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Freelance Writer

Strong, compelling content can make or break your business. Let me help ensure that you're sending the right message--one that makes your customers eager to do business with you.

United States, FL, Lake Mary | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Bestselling author-write, edit, proofread & format

I am a multi-published bestselling author--#1 on Amazon--of over 20 fiction and non-fiction books with major New York publishers (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Penguin Putnam, McMillan/St. Martin's Press) in young adult, new adult, contemporary romance, women's fiction, and paranormal. I have also ghost written and contributed to dozens of other books. What makes me a good writer is I have a passion for words. Being able to express and convey emotions, thoughts, and deeds through the written word is what motivates me. My writing is layered, has a solid voice, and is realistic. I am dedicated to my craft and never settle for less - working hard to hone my craft daily. I love helping other writers become better, as well. I'm firm, but fair, and thorough. In addition to writing, I am detail-oriented, time-efficient, type 100 wpm, expert knowledge of Word, and highly organized. I am mature and responsible and won't cause you a headache or drama with any task.

United States, FL, Cudjoe Key | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (17 reviews)
former IT professional, fond of herbs, life, art

I enjoy writing, literature, theatre, art, technology, health and lifestyle issues. I?m retired from a job in IT and love to write. I enjoy researching topics because there?s always something new to learn. I bring a wide variety of skills to every job and you can count on me to be professional, on-time and thorough in my work.

United States, FL, Big Pine Key | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (5 reviews)
Psychology, Wellness, Meditation, Kids, SPD

"Dr. Heller writes clearly and often lyrically, as well as humorously (Edward Hallowell, M.D. on the cover of "Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight" I am a developmental psychologist and well published author of popular psychology books (HarperCollins, Wiley, Macmillan). These include a book on parenting, on healing anxiety and fear, on non-psychological causes of anxiety, and on sensory processing disorder. My books have been reviewed in Time magazine, Newsday, Psychology Today, the Washington Post, and articles written about them in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and the Miami Herald among other publications. I have ghostwritten many self-help and nutrition books, including transitioning to a raw diet, the power of mind for weight loss, becoming vegan, veganism and mental health, healthy eating and lifestyle for children, & meditation scripts. Having also written a novel and 4 screenplays, as well as children stories and poems, I can write in the fiction genre as well.

United States, FL, Delray Beach | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (10 reviews)
Your In-House Ghostwriter

"The difference between the almost right word & the right word is like the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning." ~Mark Twain As a ghostwriter, I specialize in non-fiction research, writing and editing. I have ghostwritten books in fields such as personal development, leadership, marketing strategies and educational advancements. My clients include an eclectic mix of CEO's, international speakers and leaders in their field. I focus on: *Ghostwriting your concepts while letting your voice shine through *Manuscript evaluation and guidance in developing the book you envision *Editing that adds a professional touch to your finished manuscript I will work in tandem with you to find your voice and bring your vision to life, in any format. I always strive to complete projects on time - with confidence that the end result will stand out from the ordinary.

United States, FL, Lakeland | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (13 reviews)

As a published author, professional educator and PhD candidate, I have extensive experience in writing and research. My background is in History, so I am highly skilled in researching and analyzing information. I have published numerous scholarly articles, and have well-developed writing and editorial skills. For the past 11 years, I have also worked for ACT (American College Testing), writing both essays and test items for the Reading, Humanities, and Science portions of the test. Most of my experience has been in academia; however, writing has always been a passion of mine, so I am perfectly capable of less formal writing. I am including links to some of my published work:

United States, AL, Brundidge | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (12 reviews)
Use The Ink From A Scripter!!

I pride myself in working hard in a timely manner. Getting the job done is not my first priority but getting it done right is! Communication is key when working with someone. If there is no communication how do we know if the job is being done correctly? I started my own company that is not just a company, but a group. A group of colleagues with the same beliefs. To work hard, work right, while using communication.

United States, AL, Auburn | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (5 reviews)
19+ years of results-driven website writing.

Naturally you want compelling copy that turns prospects into customers. I can help. I've written professionally for 19+ years. What sets my copy apart is the emotion I inject as well as my personalized and casual tone. I connect with the reader, which pulls them through the copy. Before they know it, they're clicking the contact button. Throughout a multitude of industries spanning virtually every target market imaginable, I've crafted hundreds of creative copywriting campaigns from start to finish resulting in hundreds of thousands of new leads and millions of dollars in sales. Here's what I can promise you: - I'll be quick to return your email - I will deliver on time (if not before the deadline) - I will not stop until you are satisfied with the content. From website writing to direct response copy to taglines, articles, and reports, I take great effort to provide compelling, persuasive, action-oriented copy that sells.

United States, TN, Murfreesboro | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (17 reviews)
Writing that's worth your reader's time.

"Dawn is a creative genius and is one of the best writers I have ever worked with..absolutely superb!"......ronniet. ?Dawn is absolutely one of the finest writers available online"...BioNet. "Great, great copywriter."....Outbound My background in fitness training and education in nutrition and physiology have led to a specialization in topics related to health, medicine, nutrition, fitness and weight loss. My work consists primarily of ghostwritten books, articles and blog posts. I've written over two-dozen books for a respected publisher, three of which are in the Amazon Top 200 and one of which has reached the Top 100 list. I regularly ghostwrite articles for several well-known fitness professionals, with my articles appearing on respected sites such as, and other industry publications.

United States, TN, Kingsport | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (12 reviews)
Providing great content for websites and print

You have one chance to make a first impression. Capture your readers with pertinent content. Brand your business as professional and intelligent. Allow us to make what you wrote look great - or just let us help you write it. We specialize in great web content, product descriptions, press releases, and articles. We also work as copywriters and creative writers. A great website isn't a novelty for small business. A customized website is an integral part of your marketing plan. A world of new clients may be a click away. Internet users are savvy, interested, and spend money. Help them find your organization on-line with well-written content that search engines understand and human readers enjoy. There are many options available to your business including on-line advertising, blogging, and informational content. Contact our web specialist today for an assessment of your on-line needs. You'll receive good advice to help you make a solid decision about your on-line future.

