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A student of Psychology as well as a self published Author, I have the ability to use perspectives, logic, and the proper approach when it comes to writing.

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I'm a sophomore studying social work and Spanish at a private college and plan on going to law school after I finish my degree. I have diverse writing background in a variety of topics. My writing is often described as thoughtful, insightful, and thorough.

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English Language Teacher/Writer

I am a teacher of English as a Second Language and native English speaker, so possess an excellent command of the language. I've had previous experience in content writing for websites, blog writing and newsletter writing. I have also edited many pieces of writing over the years. Something else I can offer is translation into English from Spanish, French or German.

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts with a minor in writing. I have some experience in copywriting and editing. I love to write and edit! I am very dependable, accurate and meet deadlines.

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writer, editor, freelancer

I love writing and editing!

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I am currently a full-time student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and have vast experience in various forms of writing. I have written research articles, research papers, creative writing pieces, essays, and I have even designed an informative website on a specific species of snail.

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Writer and Translator

Writing is one of my favorite things, and learning languages comes as a close second. I can't dominate English yet, but I can surely translate it to and from other languages. I read a lot and I'm always in contact with ideas and projects regarding writing. In the future I want to become a professional writer, but while I'm not there there's a lot of work to be done.

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Freelance Writer, Photographer

As a writer, I focus on writing about positive lifestyle and Parenting. I also enjoy writing about the paranormal as well as the occult. I like to uplift and inspire readers with my articles, as well as introduce them to different things that may be of benefit to them.

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Dedicated and Efficient Writer-cum-Freelancer

I am an efficient ,dedicated,conscientious person and that reflects in my passion for writing. I inherited this love for writing ever since I could read and write. Nurturing it has been my constant goal. I would love to help others in this field any way I can, for words are food to my soul, they keep the embers of my goal burning. If given a chance to showcase my talent and passion, I guarantee you would not be disappointed with your wise choice.

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I am a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Advertising Integrated Marketing Communications and an Associate in Business. I have a background in sales, and a vast interest in history and writing.

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I'm a writer, just give me a topic

I've been writing for the majority of my life including short stories, articles, character profiles, and essays. While, this is a side project, I can still meet a deadline and do the best work possible.

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Top quality, on time, no-maintenance fulfillment

I recently retired from a 23-year job as a program manager for a leading marketing communications agency. While there, my clients were all fortune 500 companies. I have a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and an A.S. in Environmental Science. My writing and grammar skills are outstanding, and I have been writing for the internet since 2010. I am currently a freelance writer for one of the country's top fitness brands. My work is top-notch and delivered on time. Bonus: I am 100% drama-free. If you're looking for outstanding quality right out of the gate, I'm your gal. But I don't do discount work and I don't accept discount pay.

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Survey researcher, writer, social science scholar

I have proven success at independently developing and completing social science surveys and experiments intended for peer-reviewed publication. Throughout my collegiate career I've worked with peers and professors or alone to develop research surveys, run experimental studies, and manage the data related to both. I can handle web research tasks, data entry, analysis (with SPSS), and interpretation/reporting. I'm educated in communication theory and research methodology (both quantitative and qualitative) and while academic in nature, the research methodology and theory used in social science mirrors, if not inspires, that used in market research today. Finally, I'm an experienced writer in both an academic and fiction setting. I've written academic articles for peer-review, write various genres of fiction as a personal endeavor, and have studied and practiced aspects of game design in-depth. I have an 86 word per minute typing speed, which most certainly came from how much I write.

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Former student of Starehe Boys Centre and School currenly pursuing a degree in Economics and Statistics at Kenyatta University,Nairobi,Kenya.I was the Chief Editor a the School's magazine .I also did internship on voluntary basis at Standard Media Group.Writing has always been more than a hobby to me especially on current topic relating to the young generation,however, am open to a challenge if presented. I always ensure I do adequate research on all themes before and during my writting hence provide well analysed information. Being a stastistis student accuracy is of great importance in all my work.

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I have been writing since I was a young child. My potential as a writer shined through to everyone that had read my writings. I offer true incite, honesty, humor and an ability to communicate to all that read what I have written with undeniable clarity. I should be hired for the simple fact that what you want to communicate to others will be properly put together with the right words and give the impression that you're going for.

