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I am a passionate writer who runs a website writing film reviews. I have helped students write academically - for Masters dissertations, undergraduate papers and other college work - over the past year. I am efficient and reliable when it comes to writing.

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I am a very fast typist, and enjoy writing of all kinds. I always work to the best of my ability.

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Jack of All Trades Writer/Researcher/Geek For Hire

I am the kid with high potential who never quite settled into one field and as such have picked up a smattering of knowledge about just about everything. Reading and writing are my true loves, but I have a geek side as well and love building and repairing computers and fooling about with microprocessors so I have a strong technical background as well. My day job is a tech support rep for a consumer electronics company so I spend all day trying to figure out ways to explain complicated concepts to people in a way they will understand. It gives me a great ability to link seemingly unrelated topics to assist people in understanding something they didn't before.

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I have over ten years experience in sports journalism. Though most of my experience comes from live, remote broadcast, I am a 2-time Emmy-winning associate producer for documentaries on which I did a fair amount of the scriptwriting. I offer a passion for the written word, no matter the form and welcome the opportunity to dive into new things.

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Human resource professional wih a passion to write

I am a human resource professional with more than 11 years of experience. I find writing to be an extremely stimulating activity. I consider myself creative in a structured way and articulating complexity is my forte.

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I have complete command over english.

My name is Nomeen Kassi and I have completed my o'levels from beaconhouse school system pakistan. I have complete command over english writing and speaking. I am very imaginative girl so writing stories are my passion as well as I am very good at summarising stories. I can also handle administrative work when handed to me. I am sure that I can never disappoint anyone from my english skills. I also study computer science online. History and economics has always been my favourite subjects and I have quiet knowledge on biology as in have cleared my college from subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics. I stay 24/7 available viva email so i can be connected very easily.

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I'm a Chemical Engineer from Alexandria Egypt, with a passion for knowledge, reading, writing and the Internet. I work as a freelance writer for a prominent scientific publication here in Alexandria, and I also work as a Search Engine Evaluator for a leading company. I am looking to expand my at home work opportunities to include more projects in which I can utilize my experience and abilities.

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Currently study at Health Careers High School, I am enrolled into English II Pre-AP, I take World History AP, I can write fiction pretty well, was nominated for the Northside Young Author's entrance back in 7th Grade, I am a little rusty, but If I try, I can please your satisfactions. Thank you for considering me! :) P.S -- I am really good with Algebra I, so if you need tutors, I can do it. :)

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Dependable and Adaptable

I'm a writer at the core, with a love and ability for painting and drawing, particularly illustration and concept art. I'm just really someone looking to support herself while branching out into as many areas of writing and design as I can, whether with writing on jobs or office work, I'm adaptable as all get out, so I'm ready to try anything.

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Creative, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Editing. Gifted.

I write well, and I write often. I wrote when I was a child climbing trees. I wrote when I was a Marine firing machine guns. I now write as a student of English Literature. I keep my commitments and I provide quality work. I am a thinker and a poet at heart, and my words reflect these aspects by their clarity and depth. I have experienced much, and I have a God-given talent for turning ideas into passionate words. Bring me your thoughts, your products, your lacking web content and your poorly-worded essays, and I will give you quality writing.

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I am a wife with two young children and work outside the home. I have had almost ten years experience in management and now 3 years of working as a receptionist/administrative assistant and doing clerical work as well as experience writing. I have experience in homemaking, cooking, marriage and children, organization and crafts. Life is a growing process, and I look forward to helping you grow.

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writer and translator

i have done my studies in management and pursuing civil services right now , i am a voracious reader and can write and translate well and have scored ranks in many local competitions in writing . besides i am a committment oriented person in every way possible, once i take up something ,by default all my attention goes to that commitment only until it gets done.

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creative writer with a knack for word play.