United States, TN, Jefferson City | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.1 (21 reviews)
A Ph.D. in history: writer, teacher, speaker

I hold a Ph.D. in history, which has given me extensive experience in academic writing and research. My work has been published in peer reviewed academic journals and popular publications. Despite the focus of my studies being history, I am erudite, intelligent, and a quick learner and am able to write on a variety of topics if given a minimal amount of time for research. I have also taught college level history for seven years. In my teaching experience, I have written my own lectures using Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel for grading purposes. Ultimately, I am both a teacher and a student. I love to learn new things and in turn teach that knowledge to others.

United States, TN, Memphis | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (11 reviews)
Retirement Writer - Researcher

I am a retired business owner, with extensive experience in business operations, management and marketing. I am currently focused on issues that affect all individuals as they reach retirement age: finances, health, travel, and family. I have written two books previously that focused on business operations and buying/selling. I feel that I would be an excellent asset to the writing community in the area of retirement/finance/research. I have an excellent work ethic, I am very dedicated, honest and professional and will be able to meet or exceed client expectations.

United States, MS, Columbus | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Making your life easier, one word at a time.

"Rebecca is a VERY skilled writer, and needs very little direction. Just give her your idea, and she'll come back with something awesome"- Elance client. Rebecca is an American ghostwriter, editor, and author with several Amazon bestsellers under her belt. She?s written about everything from biodiesel to romance and although she hasn?t combined the two topics (yet) she?s definitely game-if that?s what you?re looking for! Peter is an Anthropology professor and proofreader, originally from England. Together, we make up Creative Words. (We're also married. Rebecca claims he is the most expensive souvenir ever.) You have a dilemma and we have the solutions! Whether you?re looking to have your autobiography written, you need your Great American Novel edited, you have a great idea for an ebook but don?t have the time to put it together or you?re ready to quit your job and need the perfect goodbye memo...we're here for you.

United States, KY, Lexington | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (10 reviews)
Content Writer

I just graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in News/Ed Journalism with a creative writing minor. Currently I am a mom of three, working from home on a fansite, I do all research for content, posting, and social media for this site. I also run a blog, I write all content and manage social media.

United States, KY, INDEPENDENCE | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer and Programmer

I'm an experienced writer and love what I do. I can code Java, HTML, and CSS.

United States, KY, Owensboro | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)

I am a Doctoral student, currently working on my dissertation. My field is adult education, with a concentration in teaching and learning. I have been conducting research for 41/2 years and I have written many academic papers. I love research and writing and my written and oral skills are excellent. I am a dedicated person and always meet deadlines. I have experience in Microsoft 2010 and PowerPoint. I also have the capabilities of using Excel. If I do a project for you, I can guarantee that my work will be beyond reproach.

United States, KY, Somerset | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.5 (3 reviews)
Hardworking Freelancer

Writing is a passion of mine. Combining that passion with my experience and knowledge helps to create a professional piece of work. I have administrative skills that includes proofreading and professional use of grammar. I have research skills developed throughout my scholarly journey. Select me for your writing and you will receive excellent results.

United States, OH, Mentor | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (14 reviews)
Communicating Your Ideas to the World

Why do 97% of ALL websites generate $500 or less in annual revenue? It's simple: Because 97% of all sales pages/landing pages are created by "pseudo copy writers" or by the website owners themselves often using some "Proven Sales Letter Template" you know the types: "Insert Call-To Action Here" "Scarcity Element Here" "Remind Them of Value Now!" We have been copy writing and sales page optimization experts since 2004 and an Elance provider since 2005. To date, we have helped more 500 clients build successful, profitable websites time after time after time, while also providing HR and Internet Marketing consulting services to help clients optimize every facet of their business for maximum profitability. We provide the winning combination between sales funnel set-up, content, and web design that converts casual visitors into paying customers and we'll be glad to do the same for you.

United States, IN, Michigan City | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (13 reviews)
Online Marketing & Professional Wikipedia Editor

I am a high quality article writer who creates SEO articles, backlink articles, and informative content for blogs and/or websites. I run my own online marketing company and am also an expert at Wikipedia (article creation, updating, and translation). As part of my services, I offer website Search Engine Optimization as well as logo and website design. I also assist professionals and companies with reputation management. If you are looking for someone who can offer you a wide range of marketing services, I am the one to hire. I am sure that you will be as happy with my services as all of my clients are.

United States, IN, Mishawaka | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.7 (4 reviews)
Published in LA Times/New York Times/Chicago Trib

Published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune as well as other publications. I am the former Editor-in-Chief of Notre Dame's daily newspaper, The Observer in my seventh year in the newspaper business. My previous work experience has brought me to the Los Angeles Times as a sports writer/intern as well as to NBC Sports. University of Notre Dame-bred with major in Film, Television, and Theatre and minors in Journalism and Italian.

United States, IN, South Bend | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (2 reviews)
'Key' Communication

"Kathy is a fantastic writer, delivering the articles to an exceptionally high standard and with a very fast turnaround time."..."?Was easy to work with....her passion for writing shows.? ...?You did a great job, writing about something you didn't know much about, your quick and eager to learn! And the quality of the articles is really good!.?...- feedback from clients A Little About Me as a Full Time Writer... Years ago I had to find other forms of communication, due to a paralyzed vocal cord. Fortunately, I was able to develop and nurture my longtime passion for writing. and as a result turned it into a real skill. I have since transformed that skill into a career. How That Will Help You... As a full-time freelance writer I provide high quality work, free of plagiarism. My work has been in a variety of niches such as medical, food, and travel. But, I'm always open to more. The one thing you should know about me, is that I am not satisfied, until my client is.

United States, MI, White Lake | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (13 reviews)
Full-Service Journalist, MD, Medical, Family

I'm an award-winning journalist, editor, and family physician; it's a powerful combination. Perfection is my standard, as a journalist and a health-care provider. Lack of precision, a poorly chosen word, internal inconsistancy, and/or an error in fact, can all have adverse consequences among readers and affect your reputation. I take seriously the trust of my clients. They and their readers deserve the best. I work solo. I'm known for excellent communication with clients. My work isn't done until we both feel good about the job. A tone of professionalism and elegance, when appropriate, will enhance your image. Both editing and writing can retain your unique voice, only better. I check and recheck facts, spelling, grammar, syntax, and internal consistancy.

