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writer / editor / journalist

Writer and Journalist for almost a decade of experience writing, sub-editing, copy editing and proof-reading. Soon-to-be-published author of a Documentary Non-fiction book for Yoda Press, India. Have worked with companies like Oxford University Press, Hindustan Times, Tehelka and most recently, Blouin ArtInfo.

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Ghost Writing and Manuscript Editing Specialist

I am an experienced freelance writer that has enjoyed success and respect. My specialty is ghost writing, particularly fiction and historical non-fiction. I have a knack of taking the merest ideas and growing them to a full-blown manuscript. Two of my most recent projects are currently doing well on Amazon. I am also a proficient line-editor and experienced in academic documents such as dissertations. I speak fluent Spanish and can manage most translations. I have published multiple sports articles with an extensive background in baseball and body building. I have over 30 years of experience in public education, having served as a teacher, building and district administrator. I can be trusted with your content articles, research projects, resumes and cover letters. I work for fair compensation and provide immediate turn-around.

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Specialize in Fiction, Play writes, and Articles

I startes writing at 12 years old. At first it was simple poetry and before I knew it I was writing stories and plays. It wasn't long before others realize I had talent and I became the go to girl for writing letters and poems for people. Later on I decided to acess my talent differently and write a few article on topics that my friends wanted to read in away that would grab them. I write urban fiction, horror stories,and articles on varies topic. I look forward to making my talent a profession and writinh the best and most trilling clips for my employer.

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Creative Writer and Editor

Creative professional with global writing and editing experience in the fields of book/magazine publishing, event management, academia, and non profits. In addition to having written and edited a vast array of marketing and public relations material, I also write and critique works of fiction and non-fiction. With an MFA in Fiction Writing and BA in Journalism, I am eager to take on a variety of projects that will showcase my strong writing skills, as well as my dedication to getting the job done in a timely and organized manner.

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Young Adult/ Fiction Writer

I can use my imagination to write original works and work with integrity. I am willing to work on a project with another writer(s). I do primarily Young Adult Fiction, but am willing to branch out with works for children or adults. I will try my best with script writing, but I don't have much experience with that. I don't do non-fiction or creative non-fiction.

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Professional Writer of Fiction and Poetry

I am a professional writer of fiction and poetry, and have a wide breadth of experience in creative as well as academic and professional writing. I am a graduate of one of the top and most innovative writing programs in the country, and am highly adaptable to new experiences and projects.

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Finance and Business Writing Expert

English Professor, writer, and editor who specializes in custom research and writing for clients in a variety of industry verticals including health care, pharmaceuticals, financial and tech services, and consumer packaged goods. Skills include bottom-up research, drafting proposals, answering RFPs, and editing investor marketing and communications for coherent thematic content.

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Creative and effective writing specialist.

I run and write for an indie music publication. I also have extensive experience writing about sports, particularly baseball. Original fiction, editing and ghostwriting are also available.

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College Student with Solid Writing Skills

Sophomore in college pursuing Microbiology. Strong interest and background in creative writing, specifically spoken word/slam poetry. Blogging skills are intermediate. Decent fiction writing (short story, character development, plot development).

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Good writer in fiction or non-fiction

I have a very powerful imagination and I believe I can work around anything that involves writing. In my spare time I write a lot of fiction (I'm currently working on my 4th novel). I'm currently in collage studying the journalism field.

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Experienced Writer, Author, Journalist, Researcher

Published author and journalist with PhD in Political and Social Sciences. Experienced journalist, author, researcher and editor. Quality writing, research and translation (trilingual: English, Dutch, German). Books, articles, essays, columns, ghost writing, proof reading, reports, policy documents, reviews, research. Academic and non-academic writing. Author of numerous Accreditation Reports in the field of higher education policy. Expertise: politics and policy, higher education, investigative journalism, non-fiction writing, academic publishing, non-academic publishing.