Being creative is what I do and I feel incomplete if I am not writing or recording music. I love relaying my thoughts and ideals through creative writing or storytelling. Deep down in my soul there is a place where writing and emotion run hand in hand. I can not write without putting pieces of myself in my work, but I think that is how It is supposed to be. Even if I never leave this town I have lived in for 26 years, I may travel about this beautiful place in the stories I write and live on through the thoughts of anyone who may have read my words.

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I graduated from Albion College with a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Art.

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Expert writer and copy editor

Experience: Senior Marketing Executive for Outlook Expeditions. Roles include: creation and copywriting of all marketing materials (brochures, leaflets, website, blogs, social media). BA Hons in Journalism from Cardiff University.

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Speedy, reliable, proficient and young.

Addictive reader and writer of journals. 2 years of writing experience in renowned publishing company. Would love to display my eloquence and language command. The best in writing articles and reports. Brought up by a family of engineers and hard-working people. Adaptive, Agile and available. Top Quality service provider. Having great editing skills. Reliable. Experienced in working with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

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Creative Writer

My background includes broad experience working as a writer in both the U.S. and in Europe. I am also a novelist and have written numerous news stories, as well as speeches and biographies for high-profile individuals and organizations. I have the ability to create compelling stories. Please contact me for further information for your short or long-term projects.

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Versatile writer for anything you can imagine.

I have a bachelors degree on mass media and communication. Also I'm a Vancouver Film school graduate from the program "Writing for film and television" where I earned the award for best Web Series. I have worked in various projects in Mexican television and film such as "Morir En Martes" and " Toda Mia" I'm fluent in Spanish and English and I can write an average of 40 pages a day, no matter the genre and I always meet my deadlines time.

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Freelance writer, painter, sketch artist,

I am Jazmine Vanderhoef, nineteen years old looking to make some money. My skills include writing, sketching, painting(mostly acrylic), amateur digital photography, and singing. Though my thirst for knowledge is never ending. I'm always accepting and eager for new challenges. I have not taken any college classes or have a degree but I do have a high school diploma. I'm also very capable and motivated to self educate and pursue my passions. My promise to anyone who may consider hiring me is to always be dedicated, pleasant, and professional.

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Writer, Editor

I'm passionate about and inspired by the power of stories. Whether its the story of your organization or company, your services or products, or your own creative, artistic work, my background in creative and academic writing, as well as literary editorial work will be able to help you better engage with your audience and clients. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa in May of 2014 with a BA in Writing, and minors in Study of Culture & Society and Spanish Language & Culture. In school, I worked for the University's literary publication and co-founded the Drake Community Press. I've authored one collection of short stories titled "Women Who Lie," and co-authored one bilingual book titled "The Ones I Bring With Me/Los Que Llevo Conmigo: Iowa's Young Latinas on Education, Identity, and Success." My editorial work has spanned the creative, academic, and ecommerce fields, and I'm confident in my abilities as a editor and writer.

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Content Writer, Health and Fitness Certified

I've been writing for over 2 decades. After having children, I lost 50 pounds and even ran a marathon! Balancing parenting, fitness and a military family is a labor of love. I enjoy writing, including health and wellness related content, but also have extensive experience in banking, marketing and management. I offer high quality content and look forward to working with you!

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I am an MBA finance and presently working with one of the reputed banks in india in trade finance department. Also I am an avid reader and love reading fiction. Great fan of Dan Brown .

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I am a recent graduate from The University of The South, Sewanee, with a B.A. in English Literature. I decided on my major with the intent of enhancing my writing skills, which I believe to be extremely useful and relevant in this day and age. I have written blogs for a small branding/marketing company--Huckleberry Branding--and found myself capable of writing on topics that are completey new to me, adapting to the subject with sufficient research and effectively energetic writing. I find the process very exciting--taking subject matter I haven't directly been associated with before, and familiarizing myself with it until I feel confident expanding on a certain point within that topic for people to read and learn from it what I only just learned myself. A wondrful stream of knowledge only becoming swifter and smoother as people learn to utilize the internet in profound ways. I would love to write for you in any way I can, and we can discuss prices only as you see fit.