United States, MI, Alpena | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (12 reviews)
Business & Technology Professional, Writer, Consul

Business & Technology professional, Writer; MBA with 2 decades of work experience in the IT/ Telecom domains and over 8 years of freelance writing experience. Quality is Supreme; Mediocrity is Unacceptable - is my motto for every project. Delivering ?Top Quality? within ?Agreed Timelines?; Offering highest ?Value for Money?; and Striving to ?Exceed Client Expectations?; are my principles that I never compromise on. These, combined with a successful track record, highlight my fine credentials that have helped me earn a reputation for high reliability, integrity and professional ethics. I read every job description thoroughly and ensure that my response (proposal) addresses every point, requirement or desire stated by the client therein.I only take up high-end projects that pose a good intellectual challenge; offer wide scope for creativity, quality and value; and those that I am confident of delivering within the agreed timelines, to the client's complete satisfaction.

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
A trained Journalist dedicated to professionalism

A trained Journalist with more than two years of experience in blogging, SEO, web content and academic writing and proof reading. I normally, without fail, seek to offer my clients not only professionally done and artfully created work but one which is unique as well. I had a passion for writing even before my Journalism degree which only came to enhance it and taught me how to pay attention to every other detail of my work while at the same time giving quality work.

Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (3 reviews)
writing services that will make you flip

Do you need copy writing, press releases, publicity, ads or commercials, newsletters, marketing materials?? I can help. I specialize in SEO articles, newsletters, and all types of marketing and PR work.

United States, CA, santa monica | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Historical and Biographical Ghost Writer/Academic

I am a freelance writer specializing in research, meaning I can create high quality content on just about any subject. Having been trained in academic writing, I am fully capable of producing technical copy, academic writing, and the like. Over the course of my freelance career I have produced content that has been attributed to brands like Swiss, Coach, and others, and my portfolio includes an eclectic mix of subjects from organic fertilizer to string theory to craft show selling, and just about everything in between. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and bring character, personality, and in-depth research to your project.

United States, CA, Los Alamitos | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (15 reviews)
Innovative Digital Marketer and Wordsmith

You matter. How can I help? I'll deliver absolutely everything I promise or give you double your money back. I'm a "Growth Hacker" with over 20 years of experience in angel-funded, start-ups, shoestring ventures and Fortune 100 companies.

United States, CA, Haywrd | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
A freelance writer based in South Africa

I am a freelance writer based in South Africa. I have been in this business for the last 7 years. I deliver high quality work and work extremely well to deadlines. I previously worked in the Finance and Accounting industry. I majored in Marketing and Economics and also studied Communication. I have extensive web-writing and editing ecperience.

South Africa, Kwa-zulu natal, Howck | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
Transcription - Med & Gen, Proofreader/Editor

I provide services like Medical Transcription, Transcription, Proof Reading, and Editing and also Data Entry. I am here to give my 100% in all my projects be it Transcription, Editing/Proofreading or Data Entry. I make sure that my clients are always happy. I am a hard working and skilled professional with 13 years progressive experience in Medical Transcription, Editing and Proof Reading. Though I am new on Elance, I am already established on Odesk. Please check out my profile.

India, Rajasthan, Jaipur | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
SEO Copywriter- Perfect Pitch Copywriter

Howdy, Meet an individual excellent SEO Copywriter. Imagine having a copy that sells without any questions asked. Let me bring the conviction, the unshakable confidence to your readers captivating them with a distinctive sales pitch. I have learned and understood what sells and what does not. Forget any Copywriting rubbish if you ever got one. Let me build you an action packed Copy that sells and Guarantees higher ROI. Worked independently and done SEO copywriting for top websites like,, and www.curiosityaroused. If you need a fast SEO Copywriting or Web content written by someone who knows DMCA policies(No duplicates), I am sure you will be 100% satisfied. *** 100% satisfaction Guaranteed*** ** Working 6 Days a Week | Support 24/7 Here are my best offer Services: SEO Copywriting. SEO website content makeover Site Content Management. ***********I Pick what I can Deliver*****

Kenya, Nairobi, Citysquare | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Your personal creative department

I provide written services for small business, startups, and individuals who just need somebody to find the right words. But make no mistake: you are NOT just hiring a writer. You will also get excellent, value-added service that makes your job easier and each project as perfect as possible. Highlights of my four-year career include: *Explainer and testimonial scripts for online services *Press releases publicizing the developments of small businesses *Television reviews for an entertainment blog *Humorous product descriptions for a shopping blog *Personal bios for industry conference presenters *Social networking posts for marketing firms *A 20-course training program for factory employees There are countless roles that writing plays in modern communication and my mission is to work with as many as possible: blogs, scripts, ads, pamphlets, press releases, letters, post-it notes and everything in between. No project is too obscure for dedicated creative written service.

United States, IL, Lansing | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.6 (14 reviews)

Published author with over 15 years experience working as a travel and lifestyle writer/editor across multiple platforms for market-leading publishers in the UK and US. Experience extends to copy writing and advertorial production in addition to business and academic publishing.

United States, IL, Chicago | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Need a Compelling Call to Action?

Fantastic! Working with Richard on more projects.-WizVid There's a reason why companies like Rolex, HP, and Sony come to me for their marketing copy. Sales To persuade prospective customers, you need to shock them. More than just bland words with a call to action at the end, my video scripts, sales letters, ads, emails, blog posts, and web pages are calls to action from beginning to end. Industry Experience As a copywriter with over 10 years experience, I've written thousands of video scripts, sales letters, ads, emails, blog posts, web pages, and press releases for some of the world's best known companies. If you have copy written but you need it perfected, I'm also an experienced editor, and I proofread for one of the most prominent sites on the web.

United States, NE, Bellevue | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (4 reviews)
Setting a standard.

