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Multi Lingual Professional with 10 Yrs Experience

I have a policy and legal background which has allowed me to hone my research and writing skills. I have also honed my writing skills in blogging, through my own blog (Brown Skin Expat) and fictional short story writing through publication on World City Stories.I have lived in worked in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa and thus have learned other languages and cultures. Lastly, I am a flexible, organized and responsible worker that meets deadlines punctually.

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I have many years of technical writing experience in an administrative position at various companies, including writing business documents, training documents, and business emails. I am also an amateur writer of short fiction, working on getting published. My proofreading experience is extensive, and I am curently finishing up courses to be certified. I am an avid reader, reading approximately two books per week. This extensive reading has given me a superb grasp of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I also read lots of books about grammar for fun! I am a stickler for accuracy, very detail-oriented, and I love editing other people's work.

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My friends call me MazMachine. I am a very keen writer and have recently started work on a large portfolio of fictional writing. I am searching for interesting ways to use my talents and skills, which is my main reason for joining Creative writing is one of my many talents that include various subjects, from basic beatboxing to car tuning to Martial arts. That's all for now. Please ask if you'd like to know more. Thanks for reading.

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While I received my Bachelors Degree in English, I've had experience in a variety of different fields and disciplines. I've worked as an instructional aide at a high school, as part of a technical recruiting start-up company, and was recently hired as an EMT. That being said, I have the ability to write about a number of subjects including (but not limited to) classical literature, psychology, philosophy, biology, technology, and healthcare in both the fiction and non-fiction realms. I have extensive experience in essay writing and editing/proofreading as well.

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Can Write Almost Anything

I'm a veteran of the US military and an undergraduate pursuing an engineering degree. I can provide affordable, quality writing in a timely and professional manner on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to: politics, business, law, science, pop culture and fiction.

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Creative Content Developer

I've been writing and drawing since I was a kid. I've spent a great deal of time online developing everything from forums to game server communities. I write creative fiction and design and draw characters and environments in my spare time. I am a graduate of Multimedia Design and Production as well as a 3D Character Design and Animation program. Everything I do, I do with great enthusiasm and dedication. I like to get involved and excited about projects that I'm working on.

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Freelance Writer

I'm kicking off my career as an author through Ghostwriting and Journalism. I am up for many challenges, I look forward to them. My goal is to grow as a writer and in doing so, help others.

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Creative Writer

I have had a passion for writing since I was very young. Poems, short stories, long stories, fiction of various mediums, I am pretty well versed. Currently, I am working on my degree in Education with an emphasis on English. I had a few of my works published in school papers. My interests include reading, writing(of course), video games, baking/cooking, history, music and movies. Now and then I'll dabble in crafts of various kinds ranging from Chain maile to clay work. I am very much open to trying new things, since it makes life more interesting. I am currently working on writing my first book, and have been tweaking it for about a decade now. I enjoy writing and put every bit of myself into whatever project I am doing. If you are not satisfied, I will try over and over to fix it until you are. I enjoy people enjoying my works.

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Creative and resourceful

I am currently a Sophomore at Western Carolina University where I study film; mainly writing and directing. I work best as a non-fiction writer; I love being able to create stories full of interesting characters and story arcs that have never been seen before. I am also very passionate about my work and spend most of my free time conceptualizing story ideas.

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Professional Writer, Editor and Translator (SP-EN)

I have experience as a Spanish to English translator and copy editor for academic manuscripts, and have worked for various universities in distinct areas of study. I have had the honor to work with and know many researchers, and have participated in publications for high-impact journals, such as PlosOne and the Journal of Endocrinology. In addition to published papers, I have also participated in project proposals, doctoral theses, and presentations/posters for international conferences.

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Experienced Childcare and Writing Specialist

Hello! I am a twenty two year old full time college student and childcare provider. I've worked in everywhere from a preschool setting to a casual babysitting job. I can control children rather well and parents have taken tips from me occasionally. I don't have any children of my own yet, but I know kids like the back of my hand! I also love writing short stories and fiction! Currently I've been trying my hand at How- To's and I think I'm doing a great job so far! Can't wait to hear from you!

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Communication Expert-Writer, Editor,Trainer

I am American/Canadian and a native speaker of English. I have extensive writing experience especially business, creative non-fiction, academic, technical, informational, and entertainment. I do all my own writing, , and I have personally written an average of 500,000 words per year for the past 15 years, including hundreds of academic papers on a huge array of subjects.. Much of my work has been on business. I teach academic, fiction, and creative non-fiction writing part time. I have taught academic and business writing at MBA level. I hate the politics in education, so I freelance, working both for individuals and corporations. (I even do some work for other professors.) I do not work cheaply, but I work fast and my deliverables are always excellent. I was a senior technical writer for 20+ years. I am A+ and CNE certified and have several degrees plus published work. It is a long story why I must work, but I would write every day even if I had lots of money. It is who I am.