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I hold Bachelor of Art degrees in English and Mass Communication with emphasizes in Creative Writing and Journalism.I offer writing and proofreading services. I have a passion for writing and the English language with more than a little slant toward perfectionism.

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“I’m Spanish native speaker from Peru. I have a Bachelor degree in Chicano Studies with a Licensure in Elementary Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver. I have more than 13 years of translation experience in school settings. I translate different types of documents but my expertise is in education: teachers’ newsletters, school updates, literacy, children books, fiction and non-fiction books, psychology articles, researches; linguistics, literature, tourism, etc. I am flexible and I will try my best to offer accurate translations suitable for all Spanish speaking community. I provide fast and reliable services. Total satisfaction guaranteed.”

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Writer, performer, youth development professional

I am a comedy writer/performer. I mostly do improv, sketch, and stan-up. I am a Comedy Writing & Performance major and have a Creative Advertising minor at Columbia College Chicago. I am also a student at Chicago's iO and Annoyance theaters. I am excited to work however I can and bring a positive attitude to anything I do. I also have experience working with children, controlling a crowd, am a strong "people person." I have an abundance of patience that I hope will be useful to whatever my job entitles.

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I am a 23 year old girl with a lot of spunk. I am always looking to learn something new and exciting. I have been writing and been published in magazines and newsletters all through high school and my college career. I have a great interest in journalism and hope to explore the world, one article at a time.

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Arts and have been playing and writing music since i was 15. I have been writing stories since I was a child, and while I was in college, i worked as a paid English/Writing tutor. I am a man who expects great work from myself and I believe that opportunity is a gift to the diligent.

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Graphic Designs, Creative Writing and Music

I am Michael, a CHS student Filamer Christian University. I'm a gaming plot designer, a passionate musician, fiction writer and a gamer. These skills that i have right now is what's keeping me in tact in life. So if you would consider hiring me, i will do my best at the extent of my knowledge to finish the job given to me without any problems.

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I have been writing (at least semi) professionally since my time as a tutor in my college writing lab. Since then, I have worked with students on writing and public speaking, written for a nonprofit organization, and most recently have written technical training manuals and sections of my company's Quality Regulation System. I have also been an optician, certified by the American Board of Opticianry, for four years. I specialize in making difficult material more accessible, and if possible, engaging! Hire me if you need a dependable, talented writer who can make sure your message is heard, no matter who you're trying to reach.

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Blog Writer

I have experience in writing in professional and an fun tone, I also have qualifications in GCSE and A*LEVEL art.

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Writer, Fan of the Absurd, Adventure Seeker

I majored in Literary Studies for my Master's, I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor degree in Philosophy. I have also taken up courses in Biology, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Psychology, Photography and History. What does my educational background say about myself? I have a thirst for knowledge and a quest for wisdom. I use and share what I learn by writing, creating and teaching it to others.

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Rubina Ramesh is a Writer and Blogger having 2 anthologies to her credit. She reviews books not only for individual writers but also on demand from the publishers. She has been writing articles on Lifestyle, Humor and children from the past 2 years. She is also the founder of The Book Club, on online group of reviewers and writers. It is her love for writing that made her join

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I have just graduated from university. I have a bachelor degree in international business. I am still young and have a lot to learn but that should not be mistaken with my talents and God-given strengths. I also studied psychology, human design and went through several writing courses - I am as hungry for new opportunities as a human being can possibly be. I wrote a few books and now I am looking for something in the internet. Thank you for noticing my profile!

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Fresh Creative Writer

Matthew 19:6, "through man it is impossible, but through God all things are possible." I've experienced things and faced obstacles most people could never dream of. My experiences give life to my characters. I have passion and heart that I share in my writing. I am diligent, hardworking, and inspired. I have a head full of ideas and I can't wait to share them.

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Graduated with an English Writing/French Major from The University of Pittsburgh. I offer any assistance with writing, format, grammar, spelling, and proofreading. I also can help with French to English translations. I am a published writer who has a keen eye for detail to meet any match to any project at hand. I have also spent one year in France and can read and speak French fluently.

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Expert Writer both in fiction and non fiction.

I believe that good is the enemy of the great. Being good limits you to mediocrity whilst being great is the unparalleled. Writing according to the norms of the society constraints one but writing from the heart is boundless. I believe that writing is easy once you 'be' the thing you are writing about. So my advice to all my potential clients is not to hire me if mediocrity is the level where you want to be. But if excellence is what you are looking for pick me, choose me, hire me.