Being an ELANCE member for three years has afforded many opportunities to assist numerous clients across the globe. Fulfilling their requirements has steadily improved my ability to understand and respond to a broad range of visions and objectives. The focus, to deliver a polished, professional project, assists my clients by optimizing the profile they wish to achieve in order to deliver primed candidates for business. Working on the internet requires an extensive knowledge of consumer attitudes and behavior and, consistently updating this knowledge means clients receive the benefit of advanced professional advice. I include my ELANCE resume with every proposal, paired with my Marketing portfolio, as appropriate, and welcome a buyer's request for additional information. It has been my pleasure to assist several clients frequently, over time, which allows me to become familiar with their business and able to fine-tune my approach to better serve them.

United States, AR, Bryant | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (16 reviews)
Be a Partner Not a Paycheck

I am an experienced freelance writer specializing in SEO, ebooks and webcontent. I enjoy writing content that educates and entertains, though I am not above writing for entertainment's sake alone. I have been a featured guest writer and editor in Coed Magazine and Maxim as well as several websites such as and Yahoo! Voices. As a ghost writer, I have completed assignments for 10 Fortune 500 companies and their executives. I pride myself on being on time, on budget and on point. I will always do my best to provide my clients with the end result they envision- or it's free.

United States, AR, Gravette | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (5 reviews)
Freelance writer

As a writer, my top priority is to complete projects in a timely manner with superior results. My work has spanned several subjects, including health, education and hobbies. I earned a degree in interdisciplinary studies at Tarleton State University and spent seven years teaching elementary school. I have since become a dedicated freelance writer who strives to make every customer completely satisfied.

United States, TX, Pottsville | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (12 reviews)

I am a fulltime employed mother that is starting to feel the sting of the empty nest. I enjoy writing and have published one novel though I cannot say it made me rich. At this time in my life I am looking for something to take up the extra time I have found by not having children in the home. I have been keeping busy as of late by writing articles for an online company and would like to do more writing.

United States, TX, Kyle | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Quality Writing with a Personal Touch

"You are a Genius and a wordsmith! Thank you for the unbelievable work." These are the words of an Elance buyer about my work. I posses a B.S. degree in Professional Writing and have more than 15 years of writing and editing experience. Need a user manual or white paper to accompany your awesome application? I am a reader's advocate who knows how to explain complex topics in understandable language. Want to promote your product or service with a sales letter? Let me show you some of my dynamic examples. Interested in adding content to your website? I have written thousands of articles on a variety of topics. Have a transcription you want converted to an ebook? I have the experience that includes several popular titles. Just tell me your writing need. There is a good chance I have the experience.

United States, TX, Round Rock | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Web-print articles, rewrites-edits, blogs, ad copy

During 30-plus years in the communications industry, I've assumed many roles: journalist, copywriter, public relations specialist, editor, magazine publisher, events promoter, and business owner. I believe that gives me a broad perspective from which to approach subjects, and the work ethic to get the job done professionally, on time, and with excellence. I am at my best when serving clients on an on-going basis. I believe in developing a thorough knowledge of their business so that I can best approach the assignment. This also enables me to deliver consistently excellent work and maintain a comfortable, smooth relationship.

United States, TX, San Marcos | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Eager to Work with a Variety of Skills

I've been writing for years under the name "Bendo13" on HubPages, where my articles collectively have received over one MILLION hits. I run 11 different websites of my own at the moment, have written two lengthy eBooks, a lot of poetry and can do just about anything with a computer and an internet connection. I record and edit videos all the time, I can edit with Photoshop and Illustrator, I can build websites and all that good stuff... but writing will be the main focus of my work on here. So, if you'd like to see a collection of what I've written over the years then go here:

United States, CO, Colorado Springs | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (9 reviews)
Excellent editor, proofreader and ghostwriter

Mother of 3 and owner of 2 successful businesses. After teaching middle school for over 6 years and getting the businesses up and running, I am spending lots of time at home on my computer. My goal is to use my vast knowledge in a variety of areas to earn some additional income while helping my clients complete their projects and needs in a timely and professional manner. I have held various office positions including transcription, data entry and research. I have personally written proposals for funding, legally defensible reports for clientele and have been a hobby writer of fiction and children's books. I have ghostwritten many types of books including fiction (romance genre and young adult), academic and medical. I excel at editing, proofreading and organizing everything. Life Motto - If something is worth doing, it's worth doing to the best of my ability.

United States, CO, Grand Junction | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (31 reviews)
Versatile and Lucid Writer - Thoughts Articulated!

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." - Mark Twain Welcome to my profile! I've used the above quote to emphasize the usage of right words at the right place and how big a difference it could make! Writing is my passion and it is this skill of mine that I would like to assist you with. I am an experienced writer and take up all flavors of writing tasks - Academic, Professional, Business, Critical Writing along with Specific Subject related Writing.I also specialize in proofreading, editing, and critique. My working concept is based on the 3 C's - Clarity, Creativity and Conciseness.I accomplish all jobs ahead of schedule and always to the exact specification of my client. I've been awarded for my National Level Technical Papers.I have good feedback and rating from my clients on Elance and I strive to keep up the same. Thank you!

United States, CO, Mesa | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.5 (13 reviews)
Politics, Public Policy and Social Sciences Writer

Rated in the top 0.1 percent of Elance writers and with hundreds of publishing credits under my belt, I will be able to provide your project with the writing skills you need. I am prompt, professional, timely, and accurate. I have written on topics ranging from U.S. and European political issues to parenting to arts & entertainment to business management. I am a versatile writer with the ability to write with a journalistic, objective tone or with a casual, light voice. My speciality has been unusual, ambitious and ambiguous projects and I have endeavored to cultivate long-term relationships. I am a thorough researcher with the ability to discern what is and what is not a credible source. Thanks for your consideration.

United States, ID, Boise | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (9 reviews)
Lead Curriculum Editor for Grand Canyon University

Wayne did an excellent job editing my manuscript. He met the established milestones in a timely manner; and provided recommendations and corrections to the manuscript that enhanced it while maintaining my creative voice. It was a pleasure working with such a pleasant and professional person. I would definitely hire him again and recommend his services to anyone looking for an editor -- Alethea Dix, author ?Wayne did an extremely professional job and communicated exceptionally well. I would definitely hire him again and I highly recommend his services!? ? Rainbow480 "Wayne Purdin is what every editor/proofreader should aspire to be: intelligent, punctual, and affordable. He made my novel 10X better in half the time I allotted him." -- Evan DeCarlo, author of Children of the Noah.

