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Editor, Writer's Coach

I am an experienced editor for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. I do a thorough edit, including grammar, punctuation, structure, as well as content. I make suggestions for changes to make your manuscript the best it can be. I am also a writer's coach. I coach writers at all stages of writing, from first starting out to preparing a manuscript for submission and/or publication.

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