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Masters degree in psychology, writing in fiction for almost 45 years, writing in nonfiction for about 30 years, retired from psychology for a few months but anxious to continue writing just about any topic.

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Experienced academic and creative writer

I recently earned an M.Phil in Film Theory and History from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, now looking to facilitate my dream of writing fiction and screenplays. In terms of formal training, I have experience researching and writing academic papers from several hundred words to theses upwards of 15,000 on topics ranging from the music of Quentin Tarantino to the existentialism of Miyamoto Musashi. I earned a 2-1 at Trinity, where my focus was film analysis and criticism, while serving as a part time English tutor. My undergraduate curriculum focused primarily on fiction and screenwriting; I have written short stories, short screenplays, feature length screenplays, and have a certificate from The Film School in Seattle, all the while helping peers write to the best of their abilities. I also have experience copy-editing and conducting outreach campaigns. In conclusion, I have a strong command of the English language and am an enthusiastic member of any project I am a part of.

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Engineer, Writer, Excel Wizard

(1) I am an Excel and data modeling expert; you send me numbers and I'll send you whatever charts, analyses and reports you need. (2) I'm an award-winning writer. I'm accomplished in non-fiction, copy-writing, television scripting and even poetry. I can write at all levels, from little kid books to academic treatises. (3) I'm bored out of my skull these days, so I'll be thrilled to sink my teeth into any sort of challenge. Let me put my efforts into work for you!

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Spanish/English writer/translator

I'm a young freelance writer, fluent both in English and Spanish languages. I'm interested in science and fiction writing, reviewing and translating.

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I have worked in Sales, Real Estate, Education, Training and facilitation. As an English major with an MBA in Project Management, I have a vast scope of skills and experiences. My real passion is for writing and helping others, and I am proud to say that I have written and published a non-fiction book.

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Creative and Professional Writer

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Creative and Professional Writing, several online and print publications and experience in corporate writing, creative non-fiction, academic writing, copywriting and fiction writing. I am reliable and dedicated and am excited to develop my experience and folio further.

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Graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University and holds a master's of public health from Columbia University. Extensive experience with high-quality academic research and writing, content generation, editing (fiction and nonfiction), and administrative process improvement.

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Ability: fiction, script, comics, essay, lyrics, copy... Experience: worked in dailies, magazines, news portals, etc. Style: sublime, witty, analytical.

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To be completely honest, I am a young college student in my twenties, dying to get a taste of the writing world. I enter in numerous contests through Writer's Digest hoping to be successful in creative writing such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I carry a journal with me everywhere I go, always writing down sudden thoughts, epiphanies, wants, hopes, experiences, ideas.. Where later I sit at my computer and write short stories, novels, and poetry. I have taken college writing courses such as creative writing, poetry, journalism in society, and copy-editing. I always have words bumping into each other in my head that leave through a pen to stay imprinted on a piece of paper. My life. My passion. My obsession.

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Experienced Writer and Editor

I am a published writer with a love of writing fiction, non-fiction and everything in between. The process of writing is both satisfying and a thrill to me. I have a keen eye for literary flow and meticulous editing skills.

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Multi level English writer, proofreader

Masters in English. Many years of policy/procedure manuals writing experience. Published three books - fiction/poetry/play. Been part of several script writing teams. Contributed literary essays and articles to newspapers/anthologies. Written speeches for several people. Developed biographies for three individuals. Provided private tuition to university level English language and literature students.

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Talented writer, poet and blogger ready to help

Writing has been my passion since childhood. Despite my "mainstream" vocations, I have always found comfort with a pen and a pad of paper. I am able to express myself through poetry, short stories (fiction) and through my blog. I am a talented speech writer and have collaborated with an internet radio station to develop profiles and bio's for radio hosts and their shows.

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I have a master's degree in biology, and have been teaching science for 10 years. I love to read fiction and science articles, and would enjoy editing/proofing copy at home as I have excellent writing ability myself and the grammar, spelling, and context skills to go with it. I have experience in writing for and editing newsletters.

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I have experience writing online articles and creative fiction. I have translated both fiction and non-fiction (such as various user manuals and other technical texts).

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Freelance writer

Hi, I'm Cameron! I'm currently working as a corporate recruiter for a software company, and I'm freelance writing on the side. As someone with a long-held passion for the written word, I have a talent for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Additionally, as a recruiter, I've honed my skills at both resume writing and cover letter writing. Let's connect!

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I am a successful ebook writer and publisher. I have written poetry, fantasy and horror fiction as well as edited erotic and romance titles for other authors. I have been writing since the late 1990's and have also done editorial and opinion columns for several now defunct websites.

