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In 2013, I completed a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Otago in New Zealand. I majored in Film and Media Studies while also gaining a minor in Writing. I have always enjoyed writing and editing, and am currently writing film analysis for the website As part of my degree I learnt how to write news stories, media releases, reports, proposals, plays, short films, and non-fiction articles, as well as academic essays . My aim is to write pieces that are clear and easy to understand.

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Professional Writer

Words are a panacea of sorts for the curse of our intelect. And as the intelect expands, so does the vocabulary. I like writing, thats because I love reading even more. I enrolled in an online news writing course with the London School of Journalism some years back and I'm aching to polish and amplify the skills I picked up. I enjoy my subscription to the Economist Magazine and I read a whole lot more non-fiction compared to fiction. But I am fond of science fiction, especially Isaac Asimov. I'm trully inspired by him, which brings me to be able to confidently write anything asked of me.

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Highly skilled professional writer and editor

I'm an experienced writer of fiction and non-fiction, having appeared in various literary journals and anthologies, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Griffith Review and online at ABC's The Drum. I have also written copy for a number of small businesses. I have an MA in Creative Writing (UTS) and a superior aptitude in drafting and editing copy in rapid time.

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Expert writer/copy editor

More than 7 years writing and copy editing across different industries. I've written and produced radio shows: scripted live events; coauthored two books on entrepreneurship; edited, copy edited and proofread academic, non-fiction and fiction manuscripts; ghostwritten excerpts for books; generated content for blogs and news outlets; developed social media strategies; written press releases.

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I am a 21 year old writer residing in Burlington, VT. I am mainly a comedy writer, writing and performing stand up comedy throughout Vermont, as well as in New York City for the She-Devil Comedy Festival and Boston for the Women in Comedy Festival. I have also begun producing and writing a local comedy talk show. Aside from strictly comedy writing, I am a short story writer and poet. I'm also very capable of writing non-fiction essays and articles. I love writing and work in a timely fashion. I am also very willing to take suggestion and work to provide someone with exactly what they are looking for in a piece of writing, while still offering a unique perspective and voice.

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Creative writer with talent and imagination

I am a creative writer who specializes, but is not limited to, non-fiction. I can write a piece for you, or help make your own writing even better.

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Professionalism is my hallmark

I've worked with clients on writing projects spanning short (resumes, articles) to long form (novels, memoirs). My specialty is writing and editing (fiction and non-fiction).

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PhD, Proofreader, Editor, Writer & Researcher

I am an experienced proofreader, copy-editor, writer & researcher. I have a PhD in English literature and 3 years' experience teaching undergraduates - this included teaching essay-writing skills and general study skills (grammar, structure, paragraphing, referencing etc.). I have 7 years' freelance experience and my clients include Literature Online, the British Arts Council and the National Gallery of Art. I have edited several academic texts - as well as proofreading & copy-editing the main text, this included compiling bibliographies and checking for consistency in the referencing style. I can edit your academic essay/thesis/book according to whichever referencing style you prefer.

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Professional Writer, Researcher, and Editor

With over a decade of professional writing and design experience, I provide my clients with high-quality, content-based writing and editing services. My goal is to help your readers make meaningful connections to your ideas through the written word. My skills include both fiction and non-fiction writing across multiple genres. I have extensive experience in not-for-profit grant writing, fundraising, annual report development, marketing, membership and volunteer program development, the modernization of donor and collection databases, strategic planning and implementation, and educational program development. I am conscientious, creative, reliable and dedicated. I welcome all input and critique. I also operate an online magazine/blog about Northern Michigan entitled The Crooked Porch. You can see my writing style at

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Web and SEO copywriter

Passion is more important than money. I should know. I gave up a career in the architectural field to pursue a more rewarding job experience. When the dust settled I found something I truly loved – writing. For the past eight years I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter specializing in web copywriting, SEO writing, fiction, and journalism. My work has appeared both in print and on various web sites. My experiences include SEO writing, E-commerce writing, white pages, long-form non-fiction writing, journalism, blogging, and social media. Much of my freelance work requires conforming to in-house style guides or more traditional styles standards such as AP or Chicago. I am a capable researcher and willing to learn new technology in order to complete the required task.

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I am involved in the creation and development of works of fiction and non-fiction.researching the market including reading relevant publications or blogs, and staying up to date with writing that is being produced in given field.writing individual pieces, including using the technical skills of writing and being able to structure and plan individual projects.editing, revising and reviewing work especially in response to feedback.

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I have worked on my college newspaper, The Juniatian, so I am familiar with writing news, features, and sports articles. I can also write creatively (fiction and non-fiction) and have some editing background.

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Content Writer

I have previously worked in the higher education arena where I taught entry level English. Over the past three years, I have developed a keen eye for grammatical errors after grading hundreds of research papers. Likewise, I have a Master's Degree in Written Communication. I am capable of writing a wide array of material from non-fiction, loaded with facts, statistics, and a friendly voice, to fiction where I used the fives senses to really make the writing come to life. I prefer writing shorter articles (500-800 words) on topics like health and beauty or relationships, but I am open to other options as well. I am a strong researcher, with an eye for detail, who believes in meeting deadlines early. I am always happy to provide writing samples.