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Japanese translator and writer

Currently I am working as a freelance translator between Japanese and English, with advertising, marketing and PR materials. Previously, at a global company, I was employed as a full-time editor and copywriter, writing copies for cooperate adverts, editing brochures and translating globalised English brochures and internal documents into Japanese. I completed a Masters degree in Literary Translation at the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, in the University of East Anglia, which has allowed me to acquire a theoretical and practical understanding of in literary translation. Through my postgraduate degree, I have learned how to translate literary works such as prose fiction, poetry and drama both from Japanese into English and from English into Japanese, working on linguistic and cultural differences between the two languages, as well as investigating the representation of creating of creativity in a target text and language in translation.

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Journalist, Creative writer, copy editor

I am a journalist from India with 2 years of work experience in mainstream and offbeat media. Opinion based articles, sports, lifestyle, fiction, travel writing, copy editing are a few of my expertise. Poetry is a passion. Writing comes naturally to me, and my readers say I'm expressive through my words and create a different world through my fiction. I'm open to all kinds of projects in my preferred expertise. However, I'm open to anything new and challenging that could push me to do something I've never tried before.

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My Specialty: academic writing services.

I have more than 5 years working experience in academic writing, e-book writing, web content development, translation services, editing, proofreading, etc. I also have a solid understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). I always ensure my customers are satisfied with the quality of my work because i believe this is the basis for the development of a good professional relationship. I am at your service!

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Book Writing: Fiction and Non-fiction Expert

I am an experienced editor and a published author of two acclaimed novels. I have worked in media and publishing for over 15 years and am well-equipped to write content for a variety of platforms, including blogs, social media networking sites, websites, speeches, newsletters, catalogs, magazines, e-zines, book proposals, etc. I will be happy to ghost write books (fiction and non-fiction) for various genres, including children's writing. In addition to the above, I am also skilled in proofreading, copy-editing, structural editing and fact-checking. I can assure quality writing and editing services to clients across platforms. Look forward to working with you.

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Poet, Creative writer, Ghostwriter, Mother

Poetry is my lifeblood. One day creative writing and essays will pay the bills. Being a Ghostwriter is just plain FUN. I have had poems published in anthologies, am a spoken word performance artist and truly enjoy bringing a non-fiction story to life. Tell me the story, I'll write it so lively you'll be surprised when it doesn't get up and walk away at the end.

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Professional writing skills, Novel writing.

Extremely interested in using my talents as a writer as a way of earning a living and making a career from writing at some point in my life. Writing personal poems, sketches, short stories totally fiction straight out of the mind long stories, has always been a part of my life even as a child. I am extremely interested in having the opportunity to use my talent towards writing for anyone who would be interested or needing a novel writer, or portions writer. Given the opportunity, my final results would speak for the work in it's own. With that, I can only ask to be considered if your searching for a committed writer. No job will go un-finished.

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Writing/Editing Specialist

With a comprehensive background in professional feature and news reporting/writing, I can produce high-quality writing assignments against difficult deadlines. In addition to my non-fiction work, I have also had many creative-writing, fiction and poetry works published online, as well as in magazines. As a full-time English teacher, I now freelance on the side. My work, some of which can be found online, is sharp and reliable. Please feel free to search for samples of my work under my maiden name, Lacey Korevec. With many years of editing experience, I also happily accept editing/proofreading assignments.

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writing, marketing online

I was studying marketing and economics I like to write various things including fiction short stories, product marketing, and advertising relating to writing.

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Fiction writer

I am very talented in writing. I started to write at 13 and let my close friends read the story. I have got good compliments from it. I wrote 5 stories in one online fiction site. 2 of it already completed with subscribers past 100 and 200. 1 is a short story. 2 more are still on going but already managed to get subscribers past 40 and 60.

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Skilled Hebrew-Eng Translator

As a published author and journalist who is perfectly fluent in both Hebrew and English, I am available for creative writing projects and for Hebrew-English translations. While I aim to deliver polished prose - clear, concise and interesting, I am a little selective in the writing projects I take on. So contact me, describe what it is you need, and I'll let you know if I can be of help.

