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Skilled Writer, Native English Speaker

I am an administrative professional with 10+ years of experience in writing. I am detailed, accurate, and creative. I have very strong grammar and spelling skills, and I type 60 WPM. I am capable of completing anything from blogs to professional documents. Though I am new to Elance, I have the real-world experience necessary to provide you with quality work in a quick and confident manner. By choosing me as your provider you'll be helping me build my Elance portfolio, and I will do everything I can to go above and beyond your expectations.

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I have a BSCJ and I know how to use it!

I have 10 years experience writing. Offline work includes promotional flyers, sales brochures and a deployment guide for the largest unit in the USMC. Online experience includes how to, blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles for multiple publications in 3 countries. In addition to professional work I maintain several blogs on my core niches - intercultural relationships, criminal justice, a city review, and home topics.

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Creative writer for hire

Hello! I'm Jan and I write stories for kids! I also do freelance web content and SEO article writing. I'm currently working on my first novel for children based on Philippine folklore and legends. I look forward to working with you!

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Highly Skilled Editor - tested in the top 1%!

I am a highly qualified copyeditor (I tested in the top 1% for English punctuation, the top 5% for English Proofreading and the top 10% for editing). Writers love the services I provide: I search carefully for any spelling and word usage errors, I eliminate all grammatical mistakes and I fix all of your punctuation. I can also provide helpful stylistic feedback and guidance without any major rewriting. I love to read and I want to put my keen eye for detail to work for you. I will improve your text with my valuable feedback and corrections. Allow me to polish the rough edges of your work so it can shine with clarity.

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Writing is my first love

My writing experience spans across most media platforms: print, press, online and radio. I am interested in a diverse array of topics including: - Business (Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Advertising, Media) - Travel - Motivational topics - Self help topics - Environmentally / Green Living - Property investment - Art, music, painting, creativity & crafts - Fitness, heath & wellness - Weight loss & healthy eating - Camping & outdoors activities - Sport (ice-skating, ballet, swimming, lifesaving) - Relationships - Psychology, relationships, anxiety - Sex columns - Religion/esoteric topics - Alternative medicines & therapies - Eastern culture I am able to write lighter articles for a younger market, or more in-depth analyses for an older market. I am experienced in corporate Instructional Design including writing for e-learning, book-based, CD Rom, classroom based, instructor/learner guides and exam papers.

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Write it right.

Primary and secondary research, blogging including SEO, web content, articles, business letters, creative writing.

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Seasoned Web and Print Writer with SEO Knowledge

A client once told me how very refreshing and relatable my writing was - a compliment to any writer. I write not because of the money, but simply because I have no choice. Like a true artist, I love my craft and that effort is evident in all my work. Whether it is copy for print or web audiences, I work hard at producing content that a client would love. I have over 18 years experience, a Master's in Professional Writing and have written for several media platforms and audiences. Put me to work for you. MBA – Currently completing Master of Arts — Professional Writing Bachelor of Arts —Communication/English

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"The Perfect Freelancer For Timeless Decisions"

Visualize your written content having the power to move people to action. I can write content that will creatively engage your readers and turn Browsers into Buyers, skeptics into Believers, and Inform the Uninformed. If you want crisp, clean, engaging writing in your hand well before the deadline ... and at a reasonable price. You want to work with a proven professional who delivers exactly what you asked for. That's exactly what you'll get when we work together. I hold myself to a higher standard of professionalism and quality than most writers. With your project in my hands, you can breathe just a little easier, knowing that I'll deliver great content in the most stress-free way possible.

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Retired - not yet! Technical and creative expert.

Veteran writer in multiple disciplines - Technical - Business - Fiction and non-fiction IT administration, business management, software, hardware, eCommerce, accounting, geography, history, fiction, nutrition, construction, resumes, grants, scholarships, business proposals, technical specifications, business requirements, flow charts, use cases, web content, AND music.

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Creative, clever, focused and flexible writer.

Through my years of education, as well as recreational writing, I have been able to learn through both formal instruction as well as trial and error. Now, I am able to offer an experienced, diverse and flexible writing background which allows me to conform to your needs and goals.

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Accomplished writer; fast and dependable

As an author of creative fiction, a copwriter and a newspaper feature editor, I know how important the right words are to any endeavor. Whether you're stuck on just one word or tired of staring at a blank page day after day, I can help you find the perfect way to express your ideas.

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Crisp, concise and persuasive prose.

It is a sad truth of the written word that prose of exquisite beauty can languish, unrecognized, for generations while minor errors can crush your credibility with a prospective customer. Most ABC1 readers will form a lasting prejudice against you, your company or service if you fall short of concise written expression. An otherwise excellent business idea can be destroyed with one or two examples of poor grammar or eccentric usage. These are the cruel facts of the published word. Slips are seldom excused. Effective writing must be free from sloppy grammar, provincial diction, redundancy, tautology, poor paragraphing, cliche and stock rhetorical devices. If you want to avoid doing more harm than good when presenting yourself, your company or project in writing, consult The Right Type.

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Content Writer & Children's Author

I am a full time, freelance writer and editor. From creating unique content for articles, or being creative with children's fiction, I can turn my skills to all topics. As an experienced children's author, I can write to a given brief or I'm happy just to go freestyle. Picture books or illustrated stories are no problem - along with the story text, I will supply you with a full artwork brief for your illustrator. I can even help you to source an illustrator. Ghostwriting, or deep line-by-line copyediting - I love it! Not only do I write, I also have over 16 years experience working in the publishing industry, and I am an educational publishing and book packaging expert. I can professionally, and efficiently, project manage any written product from manuscript stage all the way through to pre-press. I am a native English speaker, I'm from the UK and am University educated, having a BA Hons degree.

