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Exceeding your EXPECTATIONS in every way

Quality copy creates an impression of excellence and leaves the reader with a feeling of professionalism and credibility. Words are my passion and I can provide effective writing, in any form, which is sure to captivate and motivate

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Writing for communication

Communication is not what you say - it is what the other person thinks you said. In order to captivate your audience you need to write for them - not for you. So if you want to write a sales presentation, a sales proposal an e-book to captivate an audience, or to commuicate a technical complexity to an audience that needs to understand it - then you need someone practised in the art of comm

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Professional Writer

Writer with more than twenty years experience. Screenplays optioned domestically and abroad. Novels published by such houses as Doubleday, Harleqin, Pinnacle Books, Thorndike Press and more, many reprinted abroad. Articles have been published online and in hard copy. Samples available upon request. I'm open to taking on creative writing projects, ghosting, and/or writing articles with a creative flair.

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Reliable, secure, high quality copy

I have lived and worked in three countries, experienced a variety of jobs and industries, and hold a Master's degree with a concentration in literature. I work as a freelance writer and communications consultant, and have recently started writing fiction.

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Choose Your Words Wisely

I'm a writer with an English degree and a JD/MBA. I understand the importance of good copy and how it reflects on an organization's image and affects the bottom line. For nearly 10 years, I was a senior executive in charge of editorial and content strategy at a large legal publisher. I've led teams of writers in producing consumer-friendly legal content, and I can bring that wealth of experience to bear for you. If you need a native English speaker and writer who can deliver clean, polished copy that will engage your readers and highlight your product/service, look no further. My writing ranges from professional, academic content to informal, conversational blog posts. I'm a stickler for grammar and punctuation, and I always deliver on time. Thanks for considering me, and I hope to work with you.

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Experienced Writer and Editor

How do you decide what counts as "good writing"? It seems strange that people should even care to write clearly when bad writing seems so common and costs its writers so little. Clear writers are so few that when we find them, we are very thankful for them. What most people don't realize is that writing is a craft. As a writer, my philosophy embraces a golden rule: put your reader ahead of yourself. As an instructor in English composition with an M.A. in English from California State University (Chico), I am experienced in the craft of "good writing." You've come here for one of two reasons: either you need help with your own writing, or someone to do your writing for you. Allow me to help you overcome your writing challenge: correct your errors, edit, revise and/or create new text--do what I do best so that you can focus energy on what you do best. The writing you end up with will be clear, concise and concrete. Life just got easier for you!

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Great writing with exceptional speed.

I am a graduate student, writing a dissertation to finish my Ph.D. Hence, I have developed the habit of writing quickly and effectively. The part of being in graduate school and academia that I enjoy the most is writing. Outside of government and politics, I have several other passions: children, animals, plants and gardening, literature, and theater.

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Writer/New Mother Looking for Extra Work

I have been a writer for several years. I have a wealth of experience primarily in academic writing, reports, memos, journal articles and french/english translation. I primarily use MS Word and Power Point but have used many other programs and can learn any program quickly when needed. I have a Masters Degree in Public Policy that required large amounts of academic/journal writing to achieve completion. I also have a degree in French Language. I am looking for short quick jobs that I can handle on the weekends and can offer quick turnaound time. I write fiction stories and research articles in my spare time as hobbies.

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Native English speaking scientist and accountant

I have an MSc in Neuroscience from University College London and was trained as an accountant with Deloitte UK. I am living in Germany working on a PhD in Medical Neuroscience alongside work as a biotechnology financial analyst. I have experience with both academic scientific writing and research reports on biotechnology companies for investors.

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For Your Quality Needs Only

A high quality writer ready to provide top of the line writing materials delivered ALWAYS on time.

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Writer/Editor: Organized, motivated, almost witty,

...and, best of all, trapped in Brasil, which means I work cheap--for you! I've got a wide range of abilities, but what I do best is: Work. I'm a great Proofreader; I love to Write; let me do your Page Layout. Give me your Translation work. Give me your Creative Writing job. Give it to me--right now!

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Writing. Editing. Proofreading.

At Write Tone ( my aim is to provide you with a clear, concise, easy flowing, and professional service that brings out the best in your work, and in mine. Write Tone is a sole-proprietorship, and I take enormous pride in my business and in the service I provide to you. Whether you require substantive editing, copy editing, or proofreading, you will not be disappointed. Catching grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and finding the most natural flow for words on a page, is a process at which my brain excels. I feel exhilarated at finding a misplaced comma, a spelling mistake, or an incorrectly used word (e.g. effect vs. affect). Along with a natural passion for words and their tone, I also reference the rules and tools used in the world of editing today, such as, the Chicago Manual of Style and Editing Canadian English.

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Digital focused branding, promotion and brilliance

Welcome to the house of Urban Lotus, a digital branding consultancy. UL is Kristina Puerto, a freelance social media strategist with degrees in public relations and social media marketing. Puerto works in the financial industry doing marketing, but Urban Lotus is her baby, where she gets to stretch out and play. Is Urban Lotus what you need? If you are a creative type, a new business, or simply an individual, UL can help you define your brand. In a crowded media landscape, a clear focus on your brand is essential for survival. At Urban Lotus, we help you tell your story.

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Copy and Content Writer with an Eye for Detail

I have a natural talent for writing and a flair for descriptive yet concise content. I am able to structure large pieces to a professional standard or deliver short, punchy pieces whose purpose is to grab and hold the attention of the reader. I have a background in academia and have combined my experience in well-researched structural writing with my creative passions to move into freelance copy and content writing.

