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Proven writer/photographer/childrens expert

Since 2006, I have devoted my time to maximizing my writing and photography potential by building on the experience pyramid. As a writer, I am currently seeking content writing and blog writing positions that will allow me to maintain my SAHM lifestyle. As a photographer, my experience and skill will prove critical to your business and future revenue.

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I am a college graduate with a degree in English and a minor in Business. I have worked in a business management position for four years with experience in local marketing, sales, product controls, employee management, and recruitment. I have a strong passion and aptitude for writing that has been very beneficial in my career, but also underutilized. I am well-versed in formal, corporate-level writing, but also enjoy fiction writing and factual, humor-driven articles. In my personal life, I have a wide variety of interests, including health and fitness, the outdoors, literature, cultural studies, and all things related to the economic and business climates. I am well-travelled and have experienced and enjoyed many different cultures and environments. I have a strong work ethic and am self-motivated. I have an easygoing personality that has allowed me to thrive in stressful and deadline-driven business environments.

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Prickly Pear Media provides an array of skills in the areas of editing, writing, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Graphic Design.

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Experienced Freelance Writer (RN and Educator)

Experienced freelance writer with background in health care and education will provide writing, editing, and proofreading services. Able to write on a variety of topics and excel at simplifying complex topics (science, etc.) for a layperson audience.

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I write Awesome Sauce!

I'm a writer and editor! I write novella and edit. I blog and often find myself writing motivational notes and putting them in library books. I have edited and wrote for TRASH magazine and even had my own column. I write all sorts of stuff, I can write about anything, I'm a fun writer. Did I mention that I can write? Sure I did! I also like spiders. Just so you know.

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A degree in English has given me the skills to write for a number of different subjects. With this, I have written for multiple sites in an attempt to help increase the amount of readers that visit them. I have also handled some of their social media campaigns in an attempt to increase their traffic. I understand that the most important aspect of writing, even when it is online, is to appeal to the readers and to give them a reason to stay on the site and to recommend it to their friends.

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Writer, editor, reviewer

I am a professional writer with four years experience writing for newspapers and magazines as well as online content. I can write short copy for business purposes as well as a 4,000 word narrative. I have a background in teaching middle school and write content and reviews for educational apps and tutorials. I also write about food. A portfolio of my work can be found on my blog My favorite new app is Mindsnacks French.

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I am a student at Lehigh University. Have been writing for years. I have a funny, quirky side, but also can be serious when the situation calls for it.

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My name is Helene Gaither and I'm a married, stay-at-home mother to two sets of twins. Writing has always been a passion of mine but it wasn't until I began blogging 5 years ago that I truly found my voice. Through blogging, my talent as a writer has grown immensely. I enjoy writing about marriage, parenting, health and nutrition and life in general.

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Creative Writer Looking For Articles/Short Stories

I am a creative writer looking to do different forms of projects. I am open to doing research, blog articles, short stories, and possibly other subjects. I do some work on oDesk, where I do blog writing and erotic short stories. I am looking to extend my client base and find more work to occupy myself with.

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I am a Ph.D. Scientist in Pharmacology. My area of research is cardio-respiratory pharmacology. I have expertise in medical research writing and have ability to proof read and correct the technical mistakes in scientific research articles. I can also make scientific presentations, resume writing and able to run various computer software (scientific research and biostatistic) efficiently.

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Proofreader extraordinaire

I have the reliable proof-reading skills that you need to make sure your writing will look professional and credible. I can also create articles, reports, or other writings that will do the same.

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Vegan, environmental, animal-nut.

I threw away the chains of society, a well-paying career in computers and hid my college degree in a dark box under some bed sheets and picture frames, in order to devote myself to work that matters. The last decade of my life has been dedicated to animal rescue, conservation and sustainability. I've dabbled in different home-based wind energy projects, grown my own garden and networked throughout the country with volunteer work and writing projects for various animal welfare organizations. The one constant that's followed me throughout most of my career is the ability and my love for writing.