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Understanding, Discernment, Comprehension

Knowledge Base is a writer, both by passion and profession and involved in the creation and/or development of all types of creative writing. This covers a number of wide and varied forms including - but by no means limited to - poetry, prose (including fiction, non-fiction and literature), and material for the theater, screen and radio (such as comedy/soap opera scripts, drama productions and documentaries). Also creates the content for websites or write articles for magazines or newspapers.

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Concise, Accurate, Affordable Proofreader/Editor

I have worked for the UN, businesses, film production companies, municipalities, mayors and authors! I am dedicated and believe in building strong working relationships with my clients to offer a service that is flexible and tailored to your needs. 'Proofreading, an essential part of rewriting, is a thorough, careful review of the final draft of an essay that ensures that all errors have been eliminated.' I have a wide breadth and depth of experience in proofreading and writing; from marketing and business reports, medical research, travel guides to creative writing. I am English born and educated with a high standard of English. My dictionaries and grammar books travel everywhere with me as the tools of my trade as my belief is in checking, checking and checking again to be sure!

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American life through travel, education and nature

Hope earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from The New School in 2006. After this she completed the requirements for a Master's of Science degree in Education from Brooklyn College in 2009. She worked as a high school social studies teacher for 3 years in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to teaching social studies, Hope co-founded an elective in sustainable agriculture in partnership with the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Hope's passions for writing, history and alternative medicine have compelled her to travel around the world. She has practiced yoga and meditation intensively. A recent sojourn along the Appalachian Trail inspired the creation of her blog, "ISO Home".

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I'm a Word -smith,-guru,-inventor,-maestro,-lover!

Passion in MY life? Oh yes, I have it! Writing is not only a useful tool in advertising, academia, entertainment, social media, business and on so many other platforms, it is the foundation of language in our POSTmodern lives. Written communication skills are absolutely necessary when it comes to YOUR business, this is why I make it mine. I follow scholarly journals, read the dictionary (sometimes!) and, of course, I write daily. So, where does all this confidence come from? It comes from knowing I've truly discovered what I want out of life. It comes from working hard at something that rewards on an emotional level. If I can speak frankly: Why do I feel YOU should trust me? The answer is simple and honest--because I will deliver! In the pith of irony, I'll even offer my word that I will work every bit as hard as you expect and need. Words are cheap, right? Let me prove it to you, it would be my honor.

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Have a vision? Awesome! I have the words!

I have worked as a full-time writer/content developer with a couple of reputed firms in India. With over 5 years of experience, I have explored the length and breadth across the Web content and research industry with hand on experience on a wide range of writing/editing projects from different genres (including creative writing, business writing, web content writing, technical writing, and blogging etc.) . As an Engineering graduate, I am blessed with the ability to generate high-quality technical content in a flawless manner, while my stay in the industry for a considerable period has taught me to make tactical adjustment with my writing-style depending upon the nature and demand of the projects assigned.

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I will take care of all your writing needs.

It would be my pleasure to write what what you need for your website. I have over six years experience writing articles, ebooks, regular books, etc. I also do copywriting, advertisments, sale ads, brochures and even flyers for events. I write and research my own work and guarantee you 100% original writing. This means if you run anything I write for you through a plaigiarism program and it does not pass, you don't have to pay me for anything. I look forward to meeting you. Check my website at: H--

Skills: SEO Expert
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Eager to learn and succeed

I am an indie author looking to earn some additional income, primarily through my skills in fiction and non-fiction writing. I am also fluent in Spanish and English, so any jobs requiring translation are also a possibility. Since I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, I don't mind doing my own research, should the job require doing so to provide content for articles and blogs. For the last year, I have been busy publishing a number of fantasy novels under the pen name S. B. Sebrick. I love opportunities to ghost or co-write, especially if I can share what I've learned over the years with another author. I have been published in two college fiction anthologies and also have experience writing memoirs and autobiographies. I lived in Argentina for two years, leaving me fluent in both English and Spanish. I am willing to do my own research for articles in order to meet the particular needs of each assignment.

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Compelling, competitive copywriting services

Need content? I can research and write the articles you need to help with your page ranking! I am an experienced copywriter, with a proven ability to write compelling copy for SEO on a range of sites, from business to culture and literature. Proof reading and editing services are also available. I am a grammar expert, with over two years experience of teaching English as a foreign language. Competitive rates!

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Helping you say what you need to say

Creative content writing: You need someone intuitively in tune with the ear of your desired audience.  I aim to meet the demands of any consumer-market relationship.  What do you have to offer? Instructional material:  You need a critical thinker, eagerly facilitating both sides of the instructor-instructed partnership.  I've earned five years of experience educating children with autism, and I am a lifetime student with some course work for you to peruse. Inspiration and apologetics:  You may need a certified apologist, with an ever-expanding knowledge base in order to broaden the understanding of others. Many of the items on my personal portfolio website are examples of this.

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Freelance English Language Content Writer

A freelancer candid about delivering his prime performance in English language content writing, article writing and all sorts of written applications of the language. The instrument of writing fascinates me beyond what all other means of expression possibly can and this encourages me to deliver my creative services globally in this domain.

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All-round writer and editor, seeking a challenge.

