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Director, Screenwriter and Creative in Advertising

I worked in advertising, as Creative / Copywriter in agencies from Santiago de Chile and London and and after my studies at the Kunsthochschule f?r Medien (KHM) in Cologne (Germany), I specialized myself as a Director and Screenwriter. Among my work I have done a couple of short-films (of different genres) a music video and I have written a couple of long-film scripts.

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ghost writer, author, screenwriter, editor

I am a lifelong writer with an excellent command of the English language and impeccable spelling and grammar. I am trained in screenwriting and story editing with a special focus on character and theme. I also love writing prose and am available for ghost-writing or beta-reading. If you want something written beautifully with an eye to detail, or help telling your own amazing story, I'm your girl. With a typing speed of over 120 wpm and extremely high accuracy, I am also a great choice for transcription. I love learning new things and am ready to dive into any challenge.

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Independent Writing and Editing Professional

I am a screenwriter with several short and feature length scripts. I have one script currently in production. My primary genres have been comedy, drama, horror, and thriller. (I tend to inject some amount of humor into every piece I write.) My scripts have been consistently praised -- by national contests and professional readers -- for their professional look (format) and memorable characters/dialogue. I specialize in spec script formatting and serve as Vice President of a statewide writers group: assisting members with proofreading, script consultation, collaboration, and rewrites. My goal on Elance is simply to work on new and interesting writing assignments that will expand my repertoire while supplementing my income.

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Excellent Screenwriter

My name is Samantha Tolson, and I am a graduate from Saint John's University. I am a screenwriter who is able to write in a concise, original style with the ability to draw tears or laughter from my audience through my quicksilver transitions. I have written screenplays, treatments, as well as biographies.

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Screenwriting MFA student at Pepperdine

I have been screenwriting for the better part of seven years and am currently studying to get my MFA at Pepperdine University. I am a good editor, strong academic writer and an excellent researcher.

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I am a budding screenwriter with loads of fresh ideas bobbing around in my noodle. I have spent the last 15 years living overseas, and I'm working in the elearning field at the moment.

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Screenwriter, Director, Filmmaker

I'm a young Screenwriter with a lot of drive and talent. I work fast and efficiently. My work speaks for it's self, so I am more than willing to give you examples of my work.

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Professional Writer, Screenwriter and Game Writer

I'm a prolific professional Screenwriter & Writer/Editor. I currently have one movie in worldwide DVD release, two films in post-production and two movies in pre-production. I'm the published author of the graphic novel Scionic and possess over 110 published credits as an Editor. MY CREDITS: Screenwriter for Abduct ( Screenwriter for Black Salt ( Screenwriter for Fallen Eagle ( Screenwriter for After Frankenstein ( Screenwriter for Left in Darkness Writer for Scionic, the graphic novel (

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Aspiring Screenwriter

My name is Cameron Posey. I am a 4.0 graduate student at Hollins University pursuing a MFA in Screenwriting and Film studies. I graduated from Knox College, a liberal arts school with a prestigious creative writing program, cum Laude with a BA in English. I have vast knowledge of writing newsletter, articles, academic essays, short stories, novels, screenplays, and comic book scripts. I currently work as an intern for the International Child Art Foundation writing a career e-book for kids on how to be a animation and game writer. I am very determine, intelligent, and hardworking individual. What I lack in skill I make up for in persistence. I'm always willing to learn more.

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Fiction and Screenwriter/Scriptwriter

Fiction writer of 8 years, Play writer 4 years, Screenwriter 2 years. University student, Communication, Media and Film, focused in screenwriting and cinematography. Amateur writer, looking to learn and become more professional. Up to learning and always loves a challenge. Dedicated to writing with a passion. Overall I wish to change the world with my words, and the only way I'm going to be able to do that is if I keep trying and am given a chance.

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Experienced Screenwriter & Comedy Writer

I have my B.A. in Cinema with a concentration in Screenwriting & Film Production. After college I moved to Chicago where I've been studying various forms of improv & comedy writing. Writing has always been one of my great loves. Over the years I?ve become a prolific writer testing out a variety of formats including several screenplays (shorts & features), plays, film reviews, a TV show proposal, various comedy writings & more recently sketch comedy. With years of administrative assistant positions I've also an excellent multi-tasker, researcher & an expert organizer.

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Freelance Writer/ Award Winning Screenwriter

As a Third Culture Kid, I bring a unique cultural understanding and perspective to my writing and work. My online writing has so far been published on topics ranging from Buddhism to the environment to travel and tourism in Southern Africa. My print work has focused on my teenage years growing up abroad as well as tourism in Oman. I have been nominated and won awards for my script writing. In addition, I just finished a year-long daily blog and am starting a weekly blog on my website about my experiences as a freelance writer and filmmaker. I am always interested in writing about different topics for different mediums. I enjoy working for and learning from people from various different backgrounds who feel that I would be a great fit for their project.

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Expert Screenwriter

I am a award winning screenwriter, with a few dozen completed scripts under my belt. Realizing that a lot of people have ideas but often times do not have the time or confidence to write them I have specialized in helping them get their ideas on paper.

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Don't just tell a story, bring it to life.

A graduate of University of Texas Radio-TV-Film school.