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I am a niche writer for several genres. I am also a firm believer in the "show don't tell" ethos when applied to writing and marketing. If you want to reach a specific target audience, I can tailor my writing to appeal to them. Taking on a variety of approaches to convey a single idea is a skill that I possess in spades. I also edit, proofread, and re-write content to make it sound more professional, consistent, and/or entertaining. Here is a list of writing genres that showcase my strong points: Nonfiction: self-help, physical health, mental health, relationships, Internet/geek humor, underground pop culture, education, global politics, social issues, childcare, etc. Fiction: stories for young children (ages 2-8), young adult short stories/novels, horror, satire, dark comedy, dark fantasy, transgressive, pulp, and sci-fi. Deadlines are met in a reasonable yet prompt time frame. I do my best to show professionalism and competence when working with clients.

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Specialties: editing, writing, journalism, sports, research I have extensive freelance experience, especially in the sports journalism field. I have written articles and feature stories for the following publications:,, Box Seats Magazine (iPhone/iPad app), and the official MN Timberwolves website.

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Online creative writing specialist

I am a qualified Speech & Drama Teacher (L.T.C.L), Creative Dance Teacher, and an active member of the West Coast Writers Circle. My short stories and poetry have been published in magazines and anthologies of poetry. I regularly submit to online magazines in U.S and U.K. I have self-published a story for children (3-7), accompanied by an online game, aimed at encouraging reading in youngsters. I am working on a second book in this series. I am also writing a novel with the plot revolving around the abuse of women. My interest in the rights of women and children is often reflected in my writing. I also write fantasy, poetry and non-fiction.

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I am a published Science fiction writer with a lot of experience in proofreading and Line editing. Creative out of the box thinker and very good and making public speeches and presentations. I also have extensive experience with Microsoft work and Powerpoint.

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Creative Writer Specializing in Fiction Genres

I am an assistant editor at a trendy LA magazine that allows me the freedom to work independently, giving me the time to do a lot of freelance work. I have a B.S. in Psychology and was a writer for the Koala newspaper at my college. I have ghostwritten feature stories and novels in the fiction genre, namely literary, fantasy, romance, chick lit, and family drama. I have also done extensive editing and writing for creative fashion blurbs and opinion pieces, as well as current events. I have a strong work ethic and I always see me commitments through.

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Online Translator

I'm a freelancer with 7 years of experience. Living in Warsaw, Poland. Mostly succesfully translating documents and minor fiction writing.

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Experienced in substantive editing, editing, proofreading, and content writing. Familiar with various style guides, academic writing, news/editorial, as well as fiction and nonfiction essay.

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Pacific Lutheran University Senior. Biology major and pre-med student with excellent writing, reading, and mathematical skills. Also write in my spare time fiction short stories and working on fiction novel. Experienced in many computer programs and have A+ certification in computers. Write scientifically, and academically constantly as I am a student. Have a wide range of interests as well as knowledge that I would love to impart to an employer.

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I have a degree (2:1) in Writing Contemporary Fiction, I obtained this at Southampton Solent University. I love to write, predominantly this is Historical Fiction. My debut novel Mercenary is due out late November 2014. I have a fondness for history, particularly the middle ages. But I am an avid film and sport buff, and am well versed when it comes to social media & blogging. I have several years experience as a researcher and a writer and enjoy to write online.

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Expert Academic Essay Editor

I am a BA in English graduate and a current English teacher. My GPA is around 3.61. Aside from my studies, the subject of literature, creative writing and literary criticism interests me. On the side, I study British literature, philosophy, and as a result of the studying, I write plays, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction (lyric essays, essays, and more). It would seem that I can tailor my writing to almost every genre I have tried.

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Content Writer

I have previously worked in the higher education arena where I taught entry level English. Over the past three years, I have developed a keen eye for grammatical errors after grading hundreds of research papers. Likewise, I have a Master's Degree in Written Communication. I am capable of writing a wide array of material from non-fiction, loaded with facts, statistics, and a friendly voice, to fiction where I used the fives senses to really make the writing come to life. I prefer writing shorter articles (500-800 words) on topics like health and beauty or relationships, but I am open to other options as well. I am a strong researcher, with an eye for detail, who believes in meeting deadlines early. I am always happy to provide writing samples.

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Expert Editor, Writer, Proofreader

Published/polished English writer, editor and communicator. Experience in creative non-fiction writing, PR, Journalism, policy, public figure image / profile management and collegiate English writing/rhetorical strategy instruction. Active duty military officer working for DoD as a strategist. Seeking professionally-based, work-from-home, freelance opportunities to supplement income.

