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Proofreader and Writer

A proofreader and copy editor with a B.S. in journalism (concentration in editing), I have worked with fiction, nonfiction, and news story pieces, but I also write fiction, ranging from short stories to a full novel, mainly focusing on sci-fi and fantasy. I have published two novellas and am currently working a third.

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I am an aspiring author looking for experience in writing. While young, I am a hard-worker with determination. One of my largest strengths is that I can accept criticism and look for ways to improve myself in any way possible. Mostly, my work is fiction however, recently I have found the beauty in writing articles. Therefore, I would be willing to create either one. I'm not particular about wages and do not have a set range because I feel that could be sorted out accordingly. If samples are needed to see my work in any area, I am more than happy to send some. Writing is truly my passion.

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PhD in philosophy brings a unique perspective

As a published novelist, PhD fellow in philosophy and religion, and community leader, I lend a well-rounded perspective to every project I encounter, while allowing my acumen and humanity to passionately shine through in my work.

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Editing Expert

I have a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Editing. I have 8+ years of experience editing various types of documents (everything from fiction to grant proposals), as well as experience with web development and editing. I am also currently working on a Master's Degree in Research and Experimental Psychology.

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Experienced in game script writing, editing for grammar, consistency, writing skill. Previous work included indie game scripts, fiction novel writing and editing, game review articles, other articles (proficient in research of any subject).

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Hello, as you may have already seen my name is Kyle. I am a creative writer and I also have a knack for writing articles. I specialize in fiction as well as comedy but I'm perfectly accustomed to writing other subjects as well. I'm also good with negotiating prices and I'm always willing to change my prices to help with my clients. If you ever need a writer just contact me and I'll be sure to reply to you as soon as I can. Until we speak, have a nice day.

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Competent writer and image editor

I am a simple man with a passion for writing and editing images. I enjoy writing fiction, mostly for fun and practice in writing, but I can write anything i'm asked to, from news to historical non-fiction. I also enjoy editing images, and I have taken requests as well. Nothing serious, of course, but it was all in the interest of practice. I will be able to competently do whatever you ask, no questions, and without failure. I am a motivated individual, and I will not let anything get in the way of me completing the task at hand. Also I work cheap.

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Professional Writer, Content Management, Copy

I hold an MFA in Poetry and an MFAW in Non-fiction writing. I have won several national writing awards and have a significant publication record. Ten years of professional writing, editing, content management and copy writing experience. My strengths are in developmental editing, proofreading, design, and creative copy.

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Firstly, I am willing to assist students with college essays. I am most familiar with Chicago style, but have used MLA and APA as well. I can also write fan fiction for a variety of tv shows (Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who, to name a few). Lastly, I am a Biblical Studies major, so I can help with small, church or Christian related writing projects such as sermons, stories, skits, etc. In the past, I have written articles or one shot fan fiction stories that have been nominated for the Once Upon A Fan Award. I have also received very positive feedback on my currant project, The Sign of the Phoenix, a fantasy book that is similar to the works of C.S. Lewis. Thirdly, I have a background in theatre and read a lot of books, so I'm constantly around words and characters. You should hire me because I'm a compassionate person with character. I enjoy doing research, being detailed, and being in a teacher/encouragement role while sharing what I know.

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My name is Joanie Joy Morgan, and I am the author of two inspirational books. I had the opportunity to work on fiction and nonfiction work which includes scripts. My main focus or preference is nonfiction work. I received my Bachelor of science degree in communication with a minor in professional writing. I am currently pursing my MA degree in English and Creative writing with concentration on nonfiction. I am a published poet but overall, writing is my joy. I created hand made greeting cards, and write my own inspirational words in them, or those of my clients choice.

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English Teacher Making Jump to Technical Writing

Greetings, my name is David Virden. I am currently an English teacher who would like to move into the field of technical writing. I have over five years of writing experience with over fifty articles published. These articles include short fiction and music reviews. I am also very familiar with Microsoft Office and web designing. Additionally, I am presently enrolled in a computer programming program at my local community college. I am very eager to begin gaining experience and skill in the craft of technical writing.

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Expert features and travel writer

Spinning words into silk. I like to put the creative into creative non-fiction. For me, writing is like painting, and with each piece I write, I may use a different medium or blend of mediums to create the ultimate feel.