I'm an all-round writer and undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, looking for challenging writing and editing projects of any description. Get in touch if you need something done, and done well!

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Expert Russian Translator, Tutor, Essay Writer

5+ Years Translating Experience; Superb Quality Product; Delivers the Results! ; Love's a Challenge; Does Exactly What You Request. Hello! My name is Vitaliy, a native Russian speaker, skilled in Translation, as well as tutoring not only Russian, but also Math, Science, and English. I write Research Essays on a task-by-task basis and strive to help you achieve quality success! Whether in Translating, Teaching, or Writing, I am motivated by the Golden Rule to "do onto others as you want it to be done unto you." So let me know what results you want and the RussianPro will DELIVER! Looking forward to your requests. Thanks! Vitaliy

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Creative writer for poetry, blogs and articles.

Having started off as a poet 6 years ago my work has coherently entwined stanzas and verses of an array of ideas ever since. My writings and articles range from international polity to contemporary society, from entertainment to academia.. all seen through the narrow filters of my eyes . I have been writing for newsletters and my latest and biggest achievement has been columnist in the Deutsche Bank Newsletter, Mumbai. Creativity is the core essence of a proficient writer and with the experience gathered over the years I have developed a knack for creating captivating write ups that fill the reading audience with awe. I have authored a paper at The International Economic convention in college and am a speech writer for a variety of debates and elocutions at a national level. Venturing into the elance world my mission is to have your readers feel directly connected to you and have them experience writings abounding in dexterity.

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Academic & Technical Writer

Heather's professional career spans a decade of program and financial analysis and management. She is a US Naval Academy graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She earned a Maryland EIT License in 2003 and completed her M.S. degree in Agricultural and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. Areas of practice include: MS Office Suite, MS Visio, MS Access, MS Project, Deltek Costpoint, Public speaking, technical writing, logistics management, DoDAF 2.0, Cost Analysis, Earned Value Management, Cost Estimating, Financial Analysis,Budgeting, Program Management, Basic Spanish, Basic French, urban forestry, environmental science, land management, international trade and development.

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Freelance writer

Writing is my passion, the subject matter can scan a vast number of topics as I have many different interest and hobbies. I love everything about computers and the many wonderful things that can be created to enhance the written word. I look forward to helping you with whatever project needs work. I am steady and reliable and can work full time on the projects that need to get done.

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Writer and Researcher

For the past 13 years I have been a lecturer in psychology at a California State University. My main focus has been on research, data analysis, technical writing, and areas of psychology such as social psychology, cognitive psychology, therapy, and research methods. Being a researcher and writer means that I can write or teach on just about any subject. As a professor, I also have experience in editing, and proof-reading.

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Healthcare experienced writer and website content

Free lance writer with 30 years healthcare administration experience, clergy experience, customer service trainer, computer application trainer, research and analysis background. Attention to detail, maintains ontime or ahead of time for deadlines. Interest in writing and proofreading all types of work.

United States, IL, Chana | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
I'll write anything, for a price

I am new to the field of freelance writing. I am hoping for a chance to show the world what I have to offer.

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Proofreader, Editor, and Creative Mind

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I would rather have a thousand words. I love a good story. I am an avid reader with excellent grammar and writing skills. Let me use my love of the written language to help make your project a masterpiece.

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Word Wizard

I am young, and I am professional --both of which I work to my advantage. Not only do I have an advanced comprehension of the English language, but I can socialize proficiently on the latest media platforms. My areas of skill include (but are not quite limited to): editing (copy and content); and creative writing.

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We deliver fresh, creative copy and smart edits.

We provide well-researched copy, specializing in web content. We're here to serve you and we listen to your needs. We're young professionals with an eye for pop culture, music, television, and film. We understand the need for fast, quality work.

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When words fail you, holler.

Proficient in writing blog/web content, children's stories, general fiction, and the occasional legal article. I dabble in poetry and music lyrics. I also do copy editing and writing of legal summaries and case digests. I have been writing for 15 years now, since I started way back in high school. I continued writing in college and law school, and even on the side when I started working. I worked as a legal researcher, legal analyst, an SME, and editor.

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A passionate and prolific reader and writer

I am new to Elance but not to writing. I have a great appetite for new challenges. I believe fully understanding the client's requirements is half the job done. I would strive to match and even exceed the expectations of anyone who employs me for an assignment.

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A Diverse Article Writer

I am a 22 year old writer based in Glasgow, available for writing on any subject but specialize in video games and also Poetry and short fiction.

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Helping You Prepare.

Sue Montgomery is a nurse and an award-winning, nationally published writer who specializes in death and dying, healthcare, fiction, organizing and general freelance writing. Sue's been published in Insights Magazine, a publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. She received the award for "Best Novel" at the 2007 and 2008 Florida Christian Writers Conferences. She has an extensive leadership background and currently serves as the Director of Interdisciplinary Practice for a large hospice. She is a 1984 graduate of Kent State University and has worked in nursing in a variety of settings for the past 24 years. Sue is also a professional organizer. Her company, Organize The Essentials, LLC, helps her clients focus on preparing for the unexpected. Sue's had much success with her original product, the STATKey™, a medical flashdrive (in keychain and wristband models) which contains all of a client's health and emergency contact information.