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Freelance ex-attorney for hire

I am a former attorney who has chosen not to practice in favor of a writing career. I practiced for three years as a public defender before becoming a staff attorney for a state appellate court judge, now retired. I have six and a half years' experience writing for the judiciary and have a strong background in legal and academic research. I have also been seriously writing fiction for four years. I am available for projects of any length or duration.

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Multilingual Teacher with Writing Experience

One of the most rewarding things as a teacher is the opportunity to show young minds the path to Creative Writing. As one leads the way into fields of fiction and non-fiction, stories, reports and even poetry, one can see eager followers positively storming with ideas and before long the very first work of a future writer begins to takes shape. While Creative Writing is my hobby, I'm also proficient in editing, proofreading, desktop publishing and translating (Romanian, English, German). I enjoy writing for children and teenage readers. My first short story was a work of fiction about identity loss.

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Freelance Academic and Serial Fiction writer

I am an educator with a passion for writing. I currently freelance as an academic writer and am pursuing serial fiction writing as a hobby. I also edit/proofread for authors and journalists. My turnaround time is the best and every assignment receives my undivided attention until finished.

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Writing and editing

I have over six years of experience doing alpha numerical data entry in a medical office. I have strong writing and editing skills from business letters and medical reports to fiction.

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Exceptional Article Writer

My name is Joe, and I like to program in my free time, however I do not see my services as adequate to advertise on this profile. I appreciate you taking the time to view my profile, it means a lot to me! If there's an article you need written, I'm the guy who'll get it done fast. I take my time on articles, because I really despise wasting others' time, and it doesn't bode well for me anyways. However, if I feel that my skill is inadequate for the job, I will kindly not take it on, and wait for a time when my skills have been more adapted to the job. Again, thank you for viewing my profile, and have a nice day!

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I'm passionate about the written word. I enjoy writing, editing, working in publication, and helping others improve their writing.

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Creative and Scientific Editing

I hold a BA in Biology. I am experienced in analyzing and editing journal articles and lab reports. While I have extensive experience as a copy editor, I excel at demystifying scientific ideas to enhance understanding. I am currently working as young adult author with a reputable literary agency. A resume and more information are available upon request.

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Teacher, proof reader, aspiring writer

I am a primary school teacher with a keen eye for grammar and sentence structure. I write fiction in my spare time but have no problem writing information texts. I'll write or proof-read pretty much anything you send my way. Thanks for reading!

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Dedicated and loyal, looking to ghostwrite for you

In addition to writing my own novels for middle-grade and young adult audiences, I've edited a non-fiction history of the USDA Plant Materials Center for W. Curtis Sharp and I've prepared numerous marketing pieces for friends and family. Before I became a stay-at-home mom to my two special needs boys I worked as a Product Manager in the telecom industry and ran my own daycare for children in the Autism spectrum. I have a BS in Computer Science from UofMd and a certificate in Small Business Development from the Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore. See more at

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I am a full time student at the academy of art university in san francisco...i study advertising and copywriting. I will be receiving my MFA in approximately 2 years. I am an excellent creative writer and researcher. i can write in various voices and style, and can add my own unique flare to any writing you like, or i can be a specific as you need.

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I am available for a variety of services!

One of my gifts in life has always been that I am a creative, talented writer. I enjoy writing anything from fiction to articles. I have worked in office settings where my duties included data entry, professional letter writing, mentoring and managing secretaries for up to 16 different schools, and creating and writing content for newsletters. I have excellent customer service skills as I have also worked as a customer service representative for a national company and am also a liscensed hairstylist.

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Retro Brit, http://thelastdaysofthunderchild.blogs

Enjoy doing articles for history, research even humour. My rate is $14 for 500 word article. British topics are my main, but can do other things too. I like the creative aspect of things more, but will try most things.

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Writer, Educator, Filmmaker

I am a motivated individual committed to creative arts and public education. My most prominent skills are my ability to visualize and communicate abstract ideas to individuals from most any background, and a focused creativity to meet strict deadlines. I consider myself a leader, whether in front of a classroom as a teacher, union chapter leader, community organizer, band mate or director on a film set. My outgoing and friendly personality enables me to collaborate well to achieve complex tasks or any creative endeavor, as well as mediate disputes among colleagues. My ability to lead groups and facilitate collaboration is a skill I demonstrate professionally as well as in my personal life. I've actually written scripts for training Account Executives that were hilarious AND informational, because I learned early on that a job is only as soul-destroying and boring as you make it.