United States, AZ, Glendale | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (11 reviews)
Professional Editor, Copywriter and Ghostwriter

Ranked in the top one percent of freelancers! With a track record like that, your satisfaction is gauranteed. With a decade of experience, I specialize in providing ghostwriting, editing and personal assistant services. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, which has been rated to be the top ten schools of its kind for writing. I have experience in SEO, technical writing, web marketing, social media and Wordpress. I've also worked on a team of editors responsible for processing thousands of articles a week, as well as a former writer for and an editor for In addition, I've helped ghostwrite and edit both short stories and full length novels. Beyond that, I have experience in ghostwriting articles, especially those that center on psychology, technology, politics, gaming and current events. I look forward to working with you.

United States, AZ, Tucson | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.7 (6 reviews)
When you want The Right Writer

You have something to say and you want the right writer to help you say it. Whether you're looking to create an e-book, a script, an article, a book, or something else, Traci will help you say what you need to say. Traci is passionately committed to deadlines and is a self-appointed spelling freak. Clients who work with Traci are assured that their projects will be done on time, to the highest standard of quality, and to their satisfaction or Traci will redo it until she makes it right.

United States, CA, LONG BEACH | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.7 (18 reviews)
The Right Stuff Right Away

JUSTINE'S ARTICLE & COPY SERVICE * Web Content * SEO Articles * Blog Posts * Ezine * Ebooks * Sales * Social Media * WordPress * Joomla * etc.. Top class, unique SEO articles, sales letters blogging, long sales letters, short sales letters, killer web copy, sales copy, dan kennedy style sales letters, seo writing, wordpress, copy writing, SEO articles, editing & proofreading, slide shows, promotional videos. Etcetera. OFFLINE MEDIA EXPERIENCE JOURNALIST / FEATURES WRITER / REPORTER Het Suid-Western Oudtshoorn Courant George Herald The Friend Pretoria News Citizen Business Day ComputerWeek Farmer's Weekly FREELANCE WRITER / PHOTOGRAPHER / COLUMNIST / TRANSLATOR Sapa Reuters The Star (Business Report) Finance Week Sunday Times Cape Times Cape Argus Eastern Province Herald Eat Out Agrihub AfriBusiness (UK) PR / CORPORATE VIDEO Grant Marshall Communications O-Zone Corporate Video Productions (Clients: Toyota, Panasonic, Afrox, BMW SA)

South Africa, Western Cape, Oudtshoorn | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (29 reviews)
words from the horse's mouth

Imaginative, versatile and dependable writer with a special interest in non-fiction ghost writing projects.

United Kingdom, null, Huntly | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Online Content Writing

I am an experienced blogger and a competent webmaster. My strength is writing articles that sell. Tell me your vision and demands for a writing job and I will do my best to help. More than rooting for you to succeed, I will help you get there. I specialize in the following niches: dating relationships romance seduction internet marketing niche marketing blogging party planning parenting small business/SME strategies Herbal medicine/ethnobotany Organic Fertilizers Astrology and Tarot

Philippines, Cavite, Dasmarinas City | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (6 reviews)
Nelly tal / tal tirgrum

Academic Degree in Marketing / University of Bar Ilan. Professional Translator from English to Hebrew .Professional Translator; from Hebrew to French . Native Hebrew speaker.Native French speaker. Professional voice over, Voice actor and voice talent in French and Hebrew. Actor / movies .Professional Transcriptor in French and Hebrew .www. Taltirgum: worker as translator, transcriptor and Voice Over.About me:"keep doing what you love , it's the only way to succeed , enjoy your work and your life..." Nathalie Rouxel Cohen .

Israel, Israel, Tiberias | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Just Hire me Already!

I promise you to provide Copyscape passed, plagiarism free, captivating, high quality content before the given time frame. I am also ready to write on any particular topic of your choice before accepting any project. I am an individual and don't own a team of writers to get the work done. To provide QUALITY outcome of the job, Hire me, and you'll get it.

Bangladesh, N/A, Dhaka | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Ebook/German/Article/Blog/Content/Seo/Data entry

I am a passionate freelancer and willing to work on any project and can give ample of time and energies to make that project successful. I am having a good writing experience. I deliver on time, every time and communicate accurately and supportively with clients to ensure that we are both clear about the exact style, tone and other requirements for each commission.

Pakistan, punjab, Rawalpindi | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (5 reviews)
A Software Engineer and a Writer !

I am a passionate writer with immaculate grammar and analytical skills, I also have a graduate degree in software engineering and have been working as a software developer for the past 1 year. Writing is my passion and I do write blogs for national news papers as well ! Refer to my portfolio for sample research article and blog.

Pakistan, Punjab, Rawalpindi | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (21 reviews)
Professional At All Times

Hard working, reliable and with a keen eye for detail. Eager to learn and gain experience.

United Kingdom, West Yorkshire, Holmfirth | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative writer

I am a journalist and writer originally from Brazil and now based in Dublin, Ireland. My career begun in the government, writing articles and reports for the city council of where I came from. Then I changed to a magazine, where I wrote basically about everything, from the latest trends in technology to the basics of gardening. At last, my final effort was in a nationwide website especialized in music: I was resposible for prospecting news, making interviews and writing reviews of new albums releases. This background led me to the pursuit of my dream, a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing here in Dublin. Writing is what I like doing, and as it may be perceived the subject is nothing but a mean for my own develpment.

Ireland, Dublin, Dublin | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Great Words

I have been writing content for the last 7 years and I have worked for some of most reputed organizations.

India, Chennai , Chennai | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (16 reviews)
Professional writer with over 8 years experience

I have over 8 years of experience in handling content - writing, editing and working with designers.

