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Online articles and stories writer

I am in the last year of my high school. Writing has always been a passion to me and I'd be glad to improve my skills and be of any help to anyone.

Nepal, Central Region, Kathmandu | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Raised by a professional teacher and editor, I grew up surrounded by the the creative writing process and have been an avid connoisseur of words and ideas for as long as I can remember. My passion is storytelling in all its forms and genres, and a life long obsession with audiobooks and films has given me a keen eye for a well crafted narrative. Be forewarned, I am known to give very blunt criticism, and I spare no punches when confronted with poor plot devices or weak prose. Other interests include history, psychology, alternative medicine, food, chess, music, and art, just to name a few, and my wide range of study has given me excellent researching skills. If you need information, no matter how obscure, I can most likely find it for you. I'm completely new to freelancing, but I love a challenge, posses excellent communication skills, and I learn quickly, so the sky's the limit. Thanks very much for your consideration.

United States, CA, Leona Valley | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I work as a freelance consultant in the area of peace education. My vision is to create peace through education. My primary work includes: - Curriculum Development - Teacher Training - Designing and Facilitating workshops on issues around identifying stereotypes, breaking prejudices, critical media literacy, youth empowerment, 21st Century leadership skills, women empowerment and human rights. I love food and have also begun writing reviews for the restaurants that I visit. I am open to gaining work that pertains to the skills I have highlighted.

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I have spent many years writing just for the love of writing. I believe that the written word allows people time to really develop a deeper understanding of a subject than does the spoken word, because it can be processed at the readers' own pace. I have also spent many years in Customer Service and Accounts Payable/Receivable. I excel at serving my customers in a way that balances the customer's and company's needs. I find fulfillment in knowing that I have served a customer in a way that leaves them feeling good about the company. That is my standard of success.

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I am a self-motivated worker with a strong background in mathematics and computer science. I have been programming as a hobbyist since grade school and developed applications for use by mathematicians, public health officials, and my own personal use. Thanks to that extensive experience, I have also had the opportunity to learn algorithm design and analysis. In addition to my programming experience, I have studied mathematics and physics formally at university, and can provide services in technical writing as well as research. I have 3 years of mathematics and physics research experience from which one published paper and two presentations were produced. Adding to this, I also have experience in education. I have been a mathematics teacher and tutor for a total of 8 years, with overall success in more than 80% of students and clients.

United States, TX, San Marcos | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Seasoned Writer, Editor, Communication Expert

I have over fifteen years of professional experience writing and editing in a variety of contexts, both in-house and freelance. I work in content origination, editing and development, and proofreading. My background includes work in marketing, non-fiction articles and books, process (how to) content, education, business, and other fields. Stylistically I adjust to a client's needs, but clarity, effectiveness, and impactful communication guide my work at all times.

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Freelance writer and editor

I have taken writing classes any time I have had the opportunity to, ever since I was a child. I have been writing obsessively since I first learned how to hold a pencil. The passion I have for writing has kept me from getting out of practice with my writing; rather than dwindling, my desire has only grown. The majority of my writing experience is with fiction, however I am also experienced in writing non-fiction. I have been published in some literary magazines and small publications. I have also taken classes in editing, and have experience in correcting for spelling, punctuation, grammar, tense, clarity, word choice, etc. I have gone through the full process of reading slush piles, editing submissions, assembling polished pieces, printing, and selling a literary collection. Between being a native English speaker and being a perfectionist, I excel at making sure every detail is as it should be.

United States, WI, La Crosse | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Social and Personality Psychologist

Ph.D., M.S., Social and Personality Psychology Expert knowledge of social psychology, personality psychology, and health psychology. Expert knowledge of jury psychology and experienced in litigation research. Expert knowledge of consumer psychology and experienced in marketing research. Writing skills: Write, rewrite, ghostwrite, edit, and/or proofread academic, medical, and general material for both professionals and nonprofessionals (books, ebooks, chapters, articles, reports, literature reviews, and summaries). American or British English. Research skills: Research studies, mock trials, focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, test construction, statistical analyses, and research reports.

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Writer. Adventurer. Man of Medicine.

I'm a novelist, globetrotting adventurer, and paramedic. When I'm not exploring medieval cities or wandering vast stretches of long-forgotten highways, I'm writing horror/mystery novels and playing personal physician to my friends and family. If you've got a writing task that need a wordsmith's touch, look no further.