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Writing for a Greener World

I'm a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader specializing in all things green and sustainable, from organic foods and fair trade products to environmental education and eco-friendly building. Whether you need ebooks, SEO articles, or website content, I deliver writing that gets your green products noticed! When you hire me to work on your green project, I promise: ? High quality, error-free work at an affordable price. ? Detailed and well-researched writing. ? Projects delivered on time and on budget.

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Experienced writer and editor

I have nearly 20 years of experience in the communications industry. Most recently I have been the director of a communications department for a University athletics department. Our daily writing and editing efforts were viewed online by more than 600,000 unique visitors last year.

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Manager - Public Relations / Content Development

YOU are welcome to the arena of a professional freelancer who has a good deal of experience in different fields with positive reputation. Hire ME for complete 360 degree solutions to your brand / business / website. Be it Content Writing / Editing / Research / Public Relations / Social Media Marketing / Project Management / Administration / Client Dealing / Office Management etc. I can provide you with the best solutions of your needs. View my Service Description and skills to asses me better.

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Photographer/Photo Editor

Justin Sagarsee, owner/founder of Hyperion Imaging, has 16 years of experience as an award-winning photo editor, photographer and reporter in Denver, CO. Hyperion Imaging was created by Mr. Sagarsee to provide private clients and businesses with timeless imaging. We offer professional photographic services within an extensive range of subject matters. Photojournalism, sports photography, lifestyle photography, advertising photography, photo editing, archiving, visual branding and feature writing are the core of Hyperion Imaging's mission to satisfy our clients' everyday needs.

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Copywriter, Content Writer

As a Technical Writer, I understand how important Writing is for Businesses in selling, persuading and describing a product or service. The reason you need a technical writer is either you feel better having someone with expertise in Technical Writing or you haven?t got the time to do some writing yourself. Either way I understand your basic needs for writing whether it is a Case Study, Brochure or a website. I deal with Clients who are in the business to consumer or the business to business arena and both have two types of writing, sales copy or descriptive copy (depending on what type of tone of voice you want in your copy).

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Transforming ideas into compelling content

Experienced web writer, blogger and copywriter with proven experience in online communications and strategy, public relations, and marketing in Singapore and Australia.

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Award winning writer and editor.

Award-winning writer, reporter and publisher living in rural Northern Michigan, offering broad experience on many topics and in diverse fields. Skilled copywriter with a history in promotions and advertising, experienced in business, institution and event promotion. News writing experience specializing in feature, human interest, outdoor and environment. Magazine experience in human interest, feature, business review, outdoor, recreation and environment. Editorial experience in news and regional magazine. Publisher of news, advertising brochures and festival programs.

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Don't just write copy; tell a story.

With my experience in both writing and marketing communication, I have a knack for expressing ideas concisely. Readers are consumers, especially if you are writing online. Another website is only one click away. Keep your audience interested with a clear message and interesting content. I can write it for you or edit what you have to make it exactly what your company needs.

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Quality Work At Your Service

I am an extremely self driven, detail oriented, and hard working Content Writer, Language Translator and Data Entry Operator. I take great pride in my ability to solve problems quickly and accurately while keeping modularity and scalability as priorities. I also have a passion for Logo Design which has brought some experience with 3d modeling and animation. As a side note: I strongly believe that communication is the key to delivering code that meets deadlines and satisfies requirements. If you, as an employer, feel the same way and would have no problem staying in frequent contact with me while your project is being developed, then I think we would be a great match to do business. I love writing and designing, and coming up with masterpieces is my hobby. I have an analytical and creative (or artistic) mind which I use to analyze problems with and get their solutions. My satisfaction comes from seeing a client who is more than satisfied with my work.

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Pen Slave: Anything under the Sun

As the tag goes...anything under the sun. I'm a content and article writer who is unbiased by my own interests. I love to write, I love to read, and I love to learn new things which makes writing an ideal passion for me. If you're looking for an efficient writer who's willing to follow directions and with enough sense to adhere the timeline set, then it's me you're looking for.

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Writing,Data Entry,Internet Research, Finance Task

Hello there! I am a finance and marketing professional with a creative mindset, proficient in Writing & Translation job. I am specialized in Writing, Data entry and Internet research. My expertise lies in CV/Resume writing, Writing cover letters, Business Writing, Content Writing, Email Writing, Creating brochures and Ad banners. I am well versed with MS Office and Graphics tools. As a finance professional, I can also handle accounting and auditing work. I have been involved in various CV and Cover letter writing, Editing, Blog Content Writing, Data entry projects. I am a regular contributor for Travel, Career and Automobile blogs. From me,you can assure the following Quality, Professionalism, Honesty, Timeliness and Integrity.

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le mot juste

I am a seasoned writer and meticulous editor with more than six years of experience, with a focus in promotional writing for digital media, including websites, mobile User Interface, social media, and digital advertising. I have been highly respected for meeting difficult deadlines for emergency asset development and promotional requests with composure. Lastly, I approach every project with a clear head, see every project through, and strive to create specialized and exceptional copy that fit my clients' needs.

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Devoted to championing quality brands, music, and fashion. Worked for creatively charged teams that executed with excellence, consistency, and detail. Currently freelancing in photography, writing, events, media, and client relations. If interested please check out my online portfolio here:

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Creative Professional Driven By Writing

I have studied writing and literature in classical forms, creative forms as well as research based writing. I have always exceled in writing and coupled with my attention to detail, I craft exceptional work. I am also proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, and navigating the social media world. I adhere to deadlines and details. My passion is writing and I hope to use my skill to help you!