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My name is Sarah. I am a full-time elementary school teacher. A full overview of what I can offer will follow, but I am skilled in acting, organization, writing, typing, and video editing.

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I have had a poem published, and a short story I wrote won a second place award in a statewide contest. My writing style is engaging and my dialogue is witty. My specialties are romantic comedies and fantasies, and creating real people on the intended page (as opposed to letting them lie flat and dead). And as a bonus I am completely uninterested in creating cheap romance novels while dumping somehow cheaper supernatural elements or poorly researched dystopian societies featuring strong but trite women leads who end up reduced to their relationship with the other sex. I am a writer and a professional, not someone who throws gimmicks together and hope it ends well. Though rather young, having been raised around my elders, I offer both a fresh take and a non-offensive style. Thank you sincerely for considering me.

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I am a published author and have the techniques and skills that can help people to publish there short, medium and full length stories. I can also help writing resumes and help you get yourself on the market.

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Content Writer/Copywriter

In elementary school I got in trouble for reading and writing too much (rather than paying attention to math lessons). I couldn’t help it; I love words and the stories they tell. As one of my former teachers put it: “Michael hangs on a word, lets it fester for days…builds a world of what if around a single word.” That guy sure sounds like a writer, doesn’t he? My expertise is finding the right words to express the right ideas to make real CONNECTIONS with readers. If you want to connect with your customers, readers, audiences...I'm your guy.

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Diverse writer. Articulate, concise voice actress

I am a hard working, talented creative writer, who is finally pulling her writing skills off the back burner. What does this mean for you if I, the newbie in the world of freelance, am chosen? It means you will have raw energy, swirling passion and utter dedication in whatever project you throw at me. I am especially good at product descriptions. If you are marketing a product, please, look no further. I am an open minded and diverse person and enjoy learning, deeply. I am head over heels in love with words, especially ones that have become obscure and unused. I am a highly articulate writer and speaker, who has a clear and concise voice. Therefore, I would perfect for all of your voice over needs. Please, consider me if you are looking for a fresh and convincing energy to uplift and uphold your image. I will not disappoint.

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Experienced writer and editor.

I'm a university student studying for a BA in film studies at Falmouth University in England. I cover all facets of film, meaning I'm constantly writing academic essays, screenplays and film criticism. On top of that I have a few years of experience in writing for online blogs. I also dabble in writing short stories, poetry and general opinion articles. I have ten GCSEs and A levels in English, History and Film. Moreover, I have practical skills in film production. I can use adobe premier pro, AVID and sony vegas pro 12 among other editing software packages.

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Expert creative writer, photographer, ect

During my school years, I studied extensively in journalism, creative writing, photography, ect. I am fast, hardworking, and possess a professional manor among all my writings.

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Does the details so you don't have to!

I am a former Language Arts teacher with strong command of written English and an eye for detail. For several years, I have been proofreading and editing the work of a cadre of writers with the goal of technical accuracy without compromising the writer's voice and intent. Additionally, I have transcribed interviews, lectures, and panel presentations, and performed data entry for education, commerce, and political campaigns.

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Versatile, professional writer

I am an excellent writer with experience in research writing, blogging, creative writing, short story and novel writing, article writing and professional letter writing. I am prompt, thorough and professional. I will give my all to every job, no matter how large or small.

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Hi, my name is Mike. I specialize in creative writing and screenwriting. I am passionate about telling stories and improving my craft. I am not currently published, but I am exploring venues for submissions. I recently submitted to the Austin Film Festival. I have also been getting into blogging as of late via WordPress.

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I love creative writing. I have excellent English and grammar skills. I work in Microsoft word well as I am writing a children's book. I do a lot of online research to give me creative ideas for short stories. I have great communication skills.

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Expert blogger and web content creator.