United States, IL, Palatine | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a french scientist with good skills in writing, thinking and handling complex projects.

France, alsace, ILLKIRCH-GRAFFENSTADEN | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
translator/customer service/writer

i am interested in writing,translation and i have skills in telephone handing and i will be happy to work with you.

Egypt, eldakahlia, talkha | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a very hardworking person. I love writing and reading. Can write articles specially about social issues,politics,lifestyle,travel,diets etc. writing short stories is my speciality.I am well versed in various indian languages like Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil,Bengali,and Urdu. I can translate english to any of these languages. When it comes to art people just say that I am very talented whether its my designing or sketching or knitting I have always had admirers. I am very good at henna designing too. Will never let you down.

India, Andhra pradesh, Hyderabad | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Urdu, Hindi to English translator, content writer

I am a professional translator of Urdu, Hindi to English and published novelist, scriptwriter and journalist.

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Hi! I'm Krissy. I'm an NYC-based writer, and create content regularly, reaching a wide variety of readers. Using strong technical skills, in addition to honesty and humor when appropriate, I feel comfortable working with editors and clients to create content that reflects their voice, while connecting with their demographic. I have experience producing research-based content, as well as humorous, non-fiction essays, and my work has appeared on The Hairpin, xoJane, Hello Giggles, and more.

United States, NY, Ridgewood | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

As a writer and a teacher, I am perpetually focused on using language efficiently and correctly. I am fortunate to have had teachers who impressed this on me throughout my schooling; in turn, I am committed to imparting this to my own students and to helping others write with force, authenticity, and accuracy. It has been a long time since I read anything without a pen in hand, even if I am working on the computer--a purely habitual practice but it usually serves its purpose well. I would be delighted to work with any individual or company who needs an eye on the details of English language. I have significant copy editing and proofreading experience but am also experienced with more substantive editing--particularly in the field of environmental writing.

United States, ME, Freeport | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Little experience, but great enthusiasm and a passion for writing and audio transcription.

United States, GA, Augusta | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
"Weaving your ideas within my vivid word-frame."

On a paper of imagination and with the ink of creativity, I will be the chronicler of your success. Being a graduate in English Literature and an avid writer, I have a zest for writing and hunger to excel in the field. While writing for you, i will compile the given information into its simplest yet attractive form. Respecting all guidelines, I will deliver quality work within the given period of time. I will ensure you of a long-term association. True and original content of high standards will be served. Beside poetry and short stories, I can also write reviews on films, books, etc. as well. Writing precisely with use of vivid imagination and vocabulary will be a highlighted feature in my work. So, give me your paper of ideas and I'll write your success story with my pen of creativity!

India, NCT, Delhi | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Talented Writer and Musician

I grew up in the wilderness of the South Island, New Zealand. I have a deep and resonant connection with my surrounding which I am able to retain in whatever brisk and competitive business situation I find myself in. This is a rare quality today and is reflected in my emotionally captivating musical and written works. If you require assistance with writing, editing, or songwriting, bring me on board for quality and meaningful results.

New Zealand, Wellington, Wellington | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am an English enthusiast with a degree in English, French and Spanish. My love of language is what drives me to hone my skills in multiple spheres, such as translation, writing and editing. I am meticulous with tasks I am given and always give 100% in whatever I undertake. Forever willing to improve, I am more than happy to receive feedback about my work.

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Straight Shooter Wordsmith, Expert Publishing Peep

I've been writing professionally for over twenty years now, both online and in print. I've blogged, published poetry, written professional brand plans, published a novel, and abridged a half-dozen classics for children. I've written for television websites, worked for a publisher for a decade, and am enamoured with the written word in all its forms.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a certified English and special education teacher currently working in a public high school. I hold a M.Ed. degree. In addition to my education, I have worked as a correspondent for a local newspaper which not only required excellent writing skills but also the need to meet tight deadlines. Additionally, I taught a grammar and punctuation course at a local business school. I know grammar and punctuation rules verbatim!

United States, PA, East Petersburg | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
A young, passionate writer looking for work

I'm a young writer with a passion for both non and fiction writing. I write for my local free magazine, Bingham Life, but are looking for some more income.