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Results Spoken Here

RESULTS SPOKEN HERE-Being a successful copywriter has nothing to do with "good" writing. Most writers, those who write beautiful prose in articles, books, blogs, etc. don't know the first thing about writing for results. Aren't you paying for results? It is easy to make writing look good and hard for the untrained eye to know the difference between copy that will convert and copy that will be ignored. The purpose of masterful copywriting is not to inspire, engage, or even be creative...When I write for you it is with a single purpose. I want to create desire. I want your prospects to take action, to click through and to spend money. Ultimately it is your prospects who write your paycheck-and mine. Only masterful copywriting can increase your traffic, customer loyalty and your paycheck. So how do you tell the difference? You can't. Only results will tell you. When you are ready for results, give me a try. It's worth it.

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Professional service, specializing in grammar.

Writing and proofreading services for fiction and technical writing.

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Creative Writer, Technical Writer, Photographer

I like to dabble in fiction writing and would like to further improve my writing skills with writing assignments in the fiction and non-fiction genre. I have over 6 years of Technical Writing work experience, with a B.Sc. in Computer Science. I have been documenting software within the scrum model of agile software development.

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Research and Creative Writer and Editor

Intelligent, articulate, creative and professional writing and editing for businesses and individuals. I am an avid reader and artist who is continually looking for challenging, creative ways to express oneself, and am a driven to succeed professional with strong organization, communication and computer skills.

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Skilled Proofreader and Editor

I am a highly proficient proofreader and editor, studying as an English major . I always deliver on-time and with impressive results. I specialize in proofreading, resume writing, editorial work, and custom document design (Adobe InDesign/Microsoft Word). If you choose to do business with me, I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

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The Serenity You Need.

Serenity provides the peace of mind you deserve in knowing your project is in the right hands. With five years as an editor and a lifetime as a writer, Serenity knows the importance of quality, timely work, and she knows how to deliver the work you need. If you're looking for editing, proofreading, content or other writing services, grant yourself the Serenity you need.

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Expert Freelance Writer

Why choose me? - Self-motivated and organized professional with experience providing thorough and skillful support. - Strong background in marketing and business development. I have had extensive training and experience in business environments. - Received training for leadership roles by two corporations, both nationally recognized for excellence in their fields. - Bilingual – fluent in English and Spanish. - Passionate intercultural expert with a blend of experience in teaching, writing, public speaking, and management in diverse settings. - Over four years working with teenagers as their mentor and tutor, emphasizing a collaborative yet efficient style. - Professional with a strong record of academic and hands-on work performance. - Pleasant, flexible person

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Russian-English Translator, Research Assistant

Highly developed skills in writing, editing, translation and research. Expertise in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Expertise in ethnic and religious minorities of the Russian Federation. Expertise in religion (Eastern and Western Christianity, Islam). Extensive exposure to Russian and German literature. Five years foreign language teaching experience (English, German, Russian). BA, Baylor University, German and Russian MA, Georgetown University, Eurasian, Russian and East European Area Studies Russian Teaching Assistantship, Georgetown University, 2012-2013 (Washington DC) Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship recipient, 2011-2012 (Kazan, Russia) Critical Language Enhancement Award recipient for Russian, 2011-2012 (Kazan, Russia) Critical Language Scholarship recipient for Russian, 2008 (Astrakhan, Russia) Languages: English (native) Russian (Advanced High) German (Intermediate) Tatar (Beginner Low)

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Author, Editor, Medical Doctor, Homeopath

Hello, I am new to Elance (Sep 2013). I am also an American trained and experienced Medical Doctor and Homeopath (twenty five years) who turned my adaptable skills towards academic pursuits in Malaysia's Islamic venue. For the last seven years I have been involved in research, writing, and post graduate education; including lecturing in medical ethics and comparative religion, as well as academic writing and editing (proofing and content) covering journal preparations, thesis and dissertation papers, books and seminar proceedings. I particularly enjoy the challenge of perfecting translated papers or those written in English by non-native speakers. My knowledge and skills are eclectic and cover a wide range of disciplines. I prefer not to think in terms of hourly wages or charges. When I take on a job, I do not look at the clock until I am finished or exhausted. The cost of living here allows for reduced charges, but once I bid, it is firm. Kind Regards,

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educator with magazine and newspaper writ

Thirty years experience in magazine writing and editing, freelance nonfiction and fiction, awards in both. Have also produced brochures for state government. Knowledgeable about real estate. Currently teach British and World Literature. Volunteer extensively with pet rescue.

Skills: Editor
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It's not just what you say, it's how you say it.

Whether it's a book, an annual report, a press release or marketing collateral, choosing your words carefully can make all the difference between success and failure. No matter how long or short, a carefully crafted message can go a long way toward helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. Earning that publishing contract, winning over an important client or successfully marketing your product all begin with just a few words. I'm here to help you choose them carefully.

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Fresh and creative writer at your service!

Utilizing my unique knowledge and professional skills may be the smartest investment you ever make for your business. I personally guarantee you professionalism at its best! Through personal experiences, educators, careers, hobbies, interests and businesses of my own I have gained vast amounts of useful knowledge in business, marketing, sales, creative writing, health and fitness. Check out samples of my writing at

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Quality freelance professional writes on demand

I am a published author and do freelance work on the side. I also do proof reading and editing. I am more than proficient at research as I was a legal secretary for several years before I began writing full time. I am most interested in the following job areas- ghost writing, writing articles, proof reading, critiquing, editing.

United States, TX, Paris | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer/Editor All Content

Experienced writer and copy editor able to recognize and adopt your objectives. Write or copy edit fiction, short and feature articles, essays, reviews, newsletters, and persuasive content. I even edit legal briefs. Your project dictates my services: composition, line edit, developmental edit, research, advice. Detail oriented. Professional, prompt, particular, proven. Pride in my product and in yours.