India, null, New Delhi | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.3 (5 reviews)
Expert translator, business and sales consultant

A graduate Mechanical Engineer-postgraduate studies at the Imperial College of University of London. Studies at University of Padova (Ingegneria di Padova) Project leader at the Department of Energy Technology, RSA. Honorary member of the Energy Committee of RSA Professional Engineer for SA and British Societies of Engineers. Commercial Director and Sales Manager. Business and Sales Consultant. Experienced writer for articles, reviews and web content. Hospitality articles, hotel descriptions, travel reviews. Fast, true, accurate translation work for language pairs as English-Greek, English-Italian, French-English, Greek-French, Greek-Italian, French-Italian and vice versa. Translation of manuals, books, product desriptions, finance, business, promotion material, technical and scientific texts (20 years) Creation of Marketing, sales and promotion material Development of sales networks Personal traits, Discipline, self motivation, determination and perseverance.

Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (6 reviews)
Experienced proofreader, copy editor, translator

I am an experienced proofreader, copy editor and translator. I am meticulous in my work as a proofreader. As well as checking for grammatical errors, word usage, inconsistencies, and spelling and typographical errors, I know the importance of cross-checking text notes, footnotes, references, and bibliography. I make sure that illustrations and figures and charts are correctly placed and that chapter and page headings, margins, line spacing, font, and page numbers are consistent with the style chosen. I might sometimes make a suggestion, but I never alter a text, unless I am asked to do a substantial edit. As a translator, I deliver accuracy as well as text that flows idiomatically. I have translated a wide range of subjects: websites, legal, and medical documents, audits, marketing and publicity material, academic essays and articles, as well as biography and fiction.

France, Brittany, Malestroit | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (3 reviews)
I will do my very best to serve you!

Fluent in English, Malay and Chinese. Well-versed in ebook formating and microsoft office.Dedicated, hardworking and friendly. Given an opportunity, I will do my best to serve you.

Malaysia, Pahang, Kuantan | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (5 reviews)
Mortgage RealEstate Finance Credit Money Romance

BA in Business Administration with Teaching Certificate, including endorsements in History, Economics, English, Language Arts, & Drama. Worked in Sales/Marketing for past 25 years as Sales Rep, Manager, Trainer, in Retail, Outside Sales, and Independent Contractor. Licensed Life & Disability Insurance Agent. Past 10 years as Mortgage Loan Officer. Built up substantial client base through relationship marketing pieces that I create. My clients enjoy my regular lessons on money, finance, and history - keeps me in front of them and creates a steady stream of referrals. Have written Elance articles and books on Credit, Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Dating, Love, Romance, Divorce, Relationships, Humor, Marketing, Sales Training, and Retail. Many repeat clients due to my work being original, fresh, & professional. My writing style displays intelligence, humor, wisdom, creative teaching, motivation, & entertainment, using lessons of history, success, & current events.

United States, WA, Puyallup | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Spanish translator with more than 5 years of experience. Translation of IT manuals, ecological projects, Web pages, financial and general documents. Reliable, fair fees.

Peru, Lima, Lima | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)


Australia, NSW, Sydney | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
SEO and Content Writer with 4+ years experience

Writing in English, especially on Literature, is a natural choice given the fact that I hold a Masters in English from a reputed university (Calcutta University, India). Moreover, I am a professional Content Developer with more than 3.5 years of experience which included a stint in one of the most well-known e-learning companies in the world - Tata Interactive Systems. During my considerable professional life-span I've been trained rigorously in some of the cardinal aspects of good quality content development and have written extensively on a large variety of subjects. My ability to write about matters relating to disciplines such as Medical science and Law (to name just two) stems from my insatiable curiosity about this field. All I do is use my linguistic skills to produce something eminently readable while being faithful to scientific facts. I follow the MLA writing style generally, but am also familiar with APA and Harvard styles.

India, West Bengal, Kolkata | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Geminis gem

I can get the job done according to your specifications!

United States, null, Newark Valley | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Pen For Hire

Greetings! I am an extremely passionate and hard working writer dedicated to providing you with a product that fulfills your requirements. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your project and turning your concept into a well written reality. Assuring you of my best attention at all times!

Canada, null, North Vancouver | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a native English speaker with experience as an English tutor. I am strongest in the following areas: idea generation/brainstorming; global and sentence-level organization and grammatical correction; MLA citation; cohesiveness; conciseness; and consistency. I have dealt mostly with academic writing but gained experience in the creative field and in technical writing through my own course work.

Germany, null, Rehweiler | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced, professional writer, articles and SEO

With excellent written skills combined with a strong legal background, I am pleased to provide writing, proofreading and editorial services with a keen appreciation of detail, quality and punctuality. I come from an environment where you deliver or dont get paid! Academic qualifications in law and transactional analysis support a wealth of experience in writing of all kinds. Familiarity with and great exerience of both writing and editing for Ezinearticles and Wordpress, Articlebase and other directories. SEO focused jobs welcome. I have run my own businesses and have experience in cvs and business plans which has successfully been used to help buyers Glad to discuss flexibility of style and larger projects with buyers before making awards. You want writing. I write.

United Kingdom, null, Hatfield | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Technical Translator English, German, Czech

Times are simply changing. Technical texts are no longer the information output provided by many called for few chosen. These texts inform indeed, but press releases, product sheets, presentations, user and operation manuals, product catalogues and technical reports do inform in different style for different purposes and in different context. All these purposes support significantly the stream that keeps the world moving - functionality and sales. Provided services: * Translations - marketing materials - user and operation manuals - product catalogues - technical reports * Proof reading * Software and Website localizations * Interpreting * DTP Equipment: * SDL Trados Suite 2007, SDL Multiterm 2007 * Across 5.0 * Transit NXT * MS-Office 2007 * InDesign

Czech Republic, Czech Republic, Prague | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer/editor specializing in science and medicine

I am a strong writer and editor skilled in communicating health and science findings to a variety of audiences. I have more than five years experience writing about science (and science-related policy) for lay audiences. I also offer comprehensive editing (content, structure, and language) for medical and science papers intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

United States, CO, Pueblo West | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Top Quality and Unique SEO Articles and Content

I am a provider of high quality, professional and unique articles. * Passes all the time. * Error-Free writing service. * Well-written, Well-researched content all the time. * Strong SEO on all articles and content. * Professional Client Relations. Articles from me are virtually error free. After you receive your articles the only thing you will do is post them. All articles from me are always checked against to ensure that there are no duplicates. SEO writing is what I do best. Proper keyword densities and placements plus excellent use of LSI. All these without compromising the quality of the articles. My guarantee is that I will never waste your time. Deadlines are always met and communication lines are always kept open.