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The best non-professional

I may not be a professional writer, but I have the heart and soul of a writer which makes anyone like my work. I specialize in Editorial Writing and Creative Writing, but can do any ind of writing as required. Also, I am an Accountancy student, taking several accounting and business subjects, so I have knowledge with regards to that. I also use Quickbooks. I may not know a lot since I am just a student, but I am willing to learn and capable to adapt to whatever the environment requires.

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Experienced Technology Writer

A leading Big Data and Analytics Journalists. In my day to day job I edit 4 technology magazines and have a combined readership of over 100,000. Working normal hours during the day and as such will be working on freelance work during evenings and weekends.

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Right Message, Right Person at the Right Time

UK Graduate with Professional technical qualifications, worked as a technical expert using various technologies for 5 years on contract with the largest companies in the world. Spent 10 further years in business consultancy, digital marketing, creative design & writing, advising over 200 serious small businesses. In the latter part of the last 10 years, I gained legal qualifications and practiced advocacy for almost 8.5 years, and setup legal & tax advice centres. Was one of the absolute best in the field because of my cross training in many fields which is very unusual. Collectively my experiences have made my skillset difficult to place, but I am a bit of a work-a-holic and prefer to keep away from long protracted meetings, do lots of charity work & help others as much as possible , hence I am on elance. Would class my self as very highly trained, extremely competent. Love to make a difference when working with and for clients.

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Doctoral student, academic writer, w/ business exp

If you need anything researched or written, let me help! I'm currently a doctoral student studying curriculum and instruction and I'm a gifted writer who easily demonstrates critical thinking. I also enjoy developing pieces which can be more emotional or creative, e.g., fiction, editorials, or scripts for public speaking assignments.

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Award-Winning Marketing Strategist & Writer

Write. Speak. Influence...Succeed! That's my motto. An award-winning marketing strategist, publicist and writer, I help companies create high-impact brands and promotional communications that inspire consumers to buy. I function as a stop-gap for my clients' marketing and public relations departments. I know just what to do to create integrated multimedia campaigns in both the traditional and social media marketplaces -- and how to get it done quickly -- to build a company's image and drive sales.

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When quality counts and you need to make a great impression.... Hire me! Please also refer to my Service Description for a more detailed explanation of services offered. Whether it's fantastic resumes and cover letters, proofreading, editing, captivating business proposal writing, or translations I produce great results! A double major in English and Computer Science, writing is my life, my passion, and my joy! I'm a Certified Professional Resume Writer and I've also edited for 2 major publishing houses. I've proofread, edited, and rewritten novels, e-books, blogs, articles, instructional manuals, term papers, research papers, and tons of resumes. When deciding on a writer be certain they have been tested by Elance. I tested in the top 20% for Resume and Cover Letter writing and in the top 30% for content writing. I'm your one stop source for all of your writing needs!

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Strategic Writer and Brand Articulator

Creative professional with solid verbal and written communication skills trained in sociology, research, and the performing arts. Proven aptitude for creativity and experience in: -Strategic Writing -Integrated Marketing Communications (Web, Print, and Email) -Corporate Communications -Branding and Brand Articulation Working knowledge of diverse cultural backgrounds through domestic and international living experiences abroad. Proficient in utilizing both commercial and customized software platforms to create effective brand message and content. Software platforms used include Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint), and at ease using MAC/PC. Additional studies in photography/visual arts.

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Expert writer/Dataentry operater

I am a graduate for Science in a well reputed university of SriLanka. I am serving as a teacher of English in the government sector. I have the ability to write subjective as well as literary content .Since my school age I have been writing. I have a sound knowledge of computing as well as a good typing speed.

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Reliable copywriter, content editor & blogger

It's not my pride talking when I say that I'm literally very good at writing. It's not even a personal choice - it just happened that I got hired by an ad agency for my communication skills, before I got to finish my degree in fashion design. I can do any type of professional writing and I'm also accustomed to basic marketing & SEO techniques, so my area of expertise gets constantly wider due to the projects I embark on. I have most practice in copywriting, writing content for websites, writing articles for blogs, managing pages on Facebook (and general social media management) - generating genuine interest in brands, by means of words and, where applicable, images.

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Professional Marketing, PR and Content Specialist

I am a professional Marketing, PR and Content Specialist with over 8 years of experience across multiple industries and disciplines.

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Creative Writer & Restaurant Professional

My background in English Literature allows me to express anything on paper. My travels and constant yearning for knowledge have given me a worldly view and some insight into all aspects of life. I strive to continue learning about all topics of interest which grant me a broad range of information and ideas to reference. Being a key member of restaurant business for over 10 years, I have developed my talents for sales & marketing, training & education and food & beverage service. I have played an integral role in the creation and implementation of rules, training exercises and new menus. My pursuit of perfection in writing ensures that I will not rush jobs on elance. I take on one project at a time to give it my full attention, check and double check my work, and hand over a finished assignment that will, hopefully, exceed expectations.

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Experienced Writer and Researcher

My formal academic background is in Business and Management where I have a Phd in Management. I am very accessible and stay in close contact with clients throughout the duration of a project.

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Professional Writer, Trader and Teacher !

Hi, This is Jayaraj from India. I've got two years of teaching experience and I used to teach Financial Derivatives and Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. Now, I'm a full time professional stock market trader (Yes - I practice What I Teach) and I also write a blog which helps people to learn about the stock market trading - which reiterates that trading, teaching and writing are my passion !