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Hello Everyone, My name is Tamera Hunter age 18, I live in Highland, Indiana. I'm very open-minded, I love to write. I have been writing since I learned how to, I write mostly fanfiction, short stories, song lyrics and, poems. If I had one dream it would to be a world famous writer. My career plans of the future are to become an RN and work in schools.I have no previous charges against me, I'm drug-free. I love to travel and see new things everyday.

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Sure, I have extensive experience in writing. I?ve been a Wall Street writer, an award winning copy writer, and am currently completing a collection of short stories. I write with a strong voice; if I don?t believe in what I am writing, how can I possibly expect anyone else to buy into it? I will write on almost any topic but draw the line at romance (not my thing) and term papers (just plain wrong).

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Well known for Spanish translation.

I know I'm too young for this, but do not worry, I will never let you down at all. I do my work more for my own satisfaction, I love writing and I want to make this my second profession. Well, I play football for living and I am a student. Yo se que soy demasiado joven para esto, pero no te preocupes, yo nunca te defraudara a todos. Yo hago mi trabajo mas para mi propia satisfaccion, me encanta escribir y quiero hacer de esto mi segunda profesion. Bueno, yo juego de futbol para la vida y soy un estudiante.

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I am a computer literate, Microsoft power point, excel and word. My previous work is a SHift AUditor in one of the Hotel in Davao CIty. Currently working as a Credit Guarantee Assistant of a Bank. I do have also skills in writing, since I am a news journalist way back in my high school days. I am an External Vice-President in my collge days in two terms. I do have proper time management in my everyday duties.

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Proficient, professional and expedient

Salutations, I am currently enrolled in a double major Pre-Professional Medicine and Philosophy with a tertiary interest in creative writing; grammar and French. I would enjoy the chance to practice the proofreading and editing skills I will need to succeed in my chosen profession and schooling.

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Good writer. Won't leave you disappointed!

I'm a university student, trying to do a part-time job in order to help my parents with the fees. Since writing is one of my strong points, I would prefer to propose, and get proposals about English writing. I will try my best to leave you satisfied with the work I give you. Please, don't forget the rate!

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Deft writer and communicator.

I am currently a Corporate Trainer in the healthcare industry with years of experience in leadership/professional development, content writing and delivery of training materials. In addition, I have more than 10 years of experience in the music entertainment industry as a producer/songwriter. My writing skills span both the creative and technical spectrum. I am an avid blogger, essayist and poet.

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Seasoned traveler and writer

I am a recent graduate of Haverford College holding a degree in anthropology with a minor in creative writing and minor emphasis in French. I have lived abroad in Mexico, France and India. In each of these places, I have traveled extensively and written about my experiences. Most recently, I have completed an anthropology thesis on adivasi literature in Northwest India that allowed me to travel extensively in the state of Gujarat. I am looking to break into the travel writing industry where I can pursue my passions of writing and travel. Check out my writing to see what I can do for you! See my blog at about my experiences doing fieldwork in Gujarat in the summer of 2012. I just uploaded a short film that I made with footage from the summer to the blog! I was published on in January 2011. The article is titled, "Luz Jiminez's American Dream" and is about issues of immigration in South Philadelphia.

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I am a published writer of sports and politics with experience of content writing for websites. I have experience writing reports for politicians and non-governmental organisations. I am currently developing my fiction writing whilst working as an English teacher living in Spain. I am looking to expand my portfolio and would be happy to write on any given subject that would broaden my skills and interests. I have worked in Scotland England and Canada an am familiar with the culture and language in each. I also have a working knowledge of French and Spanish.

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Graduate of Georgetown Unversity School of Foreign Service and George Washington Law School with excellent writing skills.

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Old pic but a good one!

I have a passion for community involvement projects. As Community Involvement Coordinator for Wal-Mart #0039 I enjoyed organizing events and working with local charities to help improve our community. I enjoy the various aspects of composing all types of writing projects whether it be creative or business correspondence. Research has always been something I enjoy. Compiling information and statistics and putting them into a comprhensive report to impart knowledge is one of my strengths. All in all I love to write!