United Kingdom, Nottinghamshire, Bingham | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Technical/Article/Creative Writer/

I have been writing creatively for half of my life and have been writing professionally for over two years. I have worked with Penguin Random House as a freelancer for over two years and have three published books under my name. I have written several video game-related articles for and am also an experienced Technical Editor. I am comfortable and experienced working under tight deadlines. My projects with Penguin Random House required extensive research and I excel in that area as a result. I also have experience writing short-form comedic content for YouTube content creators. I have worked with independent game developers to help developer their RPG stories and have experience working on my own. I'm highly adaptive, professional and easy to work with.

United States, CA, Citrus Heights | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional Translator

Professional translation to Russian, as well as to English from Russian, German, Spanish and Latvian.

United Kingdom, ery, hull | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Detail-oriented Professional

I am employed full time by Penn State University and am looking for part-time work and/or projects in the editing, writing and proofreading fields. Interested in providing service on any written topic with a quick turnaround and excellent attention to detail. I have over six years of experience specifically in the areas of criminal justice and business writing, however will happily apply my skills to any subject area ranging from biographical to fictional. I also write for my own enjoyment, often poems for personal use and as entertainment for my younger relatives. I enjoy working with interesting subject matter and will provide written works, suggestions to better enhance the tone of the writing or simply act as another set of eyes in spelling/grammatical areas - whichever you may be looking for.

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I provide quality documents and products.

I am a public school administrator with extensive experience in word processing, research, data analysis, report writing, spreadsheet creation, database creation, and finance. I can create or improve your documents to help get the results you want. I am experienced in the use of a number of computer programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Pagemaker, and Acrobat. I have a bachelor's degree in history with a minor in constitutional law and a master's degree in educational administration. My educational experience includes courses in advanced math, biology, chemistry, fiction and non-fiction writing, research, and editing. My professional experience includes management of school facilities, budgets, students, and personnel. I have extensive customer service experience and I am able to produce quality products on time and on budget.

United States, null, Hesperia | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Superior Content

Writing is the love of my life. I am a science fiction/fantasy writer and satirist. I've written stellar content for dozens of websites, as well as a book or two. I specialize in clear, concise content with SEO optimization, and I am capable of writing about many diverse subjects. Examples of topics I've written about in the past are: travel, alternative energy, sustainable living, politics, economics, permaculture, aquaponics, science fiction and fantasy, animal welfare, parenting, homeschooling, gardening, public education, how-to, retail products and fashion. If you need quality content ON TIME, for a reasonable rate, I'm your writer.

United States, NC, Marshall | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Online Financial Writer

I began freelance writing for websites in 2009, and really found my niche writing about issues such as global and personal finance, employment, college education and student debt issues, as well as banking and stock market investing.

United States, MA, Shutesbury | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
You want it, I do it

I've been a professional writer in Las Vegas for 12 years. While I mostly write about sports and music, I'm able to spread my wings to various other facets of literature. I've been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers and have been one of the lead writer for some of the biggest web sites on the planet pertaining to my area of expertise. I'm a long-time contributor to such major news sites as, and several others. I recently founded the publishing company Burning Horse Media and I'm currently writing two massive biographies.

United States, NV, Las Vegas | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a professional writer, with over 100 hours of television credits. My feature film scripts have been optioned by major studios and production companies in Hollywood.I am a professional, contemporary artist (my paintings hang in galleries in Toronto, New York and Palm Beach), I lecture on writing at writer's conferences all over North America, and I raise organic crops on the one hundred acre farm I own and live on with my four children. I am currently writing a book, "HOT SEX AND COOL ROMANCE; THE PASSIONATE MIDLIFE".

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Gets Grants Funded

25 years of experience in business writing including policy, instructional, informative and creative writing. For the last four years, I have been been writing grants for a non-profit with great success as well as composing follow-up grant reports that include in-depth data on grant outcomes. I enjoy the challenge of presenting the same information in a multitude of ways depending upon the particular grant requirements.

United States, AZ, Phoenix | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Hey, My name is Mal Cole. I am eighteen years of age; coming from a large Irish family, and presently residing in Australia. I am a current student at the Victorian College of the Arts within the University of Melbourne undergoing a Bachelor of Screenwriting. Writing is my passion and what I strive to excel at. I can more than hold my own with then pen, and am something of a pedant when it comes to grammar and punctuation. I could go on and talk about how I graduated within the top ten percent of English students in the State of Victoria, but I'd rather not blow steam up my own horn... A quick side note: I wish any and everybody trying to pursue a career in this path the best of luck! If writing is what brings you fulfilment you have my dearest hopes that you persist and that your efforts will be rewarded.