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Technical/content writing, transcription & editing

I am from Chennai, more than 10 years experience in transcription and quality assurance, passed CMT in 2009. I also do technical and content writing.

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Experienced, professional writer

Shortly after graduation I began my writing career with a position as news reporter/photographer for the Ogemaw Herald, West Branch MI. Later, I was hired as a full-time content producer for Demand Media Studios.For the next 6 years I worked with DM, producing content for sites like e-how, Livestrong and When I left Demand Media in 2010, it was in pursuit of creative freedom. As a private freelancer I have published a wide range of both fiction and nonfiction books and e-books, articles, essays, press releases, Academic work, speeches and have published several short stories and poetry collections. Aside from my freelance work, I am a certified Trauma and Loss Specialist, with experience working with children and teens from at risk homes. I have been employed as a Domestic Violence Advocate, Children's Program Coordinator, Youth Center Coordinator and Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator. I am currently completing courses in business, politics and the arts at CSU.

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Exp. Writing Services, Admin, Financial Support

Virtuosa provides all round solutions to small to medium sized businesses in a range of specialist areas such as general administration virtual assistant support, translation services (specialising in Russian), transcription, bookkeeping, invoicing, data control, data entry,website development and web content. In addition to this have a writer who has vast experience in ghost writing, article creation, content development and academic writing. If you also need to have a business presence in New Zealand, we are the solution you are looking for.

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Writer, Editor, Proofreader

I am a writer and editor freelance. Since five years I have been working at production and edit contents for papers and web publishing. I own experience in both publishing houses and editing online. I manage drafting, writing and processing texts for privates, editorial and business. During my education and training period, I worked for a long time as business and work consultant for companies working in several areas (publishing, communication, TV production). Beyond my editorial background, I also have an excellent managing experience. I am skilled in writing, proofreading, editing and web writing. I have a good technical knowledge of SEO, CMS (Wordpress, Joomla) tools, and main social network. I work in Italian, French and English.

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Branding & Marketing Professional

Becky is a Singaporean based in Hong Kong. She is a National Youth Achievement Gold Award Holder with a background in both Marketing and Graphic Design. As a branding & marketing professional, her area of interests includes marketing research, marketing strategies and campaigns, marketing communication, copy writing, advertising as well as consumer behavior. In her spare time, she loves to read and write. Her authentic and personable writing style in her personal blog had also won her some awards next to some notable writers and bloggers. She is the winner of the Y Bloggist Award by in 2009, nominated consecutively for the Singapore Blog Award for 2007 & 2008 and the finalist for the Weblog 2007 for the Best Diarist.

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High-quality web design and content writing

We offer the internet's best deal in small and medium business web design. Our turn around is fast and our work is outstanding. We also have numerous internet marketing products including SEO, PPC, and e-newsletter services. If you already have your design and are challenged with your content management. We can help. We are proficient in the creation of web content, news and research articles, marketing brochures, newsletters, and press releases. We also provide copy writing, editing, and proofreading services.

Skills: Editor
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Copywriter, Copy-Editor, Marketing Specialist

Todd Larson has been a professional writer for 21 years on a wide range of subjects, including architecture, real estate and business. He has published articles in the Boston and Baltimore Business Journals, GBP (Greater Boston Property) Magazine, Banker & Tradesman, Boston Homes, The Improper Bostonian, the Boston Herald and other leading publications. He is especially known for his vivid architectural descriptions of homes, which have led to million-dollar sales of high-end properties. He has also heightened the visibility of architectural firms with his marketing expertise, including publishing press releases on a firm's projects in New England Real Estate Journal and High-Profile Monthly.

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Writer, editor, blogger, and social media expert

I am a blogger, writer and editor, working freelance, currently settled in New Delhi, India. I have been in this industry for more than ten years, and have been working with social media channels for my clients all this while. I have worked with both UK and US based clients, so I am quite conversant about various styles of writing. I have also been working with briefs and deadlines, so I understand the need for a quick turnaround. You are cordially invited to check out my blogs, and to decide on your requirement. I have freelanced for websites, as well as print publishing houses. I have been also interviewed a couple of times for my working from home experience in India. Excellent communication skills are my strength, and my pride are my professionalism and integrity in my chosen field. I understand deadlines, and am proficient in managing projects end to end.

India, Delhi, New Delhi | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Freelance Journalist and Copywriter

Professional remote writer with clients in both the journalism and copy writing sector. Experience in feature writing, news, Q&A, previews, ghost blogging, SEO copy, and web content. Published in print and online for digital content providers, newspapers, lifestyle magazines, and specialist publications. Journalism subjects include music/entertainment, health and well-being and craft. Copy writing assignments on a range of topics. My flexible and creative approach means I have put my passion to good use for one-off articles to larger projects of all different sizes. I will work with you to finalise project details and deadlines, which are fair, flexible, and will work to both our needs.

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Published Content Writer

Angela Sims is a published freelance writer, aspiring author and professional photographer. You can see her published works on eHow, Yahoo! Voices and Helium. She has also successfully sold articles to clients through Textbroker, Elance and Odesk. Sims has written a variety of topics ranging from health, fitness, wellness, fashion, travel, sports, news, business and more. Sims is a runner and enjoys writing most about health, fitness and wellness. She has over 10 years of experience in writing, extensive research, proofreading, editing, data entry and customer service. She prides herself on excellent quality and fast service, with a typing speed greater than 90 wpm.

