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fiction is truth covered in lies

I am a university student who is fully committed to writing the finest work which the heart dreams and the hand imperfectly interprets with the highest skills. I am extremely passionate about all types of writing and create each peace of work with as much enthusiasm as one would whilst creating a child. Rest assured that my deadlines are treated as gods.

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Experienced Writer

Eight years experience teaching writing and writing my own articles. Very committed and hard working.

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I am a creative writer with experience in editing and assisting fellow writers and academics improve their work. I am passionate about writing and always eager to share my talents. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English (Magna Cum Laude) with a concentration in creative writing and am currently earning my Master of Arts degree in London.

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English grammar maven

If you are searching for attention to detail, professionalism, and quick results with the highest level of accuracy, your search is over! I hold a degree in English Writing with a Marketing focus and have experience working with authors and editors to produce documents of the highest quality. In the past, I have produced newsletters and marketing materials, proofread scholarly and journalistic articles, and reviewed both book manuscripts and play scripts. I genuinely enjoy working with the written word and would love to devote my time to your projects.

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Creative substance - at your service!

You're reading this because you have a story to tell! And I'm here because I'm good at helping people tell their story. I can make your project sparkle with the creativity and substance your project deserves. Whether in written form, or paired with images in Prezi or PowerPoint formats, I can create a compelling representation of your story. Advertising, marketing, fiction, copywriting, blogging, and more all fall under the umbrella of over 20 years of delivering creative, compelling, and content-driven communication. I am comfortable working within specified guidelines as well as conceptualizing a vision that brings your idea to life.

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A creative person who believes i can & i will.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND ACHEIVEMENTS: * Completed O Levels, included in the High Achievers List of the Cambridge International Examinations, 2013; obtaining 1A* and 5As in the subjects, including an A grade in English Language. * Awarded "Golden Pen Award" for writing skills. * Editor of Class Magazine, consecutive 3 years. * President of English Literacy Society in school. * Went to many Inter-debate Competitions. * Captain of Throw-ball team and Vice Captain of Basketball team. * Have studied Advanced English in Intermediate 1st year.

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Physical Therapist

I demonstrate proven performance in the medical field with creating and executing exercise programs, providing patient-focused education, and leading clinic staff to perform at their personal best. I currently work as a full-time outpatient Physical Therapist with 9 years of experience. I hold a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from Regis University in Denver, CO as well as a B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and my CSCS from the NSCA. In addition to my passion for the health-care field, I am also passionate about writing about life experience, yoga, philosophy, women’s issues, education cost in America, political opinion, etc. If it interests me, I’m sure to put forth the time and energy to write an interesting and engaging piece on the matter. My goal here at Elance is to strengthen my footprint in the world of writing and provide a well-educated and experienced point of view that will grab your readers’ attention.

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Writer and Translator, fluent in Japanese

Since I was a child I have loved both language and writing. I am skilled and knowledgeable in writing many types of formats. I am also fluent in Japanese. If you have need for any of my skills, please hire me. Right now my professional experience is limited, but if you give me the chance to start building a professional portfolio with you, you will not regret it. Thank you!

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Historian; Mathematician; Grammarian; Literarian

I have dual degrees in mathematics (B.S.) and English (B.A.) and am currently studying history of science. I have a wide range of writing experience in both the sciences and the humanities. I am highly skilled in research in both the sciences and humanities having completed funded research projects in both mathematics and English. I can write a technical paper on mathematical modeling as easily as a literary analysis of Shakespeare. I also enjoy blog writing. I love working in new fields and am particularly interested in science writing and historical work of any kind as well as general editing. I have highly developed grammar skills and will catch any and all mistakes resulting in a perfect product.

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Being an English lover,i have always had a passion for writing.Now i want to take this passion of writing to a new level.I am offering my perspective clients to hire me to write articles,blogs and even for editing of a provided content.Writing on this platform will not only be a professional aspect but also a personal enhancement for me for which my clients will be a better judge.

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Emerging writer developing skills through freelance work. Offering ten years of practice, including work and training on a college newspaper. Also recognized by the Mira Costa College of Behavioral Science for making a lasting contribution to Writing. Bachelor's degree in process. Specialization includes: Journalism, Editing, Essay Writing and Creative Writing. My current projects include: Revising my portfolio and creating a website.