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I am an experienced and innovative copywriter with a bachelor's degree in English from Texas Women's University. I have worked for a number of different clients, including one of the top 25 companies on Elance in the Writing and Translation category. My expertise ranges widely including both writing and editing, in the areas of marketing, nonfiction, and fiction. My previous writing experience has had a strong SEO focus, and I am skilled in the creation of strong but organic SEO content. Additionally, I have done work in data entry and in academic writing. My background in fiction includes a short story in an anthology that was a Bram Stoker Award recommended read in 2012. I am an active member of the writing community and have contacts including major names in the genre fiction community.

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writer, editer, blogger, proofreader

I am a freelance writer and editor located out of Denver, CO. I have been a published writer since the age of 15, and an employed editor since the age of 16. I am currently in the process of self-publishing a book about women in the heavy metal music scene. I also work for 303 magazine in Denver as a music intern, and for as a writing and reading tutor. I was editor of my local paper's youth section in high school, and in college, I worked as a reading tutor at a local elementary school, a clerical assistant, and editor of my college's culture magazine. Upon graduation, I got a job as assistant editor with a magazine in Richmond, VA called RVA Mag. Recently, I relocated to Denver and began working for 303 and freelancing. I would love the opportunity to take on new projects, so please consider me for employment, and feel free to contact me about any interesting projects.

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I have adequate experience in online transcription, translation and scripted projects with Appen Butler Proficient with MS office suit fast typing speed. Am result based and I deliver high quality work Proficient in the use of statistical packages

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I am passionate about writing and I have been writing since I was in middle school. I am a creative person, I like to write poetry, fiction and I love to read magazines and books.

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Authoress Latarsha Willis

I am a Urban Fiction author, but I can write almost any other fictional series that involves love, romance, etc. I also write poetry. I am very creative, and my history speaks for itself. I have been on the best seller's list on amazon a couple of times, and I have many readers who anticipate my titles. I am a hard worker, and I aim to please.

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I have ten years experience as a Freelance Writer and Developmental Editor. I specialize in medical, nursing, and scientific texts, as well as fiction, gardening, and food writing. My clients include major publishers, as well as authors. I enjoy working one on one with authors to convey their message, either through writing the content myself or editing their content. Let me assist you with your next project!

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Writing for Success

When I read a content article I want it to be easy to understand, friendly, and engaging. That is exactly what I strive for when I write articles. I have over five years experience writing content, proposals, designing brochures, and writing short non-fiction pieces.

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A 2012 graduate of Northern Michigan University, I have a MA in English Writing with a concentration in fiction. An avid reader and writer, competent in the areas of spelling, punctuation and content, I am versed in many different forms of writing.

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I am an urban fiction author. I have several published novels including, Brick City Chick 1&2, and Gossip Village. I offer ghostwriting services, developmental editing, and proof reading. Clients should hire me because I am a very skillfull storyteller and I am sufficient in my field.

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I have a bachelor's degree in political science, and I am pursuing a master's degree in conflict management. Creative writing is my passion. I am currently in the middle of writing a couple novels, and I am always working on short stories. My mind is always overflowing with creative fiction ideas, and I need as many outlets to unleash them as possible.

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Digital Storyteller, B2B Content, Travel Writing

Lena is a freelance writer specializing in B2B marketing content and travel writing. She brings with her a vast and varied portfolio, proving her voice is adaptable and energizing to any communication goal. From e-books, whitepapers, lists and guides, to website copy, landing page copy, email copy and social media, Lena's writing is proven to generate and convert marketing qualified leads. In addition to five years of marketing experience in corporate events and B2B financial software, Lena has found a deep passion and much success in travel writing. After tasting what it's like to have a post go viral, Lena now contributes regularly to The Huffiington Post, amongst other web based publications and will do anything in the name of adventure and a good story. (As a side note, Lena will write for plane tickets.) Outside of work, Lena writes short fiction, is working on a book and is an avid yogini.

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I have done a lot of fiction writing and also some non-fiction writing as well. Has a enthusiastic personality, and is young and eager to work and learn new things. Yes I may be new to all of this, but I can get the job done just as good as all the others.

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I have been writing since and even though have written some fictional books and poetry, i haven't managed to get published yet.

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Content Creator | Growth Hacker | Book Writer

Published writer with zest for creating unique business and personal content pieces. Standard types of projects involve creating social media posts, website pages, blog articles, and offering creative suggestions for project champions. Particular expertise in collaborating with small business owners that require autonomous relationship after initial meeting so you can focus on important aspects of your company. Building snarky content that stands out in the noise also considered a strength here. First non-fiction book "Earning Freckles" scheduled for release in Summer 2016. Sample clients include the Jewish Advocate magazine, startup, Great Wall Restaurant, Chubby Chickpea Catering, Business Banter blog, Firmology blog, Hired Pens writing agency, Deep Agile Conference for developers, and Assembla software tools. If you're not elated with the results, then neither am I!