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I am an avid reader of any kind of genre and fiction writer as well as a proofreader in my free time. Also a full time, all round English teacher, I spend my weekends working as a journalist on my university's newspaper and a translator for the Medicine, Biology, History and Linguistics departments on evenings. I graduated 2 years ago from the B.A. in English Language Teaching and received extensive research training, teaching skill improvement, design of audio-visual materials, and heavy writing, editing and listening skills. I am a fast learner, a responsible, disciplined, prone-to-detail individual, and a devoted worker. Spanish is my native language, English is my second language, and Russian and German follow right after.

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Advocate for the correct usage of English.

I'm a high school English teacher looking for some writing work in my down time, especially during school holidays. I've done some editing and proofreading work for a small zine or two, as well as running a writers group for a couple of years. In my spare time I write fiction - typically fantasy - but would like to start writing more factual items that people will actually read. What else is there to say? If you have questions about my abilities as a writer, please ask.

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Freelance writer

Well written and articulate writer. Willing to write on a freelance basis.I performed very well in school, and graduated with honors from a local Community College with a curriculum heavy with writing classes. Was constantly told I was a skilled writer, and I've decided it is time I make it work for me. I am dedicated, smart, and willing to work under deadlines and pressure; Very mature, professional, and reasonable. I excel at Fiction, non fiction and of course witty humor writing. I will do whatever it takes to offer reasonable rates and reasonable time frames.

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Hardworking, creative writer

I am a freelance writer specializing in writing articles, reviews & fantasy/fiction stories.

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Medical Researcher and Creative Writer

I am student of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. I have a good command over English. I am a passionate writer, and I love to do research on new topics, especially on those related to my medical field. I am also good at writing fiction stories, poems and academic content.

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Writer, Mentor, Counseling,Teacher

I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction, short stories, poems,proposals, grants, academic essays, blogging and article writing as well as resumes' and reporting, and editing. I am proficient in office skills, computer skills and equipment as well as communication and organizational skills. I am a mentor and counselor.

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Writer, chef, and sketch artist

I'm a graduate from one of the top high schools in the nation, LSMSA. I do writing composition in the form of short fiction and poetry as well as non-fiction descriptive or critical. I can edit documents post translation, and y wpm in typing speed are between 85-100. I can analyze plots in fiction for holes, missing elements, etc. I can help with basic character development and have enough sketching experience to help with visualization of characters. My wpm in typing speed is between 85-100.

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I am, as the cliché goes, a writer stuck in a dead end job, someone who knows he can do so much more in the world without having to drown myself in student debt to do it. I have always been a voracious reader and writer. I am also a guitarist of modest talent, playing anything from Richie Kotzen and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Mick Mars or James Hatfield. I'm definitely a better rhythm player than lead. I read books as varied as high fantasy fiction and political reportage, historical tomes and comedic squibs. I'm a news whore, up to date with domestic and foreign reporting, and I read both left and right wing commentary, both Perry Anderson and Roger Scruton. I am a writer on the newly established RantPolitical website, contributing at least 3 articles a week but usually 6, on issues ranging from elitism to Scandinavian social democracy. I want to make a career out of writing, for as the Chinese say, pick a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

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Expert proofreader & academic writer

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and have completed Master's level coursework in accounting and doctoral work in psychology and neurobiology. I also have considerable experience in editing and proofreading, particularly in academia, and am well-versed in APA format. I am currently seeking freelance opportunities in writing (creative non-fiction, technical, and academic), as well as in administrative/clerical and general accounting/bookkeeping work. I am a thorough, conscientious, and self-disciplined individual, and will put 110% into any project I undertake. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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Professional tech and non-tech content developer

Professional content developer with more than a decade's experience in the industry. I deal with content of all types, right from technical content to academic writing to nontechnical ranging from research papers, software documentation, brochures, blogs, fiction, product descriptions, press releases, and more. My experience in the industry is unique, where I have worked for many majors across the globe as a professional content developer and a freelancer. Dedication, quality, and timeliness, best describe my qualities. Experience coupled with innovation are my key attributes to work. Content of any type is churned and delivered to the best of my abilities, thus working towards client satisfaction and long-term business. At Elance, I wish to portray my skills and expand my clientele base in this ever-growing competitive industry.

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Expert thinker-cum-writer

An expert writer, having experience from the age of 11. Special qualification in creative writing (both fiction and non-fiction), including article and essay writing. A painter, illustrator, blogger. Studied in one of the top colleges of the world. Therefore academic expertise. Content writing and technical writing experience too. Editors of many newsletters and one magazine. Article published in many reputed magazines and newspapers.