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Experienced and creative editor/writer

I am a versatile writer that is capable of creating various types of content. I'm experienced with articles and other web content, but also write fiction and poetry. I meticulously inspect all of my work for any errors. While intense, my editing style is very open; I get the job done, but I preserve the original voice of the writing as well. My work is delivered to clients digitally in whatever format they wish to receive it in. (pdf, odt, doc, etc.) If you're even the slightest bit interested in hiring me, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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Creative Writer Able to Write Fiction Fast

I've loved writing all my life and I've been writing fiction ever since I could read. I've written a book, though yet to be published, and continue to write as a regular part of my schedule. I have computer skills, people skills and am a hard worker.

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Not an editor Gotham deserves, an editor it needs

I have hands on experience with editing and developing creative, academic and professional writing. All while my writing intensive classes have prepared me to dexterously cultivate my own projects to accommodate specific audiences. I am unprepared to answer what I plan to do with the next fifty years of my life, but an ideal square one would be a career where I am privileged enough to discuss, develop and nit pick fiction or technical writing.

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EN-IN translator, business and financial writing

BA in economics, 10 years career in business planning, journalism and economics. Now a ghostwriter for business documents (business plans with related financial models) and personal requirements (entrance essays, cv and letters). Also working as a freelance translator for fiction and non-fiction books, games, legal, medical and general issues.

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Writer & Editor

I am an experienced writer that has specialized mainly in historical events, articles of various subjects, but most of all, fiction. I have been writing as a hobby for most of my life, and would now like to start taking my passion to a more serious level. I would also consider myself to have a great competence for editing and proofreading, as i have had to do this many times for my own work and for others I know that share my interest in writing.

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Expert Writer and Editor

I have nearly twenty years' experience working in writing, editing, and education. As an independent author and publisher, two of my mystery novels recently reached #1 in the Amazon Free Kindle Store. Very active ghostwriter with a boutique firm. Author and editor of various educational materials for the Princeton Review. Top-rated private tutor in writing, history, and mathematics. I began my career in journalism at The Washington Post and have analyzed feature-film screenplays in Hollywood. I work fast and treat all my clients with professionalism and respect.

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I am an experienced author who can write stories on any genre. I am skilled in writing fiction and horror stories.I am also good in writing reports and articles. I give my complete attention to each project and discipline is my passion. I have written scripts for plays in past which were well recieved by everyone and have also written stories for magzines. I have won multiple awards in story writing contests and essay/article writing contests. I am fluent in English and I have a strong vocabulary.

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am an experienced writer in fiction and non-fiction texts. My aptitude for tasks involving creative writing is almost immeasurable. The work you or your company requires me to finish can be done in a timely manor (roughly 1-2 weeks per 200 pages).

United States, NY, Irvington | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a 24 year old writer. I have experience in Fictional Writing as well as screenplays, I have nearly completed a complete copywriters course and have started to work for clients. I specialise in blogs and newsletters, but I am equally keen on other copywriting work and fictional work.

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Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction

Alissa Cooper has been writing for 18 years and has published two novels of historical fiction as well as one young adult novella all of which can be found at She also thoroughly enjoys the language and story telling of the classic novels and has written several formal and informal essays on their subjects. She has a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in English Literature. She is very diligent, responsible and adventurous in her undertakings. She plans to expand her horizons with different genres and to continue writing professionally.

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Survey and Writing Specialist

Overview Am Isaack a Kenyan, a self motivated survey and writing specialist, am a great follower of ethics and professional contact to achieve a winning strategy for the client. My main career objective is to strive for continual improvement for quality service to the client. I poses super writing skills in academic, comedy, super heroic and science fiction movies, term papers with the latest writing style and as per the wish of the client, having more than five years experience in professional writing and field study both online and offline, I believe am an experience writer to get started. Hire me for best service delivery without any disappointment. Work Experience 6 Years experience of field study at SBO Research company 5 Years of professional Writing

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Experienced Writer

I am currently attending South New Hampshire University for Creative Writing. I am open to just about any writing project. I am particularly skilled in fiction and comedy writing.

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Experienced Journalist/ Creative Writer

My name's Jon, and I want to write for you. I'm looking to soak up any writing experience that I possibly can to build up a beautiful portfolio and earn some cash. I'm experienced writing hard news stories, press releases, news features, long-form pieces, fiction, flash fiction, and poetry. If you want to hire a writer with a strong narrative voice, an active imagination, and a creative personality, I'm your guy. I'm proficient with CP and AP style.

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Freelance writer

Campus journalist from the Philippines. I write and also translate English to Filipino (Tagalog) or vice versa. If you need a translator, a feature writer, speech writer, essay writer and an imaginative and fiction writer, just call my name and I'll be there :)

Philippines, Benguet, Philippine | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a graduate student from University, with a degree in History, having learned skills in editing, critical reading and writing. Aside from this I have had exposure to a variety of creative fields, including screenwriting, game design and most prominently creative writing. I am looking to supplement my current job in a managerial position by doing what I love most - writing - and am looking for work in creative writing. I am most interested in fantasy and horror writing, but can work in other genres including science fiction. I also offer basic editing and advice for writing in general.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a passionate writer who has just entered the world of online writing.Earlier on,I had been writing just for fun but later,I decided enough was enough.I decided to convey my talent to a wider public.I like writing articles in blogging,essays,poems,fiction,folklore(African),tourism,geography and health.I hope I'll be of help to all of you here.