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Highly Creative Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

I have B.S. degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin, and studied screenwriting at Portland State University in Portland, OR and Sketch Writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. Last year I released my first novel, THE NOW TESTAMENT, an account of my 3,000 mile run across America, from New Jersey to Santa Monica, CA in 2011. To promote it I went on a cross-country bicycle tour in the Fall of 2013, bicycling from Portland, ME to San Francisco, CA, to speak and promote the book. My specialty is creative writing and film and entertainment writing. I have written several screenplay, work in film in the Bay area, and am extremely knowledgeable in film and story. I am also an extremely adroit technical writer and copy writer. I have experience with press releases, grant writing, and research writing, and have presented at several academic conferences. Marketing and branding are also strong suits. In short: I love words.

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Creative screenwriter/ghostwriter/prose writer

Ivy League educated writer. Have experience writing in several disciplines and mediums. Experienced research and educational writer. Professional screenwriter who has optioned two scripts and a pitch to Hollywood producers. Can write fiction or non-fiction in short and long prose form. If you are a creative professional, a small business or start-up, or anyone who has a great idea and needs the perfect words- I have the skills you need. I'm recently getting back into writing as a career after a hiatus working in education. I'm hungry for creative writing and scriptwriting work and am happy to do professional writing of any kind. If you have an idea for a screenplay, a book, or anything else, I will work hard to turn that idea into a fantastic reality!

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Screenwriter of Documentaries and Feature Films

I've been a novelist, screenwriter, producer, director and editor of motion picture documentaries and feature films.

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Comedic Screenwriter and Playwright

An experienced stand-up comedian, comedy writer, screenwriter and playwright

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2X Nicholls' Fellowship semi-finalist screenwriter

2X Nicholls' semi-finalist screenwriter, the world's most preeminent screenplay competition 2009 & 2012. Feature length screenplays finished better than the top 2% of 6,380 screenplays and 7,187 respectively. Nicholls' Fellowship can be viewed here: Optioned 1 feature length screenplay & writer-for-hire on a 2nd feature length screenplay. B.A. in film production. Studied acting for 3 years. Worked as a film editor and ab actor.

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Produced screenwriter

I'm a produced feature and television writer, with several projects in various stages of development, currently working on a stage musical adaptation of a produced comedy/drama feature film. In the works are a major feature film backed by the BBC and Film Council, a feature film in French language, a TV episodic series, and two independent features. An honours graduate of Chelsea School of Art, I made musical instruments for nearly twenty years, joining the list of elite craftsmen at the British Crafts Council. I was the recipient of one of the first ever Arts Council grants to artists and exhibited in many solo and group shows.

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Novelist and Screenwriter, Expert Researcher

I am a screenwriter and novelist who has a background in the legal research field. I have a creative flair and attention for detail.

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Des Nnochiri, Writer and Screenwriter

On the fiction front, I'm a writer and screenwriter in the crime and thriller genre - though my stories tend to incorporate elements of fantasy, horror, and comedy. My short script, "Trick" was produced as a film in 2011 by Shooting Incident Productions, who do location work on "Emmerdale", one of the UK's leading daytime dramas. In non-fiction, I've covered an extensive range of topics, including business technology, current events, sports, literature, and entertainment. I am currently a ghostwriter for marITwrite, a UK-based content provider for the corporate technology market.

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Multi-award winning professional screenwriter

I am a multi-award winning professional screenwriter with a eight-person screenwriting team, and a vast network of screenwriters who look for the occasional paying gig. The compensation sought is between $100 per script for newer writers; $1000 and higher for more experienced writers. If we can't write it for you, I know people who can!

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Author / Critic / Poet / Screenwriter / Lecturer

If you want editing, proof-reading, grammar and spell-checks done or just need help, that's why I'm here. Published author of two books of dramatic theory with the academic publisher McFarland. I cover introductory ideas for the beginning screenwriter to advanced dramatic theory. I am a long-time contributing film critic, having written dozens of essays about cinema that have appeared in over eleven volumes belonging to the series Directory of World Cinema and World Film Locations, published by University of Chicago Press USA., and Intellect. Books in U.K., and I am a regular contributor to Film International magazine. I am currently writing a libretto for operatic performance and have been asked to develop and deliver a series of lectures based on one of my books.

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Historian and screenwriter.

I'm a brazilian history graduate, screenwriter with experience in teaching English to Brazilians, translating from Portuguese/English and English/Portuguese.

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I have professional experience as a writer/producer for ESPN and was a freelance writer for SyFy/Trion's Defiance. I've written several screenplays and TV pilots.

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Screenwriter/Content Writer/Fiction Writer

Writing is a complicated process, but one which I have embraced as the most satisfying activity in the world. I am primarily a screenwriter, but I also write articles, essays, stories, and online content with a unique descriptive style full of rich vocabulary and strong imagery. If you are looking for a dedicated and passionate writer who is actively seeking work then you have found the right person! I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a BFA in Dramatic Writing. I'm starting to establish myself as a published author, with upcoming web-articles, and I am also working on personal projects all the time. I am able to write (or rewrite) articles, web-content, screenplays, and stories. If there is something bothering you about a script, chances are I can fix it. Check out my website where you can find writing samples of some of my work:

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Produced, Award-Winning Screenwriter with MFA

I'm an award-winning screenwriter with two produced independent feature films and a number of acclaimed shorts. I'm also a documentary producer and a professional story consultant. I work well with creative personalities and thrive in collaborations; in addition to my extensive solo work I?ve co-written seven screenplays and had the opportunity to work with directors on the production of multiple narrative film projects. My strengths include creating rich, emotionally engaging characters, developing robust story structure, and writing snappy dialogue across a multitude of genres. While I?m comfortable spending time in the interior world of most writers, I?m also a producer with the ability to manage teams, meet deadlines, and problem-solve under pressure. I know how to develop a pitch and deliver. I know how to finish professional quality work.