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Content writer, journalism, creative writing

Experienced journalist, who developed her skills on the streets of Northern Ireland during the Troubles and Peace Process. Interests are wide and include hard hitting news and current affairs, female survival guides, through to the spiritual, religion and politics, music and poetry. Very capable web page content writer, editor, non-fiction and fiction. A creative speech writer with a library of literature to quote from, her educational awards include a LL.B, and a wide range of broadcasting qualifications. Several hard hitting and uncompromising online marketing political campaigns have made her one of the most talked about underground cyber space warrior of her generation in Ireland.

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Writing, translating, cretive content producer

La peor tortura de mi ADN es que me apasione escribir. Me dedico a dar batalla en esa faena desde hace diez a¿os. Soy periodista gr¿ca; soy productora de radio y television. Soy parte de Garrincha Club Social, un club autogestionado que, invocando el nombre de un p¿ro feo, incontrolable; a contramano de la vanguardia y de la revolucion cultural en curso, decidio hacer libros. Puedo escribir los versos mas tristes esta noche, y cualquier otra cosa que se necesite. ¿Por que? Porque nadie nunca pudo escapar a su cometido en esta vida. Ni siquiera cuando se trata de un flagelo como el violento oficio de escribir.

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First-rate copywriter & budding fiction writer

I've always been a writer and always will. Whether I am writing copy for a company, or Christmas themed fiction for my children, I am never too far from creating black and white words on a page designed to provoke a reaction from the reader.

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I will right your writing.

I've worked in IT project management since 2012. I have an MFA and BA in creative writing. The combination of this education and experience makes me valuable if you need copy editing for technical writing, especially regarding enterprise computing, including topics of virtualization, databases, storage, and total cost of ownership modeling. Because my background is in fiction, and I've taught writing on the college level, I can help with more than just technical writing. I also know how to work with content management systems to edit online writing and blog writing. Don't contact me to generate initial drafts of writing, but I am happy to make what has already been written cleaner, better, and closer to right.

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Experienced Writer/Editor

I specialize in both creative and technical writing, as an MFA in Fiction Writing candidate and with 4 years experience writing and editing copy for a financial news website and a legal services publishing company. I have worked as a freelance editor for both adult fiction and children's book manuscripts, and I provide supportive and careful feedback, development, copyediting and proofreading for novels, screenplays, essays, academic papers, articles and reports. Currently an MFA fiction writing student on sabbatical with a BA in English and Film, I was also a script reader for various independent film offices in New York City, which means I know how to analyze and write about story content and quality. I bring sophisticated language to any report, article, promotional or web content material that I am writing. I enjoy research and can quickly and easily write copy based on my ability to gain a broad overview of any subject in a short amount of time.

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Creative Writing Specialty

I am available for writing, editing, and proofreading as well as generating orginal and creative ideas for your project, whether it is for the screen, stage, blog, nonfiction essay or memoir (or academic article), or narrative fiction (any length).

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Writing new and brilliant is who I am...

I have done BS honor in Computer Sciences but loved literature whole my life. I would like to pursue this love of mine with WRITING content, stories, fiction, something, anything...

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Expert Editor, Writer, Ghostwriter, and Poet

I am an experienced, attentive and gifted editor, creative writer, writing coach, non-fiction writer, poet, poetry-coach, ghostwriter, content writer, proofreader, copy editor, and developmental editor. I am gifted with an eagle eye. I will deliver work of the highest caliber without delay. I am flexible and work with various genres. Style and voicing is custom-tailored according to the unique specific needs of each client. Authenticity and integrity are important to me. I am responsible, intelligent, courteous, creative, versatile and reliable. When editing, I work in Microsoft Word (with the option to use the track changes tool to facilitate communication and collaboration with clients). I'm a superb communicator and have a knack for intuitively discerning the subtle nuances of a client's intent, style, voice, preference and needs.

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Fiction and Feature Writer

I offer fiction and feature writing as well as proofreading and editing of any article (regardless of content). I strictly adhere to deadlines and client specifications when creating an article. I am also flexible in terms of payment.