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Creative Writing, Ad Films, Copy Writing

It's glad to be here. My name is Ashwani Kumar, I have worked with India’s leading news channel like Zee News, News Nation, News24/E24. Currently, working as DEP - Programming in Sahara News Network. Have conceptualized and directed many Documentary films, Fictions, Ad films, Award shows, Reality shows, Entertainment and Bollywood shows. Creative Writing (Hindi) is my core competence.

India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Formal and creative writing & translations.

I am freelance writer fluent in English and Portuguese passionate about creative and satirical writing, fictional and non-fictional. I am particularly interested in writing/copywriting for topics as cinema, advertising, trends, music, books and similar media themes. I am also available for proof reading dissertations, papers, articles or blog posts (English or Portuguese) on any topic. I have a Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge) and am therefore completely confortable in translating any theme (on any subject: media, technological, medical, ...) from English to Portuguese or from Portuguese (Portugal or Brazil) to English. I have writen articles on cinema topics for a Portuguese newspaper and have conducted several interviews for an online cinema magazine. I am the author of several blogs focused on creative and satirical writing. I am extremely organized and strict with deadlines.

Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, editor in tech comm, fiction, and more.

Hello! I'm an experienced writer and editor. I've worked in technical communications (for a large software company) and marketing; written and edited for a magazine; written, edited, and tutored at a university; and done fiction and nonfiction writing and editing projects. I love words and would be delighted to write or edit some for you - might we have a few?

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Profesional touch typist,expert on translations.

Im Nomikos,im 26 ,i am bilingual (Italian-Greek),i have a proficiency degree in English.My typing speed per minute is 111. My specialization is in translating and i am known to be typing in a very fast and efficient way. Im looking forward on working for you. Contact me if you have questions of any type.

Greece, Italy, perugia | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
I read. I write. I edit. I create.

A recent college graduate, I majored in creative writing and minored in anthropology. I am very interested in fiction, technology, gaming, pets and animal nutrition. I relish doing research and I am a very critical reader.

United States, NY, New Rochelle | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Proofreader, editing, creative and ghost writing

Writing is a passion I realized over 20 years ago. I have a Bachelors of Art in English and years of experience in this field. I have worked in article writing, reporting, creative fiction, content writing, poetry, proofreading and editing. My work experience ranges from training, to social work to teaching.

United States, GA, Acworth | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in " Article Writing".

Hello Sir, I am Master level student. my research area is information and communication engineering .my interest in technological writing like science fiction, space engineering, information engineering, data mining and technical based data analysis. you can find me available on Skype or eance because i am individual full time freelancer .

Bangladesh, Dhaka, Dhaka | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Skilled in the techniques of Professional Writing

I have had writing as a hobby of mine since I was in the 5th grade. My aspiration to be seen as a unanimous writer is what drives me to develop the products and works that I do throughout my lifespan. Writing to me isn't just some job; it’s a natural trait that was instilled into me that I was meant to do. I started off writing short fictional stories in school and then advancing to writing more developed stories as I got in college earning me A+ in all my English Comp. classes and advanced Comp. classes. I then evolved myself to writing professional resumes and cover letters for my fellow colleagues at the University of Southern Mississippi in which I was able to obtain many jobs through our business department. From having so many success stories from my resumes, I was then asked to do a workshop on the development of professional resumes and the limitations of interviews. These things show why I am the best choice. I thank you for your time and opportunity in this fashion.

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I am a blogger and up and coming author. I have 7 years in writing fiction and non fiction. With my passion for writing and written arts you can expect quality grade A work form me.

United States, NC, Hillsborough | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Hi. I am a Mechanical Engineer currently working in the Oil and Gas Sector. My true passion, however, lies in writing. I have been writing as far back as I can remember, whether it be short stories that didn't make any sense to poems that did not rhyme. Lately, this passion has translated into something more formal and organized. I have written movie reviews for online user-based review gathering website I wrote movie blogs and sports articles. I recently finished an online course "Start Writing Fiction" for The Open University ( and wrote two short stories as its assignment. I am willing to explore more avenues, be they fiction or non-fiction. I want to turn this lifelong love of mine into something more, something practical. What I lack for experience in freelancing, I more than make up for in passion.

Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a published fiction author and self-editor as well as the editor for many of my friends and family members. Being the daughter of a writer means I have been writing since I was very young and am very proper in my English speech with a wide knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

United States, FL, Tampa | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have a passion for writing, languages, reading and learning. I have a bachelor and master degrees. I am currently back in school learning about the education field, which allows me to be surrounded by language (and I love it!). I have been fortunate enough to live in the United States and Latin America, which has helped me gain excellent command of the English and Spanish language. I understand metaphors, idioms, slang, colloquialism, etc. On my spare time I love to write and read (fiction and lit). My goal for having a profile on this site is to obtain jobs as a translator (English/Spanish) and writer. I'm very excited to be on this site and eager to start working, so contact me for further information.

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Passionate and Dedicated Writer

I have been writing for the last twenty years. I have several titles that I have written for clients to my credit on the web. My writing background consists of short stories, fiction, non-fiction, blogging, interviews, and medical/herbal remedies.

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Writer for hire!

My life has been filled with difficult twists and turns, and writing has been a delicious escape for me. I build fantastical worlds when my own is crumbling appart, and I grow through my characters. I specialize in fiction and fantasy, but I can work my way with almost any writing style if I am given enough time to work. I love writing and experincing the world through countless points of view, and I can definatly write what ever you need me to write.

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Pain-in-the-ass newspaper editor.

I am a newspaper editor with a bachelor's degree in professional writing. I'm fast and accurate at editing copy for style, grammar and spelling. I can provide notes on any style of writing, including technical, fiction, nonfiction and all forms of journalism. I am an stickler for clarity and lively writing, and I will call you out on meaningless fluff and wordiness — just ask my staff.

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"Experienced & Qualified Professional Writer"

I am an MBA graduate with 37 Years of experience,having employed in various manufacturing Industries from Granites; Textiles and Garments; Aerospace; Information Technology and Electronics,as a senior Manager. Having qualified, with other Educational degrees and Professional Certifications, also with Legal Professional Business qualifications, has a wide knowledge on various topics,to effectively write with excellent contents,to meet your requirements.I have written for my companies before, and have 5-6 years of experience, as a freelancer for other Non-Governmental Organizations, on no profit basis. Hire me, if you are looking for an excellent quality, Content Writer at a reasonable cost, and I promise you, worth the cost. Your hired projects will be delivered as per the project datelines fixed, but my policy is to exceed the customer’s expectations.You can be rest assured, that the project is in the safe hands of an “Experienced and Qualified Thinking Professional Content Write

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I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Psychology, minoring in Biology and Professional Writing and Communications (PWC), from the University of Toronto. I also edited and contributed to Compass, a PWC student journal featuring research-based pieces. I have a strong background in research-based journalism and non-fiction writing. To function as a writer, you must edit. I took it one step further and began editing the work of others. I have a keen sense for detail, writing structure/content and excellent knowledge of the English language.

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Journalism and Creative Writing

Though 18 may seem young, through studying English Language and Creative Writing at A level I feel fully qualified to offer my services in Journalism. I take my work seriously as it is my intended profession, and take pride in my ability to reach deadlines. I was a runner-up in a National Flash Fiction competition and have written articles for various purposes. Any chance to write - I'm there. I simply want to offer help to clients who need some flair in their writing and gain enjoyable experience along the way.

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My degree's are in Psychology and Biology. I have experience in research and research writing. My skills though lie in the creative realm of the imagination where I'm curious, flexible, persistent and independent. I offer dedication to thinking outside the box, creativity, passion and will. I write intimately from the seat of the soul in creative writing but also have the ability to write factual with clarity and focus in article writing and non-fiction.

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I have been writing since I was nine, started conveniently as a hobby. I come from a family of people from various jobs and disciplines, including science and literature. I own multiple blogs and have been blogging for about a year or two now. I have also written for a few clients on Fiverr. My work is mostly fiction, but I'm willing to write researched articles as well. I work from college, where I'm currently pursuing studies in Biotechnology. I have time, patience and dedication and I believe I can deliver, if given the chance.

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While most of my experience lies in the realm of fiction writing, I believe that every story deserves a chance to be told. I take it upon myself to do the telling whenever I can.

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Expert in Editing, Adept at Academic Writing

I am a Phoenix, Arizona based writer, specializing in editing, researching, academic writing, and other non-fiction projects. I am looking forward to turning my passion into your success!

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After years in market research I began writing a food and health related blog focusing on sharing my original recipes, often based on traditional homestyle Japanese cooking. In 2013, I self-published my first cookbook, which focuses on how to incorporate Japanese ingredients into your own cooking style. Since having my daughter shortly after, I've been writing short fiction stories in my spare time which have been well received and am currently submitting my works to literary magazines for potential publication. I have dabbled a little in content writing, providing all the research and content for a website started by my husband and I. Writing has been my life for the last several years and I would like to start turning it into a solid career. I would love to help you with your own writing needs!