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My writing exploits a sweeping array of genres—historical fiction, drama, comedy, website content and titillating sci-fi political thrillers. I am the author of two illustrated novels, season one of a television show and a handful of short stories as well as a monthly podcast. I recently have ventured into content writing. My experience as a novelist has helped me help my clients business grow by better allowing them to share their products and stories with their customers. I also was a head writer for a Bay Area play troupe, am a graduate of the San Francisco State University Creative Writing program and just finished recording my first album, as one of the founding members of: "The Obeah's."

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I was in Honors classes, including English. I was in a science fiction class as well as one for creative writing. I also dabble in French and German, having had five years of the former and three of the latter. In addition, I have been writing novels since I was in third grade.

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I'm an experienced ghostwriter with 5 years of full time work under my belt. I'm a fiction writer at heart but I can tackle nearly any topic, be it fiction or nonfiction.

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Proven feature, content, and article writer.

With ten years of fictional and feature writing behind me, I can confidently deliver on the agreed brief, producing content that will engage your readers time and again. Qualified to the degree level in English Language and Literature, I have taken to writing from a very early age, producing my own personal fiction projects that generated a strong following on the websites I published them on. In my later years, during college and university, I successfully engaged the UK media magazine MyMags with a fan-submitted article, which progressed to a commissioned game review to be published in the subsequent issue. My approach to commissioned work is highly consultative, engaging clients at every step to ensure transparency of communication, and a clear, honest process learned from my professional work.

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Freelance / Ghost Writer available - All projects

Recent reviews in Upwork: "Martin was great to work with. Fast turnaround and excellent quality writing" "Martin took a very difficult instruction from us and made it perfect. Top-notch writing every time. Highly recommended" "The plot is very good and strong!! Creative and powerful sex scenes. I was excited reading it" I am a dedicated writer of romantic and erotic fiction and offer you full commitment to your project. I can write to your outline or supply my own for consideration. I am not afraid to tackle any subject. I am educated to degree level and can research and write to your requirements. I am based in Wales and available now to help you with your project. I can write and edit to a UK or US dictionary and set my work anywhere in the world. You can also find me on Upwork where I have many 5 star reviews. Fast turnaround and quality work to your specifications. Try me and you will not be disappointed. Martin

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A natural in general and creative writing .

During my school i was completely mesmerized by the works of Charles dickens and William Shakespeare.My interest in literature paved a way to write about various things which i think about and interesting things i observe in life. I have a penchant towards writing poetry on very general issues like red light, the joker , wars and boundaries , human love, etc. I write because i believe by doing that i can touch many people , especially ' minds '. I have professionally written articles for news dailies relating to human rights and current affairs . I have been content writing for a website . I do practice to write fiction by creating characters and places.I am looking towards getting some nice creative work.

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Writer, editor and proofreader

I love words -- writing them, reading them, editing and proofreading them. I also have an obsessive eye for detail. This love of words and eye for detail means good things for your project. My professional writing experience includes two novels published by a major national press (The Mourning Hours and The Fragile World), eight years of journalism experience, editing and proofreading of several published book-length works, and numerous smaller projects for local businesses and community-based groups. I hold a B.A. in English, a valid California teaching credential in English, and an MFA in Creative Writing.

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Hi. I'm Jamie. I want to write and/or edit for you. I'm in the process of finishing my English Literature degree. I have experience writing short fiction and screenplays. My experience in journalism is in the editing field. I am confident in my abilities as a writer in any platform.

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Ghostwriter Containing Multitudes

Salutations! My name is Zachary, and I am a writer. I am a dedicated, quick-working ghostwriter who loves bringing ideas and stories to life on the page. My primary focus is fiction writing, but I have experience writing single-topic articles, blog posts, and copy in a diversity of fields. I am always willing to do the research on whatever topic requires quality writing. If you need English grammar, spelling, or content editing help I have 3 years experience as a writing tutor, and am training to tutor SAT/ACT English. I contribute to a baseball blog, and am a published author in the Journal of Optometry and Vision Science. No matter the task, I am 100% committed to your satisfaction.

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I am a writer by nature. I started out writing fan fiction and am currently trying to get published. I work as an intern for a literary agent sorting through slush piles and proofreading. I also spend time proofreading for critique partners and other writers.