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I've spent the last three years in Chicago writing and performing for various comedy institutions in the area. In my spare time I enjoy travel and taking in the sights and venues of my own backyard downtown.

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Sometimes writing any content on the net can touch our hearts at times when they are in a emotional state. Writing is an important part in our life when we aren't able to express our feeling like the way we do when we write it down. But sometimes there should be a spark of inspiration for us to continue the journey of imagination and creativity. I am sure i will be able to change the perspective of the reader that will lead to powerful motivational drive to do a lot more in life.

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article writer and Arabic-English translator

Arabic as mother language and English as second language. Experience with article and creative writing along with translation.

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Expert writer and copy-editor

I am a very experienced writer and copy-editor, having worked in academia and law and having freelanced as a journalistic writer and columnist for many years.

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First and foremost I love to write. There has always been something about putting ink to paper that starts an almost unquenchable fire in my mind. I am currently a sophomore in college majoring in English Education. I have composed short works of fiction, non-fiction, and biographies. I have additionally been the author of a annual newsletter. If you would prefer a sample of my work in advance of an hiring decision I will submit these samples accordingly.

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I have a history of working in the medical field for the past 9 years. I have done short stories and editing for high school and college literary magazines and have been writing for years on and off. I love being outside biking, skiing, and anything that lets me enjoy life. I also love to cooking and try new things. I'm fun and passionate about whatever I write about. I have been called the devil's advocate for being able to see all sides of an argument and be able to present a compelling argument for either side.

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I studied English Literature at California State University, Los Angeles. I really enjoy tutoring students on my free time and have worked with a few non-profit organizations. I have experience in editing my friend's book and short stories, proof reading some of my friends' essays, and while briefly working at a DMV school editing their brochure. I believe I should be considered as a potential employee because my attention to detail, my organizational skills, and my strong belief that someone's work ethic can also be seen as a personality. I believe I have a strong work ethic and passion for writing and reading.

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I am a student now and I love writings.. I have a choice of writing many things about anything what I choose in my abilities. So tell me if any help needs. I will open my hands to you. :)

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Creative writer

I have won awards for my writing and have many books lined up and I am hoping to find people to help/work with on here. Creative writing is my life and passion.

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Read beyond the lines.Flexible

Flexible, deep writing that comes out of an experience from real, raw life.

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Certified translator, 11 years of experience

Good writing and accurate translation boost your business success worldwide. Every word matters. I'm a qualified translator/interpreter. I do simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (English/Ukrainian/Russian) and written translations (English/Ukrainian/Russian/Spanish). My major is English and I started doing written translations from/to English/ Russian/Ukrainian of all kinds (general, technical, medical, legal etc.) in 2003. As a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter I started working for the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine in 2011. I did all kinds of interpretations from/to English/Russian/Spanish for all the events, conferences, round tables, cultural meetings organized by the Embassy. I'm an associate professor of Scottish literature at Kyiv National Linguistic University. I'm an experienced writer (since 2004) of all kinds: academic writing, blog-writing, review writing etc.

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I have an extensive background in customer service. I feel this is a key factor in the success of my writing. I love to write and love challa

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I am currently in high school studying year 12, my passion is reading and writing, I have social anxiety, so it is extremely hard for me to find a part time job, so I Hope that by doing something I enjoy and receiving feedback will help me gain more confidence in myself.

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Expert Creative Writer and Editer

As a college student studying writing and English, the written word is my passion. I've edited several books (work I've had by word of mouth), and I have interest in doing more of this. I have been a writer for several years, and have been published in the magazine "Teen Ink." I've also written and edited several books of my own (one of which I am going through the process of publishing!). I also write articles for companies around the internet.

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Writer and designer of captivating content

I'm a hard working masters student studying creative writing, with an undergraduate degree in Ancient History. I have written quality historical content for online magazines and also write prose in a multitude of genres. I also produce academic writing, proof reading services and article writing. I will be happy to provide a trial segment tailored to your needs, for anyone interested in my services, so they can better gauge the quality of my work before investing. Thank you for your time, Joe

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I am an undergraduate scholar in Tourism and Hospitality management.I have written a couple of travel guides including several itineraries.With a vast knowledge in poetry and a vast knowledge in article writing I have participated in several educators forums for the youth.I work devotedly towards my set goals.

