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Translation;Textbook editor;Preschool education

I am graduated from Shanxi normal university pre-school education professional.And obtained a master's degree.Edited many children's books.I like reading and writing.Proficient in music.

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Although I am new to Freelance Writing, creative writing has been my passion since I was in my teens. I am currently working on my first novel and I post regularly on my personal blog site. I have a talent for passionate, descriptive writing as well as a quirky sense of humor to add color to my work. I am a mother of 3 and have a background in working with children - both mainstream and special needs. I have also been involved in a few MLM companies so I have experience in creating enticing sales pitches. On top of all this, I also have a lot of "life experience" that has given me a very broad view of the world.

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Award winning scriptwriter and experience creator

I have written: over a dozen plays, most produced professionally, exhibit copy for major museums, a children's book, an opera libretto, 4 CBC radio dramas, half a dozen documentary films, various articles and non-fiction pieces. I have taught writing at the college level, and edited a wide range of copy.

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Coach, care provider, assistant-writing & wellness

Self-published author and photographer, I provide writing services to others as well as display and share my work. Founder of Whole Loving Wellness, I provide physical, emotional, communication, and whole-self wellness to clients. I assist in goal-setting, organizing and reducing things that are not serving you and focusing on what is. I also provide administrative support. I have experience relating with people of all ages and caring for others, including providing basic care as well as enjoyment and learning for children.

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Expert Content Writer, Children Story writer

I have an experience in writing content for various documents, product and event promotions. I have written several children stories. I love creative writing.

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Hi, my name is Nicole. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. I have a California K-8 teaching credential as well. I currently work full time at the Riverside Family Law Court as the Children's Room teacher. Although I work full time and have a toddler, I have some extra time available during work hours to assist with proof reading, editing, writing, etc. I am very organized, timely, and dependable. I have a knack for education, especially the language arts field. Therefore, if you need someone with a sharp eye and creativity, I would be happy to work with you.

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Science masters student, excellent writing skills

I am a fourth year Biomedical sciences student looking for projects to work on in the summer months. I am used to writing numerous reports both scientific and other, using correct language to target the appropriate audience as I have written work for academic professors and school children! As well as science, I am knowledgeable in the health and fitness sector and have the ability to take on new concepts well and quickly, adapting to most situations and tasks.

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Quality writer, editor, proofreader

I have been working in the transcription industry for over 15 years with a focus on excellent grammar and punctuation in verbatim transcription. I am also a published author with articles appearing in parenting and homeschooling publications.

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I put my all into responsibilities, bringing something new to each situation. I am organised, disciplined when working alone or in a group, and an all-round considerate, vigilant person. I can also think both logically and with emotional maturity under pressure. I achieve the most when I am inputting creatively and bringing my imagination into a project, but I also appreciate the importance of housekeeping responsibilities and the solid foundation that they create; I am not shy to work that is initially unstimulating.

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I am an experienced writer with a background in journalism, education and children's literature. I am comfortable creating original content and writing based on an established style or template.

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I began theatre at age 13, and got into the radio industry at 19, where I remained for some 6 years as a DJ and Music Director. I continue acting in plays, television, and short films, but I would like to do more freelance work in the field of voice acting as there are truly endless possibilities the kinds of characters and audiences within it. I also began writing at a young age--several times as a child my teachers asked if they could publish my stories. I won awards and scholarships for my poetry and was on the Dean's List most of my time in college. I love to write everything from creative non-fiction to children's stories and songs and research-heavy speeches. Here's a quick glance at my education: BA in Communications with English minor, Graduate of Distinction AA in Theatre and Drama, Summa Cum Laude Training at Playhouse West and The Groundlings in Los Angeles, respectively

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if the mind says it is so then who are we to argue

I have always been passionate about writing in all its variation's,i love to write short stories and poetry,i am also interested in writing a childrens book full of new exciting characters,i have an endless mind full of wonderful thoughts,yearning to materialise into this reality,i am dedicated,respectful and playfull with my deliverance in all aspects of my writing,i never feel like i am working when i write. If i meet your expectations don't hesitate to contact me.

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I have a deep passion for fictional creative writing. However graduating as an English major makes me marketable across an array of English related topics, from sales writing (I work in finance), children's story writing (I am a former teacher), blogging, etc. Anything that has to do with descriptive writing I have a niche for a successful product regardless even if it is in a specific sector. Writing is my passion so as long as I have pen to paper, (or fingers to keyboard) I am where I belong regardless of topic.