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Freelance Writer

I am a writer and editor with a diversified portfolio. My expertise is academic writing, including English, Creative Writing, and Literature. I have much experience in education, and a well-rounded writing repertoire: published non-fiction, fiction, editorial. My rate is negotiable if it sounds like we could forge a positive relationship for future projects. I would like to establish connections that are profitable and fluid for both of us.

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I've worked in the legal publishing industry, primarily in an editing and research capacity, for nearly eight years. My educational background is in English with a focus on writing. I have a strong amount of experience with editing business documents and researching legal information for a global publication, experience with editing non-fiction material (for print and digital), and some experience in creative writing.

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Editor, Proofreader, and Creative Writer

Writing, above all else, has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have been published multiple times, and worked as a content editor for a literary magazine for two years, writing and editing blog posts, as well as helping to copy edit submissions. I am currently a college student, studying English/Creative Writing, and would love to help with whatever project you're working on.

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I am a blogger and up and coming author. I have 7 years in writing fiction and non fiction. With my passion for writing and written arts you can expect quality grade A work form me.

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Experienced proofreader, writer, editor.

I have 15+ years of writing, editing, and proofreading experience, with an emphasis on long form manuscript, academic, and non-fiction writing. I'm detailed, meticulous, and thorough. I excel at tightening language, keeping the message focused, and making the complex accessible. My client list is far reaching, from academia to advertising. I will provide clear and concise feedback. If you need a second set of eyes on something, or if you need suggestions on making your writing more reader friendly, I'm your guy.

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I'm a copy-editor and proofreader for a small independent press, with experience in academic writing, fiction, non-fiction, content curation and some sales content writing. If you pick me, you're getting reliability, consistency and quality.

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Don't Put off til Tomorrow, What you can Do today.

Personally I love writing, it opens up an imaginative experience for all readers. With writing I feel any story is possible whether fiction or non-fiction. I used to host a battle-rap page on Myspace consisting of only lyrics, in which I made sure there was order, everyone followed the rules and it was organized properly. I wrote blogs, stories, and poems of my own that were posted on the web and people gave 100% positive feedback and criticism. Although I have a lot of experience in writing I am always willing to learn more and motivated to making myself a professional. I have connections with a small publishing company as well. I am knowledgeable in writing stories, ghost-writing song lyrics, poems, blogs, and filing and organizing written documents. I am eager to start as soon as possible, and have no doubt in the quality and proficiency of my writing. Please don't hesitate to contact my profile for any kind of work. Thank You.

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Hi, my name is Amanda, and I have a passion for writing. English has always been my strong suit. Whether it's writing, spelling, reading, grammar, literary analysis, etc; I enjoy writing. I am particularly good at writing about debatable topics, or non fiction events, but also do fairly well when it comes to writing something fictional. I hope to travel around the world one day, and even though I haven't gone too far away from my home yet, whenever I do get the chance to vacation off somewhere, I am always writing about it. I have a deep passion for writing and traveling, and both of those things truly make me happy.

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Creative Writer and Painter

Creativity is the first reason I sought out and became experienced in the field of writing, but hard work and determination are key. In all ways, writing has been my passion second only to painting - thus flow words, imagery onto paper so people might see things the way I do. Although creative writing is my core skill, I am also well-versed in non-fiction, transcription, and anything else you may need. If you are looking for an illustrator, concept artist, or story boarder, as well, that is my preferred profession. I am currently in school for these. You will not be disappointed!

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I am a short story writer, blogger, freelance writer and reviewer. I also write and sell crochet patterns through Etsy. My writing credits include articles for Hellogiggles, Renaissance Magazine, and Geek Crafts. My expertise is in DIY, television, film, literature and books, travel, geek culture, and the arts. I have taken courses in fiction writing, creative non-fiction, poetry, and screenwriting. I am comfortable with the formatting of each genre and have experience editing all for content and grammar. Through running an Etsy shop, I've also gained solid experience in marketing and copywriting. I have successfully used Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+ to promote my business.

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Des Nnochiri, Writer and Screenwriter

On the fiction front, I'm a writer and screenwriter in the crime and thriller genre - though my stories tend to incorporate elements of fantasy, horror, and comedy. My short script, "Trick" was produced as a film in 2011 by Shooting Incident Productions, who do location work on "Emmerdale", one of the UK's leading daytime dramas. In non-fiction, I've covered an extensive range of topics, including business technology, current events, sports, literature, and entertainment. I am currently a ghostwriter for marITwrite, a UK-based content provider for the corporate technology market.

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I have a passion for grammar and proper use of the English language. Readers want to read material that is clear and concise. I have a knack for cutting out excess words, and making the author's message clear without sacrificing vocabulary. I have experience in various types of writing. These types include but are not limited to; fiction, non-fiction, news writing and academic writing.