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Content Writer, Editor and Translator

I am a simple person who believes that one needs to put in a lot of hard work in order to succeed. I believe that punctuality and sincerity are my assets. I enjoy proof reading, editing and content writing. I am a linguist and conveniently translate the English text to languages such as Swedish, Mandarin, German, French and Japanese and vice versa.

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Experienced writer, editor & marketing specialist.

MBA-educated writer, editor and marketing professional who is excited to begin her freelance career. Experience working for a variety of corporate and nonprofit organizations. Has written and edited multiple technical manuals, digital presentations, speeches, essays, articles, blog posts and reports. Also skilled in social media management & set-up. Well-rounded, versatile, detail-oriented and motivated to excel.

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Young writer from Queens New York.

My name is Aaron Mykel McMillian - Dash, I am from Queens, New York. At this time I am 21 and I am a English major at Virginia Union University. I have been writing for about 10 years and my passion is poetry. It gives me a outlet to release my thoughts and feeling on to paper and it helps me ease my mind from day to day struggles.

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I have been writing for the better part of fifteen years and have earned a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. I not only use a strong background in the process of writing with the pieces I produce, but a unique creative flair as well.

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I am a writer. I produce a magazine which is sold on the streets by homeless and destitute people. We are in process of securing funding, see I also do freelance business journalism, copy editing and proofreading. This is the sort of work I was hoping to find by taking part in the construction of this profile. I get a real sense of satisafaction from removing jargon from English and simplifying wooly or impenetrable copy, removing American spellings, spelling out numbers under ten and so on ... I have even been described as a pedant, in the kindest possible sense of course.

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Excited to start something new!!

Motivated Marketing and Product Development professional with 8 years' experience. Excellent negotiation skills and an uncanny ability to envision and develop products exactly as desired and at the very best pricing possible. Particularly good at managing the timing of projects and prioritizing. Works self-directed, requiring minimal supervision, while also working very well within teams. Vast knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Copywriting, Editing, Project Management, Global Sourcing, Sales,and 3rd party compliance testing protocols. Other interestes/skills include photo editing, writing, editing, proofreading and writing creative scripts.

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Experienced Editor and Proofreader

Receiving a paper-based TOEFL score of 610, I'm an avid English language editor and proofreader. I also translate documents from Khmer to English and vice versa. In addition, I do content writing for a number of real estate companies in Cambodia.

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Creative Nonfiction Writer/Editor/Tutor

Hello there! My name's Matthew "Mateo" Young and I'm a final term graduate student, concentrating in "Advocacy for Social Justice & Sustainability" in Environmental Studies. I've also worked as a college journal editor, college newspaper editor, and peer tutor at the graduate level alongside other writing and spoken word recording interests. I would be very interested in helping you edit any creative nonfiction and fiction work, as well as ghost-write chapters of new content as needed. I can also help translating works from English to Spanish, and offer voice recordings for audiobooks, poems, and other works on request. Feel free to e-mail me at with further questions and thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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hi, i'm Noah, working as an accountant in Indian bank. i have a good speed in typing, and have good skills in programming and communication skills in English .I own a laptop so ready to do work anytime . I have good skills in writing and implementing English.

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I love to write! That's the best way of telling your feelings, thoughts and everything that's on your mind. I have experience in writing blogs, articles and stories. So if you need someone to help you with anything related to writing look no further!

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Experienced writer and PR specialist

I have been working in the business media, PR and marketing management for 7 years, mostly on coordinating / middle-management positions. I have permanently balanced hands-on experience and education in the field of public relations, mass media, corporate and political communication, having attended business management and communication strategies courses.

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Experienced Editor, Writer, Copyeditor, Copywriter

My eight years of writing and editing experience includes creating original print and online content for three world-renowned museums; copywriting and copyediting for curatorial, marketing, and publishing departments; writing print and online reviews for four major magazines; writing, editing, and copyediting scholarly essays and manuscripts; hosting and writing for multiple blog and social media formats; freelance transcription and editing. I am extremely detail oriented but efficient. I am creative and analytical but easily adapt to style books and established norms for writing copy. I meet deadlines without fail.