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Literary agency editor, freelance editor

I work 9-5 at a top nonfiction literary agency, reading submissions, scouting authors, and editing clients' proposals. Out of the office, I freelance edit for UK-based publisher Gollancz, and occasionally take on clients as an editor, copy-editor/proofreader, ghostwriter, researcher, and fact-checker. I graduated cum laude with a BA in English Language & Literature from Smith College and with an MA with distinction (highest UK honors) in Renaissance Literature from University College London. Between undergraduate and graduate degrees, I held a Fulbright fellowship in South Korea, and taught high school English for two years.

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Freelance Journalist and Excellent Researcher

I am a freelance journalist from Belfast, Northern Ireland with excellent writing and editing skills. I possess an extensive knowledge of subjects such as history and politics, and I can write both fiction and non-fiction to an extremely high standard. My work never fails to meet deadlines and I am always eager to research and learn about new topics.

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Experienced, Creative Fiction Writer & Blogger

I was born a writer and I'll die with my fingers on a keyboard. Deeply passionate about the power of words and the importance of creativity. I have 20+ years of experience in fiction writing, journalism, and blogging. Proficient with Word, Photoshop, and all major blogging platforms including WordPress. To date, I've had 9 novels professionally published by various publishers, and subsequently grown a passionate following. On the blogging and journalism side, I've written for dozens of media outlets, both online and print, on topics relating to entertainment and technology. I can write competently about virtually any topic, but areas of special expertise include pop culture, movies, the video games industry, genre television, and Apple products & culture.

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Biologist and Creative Fiction Writer!

I have a Master's degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and a Certificate in College Instruction. I am well-trained in the biological sciences. I have also been writing creative fiction and poetry for 5 years.

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Writer, author and journalist.

I have a great passion for writing, particularly fiction. I am flexible, diverse and attentive.

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Musical Composer and Fictional Writer

When I was a child I was always very creative and expressive. My imaginary games/ scenarios would go above and beyond that of other children of my age. I have always possessed a very active mind. With my self starting attitude and creative personality I taught myself to play guitar. I quickly became well versed in the world of music, surpassing most of my peers. I later branched out into lyric writing which proved worth while. I won a school wide lyric writing contest in high school with one of my first pieces. For the past several years I have been doing a great deal of fictional writing for several projects I am involved in. English is a subject I am proficient in. I often assist others in writing and editing research papers, essays, creative writings and poems. I work very well with others and on my own. I am a very focused individual who would be an asset in any regard.

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M.A. with experience as a college writing tutor

I have a Master's degree in school psychology and have published in this field. I have three years of experience as a tutor for college level writing. My expertise includes editing academic writing for grammar, content, organization and overall flow. I am a native English speaker and have worked extensively with non-English writers.

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writing is my passion

Lots of experience short story writing, fiction, non fiction, essays, research papers, proofreading/editing, focused writing and poetry

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Wide experience, professional writing

I'm a prize-winning creative writer, blogger, columnist and screenwriter. I also have substantial technical writing experience through my work as consultant and trainer in the business and development sectors. I deliver quality work on time and my rates are unapologetically high - the right choice if you have challenging writing to be done.

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Fiction Writer

I'm a fictional writer, my only published work is "+Narcissist" , a novel mostly for geeks, because to read it, you would need a great deal of mathematics, programing and others. You will also need basic knowledge of cryptography to understand the last page. Basically I can write anything out of anything, but my strongest writing is fictional.

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Fiction writer -Photographer-Photo Editor

Hello. My name is Margo Grace. I am a 23 year old, High Achiever student, who enjoys track, soccer, school, writing, and photography. I might seem young, but i am an all A's student, and have plenty of experience with fictional writing, persuasive writing, and historical fiction writing. The reason I chose to sign up for Elance, was to earn some money. i have been saving up for a nice camera for about a year, and am almost to my goal. Not only that, but i love photography and would be so thankful to fulfill my dream. I highly recommend my assistance, and i would be grateful to help :)

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Lone Swordsman

Established in 1978 after his Mum & Dad got drunk in 1977 when Led Zeppelin still ruled the earth and Star Wars was only just beginning in a galaxy far, far away; Adam has always been drawn to the mythical and fantastic in the same way Jabba the Hutt is a sucker for a princess in a bikini. Rather like the lone swordsmen who wander through the vast and uncharted realms of his imagination, his life is one that has often imitated his art. The stories of his youth and young manhood have always struck a chord within him – albeit those of Skywalker, Conan, Elric or Rincewind – now he finds himself on the cusp of becoming the thing he was born to be… Once referred to as a ‘bedroom maverick’ by a long-suffering lecturer, Adam has always immersed himself wholeheartedly in every dark, fantastic thing he has sought to create and bring to life. Now, as the completion of his first book draws ever closer, he is seeking a pathway out of the metaphorical darkness of that legendary bedroom.