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I enjoy writing and am competent in the craft. I specialize in creative writing, short stories and blogs.

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Eclectic Experiences = Unique Perspective

I have a basket full of assorted experiences, skills, and talents. My background includes time in the military, working in networking and IT systems, International Equity Trading, teaching – including ESL in China, writing, extensive travel, founder of several small businesses including non-profit, and serving as a law enforcement officer.

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Third year law student.

I am a third year law student; a competent academic and legal writer. The skills I have learnt as a law student are transferable and I feel confidant I can deliver on any of the items listed in the skills section. An A-level in drama and theatre studies has familiarized me with script writing. I am currently writing a novel and trying to finance an acting career.

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Experienced Writer

My educational history includes a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Virginia. I have previously held a research position at the Joint Forces Staff College, as well as a position as a Contracts Processor in the hospitality industry. Currently, I work as a Junior Analyst for a small government contracting company. My current duties include extensive research and technical writing.

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Short Story and Play Writer- avid homebrewer

I have experience writing technical pieces on beer (especially homebrewing), horse and horse racing, podcast scripts, short stories, fiction and poetry. Currently studying accounting and creative writing.

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Author / Critic / Poet / Screenwriter / Lecturer

If you want editing, proof-reading, grammar and spell-checks done or just need help, that's why I'm here. Published author of two books of dramatic theory with the academic publisher McFarland. I cover introductory ideas for the beginning screenwriter to advanced dramatic theory. I am a long-time contributing film critic, having written dozens of essays about cinema that have appeared in over eleven volumes belonging to the series Directory of World Cinema and World Film Locations, published by University of Chicago Press USA., and Intellect. Books in U.K., and I am a regular contributor to Film International magazine. I am currently writing a libretto for operatic performance and have been asked to develop and deliver a series of lectures based on one of my books.

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I am a talented grammarian who specialises in editing, proof-reading and improving text. Though I have been recommended and 'ushered' to write a fictional book, I feel like I am not the author 'type' and would rather set my skills, reading and improving other peoples work and improving the overall quality of their text without taking credit over them.

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I am a certified teacher in British Columbia, with a BA in English. My grammar skills are impeccable and I have an excellent understanding of what's needed in formal academic writing. I'm also capable of creative writing within all sorts of guidelines.

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I'm a young, talented writer looking to start a career in creative writing. I find writing to be incredibly fulfilling and quite addictive. With my immense creativity I can write about almost anything.

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I'm a freelance writer planning on pursuing Ball State University for journalism. I've written some short stories and enjoy reading in my spare time. Researching topics for pure knowledge is something I really enjoy, too. If there's one thing for sure, I am very passionate for the things I do.

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A concise writer searching for a start.

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas majoring in English. I consider myself a talented and concise writer. I am most proficient in ethnographical and journalistic writing. I believe I can write in a way that entices and appeals to any audience. I am willing to do any form of freelance writing, as I am trying my hardest to get my writing career started. If you are willing to trust a young student with one hell of a work ethic, then I am your man. Email me for examples of my writing.

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Quality Online Content

I earned my BA in English from Avila University in Kansas City, MO in 2005. Since then, I've done freelance writing for a number of clients on a wide variety of topics ranging from pest control to Hollywood gossip to health/fitness. I have also written home pages, landing pages, press kits, blog posts, and much more. I love working with people to deliver original content that not only meets their specifications, but goes far beyond their expectations. I am experienced, flexible, and able to provide SEO-friendly content in a timely manner.

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It needs to be said.

I let the right words work together. (Even they have a job to do...) Put them in print (as much as love I tidy spiral notebook, for you I will use a computer). These words can float online too, fast little things. Really however you want them: poof, there they are. Make sense of a mixed up world (as much as I love fiction, for you I will write your employee handbook). I'm a writer with a Very Strong background in employee benefits and human resources. I love working up a message that finally gets everyone in an organization moving, in peace, towards understanding. I specialize in topics that generally get thrown into the backseat (or, if one's lucky, their spouse will read it and share the important bits). Good news: I'll take care of Facebook for your business. Twitter too. Throw in Google+ or whatever. Take care of it, meaning do all your updates not the other-kind-of-take-care, or whatever. I love working with social media clients, keeping fresh and tidy their online exi

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Top notch creativity at cut-rate pricing

I offer premium skills at big box store pricing, creativity as a loss leader. Writing, editing, web development, you name it.