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expert traduction, anglais .francais .arab.

Looking for a project to be completed quickly and correctly? Can I change or correct your work in a timely manner so that you can stay on schedule. As passionate reviewer since 2006, I have the tools to make your work flawless writing.

Algeria, 25000, constantine | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Versatile perspectives with an initiative to learn

It is my intention to promote the strongest examples of story in service, in order to increase potential service connections or awareness. I have worked in direct nonprofit services for nearly 10 years and combining a genuine understanding of what people want, what makes them happy, versus what we think they want and connecting a story of relevancy is the ultimate voice I am willing to provide in writing.

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"Communication Solutions for Small Businesses." For dynamic, attention-grabbing copy--on time, on target and on budget--look no further than Girl Friday Ink. We're not a Madison Avenue advertising agency. We're not a Hollywood PR Firm, either. And, we're definitely not a stuffy corporate communications firm. But we are a bunch of creative souls that absolutely love what we do--and

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Freelance and Illustrations

To provide freelance writing services in an efficient, professional manner.

United States, GA, Tyrone | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Published author and artist

I have written and published one novel, Nihility, and am currently working on a few others. I would like to do some additional writing mainly for experience and extra income. I also have skills in art mainly sketched and computer designed images and acrylic painting.

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***Your CAN-DO Girl***

Are you in search of a professional creative writer? Do you need a writer to create a powerful sales message? Please, look no further then! As an accomplished writer with works published in, "The Harvester", "The Journey" and "Illinois Times" I can help you, sell your product or idea. Experience in web design and creation for personal and e-commerce websites make me an ideal candidate for most online projects. Skills such as, product description, graphic design, web hosting, impact marketing, creative writing and key-word utilization for search engine placement are skills that I possess. Writing essays, short stories, poems and jingles are my area of expertise. Articles using any of these styles in blogs, forums or website content can make your article fun and enjoyable to your readers. Did I mention sales increase? Sales increase when you present your product clearly and professionally. Advertising smart increases your sales and encourages repeat customers.

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Admin. Support - Translations - Writing

I am a native born Mexican. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from the Institute of Technology Durango and completed studies in English at Northlake College, Irvin, Texas. I am fluent in Spanish and English. My husband, a native of the U.S.A. is a freelance writer, and a consultant to my Elance business. He proofreads all English correspondences. He is fluent in English and Spanish. As a team we have more than 30 years experience in the private and public sector in Management, Quality Control, Engineering, and Translating Spanish - English / English - Spanish. I offer 100% grammatical accuracy, including context, syntax and sentence structure. The quality of all my work, along with dated deadlines is guaranteed.

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Content That Shines

If you need content that shines, I'm the perfect writer for you. Southern born and bred, I take the hard-working spirit of my Appalachian heritage to heart. I am skilled at writing children's stories, short stories and articles. I have written articles on parenting, political science, social science, legal topics, women's rights, civil rights and disability rights. My creative writing skills include fun children's stories, quirky short stories and informative non-fiction. I like to write about unusual, but enjoyable characters. I am a native English speaker with a firm grasp of proper English grammar. I use correct syntax, punctuation, word usage, and spelling to polish every piece I write. I also have experience helping other writers edit their work in an online writing community. If you would like to know more, please send me a message.

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Experienced and Versatile Business Writer

I'm a former syndicated columnist for the L.A. Times, specializing in financial topics and small business. I've written and produced numerous promotional videos for colleges and major corporations including: Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Cox Communications and Pitney Bowes. I have also worked with small business owners to create promotional copy to market their goods and services.

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Advanced technical writing and fund proposal devel

I am a successful grant writer, having helped clients secure over $11,000,000 in public and private funding. I hold a doctorate in Mass Communication from Florida State University, and teach graduate level statistics and research methods. I am accomplished in technical writing for funding proposals, and have extensive experience in producing specialized content for web sites, business plans, marketing campaigns, and field research. I also specialize in advanced evaluation designs - developing measurable process and outcome objectives, statistical and business trend analysis, instrumentation, and project development milestones. My work is always well-researched, original, and on time. Copies of past successful funding proposals are included in my portfolio.

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Databases, reports and business intelligence

A seasoned professional with 15+ years experience with a broad range of business and technical proficiencies, including exceptional database, business intelligence and data analysis abilities. Well-developed problem solving skills, out of the box analytical and critical thinking, superior numerical skills. Knowledge of the supply chain, materials and maintenance management functions for oil & gas companies.

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iWrite Life

I have an obsession for creative writing which is only exceeded by my passion for grammatically correct, compelling content. I enjoy the challenge of writing for others, of channeling their voices and ideas through the words I write. Good writing tells a story; great writing stimulates visual sensation.

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Cutting Edge Marketing & Design!

A Professional Digital Marketer with a Passion for Design and all things digital as well as keeping on top of all the latest marketing & design trends, I've written scripts for the stage / TV & Film and produced award winning short films. I work best towards deadlines and won't take on any work I can't ensure will be done on time and to the highest standard!

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ideas and words in perfect harmony

No quotation marks around out-of-the-box in my profile. I've spent nearly two decades exploring new ideas and making them real in the world. I bring lots of experience and a hard-won and distinctively passionate perspective (and voice) to the work of my clients. I speak business, markets, economies, and innovation with fluency. I swim effortlessly in the waters of education, policy, and politics. I've published on technology, science, policy, music, art, and especially on food. I can help you communicate better, reach new markets, inspire action, and - if you're so inclined - maybe even change the world.