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Journalist and non-fiction author

I'm based in bilingual Montreal but my main language is Spanish. With a 20-years career on journalism, I've published by far four non-fiction books of my own... and I helped others to finish theirs. Trained in a newspaper in the news-packed Venezuela, and freelancer since 2005, I've begin to publish in English this year, in Zócalo Public Square and The New York Times. I also write scripts for the cable TV show "Efecto Naím".

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Article Writing, Copy Writing

I am a fiction writer and a published YA author and my favourite leisure activity is being a pedant about writing and the English language (I am Australian and am a native English speaker). Therefore I have a high level of expertise in grammar, syntax and punctuation, as well as a flair for assuming a persona or viewpoint or tone for the purpose of your article (depending on your requirements). I am also gifted in the spheres of brevity, irony and wit but can also produce serious informative or factual prose, and ‘extra-sticky’ content. I have free time daily to devote to your job and am punctual and reliable. I have a B.A. with a major in Psychology from U of Q.. Thank you!

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Writing is more than a passion; it's a lifestyle

I'm a student writer passionate about finding freelance writing opportunities and experience. Writing has always been a love of mine and I've fallen for the English language through my time working in courses such as Creative Writing and Short Fiction. I'm interested in tackling almost any job, whether it be something fictional, promotional, commercial, literary, expository, etc. Please contact me if you're looking for a hard working, determined and excited writer. I look forward to working with you!

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expert ghostwriter, award-winning author

I am award-winning author of two health books, many published articles, one short story that won the fiction genre award for Writers Digest, two published stories for the Chicken Soup series, and two novels (novels unpublished). I ran a ghostwriting company for 5 years, Love Letters Ink, sold it in 1998. I write well & am a romantic at heart. At roughly 40 pages, I could write the first book within 30 days.

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Writing for PR, blog posts, or anything you need!

Hello! I am a junior student at Michigan State University. I operate two blogs, a popular nail art blog with over 20,000 unique monthly visitors and a blog about MSU and college life. I am Chinese-American and was born and raised in Michigan. I have been a creative fiction writer my entire life, studied a lot of writing and MLA formatting as well as AP style. I have a passion for writing and would love to write for you!

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The Write Sense for All Situations

Twenty years' experience teaching English and Latin - and all the convoluted grammar rules associated with both languages - and an M.A. in Creative Non-Fiction have seasoned and strengthened my own writing and editing skills to a finely-honed craft. Need research? I'm tenacious and thorough. Need editing? Misplaced modifiers banished. Inappropriately used apostrophes axed. Need persuasion? I'll incorporate irresistible words Flat copy? I'll "zingify" your words. Need copy? Let's talk - I'll turn our conversation into tantalizing text to hook your clients.

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writing and translation

I am speaking English, German and Bulgarian fluently and have expirience in writing fiction and non-fiction- short stories, articles and blog posts.

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The best, most compelling written content.

I will give you the absolute highest quality in your ghost-written content. If you want your project to be eloquent, emotionally inspiring, and professional at the same time, I can deliver. I am firmly dedicated to establishing myself as the world's premier ghost writer. I am certain that you will be stunned with the quality of the work, and I will go to great pains to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product.

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Dermatology Physician Assistant/Fiction Writer

I am a physician assistant with 15 years of experience in the field of dermatology. I also have a background in secondary education and an interest in American Civil War history. I enjoy women's fiction, particularly stories which occur within coastal settings such as the South Carolina Lowcountry. I have written an 85k word manuscript in this genre. I enjoy writing complete works of fiction, articles for my peersand patient friendly articles about topics in medicine and science.