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I am a student at Ithaca College and Conservatory with a penchant for "Hint of Lime" chips and puns. In high school I studied AP European and US history in addition to AP British Literature. I am currently enrolled as a bachelor of music with an outside field in ethnomusicology and a minor in anthropology. I have maintained a 3.93 GPA and am in the Honors program. As an extension of my interests in literature, history, and anthropology, I have developed strong academic writing skills. I have also won several competitions in Lincoln Douglas style debating and was employed by a congressional campaign to write advocacy articles for the candidate. In the non-fiction realm, I take inspiration from accessible authors such as Doris Kearns Goodwin and Robert K. Massie. In reading non-fiction, I am both stricken by Romantic English novelists like Thomas Hardy and concise Russian Realists like Leo Tolstoy. In my diversity of reading interests, I have become an adaptable writer.

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I'm a 21-year-old college student at UC Irvine who enjoys writing and drawing. I'm available for copywriting, editing (fiction and non-fiction), and proofreading; I'm also open for simple image editing with Adobe Photoshop, and certain illustration/cartooning jobs (my portfolio is available upon request).

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Hi. I am a Mechanical Engineer currently working in the Oil and Gas Sector. My true passion, however, lies in writing. I have been writing as far back as I can remember, whether it be short stories that didn't make any sense to poems that did not rhyme. Lately, this passion has translated into something more formal and organized. I have written movie reviews for online user-based review gathering website I wrote movie blogs and sports articles. I recently finished an online course "Start Writing Fiction" for The Open University ( and wrote two short stories as its assignment. I am willing to explore more avenues, be they fiction or non-fiction. I want to turn this lifelong love of mine into something more, something practical. What I lack for experience in freelancing, I more than make up for in passion.

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I am an accomplished writer in both fiction and non-fiction. I have placed many content formats in first position on Google with keyword saturation alone. I excel at article writing on a myriad of topics and have ghostwritten 2 novels. I look forward to working with you.

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Over 25 years working with Canadian oil and gas agreements and leases has provided me with the opportunity to hone skills in document creation, collaboration and proofreading for content and typographical errors. I have also taught courses at a technical post-secondary learning institute related to the oil industry, the agreements required and how to administer them. Additionally, I have taught skiing in Western Canada and dabbled in photography and writing (fiction and non-fiction).

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Expert Writer, Translator, Data Entry

(Me a 14 years educated person ,Commerce,Accounting +IT) I strive for perfection and I am able to complete work in a timely, professional manner and for a reasonable price. My client's 100% satisfaction is very important to me. I am flexible, honorable and friendly. I will work hard and provide you with exactly what you need from a writer. Web-Content: Magazine and Newspaper Articles; Short Stories; Novels; Life Writing; Non-Fiction. In past a writer of local Magazine and Newspaper Articles. MS-Office expert. ENG<=>URDU in a NGO.(Team work). I love words and my hobby to play with them in such a sequence that they work like a magician on the mind of their readers

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Inborn writer to offer high quality articles

Catching the imagination of others and then planting a seed that would flower and come to fruition is all what we do. We have a dynamic team of writers who are masters in their own fields and experienced in writing Articles, Web Copies, PR, Blogs and other types of non-fiction writing. My work is unrivaled, seize the reader's attention and ensure continued reading. Working under strict deadline to complete the project or walking an extra mile just to satisfy our clients is never a problem for us.

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Cambridge CELTA certified experienced professional

I excel at non-fictional English writing such as reports, descriptions and fact-based material. I enjoy internet based research. I also proofread and edit. I love to work with technical and scientific material. I am a University of Cambridge CELTA certified English language trainer. My overall full time work experience is over thirteen years during which I performed numerous and very diverse roles. I led customer service and ISP technical support teams for several years. I completed a two years full time masters degree in 2014 during which I lived and studied in Riga and Belin. I graduated with a weighted average grade of 94%. I value mobility and choice so I prefer freelancing to working full time in an office.

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Dedicated and loyal, looking to ghostwrite for you

In addition to writing my own novels for middle-grade and young adult audiences, I've edited a non-fiction history of the USDA Plant Materials Center for W. Curtis Sharp and I've prepared numerous marketing pieces for friends and family. Before I became a stay-at-home mom to my two special needs boys I worked as a Product Manager in the telecom industry and ran my own daycare for children in the Autism spectrum. I have a BS in Computer Science from UofMd and a certificate in Small Business Development from the Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore. See more at

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New to Elance! Published author/desk job writer.

Hello hello members of the Elance world. We can get to the point here. I'm a published author of both fiction and non-fiction. A business school graduate of one of the few universities whose program has a writing emphasis. Full time content writer for a travel marketplace where I write about places I have never seen. Comfortable taking on any writing task from the business minded to the creative at heart.

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Will create or edit according to your needs

Published author, seasoned newsletter editor who takes pride her ability to create, edit, polish projects that will enhance your image

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I have over twenty five years of experience in freelance writing fiction and nonfiction on subjects as varied as role playing games, film and book criticism, radio drama script writing. I have worked as an editor as well as a magazine staff contributor of both fiction and non-fiction. In addition, I have worked in various forms of performing arts, as musician and voice artist in various roles, and can talk knowledgeably about the field.