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Hi. I am Abhinav Kaushal from New Delhi. I love to write and have a flair for the writing. Although I am a fresher and I am quite new to this thing but I know how it feels when your client gets happy from your work and this is what I do. I believe in client's happiness and values his money and time which motivates me to work harder.

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With a background in creative programming and writing for multiple voices, I can jump in anywhere from concept to completion to assist you in finding the right tone and words to develop, market, sell, or sustain your product or business.

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Linguist and Fantasy Writter

If you are looking for a writer that wasn't made with a cookie cutter, I may be who you are looking for. I weave stories of the unlikely of sorts that leaves people craving for more. My personal favorite is to write fantasy, but I am not limited to that. Through out my college experience, I have studied ten languages. Each language has added different colors to my pallet of writing. Writing is my passion in life.

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IT Professional / Tech & Creative Writer

I am a full time IT professional and part time writer. I specialize in writing about subjects with a technical genre to include information technology, mobile computing, gaming, and the automotive industry, although I can write against most any subject.

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A results-only writing and editorial service.

We laugh, we cry, we edit, we write. What more can you ask for? Let your business benefit from over 10 years of industry experience in: Copy Editing Press Releases Proofreading Technical Writing Creative Writing Poetry Adult Fiction Humor Writing Blogging Newsletter Writing and Editing

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Professional Copyeditor and Proofreader

Writing is an art; great writing is a craft. When you're writing, your thinking about what you want to say and how you want to say it. As your second pair of eyes, my job is to make sure your text is clear, plain English. I'll root out any inconsistencies in grammar, and amend incorrect word usage, repetitiveness, and overly complicated sentence structure. I'll point out passages that aren't clear to the reader. If you have a quirky style, I won't destroy it; I'm not here to change your writing, but to improve it.

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Freelance English Major

I am a fourth year University of Ottawa student who has extensive experience in writing both creatively and professionally, and some experience in transcribing materials such as interviews. I am looking for some writing jobs to bolster my resume and portfolio. My previous experiences include writing professional letters and articles for various employers while observing time guidelines.I'm available for contact at any time via my email.

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I have 20 years experience in writing, editing, and proofreading. I am an engaging writer who is able to connect with the intended audience. My writing and editing experience includes both fiction and non-fiction genres, and I am an expert in the APA style. In addition, I have done page design and layout for numerous books.

United States, PA, Philadelphia | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.7 (8 reviews)
Sometimes you have to jump.

As a student writer, I was top of my class at both my high school and my university English class. I've had practice in writing fiction, non-fiction, research, and essays. I have also written as a student journalist and edited a student-run newspaper. My talent tends to lie more in the creative writing aspect, but I am very versatile and able to write in a multitude of styles, depending on what is needed from me at the time.

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You want it I'll write it

I graduated from the University of Iowa in May 2009 and I'm looking for some work. I enjoy writing fiction, nonfiction, essays, articles, and more. Ask me for what you're looking for and if i can do it I will! I had an internship that was based around writing articles for bicycling education and would love the chance to write articles for you.

United States, IL, Metamora | Writing & Translation | Rating 3.8 (1 reviews)
Writer, editor, proofreader, transcriber

I can provide a very high standard of writing in different formats. I have worked as a journalist and graduated from film school with scriptwriting as a minor. I am comfortable writing both fiction and non-fiction. My ability to do good research means that I can write on a wide variety of topics, depending on clients' requirements. I am a stickler for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. I have an eye for detail and can proofread and edit your work until it is perfect for your purposes.

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Run Your Project Like Clockwork

Website Development - Specializing in WordPress & WooCommerce. I deliver sites on time and to spec. No surprises, clean paperwork, long work history of 5 star feedback. I build on the principles of themes and Story Crafting - I provide brand enhancing copy that increases conversion and engagement with your customers. I work from recorded interviews, transcriptions of the interviews and deliver that into a final product. Services include, ghostwriting for non-fiction books, copy for websites, brand enhancing messaging and UI/UX consulting. If you have a great story, let your customers hear it!

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Work In Progress

I've nearly obtained degrees (6-9 credits shy) in Psychology and Creative Writing. I'm currently taking an extended break from school to pursue an interest in the greenhouse industry. I have a driving passion about many environmental and humanitarian issues, as well as organic farming, gardening, AODA/addiction rehabilitation, criminal behavior and penal systems, Nature in general, and encouraging imagination and ethical responsibility in youth. I currently work full time but will bring a fresh, intense, and creative pulse to any project I feel fits my set of interests and skills. Although I'm new to this site, I am extremely flexible and my work will be a steal for those who take a chance with me.