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editor, writer, creative photographer

I have 40+ years of experience in journalism, including editing, writing, research, page design, online editing and photography and photo-editing. I also have co-written a published novel and edited books on a freelance basis. I have also operated a photography business, worked as a freelance photographer for publications and music acts and as a creative photo-artist.

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Dedicated creative writer

I hold a Bachelor of Education, majoring in English. I've been doing creative writing for a few years now, so far managing to get published through a global short story contest.

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Freelance Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Kel Gambill and I am currently living in Hawaii with my family. I am currently working towards getting my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. I love to write and always find myself busy with school, my family, and my writing. My passion is writing music, short stories, articles, and eventually novels. I am open to a lot of different type of work in order to gain all the experience I can get. I will strive to meet and exceed all of my clients' expectations in a timely manner.

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Lyricist, Songwriter, Poet, Emcee, Creative Writer

I'm an communication/writing major and an established author, poet, emcee, lyricist, songwriter, and musician by the name of Quest Notion.Thus far, I have published three poetry books, a hip-hop single, and an online poetry column, all available for review at my website I am more than excited to began putting my skills to use for whatever project you may have in mind. Whether you're in need of original poetry, lyrics for a song, a voice over or voice acting, a creative writer, or simply an individual full of ideas and creativity, I'm the person for the job! If there is a task or project that may not be specifically described in my overview, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am open-minded and more than willing to consider various styles of projects.

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I am an experienced research scientist, with a love of books and writing. I like to use high quality, original content, freelance writing to provide additional income for my family.

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Landscape Design / Writer

By education an architect, I'm a creative thinker and a problem-solver. I enjoy organizing, streamlining, and creating. I have a strong sense of structure, in buildings, arguments, business processes, and writing. I am extremely flexible, I have a wide range of skills, and I commit myself whole-heartedly to the work I undertake. I love working on teams and contributing to making a work environment productive and enjoyable.

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Professional Creative Writer

I am a versatile writer who is educated in the principles of rhetoric theory and creative writing, which gives me a fresh voice with a meticulous eye. Before pursuing a career in writing, I spent my time as a touring musician for a handful of bands while studying Writing at The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Last year, I made a massive move down to Lima, Peru, where I wrote for a news/events website with a readership of 30,000. In addition to writing, I taught advanced ESL classes, both privately and for a company. As a young writer, I also have an amazing grasp on social media—using it for marketing and promotion. My time as a touring musician allowed me to work with management and marketing teams, learning proper SEO inclusion and how to catch someone's wandering eye.

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Writer and editor

I do creative writing and editing mostly, although I also perform well at technical writing as well. I'm young and looking for professional experience.

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I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in December 2011 with a bachelor of science in biology. For the past two years I have worked on obtaining my master’s degree in the Department of Biology at San Francisco State University. I was awarded two different scholarships (both funded by NIH/LSAMP) for my dedication to research at UCLA. At SFSU, I was awarded funding via both the MBRS-RISE Scholar’s Program as well as a CSUPERB research grant, both of which I applied to myself. I have extensive experience in writing (not just scientific), and have gained a diverse set of skills throughout my education and work history.

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I have over 20 years experience in higher education, private education, and social services. As a former Director of Career Services, I am able to assist individuals with cover letters, resumes, and other job search related documents. I also have experience in marketing and proof reading articles, advertisements and web pages. Attention to detail is top priority, and should you hire me, you will see that I am reliable and motivated!

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Claims Reviewer and Tax Advisor

I am a graduate of Ursinus College where I became proficient with the practice of writing 20 page research essays. I am confident in my ability to recognize credible sources, thoroughly research a topic objectively, and intelligently write my findings with a bit of humor. I studied the Japanese language and studied abroad in Tokyo. I feel I am very adaptable. Since graduation, I have obtained extensive work experience with customer service, data entry, and federal tax preparation. I am very skilled at typing. I have daily interaction with my bosses, co-workers and customers. I am very confident with my writing, typing, and interpersonal skills. I am always seeking new experiences and challenges.

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Great writer and digital marketer

I'm a native English speaker and I understand the language well. I went to school for marketing and finance. Upon graduation I took a job which taught me a plethora of aspects relating to digital marketing, paid search advertising, and search engine optimization. For a while I wrote short stories and fiction ebooks to supplement income. I'm proficient in many areas.