I'm Stephan, and I'm a writer: that's who I am. What I do, currently, is work for 2U, an exciting company that partners with top-tier universities to create dynamic and engaging online masters programs that completely redefine the standards of distance learning. As Web Strategy Coordinator, I oversee the management of several of our websites. This includes, among other things, content strategy, content creation, editing, outreach, web analytics, and search engine optimization (SEO). But creative writing is my passion and my purpose, and one day it will be my profession. I have this unshakable notion that I am going to engender the next pop culture phenomenon, and I refuse to stop until I do. I graduated from Cornell with my B.A. in English/Creative Writing, and am currently working on the fourth draft of a novel which I soon hope to start shopping around. My interests include popular culture, education, LGBT issues, current events, copy editing, and blogging.

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Writer-voice actress

I am an 18 years old college Student taking up bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations focusing on designing, writing and speaking skills. Looking for a part time job. I am a writer of romance novels, too.

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Writer and Copy Editor

My name is Kate, and I'm a recent graduate from Boston University with a BA in English. My dream is to be a writer and editor of YA novels. Right now, I'm trying to pay off my student loans. I love writing and editing, and I'm quite good at it too, so let me help you out.

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Charismatic Words

My MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway University of London and years of teaching college English composition provide me with advanced language skills and the ability to communicate clearly with clients. Exceptional copy editing and proofreading, with insights in improving rhetoric strength as well as grammatical precision. Skilled in both full and cleaned-up verbatim transcription. Experienced in resume writing and self-publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and Createspace. Recently published "The End of the Tunnel" under pen name Dyson Kent. Currently writing the memoir "Miss Doug: a Southern Lady." Details available at

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Experienced German-American researcher/writer

Fully bi-lingual (German-American native) writer/researcher/translator with several years of experience in generating content for print and web (travel, consumer goods & entertainment, history, industrial/tech writing) residing in Berlin.

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Brilliant Writer, Admin worker and Film editor

I am currently going into my final year at university studying Politics with Media. I pride myself on creative writing and writing articles and also on any media related tasks. I have a strong background in film production including editing, screenwriting and developing post-production special effects. Previously I have worked in an office where I was tasked with putting reports together, data entry and research. I am an extremely enthusiastic and thorough worker and I believe in only leaving a job if it is perfected and to the best quality and so you can be guaranteed that any work I am given will be to the highest possible caliber.

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Here to work

Studying literature in Quebec city, hardworking, specialized in content writing and able to get technical on broadly all subjects, I am the man you need to add a french touch to your project.

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hello my name is Keifer McCormack, i'm an out of work writer whose about to start school this coming fall. i am a very creative writer and i enjoy coming up with stories and concepts. i also enjoy working with people creating a universe for any creative project as long as the client is forth coming with information to help with the story writing.

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I am a soon to be Oregon State graduate with a BS in Liberal Studies, International Adoption Publication. OSU doesn't offer Journalism as a major because they see it as a dying field, however I know that a requisite for effective communicators will always be imperative. I have experience meeting deadlines while working independently, answering phones and communicating effectively. I am self-motivated and high achieving, constantly striving to give my best.

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Excellent English and computer skills

I am currently working towards my Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Creative writing. I really enjoy writing about a range of subjects from travelling, food, to brands. I am capable of using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Office. I am open-minded, hard-working and professional.

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Quick and Accurate Proofreader

Do you need your writing proofread accurately and quickly? Twelve years of working in the financial industry has honed my speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. Now that I am a small business owner, I have more time to do what I I usually read 1-2 full length novels each day. Nothing annoys me more than to find errors in grammar, punctuation, and sequencing when reading!

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Ambitious, free-thinking creative writer

I have my bachelors in Psychology. I am currently working on a Masters in Media Psychology. I love to explore people's connections to stories and storytelling. I do have a background in English and Chemistry. I am very diverse.

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I have published 40 articles and stories in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. I am the author of Hiking Maine (Falcon, 2014), for which I spent six months hiking, writing, creating maps from GPS data, and taking photos. I am currently working on my MFA in creative writing at University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast MFA program. Mostly, I write about hiking and other human-powered outdoor activities. But I have published stories on subjects as varied as Maine wedding traditions and spring butterflies.