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Christian Living Writer and Teacher

After enjoying the written and spoken word for the majority of my life, I have been creating short non-fiction creative writing pieces, devotionals, and blogs for the last several years. I have worked with students and women's ministries ever since I was a student, and I had the opportunity to teach public high school for three years just outside of Dallas, Texas. My family has recently relocated back to Texas from a two year stay in Puerto Rico where we welcomed our seventeen month old son into the world. While there, I designed and maintained the social media websites for our Church Without Walls in Rincon, PR and Centro Quiropractico de Hormigueros, a chiropractic office. I look forward to see what the future has in store!

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Freelance Writer,Blogger

Hello! I'm a freelance writer currently earning my BA in English, and I would love to share my writing talents with you. I am skillful, reliable,and versatile; currently I am working on a collection of short stories & poetry. I'm also an avid fiction & non-fiction writer, academic writer, & blogger. As a blogger I write mainly about relationships, parenting, career, entertainment, & issues facing women. Personally I'm a native English speaker, an illustrator, professional dancer, and a former business owner. I'm devoted to writing and art, & I would love to share my creativity with you in your next writing venture.

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Writer and Translator

I have Bachelors of Arts in both Writing and Spanish & Hispanic Studies. I have worked as a Spanish language tutor, writing tutor, copy editor, and journalist. I have also had my prose (both short fiction and creative non-fiction) and poetry published. I studied abroad for six months in South America and am fluent in all aspects of both English and Spanish (speaking, writing, listening, reading).

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Expert writer

Writing non fiction is my passion. I can also create mind blowing presentations using power point or Prezi or any software at that just name it. I Also can create speeches that will leave a life long impression for an audience.

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Dedication, speed, and skill--these are the hallmarks of my professional writing. While I have a specialization in narrative work (i.e., fiction and non-fiction), I'm more than capable in almost every form of writing, and at language in general. I also have some German translation skills, though I'm better at translating from German than to German.

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Writer, Blogger & Editor

I have been a writer, blogger and editor for many years though I just recently joined Elance. English is my first language and you can check out my blog at I am a US citizen, though I split my time between the US and India currently. My background is varied and includes corporate management, strategy consulting, financial planning, literary publishing and editing. I am a quick writer and have won awards for my creative (fiction and non-fiction) writing throughout my writing career.

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I am a recent Towson University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English, concentration in writing. I have an abundance of relevant experience in creative and non-fiction writing in several genres. I also can provide assistance with proofreading and social media management, specifically Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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I am an experienced writer in fiction and non-fiction texts. My aptitude for tasks involving creative writing is almost immeasurable. The work you or your company requires me to finish can be done in a timely manor (roughly 1-2 weeks per 200 pages).

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Language is a Powerful Tool When Used Correctly

Your writing serves as testament to your understanding of your topic while reinforcing your professional credibility. Be sure that it conveys the right message every single time. Northeast Writing & Editing will help you do just that - convey your message in your voice while ensuring that grammar and usage are perfect.

Skills: Editor
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Writer with ATTITUDE!

I have been writing on the internet for seventeen years and have various fiction and non-fiction publications in print and online. I currently have five kindle single's as well as a non-fiction e-book about bipolar disorder and a fiction novel. I currently hold a position as the feature writer (two years), for my local hometown newspaper three days per week, giving me plenty of spare time to proof/edit/write for you. Writing is my passion.

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Harvard educated writer

I have extensive experience writing both fiction and non-fiction. At Harvard I studied History and English and won several undergraduate awards for my academic writing. I specialized in creative fiction and am now pursuing that as a professional career. My first novel is being published early 2016 by a major US publisher. In addition to academic and fiction writing, I headed the writing staff of the largest electronic music news site in the world - - in my capacity as Senior Editor. In that role I was responsible for writing, curating and editing content for the website.

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Expert, accurate copy editing

You get outstanding results with my detailed eye on your written words whether they appear in a business report, a fitness article or any type of creative non-fiction or fiction adventure. Strong copy editing and writing for oil and gas, fitness and creative storytelling ventures.

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Tempering diversity with understanding

I produce short works of fiction and non-fiction literature for short stories, ghost writing, advertisements, instructional or theme-specific purposes. In addition to creative writing I provide reviews that take a fresh, un-biased look at today's products.

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Writer, Translator & Marketer.

I have a great fluency in writing in both language English and Arabic in addition to translating from English to Arabic and Vice Versa in a very accurate and precise way. You will love my work. TranslationEnglish To Arabic TranslationSales SkillsInternet MarketingMarket ResearchSocial Media MarketingMicrosoft Excel 2010Microsoft PowerPoint 2010Call Center SkillsCustomer ServiceTelephone EtiquetteReport WritingEnglish SpeakingEnglish Editing - AP (US)Creative Writing - Non-fiction (UK Version)Content WritingWindows XPAccounting Skills (Assets and Revenue)

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Virtual Assistant, Website, Events and Copywriter

With over 15 years of communications, marketing and event management skills in corporate and retail environments, I bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to my work. I am an excellent fiction and non fiction writer, copywriter used to the demands of writing under pressure. Additionally, I enjoy the challenges of being a Virtual Assistant for my clients by providing them the utmost in reliability and competence. I have been working with website creation and project management for several years now and successfully completed more than a dozen sites. Please contact me for more information and to discuss how my skills can help make your life and work easier! Proficient Virtual Assistant, and Social Media specialist.

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Passionate writer, editor, and creative thinker.