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published author, expert writer, expert editor

I am a published children's book Author who writes, publishes, and sends out a monthly newsletter through my full time job to over 3,500 people. All of the money from my children's books goes to various charities so I am on here in an effort to make some money freelance writing. If you need something written, edited, proof-read, or need any type of newsletter template done up in either Adobe inDesign or Microsoft Word I am your guy. Hope to work with you soon! -Larry

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Storyteller and Wordsmith

I believe, that to be a good writer, one needs to be a good reader. To produce something worth reading, it cant just look good to the writer, it needs to be widely accepted as appealing. As a young individual I lack professional experience as a writer, however, I have loved both reading at writing for my whole life. I will and have loved reading everything from a favorite novel, to textbook studies, to my children's bedtime stories. What I have to offer is that love for what I will write. A dedication to the words, whatever they may be attempting to say.

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Hi my name is Tammy I have a great imagination I love to write whether it is writing a letter or creative writing i'm not limited to what I can write or will write I just started on my first children Christian book if you are looking for and adventurous writer I'm that person to make you and your whole family burst out with laughter

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Currently a stay-at-home mom I am available with a flexible schedule. My accomplishment include: Acting Executer Director for the Commission for Black Affairs (state of Oregon), graduate with a B.S. in business U of P, and published work ranging from children's books to poetry. In addition I have tutored community college students in report writing, creative writing, and both speech writing and delivering. I believe a well versed, written work is the clearest form of communication; and every comma counts.

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I am currently finishing my MA in Translating Popular Culture at the City University London. Some of the subjects I have been working on are subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, screenplays writing and screenplays translation, children's literature, multimodal texts, crime fiction, science fiction and fantasy. I have previously been working at the Walt Disney World Resort as a hotel receptionist, in Disneyland Paris at the ticket sales department, in Emirates (airline) as a ground staff, as a scout monitor at teaching English and French as a tutor, among other roles. I am fluent in Spanish (mother tongue), English and French.

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I am a young, aspiring writer with a degree in English, Psychology and Grammar. I enjoy writing in all its forms, be it creative writing, blogging or formal academic essays. I am a fast and efficient writer with a good eye for detail.

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I have an extensive background in both writing and editing, from academic papers to children's literature. I work quickly and efficiently, without lacking in creativity and common sense.

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Experienced Teacher

I currently work in the education field and have a Master's degree and 20 years experience. I've taught in English classrooms and have great proofreading and editing skills. Also, my strengths are in organizing material for the big picture with a keen eye for detail. My training and experience have included a wide variety of academic writing such as research projects, grant proposals, brochures, training materials, etc. I am skilled in writing resumes' and I enjoy writing for children and more creative projects as well.

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Deadline-driven published writer

Need a professional, published, freelance writer? I always meet deadlines, my grammar is impeccable, and I have a sense of humor. Oh, and I don't charge an arm or a leg, just a pound of flesh. Kidding. See? Sense of humor and a reference to Shakespeare. Seriously though, I do all kinds of writing, editing, proofreading, and reviews. I write in just about all formats: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's work, articles, and more. Let's chat!

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Content Writer

Hi! I'm a content writer on Dave Ramsey's team. I regularly write about everything from money, to relationships, time management, personal development and more! My work is used online and in newsletters, and seen by tens of thousands of readers. I also contribute to special projects like writing scripts for youth products and writing stories and activities for children's curriculum. My freelance portfolio includes band interviews, concert reviews, travel guides and home tours. I'm excited to help you meet your writing needs!

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I have over 10 years experience writing for both print and digital media in a major retail environment. I've taken on many different kinds of freelance projects and have always delivered the highest quality copy in a timely manner.

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I don't have much experience in writing. I was homeschooled and did well in my writing classes. During my second semester at a local community college, I received excellent grades in my writing class. Because of this, my teacher gave me a "golden ticket" with which I could skip the final exam. My teacher told me that even I failed the exam I would still have my "A" in the class. I love to write. I greatly enjoy creative and children's writing. I hope you will consider me for your next job assignment!

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Are you after a writer with real life experience and attention to detail? As an educator, as well as a junior sporting coach and administrator, for over 10 years I have extensive knowledge of the current events and issues affecting children's, educational and sporting spheres of our society. Furthermore, as an avid reader and news junky I have a handle on almost any sphere you could wish to communicate across. Additionally, my background in Communications, particularly public relations but also involving media and public events as well as journalism, before entering education has ensured I have the skills you need to get your message across!