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Sociologist, Creative Writer, Beer/Wine Expert

Are you looking for an enthusiastic, reliable, and capable writer with a wide range of skills and a passion for research? I am ready to fill that role for you! I have a degree in Sociology and am proficient in critical writing, research, and data analysis using Stata and similar programs. I am currently pursuing Creative Fiction Writing as my area of graduate study and am very capable in grammar and spelling. I have worked in the beverage industry and can write accurately and charmingly about Beer and Wine. Along with all of these credentials I am a hardworking, efficient, and enthusiastic person who loves to research and write. If you give me a chance to showcase this, you won't be sorry.

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chef by day, writer and copy editor by night

I am an experienced writer, currently majoring in linguistics and creative writing. I work with a group of writing professionals with whom I often correlate. I writing creative fiction and nonfiction, blog form, intellectual thought, and research articles. I am also available for grammar and punctuation critique, proofreading, and copy editing. I work fast and effective and offer nothing but the best. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

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I am School Psychologist by day, but writing is my passion. I have extensive experience in report writing, specifically Psycho-Educational reports as well as other educational literature. My dream is to one day write my own fictional piece. In the meantime, I would like to sharpen my skills as a writer to make this dream happen.

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As a hobby, I am a fiction author with a vivid imagination. This is important to me, because it keeps me on my toes with an ever expanding vocabulary, an almost OCD reaction to correct grammar, and a keen eye for detail. This all translates to the ability to write fast with very few errors, and all errors are corrected immediately for a perfect piece. Articles are much like fiction, as they have to be researched to be correct. The main rule of fiction, is there has to be truth behind the fantasy to make it believable. It has to be realistic. Therefore, much research needs to be done. I take research to heart, and this brings a higher quality to my non-fiction articles. I am here to give you my writing expertise and help you with whatever you may need.

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I am currently studying towards a BA Honours Degree in English Language and Literature with the Open University, so have a lot of experience with academic writing and am able to work to deadlines. I am very passionate about writing, and can create articles about any subject. I have been writing fictional stories from a very young age and published many on online blogs and social media websites.

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I am a recent graduate of Southern Oregon University, where I studied English and Writing. I was named a recipient of the Herman Schmeling Award for Non-Fiction Writing in 2011 and hope to enroll in a graduate program in English in the near future. I'm interested in working and expanding my resume in the following fields: writing creative content for websites and social media, ghost writing, English editing, copywriting, etc.

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Analytic and Creative Expert

With a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and a solid background in English and History, I am perfectly suited for many writing tasks. My strong analytic skills, along with a flair for creativity and problem solving, can inject imagination into creative fiction and quality into non-fiction and technical writing. As a consummate professional I am thorough, accurate and clear, and complete all projects in a timely fashion, on or ahead of time.

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Translator English - Norwegian

Hi, I´m a Norwegian teacher in a primary and secondary school. I teach Norwegian and English as my main subjects. I translate English - Norwegian, and have experience in academic and fictional writing in both languages. I also translate web related content and brochures. Beside translating, I will take on proofreading and iWork related work.

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A writer, editor and contributor for your needs.

I am a graduate from Butler University with a degree in Science and Technology Societal Studies (STS). Professionally, I manage a conservation program and do a lot of technical and policy writing. I also run a grassroots campaign to raise awareness for the program I manage. In my personal time I freelance for several blogs and local publications, namely in the spheres of science, science fiction, literature, pop-culture, the environment and art. I have past experience which includes editing, photography and project management. I am a very creative and task-oriented individual and a self-starter. I love to write and do all that comes with it, be it in the vein of journalism, creative thought, reviews or simple editing for style, grammar, punctuation or syntax. By allowing me the opportunity to contribute to your site, blog or publication, you will be filling a need while letting me do something I love. That's a win-win that'll provide desirable results, don't you agree?

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Involved in the creation and development of works of fiction and non-fiction. This covers a number of wide and varied forms including poetry, prose, and life writing, Also create the content for websites or write articles for magazines or newspapers. Work freelance and self-employed.

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I am a recently graduated English and Philosophy major looking for a chance to keep on writing! I've been published in my college's literary journal both in short fiction and in poetry. I have a great deal of experience with research based writing as well due to my above majors. I like doing it all and hope to turn my passion into something that will help support me financially.

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Jenna has a unique background in counseling, client services, and non-profit business writing. When she is not writing on one of her many personal blogs, she is busy freelancing fiction and non-fiction pieces across the web.

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Experienced writer with exceptional editing skills

I am an experienced, professional writer and editor. I hold an MFA in Fiction Writing from Colorado State University and a certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute. I have taught writing and literature at the college level for a total of 7 years. I also write and edit content for an online high school curriculum developer. I am a creative, versatile writer. I can slip into any writing situation and write something that is clear, to the point, and engaging. I also have several years of proofreading and copy editing experience, ranging from small projects to full-length book manuscripts, from fiction to content for professional websites. If you want a writer and editor who is detail-oriented, creative, and always delivers exceptional content in a timely manner, I am your freelancer.