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Content and Copy Writer

I'm an experienced online and professional writer with a writing degree from Johns Hopkin University. I want to get the world excited about you! Your product, your service, I want to make your passion their passion. I'm a chameleon of tone and voice and can set the mood to your specifications. I'm always looking to write content and features. I love writing towards different lifestyles and demographics. Looking for new angles to show your audience is my specialty. I have experience with feature writing, blog content, online and social media copy, and professional presentations.

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Writing turns a persons thoughts and dreams into a reality. I have always had a passion for the written word. From reading to research and writing. My first book is still in its early stages. As I have no formal writing education or already published works, I hope my work speaks for itself. A quote from the book I am working on, "I sat in the chair. For hours I sat in the chair; for days locked in the stone box with only the chair. My urine stained my dress. On the fourth day, my courses came; it puddled in the smooth, deep groves in the well used chair. It added a metallic hint to the sour smell that already perverted the air around me.The smell tried to distract me; it tried to fog my mind with a yellow, sour haze. The tingling in my legs had left hours ago, now they merely lay there, useless.The thought of trying to walk again distracted me. Tried to distract me. Unlike many before me that sat in the chair; I did not complain. I did not cry. I would not break. I will not break."

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Writer, Filmmaker and Musician

I have worked as a staff writer for two publications in the San Antonio area writing about governmental issues, environmental issues and film criticism. In addition to writing for publications, I have extensive experience in both the film industry and the music industry. I have written and sold songs for placement on ABC, NBC, CW and CBS and have worked on two feature length films in the past year.

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LinkedIn Career Blogger & Social Media Specialist

Over 8 years of experience working in media, writing press releases and writing for non profit organizations. My experience includes writing about career advice and social media trends. I research and provide quality writing that focuses on my audience. "Quality Communication is Key"

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I have a Bachelor's in English and I am a published nonfiction author. My specialties include proofreading, copy editing, persuasive writing, and any creative writing endeavors. Aside from my writing talent I am interested in public policy and politics. I am a hard worker and quick to respond to requests or adjustments.

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I am an experimented writer who has been writing for over 10 years and has published a book of literature (Estética del Útero) and a couple of articles for some newspapers. I offer a new form of creative writing so you can easily express what you need.

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Fluent in English and French, native Macedonian speaker, good at translating, creative writing and article writing.

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Spirited and Imaginative Writer

I'm a Seattle University graduate with experience in writing research papers using peer-reviewed journals. As a member of the Capitol Hill Writer's Group, I've had multiple opportunities to expand my creative writing skills among other passionate writers. I'm accountable, professional, and always looking to improve.

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Fiction Editor

After receiving my degree in English from the University of North Texas in May of 2013, I began pursuing my dream of editing. Thus far I have edited ten novels among independent authors such as T. M. Opperman, Nonnie Frasier, and the award-winning Krista Lakes. I have also edited a scholarly article by Michelle Perez and Eloise Williams, as well as a personal essay for Caitlin Hernandez. Because I am also an artist, I think my favorite thing about being an editor is witnessing others' creative processes. There is also a major teaching element to my style because I enjoy helping others become the best writers they can be. I look forward to writing with you!

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Freelance Writer and Editor.

My love of English Literature, Language and Grammar lead me to complete a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English. I am a passionate, enthusiastic writer with a desire to use my talents to help assist you with your projects. My work will be original, well researched and professionally finalised and fully flexable to your amendments. With writing, editing, proofreading, copywriting and many other skills, I am able to complete a broad selection of jobs.

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Creative writer looking for work

I enjoy writing and am looking to expand my creative brain into all avenues of writing.

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Writting that will want to be read!

I am a culturally diverse man who has seen the better part of this beautiful country of ours, from the bustling metropolis of NYC to the serine country background of Arkansas. My experiences will bring a new dimension of writing to any client¿s audience. I am very engaging in my writing style which will captivate many genres of readers. My over active imagination coupled with relevant topics produce some interesting reads.

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English speaking, Writer.

I have been writing short stories, blogging, and writing short articles for the past couple of years. I am looking for an opportunity to work with clients, hone my skills, and learn as much as possible.

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full time arts editor seeking extra work for CV

Full time Arts Editor for a top regional glossy lifestyle magazine specializing in arts reviews and previews, articles, blogging/opinion, history and travel writing

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I am a 20 year old University student studying Marketing. Any secretarial or PA work is what I'm looking to offer you. Proof reading, writing, PowerPoint or Excel or anything you would like me to offer, I gladly will. I'm reliable and trustworthy an I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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You say it, I write it

I have a background in creative writing, and can all around write about anything that is required. I can also translate English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English.