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I am an experienced screenwriter with an attention to detail and a demand for originality and logical consistency. I can produce original work, collaborate, and improve existing work.

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Screenwriter, Creative Fiction Writer

Currently, I am completing my 2nd bachelor's degree and looking into continuing education opportunities in screenwriting. I have an English BA with a focus on Creative Writing, and I am nearly finished with a Film Studies BA, focus on Screenwriting. With screenwriting, I am most well versed in sci-fi and fantasy; however, I have worked on teen/family drama TV episodes and LGBT soap opera pieces. Much of my editing and review experience comes from peer work in college, Amazon Studios, and Talentville. Also, I have minimal experience yet high interest in comics/graphic novels- this is a major component of my continuing education. Right now, I am working on a major 4-part film series with a professional screenwriter as my mentor. This script has taken years of outlining and drafting due to the new format we created together. Hopefully, this will be completed in a year and be ready to showcase. The logline and treatment even earned a spot in a contest.

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First hour free. Money back guarantee.

I write comedy. I write articles. I do research. I edit. I have three university degrees and walk on water. Samples, references, and messianic certification available upon request.

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Freelance Screenwriter

I'm an aspiring screenwriter with a few feature-length screenplays under my belt as well as a couple of TV pilots. I have currently placed in the top ten of the Industry Insider TV Pilot Screenwriting Competition and have previous experience as a script doctor. You need help with your current script or have an idea or outline that you want turned into a working script? I'm your man.

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Experienced award winning writer

I'm a screenwriter with produced TV credits including the live-action series Alien Dawn for Nickelodeon, the live-action/animated series Team Toon for Turner Broadcasting and the animated series Speed Racer: The Next Generation for Nicktoons. I was winner of the Enderby Entertainment screenwriting award at the 2012 Austin Film Festival and finalist for the Showtime's Tony Cox award for best television pilot.

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Young poet/screenwriter

I am a young writer/poet from Denmark. At the moment I am studying film at a folk highschool just north of Copenhagen. Here I am developing my skills regarding things like creative writing and short stories. I especially enjoy writing poetry, but I am alsot trying out as a screenwriter with emphasis on writing philosophical screenplays. I am also available for translation work in English-Danish and vice versa of course.

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Versatile freelance screenwriter.

My name is Matthew Biggin, I am 28 years old and live in the UK. I have been a freelance writer since 2005. I have written articles for several websites and magazines including: Suite 101, Demand Studios, Pure Content, Helium, Constant Content and the football (soccer) website Caught Offside. In addition to this I have written several screenplays, two of which have been optioned by studios and production companies and the latest, December is set to begin filming in the summer of 2012. I have also won a short story competition in 2011 for my short story The Visit and am currently working on a novel which is attracting interest from publishers including acclaimed independent publisher Schiel & Denver. Comments i have received about my work include: "brilliant", "overall an excellent piece of work", "This is the best service I have received from a freelance writer, thank you" and "you clearly have all the right tools for the job."

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Copywriter and screenwriter

I'm a freelance copywriter and screenwriter with a keen eye for persuasive text that sells. I'm looking for interesting projects that let me use my skills effectively to help you sell your product or market your idea. My use of grammar is excellent and I have high-level skills in spelling and punctuation; I can be a stickler for details and I proofread thoroughly. My price is low while I create a wide-ranging portfolio and is not guaranteed to last for long. I have wide experience in music and in education, both as a consumer and as professional, but my interests are broad and I have a scientific background. My target is to persuade in the most entertaining way and to engage the reader.

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Screenwriter, TV Writer, & Script Editor

The man with a million ideas

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Award-winning Professional Screenwriter

I am a full-time writer with over 10+ years of experience working on film sets and 7+ years working as a member of the Writers Guild of America. I bring with me a wealth of knowledge and excitement for the craft to each new project. As a self-taught screenwriter I believe I also bring an authentic real world view to each story while maintaining a fresh, collaborative interaction with each new client. Credits : DYNAMITE: A CAUTIONARY TALE(Starring Ian Harding, Carol Kane, Evanna Lynch) THE NORTH STAR (Starring Clifton Powell, Keith David, John Diehl, Lynn Whitfield) THE NAIL:THE STORY OF JOEY NARDONE(Starring William Forsythe, Tony Danza, Dayanara Torres) ACCOLADES: Finalist CineMart International Film Festival Rotterdam, Berlinale Alumni, Finalist Berlinale Talent Project Market,Reykjavik Talent Lab, Nicholl Fellowship Top 5%, Austin Screenplay Competition Finalist, Audience Award Philadelphia International Film Festival

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Professional Screenwriter for Hire

I am a professional, produced screenwriter. I have completed more than 10 screenplays for hire in the last 2 years and am hired by major studios for punch-up work, re-writes and concept drafts. My last feature was distributed by Disney Entertainment in November 2012. I have worked consistently under tight deadlines, delivering exact page counts, comedic punch-ups, character-specific rewrites and full treatments from raw idea sketches. My personal work includes multiple projects across several genres, including an animated feature, The Belfry Miracle, which was optioned in 2009. I have written several novels, and have to date published The Egotist, which was distributed nationwide by Borders and was optioned for theatrical release by Doppelganger Productions.