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Excellent proofreading, editing and writing skills

I am a recent graduate of Agnes Scott College where I received my BA in Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing. I have had training in various creative writing genres from poetry to non-fiction writing, and have participated in multiple workshopping classes where my proofreading, editing and writing skills were honed. I am a fresh face with a fresh perspective!

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Poet, Lyricist, Fiction and Non-fiction Writer

My experience in the literary field spans over 30 years. I have been an avid writer of poetry including song writing with a strong background in country and gospel music. I enjoy writing informational and entertainment articles; both fiction and non-fiction topics. I also have an interest in blogging for online web pages and social media sites. Currently, I am working on a suspense novel which I intend to complete by the years end.

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Graduate with six years' experience of writing comedy scripts. I have written three sketch comedy shows and one family show that were performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I have also reviewed comedy shows at the Fringe for the publication Broadway Baby. Other writing experience includes: short stories, young adult fiction, feature articles, science writing.

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Editorial Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Reviews

I am a confident, highly driven graduate of the Florida State University Creative Writing Program, one of the university's top-rated programs. I have experience in writing short stories, articles and essays, both creative fiction and non-fiction, as well as experience in mass media communication writing. An effective communicator, I ultimately strive to produce work that is clear, well-written, and effectively communicates to your desired audience in a manner that is satisfactory to you.

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Freelance fiction and nonfiction writer and editor

I'm an admitted grammar geek. I actually read ahead in my second grade grammar book! I also love the challenge of a writing or editing assignment, because, as a perfectionist, I want every piece of work, whether my own or a client's, to be the best it can be. But then there's the side of me that asks, "What box?" when people as me to think outside the box. It's the side that loves to create and knows when it's okay to break the rules. I've worked as a professional in nonfiction (website content, technical and medical content) and fiction (a young adult novel and short story) and look forward to more writing and editing challenges via

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Reliable, Detail-Oriented, & Creative

I'm the kind of person who always catches errors as I'm reading books, articles, and copy on the internet. I can't help but think to myself, if only I could've gotten my hands on it first! I'm an extremely nit-picky and detail-oriented editor with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts, where I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. As an undergraduate I focused on fiction and poetry and began my first novel under the close direction of professor and New York Times bestselling author Andre Dubus III. Since then I have continued my creative work while also working on freelance projects with people throughout the world. My favorite projects to tackle include copy editing, proofreading, and writing copy for business websites. The greatest compliment and evidence of my work is the large number of clients I've developed an ongoing business relationship with. I have a knack for coming up with creative and compelling content, and I'm a stickler for precise and concise writing.

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I have a bachelor of arts degree with a focus in fiction writing from the University of Florida. I have job experience in book publishing as well as scientific and news writing. I am familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style as well as AP and MLA style. I welcome jobs that require anywhere from light to heavy editing.

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I double majored at university in English (Writing Emphasis) and Psychology, with a Health Sciences minor. I have experience with lengthy research papers in multiple citation styles. I took several writing classes that have helped my writing skills (Creative Fiction 1 & 2, Poetry 1 & 2, Non-Fiction Writing, Writing: Theory and Practice, English Grammar, etc.) I am a published writer in both fiction and non-fiction. I have written guest blogs for a variety of websites. I have worked for multiple companies to convert data from one medium to another. I work quickly and efficiently. I have experience with various versions of Microsoft Office.

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Copy-editor and Writer

I am an Ivy-League educated writer who excels at proofreading, copy-editing, and writing fiction and nonfiction short (less than 5000 word) pieces. I am also bilingual with a native fluency in Spanish and am able to translate pieces from Spanish to English.

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With over 15 years of teaching English Language and using my editorial and creative writing skills, I believe I can give life to your ideas and vision to meet your specific needs. I have managed many editorial and writing projects which include fiction and non-fiction work. I can and will provide clients with what they’re looking for: timely honored work and professional integrity.

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American seeking creative writing tasks

American native English speaker. Graduated Ivy League with double major English and Biology. Excel in both creative and technical writing. Plenty of free time for quick project turn-around. Committed to both quality and quantity with focus on quality. Experience with blog posts, online articles and fiction writing.

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Writing and editing services

Hello. I am Anusha Suresh, a language enthusiast, fondly known as the "Grammar Nazi". I have been an avid reader since I can remember. I have also been a kid who won every writing competition I entered. I could translate to/from south Indian languages, proofread documents, novels, technical, non-fiction books/articles.