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Professional writer

I am a devoted writer. I have been writing for approximately 9 years. Short stories, romance, non-fiction, academic writings are my forte. It is not merely a job to me but a passion that I respect in the working world, the incomparable art of writing. -Emilia C.

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Multi-faceted content writer

I am a professional writer with a background in teaching English and History. My skills include technical writing (resumes, letters, reports), content writing (various topics), and non-fiction prose. I focus on creating quality content for my clients that my clients and I can be proud of.

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Experienced professional editor/proofreader.

I am a professional editor and proofreader, as well as a published author, storyteller and qualified English teacher. I work to a consistently high standard, efficiently, and with a sensitivity to the demands of different types of document and client. I can also offer a professional standard of writing in any form, help for creative writers, research, transcription and typing.

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I am a creative writer and editor with a flair for descriptions and story-telling with a unique touch. I can easily come up with ideas for articles, short stories and other types of fiction, I have many years of experience providing helpful and detailed advice on newspaper articles, short stories, content, style and grammar... Strong grammar skills and attention to detail makes me an adept editor and copy editor as well as writing content from scratch. Feel free to get in touch for more information. Looking forward to our cooperation :)

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The words you need, the way you need them.

I'm a wordsmith at heart and by profession. I earned my Master's degree in English in 2013 and am an extremely detail-oriented and creative writer, editor, and researcher. In the past, I have been involved in writing and/or editing technical manuals, textbooks, newsletters, web content, research papers, articles, business plans, grants, proposals, promotional materials such as fliers and invitations, and creative pieces such as short fiction. I understand that your time is valuable. For this reason, I only ever give 100% to every project, and I endeavor to work with you in order to best meet your requirements.

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100% ACE-ING IT!

I studied English and Creative Writing at UKZN after getting 100% for my high school writing portfolio and winning a few prizes for fiction and non-fiction writing. I love to learn, write and earn and so I offer you my 100% expertise so that you too can ace it!

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I have a very strong writing background. In school, I participated in Journalism, The school newspaper (The Mirror), and Creative Writing Club. I also participated in Photography. I write alot of fiction and I always am trying to perfect my skills. I am dependable and I learn quick. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I have grown up with computers and technology, and--having used them nearly every day since kindergarten, which makes 23 years now--am very comfortable using one to do every thing from simple word processing to managing a private, wireless network. Throughout my years of school, I always had a penchant for writing; every aspect of writing, be it creative or informative, has come rather easy for me. Since then I have dabbled in countless avenues of writing; I have written blogs, published poetry, fiction, transcription, and even one--albeit unenthusiastic--screenplay. In my part time, I have found some success in video editing. My first endeavor was in tribute to a favorite past-time and was even featured on Youtube's front page. My last endeavor was creating a montage with a trial version of Sony Vegas, using only the assets provided by the sponsor. I have since desired to do even more video editing, but have not found an inspiring focus or satisfactory assets to justify a project.

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widely published, experienced writer and editor

I'm a widely published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, who has three years of experience at a major daily newspaper, and a Master's degree in Creative Writing.

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Prospective editor, author, and composer.

I am a 23 year old student looking to gain experience in editorial work. I attended college for nearly 4 years studying Biology, Exercise Science, and English. I am attending college again in the fall to complete a Bachelor's of Science in English with a specialization in writing, and a minor in Psychology. I have a fresh perspective that is unadulterated by any particular style of editing or writing, and am involved in a number of extracurricular activities that have provided various experiences that can offer valuable insight in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, medicine, music, athletics, and many more.

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Friendly, Expert, Ethical is a web-based, on-demand proofreading and editing service. Our team of editors consists of English language specialists, each fully qualified with degrees in Journalism, English, Communications or Advertising, and a minimum of 15 years of editing and writing experience – skills required when it comes to making complicated ideas easy to understand. We all have experience editing a variety of media: fiction and nonfiction books, thesis papers, website content, contracts, proposals, business plans, magazines and marketing materials. If it has a word on it, we can help turn your writing into well-written content – on time, and in budget.

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Yoga, Health and Wellness Expert

I have a BA in Dance, along with a smattering of post-secondary courses in PE and Kinesiology. My main experience is in the health and fitness industry. I had a long career as a professional contemporary dancer, concurrently working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. In the late 90's I began teaching yoga, became a massage therapist, and learned to meditate. I also spent 4 years in Montreal, learning to speak fluent french. I opened a studio for dance and yoga, and ran it for 5 years, writing press releases and blog posts. I am recovering from my second hip replacement, and have been blogging about it. Here's the link: I am also working on a book - the book I would have liked to read going into my first surgery. In the past few years I have been writing some creative non-fiction, and doing a bit of grant writing.