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Experienced writer, researcher

I am a young, experienced writer. I am passionate about the world of writing, and explore all facets of it. I have experience writing press releases, newsletters, speeches, academic writing, creative writing, and I run several blogs. I also have an eye for photography, and am able to take on many projects. I am very self-motivated, and punctuality is very important to me. I have experience with the proofreading and editing process and am willing to take on those projects.

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Mental health professional

Mental health professional with journalism/writing background. I'm interested in a variety of topics, including personal growth, music, entertainment, and health.

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Creative Writer seeking a good project

I have always had a passion for writing as a child. I published my first book of poetry 18 during which time I was in college completing my Bachelor of Arts in English with a Writing Studies concentration. I composed several works during my undergraduate career with some of those works being published.

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I have written and published 2 self-published books entitled "Iniquity's Web" and "A Scent of Jasmine." I have also written and produced a stage play called "The Ties That Bind." I've also written original music for artists. I have an Associat in Arts as well as a Bachelors in English with a minor in Music. Writing is my passion, and I love to write about various subjects that people enjoy to read about. When I write, I like to bring what I am discussing about to life and engaging the reader think deeply about what they are reading.

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Experienced Business Writer

I have extensive experience in professional article writing, business writing, and blogging. My work is high quality, and I am capable of providing fast results. I can write - and have written - everything from product descriptions of earrings to manuals for the operation of tractors. No piece of writing is outside my skill range.

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Creative Writer

My paint brush has 26 letters and a colorful pallet of symbols. If you can articulate it, I can sculpt it on pulp. I bring 15 years of writing press releases, marketing letters, fillable forms and creative freelance to the table. I have a strong background in theater, scripts, young adult and picture books. I offer reviews, critique and editing services. My stage play "Through the Pub Door" won two awards in 2003. For 8 years I worked in a public library as a reference librarian, providing answers to the public. Call me crazy, but I thoroughly enjoy researching historical facts and reading non-fiction. Beyond writing, I am very familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Pagemaker. I create logos, headings and banners.

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Dedicated student who excels in writing in the English language.

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Jordan Rowbottom was born in Rotherham, in 1991. Moving to High Wycombe in 2009, Jordan studied Performing Arts at Buckinghamshire New University and graduated in 2012 with a 2:1. He studied Script Adaptation in his second year at University, which led to him undertaking the large project of Adapting Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland for his third year examined piece along with his friend & fellow student Max Rendle. Since Graduating Jordan formed Ringadingding Studios with Max and they have been looking for opportunities to write new and challenging pieces ever since. They have an ongoing relationship with Thame Youth Theatre, whom regularly commission original scripts and adaptations for their productions. Jordan has a keen interest in writing and is looking to build a presence in the literary world.

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I am a Artist and a College student studying Culinary Arts to be a chef. What I offer is my creative writing skills, hard working ethic, and determination to get things done on time. Future clients should hire me for my out of the box creativity for projects, and attention to details regarding work.

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Hello! I am a very organized and dedicated writer. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking. I have homeschooled for over 9 yrs. and now I have plenty of freetime to write fulltime! I have taken a course at The Institute of Children's Literature. I love writing short stories for children. I have not been published yet. But, I am working to change that:))

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Be always happy, it's one way of being wise!

I am a graduate with a degree in public health from Kenyatta university.I have been involved in research work before which helped me discover my keen interest, skills and the strong passion I have for writing.I pride myself on my record of never missing deadlines and my ability to build great relationships with clients.I love new challenges as they expand my scope of knowledge on different areas and are also an integral part of growth.I am able to fit into the shoes of clients and come up with articles to suit their needs. My ability to take criticism in a positive way is what enables me to do everything to my level best.

Kenya, Nairobi Area, Nairobi | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Bachelor of Science, Biology. Radford University. Science <---> Writing

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Professional Any Writer

I have been a professional any writer for almost 8 years now. I call myself an any writer because I can write on any topic and anything. I started out small on the freelance writing ladder and have climbed my way to the top over the years. I love writing! It is my passion!