I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who has had a life long love affair with literature and creative writing. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, blogs and everything in between, I love creating my own original pieces as well as reading those created by others. I can quickly adapt to any narrative setting or tone, and enjoy new and challenging assignments that force me to venture outside of my comfort zone and think outside the box.

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Creative & Confident Writer

I enjoy reading fictional and non fictional books and articles. I have an A Level in English Literature and I am a very creative individual. I like to write cosmetic reviews as can be seen on my website under BB Blog. I also enjoy writing fictional stories. When writing about non fictional subjects I take time to research and make sure my work is of a high standard.

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I am an aspiring author. I am exceptionally gifted with words, getting the reader(s) interested and fulfilling my obligation(s) to my client's. I enjoy and am talented when writing both fiction and non-fiction. I am committed to pleasing my client's and doing everything in my power to get the job(s) done quick and efficiently.

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Company as unique as the authors it publishes!

Off Center Publishing believes in assisting independant authors to design, edit and publish their writing in such a way to reflect the uniqueness and spirit of the author. Not every book, fiction or non-fiction, should be dry and boring. Not every paragraph should conform to the grammatical and spelling standards. Straying from the rules and requirements can create a memorable piece of writing and self expression for the author and reader. Off Center Publishing strives to make every book as unique and brilliant as the author who created it. Off Center's owner has a Master's in Buisiness Administration (MBA) with a Bachelor's in Secondary Education (Mathematics). The co-owner has a Bachelor's in Chemistry w/minor in Physics. Off Center is well versed in Non-traditional/New Age/Alternative belief systems and the power of the universe.

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Expert writer, IT Manager

A 34 yr old graduate in Electronics, Diploma in Electronics Communication. Presently working IT Sector as IT Manager. I have done diploma in teaching technology. Well experienced in online article writing, essay writing, editing, re-writing, proof-reading, blog writing, creative writing, fiction writing, non-fiction writing. Looking for part time online job for earning extra money.

India, WEST BENGAL, KHARDAH, KOLKATA | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Dynamic writer with over 10 years experience working in marketing, communications, and entertainment. Comprehensive writing services include copywriting for print & web, essays, technical pieces, fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays (both original and adapted). Capable of executing a wide range of writing styles and voices. Able to flawlessly mimic and replicate existing styles, and/or develop new and unique styles.

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Obsessively-Compulsively Grammatically Correct

As a professional freelance writer and administrator, my experience spans 3 decades encompassing all phases of the writing process and a variety of genres and writing types. Most of my career has been in law; performing research, compiling/interpreting data and composing all forms of legal documents. I have similar experience in medicine, real estate and academia. I write, spin, proofread and edit articles, eBooks, academic and research papers, business and legal documents, and short stories. I am articulate in fiction and non-fiction. I am eloquent in poetry and prose. I provide the highest quality writing featuring precise vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as an engaging and conversational writing style. When proofreading and editing, the final copy is flawless; however, I also submit a "mark-up" copy with explanatory notes to assist each writer in his/her journey to becoming a better writer. This journey, as every writer knows, is endless.

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Expert Online and Physical Writer

Hello, my name is Sophia Torres and I am a teenager that possesses an amazing ability to write and create fiction and non-fiction projects. I am bilingual, so if you need a book written in Portuguese or English, I've got the skills. I have been told all my life that my work, no matter writing or art, is at an amazing stance for someone my age. Almost every writing competition I have entered in has left me either in first or second place. I have been working in the writing field since I was in the first grade when I had a short story I wrote, copied and laminated by my school's library as a first prize winner. I am able to work with physical writings and sharing my work through email. I am looking for ghostwriting or co-writing jobs. Be wary however that I am still a teenager so funding from myself could be limited. Thank you for considering my application.

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Adorn your ideas with words

Don't despite me because I'm new. I am faithful and reliant. I am a Masters in Comparative Literature from Calcutta University and doing my PHD from Jadavpur University and also experienced in writing Articles, eBooks, Web Copies, Press Releases, Blogs and other types of non-fiction writing. I also work under strict deadline to complete the project and glance on my work to satisfy my clients. Actual fact of my unrivaled work is its size and representation through which readers are enchanted in reading. My Communication skill is very good and I have also excellent interpersonal skills. I want to give here my best on my new and challenging roll.

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Academic Writer

I have vast experience in academic writing. In the past few months I have worked on diverse projects some of which are mentioned below - 1- An analysis of wine industry in Australia 2- Narrative construction in War films 3- Overview of medication for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in students. 4- Analysis of various films (12 Angry Men, A Time to Kill, Rebel Without a Cause etc.) 5- Analysis of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) of Land Rover Jaguar by Tata Motors My research into such diverse topics has refined by writing skills. I am adept at reading material, paraphrasing content and also providing a critical analysis. I can analyse a situation/project from diverse angels and provide solutions to the toughest problems.

United Kingdom, Greater London, London | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Reliable, relatable, and ready.