Skills: Screenwriter
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writer, screenwriter, playwright, story architect

I am a screenwriter, playwright, novelist, and writer of audio dramas - episodic and full length. I spent 13 years as creative writer in a performing arts department for a non-profit organization. I have written for stage, radio, and film, but my greatest passion is for expanding a narrative through transmedia storytelling.

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Screenwriter, Editor, Proofreader

Writing has always been a passion of mine. When I was 15, I created a fan site for Age of Empires. I wrote news articles and guides for other fans to enjoy. Since other people also submitted content, it was my job to correct what was written before it was published to the site. I established certain standards that everyone had to adhere to. Our content was so good, it was endorsed by I continued to write throughout highschool, later pursuing a degree in screenwriting. UPDATE: While I created an account here last summer (2013) I currently have a very flexible schedule and need the extra work. Please contact me if you'd like any references or writing examples.

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Article writer, Screenwriter,

15 years experience as a writer for a newspaper. 10 years a screenwriter, 5 years SEO & Content writing. I am looking for work in all those fields.

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Six years experience as screenwriter, plus have worked on around 100 movies in different capacities.

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I dream big. Do you?

If you believe as I do that imagination is what separates the good from the great, then you and I are the dream team that will raise your project to a level beyond your expectations. Another writer may deliver a quality product, but you and I both know that quality alone won?t stand out. You want a writer with more than just impeccable technique. You want a writer to engage your target audience intellectually and move them emotionally. You want vision, ingenuity, and artistry. Anything less is forgettable.

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Screenwriting, ghostwriting, tv, movies

I'm a professional screenwriter with tv and movie experience. Guionista y escritor profesional con experiencia en tv y cine.

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screenwriter, creative writer, ghostwriter

screenwriter. former news reporter. writing contests winner

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Experienced writer, editor, and proofreader

I'm a professional screenwriter and magazine editor with 15 years experience in the entertainment industry. I've worked in both development and production. I've optioned several screenplays and television pilots, written online content (blogs, webisodes, publicity articles) for an Emmy-winning TV show, produced an award-winning film, and ghost-written two MOWs. I've worked for several top studios, including Disney, Paramount, Universal, Lionsgate, CBS, and NBC, and briefly worked at a boutique PR firm writing press releases for film stars. I'm a prolific reader as well as a spelling and grammar stickler! I'm creative, enthusiastic, and fast-working. I'm both a dedicated writer and editor who delivers on time and on budget.

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Talented Screenwriter at your service.

I am currently working in the TV Comedy Development Department for Sony Pictures Television. I am constantly analyzing what makes quality writing. I can help you take your writing to the next level, expand your ideas and help you build professional and marketable work. I have served as a script reader for several production companies and was recently one of five writers to be accepted into the Comedy Central Summer workshop. During the workshop I spent time at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, as well as time in development, digital, and on-air promotions. Upon completion of the workshop, I was offered freelance work with Comedy Central. In 2010 I completed a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northwestern University's prestigious Writing for the Screen and Stage graduate program. Writing isn't easy, but together I can help your writing reach its full potential.

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Sydney-based journalist and screenwriter

Matthew Clayfield is a journalist, critic and screenwriter currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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Experienced Essayist, Travel Writer, Screenwriter

My background includes graduate level writing programs sponsored by University of New Orleans in Madrid, Spain and San Miguel de Allende, where I concentrated on Screenwriting, travel writing, and essay. My specializations include art history and contemporary art review and I have exercised my knowledge to publish articles in ArtVoices magazine and New Orleans Art Review journal. I have also worked with college newspapers at Wake Forest University and Rhodes College. I have also published work in the Philomathesian and Constance Magazine.

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Any writing. Anytime.

An independent writing and editing professional, I have expertise in many of the various types of writing out there. From screenwriting to journalism to academic theses, I've done it all and received accolades along the way. I'm up for any challenge and any deadline. I can be that freelancer where a positive relationship forms and we constructively work together on many projects in the future. Let's form a partnership - on one job or one hundred - and create excellence in the written word.

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publ. novelist, screenwriter, playwright , editor

I am an award-winning screenwriter, published novelist and playwright. I was writer and director of THE FOURTH DIMENSION, a documentary series of seven 60-minute television specials on the paranormal. My novel THE RIVER JORDAN, co-authored with Henry Burke, was a book-of-the-year nominee. FUGITIVE SLAVE, by Mr. Burke and myself, is an award-winning screenplay and stage play which has received readings by the Classical Theatre of Harlem and other theatre companies. I have been a reporter and editor on a California daily newspaper, journalist with Associated Press, copywriter in the Communications Dept. of Pacific Life and with advertising agencies, and Creative Director (primarily TV commercials) for the world's largest RV dealer. In addition to my own creative writing, I've edited many novels, nonfiction manuscripts, and short stories for satisfied clients who will be pleased to provide strong references. Meticulous proofreading is not a specialty but an absolute necessity.

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Screenwriter, fiction and non-fiction writers.

Contact us when your content absolutely, positively has to be written right overnight.