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Flexible writer with a B.A. in Economics

I have a BA in Economics with concentrations in environmental studies and mathematics. As an academic research assistant, I have experience conducting literature reviews, preliminary research, data collection, and draft proofing. My personal interest in writing ranges from fiction to non-fiction, and from poetry to articles. I have vast content knowledge of environmental issues, economics, sociology, whiskeys and craft beers, travel, mental health, dogs, vegetarianism, and personal finance.

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I am a graduate of the University of California, Merced with a bachelor's degree in Spanish Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. I am able to do some translating, and write fiction pieces. I have stories and poems published in journals.

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Available for general writing and editing

I'm a native English speaker currently resident in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I have done some some science fiction writing in the past as well as some proof reading. I can edit essays as well as general writing and business correspondence. I aim to be prompt, confidential and reliable.

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The Penpoint of Your Writing Needs

While new to the freelance/copywrite world, I'm not new to the writing world. I have been writing for 10+ years within various mediums - poetry, fiction, academia, with the recent addition of blogging and web articles. Writing, with a splash of photography, is my life. Getting the message across is my passion. I am an American citizen living in Belgrade, Serbia. With my experience in teaching English as a foreign language, I have knowledge of both American and British English allowing me to cater to all demographics needed. My four-year degree in International Business Management allows all business projects to be tackled no matter the aspect needed.

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I'm a published author with a PhD in English Literature. I've been a college instructor and writing tutor for fifteen years, and I've also studied and worked in politics. I've written fiction, academic articles, encyclopedia entries, and screenplays. I can produce writing in multiple genres and can adjust my prose and voice for any audience.

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Author, Writer, Journalist

Author and journalist with more than 6 years experience in writing non-fiction, fiction, and in the journalism field. I have produced several screenplays as both sole author and ghostwriter.

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expert fictional, nonfictional and creative writer

An expert writer in terms of fiction , non fiction and creative writing. any form of work will be completed within a period of a day ( subject to size of work). Relatively less fees.

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Article, reviews, technical and travel writer.

I am a writer, i love writing fiction most of the time but i also write non-fiction. I also have an active blog where i write my stories, poems etc. Apart from writing, i hold a masters degree in Computer Applications with 2 years of industry experience. I also write technical articles, reviews on Tech products. I have an in depth knowledge about graphics and i use Adobe photoshop easily. I write Short stories, poems, technical articles, articles about travel, photography and digital media. I have a keen knowledge about writing and i want to exercise my potential in freelancing too.

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Writer, Editor, Tutor

I have over six years of editing, writing, and tutoring experience, and I currently work as a Writing Consultant at Savannah College of Art and Design, freelance writer, and freelance editor in Savannah, GA. I received my MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Georgia, where I held editorial internships with The Georgia Review and the UGA Press. In 2009 I was accepted into the Southern Women Writer’s Conference fiction workshop, and in 2010 I served as a fiction panelist at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference. I was also accepted to present my fiction on a panel at the 2012 Southern Women Writers Conference. My creative works have appeared or are forthcoming in The Battered Suitcase (“Possession”), Staccato Fiction ("Just a Pounding"), Grey Sparrow ("Only a Moment"), The Broken Plate ("On Account of the Guns"), The Seersucker Rag (“Flutter”), and Little Patuxent Review ("God Bless You With Rainbows"-nominated for a Pushcart Prize).

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I am a writer with experience in writing copy for blogs, web pages and print. I have also been involved in editing and rewriting parts of a script for a short film. I write fiction and poetry in my personal life and have experience writing academic papers. I am largely interested in writing short journalistic pieces and blog articles, as well as short fiction if the opportunity arises. With that said, I am open to trying my hand at writing for any audience or medium.

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Editor and writer with global experience

Deadline pressure at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times honed my ability to swiftly produce clear, crisp copy. My time outside of the United States — including stints in Spain and Argentina —prepared me for a job with an eye on the global economy. My work as a writer, editor and translator has taken me from Chicago to Buenos Aires to Tokyo and back again. Along the way, I've worked for two major metropolitan newspapers and an heirloom apple orchard. As a freelancer, I've written about ramen for the Washington Post, ice cream for the Los Angeles Times, and crime for the Associated Press. I've edited breaking news stories and long-form feature articles. I've translated websites and magazine articles, and provided subtitles for television programs on a wide variety of subjects. Most recently, I was a digital news editor for My first book is due out early next year.

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Creative both in Art Direction and Writing.