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Hi! I am Charlene Mondia, a 22-year-old registered nurse.I am currently looking for writings jobs. My working hours are very flexible for your convenience and I am willing to start as soon as possible. I have an experience in writing blogs, wordpress blogs, articles with SEO, press release articles, product endorsements and novels.

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Expert creative writer & EFL teacher

I am a highly qualified English language teacher, with years of teaching experience. I have been working in The Netherlands for many years, where I ran my own language bureau, which specialized in teaching professionals from business, academic and diplomatic fields. A large proportion of my work consisted of working on and improving texts written by non-native speakers. I have written a range of articles for teaching publications, such as English Teaching Professional and I have given presentations and led workshops at major TEFL conferences, such as IATEFL. I have been writing fiction for some time and have had stories published online. I now run a writer's group, and we are working towards publishing an anthology of our work. I am at present working as a free-lance writer and EFL teacher..

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Fast and detailed content writer

With experience in various media, I completed a grand tour of rhetoric, music performance and writing in my college years. My knowledge centers around music, but my experience in journalism has taken me from politics to breaking news, audition videos and restaurant menu design.

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Non-Fiction Writer & Researcher

My background in the media is extremely diverse and has provided me with a unique skill set. When working as an employee for Australia's leading television network my tasks included, comprehensive research, developing web content, fact checking, writing briefs and finding great stories. I enjoy immersing myself into a variety of topics and presenting an entertaining and factual final product.

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Writer and editor with background in career management and consulting available to assist clients with articles, blogs and other writing and editing needs.

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Hi! I'm a freelance writer and part-time acupuncturist in Florida. I specialize in creative writing, features and web content but I'll put pen to paper on anything you throw at me. My style ranges from tongue-in-cheek articles to pieces that are honest and emotional. If that sounds like what you want I'd love to produce something for you!

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Native French speaking translator and interpreter

I am French Canadian and I am interested mainly in writing short articles or short stories in my native language.

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Precision. Excellence. Creativity.

With more than 10 years of freelance writing in both fiction and non-fiction, content creation, article writing and proofreading experience, your work will receive the top-quality attention it needs. Precision. Excellence. Creativity.

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Passionate Writer

Hello, I went to college for Interior Design and as of yet have never been able to use my degree. I would love the opportunity to showcase my abilities. Specifically in Space Planning and Construction Document Drafting. I have a passion for Creative Writing and am currently looking into going back to school for Journalism and any writing and media experience I can acquire before and while going for that degree would really help me in the long run.

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I'm primarily a writer of fiction short stories in the genres of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror. I currently have stories published in, and Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, as well as stories scheduled to be published in Cover of Darkness and a currently unspecified journal published by SamsDot Publishing. Though I primarily write fiction, I am open to anything.

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Medical Writer and Translator

I am an epidemiologist specialized in influenza and respiratory viruses. I hold a PhD in epidemiology and an MSc in Pharmacy and have over 10 years of experience in clinical and public health research. My scientific research activities have focused on the epidemiology of infectious or vaccine-preventable diseases, pharmacovigilance, and vaccine safety. Working as an epidemiologist required abilities in planning and managing clinical research activities, as well as strong writing and communication skills in English and French. My academic background and experience makes me uniquely positioned for efficient and rich collaborations with other specialists in various fields such as biostatistics, medical and clinical affairs, and pharmacovigilance.

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Fantasy Fiction Writer

The best part about writing, is designing a whole new world, or improving the one around us. My writing, gives life to wild fantasies,vivid imaginations, and creepy hallucinations. I have been writing for years now, and for many years to come.

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Expert in Composition form and content

I am retired, disabled (the non-politically correct term is 'crippled'), an English professor with a passion for scholarly pursuits with a sense of humor. I'd taught classes for twenty odd years before my back issues became so acute I couldn't give students the consistent attention they need and deserve. But neither 'retired' nor 'disabled' nor 'crippled' have anything to do with a passion to live life fully. I am a published author and poet, though not famously so. The work seems more important to me than any accolades. I speak and write French, being a real Cajun from Louisiana, though my writing doesn't have a Southern drawl or a Cajun accent (although it can when appropriate). I'm extremely precise in working between the abstract and concrete process in Composition, especially in academic writing. I have taken a year off, practicing how to do nothing, and now it's time to live more fully because I found that doing 'nothing' is doing something I'm just not capable of doing well.