I am currently studying at the University of Western Sydney doing a Bachelor of Music. I have also done an elective in psychology for one year. I am currently achieving about a high Credit/low Distinction average. I have good skills with words, either spoken or written. Being Australian, I am mainly familiar with UK/Australian spelling, but can work with American if so desired. I am very good at writing, and have written research reports, speeches, essays, stories, blog posts, poems, and songs - as such, I have experience in both fiction and non-fiction areas, and both creative and other styles of writing. I am also good at reading over already written work and proofreading it, as well as suggesting possible improvements that I think could help with elements such as overall text cohesion, flow, individual word usage and relevance, as well as many other areas.

Australia, NSW, Narellan | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Young East Londoner, with experience in writing (essays, articles, blogs, general fiction/non-fiction writing). Also a qualified photographer (including, photo editing, analysing, contextual write ups). Experience in edting many documents from essays to novels. Would also be able to manage social networks for businesses/promote businesses on social networks (Facebook and Twitter)

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expert fictional, nonfictional and creative writer

An expert writer in terms of fiction , non fiction and creative writing. any form of work will be completed within a period of a day ( subject to size of work). Relatively less fees.

India, Kerala, Cochin | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Imagination and high quality content

With years of diverse experience and a fertile imagination, I can write quality content on many topics with familiarity and creativity, in fiction or non-fiction. I have experience in fencing, acting, film-making, songwriting, music, board games, photography, travel, Japan and Japanese culture, medieval history, fiction (fantasy is a favorite genre), and much more. I will scale my writing to the project as you need it, be it fun and effective copywriting, an article on fencing tactics, a thoughtful review, lyrics for a song, a fantastical story of orcs and elves, or anything you can imagine (or need me to imagine for you). English is my mother tongue. I look forward to helping you create your vision.

United States, CA, Los Angeles | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (1 reviews)

With thirty years of business writing experience, author of a non-fiction book and numerous articles in print and online, I have the experience and knowledge to collaborate on most projects. No job too large or small.

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Graduate in philosophy at West Virginia University

With a broad-reaching body of studies in philosophy and literature, I am a perfect candidate for writing and editing manuscripts in academic, fiction, and non-fiction writing. I have a proclivity for writing and editing meticulous and nuanced works, such as slang in fiction or use of a specialized vocabulary in theoretical writing. Having been a student in philosophy at West Virginia University, with a minor in English, I have learned to decipher, and respond to, some of the most pervasive works and recognize/use a wide range of motifs that cut across culture and time.

United States, WV, Morgantown | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional editor with a strong eye for grammar

I am a professional editor with experience editing academic essays, novels and short stories, children's books, play scripts, non-fiction, and web content. I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in creative writing. As an undergrad, I worked at the university's writing center, helping students to improve their papers and their writing. As a student in the writing department, I was awarded a Distinction in Writing upon graduation for my accomplishments and dedication to writing outside of the regular curriculum. Currently, my day job is editing books. I have a strong eye for grammar and a love for writing. I am ready to help you make your project the best it can be!

United States, MI, Battle Creek | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a published author who is comfortable tackling fiction, non-fiction, academic, or business writing, including journalism or blogging. I have a master's in creative writing and a firm grasp on grammar skills and persuasive language, as well as experience editing both fiction and non-fiction (freelance and as an intern for a publishing house).

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Editor: elevate your concepts and prose quickly

Work with a writer/editor who gets it, and don't waste time on revisions. I'll deliver what you need on time and it will be well-researched, entertaining and grammatically perfect. I produce tight, professional copy that hits the target. I love the art of writing, and I also enjoy a good challenge. over 20 years experience. fiction and non-fiction. trade/academic/corporate.

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I am a university graduate with a degree in biology but my hobbies and interests have always included writing. I am very detail-oriented and extremely fluent in the English language, as well as with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I am most proficient with creative fiction writing, especially novels, but I am also capable with non-fiction and other forms of fiction. I am interested in all forms of editing, as well as proofreading and writing.

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Experienced Copy Editor and Proofreader

My background is in education. I taught English and writing for 13 years. For the past seven years I've worked as a freelance copy editor for a small publisher. I proofed marketing emails, websites, newsletters, closed captioning, press releases, short novels and craft magazines. I'm skilled in both PDF proofing and Word and I am knowledgeable with both AP and Chicago Style.

United States, IN, Berne | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a passionate young writer with a strong background in history, science, and business. I have experience screenwriting, story development, editing, fiction and non-fiction writing. In addition to creative writing, I have a substantial experience in technical writing and journalism. I have a diverse, multicultural background (Iraqi and Ukrainian) and write with a broad global perspective. I am used to working in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines easily. Give me a deadline and watch me go! Thank you!

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I'm an experienced games designer/writer, having worked on multiple bestselling AAA games over a decade. I've also written reviews and articles for NEO magazine, 360 Gamer magazine, and more. During my time as both a games designer and freelance writer I've developed a keen critical eye for detail and polish, and learned to work quickly and to a high standard. I provide top quality, professional games design and writing (including scripts, level design flowcharts, game design documentation, menu/UI text and lore/item descriptions), as well as reviews and articles on books, games, films, TV shows and more. I've experience in critiquing, editing and proofreading both fiction and non-fiction writing. I have excellent English spelling and grammar skills and I tailor my work to match my clients' needs. My most recent games design and writing experience was at Ninja Theory Ltd., on DmC; Virgil's Downfall & Disney Infinity 2.0. I also wrote for the game Strike Suit Zero.