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Your success matters!

I have honed my skills to reflect the 21st Century. Marketing, Writing, and Research are the main services I offer. My services are offered at the highest quality of service

United States, VA, Roanoke | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
I write, edit and teach for the love of it.

I have just returned to Saint Louis, MO after spending the last two years teaching English in Spain. I had the pleasure to teach people from all walks of life, of all ages, and in many diverse locations. I derived immense pleasure in teaching and tutoring while I was there. Before that, I spent five years working at a competitive health insurance company in Saint Louis, MO. During that time, I enjoyed the opportunity I had to do a wide variety of things including managing and editing provider data, proofreading provider directories, creating training documentation, and teaching new employees. These experiences definitely allowed me the opportunity to become a better writer, editor, and teacher. Today, I am re-integrating myself into U.S. life and looking for opportunities to aid people or companies in a freelance capacity using my ability to write, edit and teach. To find out how I can personally assist you or your company with my skills, please contact me.

United States, null, Saint Louis | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm both a graphic designer and writer with approximately 20 years of experience in the newspaper industry and as a freelancer. I've won numerous press awards for advertising design, special publications and humorous writing. Because of my news background I'm familiar with AP style and deadly deadlines.

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The Write Skills for Your Job

Your press release, your webpage, your article, your report--they represent you, and you want them to make a good impression. That's where I can help. A retired high school English teacher with over 40 years of experience teaching grammar and writing, I have the knowledge and skills to make you and your project look and sound good. In my "spare" time while I was teaching, I also proofread and helped edit two mystery novels and a short story written by my husband. The novels were published in hardcover by a major publisher, and the short story was chosen for an anthology published by the Mystery Writers of America. Whether it's proofreading or editing your copy or creating a presentation from scratch, I can supply what you need, and now that I'm no longer teaching, I'm ready to put my skills to work for you.

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Technical Writer

I have a BA in English with a minor in technical writing, as well as a Letter of Specialization in Technical Writing. I am in the top 20% of Microsoft Word (2010) users on Elance. I excel writing, editing, and proofreading for clarity, readability, and mechanics. I know about design aspects, including white space, text and graphic placement, consistency, formatting, and overall aesthetics of print and electronic publications. I have been trained on audience analysis and reader-oriented writing styles, and I am mindful of how tone and wording affect reader response, all of which help in creating effective messages. I can manipulate graphics and easily place them in documents with corresponding text blocks. A few of the computer programs that I have used in technical writing are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Expressions Web, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro X, and AutoCAD.

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Write it Right.

Your goal becomes mine when I do a project for you -- you want to succeed, and I want to help you do that! When client and contractor work as a partnership, the best results are achieved. The skills I offer are writing, proofreading and copy editing. Correct spelling, punctuation and proper sentence structure are areas in which I excel, but I also review for content and cohesion. My professional background includes seventeen years of legal secretarial experience, editorial experience with business newsletters, and research. In addition, I have extensive personal experience with editing and critiquing fiction and non-fiction.

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Content creation and web design

I possess various skills, such as writing and web design. I have experience in academic research. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in International & Global Studies, Society & Change, and Human Rights & Ethics.

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English and Nursing Graduate / Freelance Writer

I am a highly motivated, reliable, honours degree graduate, specialising in non-fiction writing. As a qualified, experienced nurse in both adult and mental health nursing, I have a particular interest in writing health related articles. I am a thorough researcher and particularly enjoy utilising my research skills in writing. I am due to commence a Masters Degree in Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford in September 2012, where I will be involved in research in the area of elderly dementia care. My other areas of interest include article writing in the areas of Christianity and spirituality. I also proofread and I am proficient at data entry.

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Professional, prompt and precise projects.

Are you looking for writing, program development, data entry, proofreading or editing services? Look no further! I can complete your project! You will find me to be professional, precise and prompt - the type of person on whom you can rely. My personal and professional expereinces are diverse and wide-ranging. While I am available to work on a wide variety of subjects, some of my areas of expertise include the following: Family Dynamics; Early Childhood; Youth; At Risk Populations; Disparate Populations; Gerontology; Intergenerational Relationships; Mental Health; and Cultural Diversity

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Creativity is using your sources effectively

I write before I brush my teeth, I write when I'm under the sheets, and I write when I feel alone. I exhale words and have an undying passion for it.

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Professional Writer

This proud US Air Force veteran is ready to write! I have been a member of SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) for 10 years with extensive public speaking and performance experience. In the USAF I was selected for linguistics training with an exemplary score of 137 on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (where a DLAB score of 100 is required to learn the most difficult languages; Chinese, Arabic, Korean, etc.). Furthermore, I maintained a 4.0 GPA through 70 college/university credits. I am a published blog-writer in entertainment and sports. While I have ghostwritten in the past, I have moved on to exclusively create credited works. Writing is my passion. I grow closer to living my personal version of the American Dream with each paying job. Thanks for your consideration, I won't let you down. Dane Curley

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Experienced Creative Writer

My name is Brett Peloquin and I am currently a part-time freelance writer with a full-time military career. In my spare time I enjoy writing and producing a comic book series with a long time friend.

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Excellent and Efficient Writer

I'm here to offer you excellent creative and business writing at a competitive rate that will not only surpass your project expectations, but will also impress you with top-notch customer service!