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I'm currently working for whatson media group UK and feature consultant at Splash fashion and Life Style Magazine. My present working area are as following: news sourcing, editing, subbing, uploading, art and event listings, blog writing, FB official page updating, article writing on fashion, life style, politics, religion, social issues, literary fiction, non fiction, script for television, poem in Bengali, lyric,

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Creative writer, very descriptive and imaginative.

I've been writing for years now, and the time I'm not writing is usually devoted to thinking about writing. Currently I'm working on multiple short stories and two novels. Mostly I stick to science fiction and fantasy though I'm adept at general fiction, and I love poetry of all kinds. My strongest suit, besides my overall creativity and originality is my attention to detail. My strongest critic will always be myself, and I never phone it in when it comes to a story or even an idea. I'm willing to accept any kind of criticism too if it means that I improve my skills.

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I'm a passionate writer with an inclination for religious and cultural studies, basketball, music, modern fiction, and film, who is capable of consistently producing quality editorial content. I am somewhat of what you may call a "third-cultured" kid, having been born in Chicago to Korean parents and growing up between the Korean public school system in Seoul and the American prep school system of HKIS in Hong Kong. I attended Williams College in Massachusetts, one of the highest ranked liberal arts colleges in the US, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies, a writing intensive, multidisciplinary major, and made the Dean's List.

Hong Kong SAR, PRC, Hong Kong, Hong Kong | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a student at a top university with a writing-intensive major. I'm capable of crafting detailed reports, nuanced research papers, clever essays, or works of fiction. You have an idea, I can make it come to life (on a page). Feel free to inquire for details.

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expert in research and creative writer.

I am passionate about the written word, and currently in the process of writing my own fictional novel. I offer my research expertise,creative writing and proposal drafting skills. I have some english and history teaching experience, and have also tutored in the department of anthropology for two years.

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Professional proofreader and editor with a strong technical background. Specialties include academic writing, fiction, blogs and website content review.

Trinidad And Tobago, Trinidad, Bayshore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer, Editor, & Translator in English and French

I have worked as a critic and editor, writing for blogs and journals, for two years. I write fiction and am interested in ghostwriting as well. Additionally, I am able to translate in French and English.

France, Ile-de-France, Ermont | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I graduated with B. A. in Journalism, emphasis on Professional Writing. My degree is focused on writing and editing genre fiction. I took classes that taught me about formulas for each genre, how to develop a novel, and how to edit work. After graduating, I interned with a small publisher in Texas and worked on cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, and some women's fiction. Recently, I attended and completed NYU's Summer Publishing institute, which is a program that teaches recent college grads and young professionals more about publishing. I love to read young adult and adult and like to stick with genre fiction. I enjoy fantasy (mostly urban), contemporary, science fiction, adventure, and romance. But, I am usually willing to give any story a try.

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A versitile writer, bringing life to the page.

I am a professional writer with a degree in English and non-fiction creative writing. I have over 15 years experience working with arts and cultural organizations, and community-based non-profits as a creative writer, grant writer and content writer. Whether you're looking for help with a grant proposal, want someone to re-work your web content, or need a hands-on editor for your first novel, I will work to meet your needs, maintain your unique voice, and bring life to the page for you!

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BA (Hons) Economics. Twenty years experience in the UK publishing and media industry. Extensive writing, editing and project management experience. Wide variety of topics. Education. Medical. Legal. Fiction. Non-fiction. Business. Consumer. Scientific. Children. Academic. Magazines. Books. Newsletters. Speeches. Research. Reports.

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Writer and Editor

I am a wife and mother with a lifelong love of the written word. With a background in speech and theatre, fiction writing, poetry, and informative articles, plus a knack for adaptation to a wide variety of styles, I'm ready to tackle any need. I am also talented at proofreading and editing!

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Linguistics enthusiast available for hire!

Linguistic enthusiast. I am fluent in Polish and English and i am currently also learning Dutch. My work career has been based in sales so i specialize in using buzzwords to achieve maximum effect. I enjoy writing fiction works, i have a couple of manuscripts that are being read by friends at the moment so i can gauge their reaction with those. With those finished i figured i would put my skills to use and earn myself some income. When i write i aim to write using words that induce pictures into the consciousness of the reader. Novels should be just as enthralling for the reader as the Author writing them. Any English based work i partake in, i will happily provide a 100-250 word example free of charge so you, the consumer can decide wether or not my skillset is suited to what is required. I am also fanatical about sports, mainly soccer, basketball and ice hockey but i have good knowledge of most others also. Any work i partake in will be treated as full-time.