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A dreamy poet and a young photographer

I am a college student passionate about reading writing and photography.

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Salutations to all prospective clients! My name is Timothy Yody, author by day, chef by night. I currently spend my days and nights that I don't work writing my debut horror novel. I feel freelance work would be a perfect way to liven my routine and keep the creative wheels turning. I have always excelled in the English language and will enthusiastically tailor any document to your specific needs. Thanks for your consideration!

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I am a self-motivated, independent freelancer. I have extensive writing and editing experience, as well as a firm knowledge of Microsoft software. I have a BA in Psychology from Shippensburg University, and am currently working on my MA in Psychology at American Public University. I have several years of experience working with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. In addition to my Psychology background, I have several years of culinary and customer service experience. I pride myself on my organizational skills and my ability to always maintain professionalism.

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Skilled English Literature and Film student.

A creative mind with a can do attitude. Hardworking and competent. Experience and excellence in writing - which has been a hobby, passion and finally - a career path.

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Short Story Writer

I am currently a student on the road to earning a degree in Civil Engineering. I am a fairly balanced individual who is constantly trying to better myself whenever opportunities arise. Writing is not only a personal hobby, but also a career as I am an avid blogger/ reviewer for cash on the side. On the side I enjoy running, playing the trombone, and backpacking. If you have any questions, you may contact me at

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I am a skilled writer. My strong points are creative writing and report writing. I can also use Photoshop quite well. I can translate Spanish as well as write and proofread the language.

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I am currently a Journalism major, and I am good at what I do. You can rest assured that I will put my full effort into your project.

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Quality Content Writer/SEO

My name is Kate, an American born Filipino, currently residing in Metro Manila, Philippines. I am a professional writer/SEO specialist with proven expertise in researching and writing content on a diverse range of niches. From working with various employers, I have developed a talent in creating clear concise content for ebooks, websites, SEO articles, sales copy and much more. Over the past four years, I have gained work experience throughout the web development field, creating websites and content for multiple companies and individuals. Common tasks included online publishing for and content creation for over 300 individual clients to date. With so many writers claiming to be the best of the best, it is very difficult to find a passionate writer with a strong work ethic. Regardless of the type of content you are looking for, I can guarantee that you'll work with a friendly professional who will meet your deadlines and provide nothing but exceptional content.

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I am a twenty-five year old Chef living in the heart of West Virginia. In my spare time I am either creating visual art, writing/playing music, or writing short stories and poems. With all of my work (be it professional or personal) dedication and care are the mainstays of my ethic. I would love to bring these priorities to your projects!

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Although I am new in this site, I am not new in freelancing. I have experiences in report writing, blogging, Article writing, proposal writing, script writing etc. I have been working with the BRAC, for more than 1.5 years on regular basis.

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PhD in Diplomacy and International Commerce

Since I?m new to Elance, I lack a history of jobs on this web site. But I will give you 200 % effort and hope to earn your recommendation for future jobs. I am retired so I have the time to give you my full attention. I have a PhD in Diplomacy and International Commerce and am well versed in politics, government and the mysteries of economics. I?ve enjoyed an interesting and eclectic career beginning in the U.S. Foreign Service in India. Then in northern California I was a builder, rancher, realtor, investor and owner/operator of a multi-screen movie theater. I have traveled extensively and have lived for more than a dozen years in several countries, including England, Italy, Canada, Sri Lanka and India. Presently I live in the mountains of California with my wife, our mini-poodle, Dante, and two cats. I?m a movie buff and an avid reader of fiction and nonfiction. I also enjoy writing and editing and have edited my wife?s first novel. I look forward to assisting you.