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time to work

I have lived in Australia and i know flawless two languages, GREEK AND ENGLISH, I have a degree in English and currently studying in the Department of Language Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries, learning Russian and Turkish! i have worked as a freelance translator for two years on other websites and recently found the elance! In addition, I am highly professional in every project which I undertake, and quality is guaranteed. I have much experience in creative writing and marketing, but also in any matter which needs a logical thought and even sometimes with a "twist". I am highly punctual with my deadlines and rest assured I will always deliver prior to any given deadline, and make sure I have further time to proofread and correct any minor glitches with my work, in the unlikely event that such matters occur. All in all, I will strive for perfection in any given field as I am eager to learn, and most importantly eager to work.

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Expert writer

I am a recent Master's graduate of Kenyatta University, with a degree in Journalism and Finance. I specialize in writing creative and analytic essays, and my research skills allow me to write insightful pieces about virtually any topic you desire. I have years of experience tutoring other writers and I've contributed politics articles to various publications during my undergraduate career. Above all, I am an eager and passionate writer who wants to perform every job to the best of my ability. I am dependable, easy to work with, and ready to provide you with great service on any project that you need.

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Adept at transforming your vision into writing

I am a doctoral student and professional writer and trainer. I have worked with individuals to increase their writing acumen. I also contract with both profit and nonprofit businesses to provide business and curriculum writing services as well as developing training modules.

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A writer and a teacher

I am looking for freelance writing jobs to complete in my spare time. I am knowledgable in the fields of education, mathematics, and basic technology. I also write creative pieces such as original short stories and novels.

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Freelancing Since '96

I have been involved in freelance writing, editing, researching and sales and marketing since 1996. During that time, I have consulted with individuals, small businesses, and the world's largest food company on many diverse projects that involve the previously mentioned areas. As a part of a writing team, I worked with passion and excellence to not only convey the message in a grammatically correct fashion but in a creative, persuasive fashion. As a part of a sales and marketing team, or working as an individual to shape sales and marketing plans, I have met with great success as well. Others have stated that my attention to detail and thoroughness have set me high above many others. Beside my freelance work, I have taught middle school and high school English and become licensed in Real Estate. My areas of expertise are diverse and many as I pride myself in being a renaissance woman.

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Prize winning author - expert writer and editor

I've been a professional writer since the early 00s. Have won prizes for my fiction, and been published in national newspapers and magazines. I won't work for peanuts, but I will do an excellent job, and deliver on any promises I make. See the following websites for examples of my work:

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German online marketer and translator

I am a native German speaker who also speaks English fluently and Italian and Polish on a communicative level. I can offer you translation of sophisticated texts from English to German as well as translation of website layouts and simple texts from Italian or Polish to German. I can also create your social media messaging and monitor your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Blog). I am a reliable and conscientious marketing professional with more than 3 years of working experience in online marketing, translation from English to German and intercultural experience. Disclosure: I am currently employed full time at Hewlett-Packard. Therefore I can't perform any work for any competitor of HP. In case you choose me as a contractor, I will perform the agreed task outside my working hours at HP.

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Bilingual Translator, Content Writer, Proofreader

As you can see from my test scores, I have a wide variety of skills in English writing, and the highest level of proficiency in Spanish translation. Given the opportunity, I'm always willing to do my best and dedicate quality time for my clients' work projects. My experience in translation is not only academic but also personal, since I've been translating for family and friends from an early age. I'm a native bilingual speaker, based on the outskirts of multilingual and cosmopolitan Los Angeles, in sunny California. I'm passionate about words, and eager to start working for you.

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Writer and editor

I'm a writer and editor with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism. I am currently employed as a news and feature reporter at the Carteret County News-Times (circulation 11,000+) and I'm the sole editor of that paper's 16-page weekly events magazine, This Week (circulation 15,000+). I have published hundreds of articles promoting and covering events, profiling notable individuals and raising community awareness. I also write news stories and a nonpolitical weekly column and do much of my own photography. I've written on a near-daily basis since 2008, and published projects and positions have included the following types of writing: long form nonfiction, news articles, press releases, biographies, web content, advertising content, persuasive nonfiction, blurbs and calendar entries, kickers and headlines, cut lines and social media updates and promotions. I am an Associated Press editor, but have also worked with Chicago style.

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Editor and writer specializing in Art History

I am an art historian with a PhD from Rutgers University who specializes in academic writing and editing. Having just moved back to the States, I spent the past four years in Italy researching and writing my dissertation. I understand the importance of proper grammar and prose, and can help you fine tune your project into perfection.

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New writer, affordable and eager to write and edit

I am a young, college-educated writer. I write on a daily basis and have a passion for effective communication. I have written and performed comedy, and I understand effective use of humor in writing. I can add an inoffensive laugh to a bland work, or improve the impact of a funny piece. I have written numerous successful online advertisements and can improve the effectiveness of yours. I can keep weak ad copy from negatively affecting results. I work fast and error-free. I can generate content or repair your content quickly. Spelling, and more importantly, grammar, count in writing, and especially business.

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A writer for today's reader

As Orlando's Senior Pop Culture Examiner, I routinely research, author, and post blogs read by thousands of online readers. My creative work has crossed over into theater, as I am an internationally published and produced playwright. In the area of sales, I have experience writing product descriptions and using specific search engine optimization methods. I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Communication and a minor in Creative Writing.

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Caffeinate your communication strategy!