Hong Kong SAR, PRC, Hong Kong, Hong Kong | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Quality work at affordable prices.

I have worked in a high pressure medical office where I handled many incoming and outgoing calls as well as answering emails and data entry. I have a minor in English Literature and have always enjoyed writing as a pastime. I can write high quality, original articles with efficiency and speed. I would like to work closely with potential employers to ensure they get the product and results they desire. I type over 60wpm with 100% accuracy.

Canada, QC, Verdun | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, Proofreader, Artist

I don't have a college degree (yet), and I'm too young to boast of decades of experience. What I do have is a passion for writing, reading and grammar that started before I entered primary school. All of my life, I have been told by teachers that I would grow up to be a librarian, so passionate was my love for literature, but when I started writing, the thought of me as a librarian seemed rather silly. I am a born writer, a verbimancer if you will, and an admirer of all languages. After I get my degree as an American Sign Language Interpreter, I plan on studying linguistics. Although, as a future linguist, I know that I should simply study the progression of language, I have a love of proper grammar and spelling and cannot help but attempt to correct instances of incorrect English. So, though I may not have the degrees and certifications that you might expect, I do have the passion to write - or correct and edit, whichever you might need. I also have been drawing anime for some years.

United States, TX, Seguin | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative visionary

Naturally creative individual with a concise and direct style. Excels at brand messaging, copy writing, strategic planning, collaboration, dialog and deliberation, and shared learning.

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Edits... with gusto!

I am a recent graduate with honours in English (St. Francis Xavier University), looking to expand my own horizons by exploring various job opportunities. Throughout my four years at University, I spent a fair time editing my own, and others' works, and developed an interest in the field. Now, I want to expand on that interest by editing fictional, non-fictional and academic works for you.

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have recently started freelancing, and would like to expand further with more challenging and rewarding projects. I have always been writing, but only recently have become serious about writing as a career path. I have previously worked in the IT industry as a developer, and know what quality and timeliness mean to a client, and am committed to providing both.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

As a busy mom of two young children it's a blessing to be able to pursue my passion for the written word and still be the one to raise them. I love writing, in all it's forms, and was first introduced to its magic as a young child. I have had several poems published and am currently working on my first novel. Being able to put thoughts into form so that others may read them and enjoy is an amazing gift.

United States, PA, Mehoopany | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am currently partway through a Philosophy degree at the University of Aberdeen, meaning my main talent lies in analytic analysis and comment. However, contemplating the state of existence, self and morality is not all I do. Reading and writing - especially creatively - take up anytime I have left (as anyone who attended university will know, this is a surprisingly large amount). I figured it was time I started making some money from my skills and hobbies, especially as writing is a direction my life will most certainly take, be it creative, journalism or academic.

United Kingdom, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
I can make words with this black device on my desk

My profile picture is not who I am. Those sunglasses are my friend's. He likes to don them while cruising down country roads in excess of 100mph, doing wheelies on his crotch rocket. The coat is his brother's, who could not have bought it off of anything but the discount rack at his local Harley Davidson store. It is real leather, but there are enough tassels on it to make a Soux Warrior blush. Yes, there is beer in the background, do you actually think I would wear either one of those items sober? Much less allow someone to permanently burn the image on a diskette. That photo continues to exist, if for nothing else than to remind myself of the mistakes I have made in the past. I enjoy writing, I am good at it, and I have a sense of humor. It is a strange humor, but it gets laughs from my peers so I must be doing something right. I am looking to turn my ability to write and make people laugh into a career. In reality, that profile picture is exactly who I am.

United States, OH, Huron | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer and Editor

I am an American currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I completed a BA in Sociology (Magna cum Laude) from Saint Edwards University in Austin, Texas in 2009 and an MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology (with Merit) from Central European University here in Budapest in 2011. For the past two years, I have been teaching English here in Budapest. I have a passion for writing, love working with the English language, and have a desire to spread my skills and knowledge for a writing project that fits your needs. You can expect high quality work, tailored to meet the requirements you specify. All of my listed prices are negotiable and I am looking to develop my skills in projects that I hitherto have no experience in. If you have a writing or editing project, please send me a message and we can discuss the details. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Hungary, Budapest, Budapest | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, Proofreader

Published author of non-fiction, fiction and poetry, and experienced in proofreading bill drafts for a state legislature, as well as resumes, research papers and essays.