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Hi im taking a dramatic turn in my career. I pondered for a while on what should be my next move then researched freelance writing and thought that it would be perfect for me, as I have 3 children I would be able to work from home. I studied for a hnd in advanced computer science, I have a foundation degree in environmental health and safety and occupational health. I have also travelled to numerous countries including Spain, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, France, Greece, Belgium amongst others I also lived in Cyprus and Spain.

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I am a Bible Teacher for almost nine years. I am also an active worker in our Church Organization; Sunday School Teacher for children and a Secretary in our Women's group. I became a college journalist for three years (2011-2014) and was also elected as Governor in our Department school year 2012-2013 (Department of Education and Home Economics). I am a part time encoder and editor with the use of MS Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

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I'm a professional Freelancer specializing in web content, social media management, article reviewing/writing, copy editing, and more. I've cowritten several published works ranging from children's stories to adult content. I pride myself on being punctual and flexible.

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Expert English writer/editor

Ms. Drissman has been writing since she was in middle school (won a contest to publish her poetry), and started editing papers in high school. She graduated with high honors in college with a major in English and edited college-level and legal documents since then. She has taught children (K-5th grade) proper English skills and tutored high schoolers and college students in creative writing and editing as well. Ms. Drissman is an attorney and is part of a family business which designs, creates, and writes Jewish educational material. This has taught her to be professional, prompt, and to know her audience. Her skills can be applied to numerous projects, including yours.

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Native Italian, Ready to Translate.

My name is Fernanda, I am a native Italian with complete fluency in Italian and English with college degree in Liberal Arts.I am linguistically gifted and can meet all of your translation, proofreading and writing needs. I can also translate from Spanish and French into English. I am very detail oriented and like to achieve the best possible results. I love to write children short stories in Italian and English.

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Writer and translator

I studied French and German at the University of Oxford, gaining a BA (Hons), 2:1 in Modern Languages. After graduating, I completed an MA in Classical Acting (with distinction) at Central School of Speech and Drama and have now been a professional actor for the last 9 years. As a writer, I have worked with acclaimed theatre company, Hull Truck, who performed my play 'Killer Style' a black comedy set in the fashion industry. Following the actor's workshops on this script, I developed the piece into a screenplay called 'Handbags at Dawn.' My short play 'Coconut Milk' received an Honourable Mention at the Ovation Theatre Awards and was also a finalist at the Daffodil Theatre Awards. I have an excellent eye for detail and am an analytical and thorough proofreader. My key skills are comedy, children's and creative writing but as I am versatile and flexible, I can easily adapt my style to suit the brief.

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I am the author of two published novels. 'The Go-Away Bird' was published by HarperCollins. It won an Amazon Rising Stars Award, was longlisted for the Authors' Club Best First Novel Award and was Waterstones' Book of the Month in Oct 2011. I have worked as a copywriter for websites and ghostwritten a children's book now with Walker Books. I work quickly, but thoroughly, writing in any field, with a particular expertise in travel-, music-, disability-, or entertainment- related writing.

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I am an online college student who is looking for any and all opportunities to do something I love to do in my free time; which is writing. In high school I would about writing anything. Since then, I have been working on novels and even started a little blog that I hope to become more active on. I'm currently hoping to get a degree in early childhood education and through my studies I have learned a lot about children. I would love a chance to combine my love for both children and writing to be able to work on something for the younger audience. Poetry was my first real experience at writing something that I got positive feedback from. For the most part, writing poetry comes really easy to me.

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I am a Middle School English Teacher. I have vast knowledge of the writing process, proofreading, and editing. I have also taken 2 classes through the Institute of Children's Literature. I enjoy writing and would like to devote more time to this aspect of my life.

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I enjoy writing children stories, poetry and short stories. I can create stories that are personalized to fit what you are looking for. I have published books in the past and have written children stories as a ghostwriter as well.

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Wide variety of writing-related skills. These include qualification and experience in TESL (teaching English as a second language), qualification and experience in primary school teaching in Australia, and fluency in Indonesian language. I've written children's stories, non-fiction research-based articles and blogs.

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Most of the writing experience I posses lies in journalism, creative writing and children's books. I have been fascinated with linguistics throughout my life and would love to see where my passion can take me.