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Living for the Outdoor Lifestyle

I have spent my life in the Outdoors. I currently run a blog devoted to wild food gathering and the hunting/fishing lifestyle. Skilled in both writing and the visual arts with formal schooling in the business and marketing fields. I not only know what drives your customers and prospects but can also create convincing writing and advertisements tailored to this niche.

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i am a student of doctorate in physical therapy, i am good at creative writing,

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Hello.. I am a commercial lawyer, presently based in India. I am on a sabbatical from work for the next couple of months, and am looking forward to a bit of creative/legal, research oriented, content driven writing. Looking forward to some interesting projects. Cheers.

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I am a hardworker and if I don't know the answer I will do my best to find the answer. I am all about client satisfaction. I am very proficient in computer and writing skills. I have an education and human service background.

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A writer, editor and contributor for your needs.

I am a graduate from Butler University with a degree in Science and Technology Societal Studies (STS). Professionally, I manage a conservation program and do a lot of technical and policy writing. I also run a grassroots campaign to raise awareness for the program I manage. In my personal time I freelance for several blogs and local publications, namely in the spheres of science, science fiction, literature, pop-culture, the environment and art. I have past experience which includes editing, photography and project management. I am a very creative and task-oriented individual and a self-starter. I love to write and do all that comes with it, be it in the vein of journalism, creative thought, reviews or simple editing for style, grammar, punctuation or syntax. By allowing me the opportunity to contribute to your site, blog or publication, you will be filling a need while letting me do something I love. That's a win-win that'll provide desirable results, don't you agree?

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A Fresh Medical Graduate, with writing talents that i hope to share with the world. Writing Helps your Imagination grow as you dream.

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Academic/creative content and articles.

I specialize in long prose manuscripts and article-length compositions. Skilled in both formal and informal writing styles, I can employ specialized jargon when required or, if desired, simplify over-professionalized language. I have a long history of researching, drafting, and editing academic pieces of all lengths. In addition, I've written conversational opinion pieces suitable for magazine or blog content. My portfolio also includes manuscripts for novel-length creative works, with a specialization in YA fiction. I am happy to work at all levels in the production of written content: I am comfortable outlining, composing, editing, and engaging in close line-by-line copy editing. As a graduate student in a combined academic/creative MA program, I have demonstrable skills in all stages of the writing process. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or to request additional writing samples.

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I am a relatively skilled writer. I love to read and I always try to stay up to date on current events. I am mostly interested in writing pieces on sports, pop culture, music, or politics.

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At a young age I developed an immeasurable interest in writing; today I have several minor publications on my list of accomplishments- everything from opinion essays to to poems, and that includes for the interest of business. My ability to write exceptional content in almost any area you name in a small amount of time will stun you nearly as much as the content itself. I never fail to deliver, and never disappoint.

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British Copywriter, Proofreader and Editor

I am an English writer who at just 24 has worked within the writing industry for over seven years. I started off by writing my own column in the University newspaper while obtaining my degree in English Creative Writing and Media Studies, I soon went on to write in the local town newspaper, and eventually became a Copy Writer for a well known media company. For this role I wrote adverts in all of the countries biggest selling publications. My skills lie mainly within writing, editing, proof reading, grammar checking and much more.

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I produce a wide-range of writing services to various clients, businesses, publications and websites, including: resumes and cover letters, chapter summaries, academic papers, articles, writing prompts, press releases, how-to articles, lesson plans. Websites worked with: Writer?s Village U, AcaDemon, eCopywriters, Inland Press, Creating Words. I value my clients and work to provide efficiency and perfection for their desired product requirements.

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Published Writer & Award Winning Photographer

Cate Scaglione is an international award winning photographer specializing in commercial, lifestyle/portrait and fine art photography. Her work has been featured in a variety of well known publications like, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, PPA Magazine, Resident NYC and Rangefinder Magazine, as well as a guest/ghost writer for industry-leading blogs. Formerly an Advertising Copywriter and luxury brand creative director, Cate is an accomplished business writer with an expertise on brand positioning, product reviews, advertising copywriting, magazine articles and ghostwriting on a variety of topics. Cate's published work has been featured in Accounting Today, NJBIz Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine and Professional Photographers of America Magazine. She is also widely sought after by newly published authors who wish to receive her book reviews online. Cate's extensive research and understanding of brand essence allows her to write on a variety of brand topics.