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I'm an Internationally Published author in both Fiction and non-fiction. I have been a Journalist for over thirty years, mainly working on International Stories for the BBC Reuters and Sky News as well as for numerous magazines and Newspapers.

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Truth be told, I don't have any amazing qualifications. Though I will work as hard as I can to finish any projects/jobs I receive. I will make sure any piece of work is above satisfactory before even thinking about it being complete. If you are looking for a proofreader, I have been known to find easy-to-miss mistakes in other people's works, even though I often miss them in my own work. I have been to many places around the world, and have had many of my edited photos on display in different programs (known mostly by my hometown). Creative writing is my favorite skill. I enjoy writing fiction most but non-fiction is always good, if the facts are correct. Hit me with your best shot, I love challenges! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Lover of the English Language

Beyond reading and writing avidly, I am adept at putting thoughts to words and helping others express themselves more vividly and properly, and according to format. Most of my work has involved editing fiction, essays, and works by ESL writers and students. My rate is low because I'm coming into Elance at a less-than-expert level and am hoping to build a better portfolio with it.

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Great Writer with Flexible Schedule

I started at BlogMutt in January as one of their freelance writers and already have ghost written a lot of blogs for their happy clients. I have a broad educational background and a love of learning new things. I've been practicing writing fiction and non-fiction since I was a teenager and have worked in many industries as an admin.

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I am active, my hobbies include yoga, thai boxing and horseback riding. My writing skills have always been praised and I have written fiction, reviews, essays, etc. in Finnish and in English. I am hard working and always finish what I have started.

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Native German speaker with expertise variety

Working in a variety of industries has given me a broad expertise in writing, translating and editing business documents, reports, technical documentation, fictional and non-fictional texts and reports. I am a Chamber of Commerce qualified translator and business administrator with interests in many different fields. I look forward to working with / for you.

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English tutor, editor, proofreader, galore!

I am currently a full time student inching closer to my degree in English with concentrations in Professional Writing and Editing (I will also have a degree in Italian language). I am a skilled writer, editor, and proofreader, and have worked as an English and writing tutor and editor for those in high school and college. As a writer, I excel in technical and creative non fiction writing. I am open to editing or proofreading anything, however. Because I am in school full time, I seek to gain more experience and locate job opportunities. Contact me and I will be more than happy to help!

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I have an M.A. in History, with my B.A. in History and Philosophy. I've honed my writing skills through countless academic papers, as well as personal writing of fiction and non-fiction. I can work quickly and efficiently to produce a near perfect product in one go.

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talented writer , editor, proof reader

Hi, this is parul I am a talented writer i can do almost all the stuff related to writing for any field and topic i can also edit. I'm an expert in writing stories (fiction) and perfect for all writing jobs i'll prove to be a great personnel if given a chance.

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Experienced editor for presses, published writer

I have edited for the University of Florida and KITLV Press in Holland, as well as for individual professors and researchers. My Master's from UF is in writing, and I have published stories and poetry and won awards for fiction and screenplays. I taught writing and grammar for 17 years, 10 years at the college level. I have been a director of education, which involved multitasking, hiring, training, supervising, budgeting, and creating curricula. I have strong interpersonal and collaborative skills with coworkers, supervisors, writers, and publishers. I am dependable, invested, efficient, and self-motivated. I am available to travel if necessary.

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Writing: I am a fiction writer by trade, and I think my years spent reading, critiquing, editing, and teaching creative writing have helped me develop a careful eye for style and detail. I can read and edit quickly, and can also provide content or style-specific suggestions for revision. Art and illustration: I have painted interior murals that range from 6 to 60 feet long. I especially enjoy nature and fantasy themes, but am always excited to take on new subjects. I am mostly a traditional illustrator but have some experience working with digital media. My goal with digital art is always to make the final image to look as clean and natural as possible, with no hard, pixilated edges or flat color.

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I am currently a graduate student pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing. I have an exemplary portfolio of blog posts, magazine articles, and fiction pieces. It is my ambition to one day write novels professionally, but in the meantime, I enjoy reading (mostly fantasy or horror stories), learning new languages, studying coding, and spending time with my friends and family.

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I am offering my services as an editor for academic, technical and fiction writing. I have a strong academic background in the humanities. I hold a double BA in English and History, and a Masters in English. I am currently an ABD PhD candidate in English Literature. * I am fluent in British and American spelling and grammatical conventions. * Can adhere to Chicago, MLA or MHRA style guides. * My rates are competitive as I am interested in developing my portfolio. * Experienced in working with writers whose native language is not English.