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Creative Writer: experienced in articles, reveiws

I want to work on Elance in order to exercise my role as an experienced writer and to get access to the variety of jobs and expertise offered here. Prior to this, I have worked for many freelance organizations and I hope my employers will be satisfied by my skills and talents. I fancy creative writings, article/report/review writing, rephrasing and story writing. Exceptional talents include originality, novel and imaginative work. As a strong believer of Positive Thinking, Abundance of Health, Happiness, Feminism and Karma I hope to become a motivational writer someday and seeking a platform to provide such opportunities.I desire to yield innovatory first-hand ideas exhibiting my personal experience and enlightenment over casual topics. Not a huge fan of rephrasing. Been there, done that. I'm very firm about deadlines. As a graduating student, my freshly polished skills will be a valuable asset to employers. Looking forward to an amiable experience! Stay blessed everyone!

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Being new to writing I came on a decission to extend my career in freelance writing. Please find in my profile where is all of my work the two pages I have written indulging me here for increasing my capability.

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Duo with a knack for crafting expert products

Joe Salerno is a creative marketing professional specializing in written, graphic and web communication of scientific and technical information and data. Accomplished life sciences researcher with fourteen years of experience investigating the biological world from biochemistry to immunology to synecology. Proven ability to independently design, implement, and complete projects with acumen, precision and integrity. Imaginative thinker with excellent communication skills who thrives in a challenging environment. He holds a master's degree from Northwestern University. Heather Gawronski-Salerno has spent over a decade in non-profits and higher education in business and research administration. Project management has been central to most of her positions. Her formal training is in writing; she holds a bachelor's in journalism from Columbia College and a master's in creative writing from Northwestern University. She writes short and long form, creative and technical.

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My education is in instrumental music performance. I enjoy art and writing and constantly pursue self improvement.

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I am a B.E in Electronics & Instrumentation and M.Sc. in Mathematics from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Five years in college has not only enhanced my knowledge in my fields of majors, but has also helped me get valuable insights into other important fields, such as writing, operations, economics and management. I have done part time online tutoring for some sites in the past and have been praised by my students for my dedicated and timely work there. I offer fast, efficient and foolproof work at negotiable rates. My main motive here is not to gain as much money as I can but to help people who need to get their work done, thereby learning different things in the course of time. Clients can trust me on providing the best, cheapest and most efficient work.

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I have a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing, and hold a Masters in Business Administration. Most of my experience is in healthcare management, pharmaceutical research contract and budget negotiations, financial analysis and analytics. I was a licensed financial advisor with Merrill Lynch working in a team with over $400mm assets under management putting together investment portfolios for clients. I have held CFO positions in large healthcare organizations with a large staff reporting directly to me. I currently do contract work through an attorney's office handling client issues ranging from writing appeals to boards for disciplinary action, restructuring business operations, negotiating on behalf of physician groups in selling their practice to hospitals, reviewing financials in community property cases to asses equitable division, and reviewing medical records for insurance/workers comp cases.

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Clients should hire me because I am reliable and like what I do in my writing and filmmaking. I am very creative and love to work. I like to finish things when I start them, and I am passionate about what I do. I provide help and advice to help anyone in need.

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Freelance writer!

I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. I am a very passionate writer, who gets deeply involved in everything he writes, which usually leads to a great end product.

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I have strong skills in every aspect of English grammar and composition, communication, and teamwork, having graduated with a Bachelors in Liberal Studies and currently completing my Masters in screen writing for motion pictures and television. My Masters degree is online, which makes it possible for me to relocate anywhere a position may require. The realm of my writing experience also covers newspaper and television. I recently completed an internship with the Scotts Valley Press-Banner Newspaper, and am currently an intern and leader at the Community Television Station of Santa Cruz County. I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Celtx. I also want to make you aware that I possess a strong skill set in people relations.

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expert speech,content,creative and article writer

I have a vast experience in speech writing,creating impressive articles and writing debates on various issues and topics

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Hard working writer

I’m a 30 something Melbournian currently based in Leipzig, Germany. I’m currently writing a romance novel set in a cooking school. I have a strong background in writing from 10 years working in the tertiary sector as an academic advocate writing Senate submissions, policies, grievance letters and training programs. For the last six years I ran the not for profit sustainability organisation Green Renters (which I co-founded) . My skills here were honed by being able to explain complex issues and ideas simply and directly. I wrote and designed workshops for a diverse audiences. I am experienced in researching and writing articles for blog posts and other media. I have authored numerous press releases to a range of media audiences on diverse issues. All of these have led to print and radio interviews. I’m also experienced in managing social media campaigns and communities whether starting from scratch and maintaining and building upon existing relationships.