United States, OH, Steubenville | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have a strong passion for creative writing and i believe that i can excel in this field.

Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

A natural writing talent with the ability to express your most complex thoughts and ideas. Pieces include press kits, newsletters, articles and poetry

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Hello my name is Matthew Smith. I am a nurse RN CHPN. I am proficient in English and have abackground in creative writing and lyric/poetry wrinting. I am a former chef and enjoy working with new and challenging dishes.

United States, AR, Fayetteville | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Direct, passionate, adventurous & noteworthy.

I am your best shot. I am just a kid from Canada, and that is exactly why I offer the ideal perspective and knowledge base to perfect your project. Have you ever known exactly what you want a finished job to look like, but just can't find those perfect words? That is exactly what I do; giving you my writing skills and unique perspective to give you the words you need. Life is short, so let's do this right; let's do this together!

Canada, Ontario, Thorold | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Veteran, teacher, and dedicated.

Why should you hire me? After 25 years in the Navy, I understand what it means to be dedicated to my job. I have a strong work ethic which ensures every job will be done correctly and on time. I became fluent in technical and policy writing having written over 40 papers for the safe navigation of submarines. Online work is nothing new. I obtained my BS in education online. This includes 29 credit hours of biology and chemistry. The classes were heavily based on writing skill and I graduated with a GPA of 3.5. I am skilled at academic, essay, and article writing. While teaching, I wrote lesson plans for both myself and other teachers. I coordinated and taught all science classes from K-12 grade for a small, private school. Prior to me teaching, classes were based on computer learning with little human interaction. Through training Sailors and teaching children, I have become versed in the platforms of Microsoft Windows, excel, and Power Point.

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I am an undergrad at Spalding University who is in the final stages of earning a BFA in Creative Writing.

United States, KY, Louisville | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Every task I am hired to do is done with 110% of my dedication. For some people, writing is a job, for myself it is a lifestyle. I have the raw creative instinct and the cut throat attitude to get my tasks done efficiently. I offer my dedication and skills in writing, technology, and the arts. If you are interested, please feel free to send me an email at Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

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American in China here to help!

Hello! I am a 20 year old American university student studying abroad in Qingdao, China. I have been learning Mandarin for three years and teaching English for 5 months. In my spare time, I like to sit on my computer and write whatever comes to mind! I thoroughly enjoy writing and would love to make a career of it. My writing is detailed and descriptive with perfect spelling and grammar, as I love and teach English. I am generally quite open-minded and I am willing to do research before writing on certain topics. I would especially enjoy writing blogs or articles on traveling abroad or living/teaching in China.

United States, WV, Falling Waters | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a US citizen, currently enrolled in a medical school. I have excellent English writing and speaking skills. I also teach English so I am qualified for any kind of creative writing, proof reading jobs, improving someone's English grammar. Being a Medical student, I am very good at and up to date with Medicine so I am qualified for medical write ups. I'm half Pakistani so Urdu is the second language I speak, hence I am good at translating English to Urdu and vice versa. Furthermore, I'm sure you would be satisfied with the results if you hire me so go ahead and I would love to be of any help at all. :)

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Creative writer, published poet and teacher.

I am an experienced writer, having been writing for most of my life. On my side time, I write poetry and novels, and have a fairly successful instagram following for my poetry. Professionally, I am an educator in Singapore, and have taught for over 7 years in the competitive education industry in Singapore. Over the years I have helped hundreds of students to adapt to, and excel in the stressful and demanding school life here.

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I do ghostwriting, and content writing, and I'm currently studying at a polytechnic.

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Talented and versatile writer, specializing in creative writing. I'm a dedicated worker and very direct.

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I enjoy writing and am willing to be paid whatever you want to charge.