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I am a native English speaker currently on track with a Creative Writing degree. I have experience in both fiction and non-fiction writing and editing in a variety of mediums including blog writing, articles, and short stories.

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Online writer

I am good in English and Hindi writing. Can easily translate one language to other, I am also good in writing creative fiction and non-fiction article as whatever the need is.

India, Haryana, Yamunanagar | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

People should hire me because I have plenty of experience writing. I was part of the Honors American Literature class in my high school where my writing skills blossomed. I have done really well in the class earning an A. I have also taken part of a club called Model United Nations where the real UN is simulated. I have represented countries, written papers, negotiated, and will be the chair of a committee in a conference this coming fall. I have a lot experience with non-fiction writing and literature analysis. I have participated for two years at this club and am now on the executive board.

United States, MI, West Bloomfield Township | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a recent graduate of Penn State University, where I majored in Writing and English Literature with a focus in non-fiction research and writing. In addition to my studies, I worked as an editor for our literary journal, Lake Effect, for three years, and a copy editor for the Behrend Beacon for one. Reading and editing are my passions. I have an extreme love for the written word and voracious, variegated appetite when it comes to my reading preferences. I have a critical eye for grammar, spelling and sentence structure, as well as an ear for the flow and sound of language; not only will I edit your work for grammatical errors, I will ensure that your literature is a polished and professional read.

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Children's Literature Specialist

I have an MFA in writing for children and young adults and have taught writing at several colleges. I've edited many picture books, novels, poetry collections and non-fiction works. I also have a BA in fine art and can offer my expertise in art & design. My writing and illustrations have appeared in several national and local publications.

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Words that Make a Difference

News and other types of writing should be clear, concise and relevant--qualities that I imbue in my own work. I offer professional writing tailored to your readership's needs. I have extensive experience in writing news stories, feature articles, and other types of nonfiction writing for web content or print media. If excellence is what you seek, you have come to the right place. Let us work together.

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A credentialed health and wellness expert

I am an enthusiastic writer who specializes in health and wellness topics. I have been a registered nurse for over 15 years and a certified nurse practitioner for the last 7. I am also a certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. I began writing just because I enjoy researching a topic and writing about it. I can produce professional, research-based articles with a bit of humor on any aspect of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition that fits your editorial needs.

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Writer seeking outlet to utilize skills

Strong creative and fiction writing skills. Proofreading and copy editing for fiction and non-fiction. Willing to give constructive criticism and creative feedback to improve writing.

United States, AL, Theodore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I've been a writer since I was a child. It's always been a part of me, the artistic expression I valued most. I studied writing for children and teenagers at the Institute of Children's Literature. I am most experienced with fiction short stories, non-fiction articles and poetry. However, I enjoy all kinds of writing, and love a challenge! I am also interested in blogging, proofreading, and administrative work.

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Great all-purpose writer

I am a former history major with a good bit of fiction and non-fiction writing experience. I have traveled extensively the past 4 years and am looking to turn writing from a hobby into a career.

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Just lancin' freely, ya feel me?

University educated creative professional with wide-ranging skills - Writing (Fiction/Non-Fiction) - Media Design - Filmmaking & Videography - Video Editing I am a recent graduate from a BFA program specializing in filmmaking and storytelling. I have an array of creative skills, and a diverse work-history that includes customer service, media design, and treeplanting.

Canada, Ontario, Richmond | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Gerard Depardieu look alike. I am fluent in English and Russian. I have been a translator of fictional and non-fictional works for a few years now and have an education in writing, journalism, teaching English and criminology. Love writing content and working to deadlines. Also known as Baby Face...much older than I look.

United Kingdom, Avon, Weston Super Mare | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative Writer, Content Producer, Fashion Writer

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And that she is. Asiah is a passionate non-fiction/fiction creative writer who has a playful palette of words. She nurtures her talents by engaging in a variety of writing forms and styles. As she pursues her bachelor's degree in communication and English, she produces content for several fashion, beauty, and entertainment blogs/publications/websites. Asiah feeds off of pressure and deadlines. The artist is a lethal combination of raw talent, discipline, and unique blood. Her gift of gab is complimented with witty writing skills and she truly loves the art. As the new kid on the block, she brings to the table fresh ideas and creative content. With her, she welcomes a new audience; generation Y. As the new face of technology and literature, she is the future. Drink up; she's your fountain of youth.

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I have always been interested in writing as a young boy. At the age of 13 I wrote my first poem and blew my English teacher away. My love for writing fiction grew as I did and eventually grew to bigger and better things. My poems evolved into stories with in depth plots, characters, and twist endings. Later on, in high school, I noticed that I also loved writing non-fiction pieces such as research papers or opinionated essays. I always received A's on my work and sometimes some extra credit for doing more than what was asked. That's what I'm offering you. Imagine I'm your student and you're giving me an assignment. I wont give you 100%, I'll give 110%

United States, NC, Greensboro | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a writer who is finally looking to expand and expose my work outside my academic horizons. I typically write creative non-fiction, but writing is my passion in general. I also love to write blogs, essays, research papers, and fiction short stories. I enjoy editing as well. Editing comes naturally, as I spend a lot of time around grammar, and the English language.