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I’m a 22 year old travel enthusiast currently living and experiencing life in Sydney, Australia. I have recently graduated from university in England and am now looking for ways to earn money through my writing, alongside documenting my travels through film, photography and blogging. My current life style means I am constantly on the move, experiencing new and diverse things every day, but in my down time, I love to write. I want to share my experiences and thoughts with other people, I want them to see the world through my eyes.

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French Specialist, Writer, and Travel Planner

I am a professional actress, bilingual specialist in French, writer, and traveler. I'm here to help you with whatever project you may have related to voice acting or voice overs, as well as French projects (whether you need a translator or a tutor). I am also an experienced and published writer with extensive academic, legal, and creative writing experience. Additionally, as a seasoned world wide traveler, I can help you with travel planning, tips, or travel writing.

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Upstart Creative Writer

I'm a young man from a town in Arkansas that used to be small. Since I was a little boy I've dreamt of becoming a writer. I'm only looking for a chance to live that dream. I don't have much experience, so that's what I'm here to gain. I'm a few months from earning my Bachelors degree in History and English- Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas.

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I have a B.A. in English with a writing concentration. My passion is communication fields. I am currently working in college administration, primarily communicating with the student body regarding financial aid.

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If you want to maintain your company's reputation and public appearance, everything you write about it is of great importance. I'm here to help all of those who know what to say but just can't form it into a complete form. I am a student at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, and have had a great deal of experience with many types of writings, such as academic forms of writing, blog writing, as well as individual writings (essays, short stories etc.). I specialize at translation and interpretation through my studies, and have a thorough knowledge of spelling, punctuation, grammar and pronunciation. Spelling mistakes tend to cost more in the business and publishing world than they do in e-mails, which is why you should choose someone like me, whose career choice guarantees that both you and I can benefit from mutual collaboration.

Macedonia, Macedonia, Sveti Nikole | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a Graduate in Telecom Engineering but due to my passion in writing I am pursuing this career path. I am pretty great in creative writing as well as technical writing. I have honed my skills in various tools while working in Technical Industry to work efficiently. I am extremely proficient in English language.

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Writer & Designer

I am freelance Writer/Graphic Designer who lives on a small acreage in Middle-of-Nowhere, Canada. I have been writing since my first journal at the age of 10 and have enjoyed exploring Photoshop and different types of print materials. I have found my passion in both creative writing and unique designs. I was given my design start with an amazing opportunity to try my hand at Graphic Design in Banff, Alberta. I was able to self-teach the ropes of both designing and printing an array of projects. From business cards to party invitations, and menus to book covers; I always tackled my Client's projects with spark and enthusiasm! When I'm not toiling away on a design/writing project; you can usually find me with a camera my hand, playing with my "fur-kids", finding/trying new recipes, or enjoying a walk in the woods.

Canada, Alberta, Thorsby | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Media professional and writer living in Bay View.

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Expert blog writer, feature writer and proofreader

I am creative and passionate about writing. I can write fiction or non-fiction, and can help craft your ideas into a well written narrative. My experience also includes writing blog posts, as well as editing and proofreading work. You can view examples of my work on my website: Paying meticulous attention to grammar and conventions is very important to me, as well as craft and style. I hold a Bachelor's degree in English, as well as Master's degrees in Education and Library Science, and have been published in a local magazine, The Front Porch. As an English teacher to middle schoolers, I am adept at helping create, as well as revise a piece of written work. I am also a proven grant writer who can research and write grants for you. As you look through the examples I have provided, I am sure you will find that I can write in a variety of styles and settings.

United States, VA, Fredericksburg | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm an experienced writer and designer and have developed my editorial skills over the past few year. I'm intelligent and a good researcher, as well as a quick study in several different fields.

United States, NY, Brooklyn | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Improviser, amateur photographer, consultant with the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project, and former English teacher. I'm creative, imaginative, and have a few years of teaching, writing and editing essays, articles, lesson plans and stories.