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Freelance Writer For Hire

Currently, I am a freelance writer looking for a stable job in the entertainment industry or any industry that will assist me in expanding my knowledge, developing my skills and obtaining a greater understanding of the written word. I have experience with film lighting, screenwriting, marketing, and as a production assistant. Background Writing: I have been a Professional writer for 10 years; with experience in blogs, SEO development, screenwriting, technical writing, product development, marketing, and social media construction. Screenwriter for the 48-hour film festival short ?Time Roulette?, content manager of Reenev, LLC, with expertise in constructing social media content for a specific demographic. Editing: Editor of content at Reenev, LLC with experience in copyediting, content editing, and proofreading. Business and Corporate Writing: Developer, writer, editor and designer of a wide range of business materials, including brochures, newsletters, and annual re

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Pharmaceutical writer/editor

I have both a B.S. in Pharmacy, and a PharmD degree, plus over 20 years of experience working in the health care industry. I took four years of journalism classes in high school, and I've written and pubished one pharmacy book. I am also a screenwriter if you need a medical/pharmaceutical consultant for medical scenes. I've done some desktop publishing with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

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High Quality Writing by Proven Professionals

Dale Wheatley and Angela Carvalho are experienced, professional writers. Dale is a produced screenwriter having written for Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jenny Lewis and more. He brings over 10 years of Sales and Marketing experience in both offline and online marketplaces and has written sales material, web content, service reviews and more. Angela Carvalho has been writing and editing with Dale for the last two years. She has a distinct and concise voice and the ability to meticulously edit while at the same time enhancing the work. Our words mean the world to us--that is why you can trust our work and our commitment to deliver the absolute best content your money can buy.

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Award Winning Author, Screenwriter, Creative Works

Award Winning Author of Repossess Your Life!- a book that has transformed the lives of thousands, Screenwriter and Blogger Have worked in fields of Real Estate, Banking/Finance as well as being a licensed USCG Captain - my knowledge of effective marketing and what drives people to take action is an ongoing field I consistently strive to learn more about. Let my 25 plus years of being an entrepreneur and knowledge gained from consulting with several Fortune 500 Companies help you reach your goals

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Word and Picture Wizard

I'm a full-time freelance writer and artist located in Austin, TX. I'm a plotting guru, well-versed in three-act structure, serialization, thematic elements, and all the other things that make a good story into a great story. I have collaborative and supervisory experience with both writers and artists on novellas and graphic novels. I have several years of work history as a writer, screenwriter, artist, colorist and letterer.

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I am expert in screenwriting,short stories,nutrition,children writing,physical fitness,history,yoga,tourism,travel writing,cooking. If you would have person with good quality of work please contact me,you would satisfy with my work . i am sure there is no complaints about me and with my work. I must follow your strict rules as you are specified in your rules. i am surely mentioned that i must satisfy your targets with my qualitative work. I am good hard worker and skilled person for satisfying your project.

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Scriptwriter for Hire

Scripts, Comedy, Copy, and More. After graduating with a degree in screenwriting, I have expanded on my core concentration and taken professional roles in sales writing as well as copy writing. No matter the subject area, I add a personalized humorous approach with attention to detail and deadlines.

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Boston area arts writer and independent filmmaker

I am a Boston area writer and filmmaker with experience in arts journalism, screenwriting, and film production ranging from narrative to educational and commercial content. I am a graduate from Emerson College with a BA in Visual Media Arts combining aspects of screenwriting, art history with professional filmmaking techniques.

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Passionate writer aims to bring your story to life

R. MORGAN SLADE is the product of Winnipeg's ever-growing film industry. Slade was discovered at age 10 during an audition for the lead role in Manitoba's premier television series MY LIFE AS A DOG, when he fearlessly declared to the producers "I'm not sure if Eric is really me. Does he have any nerdy best friends I could play?" Slade has landed recurring roles in several TV series including THE ADVENTURES OF SHIRLEY HOLMES, 2030CE and FALCON BEACH. He also portrayed the young Telford Simmons in the film THE STONE ANGEL. Slade lives in Vancouver, BC and is a recent grad from Vancouver Film School's writing program, notably chosen as one of three writers from a pool of fifty to have his short film pitch STARLIGHT STARBRIGHT produced for VFS' Compendium 9 project. Combining his script breakdown and character development experience alongside his extensive screenwriting training at VFS, Slade's creative approach to narrative will prove essential to your scripts and stories.

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Screenwriter and comedy writer

I am a comedy writer and screenwriter who has written for Theater, Film and Television both in the US and my native United Kingdom, working for companies such as MTV and the BBC. I specialize in all types of comedy writing from articles, to blogs, to speeches, to screenplays. If you need something to be funny, then I can help you. Further details of my speech writing business can be found at: I am new to, but I hope to be able to help you add a little humor to any project.

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Peabody Award Winning and Emmy Nominated Writer

The Head of Writing for Burka Avenger, winner of the 2013 Peabody Award and nominated for a 2014 International Kids Emmy Award. Worked as the Head of Pre-Production, supervising VOs, Storyboard and 2D animatics. I also provide consultations to creative start ups. In my off hours, I write tech articles for How-To-Geek and Dawn Blog. Formerly on Addictive Tips, Spider Magazine and Pakistan Observer. I also conduct classes and workshops on Technology Management, Screenwriting and Technical Writing across various universities and IT companies in Pakistan.

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Journalist,TV presenter, researcher, screenwriter

I am a journalist, TV presenter, content strategist, screenwriter, researcher and founder of Social Intel Media. An entrepreneur I have written business plans and continue to write proposals for new projects. My fields of expertise lie in environmental and social pockets of excellence and I am well versed on jargon used in government, corporate and NGO sectors relating to climate change and social development. My articles are published on-line as well as in various magazines. I have consulted to clients from a number of sectors offering strategic communications services due to the interdisciplinary nature of my work and research. I am currently also focussed on writing scripts and hosting documentaries.