United States, IL, Chicago | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

My name is Mike and I am a recent college graduate with a serious passion for writing. Whether it be creative writing, technical writing, or any miscellaneous topic you can be sure I will deliver a work of art that will tantalize the imagination.

United States, MA, Lowell | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
100% Original 100% of the Time

Ever since I can remember I've been interested in music and art. I began composing at a very young age and began writing full orchestra pieces at the age of 12. In addition, I am a singer/songwriter, in-the-works, with a large range. When I was 9, I was inspired by Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time," and began writing sci-fi/fantasy novels. I also enjoy writing poetry, playing the flute, and painting abstracts with a cosmic theme.

United States, null, null | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Well Read Copywriter & Editor

It is my goal to obtain a copy writing position that will utilize my skills and experience to assist in the growth and profit of the marketing and overall content of a company. Summary of Qualifications • Several years of experience as a free-lance and in-house copywriter • Ability to write creatively via rhetoric, non-fiction, or fiction • Experience managing social media sites and writing original web content • Years of experience developing large social network and well-traveled • Worked primarily with start-up companies • Self-motivated, detail oriented, social, proactive, organized, and high adaptability to different working environments • Speaks and understands some French

United States, null, null | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a passionate and creative red seal chef who is also blessed with excellent writing skills. I am looking to find work in recipe development or writing food or health related articles.

Canada, Bc, Squamish | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced writer and translator

I am a Danish journalist, writer, translator and online content editor hoping to expand my freelance CV. I have written hundreds of articles for newspapers and websites, worked as a TV reporter and translated books, video games, legal papers, academic reports and much more, English-Danish, Danish-English, Swedish-Danish, Swedish-English, Norwegian-Danish and Norwegian-English.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I believe it is never to late to challenge yourself. I formerly owned my own computer business where I repaired and sold new computers and other technology items. I was in the computer business for sixteen years. I gave up that business to write full time, after signing with a publishing company for my first Cozy mystery, Granny Hooks A Crook. I also freelance for area newspapers. I write about varied subjects, some silly, some serious on my blog at http://www.sprinklednotes. I am creative and funny but I also like to write serious stories that touch peoples lives. I believe every person has a story to tell. Making a living as a writer is a dream. While I am writing I feel I am breathing.

United States, MN, Wells | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)

I have been writing short stories since I was 13 and I am currently working on my first book. I am looking out for jobs to do along side my own project, as well as various competitions, but any job I undertake will still get full attention.

United Kingdom, Isle of Wight, Newport | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
English proofreading & transcription

I have experience writing from attending 3 years at Reed College, which focuses on academic writing at the undergraduate level. I studied Psychology, primarily. I am also a native Russian speaker and do Russian to English translation.

United States, OR, Portland | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have excellent creative and technical writing skills with a special penchant for imagery. I currently work at a publishing and advertising firm where I am tasked with content development, editing, proofreading, proposal writing, research writing on an array of topics etc.

Nigeria, Enugu, Enugu | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am an Anthropology student at Louisiana State University. I have a strong background in writing and editing.

United States, LA, Baton Rouge | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer and blogger

I have an excellent grasp of the English language, I can offer any prospective employers an efficient service from anything from article writing, blogging and screenwriting.

United Kingdom, Hampshire, Southampton | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative Writer, Transcriptionist and Artist

I am a highly creative, exuberant freelancer with a bachelor degree in fine arts and art history. I enjoy traveling and outdoor sports such as canoeing, hiking and snowboarding and I'm not afraid to live on the edge. I have experience doing transcription and transcription related work, as well as data entry, academic writing and creative writing.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a recent college graduate with a passion for writing and editing. I can use MAC or Windows sytems and am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. I am still building a portfolio because I am new to editing. I will be happy to send samples of what I would do to help your products become excellent. Please email me if you need any assistance.

United States, NC, Pinetops | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have experience: working as a German-English translator, tutoring high school and college-age English and German students in both Germany and the US, respectively, and writing academic and creative works bilingually. My objective is to provide you with an accurate translation that preserves the style of the original text and is easy to read.