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Hello! I possess a B.A. in English Language and Literature with a Creative Writing minor from Southern New Hampshire University. I am now a certified Secondary English teacher and have returned to SNHU for Grad school! My plays have been produced in Rhode Island and Texas.

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Experienced Freelance Writer, All Around Word Nerd

With over 9 years of freelance writing experience, I have had the opportunity to work with several different clients in the print and online world. My writing has spanned several areas, from travel, weddings, relationships and marketing to radio commercials, print advertising and blog work. I'm always eager to take on new challenges, and understand the importance of coming in on time and within budget and word count.

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Freelance writer looking for new experiences

Experienced freelance writer, writing for the PGA Magazine - the longest running continuous publication in the US. Also an experienced Copy Editor with Bleacher Report, having successfully gone through their internship program. Looking for new experiences, and would love the opportunity to develop my skills and help your businesses grow.

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A creative flair with solid English skills

Looking to set myself up as a freelance writer. Hobby writing has been my passion for many years, I feel I am ready to take this to the next level. I am primarily a fiction writer but have some experience with content writing for websites.

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Have experience in writing and copyediting of content ( both US and UK)

India, uttar pradesh, noida | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
If you need a proofreader/editor, I'm your woman.

I am a recent English graduate looking for experience. I have excellent writing/editing/copywriting skills, and I am looking to broaden my experience. Any work offered would be taken seriously and done well.

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Tamil and English Language writer, translator.

I have experience in doing article writing.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I graduated with a degree in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota. In addition I have spent time traveling and blogging about my experiences. I am a lover of writing and photography and own my own little photography business where I specialize in outdoor photography.

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I can offer an efficient and professional translation (French/German), abstract writing and proofreading service.

Ireland, Louth, Drogheda | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a Final Year Mass Communication student. Writing has been my passion since school-days. I'm fluent at UK style of grammar and writing.

India, Maharashtra, Pune | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London, where I received a First Class Hons. BA in Drama and Theatre Arts. My career focus is on performance and theatre and I?m currently making my way as a jobbing actor. Aside from theatre, my other major passion in life is writing. I have a background in creative writing, and have also worked as both a film critic, and as a copywriter for an advertising agency. I work fast and I have a knack for writing with economy and flair. I'm looking to put these skills to work, and help create copy that makes an indelible impression.

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A copywriter with a flair for the creative.

I consider myself to be a capable, adept and dexterous copywriter with excellent writing skills, outstanding conceptual thinking and a clear vision. I believe in solutions, skill and development. My immediate experience in research and writing texts in multiple styles makes me flexible in understanding and addressing different customer?s needs. I have written SEO copy for different kinds of business (for example: dog grooming, real estate, restaurant), that not only looks and feels much better, but is also shaping the brand image in a best possible way. I have written Good Practice Guides, articles, blog posts and adverts, and I've worked with both profit and non-profit organizations. Apart from being good at what I do, I enjoy doing it, and I'm a very pleasant person to work with.

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Serious Op-Ed Writer of today's social issues

I am a former Newspaper Reporter/Correspondent with strong interviewing skills. I have created Features and News stories, in addition to writing Op-Ed. I especially enjoy promoting awareness and/or educating others about today's social issues: Child Custody, Non-Custodial Parents, Parental Alienation, Divorce and Family, Teen Pregnancy, and many others. I utilize good, old fashioned common sense and usually present a different slant. After reading my work, many have commented, "I never thought of it like that." I would especially enjoy being a Columnist. I write to help others and to hopefully, make the world a brighter place!

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creative people person

A MacEwan journalism graduate, I love reading everything from news to novels. Having translated government documents into readable press releases some might consider me bilingual. English is my second but favorite language.