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Editor - Writer - Proofreader

When you hire the services of Lighthouse Media Group, you will be working directly with Donna Blaber, a highly skilled editor and qualified journalist with a wealth of experience (20 years plus) in the media, publishing and communications industries. Your project will be completed on-time and on-budget, in a style that is clear and accurate, and best suited to your target audience. If we're editing your work, your copy will be returned professionally polished and sparkling clean. No matter the size of your project, a completely confidential service is guaranteed. Donna holds a post graduate diploma in journalism, as well as public relations, photography, and travel writing qualifications. She is a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors and is the author of four children's titles and 27 non-fiction New Zealand travel books. In the past she has worked as an editor on a number of leading magazines titles and has hundreds of published articles to her name.

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Creative Writer

My hobby is writing and anything the comes up on my mind I bring it to writing. I can write short stories, re-write articles and online reviews. I can also write articles and even bookpages for children. I have excellent experience in article writing in English language. I have good command over English grammar, English Basic Skills, English Spelling, English Vocabulary, U.S. English Sentence Structure, and other grammar related topics. I work as an Oracle Package Solutions Consultant but I don't want to lose grip on my passion to write anything and everything I can.

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I am a self taught freelance writer who resides near to the town of Royston in Hertfordshire. I have always had a passion for writing and have written many pieces of work for several different clients. I am the writer and creator of the niche children's blog known as Freckled Face! I have written and published a newbies guide to the online virtual world of Second Life of which I have been an active resident for the past seven years.

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I am a mother, teacher, and have done freelance work for 20 years. I have published 3 childrens books, poetry, and numerous magazine articles. I love to blog, read, and enjoy research for my writing topics. I am dependable, timely, and enthusiastic. Hire me!

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Academic writer

I'm a post graduate tutor with 10 years of experience and a habitual writer. I can write academic articles and papers, reports and letters. I enjoy creative writing related to children's writing, cookery (creating recipes) and travel writing. I can also do editing and proofreading as I have experience teaching english language.

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I am a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelors of Arts in History, Classical Humanities, and a minor in Religious Studies. I have extensive experience with research, editing, writing, ESL, public speaking, etc. I am currently working for a non-profit in Chiang Rai, Thailand as the co-director of a children's home.

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I'm currently an elementary school teacher with a passion for writing. I'm leaving public education to stay home with my children. Although my degree is in education, I am good with words and have a good imagination. One of my life goals is to publish a children's book.

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Experience Educator, Writer & Tech Project Creator

I have 10 years experience as an elementary educator. In addition, I have been a freelance blog writer as well, specializing in entertainment news stories. I currently am studying curriculum development and e-learning to help further my career as an educator. I also have extensive knowledge of the most current apps and technology in education. For the past several years, I have also continued to dabble in creative writing and have written my own children's book. I look forward to discussing new and innovative projects with future employers.

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I am a content writer, blog, copy writing, copy editing, children's qualification is and currently doing master of social work.

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Assisting Specialist

I am an expert in my skills like data entry, childrens writing, hindi Marathi translations, etc as mentioned in my skills. I would like to help clients in managing their data as required by them. There would be no discrepancy in my work.

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I am a published author at the collegiate level. My Constitutional Law term essay, Racism Gets an Education : Brown vs. Board of Education, was published in the inaugural edition of ESSAI in 2003 at College of DuPage in Illinois. I am an aspiring fiction writer in children's literature. My work includes a YA fantasy novel and a short story series for an elementary age range. I also have a poetry series for adults. I currently own five blogs - four on Blogger and one on WordPress. All five blogs tend to various personal topics. As a fiction writer, I am constantly proofing my work. Proofreading is a skill I am eager to offer. Overall, I am open to all writing projects available, especially in the ranges specified above.

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Writer and artist, hardworking and punctual.

I am creative, hardworking, and pay close attention to deadlines to ensure that the work is done correctly and on time. I thoroughly enjoy writing fiction, children's stories, as well as poetry and song lyrics. I also love to sketch and paint, mainly creating illustrations, band logos and album art. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to working with you.

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I'm an award-winning direct marketing copywriter. I'm experienced at fundraising and children's writing. I'm also experienced at writing training and technical materials. I have a knack for making complicated things easy to understand.