United States, FL, Saint Petersburg | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a screenwriter, corporate/commercial scriptwriter and novelist. I have written several short and feature length films -- 7 options, 4 paid assignments, and 3 produced films. I have won dozens of international writing and filmmaking awards including the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition and Telefilm Canada Golden Quill Award. I have written hundreds of corporate training, communications and web videos for governments, international corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Past corporate clients include: Canadian Tire, Sears, CIBC, Celestica, Government of Ontario, Variety Club and many more. I am currently completing my first novel...a psychological thriller.

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I am looking for basic work editing and rewriting articles, product reviews, and speeches.

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Expert in Grammar and Research Papers

I taught college-level academic writing for nine years. I am a master grammarian with extensive experience in MLA and APA styles.

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A moment of silence is just a thought away.

Well besides the regular stuff to secure your confidence such as me having a B.S. In Human Services Em. Mental Health & Counseling, and having been writing for the past 17 yrs, I offer both conventional and unconventional styles. Kind of like how a lawyer speaks a specific way to the judge vs the jurors. I also offer an experience pleasing to the eye and ear. My latest right up mentions: " Joe Thomas, poet, is a Fullerton celebrity in the Orange County poetry culture. Joe?'s performances are unforgettable due to his style and elegancy of presenting the spoken word, like a mental slide show. His first publication titled ?Love and Lust: Concepts from a Dream? is a collection of varied poems and has been described as nothing less than regal. Joe continues his family heritage of professional entertainers, instead of music, Joe developed his talent with the spoken word."

United States, CA, Fullerton | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm an English major from Duke whose specialty is literary writing, but I also have plenty of experience editing science and business content.

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Fluent and committed writer

I am a Training & Development consultant with 15 years of experience in design, delivery and training effectiveness evaluation in Life Skills. Fluent writer of poems, fiction and academic articles.

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The educated approach to a wild imagination

Having earned a bachelors in Chemical Engineering I value any writing's most important use as a tool; delivering a message. The feat of thought transpiration depends so heavily on structure and clarity - from big picture down to even the subtlest nuance. Things like context, tone, and characterization are just some of those many crucial threads that an author must weave together artfully. I personally aim to serve as the junction between educated, progressive writing and our wildest imaginations. What are you trying to convey? Will you allow me to inspire you? Be it; writing an article, editing your work, writing a poem, or making you ask questions you otherwise wouldn't, let me work with you...let us succeed together. Currently In the process of getting my first novel published (, It will be my privilege to work with great writers and pursue my dream of becoming a full time writer. ~David Raegen~

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I've been extensively trained and tested in several areas of writing! I've attained distinctions in English writing and Communication studies.

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Excellent and motivated writer currently working on his Creative Writing MFA with skills in proofreading, editing, and article writing especially in academics, but also in lifestyle writing, with an extensive knowledge of social media including Tumblr, WordPress, and Twitter. Has worked as assistant editor and managing editor of a small literary magazine in which his own work was also published. Works well under pressure and with deadlines.

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I am a english graduate with good writing skills. Good in editing and content writing.

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100% excellence

hi I'm pursuing b-tech 3rd year...even though I'm new to this working place,I have good knowledge and experience over writing.I got many appreciations as well as rewards in writing. I'm very passionate about writing. I'm very fascinated about learning new things that come across in my way....and I have zeal to learn new things. I have relatively good knowledge about ongoing scenario of the society...I'm very much particular about finishing my work in time with efficiency and accurate. I believe in working smart rather than working hard..... I HEART FULLY WELCOMING MY CLIENTS WHO ARE WILLING TO GIVE ME WORK... THANKING YOU.

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Fast and Efficient Freelance Writer

I offer quality writing at affordable rates. Experienced researcher and technical writer, articles, content, manuals and user guides.

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I'm a young ambitious writer. I've been writing for about 11 years now. I'm just getting involved in blogging and online writing, although most of my writing has been personal, I've written papers, and articles for friends in the past. I'm very dependable with lots of free time. $15 for a 500 word article.

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I have 3+ years of secretarial experience, and come from a family deeply involved with politics, the law, and journalism, as well as other forms of writing. I have a creative mind, and am very dedicated to the work I do.

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I have published three non-fiction books and a series of five romantic suspense novels. I have also written for magazines and newspapers, both traditional and online. My special skill is making boring or mundane descriptions come to life, so ad copy/product reviews are really fun for me! I'm a Top Reviewer at and companies send me free stuff just so I'll review it. Never saw THAT coming!