United States, PA, Perkasie | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with over 40 books published. I'm a quick efficient writer with great skill. My expertise lies in writing novels, novellas, short stories, in almost any genre, I also have experience in writing craft articles and author interviews/profiles. I used to be president of my local writing chapter and under my guidance, the group's writing efficiency and output grew by 250%. I also developed and spearheaded a collaborative writing project with 27 authors working on 27 different books in a series.

Canada, Alberta, Calgary | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer and Translator

I am an open-minded person who enjoys sharing ideas and learning new things. I exemplify responsibility and meticulousness in dealing with important tasks. I enjoy writing about a wide range of subjects, and I am willing to read up on new topics in order to produce better articles. I am proficient in English, Mandarin Chinese and Tagalog. I have won accolades as the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper. I am currently an undergraduate student studying Veterinary Medicine.

Philippines, NCR, Manila | Writing & Translation | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)

I have a varied background, ranging from military service to security, auto-mechanics to game creation and testing. As a result, I have experience writing in numerous formats, as well as tutoring others in proper methods of written communications. I am capable, adaptable and thorough. These are added to a drive to do the job correctly and well the first time.

United States, MI, Burtchville | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Let me help you

Experience in multiple areas of writing as a full-time teacher.

United States, VA, Martinsville | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Published young writer looking to inspire

"Some stories always make us smile... [Gand's] swift-paced writing and unique voice help make her enjoyable novel stand on its own." -The US Review, Recommended Review I became a self-published author in 2014, selling thousands of print and ebook copies. I am a famous writer on, a website for young writers like myself. My witty, quirky essays have impressed some of the top colleges in the US, gaining me admission into Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and more. I am highly professional, and most importantly, I guarantee 24-hour delivery for projects less than 3,000 words.

United States, CA, Irvine | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a recent graduate of Frostburg State University (FSU) in Frostburg, Md. and I am eager to start my career as a journalist. I have worked as a news writer and columnist for FSU's news paper, The Bottom Line. During my time as a columnist, I was able to flex my research muscles and develop a unique voice that allowed me to write an entertaining and informative political opinion column. I am currently working as a freelance writer doing online content writing. I have grown up in the Digital Age and have adapted to the fast paced evolution of social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. I also have some experience with Adobe's InDesign program.

United States, MD, Cumberland | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional and entertaining writing for PR

My background as a chiropractor for 20 years, and my continued involvement with alternative medicine keeps me abreast of trends and language that can help clients stand out.

United States, WI, Saint Croix Falls | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a freelance writer and graphic designer here to help you with your business and/or personal projects. I work full time for a credit union where I have written policies and procedures and designed spreadsheets that were fundamental in launching our newly formed department. I am proficient in Microsoft office and am available to clean up your existing projects or start a project from scratch. I am also a creative writer and available for ghostwriting.

United States, TX, Round Rock | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Freelance Copywriter

I've made a career in the chemical industry, including positions in applications development, quality control, manufacturing management, regulatory affairs/SHE and technical service. Through it all I have retained my love of language in general and writing in particular. If you want your next ad, letter, brochure or report to get results, call me.

United States, MA, Wrentham | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative content writer

I am a creative and a content writer. I have written content and product descriptions for a writing firm. My fiction and non fiction articles have been published online and in print magazines. I am currently retelling stories for children for a publishing house. I have excellent written skills in English and writing is my passion. With a background in IT - having worked for ten years as a Project Manager handling business application projects-I can work to a deadline and create quality work. Also having worked in a CMM level 5 software company, I have the experience in creating technical documentation, user manuals and technical manuals. I enjoy the Arts especially visiting the theatre and watching musicals. I love traveling, especially off-the-beaten-track trips. My other interests include scrap booking, embroidery and baking.

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My background is in the arts and humanities with a Degree in English and Anthropology and a Masters Degree in English, specialising in Children's Literature. I currently work full time for a major internet company, writing website and internal content and managing and maintaining content databases.

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I am an avid writer. Creativity is my major strong point but loving the art of writing is what drives me so i'll write about any subject, topic and can do so clearly from many focal points..

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Writer with ESL teaching experience

I am a writer with experience teaching ESL and kindergarten. I have a B.A. from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and a Master's degree from the University of Sydney in Australia. I'm interested in writing, editing, proofreading, and research.