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I have a very strong background in creative marketing, advertising, and branding, which I have accomplished by using my skills in effective copywriting, designing and art directing print media and dynamic computer presentations, and through innovative ad campaigns. I have conceptualized, written, and created or art-directed *more than 100 dynamic computer presentations *video for online media kit *mail order and online catalog items *in-house websites *email blasts *scripts *print and online media kits *flyers *books and booklets *direct mail *print and email newsletters My extensive background in freelance writing—three published novels, short stories (my latest was published in the July/August 2013 Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) and articles—has given me an awareness of the value and use of creativity in the workplace.

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I am a third year chemistry student with a passion for fiction and creative writing. I am capable of writing in a wide range of styles with good grammar and concise sentence structure and will not fail to meet a deadline.

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(Not An Award Winning) Author, Non fiction, Humor

Mostly, you create the story. Sometimes, it creates you. 20 years experience writing non-fiction. Self-help, parenting, humor, inspirational.

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I am a writer with a degree in English Writing and French with a minor in Interactive Media--I love blogging, writing magazine articles and fiction writing.

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If you're looking for a fiction or children's writer, look no further. I have experience in writing and would love for you to give me a try, you won't be sorry. I am also very good at editing and spelling. I live in Texas and recently had a baby so i am seeking employment from home for a while. Hire me and you won't be let down.

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Experienced Ghostwriter with Marketing Background

I'm a fiction author with five years of ghostwriting experience, seven years of editing experience, and three years of management experience. With a background in various sales organizations, I'm prepared to create marketing copy for nearly every industry, from ground transportation to real estate. My articles have appeared in national publications, and I have more than 15,000 blogs for investment companies, real estate brokers, software designers, and limousine operators under my belt. I enjoy writing about things I already know, but research is a lot of fun, too. I'm happy to accept assignments outside my interests simply for the learning opportunity. My solid grasp of various styles and years of experience as a fiction and non-fiction editor mean clients will receive clean copy every time.

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Talented and reliable

I'm currently undertaking a PhD in Korean History at London University's School of Oriental and African Studies. I offer elite-level academic writing skills alongside assiduous editing ability; I've also written short stories and non-fiction travel, music and culture pieces for a number of prestigious outlets.

United Kingdom, Cambridgeshire, Ely | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Skilled, thorough, versatile writer and editor.

Hi there! When I was a teenager, I wrote fiction for fun. That was the beginning of my life-long love affair with the English language. In college, my favorite part of class was writing papers. Now, I work professionally as a writer and editor for a startup company on Florida's beautiful and fascinating Space Coast. I have a keen eye for typographical errors, a mind that can deftly manipulate sentences and concepts to express them more meaningfully, a close familiarity with grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and structure, and... well... I just love words! Never underestimate the value of enthusiasm. I would be thrilled and honored to share my gift with you, whether you need a quick once-over to finalize a document, a complete overhaul of an existing work, or brand new content, I am your man! I look forward to working with you very soon. Talk soon, Dave

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Diverse Quill For Hire

Experienced writer and copy editor with a background spanning a diverse array of fields. If you need a fiction ghostwriter or editor for the thriller, romance, or adult genres, I'm your guy. I also possess a Juris Doctor from an accredited Top 60 law school and have been trained in legal research and drafting. Work experience includes copywriting and copyediting.

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QA Analyst

I am a technical person that has returned to school to focus on writing. This includes website editing, creative fiction, book reviews, and novel content editing. I also have eight years of experience working as a contractor in technical fields. This primarily included: operations support (24/7 on-call for live applications), producing training material, researching relationships between legacy systems, and supporting project managers.

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content, article, online, and ghostwriting

Experience with writing and editing original content for online and print purposes on political and ethical issues. Published. Experience with fiction writing in prose and screenplay formats. Published.

United States, CA, Irvine | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Ive been blogging and writing fiction for over 11 years. Im an expert in poetry creating short stores out of someones personal experience. Im new to Freelance Websites, but I am certainly up for the challenge and confident that you will not be disappointed! Fresh eyes, fresh face, fresh approach to what YOU are looking for.