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I hold a bachelor's degree in Finance, but I'm currently looking for opportunities to write. I have a blog with a lot of examples of my work. I would love to get into writing about travel, but I need to make more money so I CAN travel! I am meticulous with both grammar and spelling, and I absolutely love to proofread and find errors.

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I'm a passionate creative writer that can come up with unique and engaging pieces of work. I put a lot of pride into everything that I do and will make sure that all my work is well written, triple checked and edited to make it the best that it can be. I am able to write anything so whether it's well researched online content, catchy and unique copy or a creative bit of fiction you're after I'm the writer you need.

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creative writer and a fast thinker

More than 10 years experience in accounting, especially regarding receivables and bank reconciliation. Love writing and good with any clerical and administrative works.

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Teacher for fifteen years. Seeking writing jobs. Willing to try various genres and styles.

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Inspiring to Inspire~Creating The Art of Thought

I am an Inspirational Life Coach, Spiritual Leader, and Inspirational Speaker. I am a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. My other profession is emergency and psychiatric nursing. My experiences have guided me to my truest passion. Inspirational writing. My purpose in writing, is to facilitate mindfulness through conscious concepts. Allowing readers to transform their thinking, and change their lives to live abundantly in inspiration.

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Middle America background with a down to earth, no nonsense writing style

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Enthusiastic, creative, multi-faceted writer

I am an elementary teacher with a concentration in English and a passion for reading and writing. I am looking to branch out and try something new in a field I have always loved and admired.

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Freelance Writer, Proofreader, and Researcher

I am a skilled proofreader, writer, and editor, with all the necessary skills to make your article, essay, blog, or short story shine. I am a qualified proofreader with a keen eye for detail and impeccable command of English spelling and grammar. I have experience proofreading and editing in various genres. A native English speaker, I have a BA in English Literature and Linguistics, as well as an MSc in Forensic Speech Science. As such I have a broad knowledge of subjects, as well as extensive experience in academic writing. I am also familiar with other genres of writing, including creative writing, non-fiction, and blogging. My writing style is highly flexible, adapting easily to the demands of the piece in question. I also have experience in research and transcription, both skills having been finely honed by my postgraduate study. I have excellent research skills, both qualitative and quantitative, and my MSc degree provided training in accurate transcription.

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IT worker, musician, writer

I'm a long-time creative writer, amateur journalist, musician, and IT worker. Writing's been in my blood for as long as I can remember, and I love new projects and challenges.

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I am a creative writer and studying to get my BA in English. I love to write about anything, and I constantly come up with new ideas. I write short stories, poetry, novels, and I've taken a stab at screenplays. I am a good reader, and editor. My spelling and grammar knowledge are good, and I am very good at editing and proofing peoples work. If anyone needs help, I can be of assistance. I am also a cosplayer, and it ties into my writing more than you ever would have expected. I am influenced by almost anything, but mainly music. I'm always listening to Pandora and finding new things to soundtrack my stories.

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Hard working EN writer with SWE/EN translation.

English writer with Swedish/English translation skills. Can write factual or fictional content in Swedish or English. High proficiency in written English. Accomplished typist. Can do data entry. Can also compose musical melodies and provide digital sound work.

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Dedicated Creative Writing major at Seattle University with an imaginative skill set. Nine years customer service experience, including four years in leadership roles in high traffic environments. Lead consecutive, high ranking departments with attention to employee growth. Community-minded, versed with think tanks and innovative business planning.

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Reliable science writer, editor, and rapporteur

With nearly 15 years of professional writing and editing experience, particularly in science and environmental topics, and proficiency in a variety of word processing and publication platforms, I am able to provide reliable writing and editing services. My military history underscores my meticulous attention to detail and ability to remain fluid enough to complete any task no matter the circumstances. I thrive on working independently to meet tough deadlines, but I also enjoy being part of a team as well. I look forward to working with you on your writing/editing project.

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Organized, proficient, and eager to work.

I am a highly motivated individual eager to join the Elance workforce. I am a perfectionist, I always do the best job possible according to your needs. I am a professional worker who always gets work done within the time requirements. I am always organized and efficient. I am one who is always seeking to learn. I have taken classes in architecture, interior design, CPR and First Aid, psychology, gender studies, and sculpture. My brain is like a sponge in the way it absorbs information, I have a wide variety of abilities. My greatest skill is writing, it is something that I am passionate about. Although my expertise is in writing, I am able to work proficiently in any job. I am very flexible. I am able to work with XHTMLs, ArchiCAD, Microsoft products (i.e., Word, Excel, Office, Powerpoint), Android, Mac, Pages, QuickBooks, and others.