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Expert fictional and Educational book writer

Hi. I am Morine. I love writing Educational books. I have also written some fictional books which have been published. I also do a lot of research work during my spare time

Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Blogger/Writer/TV Promotions

I am Communications/Journalism major. I graduated from St. John's University. I worked in the television business,(in both Ad Sales and then as an Associate Promo Manager in the Creative Department) for 9 years, before I took time off to raise 2 little kids. I started blogging and writing again, early last year, and it has now become my passion and obsession. I love hearing stories and telling stories.

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Extremely Creative Fiction

My specialty is creative nonfiction and fiction writing. I have a Wordpress page where some of my work can be viewed. I am flexible even though my specialty is fiction and I am willing to consider any job offered. I am currently pursuing a BA in creative writing with a concentration in fiction and looking to start my career as a freelance writer.

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Writer/Project Administrator

I do office administrative work and non-fiction writing. My background experience includes a B.A. in English (concentration: non-fiction writing) and French, call center/customer service work, and over 3 years of web development project management. My hobbies include gardening, home DIY, yoga, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, reading, and spending time with my two dogs and cat. My interests are vast and range from robotics to meditation. I am always excited to learn about something new.

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I love writing anytime anywhere...

Although I can write anything, I mainly write fiction for children, middle school age and young adults. To date I have completed 3 novels and am working on my 4th novel. I love writing all genres from humor to mystery to magic to serious topics and all in between. I am great at editing and adding life, humor and creativity to an existing story as well as writing any articles, speeches, short stories and more.

United States, CA, Los Angeles | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Lifelong Lover of Words

I am a senior in college, pursuing my B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing. I pride myself on my mastery of the English language and have a 3.6 GPA. I have nearly 5 years of experience working with small publications - mostly literary magazines and newspapers - including a year as Chief Editor of a school literature and arts magazine. I am also a freelance editor of college papers and offer writing advice to my peers with great results. The written word is my biggest passion. While others think of editing as a necessary evil, I find joy in it. I believe that effective writing happens at the sentence level, and I am more than willing to do the tedious work to help you get there.

United States, PA, Bethlehem | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in Financial Market and Writing Articles

I am a freelance writer and full of passion in pursuing my career as a professional writer.

Indonesia, Sumatera Utara, Medan | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Writer Specializing In Fiction Writing

My writing is consistently praised in all avenues of my career, from technical writing, to brochure editing and to improvised fiction writing, all those who have worked with me agree that my writing is unique, direct and sophisticated. A former teacher, I worked on Wall Street as a technical writer for several years before deciding to return to Freelance writing. Unlike other writers, I can wear many hats and write in many voices, giving me a unique edge that will not leave your business disappointed.

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Expert Fiction writer, Article Writer

I am an experienced writer and I guarantee you that my works are at it's best when I'm writing Fiction and non-fiction stories. I've been writing stories and article for not more than 3 years. You should hire me because I assure you that I give 100 percent of my efforts and ideas in this job. Thanks!

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Writer and Editor

Hi, I can offer writing that is vibrant and accurate in articles, fiction, non-fiction, and scripts. My articles, short stories, and novels have all been published. I will do my best for you.

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Specializes in Blog Writing.

A fiction writer with an experience of more than two years in the industry of freelance writing. I grew up with an interest of writing which directed me towards taking up this as a way of earning my bread. My main objective as an Elance worker is to provide excellent service to all buyers who will hire me. I am an expert Blog writer, screenplay script writer and story writer. Being a big Foodie, Gamer and Artist as well, I can also provide quality content about the related subjects. Cooperation is my main motive and I try to give out the finest products to the employers. My work speaks for itself.

Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Extensive creative writing portfolio including samples of songwriting, poems and screenplays available on request. Experienced academic writer with a Cultural Studies/English background. Capable editor. Confident giving constructive feedback on written work. Also available for research, analysis, reviews, data entry, or other written work.