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My formal background is in journalism, film studies, and creative writing. I have studied at the University of Iowa School of Journalism as well as through the Iowa Writers' Workshop and Film Studies program. I have a professional background in visual media production, which includes video production, editing, sound design and music production, copy writing, and proofreading. I am comfortable working in a broad range of topics with particular interest and depth in: Fiction writing and long-form manuscripts Sports writing Music studies post-1950s Biography and character-driven pieces Cinema and comparative literature How-to format video and/or written instruction

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I'm a published author, blog writer, guest article writer, and editor with great grammar skills. Would love to help you with any school related or fiction writing project.

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passionate and focused writer

i am a graduate in computer science. I have always been intrested in creative writing, writing fiction, reports, blogs, articles, ebooks. I have read great deal of literature books and others fictions and popular books till yet. Writing is my passion and hence i guarantee 100% focus in whatever i write for clients.

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Perfect words in the perfect places.

I studied Philosophy in university, focusing on meta-ethics. I am comfortable with abstraction, but I never forget to value clarity and precision. English is my first language and I am fussy regarding usage. While my command of the language derives mainly from books, I do consume pop culture from diverse sources. I read and enjoy most kinds of literature, helping me in copying 'literary voices' easily. Test me on this. I can think about words, phrases, and sentences for amounts of time that can border on the obscene. Clients who require this kind of attentiveness to language for their projects would very likely benefit from my obsession. I would rather not do projects that are short or 'easy'. I already have a job in academic writing so I do not wish to write anything academic unless the project is in philosophy. What I am interested in is writing longer things, such as novels. I write my own stories; I am comfortable producing fictional ideas. I will not require a proofreader.

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Freelance writer

Hi, I am a college student taking up Hotel Restaurant Management. Although my course doesn't fit my skills, I am an aspiring writer. I used to write for my highschool's newspaper, and now in college I send short stories/articles from time to time in the school's paper. I have very good English skills. Also I am diverse in writing from technical papers, to articles about a wide range of topics, creative writing, fiction, short stories etc.

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I am an undergrad level student and I am proficient in English writing. I have a history of Essay writing prizes, fiction and articles related to sports. Although, I can write generic and easy articles related to almost any field ranging from tech to health and from entertainment to academics.

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I have a Dual Bachelor's in French and History. I am proficient in writing in French and English. My last project in college was to write a 40-page Honors thesis in French, in which I discussed changes in science fiction styles at the turn of the 20th century and how this reflected changes in society's view of science during this time frame. Writing is my passion. I can also do some Italian translation as well. Let me know what I can do for you.

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Professional, reliable, on-time editing.

Every word we write has meaning and using the right words makes a difference. I enjoy working with clients and finding the best way to express what they want to say, with the goal of making every reading experience as enjoyable as it can be. I have a MS in Human Development and Family Studies/College Student Development, and have worked in a university setting for over 30 years. I read extensively, and have experience editing and proofreading at the private level. I have taught adult literacy through a community organization. My professional work experience includes academic advising, instructing a freshman seminar, and working in a business office. I have entered the freelance world to bring my talents to a broader clientele. I welcome the opportunity to work with authors and writers in a variety of formats, and feel confident that we will work well together and that you will be satisfied with my work.

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accountable , honest , professionally ethical

Hi ! Employer , I know the tactics of influencing people with my written material . I have the ability to describe any complex system/situation/substance in any kind of formal or informal - report , description , manual , technique . I am of technical background , have 5 years of writing experience . I started with fiction , then non fiction and now technical writings and seo writings are also under my writing genre . I am damn serious when it comes for the sake of work. I understand the responsibility situation very well and I have that credibility of taking charge of what work is given to me .

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Tutor, Trainer, Writer, Proofreader and CopyEditor

Experienced, skilled and qualified. Born in Oxford, with a B.A. in English, Economics and Geography. Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Writer and publisher of Business Learning manuals, Leisure Learning guides, short short story collections. GCSE tutor in English, Business Studies and Geography. Leading member of a regional training association. Trainer in over 50 business subjects for SMEs and the self-employed including leadership and management, sales and marketing, e-marketing and SEO, speaking and presentation skills, costing and pricing, finance and taxation. Leisure fiction short short stories include humour, horror, mystery, romance and children's story collections. Ongoing proof-reading and copy-editing of technical, business, marketing and fiction material. If you want proof-reading, writing or copy-editing of English theses, documents, marketing and other material, it makes sense to employ someone who was born, educated, and always lived and worked in England !

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I deal mostly with research and non-fiction writing; however I can use words to set moods and tempo which work well with fiction.

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Expert in editing/freelancing/Social Media

I am an English major with many published articles and works both fiction/non. I write several weekly columns for online journals and am well-established in the online writing world. I have extensive Social Media and Journalism Ethics training - including a four month Social Media/Editing Course via the extremely popular I have many superior references, a wide array of resources at my fingertips, and plenty of time to devote to tailoring my work to your needs and producing high quality work in very little time. I am enthusiastic beyond belief and consider every opportunity, simple or challenging, as a chance to learn and grow. No job is too big or small for me.