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Creative Writer, Proofreader

I have been writing as a hobby all my life. I hold a masters degree in leadership which I have used to teach adult students in areas of Management, Marketing, and Western Heritages. I use the written work to help people better themselves and widen their horizons. I have excelled in creative writing, technical writing, and business writing including resumes and cover letters. Throughout my work experience, I have also worked in the areas of marketing, sales, community outreach, fundraising, and volunteer management. For the past five years, I have worked in an independent office and am excellent at working on my own and making sure all projects are completed on time.

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Online Marketing Professional

I am experienced in strategic partnerships, advertising operations, online marketing (SEM, PPC) , business planning/strategy and content development (articles, blogs, web copy)

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writing and translation

I am currently located in Astoria, New York, and English is my native language. I write detailed and informative articles that capture the audience and get the point across quickly and effectively. I have worked with a variety of editors and publishing companies, and aside from descriptive writing I am also a copy editor. Remember, the best way to reach me is via email--unless otherwise arranged. My work is high quality, and I provide one hundred percent original work. I do not deal with cheap articles. I am timely, and straight forward with questions and needs for assignments.

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Technical Operations Consulting

If we can, we will. Just ask! We are a Technical Operations Consulting Group dedicated to client satisfaction and getting the job done right. The consultants at Galaxias have over 10 years combined experience in the areas of business and technical writing, and 5 years in business planning and implementation. We specialize in the long term development of a business; the ?whole company concept.? The following is just a snippet of what we can provide?continuity guides, standard operating procedures, business plans, and training documentation. At Galaxias, we believe that a well thought out and documented company can become a successful one.

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Writer, Editor, Trainer/Tutor, Desktop Publisher

I am a professional writer and editor with Administrative Assistant experience, proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign CS3. I have particular expertise in producing invitations, meeting materials, and business correspondence. Much of my full-time and client work through Elance consists of creating meeting materials (i.e. agendas and letters), editing and proofreading.

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... the WRITE stuff

The continuous drop in the literacy and skill development sectors of the world economy poses a serious threat to the expansive growth of the human specie as the world needs more creative minds in the literacy and numeracy skill department to make discoveries that can change the world for better. Writer's Inc. is our distinctive platform where different breeds of writers each with his/her own unique style and genre tackle various problems in: - Advert Copywriting - Web Copies/Texts - Article/Journals/Magazine Writing & Publishing - Book Writing & Publishing - Proofreading - Freelance Writing Services

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Reliably crafting meticulous texts, for you

Ross will write, ghost-write, proofread and edit for you, on a wide range of topics. Ross is skilled as an academic writer and has a talent for creative, descriptive wordplay. Ross' primary experience is in the field of integrative health and personal empowerment. His interests also include travel-writing, sustainable living solutions and photography. Ross provides a no-nonsense service to every client.

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Academic Writing, Editing, & Proofreading

Do you need to develop a focused, professional academic paper with the right style and structure? The complexities of language, rules of grammar, and organization make delivering a meaningful academic message challenging. I can help you succeed by writing, editing, or proofreading academic works including articles, essays, books and book reports, abstracts, theses and dissertations, technical papers, manuscripts, and special projects.

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Expert writer

Talented Business Communicator with Relevant Experience, blog commenter, blog work, article writer, article spinner,lead generation

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My CREDO as a ghostwriter - "Write to remain silent." I offer the following services: Writing and Editing - 1) all types of academic papers (specialization - theses and dissertations, essays and term papers; 2) content writing; 3)web writing; 4) critical writing; 5) technical writing; 6) business writing; 7)copywriting Theses and Dissertations - from pre-proposal stage to writing of final draft including problem conceptualization, statistical analysis and interpretation. Administrative Support - data entry, sending/answering e-mails, web monitoring.

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Shaping up the Internet

The Writers Inc. is a writing company that outsources talented, English proficient writers from the Philippines. We provide the very affordable SEO articles and Web content while maintaining the high-quality standards you need. Based in Bacolod City, The Writers Inc. has a team with over 25 English proficient writers, complete with English and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysts. Most of our writers are literary award winners, business writers, former editors-in-chief, bloggers, call center agents, stay at home moms, and have at least one to five years of writing experience. These are our very affordable rates $1.50 - 300 word articles $2.00 - 400 word articles $2.50 - 500 word articles (we only accept bulk orders)

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Let me free you to create

I am a former print editor and graphic designer as well as a former television news producer. My years in the media have prepared me to provide targeted, proffesional, and prompt editorial services to meet your traditional publishing, blogging, or social media needs. I combine formal education in journalism and computer science with a real-world, business-practical and professional approach emphasizing speed and results.

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Creative Content MATTERS!

What I offer is something unique in the marketplace?a combination of exceptional writing talent with extensive supervisory, marketing and management experience. I will be an integral part of your team, with bottom line results. Today, success in brand awareness lies in multimedia?especially print, online and social media. I give you well-researched, quality communications in all platforms?for internal and external communications. My aim is to create consistently effective product that will achieve all your strategic goals: ? Develop relationships, increase value and encourage support from existing stakeholders. ? Create brand awareness and acquire new customers. ? Provide superior customer service. ? Internet-based research for actionable insights and analysis. My core competency is current, through professional experience and graduating Cum Laude from the Journalism/Mass Communications Program at USF St. Petersburg in 2010. The bottom line is ? I know what works!