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Creative Writing Specialist, Article Writer

People call me Ana! I have a lot of experience in all levels and genres of writing. I am the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Mater Lakes Academy High School's news blog and Social Media Updater. I have had two of my non fiction works published through Creative Communication essay contest in 2012 and 2014. I wrote two books and my stories are out for the public, to read, on . My fiction stories are there. I have four years of journalism experience and knowledge, three years of psychology, and one year of creative writing. All my English classes have always been Honors. For any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Smart writing Skills coupled with good knowledge

A Graduate in Commerce and Business, am working as a Manager in an Insurance Co. I have held various posts in Sales & Marketing in varied industries from FMCG to Banking to Life & General Insurance. Have been an avid reader of both fiction and non- fiction books and am addicted to online news, hence am updated with all current events across the world.

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Some of My Qualities are... I am: - A highly energetic as well as, bubbly person who has been writing on my own since I was a child. - A person who tends to be 'O.C.D' about their work and thrives on accuracy and being on time. - One who does not allow themselves to halfway do anything. - Writing is my life. I love everything that comes with writing. - I have many different experiences that my writing career has benefited from. - I started my career in writing by winning different essay/ creative writing/ poetry writing (etc.) contests during my school years. While in High school I began publishing different pieces I wrote. I have written from short stories to novels to poetry to plays to songs to many other pieces.

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Freelance Writer/Researcher

I have over 8 years of writing experience. I have a double B.A. degree from the University of North Texas in English and Philosophy. I helped start and facilitate horticultural therapy programs in the New York City Metropolitan area - writing curriculum, grants & gardening guides for NGOs. I wrote weekly columns for the Austin Chronicle, several small independent screenplays and grants for the Austin School of Film. I currently volunteer as a development/grant-writer for the East Texas Food Bank, Tyler Audubon Society, SPCA, Bethesda Health Clinic & Mission Carthage.

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Hi! I am an engineering graduate from India. I have good knowledge in areas related to computer science and electronics. I am also good at writing articles or content writing. I have never worked as a freelancer but I see this as an opportunity and would love to work with you.

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Creative Analyst.

I have been writing and editing since the age of twelve, and coming from a sensitive part of the world, am well versed in the coarser realities of life, along with the ability and education to appreciate and translate the better and finer points of life.I am educated as a Doctor of medicine, but being of a sensitive disposition, could not confront the harshness nature sometimes inflicts, and hence chose the unpredictable and independent life of and entrepreneur and free-lancer. Having acquired a very wide palette of life experiences, hopefully I am well equipped to reflect upon the various angles that life can be viewed form.

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Since graduate I have worked in positions that require excellent communication and writing skills. I am efficient, accurate and articulate with a dry sense of wit.

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My name is Marc Weidenbacher and I have been born In Germany but lived in the U.S. since 2009. I have build up quite a resume by not only getting an Associate of Arts while still in High-School, but by helping friends, family and local businesses with my writings. I am a very open minded character and never judge its book by the cover. I feel that there is nothing more important than the freedom of speech and freedom of thought, which caused me to start writing in the first place. I am convinced, that through my writings I am able to represent whatever cause you stand for, giving you the chance to expand your business across borders and into the minds of new readers and writers. If you have more questions about my person, feel free to ask.

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Creative writer

I am a student from Pakistan where I am studying BBA. I think I have much potential in writing as I have a passion for it and I strive to excel in my engslish. I completed a coursera course- crafting an effective writer (fundamentals of english writing) and I passed it with excellent scores. I aim to learn while providing my services which I want to genuinely do good in. Also, my future ambition is to be a full-time writer.

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Ghost writer, nonfiction writer, and editor

Reliable author, with a BA degree in English and working on Masters in Creative writing. Five years of experience in writing nonfiction and publishing. Goal oriented author, dedicated to high levels of customer satisfaction and meeting aggressive business goals. Very energetic and conscientious, meets time deadline expectations. Very friendly and enthusiastic, able to learn new tasks quickly and proficient in growing key customer relationships. Represents an establishment with friendly professional demeanor at all times.