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First-rate copywriter & budding fiction writer

I've always been a writer and always will. Whether I am writing copy for a company, or Christmas themed fiction for my children, I am never too far from creating black and white words on a page designed to provoke a reaction from the reader.

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competent and competitive

Competent copy at competitive speeds and prices.

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I specialize in English writing, proofreading, and editing. I can do creative writing like poetry and childrens' works as well as editorial writing and copy editing. I have a colorful vocabulary and have a strong sense of English spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I have a firm understanding of tools such as Microsoft Word to complete writing tasks. I'm also a talented artist, as I can cartoon, illustrate, and do concept design. I work primarily with Paint Tool SAI for these tasks. I will work as quickly and accurately for any employer as I can!

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Freelance Writer

Hi, I am randyg. I have worked in several Latin American countries and am fluent in several dialects of Spanish. I enjoy writing and have written small letters and articles for small papers and websites. I am looking forward to doing some translation work in my spare time. I have excellent writing skills, believe in quality work, and attention to detail. I have a solid understanding of the many nuances of the Spanish language. I have taught English to Spanish speaking children and this experience has taught me their language more than I think I taught them mine. I look forward to working for you in the future. Thank You, randyg.

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PhD Student/Excellent Writer/Editor/Educator

I am a PhD student in Arizona looking for part-time work. I have extensive experience in Education, Psychology, Writing, Editing, & Theatre/Communications. I am also a mother of young children, and a diligent worker. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College and my M.A. is in Educational Psychology.

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Unlocking Ideas

Diversely experienced writer, with over 20 years specializing in all areas of Entertainment, Marketing, Advertizing, Children’s and Content Writing and Development. Highly experienced in Online and New Media Content, Script Writing, Advertizing, Webisodes, Branding, Animation, Gaming, Children’s Books, Intellectual Properties (IP’s), Adaptations, as well as Technical and RFP Writing. I am not just a writer, I am a Content Developer, highly skilled and experienced in Blue Sky Development, Concepts, Story, Strategies, Idea Generation, and Character Development (both written and designed). Most importantly, I understand deadlines, budgets and schedules. I have additional resources in a very diverse and talented team of writers and editors, as needed.

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aloha writing

Aloha! My direct focus is on pet, lifestyle, creative and children's writing.

United States, HI, Lahaina | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am experienced and skilled in article ,blog ,business,children's and editorial writing. I have a thorough and correct knowledge of the English language with a strong aptitude in English editing, grammar, proofreading, punctuation and spelling. I possess an MBA in business management and have reasonable expertise in advertising, branding, marketing strategy, business planning and development, human resource management and organisational behavior. With this background I am also capable of providing outstanding customer service, as well as general office skills and administrative assistance.

United Kingdom, Wiltshire, Salisbury | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am writer by hart and I have done all kinds of writing. For the past ten years I have been tutoring children English, Slovenian, geography and math. I have also traveled more than 35 countries; consider myself an avid traveler, from backpacking in South and Central America to Middle East and Europe. I can provide first hand travel content for blogs from my travel experience in Jamaica Costa Rica Panama Colombia Argentina Brazil Chile Israel Slovenia Austria Italy Germany Spain Etc… I am familiar with SEO requirements for online writing as well I am fluent in English, written and spoken. My workflow is very organized; therefore you can expect to get the results within your requested deadline. For now I don’t have Elance experience but my offline projects also include administration on websites in Wordpress, adding content to websites. I would love to help you out! Contact me for more information.

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Freelance Writer and Proofreader

Freelance writer and wordsmith will assist with editing, writing, rewriting, and proofreading to enhance your copy, article, book or blog. Creative writer and children's writer who thoroughly loves the english language and all its nuances.

United States, FL, Brandon | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Children's Writer

I am an aspiring writer, ready to write new fiction or non-fiction for children in almost every genre. I especially like writing non-fiction for children concerning science (animals in particular) and history. I'm very creative and I love to come up with new ideas, especially toward science-fiction and fantasy.. Also, very willing to research for many different topics. Clients should hire me because of my excellent writing style, love of learning, creativity, and skills with Microsoft Word. I love to write for children and I am confident clients will find me an excellent writer for hire.

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Here I Am!! Hire Me.

I am a responsible, driven, organized and detailed oriented professional. I have over 15 years of experience in the medical field as well as experience in working with and teaching children and youth. Additionally, I love researching and writing about various topics particularly in the areas of spirituality and psychology. If you are looking for a self motivated and dependable individual to help you take you business to the next level, look no further here I am.