Anne Morrow Lindbergh says “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” We believe that with a powerful combination of words, we can move mountains. Our editing, writing, translation, and word-smithing engages readers and holds true to our mission. We are here to energize you, your business, and your audience. Black Coffee Solutions is a collaboration of efforts between two graduate school students, Landen R and Aaron Brown. We are a team effort, ensuring that your needs are addressed beyond your expectations. Together, we have more than a dozen years of experience in the tasks you require. *A packet of our work is available upon request.

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Effective, Efficient Writing & Editing Services

As an attorney and a business owner, I understand your need for writing and editing services that help you to communicate clearly and effectively. I also understand the need for quality services that are completed both with care and efficiency. I have experience drafting and reviewing legal documents, business and marketing materials, web content, articles, and much more. I have reviewed resumes to fill professional vacancies and am able to quickly spot areas where applicants can make significant improvements. I have even dabbled in creative and children's writing. I pay utmost attention to detail and grammar, adhere strictly to deadlines, and enjoy adding creativity where opportunity allows. My words and my editorial services represent you and your business - so they have to be the best!

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Clear messages for diverse audiences

Hello! My name is Laura, and I'm an English teacher from the Midwest Region of the USA. I have extensive experience composing, editing, organizing, and developing written works for a variety of audiences. I work well with deadlines and timetables, and I am ready to help you with the projects your business needs. Need an eye-catching, concise brochure? Done. Assistance with writing a document in English? Check. Revision of a report for your clients? I'm your writer AND your speech coach. Need creative ideas for your blog? Let me help you out. If you need something written, whether it be creative, academic, informative or persuasive, I will give you exactly what you're looking for.

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Seasoned IT technician and aspiring writer.

I have been an IT technician for the past thirteen years. My expertise however, does not stop there; I've also spent the past three years learning how to be become a writer both in fiction and non-fiction. Having the ability to write in the technical field has been an asset, especially when the need arises to provide technical documentation in the form of instructions. Since joining Elance, I certainly look forward to putting my skills to use for those who would welcome the opportunity.

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Professional writer and editor

Experience in online writing and blogging, editing, copywriting, SEO, and academic writing with an MA in Comparative Literature. Many types of writing and editing services available: Web content, articles, books, brochures, whitepapers, and more.

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Freelance article writer

I am a 21 year old male from Kenya and I specialize in freelance article writing. I have successfully submitted my articles to the local dailies and am now looking to branch out globally. If you want to work with me just hit me up on my account and am sure we'll work something out .

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English Composition Faculty looking to freelance

I have a Masters in English and am currently a faculty member of a well known university. I am looking to freelance to supplement my income. My abilities range from professional business communications to fiction. I am also a strong editor. I also handle all social media for a National Park.

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Professional Writer With Business Savvy

I write professionally for my day job, both for a company blog and for shorter instructional materials for our website. I also write fiction in my spare time, and right now I'm dabbling in penning a comedic screenplay. I minored in French and Italian, both of which I speak with moderate conversational fluency. I am teaching myself Portuguese both because of my fascination with language and because of the growing importance of Brazilian business. Counter to my original expectations, foreign language study has greatly improved my mastery of English. My undergrad degree was in business operations and international business at perhaps the most prestigious and well-rounded school in America: Indiana University. That should be enough credentials for almost any job. I also volunteer 15-20 hours per week at my church and at various nonprofits in Chicago. Whatever I do, when I leave Chicago, it will be better place than when I first arrived.

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Creative solutions for non-profit organizations

Non-profits hold the seams of society together; however, clear and engaging content is needed to connect these vital organizations to the public. I offer creative, timely and reasonably priced communication solutions to non-profit organizations. Further, I have been exposed to the non-profit sector for over a decade and a half. Due to this familiarity, I am sensitive to the time and budgetary constraints that many organizations are forced to work with. Currently, I manage content for an online travel content provider. On my off-time, I write creative fiction.

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Young Writer and Renaissance Man

Looking for any writing work, with a focus on childrens writing, history, and education. Will do copyrighting, proof reading, editing, research, data compiling, or any other task.

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Take some sad words and make them better.

With an education in creative writing and a professional background in e-learning, I have developed a wide range as a writer and editor. Whether you have a creative project, an academic paper, business-related documents, content for a website or blog, or anything between, I can write eye-catching, easy-to-read material from scratch or improve upon existing content. Whatever you want to say, I can help you say it.

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Writer of Diverse Subjects

I was first published in 1994 as a child poet. I began freelance writing part time in 2006. I write content and copy for a variety of prominent online publications. Currently, I am a Junior at Centenary College of Louisiana where I am pursuing a double B.A. in English and Latin.

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Love to play with the magic of words

I give Midas touch to my work and Client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. Visualize your written content having the power to move people to action. I can write content that will creatively engage your readers and turn Browsers into Buyers, skeptics into Believers, and Inform the Uninformed. If you want crisp, clean, engaging writing in your hand well before the deadline ... and at a reasonable price. You want to work with a proven professional who delivers exactly what you asked for. That's exactly what you'll get when we work together. I hold myself to a higher standard of professionalism and quality than most writers. With your project in my hands, you can breathe just a little easier, knowing that I'll deliver great content in the most stress-free way possible.