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I studied English at the University of Kansas. I am currently working as an industrial engineer for a third party logistics company servicing one of the premier auto manufacturers. I am a six sigma green belt, working toward becoming a black belt. I write short stories in my free time, as well as lyrics having performed as lead vocalist in a Chicago based band for 10 years.

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Finally starting my novel I'm looking to add a little extra writing to supplement while I write. I have several blogs and am a keen writer on all things health and well being, spirituality along with book and travel reviews

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Freelance Writer

I am an architecture student, minoring in English, hoping to give my writing career a chance. I am a passionate writer and researcher aspiring to start a journey in freelancing and blogging. I specialize in researching different topics and writing papers about them, in addition to writing short articles as well. I've written a couple of articles in my university news letter and have gained a lot of positive feedback.

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Creative Writer

I am a passionate creative writer with an honours degree in writing. I have experience in review writing, biographical writing, novel writing and children's writing. I'm a hard-working creative who has a real way with words.

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Journalism student looking to sharpen my writing skills. AKA Cheap Labour

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Writer - Translator

I am a postgraduate student who feels enthusiast about research, and I am looking forward to make my living through writing. I have followed various writing courses (Creative Writing and Screenplay Writing at the University of Cologne, Writing Lab and Ancient Dramaturgy Lab at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan), as well as various communication workshops (both in Italy and in Germany). I attended secondary school at the Arnaldo Classical Lyceum, where the main object of study were general humanities and ancient Latin and Greek language and literature. I later graduated cum laude in Classical Literature with a bachelor thesis about the Gothic language. This instruction taught me how to analyze and fully understand complex texts, as well as how to write in a comprehensible, correct and synthetic fashion.

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Still rules..

Since childhood I always had the knack of writing . My teachers discovered it early and projected me in essay and other creative writing competitions where i won laurels . From school editor to writing for several magazines I have come a long way in writing . Equipped with four years of freelance writing experience I am cognizant of the importance that I as a writer needs to attach to work assigned to me .Having specialised in English I have built up my confidence that I exhibit In my articles . Have done this work before has helped me understand and value the importance of time and faith that client imposes in me and it pushes me to the optimum to deliver my best .

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British writer, translator & digital strategist

With a vast amount of experience writing and editing for magazines such as Prestage, DSECTION, D'Scene and developing online communities for CRASH Magazine, WeLoveWords (a global community of writers), HOMMAGE (a men's luxury grooming brand) and 1x1connect (a Paris-based web agency), my talents lie principally in writing and digital strategy.

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I am a undergraduate students in civil engineering but i love writing so im ready to help using my passion

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Word smith and world builder.

When quality is your need, I'm your man. Professionally, I am co-manager of 8-bit Shogun on facebook and the soon to be released I have been writing for over 7 years, first for video game story content, but most recently and personally my focus has been novels. I am no stranger to fast production, therefore deadline jobs will not be an issue if content comes easily. I focus on quality over quantity, strong communication, and constructive criticism. I have written many different genres of literature in my personal life, so I'm honestly ready for anything. Give me a shot, because I'll give you my best.

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I am a self-motivated, detail oriented worker looking to utilize my skills in content writing and design. I am stay at home mom seeking new opportunities. I have nothing but time on my hands to finish projects and have experience with computers and programs like power point and excel. I have a passion for creativity and love to write.

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I am a published genre fiction writer specializing in horror. I am also a resident playwright in a New York City based theatre ensemble. My plays have been produced in New York and Los Angeles.

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I am from India and I have been writing for a while. Whilst I may not have the experience required, I have been practicing writing in different genres. Poetry is also one of my treasured talents. Thank you.

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I am still in highschool but i am a high honor roll student, I find myself pretty creative for silly short stories, and I can detail other stories extremely well. I also find essay writing extremely easy for me, and I can do so fast and good.

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I have experience in writing stories and proof reading, and love to help people succeed!

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I'm a writing major looking to gain more experience in my field and happy to work for cheap. Simple as that.

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