United States, CA, Citrus Heights | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, Editor, & Research Perfectionist

I am an experienced writer, blogger, and world traveler. I am a perfectionist, which means I put 110% into any work I do. I am a native English speaker and formally trained in proper grammar and writing. I have traveled this wonderful planet and lived in 4 countries. One country I lived in is Haiti, where I practiced the language and married a native speaker of Haitian Creole. I have also taken a Haitian Creole class to learn the correct grammar and sentence structure. I have experience editing for a travel blog for scuba divers as well as writing blog posts myself. I have written blogs, articles, and research papers on many subjects and ideas, from Hollywood to short stories to non-fictional events. I have a minor in Biblical studies from Biola University and a major in Intercultural Studies. I have written and delivered sermons to crowds ranging from 5-2,000 people. I am also well-versed in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Word.

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Writer Artist Poet Philospher Health Expert

I have been writing non-fiction since I was 16 and since then I have written/edited 3 books completely on my own. My main areas of expertise involve the various realms of health, philosophy, and sociology, but I have studied many other subjects over time as well. I am currently working to expand my knowledge in the world of art and business. In addition to having written multiple books, I have also written college essays for friends, when I was personally still in highschool, and I consistently earned them "A's" or high "B's." It was typically able to write a single-spaced 3 page essay in a few hours, editing included. If you have any writing work which you believe I am capable of, regardless of what the subject & style are, please let me know. If the task is beyond my skill set, I will look into what is required to learn it and consider whether or not I can do it well. I will then immediately get back to you with my conclusion.

United States, IL, Batavia | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Word Whisperer

Writing is my passion. I spent several years as a scientific document editor while completing my degree in Geography. I have since worked as an article author, content moderator, editor and fact-checker for an environmental website. In my spare time I enjoy reading and writing fiction with a particular interest towards science fiction and speculative fiction. My non-fiction interests include geography, environmental issues, art history and the physical sciences. I would enjoy any opportunity to write and edit for clients in a professional and timely manner.

United States, CA, Chico | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have strong skills in writing non-fiction and fiction, possess excellent skills in grammar and sentence structure, and am very proficient in writing poems and greetings for sentimental creative writings. I am also excel at research for informative articles.

United States, TN, Corryton | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, Editor

I am currently finishing a degree in Business with completed studies in English and Art History. Having worked in both educational and professional roles editing and writing papers, theses, manuscripts, and various kinds of business documents, I am experienced in a number of writing styles. I have tutored in writing departments at two schools and have always had a passion for the English language. My studies have included poetry, philosophy, fiction and non-fiction writing, with a focus on business and law composition. I love to read, write, and edit all types of documents.

United States, NY, Oneonta | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative Writer - Love of the written word

My skills lie within the areas of writing. I love to express my thoughts and perspectives on life through the written word. My strength is non-fiction writing, be it advertising a product to encite others to want to try it! Or simply to share perspective, in order to bring new awareness to one's way of thinking/being.

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have over 1 year of experience in all kinds of online based writing, and can provide the following services with unparalleled dedication; - E book writing - Content writing - Article writing. - Business writing - Non-fiction writing All articles I provide are completely legitimate (CopyScape passed) and original. The content is optimized to ensure that there aren't any typos or fluff content, hence ensuring that you won't have to arduously go through a long, editing process. I provide unlimited edits as well. also i am a student of chartered accountancy in Pakistan and i have cleared my accounting papers so i posses a good knowledge about financial accounting and financial analysis I take it upon myself to ensure that all work is delivered well within the stated deadline

Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Copywriter and Social Media Consultant

If you are looking for a Copywriter, Social Media Consultant or contributor for a creative writing endeavor, then I would love to be considered for your project! I offer a blend of creativity, technical know how, and marketing awareness, and I enjoy the collaboration process involved in seeing something through from idea to completion. I have written online marketing copy, professional blog posts, product descriptions, book reviews, technical and scientific documents, and edited academic content. As a social media consultant, I maintain online presence for professional brands by preparing and scheduling content. I am proficient with MadMimi and Sprout Social. I am also a published fiction and non-fiction writer and poet, and I have written for the LA Post-Examiner (my archived posts can be found online: I have a bachelor's degree in English and Theatre. A full resume, references, and writing samples are available.

United States, CA, Glendale | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Freelance writer, editor & social media manager

I am the online editor for Texas Lifestyle Magazine, writing food, travel, entertainment and profile pieces. As a public relations professional for 15 years, I am also experienced in writing press releases, campaign strategies, blog posts and ghost writing articles for my clients. My clients were authors and publishers within all genres, so I can adjust my writing "voice" very easily (fiction, non-fiction, religion, health & wellness, parenting, and more). I am also skilled in creating social media content. In addition, I am a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner who can lend a qualified voice to health, wellness and nutrition pieces.

United States, TX, Austin | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.5 (1 reviews)

I am currently a college student, gifted in writing creatively in fiction as well as in non-fiction works. I am willing to negotiate with hourly rates.

United States, CA, Riverside | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)