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Sports Writer/Article Writer Seeking Paid Work - A Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Humanities attained at the University of Essex in the UK researching politics, philosophy and history. - Extensive knowledge of football, tennis, snooker, rugby, darts and boxing. - Possess excellent research and writing skills By hiring me I will frequently be available to contact and provide the content both on time and to your specification.

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I'm a bachelor candidate at Antioch University, a liberal arts college with a strong tradition of educating leaders in the arts and sciences. I've been in the job market for more than 30 years in fields as diverse as financial printing, retail banking, and investments, but my passion is and always has been writing. I'm just beginning my new career but can assure potential employers that my tenacity and work ethic are second to none. References from college staff available upon request.

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I'm a young woman who has had a passion for writing since childhood.

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I am a social worker at human rights organization in Indonesia. Writing reports is one of routines that I should do everyday. Right now I am back to university to gain my postgraduate degree in social welfare. Back to a couple years ago, I wrote several script for musical drama and TV program.

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Hi I am creative and passionate about reading as well as writing. I am more of a conceptual thinker and have an ability to take complex data and present it in easy to understand manner.I can meet deadlines and have strong interpersonal skills. Regards Chitra Singh

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Freelance Author & Writer

- Article Writer with some experience on blog and newspaper writing - Travel writer with one ebook in process of being released Writing is a passion and, beside love, involves some versatility. I'm able to write on various genres and when on a project, I fully commit to it always delivering it on time and corresponding to what was asked. I can also do translating work English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English

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Jamie Moore Highly is a highly skilled writer, researcher and editor with a Masters in Sociology from the University of Oxford. Since 2014, Jamie has been worked as a Writer, Editor, Director and Theatre Editor at the arts, travel and culture website The Culture Trip ( The Culture Trip’s readership is 1.2 million people this January, and is growing exponentially. It was also voted the ‘Top Arts/Culture Website’ in the 2014 Good Web Guide Awards. In addition, in the summer of 2013, Jamie worked as a researcher, writer, and journalist for the International Tax Review Magazine. In the process he co-authored two books, World Tax 2014, and World Transfer Pricing 2014.

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I have over seven years in customer service and customer support. I speak very well, I have excellent creative writing skills, with a quick thinking mind. I'm very comfortable with using excel, power point, and words. I am a fast typist, I'm a very fast learner who is open to feedback, and I offer great and fresh ideas that knows how to get the job done.

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Hi I am interested in online writing. And clients should hire me because i know i will give my best.

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Talented Writer

Hello everyone! I'm an aspiring writer looking to see if I could help someone out and get the favor returned. I've been writing my entire life, It just so happens to be the only subject I happen to enjoy! I've almost completed a literature college AP class ( 2 months to go!). I'm very work orientated. This is all new to me, though I can assure you I can meet any deadline thrown at me. I can write about anything, i'm very knowledgeable. I may be a youngster in all of this, while all these people have been going to school years on end for their specialty, with me you'll be nothing but impressed and comfortable. I greatly appreciate any opportunity given to me, and will do nothing but give my 110% effort to detail and completion. Thank you!

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I am a writer with an edited book (Os Filhos do Nilo — The Children of the Nile) and a film degree. A song I wrote the lyrics for once won a music festival. I am doing a Masters in Sports Journalism in England and as such have training in news and sports writing. I also write for blogs - one of them, named "Visão de Mercado", is the most visited blog in Portugal, with over 100 million views total. My passion is writing, which I do regularly and effortlessly. Anything that has to do with such activity is welcomed with pleasure, as despite being a job, writing feels like a hobby to me.

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I have been writing in a variety of formats for many years, and I love all the nuances that come with it: brainstorming, development, proofreading, editing and, of course, multiple drafts. I have a flair for dialogue and storytelling and building characters, and I can help develop and polish just about any idea out there.

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A Professional Job, at a Competitive Price!

Having grown up in Quebec, Canada, I am fluent in both French and English. I graduated from John Abbott College in 2009 and Concordia University in 2014, with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Human Sciences. Technical writing and translation skills are top notch, and I'm willing to work hard to ensure customer satisfaction! -Matthew

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Experience writer, Editor and Instructional Design

I have a wide range of experience in creative writing, editing and instructional design.

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I've been working with computers nearly my entire life, clocking in at 75 - 80 wpm, making myself effective in transcription work and copy work. When it comes to creative writing, all I need is the topic and word count, and send me off to work. I am currently an editor at a start up publishing company debuting in October, so part of my day to day is to make sure that every submitted piece has proper grammar and formatting.