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Need a fresh set of eyes for your work?

Hi! I am passionate about reading, writing and editing. I am an avid reader of fiction novels and hope to write one someday! I find it amazing how authors portray characters in such a way that we can identify with them; they make us feel as if we know them almost. I have earned an Honours B.A. in English Literature with a minor in French and will be starting an M.A. Program in September. I would love to help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently, and for a reasonable rate, as I am fairly new to the scene. I am thorough and easy to work with. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Skilled writer and editor (Law, History, English)

I have undergraduate degrees in English and History and a graduate degree in History from Memorial University, where I am a Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies. I am currently attending law school at Dalhousie University and am scheduled to graduate in 2015. My education has given me extensive experience in both writing and editing. As a graduate student, I worked as a teaching assistant, correcting papers and providing feedback to undergraduates. My background in both English and History has given me experience writing both fact and fiction and has made me a well-rounded writer. Also, I was awarded the 2011 Michael Harrington Prize for History.

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Lover of the written word

I am a freelance writer who specializes in relationship and emotional issues as well as poetry. I have received several poetry awards and have had several poems published in various books through the Poetry Society. I am currently working on a book of fiction in my spare time. My greatest loves while in school was the written word and language. I have always loved to read and write poetry as well. I have taken some college courses in psychology and am fascinated with the human mind and it's emotional responses to issues and people. I maintained a 3.98 GPA and stayed on the president's list during my college courses. Some of my greatest accomplishments are my children and grandchildren. I have a love of life and a great passion for writing especially when dealing with personal issues such as emotions and relationships. I am very dedicated to the pursuit of understanding the human mind and why people respond to situations and other people the way they do. I am very versatile as well.

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I have studied and completed my primary and high school in the United Kingdom, I studied in Indonesia for my bachelor degree in communication and soon i will study abroad to get my masters degree in M.B.A. I have finished all the levels in E.F (English First) in flying colors and also i have a TOEFL score of 563. My thirst for knowledge and creative skills made me an expert in computer skills, song writing skills (Hip hop and R'n'B), fiction and non fiction creative writings and also to add to my creative skills in writing a fiction or non fiction my favorite past time hobby is watching movies so i have all the imaginations i need for a story.

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Young but experienced, versatile writer

I am a college student who hopes to be an author in the future. I have been writing a literary fiction novel for the past 2.5 years, as well as having years' experience writing poetry, short stories, and flash fiction. As a blogger, I write articles related to philosophy, religion, politics, and current events. I also professionally write term papers on almost any subject. I am versatile as a writer and I have experience, and when writing, the main thing I keep in mind is "substance over form." Clarity and simplicity are always my main goals; writing is a tool to communicate with an audience, not to confuse it. Additionally, I have some experience coding XHTML and I am learning to program with Java. I can write excellent search engine optimization. I am proficient in the use of Adobe Photoshop and creative enough to come up with the right design for you. I can also use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word with ease, and I have experience as an editor.

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Expert Creative and Content Writer

I have a Bachelor's degree in Management Studies with specialization in Marketing and Advertising. Also, a certificate in film-making which makes me an expert at Creative and Fiction Writing. My work experience includes working at a leading media company as Content Producer for their website

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Writer, Researcher, Editor

I am an experienced writer, editor and researcher. I have worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance journalist, research consultant, English language teacher, have published fiction, and I currently edit and publish an online literary magazine.

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I'm Natasha McGregor, a writer and student from Bristol, UK. Currently I am studying for my degree in Drama with Creative Writing at UWE. I write mainly poetry and short fiction, and am currently working on my first full length novel. I also regularly review for Bristol Theatre Review.

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Hello, my name is Kali. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in English Language and Literature with a strong background in analytical writing as well as creative fiction and scientific writing.

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Creative writer/Copywriter/Content writer

As a short film producer/writer, I am adequately experienced in creative writing, copy writing and content editing all kinds of sales and marketing text. Although I'm just a student doing my bachelors in computer science engineering,I do have a bit of corporate experience. I worked earlier as a freelancer for a skill assessment company and freelanced for various MNC's like Accenture, HSBC, CTS and many more , my skills include- writing quality original copy, business plans, creating budgets and also having superb communication skills and more. I have hosted many collegiate events and took part in debating contests. I have a blog of my own where i write poetry, articles and short fictional stories and make it available to the world. I also worked as a Radio Jockey for a local radio station for a brief amount of time.

India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

With a background in both fiction and non-fiction, I am able to adapt my writing to a wide range of outlets. My creativity helps me tell a story in each piece I produce, while my attention to detail allows me to communicate the facts.

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