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I'm a freelancer. I love to work in Communication, writing, photography, video fields. Themes I prefer: children, sports, outdoor, travel...

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Professional Background: I graduated in philosophy at Belgrade University, and soon after got job in "Kurir", the most popular daily newspaper in Serbia. There I quickly became an assistant editor for the "Planet" section which deals with foreign news, while I was simultaneously working as a journalist for the "Science" section. Additional Activities: Before collage I was an accomplished athlete with many achievements (including international trophies and gold medals). In high school I did a photography course where I worked with digital and analogue cameras, and learned to develop film and photographs. Hobbies and Interests: I'm a fan of good movies and music. From my early teens up until recently I was in various bands where I played drums, guitar, or bass guitar, and sang. I'm also a big animal lover, who views house animals not as pets, but as a part of the family. Personal Characteristics: I'm very punctual, posses a set of creative and analytical skills.

Serbia, Serbia, Belgrade | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am currently a college student studying music and minoring in English Literature, I am well versed with English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I have started a few books of my own, both children and adult, and although I prefer writing fiction, I am not opposed to writing and editing other genres.

United States, FL, Clearwater | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm from Singapore and am effectively bilingual in both written and spoken Mandarin and English. I have been commented on as having a flair for writing, and have achieved a distinction in the University of New South Wales International Assessments and Competitions Writing Category. More importantly, I am committed to submitting high quality work and working within deadlines. Hence I believe that I would be a suitable candidate for translation and writing jobs of a range, from blog writing to children's writing ecetra.

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'Expert and Experienced'writer in Article writing.

I m P.G. in English Literature.I've great passion to write. I'm workaholic I play with the words to give them a meaningful structure. I'm Excellent writer with good Experience I have written No of Articles, short stories specially for school children, columns, Book writing etc Avail me the opportunity to deliver high quality work to you in time with in your budget.

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When you need it "write" the first time

As a professional DJ and radio personality for nearly 30 years., you learn quickly to become that image of excitement and fun loving as well as writing my own sections in several local publications. That combination demands talent , wit, and strong interactive abilities and imagination to assure your project is handled quickly and accurate. Allow me to service your needs.

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Expert Knowledge, Quality Content.

Freelance writer with a MA from the Jesuit School at Berkeley. Specialize in writing all types of children's content, Non fictional sport's content.

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I have two Master's degrees, including training in biblical Greek and Hebrew. I was not taught how to read English, but was a spontaneous reader. I have a photographic memory for spelling and can easily spot inconsistencies in writing. Through the process of homeschooling my children, I have learned more about the English language, including spelling and grammar rules. Through my years of pastoring churches, I have learned the art of writing and delivering speeches. I will be able to easily and gladly help you with any of your editing needs.

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I am retired and working on my bucket list , travel, and writing again. In my working years, my writing jobs have been quite diverse. I worked with a very small multimedia production company in Edmonton Alt. as a script writer, sight finder and in charge of continuity. I wrote humorous racing event reports for an auto race organization, and a series of children's fairy tales for a school in Northern BC. My present passion is discovering the unadvertised little know gems hiding in small town USA and the rapid decline of Mom And Pops establishments in these towns.

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Writer For Hire

As a current graduate student at the University of Oxford, I am experienced with a range of writing demands, from academic articles to children's fiction. Having also worked as a professor's assistant for many years, editing and styling a body of work to achieve a standard of excellence is a very familiar practice. Feel free to contact me with any sort of query.

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Writer. Trained. Scholar. Published. Need I say more?

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I have four children, two grown up and two that I home school..I enjoy looking after my family. I have a good grasp of English and letter writing and I enjoy writing childrens stories.

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Management Consultant

Program Management of Child Nutrition, Early Childhood Development program and Emergency Response, Improving Health Status of Orphans and Displaced Children living in marginalized areas affected by conflict. Research, needs assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), assessment of performance and quality of interventions for youth, women and children, context analysis of marginalized and disabled Consultant for assessment of performance Trainer in management topics for improving effectiveness and cost efficiency Consultant / Trainer in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation for review of performance and improving effectiveness and cost efficiency Professional report writing and translation in English/Arabic

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I am a senior citizen who has who has a passion for writing. I am very family oriented and enjoy writing letters to my children and grandchildren on life, on nature and other touching topics. I like being descriptive and most often reach my goal of expressing true reality. I have travelled quite a bit in my life and still travel once or twice a year. During these times, I am most often tempted to write on the expressions and feeling of people whom I see or come across - the joy of travel , the pain of parting, the excitement of meeting and all that this wonderful life has to offer. I am sure you'd like to experience the ebb and flow of life through my writings.