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scientist & business owner

I am the co founder of Royaa Creative Solutions. We have delivered many creative projects in various fields. We integrate digital design, professional writing with enhanced document construction and add a creative spin to it! Please see our profile under hire- search contractors-nksayer (we are new on elance and still building our profile but you can see some examples under my business partners profile on elance).

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Training Developer

I have four years experience in change enablement and adoption, project management, and training development and delivery with a big four consulting firm. Though I do this by day, I am able to side work on the evenings and weekends, as long as it does not conflict with my company and clients' non-compete agreements.

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What to say. How to say it.

Content strategy and copywriting to help you get in front of the right people with the right message, so you can: -- Engage prospects -- Convert them to clients -- Increase your sales -- Grow your business faster I like working on projects that matter. Big or small, simple or complex, I can help you articulate your unique selling proposition, so you connect with the right people; make more money; and grow your business faster.

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Writing, Editing, Training, Customer Engagement

I offer writing and training design, testing support and customer service for your technical needs, with extensive field experience in the areas of ERP and materials management, accounting, customer service, sales, traditional and online marketing. * 7 years experience in business-to-business and direct consumer sales * 14 years experience training and implementing enterprise business applications * Accomplished listener, significant experience in multitasking call center environment * Highly skilled at written and verbal communication * Strong analytic and problem solving abilities

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Academic/Researcher/Writer/Proof Reader

I am an academic with PhD who specializes in business (HRM) and tourism management. My current job role involves teaching on a range of business and tourism related courses as well as undertaking research and consultancy activities. I have overseen the delivery of a Masters programme and am experienced in the delivery of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including MBAs. I have been involved in a number of validations of postgraduate and undergraduate programmes, internally and externally. I am currently an external examiner at a university in the UK and also a university in Germany. I have written research reports for a range of public and private sector clients and recently created a website with the aim of helping students tackle their studies.

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Writing is fun, that's first and foremost and should never be forgotten. I'm an artist of words, it's my creative outlet and it's how I express myself. I love the new challenge of illustrating words for a company, non profit, band or blog. You immerse yourself into who they are, you carry the knowledge of their company and you broaden your skills. I have a Journalism Degree with a minor in Creative Writing. I started in the Web Design world at a 6 man shop, writing for cleints, acting as account manager, assisting in SEO and providing project management skills. I moved on to a larger agency with Crispin Porter and Bogusky, where I've learned how to deal with multi-million dollar clients, legal departments and harsh deadlines. I have great time management skills, phenomenal project management skills and a unique voice that can answer to any request. Jackie Boeheim -- -- Blog:

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Branding. Marketing. Copy-writing. Website Design.

Sick of googling 'Why social media?' and having 4,000 sites show up? I am looking for busy business owners who wish to take their marketing online, yet have no real idea how to get started. I thrive on helping businesses grow - in fact, I've started several of my own. If the world of online marketing is confusing for you - I am happy to help explain it, as well as work with you on what types of marketing will be the best fit for your company. Not every business needs a Facebook page (gasp!). There are a surprising number of cost-effective, measurable marketing options that are an excellent compliment to your traditional marketing strategy. My personal favorite areas to focus on are: website assessment, SEO assessment, e-newsletter content creation & design, cross-promotions, contests, advertising sales & landing pages, Facebook/Twitter strategy, digital photography, and employing a holistic approach to keeping your business relevant in the online sphere.

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Experienced Writer, Editor and Proofreader

I am an experienced writer with a background in corporate law. As a qualified Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer out of Allen and Overy LLP, one of London's Magic Circle Law firms, I am accustomed to producing only the highest possible standard of written work with a highly-trained level of attention to detail. As a contractor on Elance, I will provide you with elegant, well structured and precisely written deliverables. I enjoy the challenge of expressing complex problems and concepts in simple terms - this is a skill I have honed over a number of years. Most recently I wrote the entire page-to-page content for and drafted the investor presentations for two companies that subsequently received funding on the back of my professionally structured business plans ( and Debrecq Developments). I specialise in writing, editing and proofreading articles, books and business plans, and I am known for providing succinct, professional materials to my clients.

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Professional English Technical Writer

Experienced and successful writer to manage and write response documents on your behalf. Over 25 years experience in Marketing and Communications within Financial Services, Automotive, Construction and Services sectors. MBA Graduate Outsource your bids/writing/communications to me with confidence. Quick turnaround

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Best Writing on the Planet

If you want writing that's top quality, look no further. I've written and edited for organizations such as NASA and Microsoft. I worked with M*A*S*H producer Larry Gelbart on a biography. I can be terse and write for impact, or very technical. I've written in many fields, and have been an expert in a number of them. I've been a webmaster, and know how to optimize writing to get attention. I'm happy to give editorial suggestions to writers at any level.

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Award winning writer and graphic designer

I?m an award-winning writer, editor, and designer for magazines, newspapers, and websites for over twenty years. My writing has appeared in major magazines, newspapers, and websites. I?ve taught writing the School of Visual Art and have a master's degree in Creative Writing from New York University. Working as a graphic designer for over twenty years, I've worked at major publications including Town & Country, Mademoiselle magazine, the NBA magazine Inside Stuff, and many others. If you?re looking for talent, flexibility, expertise, and dependability?and you want the best?you?ve contacted the right Elancer. Check out my website, for additional clips.