Philippines, NCR, Quezon City | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Versatile editor of multiple styles and genres.

I am an experienced editor with a Bachelor's in English, three months away from a Master's of English, focusing on Traditional Studies, or, Literature. My hobby is literary history, but I make it a point to stay abreast of contemporary literature and am adept at analyzing and crafting solid plots, characters, conflicts, allegories, and descriptions while maintaining an eye for good grammar and punctuation. I am well read, well rounded, and well up to the challenge of any manuscript. Personally I prefer reading fiction, but in my four years as an editor I have enjoyed working on a multitude of projects, spanning all manner of subject matter and genre.

United States, OK, Oklahoma City | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am currently an editor at Heartland International Ministries, proofreader for Driscoll's, and lesson writer for Tell Me The Story. I received a BA in English with a Spanish minor at MVNU. I have also worked for Beacon Hill Press as Print Marketing Coordinator; finished an editorial internship at WordAction Publishing Company; and was editor for my university literary journal, Penmarks. I have edited several books, ranging from self-help to sci-fi to children's books. I edited The Hey Paula Story by Ray Hildebrand, world-renowned musician. I continue to do freelance work.

United States, MO, Kansas City | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Writing Professional at Your Service!

I am a writing professional who has edited a full length collection of short stories and has extensive proofreading experience. I specialize in constructive feedback and big-picture editing, but can also copy edit with the best of them. I am a college professor who teaches composition, research writing, creative writing and literature. I have my Master of Fine Arts in writing and my Bachelor of Arts in English. I am detail-oriented, organized and technologically proficient and I am a pro at meeting deadlines. Let me help you!

United States, NJ, East Brunswick | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Editor and Writer

I graduated two years ago with a BA in English with a concentration in writing. I have a strong background in medical and technology writing, and three years of copy editing, proofreading, and fact-checking experience.

United States, IL, Chicago | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Suzanne Chalma Olive Hansen

Purposeful yet pretty prose and letter-perfect editing are the hallmarks of my work. I earned a Bachelor of Science in English with a focus on literature and soon became the editor/writer and production coordinator at a small publishing company. After 9 years, I am now a full-time mom of three young children, but continue to work for that same company on a freelance basis. I love to write for both business and pleasure and look forward to building a prosperous working relationship with you.

United States, IA, Hudson | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Original content with style and humour

I'm new to freelance writing, but I have been writing as a hobby for many years. I've decided to do it professionally at last.

United Kingdom, South Yorkshire, Sheffield | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Content | Blog | Creative Writer

I?m highly proficient and skilled in writing original contents SEO articles and blogs on various topic with skill and creativity. Also I am always dedicated to maintain high quality standards. I am very conscious about my work. I can deliver you- Unique writing High quality English Guarantee in Copyscape free writing I deliver my dedicated solutions as well as certainty of Copyscape free fulfillment as I include Top quality Copyscape for improved value of my writing.

Pakistan, Punjab, Multan | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Children's Author and Elementary Teacher

Inspired by my students and my role as an elementary school teacher, I began writing for children some years ago. Since then my work has appeared in educational markets in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. My work has been used by publishers such as Pearson Education, Nelson U.S.A, Random House, Learning Media, and Essential Resources. I have over two dozen short stories in print or currently in production aimed at a school-aged audience. As a teacher my passion in the classroom is to instil a love of literature amongst my students, and my writing stems from that drive. Simply put: I want children to read, and to believe in themselves as writers. My background in education and many years experience in the classroom have given me a strong insight into how children approach English.

United Kingdom, Kent, Sandwich | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Editing | Proofreading | Writing

I am a professor of academic writing with extensive experience in editing, proofreading, and project management. In addition, I have a background in academic research as well as experience in graphic design and marketing. From an initial concept to the polished final product, I can implement your plan as directed or provide guidance and support, as appropriate. Who is your audience? What are your goals? My goal is to understand your needs and deliver the best possible solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether in an academic, business, or literary context, I will help you to communicate your message clearly and accurately with great care and timeliness. I offer a diverse range of services in editing, proofreading, and writing in addition to a designer's eye for formatting and page layout. Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to learning more about your project needs!

United States, MD, Bethesda | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Let the words do the talking!

I am a regular contributor in a daily newspaper with an extensive experience of 6 yrs exploring diverse issues. I am an ardent reader which definitely makes me more creative and innovative. I have done masters in English language and literature and also taught english language at university level for three yrs.

Pakistan, punjab, lahore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
committed to achieve the goal with sheer hard work

having done M.phil in English literature and written a detailed dissertation, i have found my field of interest where i can unleash my creative skills. i am a dedicated professional who aims at delivering high quality work with the utmost clients satisfaction. with the flow of words from my imagination, there is no better medium than writing to express my thoughts. i have been an academician for the past few years and had a detailed analysis of the research skills. looking for a firm foothold, i feel that i have found a writing platform at Elance where i can give new wings to my creativity nad prove my skills.

United Arab Emirates, UAE, dubai | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer and Editor

Short description about yourself or your company

Australia, Vic, Melbourne | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
... writing things worth reading.

I am a learned lover of the English language. I enthusiastically earned an honours degree in English - Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo, and an Advanced Diploma in Print Journalism from Centennial College in Toronto. I am a junkie for definitions, puns, and meaningful music lyrics.

Canada, ontario, port elgin, | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
'My words are my prized possessions'

I provide high quality,original,well written content to my clients.As a full time freelance writer,I have a plenty of time to work on my projects. I have been in the writing business for the last seven years and have written and compiled Grammar,composition and vocabulary books for students. I am currently working with I have done masters in English language and literature and have a strong knowledge of English language and the demands of quality content writing.I offer my best work to my clients and expect to build a long term relationship with them.

Pakistan, Ontario, Milton | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
German Translations and Proofreading

TRANSLATION for me is not just putting words from one language into another. It means finding the perfect meaning in the other language, adapting a text to fit seamlessly into its new environment. I'm a university graduate (English Literature/Cultural Studies/Politics) with very strong language skills in both English and my mother language German. In the past, I have translated all sorts of documents: legal texts, complete web pages, newspaper articles, novels, handbooks... My fields of expertise are literature, culture, arts and politics, but there is so much more I can and would like to translate for you!