United States, CA, Sacramento | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional Writer Specializing in How-tos

I have been writing and publishing books and articles for over 25 years. I write non-fiction like book reviews, profiles, how-tos, historical, product reviews, travel pieces, recipes, parenting pieces, etcetera and fiction like short stories, mystery, romance, and children's. I have written proposals, resumes, press releases, web page content, business letters, blogs, and advertising copy. My specialty is how-tos and I have been dubbed the "how-to queen" by an editor at a national writer's magazine. I served as President of a major writer's organization, have taught writing classes at local universities, and spoken at conferences across the southwest. My interests include artist trading cards, painting, knitting, crocheting, weaving, writing of all forms, health and fitness, children's issues, organization, motivation, inspiration and more. Visit my website at to read my bio see what I've written and published in the past.

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Writer Of YA/Childrens' Fiction and Teacher

I have written two YA paranormal romance novels. (both average 72,000 words) I've been writing teen paranormal fiction for over ten years. My experience includes being the co-owner and moderator of several highly successful audition-based fanfic styled online writing groups. I not only carried multiple characters, I was in charge of organizing and implementing plot, structure, voice, and carried the role of editor. I was editor for the 1995-1996 Dean College Yearbook in Franklin, Massachusetts. I have a Bachelor%u2019s Degree in Child Studies with a minor in Child Psychology from Plymouth State College in New Hampshire. I am also relatively computer suave%u2019 and have experience with basic website building programs. I am an active member of a private audition-based online critique group, which I was sought out and invited to, after the owner read the first chapter of one of my novels. Several of the women I critique with have literary agents.

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I have a varied background in professional corporate correspondence, marketing and comedy writing.

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College student

My objective is to offer affordable convenience. I want to help people make their job a little bit easier by lightening their work load, even if it's just a little bit.

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Playing with words

I'm looking for writing work, preferrably creative non-fiction or translation. I am a Russian currently studying in Sweden with extensive experience with English-speaking countries. More of a generalist with numerous interests, thus prefer working on different projects at the same time.

Sweden, Uppsala län, Uppsala | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Ready, willing, and able to offer creative aid. Think of me as a muse for hire. Possibly yours.

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Fiction needs some tweaking? I'm your new editor.

As an English PhD student, I have a unique skill set to help you with your writing. Not only am I an editor for Grist: The Journal for Writers, but I am also a fiction writer, teacher and scholar. I have worked in writing centers and taught English composition at several universities. I love working with new texts and feel comfortable in all aspects of writing, including copy editing and editing. I am originally from England and am at ease with both British English and American English spelling, grammar and jokes.

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Skilled and certified baker, chef/caterer with experience in creative writing, English proof reading, editing, letter writing. French speaking poetry and non- fiction writer, experienced in menu planning and execution, travel and event planning and public speaking. I have done voice recordings and am currently employed in the customer service industry. Loyal, dependable and punctual, interested in furthering my career and utilizing my many skills to benefit others as well as myself.

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Absolutly Stunning Creative Ideas and Scripts

My work as a writer / advertisement creative has rewarded me with multiples awards and recognitions worldwide. Both as a writer and as . I have the ability to conceptualize original, astonishing ideas that, for a little money, will make a huge difference in attracting your target?s attention and interest. Smart, impressive messages that immediately attract people?s attention and that translates into massive traffic (and sales) . Is that is what you want , count in me to help you with results that will exceed your expectations, and relax while I completely devote and put all my creativity, knowledge and experience in your project.

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Freelance Writer

I am an English Language specialist and have spent several years tutoring language arts for school-age children, proofreading and editing papers, and writing online articles for both blogs and businesses. I specialize in non-fiction writing and editing with an eye for detail. I also type 94 WPM, which vastly increases my output potential.

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Writer, Tutor, English/Spanish Translator, Editor

I am a writing consultant at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) in Laredo, Texas. I evaluate the written works of students, diagnose individual issues, and teach how to correct them. Because of the diverse student body, I have worked with a variety of writing concerns in English and Spanish: development, organization, grammar, etcetera. I have profuse patience and tact that burgeon with every pupil. In addition to consulting students, I am one of three editors for The Writers’ Forum, a bimonthly newsletter published by the TAMIU Writing Center, and part of the selection committee for Reflections, TAMIU’s annual art magazine that publishes prose (fiction and nonfiction), poetry, essays (personal and academic), and visual art. Furthermore, a few of my articles and one poem have been published in the newsletter. The rest of my poetry has been published in Reflections and La Carta, the Spanish equivalent of the art magazine run by the Siglo XXI Spanish Club of TAMIU.

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Keith Bellows

I have spent 25+ years as an Electronics Technician/Engineer Field. I began my carreer as an Avionics technician. I spent 13 years in Research and Development of Hardware, firmware and software, focused on RF electronics. I'm also a Pro/AM Photographer

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writer, editor

M.F.A. Louisiana State University, M.A. English UNCG, B.A. Oberlin College I have over ten years of experience editing and writing for international blogs, magazines, websites, newspapers, encyclopedias, academic presses, and retail companies.