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Experienced cross-industry professional

I am an experienced professional with extensive cross-industry experience to offer. Having worked in fast-paced offices and, most recently, from my home with no supervision, I work well in all atmospheres from highly stressful to tranquil and am able to multi-task under deadline pressures. Distractions do not negatively impact my performance nor focus on the task at hand. I am exceedingly organized but remain flexible to quickly learn new technology/software or policy/procedure changes. I bring to the table robust problem-solving and decision-making skills garnered from years of project and marketing management and continuously strive to increase productivity/performance while decreasing cost/waste.

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Creative, professional, eager to try new things

I am a writer, editor, and graphic designer. I have been writing professionally on Elance and several other websites for quite a while now, and I have completed countless projects for my clients. I would love to help you take your ideas and turn them into reality. I am confident in my abilities as a writer, editor, graphic design artist, and I believe in giving my best at whatever I do.

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Think it in English, say it in Russian

Bilingual in Russian and English since the age of 5, I am a native Russian, born and educated mainly in Moscow. I spent some school years in New Zealand and Cuba. Currently Israeli and British citizen, British resident since 2000. I also have a good command of Hebrew. My extensive experience in English-Russian and Russian-English translations and interpreting for various private and corporate clients (details on request) guarantees a high quality service suiting customers' specific needs. I have over 10 years professional experience working in multi-language advertising and publishing as an employee, free-lancer and employer. I have a degree in English from A. Lincoln Language School for adults in Havana, MSc in Engineering (Honours) from Russian State University of Aviation Technology in Moscow, and corporate training in creative writing, DTP and graphic design. My skills in DTP / graphic design allow me to present a translation in the same layout as original if required.

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Words in power

I am a freelance writer, focused on copy writing and web content. I am passionate about words, the English language and all forms of writing. I understand the value of word power. I am motivated, energetic and refreshingly original. I believe in providing you with fast, accurate, compelling copy that makes an impact on your business. Hire me for: - Fast, accurate, world class quality - No hassles, the deadlines are met every time - Superior research ability - Internet savvy individuals - Social media campaigns - Internet marketing advice - Precision editing ability - Conversational, compelling writing - Corporate quality at freelance prices

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Top-notch writer and editor

I am a passionate, hardworking writer and editor who has been published in the Huffington Post and USA Today. My current studies toward a B.A. in English at St. Olaf College provide me with a fresh, informed voice that will be translated into all your writing and editing needs. Additionally, my position as section editor for my college newspaper has taught me to create consistency and excellence in produced materials. Though new to the freelance world, I look to provide customers with the highest quality writing and editing services at reasonable prices.

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Copywriter / Content Creation / Social Media Mgmt

Professional, dependable writer with over twenty years of experience in copywriting, SEO, SEM and social media for Fortune 500 and mid-size companies. Established writer in award-winning magazines and major newspapers, best-selling nonfiction author. Social media, content creation, blogging, site copy, business proposals, press releases, Facebook campaigns, article writing. Agency and traditional advertising background with proven ability to increase traffic, drive conversions and integrate online and offline marketing campaigns. Clients include: The Walt Disney Company, Princess Cruises, Scottrade,, TV Guide,, Baby Center, Sony Playstation, Time Warner Cable, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Fox Television, Nickelodeon, Warner Home Video, DirecTV, Kaiser Permanente, Binder & Binder, 1-800-Dentist, Aeropostale,,, Cyber Defender, 1-800-Flowers, Wrangler, eHarmony, Toshiba, Kaplan University, HSN, Betty Crocker, Proactiv.

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Reliable, Creative, Informed Writer

I have a sharp eye for grammar mistakes, and I write clean, creative copy, free of personal opinion. I have taken intensive writing courses from George Mason University, and Old Dominion University where I have excelled in content writing, technical writing, and editing using AP, APA, and MLA style. I communicate professionally, and effectively with my clients. At my current job, I do copy editing in addition to other editorial responsibilities. I have edited books professionally. and routinely catch myself editing the content I read for pleasure! I hold published works to a high standard and appreciate every opportunity to contribute to the process. I am currently a reporter for three newspapers in the D.C. Metro area. I contribute content to one on a regular basis, and two when they need me. In the past I have written for newspapers, magazines, online news outlets

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Marketing Savvy Writer and Editor

I have a master's degree in writing geared specifically to the publishing profession. I am skilled in every aspect of bringing a publication to print, including copy editing, developmental editing writing marketing copy, book layout, marketing analytics, and marketing strategy. In addition, I have been working extensively with Kickstarter and have successfully funded multiple projects.

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Dedicated and Professional Writer

Hello potential employers and possible rivals, I am a senior English major at Yale University. I have an immense amount of experience writing, having spent the majority of my short life honing my skills. I've mastered this amazing art and can make words do whatever I please. If you wish to have a genuine artist design a enticing amalgamation of words to lure potential customers, their lips drooling and their limbs doing my recommended moving, then hire me!

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Expert writer, articles and essays

I am a college graduate looking to improve my writing skills by taking on new job opportunities. I have earned a B.A. in English and Sociology from the University of California Riverside.

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Inspiring Life Into Words.

Writer & Editor. Creativity? Check. Hard-working? Check. Skillful? Check. Punctual? Check. An emphasis on getting the job done EXACTLY according to YOUR requirements, in a way that SURPASSES your expectations and sets a benchmark for other freelance writers. Yes, as you can see I am new to Elance. Does that mean I don't possess the skills or talent needed to do your job? NO. But by all means, don't take my word for it! Look at my Elance test scores, go through my profile as I build it up and nurture it into something spectacular. If you've taken the time to read this far, then we both know that there isn't much time to waste anymore. Let's get started. Let's get your job done; The way you want it.

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