United Kingdom, North Lanarkshire, Carfin | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writing is not a job, it's a passion!

I am a dedicated and hard working writer looking for challenging work. Putting life into any idea or theme with using just 26 alphabets is my forte. I have proven ability to create insightful and informative pieces of writing on a wide range of subjects and I believe my ability to stick to deadlines makes me work in a more effective manner. With an experience of more than 5 years, I can surely say that I am an expert in my field. types of work: editing, proof reading, article writing, ghostwriting, powerpoint slides, essay writing

Pakistan, punjab, lahore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Copyeditor and proofreader

My attention to detail and love for the intricacies of the English language make me the perfect candidate for any copy editing or proofreading project. I have always had a love for reading and the art of finely-crafted prose. Recently, I volunteered for a year on the student run magazine Leading Edge and participated in an editing internship at Brigham Young University. In addition, I am determined to work hard to make sure the product you receive is exactly what and how you wanted it.

United States, TX, Galveston | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Hello! I am a highly trained writer with a B.A. and M.A. in English and years of experience in teaching writing and research skills. I also hold an M.S. in Library Science and and have been engaged in detail-oriented cataloging and research work for a major information service provider in the U.S.

United States, NC, Chapel Hill | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
A good translator must be an excellent writer

22 tears old, nearly graduated "cum laudem" in Modern Languages (Spanish and English) at the University of Naples, "Federico II". I have Always studied languages and translation methods, since when I was an high school student. Indeed, I took a Classic high school diploma in 2008: ancient Latin, ancient Greek and modern English were the main subjects I studied. For this reason, I have always been traslating from, Latin, Greek and English to Italian and viceversa. Now that I am about to finish my degree, after one year abroad studying at the University of Bristol (Essex) I started working as a freelance translator. I am really highly motivated in this opportunity and I think I can suit this job perfectly, since I've attended and passed many exams in translation at my home University, (English and Spanish to Italian and viceversa). My fares are very land professionality is guaranteed. Check for my translation skills! you won't regret it.

Italy, Napoli, Napoli | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Young Entrepreneur with good business acumen

At the age of 16, I was already running my own business. I've since stopped in favour of pursuing other ventures, but the entrepreneurial spirit never goes away. I have 8 years of client relations experience and within that, approximately 5 years of selling. I am also bilingual, fluent in French and English, and able to offer quality services in either language. I have several years of experience in various industries and roles, such as a Management Review Consultant for Toyota Canada, Credit Analyst for Citi group's credit card division, 2 years of General Management (from my own venture) and another 4 years of executive experience (V.P. level) at low-profile companies (within Junior Achievement), all roles in which I have utilized my bilingualism. I have also provided translations for a company whose products have been carried by Walmart. I have a great desire to help others and see others succeed, while of course furthering my own career and experience.

Canada, ON, LONDON | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Scribe

Do you need someone to craft you some snappy verse? Or a few pages of thoughtful prose? You've come to the "write" place! I am an educator with over 15 years of experience in the classroom. The years of wielding the red pen over student essays has afforded me the opportunity to hone my editorials skills. In addition, I am a writer with the ability to write for any number of occasions, purposes, or audiences. I earned a Bachelor of Science in English and History (1995) and a Masters Degree in Literature (2005).

United States, MI, Livonia | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Editor | Copy-editor | Proofreader | Web Copy

I am a native 'American English' editor with experience editing a variety of written material (articles, newsletters, web content, marketing materials, emails) on an array of topics (fiction, non-fiction, theological, academic). I have experience with all levels of edit (development, substantive, copy-editing, and proofreading) as well as experience writing rich text newsletters and coded web copy, publishing, creating widgets and marketing materials, etc.

United States, NC, Fuquay Varina | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'll be brief. If you want unique content written with style, then I'm your guy. With a degree in English and a background in rhetoric, creative writing, and business writing, I can handle any project and give you quality results.

United States, UT, Draper | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I graduated from San Diego State University in 2009 with a degree in English and Religious Studies. I can write well, quickly. If you need it, I'll get it done.

United States, CA, Torrance | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
orginized thoughts and creative writing

I am a professional, hard working, writer. I have a Bachelors degree in English with a specialization in creative writing. I am passionate about all types of writing, with a strong interest in creative writing, research, and analysis. I can guarantee solid work on any type of English writing job, with the utmost respect for deadlines. I am always looking for ways to improve my craft and I promise excellent workmanship on any project i get hired onto.

United States, NY, Rochester | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Fast and Efficient Multi-Skilled Worker

English and Politics Graduate with long work experience in IT means I have a broad knowledge and skill set.

United Kingdom, argyll, kilmelford | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have a BA in psychology and an MA in English literature. I have had articles and short fiction published. I currently work in the medical editing field, and have been employed in this area for the past 21 years. I have also taught at a local community college.

United States, NE, omaha | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Translator

Are you looking for a professional Italian language Expert providing reliable high-quality translation and interpretation services? Here I am. A 38 years old precise, engaging and persuasive freelance writer, translator and interpreter. More then 10+ years experience, working for different customers coming from all around the world. Travelled a lot as Import Export manager. USA; Canada; Europe and China / Hong Kong. At the moment settled in Florence Italy working for an International Hire Cars company but always busy in the translation field.

Italy, Italy, Firenze | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Writer

**I live in Prague, but I am an American citizen, and a native English speaker.** I have a BA in comparative literature and 6 years experience teaching English as a foreign language. Writing and language are my specialty. I've been reading since I was 3, writing since I was 4, and am a professional magazine correspondent and editor. I can write fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. I can take a scene in a novel and re-write it in the style of another author or a different genre, or write the same scene from many different points of view. I am also fluent in German, proficient in Czech, and experienced with translation, and am a talented proofreader and editor. I type around 100 words per minute and am good at transcription. In addition, I draw simple comic strips and cartoons, paint (primarily surreal art styles), do a bit of photography (primarily macro), have good general computer skills, and enjoy organizing information.

Czech Republic, Czech Republic, Prague | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)