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Creative Web Writer

I'm a new freelancer, but I make up for what I lack in experience with passion and a commitment to delivering quality results. I'm skilled in several different types of writing. Including essays, web content, creative writing, and blogs. I am also skilled with Programs such as GIMP for graphic design as well as the entire Microsoft office suite.

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Photography, photo-editing, analytical writing, and blogging.

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Professional Writer

I'm a 7th grade Language Arts teacher with a love for writing. I'm prompt, professional, and extremely talented. I currently hold two Bachelor's degrees in creative writing and English literature. I frequently work with the South Mississippi Writing Project to create and execute top of the line writing instruction in public school in the state of Mississippi.

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My name is Kathleen Palmer and I have worn many hats in the past 25 years. I am a high school teacher and coach, sportswriter, Military family issues contributor, Foster parent, adoptive parent, event planner, and as of late a fiction writer of young adult books, woman's fiction, travel, and military lifestyles. I have lived and taught high school in eight states and three countries in the past 20 years. I am always looking for challenging topics to explore, research, and share! I hold a Masters Degree in Education from Northwestern State University.

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Years of extensive experience in editing, copywriting, and proofreading in a multitude of styles and tones make me versatile and ready to tailor my writing to your needs.

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Well hello there! If you're reading this then you must be interested in using me to draw or write something and I'm very thankful for your consideration. I am currently attending college in hopes of earning a bachelors with a major in biochemistry. Ok. So now you're thinking, "Why should I hire a future biochemist to draw or write something for me?" Well, the truth is I've always loved drawing and writing and actually considered going into English or art, but I also love science. Art, however, can be done as a freelance job in addition to a job at a lab. Currently I'm just trying to afford tuition and thought this might be one way to help myself out while also having a little bit of fun. As of yet I have no experience writing or illustrating for anyone but in both high school and college I have achieved a 4.0 GPA in every English and art class that I have taken. Once again, thank you for considering me and I wish you the best of days!

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Creative Writer

I am an excellent writer. I have written articles on Ground Report and Helium with fair success. Not only do I think of myself as a good writer but I love writing so it is more then just "work" for me.

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Experienced Technical Writer and Proofreader

I have extensive experience in writing procedures and technical manuals as well as training packages and instructional material. I have a BA in professional writing from the University of Maryland.

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Content writer, Proofreader

Writing is my passion and have made it my preferred career. I have more than 3 years of experience in content, technical and instructional writing. My experiences have helped hone my grammar and proof-reading skills. I believe I can provide quality work with engaging content. I look forward to exciting opportunities that will allow me to offer my best.

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8th Grade Student of the Month

I'm a wordsmith. But not literally, because making up words isn't a great writing skill.

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Surreal or real

I am intrigued by unusual concepts. And have a lot of drive. Do you want a comical campy style, realistic and believable, or somewhere in the middle? I can do that. I specialize in surreal and observational creative writing and short stories. I am looking forward to writing for you.

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Eloquent Creative Writer.

Get it written right! I have fifteen years of lyric and creative writing experience. In addition to my creative writing skills, I also proofread and edit. I will take your idea and turn it into an artful masterpiece that will capture your audience and leave them wanting more. Let's get started on our creative journey together today!

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Need a writer? Look no further!

I am a freelance writer looking to pursue my passion. My talents range from creative writing to informative and researched articles. I am dedicated to meeting all deadlines and working in a professional manner at all times. I love to travel, learn about new cultures and share my experiences with others. I attended the University of Wisconsin with a major in marketing and English. I studied abroad in Scotland where I had the opportunity to explore the land of many of my favorite authors. I am excited to get started working for you!

United States, WI, Milton | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.8 (2 reviews)

Recent graduate. BA English & BA Philosophy. Academic writing is a breeze. Try winning a philosophy professor over, and you will understand the meaning of clear communication immediately. I have a passion for poetry and literature, but take on content writing and copywriting too. I have a sense of urgency. Years in food service have honed my "Get it done ASAP" mentality. I will work on whatever you can throw at me. Surprise me. Let's make something interesting.

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