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Author, editor, proofreader, writing consultant

I taught screenwriting and judged 3 international screenwriting competitions. I also write them, with these results: Screenwriting Contest Awards & Recognition: 1. Finalist - 2014 Creative Worlds Awards Screenwriting Competition; supernatural thriller 2. Quarterfinalist - 2014 Scriptapalooza Feature Screenplay Competition; sci-fi action thriller 3. Quarterfinalist - 2014 Search For New Blood International Feature Screenplay Competition; supernatural-thriller 4. Semi-Finalist - February 2007 Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest; action-thriller 5. Quarterfinalist - October 2006 Filmmakers International Screenwriters Awards; horror-thriller 6. Finalist - September 2006 Writer's Arc Screenwriting Fellowship; action-thriller 7. 3rd Place - April 2006 3rd Abbreviated Screenplay Contest; anti-war short 8. Finalist - January 2006 Writer's Arc Screenwriting Fellowship; ?The Beast? - horror-thriller

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Quality and TAT are very important

I am a voice actor, author, translator, screenwriter, copywriter, lyricist, poet and a film maker. My languages are Punjabi, Hindi, English and Urdu. I am a former News Reader of All India Radio I am a regular broadcaster for All India Radio I have translated more than 10 lac words so far in Punjabi/Hindi I have more than 15 years experience as a voice over artist

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Word Flow from Hollywood the world over...

An author, screenwriter, and playwright, as well as experienced freelance writer, ghostwriter and editor, H. received her Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Screenwriting from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, and has extensive training in almost every writing medium. She studied info-marketing and infopreneurship with top info-marketers from Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield to Ali Brown. She is a graduate of The University of Melbourne, Filmmaking Summer School, Australia. She studied documentary filmmaking at Melbourne University and Duke University?s Center for Documentary Studies. Select writing studies include: Private Screenwriting 2-Day Master Class with Jeff Kitchen, Children?s Book Writing with Nora Cohen (former Harcourt Brace editor), Screenwriting private Master Class 2-Day Retreat with Dr. Richard Krevolin, Advanced Screenwriting with Carol Roper, Screenwriting & Grant writing at UCSD extension and through Lesley University as well as Literary Writing with Sol Stein.

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Professional Screenwriter

I am a Hollywood veteran who has years of experiencing finding and developing material for the movies and television. I have worked on movies such as Terminator 3, I SPY and The Rock. Additionally, I have a produced screenwriting credit, several optioned properties and two published graphic novels. I am also an experienced editor having edited several magazine, scripts and comic books. My strength is taking an idea and highlighting its commercial aspects.

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Senior Copywriter, Editor and Storyteller

As an award-winning screenwriter, copywriter and author, I've worked with media giants like Walt Disney Studios, Nickelodeon TV and Gannett, as well as brilliant start-ups looking to change the world. I've created content across multiple media platforms, including digital, online, print, TV and film. If you need exceptional content that is entertaining, informed and perfectly calibrated to your voice, then I can probably help you out. Specialties: ? Expert writing, editing, and presentation skills in English and Spanish. ? Successful at leading complex projects from strategic planning to profitable execution. ? In tune with Latino trends, while very conscious that there is no single "Latino culture." ? Faster than a speeding deadline. Able to leap tall expectations in a single bound.

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Take It To The Next Level

Produced Screenwriter. WGA Member. Catherine Keener Fist-Bump Recipient. And writer of your next project. You're not looking for some hack to churn something out to fill the space between advertisements. You want quality. You want your project to reach its full potential. And that's where I come in. My goal is to figure out exactly what you want (even if you don't know what that is) and then surpassing your expectations. I've worked in the Hollywood film industry for fifteen years, so I know a little bit about pressure to perform under tight deadlines with millions riding on my work, and I want to bring that experience to your project.

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Savvy Writer Weaving Words Into Images

I am a wordsmith. An artist who weaves words into images, images into story. I challenge myself through the art of cinematic storytelling and narrative to deliver writing which celebrates the human spirit, raises awareness of critical issues central to our lives and shares my unique interpretation of the world and our role in it. This is my passion, my personal mission & my privilege -- to create meaningful, powerful stories and creative non-fiction that comes alive on the page.

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Writer, Colorist, Matte Painter, Book Designer

With more than 19 years experience, I'm a writer (recently a winner in the annual Writer?s Digest Short Story Competition), graphic designer and digital imaging professional in Michigan, and additionally provide print and multimedia design, including book cover and interior page typesetting and layout.

United States, MI, Niles | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
BA (hons) qualified screenwriter/novelist

Screenwriting Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire in 2014 Screenplays written from treatments, screenplays fixed and advised upon. I am very skilled in structure and can utilise three act restorative and four act anti-narrative styles. In novels I can advise on editing and style, and will bring a voice to your project that is both individual and innovative.

United Kingdom, lancashire, preston | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Entertainment Wordsmith

I can develop your story to create cinematic magic and will work hard to exceed your expectations. Over the past 10 years I have worked as a copywriter for top London creative agencies working for entertainment clients such as Sony, Disney, Universal and Paramount. I have two feature films scheduled for production in 2015 and have several TV series in development in both the UK and US. I know first hand what the industry wants and will infuse your project with that knowledge and experience to create outstanding entertainment. The craft of screenwriting requires a deep understanding of story structure and character development/arcs, along with a deep knowledge of the genre conventions that, not only satisfy your audience, but also make your project an attractive commercial investment. Still not sure? Contact me via Elance and I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

United Kingdom, England, London | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (6 reviews)
Gifted, versatile writer, author, screenwriter

An accomplished freelancer, I wear many creative hats, including creative writer, author and screenwriter. I hold an Associate of Arts Degree, BA Honors Degree and completed a creative writing course with the London School of Journalism. I am also a member of the International HIgh IQ Society. My writing career began at seven and evolved into a considerable repertoire of short stories, novellas, novels and short and feature screenplays earning 130 competition awards and placings. I write for adult and young adult markets, as well as edit, proofread and ghostwrite. I published three novels and three anthologies in 2012, which can be found on In June 2013, Sandcastles, a short romance, was published on Amazon Kindle. Several of my short stories can also be found on,, and In 2010 I co-wrote the script for an informational documentary about the Naval Research Lab in the United States.