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I am an experienced B2C and B2B marketer, having been responsible for both large and small brands in Australia and overseas. I am also a self-published fiction author and have edited other authors' work both on-line and face-to-face.

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With a variety of skills and experience in both writing and voiceover endeavors, I will provide clear and concise work presented with a broad, Midwestern American tone.

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I have experience both with science writing, non-fiction, and fiction writing. My experience both on the job and as a writer center around the outdoors, wildlife, women's issue, dogs, and environmental science. I have extensive experience producing articles and reports that are understandable to the general public from research using first-source science article such as those found in scientific journals.

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Started writing blog writing just recently but my stronger skill are towards word processing and copy writing. If hire I will put my full creative self into the job and make sure that you are satisfied with my work.

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Freelance Writer Seeking Interested Parties!

I'm ready to work. If you are reading these words right now, perhaps you are interested individual or company seeking for a writer to complete a project. Or perhaps you have simply clicked on this profile by accident. But wait! Don't turn your back now! Perhaps there is a lingering idea that you are eager to put on paper or maybe there is an unfinished novel waiting to be finished. Want to impress your family and friends with your latest and greatest project? Look no further! There has never been a moment where literature hasn't been part of my life. I have read thousands of books and written hundreds of stories. Words are my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm well-versed, college-educated, and a bibliophile. I'm also knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. Regardless of any project, I'm simply your instrument. This is essentially your work and your voice! I also offer miscellaneous services besides creative writing. If it fits the bill -- then i'm your lady!

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I'll write anything!

I've written for many years. I spend much of my time teaching all style of writing to others.

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I am fluent in Bosnian (Serbian, Croatian), English and German. I have been writing poetry and short stories for five years in my native language (past two in my second and third language) and even had some of my work published.

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I am a native English speaker who specializes in proofreading, editing, and ghostwriting.

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I will get things done.

Writing, ESL, translation, marketing, and more

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i have been passionately interested in science since my childhood, thereby love to write on those stuffs,especially related with physics. Apart from this, i took keen interest in education writing

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I am currently finishing up my MA in English, and I have significant experience working in improving the writing of others through editing and writing tutoring in a professional, academic setting. I work well and have experience with both native English writers and non-native writers.

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Writer and Editor/ Virtual Assistant

Fiction and imagination takes up three quarters of our life. For me, it may take up all four. I have a knack for writing, editing and planning everything from novels to short articles. I specialize in fiction writing, paying close attention but not limited to plot, character development, sentence structure and grammar. Since working as a freelancer I've been awarded the opportunity to work on multiple projects with numerous clients. Through my website, I have ghost written over 40 stories and have edited twice that amount. On Upwork, I'm seeking for the chance to add you to that list. I have a unique sense of wordplay and a creative take on every project I'm onboard with. I have competency in MS Word, Scrivener, and Excel. With myself on your team, I'm sure we can create your page of words into a masterpiece.

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I am a Danish, 18 year old student, studying under the education known as the International Baccalaureate or simply, IB, in Denmark. Throughout my life, I have lived in an Arabic country in the Middle East called Qatar. I lived there for the majority of my life, or simply put, 11 years. Throughout all those years I attended an elite American-International school which taught me to become a structured, hardworking student. After I receive my IB-diploma next summer, I plan on continuing onto an independent-university education called Kaos Pilots here in Denmark. The education is international and focuses on enhancing the individual's creativity, innovative imagination, and global communication. I very much enjoy writing and exploring the colorful English language, which is why I turned to this website as a way to exercise my passion.

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I am currently studying BA(Hons) English/Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am soon to begin my second year of study and as I love to write I am looking for opportunities in this field. I can offer exceptional writing skills, I have high grades in English Literature subjects, I am fluent in English grammar and spelling. I am also able to work with programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. As well as my studies, I enjoy blogging and reading novels.

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I am entirely bilingual with English and French as both are my native languages. I am equally talented at writing, editing and translating in both languages. Extremely creative, my imagination has no boundaries. I love going past the limits of what I know in my daily life, social interactions, work place as well as in my writing. Furthermore, my highly technical and scientific background and logical mind allow me to create within a set of rules that I can either follow, bend or break according to the result I wish to achieve.

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- Former USMC Journalist - Stand-up Comedian and Comedy Writer

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