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I am passionate about education, educating, and promoting self-confidence in students to learn, study, and reach for the stars. I believe, that as long as you try your best you can attain any goal. I am passionate about making a difference in the world through education and mentoring.

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Law student, with knowledge about law and good and experienced skills in all sorts of writing. Participant of many projects about youth, activism, participation. Experience in project planning and project managing. Active member in protecting and promoting children and human rights.

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Over the Top Writing Skills & Transcription

I have top notch writing skills and have specifically written newspaper articles for a State Farm agency. I also have excellent verbal communication skills as exhibited by the following: taught General Psychology & English 101 classes at the post-secondary level; ran a student English lab at the post-secondary level; taught literacy, keyboarding and writing skills at the elementary level (grades K-5). I also have 18 years of experience in the medical field: 7 years as a Medical Transcriptionist for a large 4-state Neurosurgical practice (Amarillo, TX); 1 1/2 years as a Medical Secretary for a Home Health agency (Ft Collins, CO); 9 1/2 years as Director of Medical Records and Facility HIPAA Officer for a Long-Term Skilled Nursing Facility in Ft. Collins, CO).

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Efficient, Effective Writing and Editing Services

Joy Givens has extensive experience in creative writing, academic writing, professional writing, and editing. Joy began her writing career at the University of Central Florida, where she completed published an honors thesis in political science and completed coursework in creative writing, script writing, and French. As a founding partner of Tributaries Press, which will open to general submissions in June 2014, and as an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Pennwriters, Joy is continually expanding her own editorial experience and knowledge of the publishing industry. She is the author of UGLY STICK, a young adult fantasy novel, and its companion short story collection, APRIL'S ROOTS, both released through Tributaries Press in 2013. Joy also owns and operates an independent tutoring company in Pittsburgh, PA, and is pursuing a Master's degree in Higher Education, her other career passion.

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Everything I write will be 100% original! I NEVER copy anything at all and am a fairly quick writer. Of late I have mostly been writing academic/grant writing. Also am in the process of collaborating a children's book.

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I love writing

My name is Lanee' Stevens. I am 25 years old and I live in Camden, NJ. I love to write because it is an outlet for me. I can write about anything from children stories to business articles. I would love to show you that I can be helpful to your business. If given the chance I can really put my best foot forward and help you succeed in you business. I am willing to work hard and be persistant in my writing.

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I am a stay at home mother of two wonderful children. I love to write almost anything from essays for school, to reviews on movies or games, to poetry and other creative forms of writing. I have an extensive vocabulary and excellent grammar and editing skills. If you hire me, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Transcription Freelancer

My degree in Mass Communication and Linguistics has given me experience in both writing, proofreading, editing and transcription. The journalism courses I took required tight writing and strict adherence to AP style as well as deadlines. For my linguistics course I have done transcription in English, Spanish and Cakchiquel. I am thorough, detail-oriented and work hard to meet the needs of my clients.

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Elementary Teacher/Poetry Writer

I have worked in Special Education at the Elementary School level for over ten years. I am also a writer of poetry and a lover of words in general. I have won an award for my verse and taken part in community poetry projects. I have also had the good fortune to combine my two passions, education and writing, in the teaching of poetry to children. I have also edited college literary magazines.

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My name is Natalie Meeks and I like Words. I like to read them and I like to write them. Words wield force. Carefully chosen and thoughtfully gathered, they construct the ideas we share. They inform and they reform. They give joy, laughter, revelation and information to their reader, all in the delightfully unique style of their author. I am both Student and Teacher of these Words. As a mother of five, I witness the power of the well-chosen Word in the lives and minds of my children. This vocation has given to me such varied and wonderful experiences to draw upon in my writing. Here, I have a lens through which I glean insight in both the expression and impression of writer and reader. What an honor and responsibility this is! I would be grateful for the opportunity to share with you my love and passion for these mind-shakers and world-changers; Words.