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My name is Daniel Borgertpoepping. I am a sophomore at Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism with a Master's Degree in Mass Communication. I have developed and run newscasts for the Blaze Radio 1330 AM and contributed on-air as a general assignment reporter and anchor. I recently started a sports media platform with a couple fellow students, on which we write and feature articles, engage in social media outreach, and host several sport-related podcasts. I've been writing creatively since third-grade and that same love of writing has carried over into academia as well. Journalism courses have taught me to say everything in as few words as possible. "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter." -Blaise Pascal

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Expert in creating SEO targeted articles.

I enjoy all aspects of writing and love to explore the many different forms that it can take to develop my writing capabilities. I also enjoy reading, researching new topics, and networking. Learning, along with writing is my passion, and I always push myself to the limit. I put my hands to anything which is open to me and involve myself in events. I have a great interest in art, photography, history and languages. I have a BA Hons in Creative Writing and Film Studies, with two years experience in writing for the number one wedding website in the UK UKbride. I have also produced quality content for the leading county magazines Lincolnshire and Rutland Pride.

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Versatile Article Writer

Article Writing. Web Content Writing. Ghost Writing. Blog Writing. Fiction. Press Release Writing. I love writing about practically anything under the sun! Kindly see my article portfolio to assess if my writing style fits your needs.

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Technical copyeditor, IT/CompSci + English wizard

Hire me to make sure your technical writing is accurate and understandable for your target audience. I can spice it up as well, if you like - humored readers are happy readers. You get what you pay for: someone knowledgeable about your tech who can empathize with your users. I'm a programmer and IT guy who also enjoys natural languages. I've taught English to people in classrooms and to computers in laboratories. (The people were more appreciative ;) I've done editing and QA for websites, video games, desktop software, white papers, PhD theses, and my friends still email me to check over their r?sum?s/CVs whenever they change jobs. Don't worry - you'll get the same love and attention they do. To QA your website, try my Flawless.QA checking service for free at Learn more about my qualifications at Feel free to contact me about other jobs, but I can't go under my hourly rate. Thanks for reading!

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BA in English, minor Creative Writing 2 years French - English translation experience

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Need SEO specific content? I can help.

B.A. in Literature. Experience writing SEO specific content. Experience writing website content. Technical writing and editing experience.

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Professional journalist, writer, broadcaster and music industry specialist with over 6 years experience.

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I am detail oriented and am great at multi tasking. I have impeccable communication skills including speaking and writing. My field of study in college was Communications with a minor in Graphic Design. My expertise is in print design but I can create a professional look in web graphics as well. I am available to be a virtual assistant, writer and/or designer for any person or company. I will make sure that you are satisfied with all work and complete assignments on time.

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I am an accomplished writer with a Bachelor's Degree in English - Creative Writing. I have experience in technical writing and editing work. I also have experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with some experience in Adobe Photoshop C5 Extended.

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avid and assiduous author

I am a third year student at the University of California in San Diego. I am studying human cognition and mathematics however I have an invested passion in writing and literature. I have written for many years and I enjoy the creative process of writing.

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Lifestyle/ Fashion Writer

Journalism graduate with over 26 months work experience looking for freelance assignments. Write on lifestyle, fashion, health and education.

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Writer & Public Information Specialist

Anybody can write, but not everybody can write well. If you want your ideas written in a style that fits the purpose, or to have your text edited for more impact, then I am a person to hire--a writer with more than 12 years experience in academic, creative, political, and legal writing.

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Best Service for the Cheapest Price Guarateed!

Master's Degree in English. Wrote many articles for Zeeba website. Love to write poems and lyrics too. Super fast typist! Excellent in English grammar and usages. Highest standards of work ethics.