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Creative Writer Extraordinaire

Welcome to my profile page. I am an enthusiastic young man with a natural talent for English writing and communication. I have lived in the Toronto area for most of my life, however am a citizen of both Canada and Hungary. With a native-speaker proficiency in both the wildly-diverse English and Hungarian languages, I have developed a keen sense for translating abstract concepts into concrete, comprehensible sentences. My talents range from energizing mundane topics with effervescent language to grounding lofty ideas using concise descriptions. To supplement my skill at writing, I have been educated in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript in order to better engage with the web, which has begun to grow in popularity as a medium for literature. I look forward to delivering professional results in a timely manner to my future clients, and hope that I can count you among them. Thank you for taking the time to check me out!

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I live to write.

After being laid off I discovered the meaning of being in your zone. I started writing and would be at it for hours... it seemed like minutes. Each project is new and fresh. I get to research, make discoveries and put life into the words on the page.

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Excellent editor and proofreader

I am a student at the University of West Florida, working toward my Bachelor's degree in English. I have taken several grammar and writing courses that have helped to harness my grammatical skills. I enjoy editing written work for others so that they can present their best self to others!

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I am a self taught artist with experience in portrait drawing, working to set up a small business. I work mostly with graphite and charcoal, but can also do work in pastels, paint, ink, and many other mediums. Also, I've done freelance writing in the past, including but not limited to: Reviews; Blogs; Women's Health Articles; and satire.

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writer, creative writer

I have experience writing creative pieces, press releases, copy, and grants. I am especially accustomed to writing about gardening, homesteading, theatre, and LGBT issues. However, I feel confident writing and researching most topics.

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Ph.D. in Sociology, 3+ years editing experience

I'm an expert writer and editor with a wide interdisciplinary background. I hold a B.A. in Sociology, an M.Ed. in Social Science Ed with emphasis in History and Political Science, and a Ph.D. in Sociology with emphasis in Digital Media studies. I've published 7 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals, edited books and conference proceedings. I'm currently working on a co-authored book for MIT Press recycling some of my Ph.D. work. I'm primarily looking for editing work, but am open to writing as well. I've been editing for 3 years, and making a living doing it for the past one year. I specialize in editing academic writing and have worked with graduate students doing Ph.D. and MA theses, professors writing articles, and as of late, authors of non-fiction trade books. I can do proofreading, content editing and developmental editing. I have received great praise for my work and am happy to pass along samples and testimonials. Thanks!

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Experienced, published freelance writer

I am an experienced published writer for comic books, video games, and entertainment journalism with an emphasis on innovative storytelling and fidelity to brand. Put simply, I am a writer with a fierce passion for creativity and expression: a dedicated crafter of characters and worlds. Born and raised in Birmingham, England, I have spent the past 7+ years living in New York City seeking out exciting creative challenges. I have written stories for iconic characters including Superman and the Justice League of America for DC Comics; Captain America and The Incredible Hulk for Marvel Comics, plus authored several creator-owned works including MEMOIR, a horror/mystery that was acquired by Warner Bros. Entertainment for development as a TV show. Samples of my work are available upon request; if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Words to inspire, engage and inform.

5 years experience writing for businesses, brands and organisations. Creative copywriting, articles, blogs, content, white papers and proposal documents.

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Hello my name is Jose Diaz. I am a first generation Mexican American born in Chicago but now residing in Dallas. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and I can read and write in both languages. My skills are centered mostly on creative writing and translation. I work well in creative environments where I am able to transfer my ideas on to paper. My translations are ideal because I grew up writing in both languages and I understand the cultural writing, unlike Google translators my translations will be current Formal and non formal Spanish writing.

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Hello! I've been writing ever since physically could, but mostly work of the fantasy genre. I'm currently working on my first novel, and I've always planned to pursue writing as a career. However, this is my first step at professional writing, so I don't have any professional work of my own to share. In fact, the only casual piece I have online is one stylized piece (that did win a peer-based competition). (My true style of writing is much more article/blog/essay friendly, and I'll try to get an example of that as soon as I can.) Despite my experience, I hope you'll consider me as a writer for your jobs. I'm very willing to prove myself, and have a lot of time on my hands, so unless I'm asleep, you'll likely be able to contact me.

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