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Copy Editor and Versatile Certified Writer

Greetings! I am open to the challenge of completing writing tasks your company needs. I am a clean, focused writer who can provide either crisp, objective works or innovative, stylistic pieces. I possess a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a double concentration of Writing and Language Arts. I also earned a Professional Writing Certificate and a Film Studies Certificate, accepting all of these in May 2011. I interned with the University newspaper, The Ranger News, and wrote 10 solid, published articles ranging from administrative news to arts reviews. My strong points are editing, academia, and arts reviews. My Professional Writing Certificate focused on business, technical, non-fiction, exposition, and literary criticism/analysis. I consider myself a great judge of creative talent and output, and can give your company the edge with professional results.

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Writer, Proofreader, Editor, and Traditional Artis

Hello, I am Rizza. I have been writing for Upwork (formerly oDesk) for almost a year now and have decided to improve my profile here in Elance. I used to write articles for blogs and found out lately that I can also do well in writing both fiction and non-fiction eBooks. I have written children's books and fantasy books. What I want to give a shot is to write a detective story or cozy mystery book as I am a lover of that genre. My previous jobs were mostly in contact centers and I was also able to gain an experience working in a hotel as a manager. That is where I was able to practice my communication skills and also learned to accept changes and criticisms. I'd also be very grateful if you want to hone me into a better writer as you see fit. I do hope this little introduction can help you out in deciding whether you will hire me or not. I am positively hoping that you will do.

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I am a second-year student taking Journalism in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who enjoys and is great in fiction writing. As a beginner, I do not charge much. Check out what I write on

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Dear potetial client, Thank you for your interest! I provide writing services for a variety of industries, and I hope my experience with writing technical literature, non-fiction, and fiction can help you! I am a young writer with valuable experience in the biological research and science writing. I graduated with a Master's degree in evolutionary molecular biology with publications in scientific journals. I'm also trying to pursue writing in literary fiction and film. I'm hoping that this website can provide the perfect avenue to pursue a career in writing, and I will do my best to help you with your writing needs. Thank you and have a good day!

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Here for all of your writing and editing needs!

I've had experience with writing and editing professional publications for mass consumption. I'm also very into creative writing, especially fiction (I'm a sucker for sci-fi and fantasy), and I'd be delighted to work alongside other writers to help polish their material, both for content and grammar.

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General writer of the copy and creative varieties

I am individual writer who has spent most of my time in the creative fiction genre. I enjoy writing for its many facets including as a means of expression and of pratical communication. As a writer for your projects you should expect an innovative, fresh perspective and efficient work.

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Smart, accurate and snappy writing.

As well as my network and project management skills which I utilise in my daytime job I am also a creative and technical writer. I have written for a number of websites and also have a regular magazine column for a small magazine in the UK. I have been providing this original monthly column for over 10 years and also provide content on demand which can range from content on a specific subject chosen by the editor as well as movie, concert and restaurant reviews. I excell at writing technical documents that are easy to understand by non-technical staff for corporate purposes but in my freelance work I have written reviews, opinion pieces, satire and fiction, all of which have been well received. I can produce accurate and engaging articles within tight deadlines and thrive on the challenge. I am now available for hire full time and feel sure I can deliver the skills, talent and end product that you may require.

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Mechanical Engineer, Non-fiction Writer

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Bath, studying Mechanical Engineering with Manufacturing & Management. I have professional experience in manufacturing engineering, particularly in the fuel cells industry, and basic management of manufacturing operations. I am looking for opportunities to put the theoretical learning in my studies to practical use, and I believe that what I lack in experience I can make up for in fresh knowledge and enthusiasm. I also have experience with blog, non-fiction and technical writing. Writing jobs will be more than welcome as they will fit well around my work and studies.

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Editor / Writer

I recently earned my MFA in creative writing. I also have a bachelor's in English. I've done much creative and analytical work. I write fiction and poetry. However, I've also done quite a bit of academic writing, and one of my academic papers was even published in my graduate school's journal of student writing and research. Prior to attending graduate school I worked for three years as a technical writer. I've also designed newsletters, taken on independent jobs as an editor, worked as a reader for an internationally circulated literary journal, and taught university composition courses. I am concise, insightful, creative, and hard working. I offer proofreading and editing services as well as assistance on more conceptual matters for nearly any type of writing project.