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challenger for life games

i am new to freelancing world..i feel i must use my skills my aim to write at professional i mentioned in tagline that i am a "challenger of life games" so i am ready to accept this challenge of life as well..though i m new to this world..but i love writing..i have been writing since college timings but it was just a skill exercising stuff for me...then last year i have written a i m trying here to accept more challenges of life by using my passion to become the king of own niche..i am not promising something in advance but i assure you i ill put my all efforts to give an out standing work..though i m not an experienced writer but my aim to be the best one and i believe in achieving my aims no matter how hard work is required for that...hope my work ll satisfy you and i ll try my level best to communicate your message to the audience amply to their desires...

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Senior B2B/internal comms writer/editor

Senior B2B/internal communications writer/editor with more than 30 years in the business. An accomplished interviewer, writer, focus group director and strategic problem solver. Industry experience includes financial services, human resources and academia. Business writing trainer and coach.

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I am an experienced journalist seeking work as an editor, writer or blogger, for print or online. I have edited or written about virtually every sport in the British spectrum, but extensively on football and athletics, in print for national and regional papers. My experience also includes writing a weekly blog on League Two for and self-publishing this, inclusive of SEO techniques, on their out of office web-based system. I have also ghost-written columns, managed a string of contributors for regional titles and spent several years as a sub-editor on news. This involved designing pages, editing copy and writing headlines.

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Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

My writing creating skills and the ability to speak english (certified by the Cambridge certificate) have merged into a job oportunity that I am willing to take.

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newbie lone parent home worker

I started writing at the age of nine and had several poems used around uk schools. i got A*credits for english literature and language in 1995 GSCE .Then moved onto higher education studying creative writing fine art and illustration. I then went on to regularly publish poetry with the BBC online can be found online at My best piece "Till The Shadow has Gone" won editors pic award in 2005. I am currently doing my degree first year and ill health forces me to work from home hence joining freelance sites such as this. i am currently working on a fiction novel, an illustrated book about Bird Augery and a collection of short story's and poems to be submitted to Faber and Faber and the Womans Press.

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Writer, anthropologist

I am a student of Anthropology with a focus on archaeology. I study human culture and religion both past and present, and am well versed in a number of cultures and behaviors. Working in both the field and the museum, as well as securing financial backers for research projects, has honed my communication and sales skills. Prior to my Anthropology career, I spent seven years training dogs. I trained and handled dogs from basic obedience to protection and into the show ring. This required strong sales and marketing skills in a competitive environment, patience, observation, and effective decision making skills. I possess strong communication skills, customer service skills, a broad general knowledge, strong writing skills, computer skills, and the ability to empathize with multiple points of view without losing my personal focus.

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Hi. My name is Anna Lee. I am a registered nurse with 5 years of healthcare experience. I have strong writing skills and a strong work ethic.

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Lover of the Written Word

I have always loved reading and writing, and that's why I am an effective editor and writer: I love what I do. I've worked in a variety of fields, but writing and editing is my favorite. I can do business proposals, movie reviews, articles of any sort, and I have experience blogging.

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My name is Karissa Mooney and I am currently a college student, going into my 5th year next year. I am earning my degree in Psychology, but have previously switched from English/Journalism to my current major. I have excellent writing skills, along with the ability to edit English grammar and spelling. I also have an abundant amount of experience working with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

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Passion, Promptness, Perfection

Secondary Education and Spanish major, with a love for all things grammar-related. I take pride in each task with which I am endowed and let my strong work ethic shine through in my final product. In writing, I am thorough and concise, while in my translation work I am diligent and careful to maintain the original tone of the piece.

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retired HR/headhunter guy with 25+ yrs. exp.

Executive search (my own company) plus over 20 years of general HR experience (recruiting, benefits, training) for different-sized corporations. Extensive experience recruiting (screening, interviewing and selecting) professionals at all levels including establishing overseas offices for parent company. Writing and critiquing resumes as well as writing Policy and Procedure manuals still in use today.

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Eager to work!!

I am currently a stay at home mom eager for some stay at home work to accommodate my family. I love to learn and experience new things. I am a well educated professional who seeks to enhance my skills with new training and learning opportunities. I love reading and writing and spend much of my spare time doing one or both of those activities. I look forward to assisting you and your needs in the near future.

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