Canada, ON, Markham | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (65 reviews)
Multimedia Editor/Screenwriter

Innovative and award winning Screenwriter bringing comprehensive background in media and the film industry. Excels at concept development and delivering compelling stories. Possesses an eye for innovative and unique projects that will appeal to audiences. I have seven years experience in editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop as well as additional screenwriting software (Celtx, Movie Magic Screenwriter...etc) My most recent sample of work:

Canada, Ontario, Toronto | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Professional Writer

I have nine years of experience as a published freelance writer in a diverse array of genres and formats. I have written articles for MTV News and the Contra Costa Times, among others. I hold a BFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University, and am currently a represented screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

United States, CA, Los Angeles | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Film & TV editor / Screenwriter / Translator

I am a native Norwegian, currently stationed in England. I worked as an Editor for Mastiff TV before taking a Bachelor degree in Film Production at Arts University of Bournemouth. Also very passionate about writing and have written several short films that have later been produced. Recently done some smaller translation jobs for Arts University of Bournemouth.

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Writing and Translation Expert.

- Bachelor's degree in Arts and Literature and MA in Social Communications. - Extensive experience in Copy writing. - Advertising and Marketing content development, especially online. - Creative mind for article, fiction and non-fiction writing at client's request. - Spanish - English translation, with native proficiency in both languages. I have a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Literature and an MA in Social communications. I am a native Spanish speaker and have worked as an English teacher for four years, plus I have developed my English skills by working in the US and in the UK in Screen writing, Comedy writing, Copy writing and Translation. Today I work as a copy writer in the UK.

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The Edit Agency - For All Your Writing Needs

TV, Film, Scripts, Screenwriting, Books. I do it all. I am the Managing Editor of The Edit Agency, a boutique developmental editorial agency in the LA area specializing in script, screenwriting, story/script consultations, editing and proofreading for manuscripts, film and tv scripts and business documents. We ghostwrite a bit, although that's not our main thing. I have over 20 years experience as a professional writer in the film and television industry and over the last five years have moved into the world of publishing and editing.

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I am a professional writer, with over 100 hours of television credits. My feature film scripts have been optioned by major studios and production companies in Hollywood.I am a professional, contemporary artist (my paintings hang in galleries in Toronto, New York and Palm Beach), I lecture on writing at writer's conferences all over North America, and I raise organic crops on the one hundred acre farm I own and live on with my four children. I am currently writing a book, "HOT SEX AND COOL ROMANCE; THE PASSIONATE MIDLIFE".

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Filmmaker, Screenwriter

United States, IL, Chicago | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Feature film director, screenwriter, script editor

Write, direct and produce feature films. Script editing/analysis.

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Screenwriter and Director

I am a filmmaker operating out of Cardiff, Wales, currently in my third year of studying Film and Video. I have written for several short film projects over the last few years, and I am currently writing a feature screenplay in partnership with a local director and producer, with whom I am also working on a handful of horror competition shorts.

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Screenwriter, IT developer, translations and more

If you need any type of writing comnsult with me and will see if I am the person you need. If your company needs logos, motto, catch phrases I am your guy, I make few questions and work, in less than in one week you will have what you need.

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30 years as a Creative Writer. Fast! Expert!

From Blog writing, Articles, Slogans to Creative Content, I am fast, efficient, and have 30 years experience making inspiring and unique content, no matter what your project is. I have been a Harvard psychologist for three decades as well and bring a depth to my writing and an insight that will help you create copy to capture your target market. Whether you need a Facebook post, a catchy 500 word update or an article, everything is telling a story which is what captures your audience. I thrive on helping others to birth their dreams and deepen their own writing as well. And in the advertising world of blogging and website content I have extensive experience making your product, your service, your identity and your goals stand out among the crowd. Are you needing a screenwriter for your project, a script doctor, writing coach for your novel or memoir or maybe a seasoned ghostwriter? I have published two books, written countless articles, ghostwritten for the medical indu

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Acclaimed Author and Screenwriter

Born in NY, living in Portland, Oregon, attended Georgetown University, I have published two critically acclaimed books and written for elite directors such as Martin Scorsese, Werner Herzog, and David Lynch. I offer 40 years of professionalism, and fast and effective writing that generally exceeds expectations.

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Screenwriter. Actor. Visual Artist. Producer.

B.A. in Liberal Arts, Walsh University, 1995. Left a job as a hotel manager to pursue filmmaking. Worked as a PA, Video Assist Operator, Grip and Art Director on indie films in Columbus, OH. Member of SAG-AFTRA. Has worked on over 50 films, TV shows and commercials including Political Animals and Silver Linings Playbook and NBC's Do No Harm, Dead Man Down and Paranoia, due out 2013. Has written an 1-hour horror pilot entitled Paparazzo, several TV episodes and 3 feature-length screenplays; two sci-fi-comedies entitled Pizzaface and Pizzaface 2 and a horror-comedy entitled 86 Zombies. Visual artist specializing in pencil and pen & ink concept art and storyboards for film and video games, portraits and caricatures. Has created 2D animated shorts using Paint and Windows Movie Maker and sprites for video games utilizing GameMaker. Capable of simple non-linear editing. In 2013, will begin doing artwork for the Pizzaface graphic novel and storyboard art for both Paparazzo and 86 Zombies.