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My BA is in English with an emphasis in nonfiction

I currently have 2 books in the editing pipeline, one nonfiction, one fiction. I'm pursuing an MFA at Saint Mary's College of California. At my undergraduate school, I was (an am) trusted to edit student's papers and give ideas on how to make their work better in several forms. I will be teaching English Comp classes at Saint Mary's, as well as helping in the writing center. I'm familiar with MLA and APA, work very fast and efficiently, and have exercised multiple skill-sets from tech writing, speech writing, short and long form stories. My original major was biotechnology, so though I didn't list it, and fairly competent in that field too.

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Icould sell a ketchup popsicle 2sum1w white gloves

I enjoy writing and spend everyday doing it.

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Writer with a strong background

I have a history of writing and editing including non-fiction, press releases, blog content, creative fiction and even poetry. I'm new to e-Lance but excited to help you get the quality content you need.

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What I can offer to you is I can do Fiction Writing and Encoding also.

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I am a creative writer with a focus on fictional writing. My specialties are creating large detailed worlds as well as subtle storytelling. I have an understanding of the tropes and nuances of fiction, and am capable of working in a unique and interesting fashion.

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Experienced/qualified writer/editor

I'm a published writer with extensive experience. I earned my Ph.D. in English studies last year (2014) from Illinois State University. I would say my USP is that I'm willing to work with clients according to their budgetary needs. Any documentation necessary would be made readily available. I am trustworthy, easy-to-work-with, and highly reliable.

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I have a passion and talent for creative as well as non-fictional writing and work my hardest to always deliver my best work.

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Freelance Writer

I am a young writer looking to make some money to spend on little pleasures. I would love to work writing creatively, but I am also good at non-fiction writing.

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I have spent the last four years reading and discussing everything from the ancients to the moderns at St. John's College. From Virgil to Woolf, from Dante's Inferno to Shakespeare's Sonnets. I have a lot of experience editing due to my being a writing assistant at St. John's, and I've written many short stories and poems on a variety of topics. These include: non-fiction, erotica, horror, magical realism, realism, and fantasy. My main influences are: Fernando Pessoa and Thomas Pynchon.

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A skilled writer and voice actor at your service!

I am an extremely ambitious writer and voice actor. I love what I do and am looking forward to working for you.

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Writer/artist super hybrid.

I'm a conqueror before the uncharted, unspoiled domain of a blank page - ready to claim dominion with words as my weapons and to spoil its virgin whiteness with the scrawling of ink like the splatter of blood. Words are the ultimate weapons of war, with which we capture politicians and consumers alike. I choose the perfect words to execute the intended message and fetch victory for my employer in as captivating and clear a manner as possible.

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I do 3D Animation and Fictional writing as a hobby at the moment while I go to school, though I plan to make a living off of one of the two. My work is seen on

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Editor and writer

I can help you to improve your English language writing through quick editing and helpful feedback. I hold a PhD in English literature and have taught various writing and literature classes. Working in this capacity has honed my ability to write effectively for a variety of audiences and to be a good judge of how to improve the writing of others. My educational background has made me familiar with a variety of disciplines and ways of writing As an editor, I prefer to provide detailed explanations and suggestions to help the client become a better writer.

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I enjoy writing both creatively and for non-fiction works. I can bring your stories or products to life, bringing you a wider audience and customers.

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A passionate, education-oriented writer, with a love for children and a talent for organization.

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Dedicated writer with passion and drive

Creative, organized, and adept are a few of the words I would use in describing my particular brand of writing. I enjoy projects that offer both structure and artistic freedom in a sense that allows me to branch out and utilize the full pallet of my literary tool belt. No project is considered too large or too small so long as the content is of interest and value. I have a background in paralegal, academic writing, and fiction writing, but have dabbled in blogging, poetry, sales, and feature writing as well. I am always on the lookout for a new form of writing to add to my repertoire, and look forward to working with the many clients seeking my particular tastes and style.

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"The pen is mightier than the sword."

I have a BA in English with a focus in creative writing. Writing is my passion and I'd love to share it with you or help you edit your own work! I write anything - blog posts, content, essays, articles, fiction, marketing ... I currently specialize in editing and blogging. Browse my portfolio to see some of my published works. Shoot me and email and let's see what we can accomplish together!

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Freelance writer specializing in creative copy, speeches, slogans, purpose statements, lyrics, fiction, scripts, and humor. I don't miss deadlines.

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