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Photography, Presentations, Writing, and Editing

I am a special education teacher, photographer, and musician. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, M.A.T. In special education, and am currently seeking my specialist degree at a research university. I enjoy opportunities to use my creativity and have ample experience working with children of all ages. I love writing and am proficient in APA. Through teaching, volunteer work, and my time as a student I have built skills in creating flyers, brochures, and presentations. Organization and planning are also strengths.

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Positive Thinking +Inspirational Words = Happiness

I have a passion for writing and always receive positive feedback so much so that an editor once told me that I "would be doing mankind a diservice if I didn't do something with my writing." I have self published a children's book and have had columns in magazines and am looking to expand my love of words to new venues. I have experience in venues from business, parenting, spirituality, adoption, interracial families, arts and crafts, teaching in after school settings, literacy and art, overcoming obstacles, being a widow and being a women of a certain age.

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Typist - Accurate and Fast

My work interests are transcription, creative writing for children, as well as, narration of children's games and books. Experienced as typist and customer serivce representative in the medical, business, and educational fields, I am capable of researching a project as necessary and getting the job done. I live in Upstate New York where the weather changes from warm to cold very quickly. We have beautiful scenery here which aids in creating ideas for plots, characters, and atmospheres for interesting storylines. I follow employer's instructions to the 't'. My work ethic is to get the job done effeciently. Appearance is an important factor when completing a project; if I wouldn't sign my name to the finished product, well, then it's not done.

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A quick glance of my CV will highlight my educational and professional domain. I completed my MBA and just finished my diploma in publishing from Dr. B.R Ambedkar University Delhi . I am looking for freelance editing and content writing opportunities. 1. Created a braille book for visually challenged children. The book is unique in incorporating quilling technique with stories so that the children can learn while doing. 2. Simulated a web publishing project for children. Published a children’s story

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Im 18 years old and im from Serbia. I know English and a little bit of Spanish I go to school for economics where we often have some projects in which im actively involved I am very creative and I like to design things. I think you should hire me because I'm young and I know what teenagers, young people and children love especially regarding the design and writing.

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I am a teacher can write slogan good in English grammar and want do to all sorta of writing works like online writing, proof writing qopy writing Hindi to english n english wrinting children writing Academic writing .

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I'm an excellent writer. I have the imagination, creativity and time to write whatever is necessary to the client and I would be happy to assist you. I am an excellent reviewer and I have lots of fundraising ideas which would be very useful. I am an A+ student in both English and Mathematics. I am an excellent tutor and a very creative and imaginative writer when it comes to children's writing, short stories and fiction. I also do my research when it comes to things like Blog Writing, Business Writing, Article writing, etc.

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Creating content is my speciality. I have a Bachelor's degree in English literature, I have proofread and edited six novels, many academic papers, business proposals, and online content, and I have experience with academic writing, non-fiction, academic writing, business writing, and fiction. I am a Filemaker programmer; I have designed multiple databases and managed data. I have worked as an event planner for events of over 1800 attendees as well.

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I recently graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors in Language, Literature, and Writing with a minor in Children's Literature. I wish to one day be an active member of a publishing company as an editor.

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Expert in science education K-6, writer, engineer

Researching and writing are my bread and butter. It's not often you can find an engineer with excellent writing and grammar skills so take advantage of it! Whether it's a technical paper, editing or writing a creative paper, I'm the woman for the job. I also have the time and patience to research subjects and write thoughtful comments for constructive criticism. For the past year I have been a science teacher developing, planning and teaching children K-6. Prior to teaching, I was a chemical engineer for 17 years.

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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from Bob Jones University. This degree provided extensive training in various fields of writing such as Business Writing, Magazine Writing, Poetry, Children's writing, and Short-Story writing. For the past year, I have had the privilege of working for a company called revising product descriptions and writing articles for online publication.

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Kelley is a very competent leader and has excellent knowledge of all aspects of project management; from establishing budgets and timelines to implementing the appropriate creative team to deliver the clients’ vision to communicating with the back end developers to program the projects per client specification. Kelley has a strong attention to detail and thrives by adapting quickly in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment . She also has the ability to manage multiple projects while remaining organized, which was crucial in an industry highly regulated by the FDA. During her 9+ years with the pharmaceutical marketing and consulting firm, Kelley built her department into a competitive creative team that could accommodate the design and programming needs of leading pharmaceutical leaders such as, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott and Boehringer Ingelheim, to name a few.

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