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Small Business Copywriter | Content Marketer

Wish you had compelling copy that drives sales? SEO-optimized content that guarantees high site rankings? What about a great story? Welcome to my profile. For over five years, I have helped agencies and small businesses worldwide increase their sales with reliable and affordable SEO copywriting services. I write for all kinds of small businesses, including: ? Plumbers ? Attorneys ? Locksmiths ? Local marketing firms ? HVAC service techs ? ... and many more! Together, we will discuss your business - your goals, audience, and what's working for your site (as well as what isn't). I am an attentive person who asks the right questions to discover the hidden potential in your site, and how best to reach your target audience. Andrew J. Schrader Copywriter / Content Marketer tel -- / fax --

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Expert Copywriter and Content Creator

A perfectionist by nature, I am committed to providing full satisfaction for my clients. I thrive on hard work and I guarantee quick turnaround with reliable communication. I can draw upon years of experience in education as a bilingual teacher. As a published author and award winning filmmaker, I can provide the creative spark for your project. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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Multi-skilled Graduate, screen-writer, researcher

A Historical-Archaeology Graduate of the University of York with a deep interest in history and project design. I am presently awaiting the result of an MA in Medieval Archaeology. Professionally I am qualified for archaeological survey and geographical desktop research, but on a personal level I am a good writer and very creative and imaginative. I can be hired for designing projects, writing Services. I have knowledge of history and archaeology and at disseminating for the public or for children, writing pamphlets or booklets, or designing heritage signs. I am a good creative writer and can work as a screenwriter for historical documentaries, film or TV adaptations. I could definitely perform research tasks for heritage projects or personal research. I am also an artist interested in illustration. Personally I am a lively and fun person to work with who plays rugby and paints. In my spare time I am working on my own screenplay.

United Kingdom, England, Grange-over-Sands | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Everyone has a story, let me share yours.

I am an English Major with a Writing Concentration at Middle Tennessee State University. During my time at MTSU, I have represented the English department at the Southern Literary Festival and helped cultivate student's interest in creative writing in the department. Crafting a quality story, whether it be a press release or a work of fiction, is what drives me. My work experience at ESPN Radio and Lonely Planet has allowed me to see how major corporations successfully achieve their goals. My work within these companies as well as my educational experience at MTSU cultivated my analytical skill set and my ability to solve problems. My first and only priority is your satisfaction. Please take a look at my portfolio below.

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Screenwriter & Filmmaker

Currently studying film production at Ravensbourne, I have collaborated with many directors and writers, one of these projects was entered and won the film bounty film competition in November 2013.

United Kingdom, England, London | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Screenwriter and novelist

Born in Brazil, studied in Cambridge, seasoned in New York. I'm a former book, television, and film critic, reporter and blogger for Brazil's most famous magazine. My first book publication is set to come out early 2015. Over seven years Creative Writing experience + Arts & Design coursed in England. All of these amazing experiences have provided me with a breadth of knowledge about not only writing and literature, but Hollywood and film, and have also helped me sharpen my skills as a screenwriter and storyteller.? My skills include working with tight deadlines, fluency in more than one language (Portuguese, English, advanced Spanish, and basics of French), world building, character development, and cohesive and meaningful writing. I specialize in the unexpected, and stories that stay with you even after the screen goes black.

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Media Communications Expert

Former advertising executive with professional experience writing ad copy, web content, non-fiction, technical user guides, Powerpoint presentations, corporate communication. Written professionally for radio, TV, Internet, print. Solid understanding of Canadian, UK and US markets and the language differences for each. Currently writing screenplays, taught screenwriting, host a blog on screenwriting. Recently published a poetry anthology.

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Freelance Writer

Screenwriter/journalist. I have experience with creative writing, journalistic article writing as well as blog article writing. I also have experience with screenwriting, having completed one feature length screenplay to date, with two others in progress. My area of special interest is art & entertainment, with a focus on film related things. I have an easy to read, conversational style of writing with a humorous, sarcastic quip. Being a screenwriter, I have experience with compelling storytelling. Being a journalist, I have experience with informational writing. I really can do it all.

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Screenwriter - Story Editor

Copywriting - Script Writing - Logos/Graphic Design - Cartoons/Animation I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree coupled with post graduate studies in Media Copywriting. My portfolio includes ongoing freelance work with Creative Bube Tube, DRAFT FCB (Interactive),, and STO Productions - which includes ads for multiple formats (tv, web, radio), direct mail, brochures, press releases, voice-overs, social media and branded entertainment. Here is some of my latest work online: Print portfolio: Artwork/Illustration: Spec Commercials: Close-Up Toothpaste: Knorr Soup: "Neuroskin" online commercial -- Writer (scroll down to spot # 10)

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I am Screenwriter and Published Author

I am a screenwriter and an author of two books. I currently run several successful blogs.

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Screenwriter/freelance ghostwriter for hire

I am known for prompt and professional service in a timely manner. I have worked as a ghostwriter since 1999. Choose the best when it comes to writing assignments. References. 55 books published at

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