I majored in both Mass Communication and English at University, and then went on to work as an Art Director for a local non-profit organization in Tampa, Florida. I now live in Tokyo, Japan, where I continue to refine my English skills and strengthen my art direction by producing my employer's in-house publications. I breathe both Art Direction and English simultaneously. My attention to detail and eye for trends allow me to anticipate consumer behavior. I also make it my duty to study customer patterns around the world as it helps me improve my global marketing skills. Creative writing is one of my ultimate passions. Besides writing short stories, I've become an editor for other creative writers. Though I am able to work with any genre, my strengths lie in science fiction, fantasy, romance, and dystopian fiction. Who am I? In a nutshell, I am an ideas architect. A creative catalyst. I work to inspire greatness in others.

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Diverse Writing Professional

Coming from an academic background in History, Law and Economics, I bring together the world's of Creative writing and business. I have professional experience working in financial services, hospitality and project management as well as writing in fiction, non fiction, editorials, newpaper, web, blogging and copy. This wealth and variety of experience allows me to focus my work on the needs of the clients and the demands and desires of the audience. I work tirelessly to research my markets to ensure I understand their needs and am constantly working to update my own skills and training. I have also completed courses on Photoshop, InDesign and web publishing among other things which help enhance my abilities to give the clients what they need. If you want someone who will go to the limits to do the job right, I am your man!

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I offer creative fiction writing for projects you may need.

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Grants and Fundraising Communications Specialist

I bring over a decade of successful grant research, writing, and reporting experience for non-profit organizations working in the fields of healthcare, the arts, higher education, elementary education, direct-service charity, animal protection, and religious services. I am also adept at fundraising communications including mass appeals, donor-specific appeals, thanks and stewardship letters, and donor research.

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A genius at words and numbers

I am a business and procurement student at a leading African University. I have been writing for some years hence I have experience in essay writing and have performed excellently in writing subjects . I am creative and efficient in business writing, creative writing, fictional writing and I can handle any writing content in other writing fields.Hire me to experience the best.

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Content Editor, Romance

I provide supportive, insightful, and professional editing services for romance authors. Four years as a technical writer and 3 years as a romance reviewer mean I'm both accurate and in touch with readers and trends. I preserve the author's style while providing gentle direction to make the writing shine.

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You think of it, and I'll help bring it to life!

I have been writing and drawing for as long as I can remember - and would love to help you meet any of your writing/illustrating/designing needs. I specialize in Fiction writing, but I can write just about anything. Contact me for some portfolio samples if you'd like to see my art! You can also view some of it here:

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Bilingual creative writing,blogging and SEO skills

Native french and fluent in English, I have experience in fiction writing, journalism and teaching in both languages. Besides, I worked in Marketing and know the secret world of SEO/SEM. I also did some translation jobs mainly for NGOs. I enjoy writing a lot and this is what I want to do in my life. I do have a blog where I write funny articles and news that interest me. This blog is quite feminine I had the idea of it when I realised that most of the feminine blogs are about feminine topics like fashion, love and lifestyle but no mention of politics for example. As I am interested in both fashion and politics or social issues, I decided to start my own blog, for girls like me.

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Hello and welcome to you! My name is Erin, and I'm quite pleased that you found my little corner of the internet. I am freelance writer who specializes in fiction, but I have skill in writing non-fiction as well. In addition to that, I am quite up to date with the latest in social media and I can type up to 60wpm with accuracy. However, that doesn't tell you a lot about me personally, does it? I used to work at a restaurant as a dishwasher. It was one of the most frustrating jobs in my life. One that didn't challenge me, where I felt like my skills were going to waste. So I decided to take that opportunity to strike out on my own, and to find myself in a fulfilling career. No matter what I tried, I always found myself drawn back to writing. It's been my passion for about as long as I can remember, and one I am determined to pursue.

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Excellent writer & professional librarian

A librarian by trade, a writer and editor at heart. I have extensive writing, editing and proofreading experience for academic writing, memoirs, creative writing, resume crafting, websites, and more.

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Experienced / Published Writer, Tutor, Data Entry

I am an undergraduate student working toward a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree through the University of Virginia. I have three years of professional writing and tutoring experience, with online publishing credits. I have twelve years of office and data entry experience.

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Versatile writer

I am a writer of many talents. If you need something written about anything, look no further. If you need something proofread or edited, I can do that, too. My degree is in English. I have previously written for (an Android phone community), The Scroll (a bimonthly newsletter for First United Methodist Church of Seguin) and the Texas Department of Agriculture's website. I'm currently working on my first novel (dystopian fiction).

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An aspiring author and graphic designer

I hope to prove to the world that my writing deserves to be seen, and the only way to do so is to work for it, and that's why I'm here. I want to weave words for an audience. As a young adult fresh from high school, I have written many short stories in my spare time, as well as taken classes on web design, which has given me experience in some fields such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. I have basic skills in Java and HTML. As for writing, my true passion is with short stories, dealing with fantasy and science fiction. I am also very knowledgeable in my native language, English, and have basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

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