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Diligent Research...Quality Product

Translation: English to Japanese I represent a team of native Japanese-speaking translators. Our translation process ensures that the product you receive will be not only translated, but localized to suit your target Japanese audience. Japanese to English I translate from Japanese to English and am able to suitably adapt my writing style for various audiences and consumers of news, marketing materials, presentations, entertainment and academic literature. My translations involve diligent research to provide quality products that meet your standards, and I value communication with the client to clarify ambiguities that come up during an assignment. Academic Research & Writing: If you are looking for a writer who truly understands and can clearly and concisely explain international political issues, then I am the person you want to hire. My academic background provides me with the knowledge and skills to produce written works in international politics and economics.

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Copy Editing and Critiques

Nowadays, we're all writers. We write articles, blogs, e-mails, proposals, and essays. But are we writing well? Your spellcheck will only pick up glaring errors in your copy. If you make a typo or use a homonym, the spellcheck will probably miss it. For example, you want to say that your character has a problem with the cops but instead you say caps. Makes for a good laugh – at your expense! A good editor will pick up typos, misplaced or dangling modifiers, run-on sentences, misuse of apostrophes, spelling errors that spellcheck has never heard of because they relate to certain cities or movie names, as well as recognize repetitious words, redundant concepts, inconsistencies, plot holes, poor organization, and a lack of clarity. As William Safire said, the best way to proof copy is to hire someone else to do it! I'm also the author of three books and countless articles. Because I'm a writer, I have your best interest at heart.

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Efficiency and excellence--what it's all about...

I pride myself on maintaining a standard of excellence in all that I do, but writing in particular just comes natural; it's what I'm born to do. My writing: Persuades Informs Challenges Quality is my highest priority. You can forget about: grammatical errors awkward phrasing fluff and fill Just quality words sure to impact readers, teachers, fans, students, anyone. You want versatility and an open mind? My background says it all. Great Communication Accepts feedback Ready to Work Can Work With Deadlines

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Top-notch writer and editor

I am a passionate, hardworking writer and editor who has been published in the Huffington Post and USA Today. My current studies toward a B.A. in English at St. Olaf College provide me with a fresh, informed voice that will be translated into all your writing and editing needs. Additionally, my position as section editor for my college newspaper has taught me to create consistency and excellence in produced materials. Though new to the freelance world, I look to provide customers with the highest quality writing and editing services at reasonable prices.

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Trustworthy, Timely, Talented.

A new freelance writer with a first class honours degree in Marketing and a diploma with distinction in Organisational Psychology. Would you like to hire someone with initiative, imagination and motivation? Perhaps you would like to work with a friendly person who strives to produce exactly what you require? I promise I will not disappoint. I am very hard working and used to meeting tight deadlines through working for a busy print and digital media company. I have good command of the English language and the written word. I can turn my hand to just about any subject as I am an excellent researcher. I can write in a range of styles depending on your target market - from business-like and formal, with more intelligent language; to light-hearted and fun, with simpler language - whatever you require. I have experience in writing web content, corporate brochures, newsletters, flyers and advertising. I am currently studying Creative Writing with The Writers' Bureau.

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Creative Writer, Detailed Researcher

I am an historian who writes poetry, fiction, and plays on the side. I am trained in theatre, dance, sailing, horseback riding, and photography as well. I currently reside in Southern California. My areas of special interest are Victorian England, the American West, and the Middle East; however, I have a broad knowledge and experience base, including extensive travels, and I am always eager to learn more.

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French Writer/Translator/Voice and Music

Professionalism, timeliness, thoroughness, flexibility and affordability. These five words describe to the perfection, the services and products I provide to my clients. I am committed to deliver perfection. Because your satisfaction is my ultimate marketing tool! WRITING: I have an academic background in French literature (Master's and PhD studies); three years as a university teacher and researcher in that field; and 11 years of experience in Government, where I had to write hundreds of bilingual information and briefing notes to politicians and high rank public servants. SOUND RECORDING: I have been composing music in all styles for 20 years and I have a 10 years experience in sound recording (sound tracks, voice over, special effects, etc). GRAPHIC DESIGN: I have expertise in graphic design (logos, corporate images, identities, etc.). My biggest wish is to start working relationships that will last for a long time. Cheers, Jocelyn Girard

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A seasoned copywriter, scriptwriter & ghostwriter

An experienced writer with a proven track record in writing business articles, feature stories, TV & radio scripts, advertising & marketing copy, presentations, product copy, blogs, news/entertainment stories and project papers. Also proofreads/edits articles and ad copy. Currently runs WriteClique - one of Singapore's largest writers' forum on Yahoo! Groups.

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Professional Wordsmith, aspiring writer.

Writers have unlimited potential. The true definition of a writer, in my opinion, is someone who can cause an uprising through powerful words. Someone who, with a tempest of poetric and/or powerful verses, can accomplish almost anything. Some of the greatest speakers in the world have carefully utilized this talent, and they've engraced their names in the slabs of history. For a writer to claim themselves as that equivalent isn't an egocentric claim, it's a show of determination. It shows they're enterprising, it shows they confide in themselves and indulge in their talents. It'd be deception to say everyone is born with the talent of writing, because the truth is people can't force themselves to enjoy text. Some people can't convey emotion, some people can't grasp the concepts of literature and some simply aren't capable of conceiving something resplendent from text. Artists have brushes, boxers have fists, soldiers have guns, singers have voices and I have a pencil. I'm a writer.

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Freelancer with Master's and Wicked Sense of Humor

Blogger: 20-something with a fantastic and humorous writing style full of sarcastic wit, strong opinions, and and a twisted but intelligent view on life. Articles: Master's degree with strong writing abilities and exceptional research skills.

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