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Writer & Editor of Fiction & Non-Fiction

I'm a writer and editor of both fiction and non-fiction with years of experience in various mediums such as comic books, prose and videogames. See my portfolio document for a list of my published writing and editing credits to date. My upcoming fiction projects include two graphic novels from Markosia Enterprises; several short prose stories; and several videogame projects including an action-adventure, a shoot-'em-up, a visual novel and an action-RPG. In terms of non-fiction, I've worked as Reviews Editor at, Associate News Writer at, Feature Writer at, and I'm currently working as Feature Writer & Game Reviewer at and Feature Writer at I've worked in several co-writer and editor positions so I have plenty of experience in collaborating with other writers. I take my work seriously and always complete it to the best of my abilities, and I'm used to working to deadlines.

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Ghostwriter, essayist and online content writer

I am a published writer available for your ghostwriting (fiction and non-fiction,) essays, articles or online content.

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Qualified writer

I'm a British writer with an MA in Writing from the University of Warwick and a BA in History from the University of York. I specialize in academic and creative writing as well as web content and blogging. I keep two book review blogs, have been published in two anthologies and one magazine, and have written content for a life coaching website.

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Expert in sketchinng, typing, writing

I'm expert in sketching any thing and drawing as well. I can help my clients by MS Word typing, writing reports, fictions, resume and other creative writing. I can help my clients with my basic Adobe Photoshop, editing, translating and marketing knowledge.

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Writing exhales. Reading inhales. I stay alive.

Two years of formal editorial experience for a literary-focused magazine. Graduated from a 4 year college with a BA in English: Creative Writing. My major classes included: Promotional Writing, Craft of Fiction, Grant Writing, Visual/Graphic Design. I specialize in content writing for online blogs and promotional posts to LinkedIn and twitter. Took 1 year to write and 1 year to edit my book Wingless in my personal time. Writing 2 other books, and pushing for Wingless' publication.

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Experienced Writing and Editor

I have worked as an editor for several magazines in Taiwan, and now currently support myself with fiction writing and freelance editing. I hold a degree in English, as well as a master's degree in philosophy. My schedule is reasonably open at the moment, meaning I have quite a lot of time to focus on editing and writing projects.

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Fiction Writer Specializing in Graphic Fiction

I offer an extensive background in investigation into the biological sciences and the research skills that come with such a background. I completed by BS in Cell Molecular Biology and English from University of Michigan and completed 2 years of medical school at the Cleveland Clinic. I have worked abroad in South America, Europe and Turkey and speak professional level spanish and conversational Turkish. My writing has been featured in numerous graphic novels, covering genres from fantasy to hard science fiction to slice of life and coming of age.

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film writer, short stories, fiction

i can write fictions,film scripts,screenplay writing ,dialogue writing,copywriting

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Freelance Article Writer, Rewriter, Report Writer

Who is Chelsea? I am an award winning writer professional with years of experience writing and proof-reading various styles of articles, reports, and creative stories. I am familiar with all major citation practices and can write/edit/comment for almost any subject, topic, or discussion matter from philosophy to physics. Without hesitation, I can adapt to any topic and/or style of writing, while being thorough and concise in my research. At some point I'll prove on here that I'm not just another blonde blogger.

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Blogger, article, essay and fiction writer.

I have been writing poetry from few years now. I am eager to work with people who need an article or fiction writer.

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Writer, Editor, Photographer, Journalist

I have been involved in journalism for more than 20 years: first as a photographer, and then as a feature writer for a newspaper in Chicago. For several years, I have edited fiction and non-fiction for publication, written press releases, and have been a tutor in English grammar, composition, and creative writing. As a freelance photographer for 20+ years, I was responsible for all photography and the hiring of assistants. In addition to that, I did my own marketing, promotion, billing, and the maintaining of client relationships. Interpersonal communication is a specialty of mine, and I am equally adept at verbal and written forms of communication. Because of the many years spent as a freelancer, I am very comfortable with a flexible schedule (in fact, I thrive on it), and I love the difference that every day brings. I was a Communications major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I look forward to future work with Elance. Cordially, Amy Rothblatt

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Creative writing content editor RPG and gaming

I have a BA in English with a bit of knowledge of just about anything. However, if I do not know much about something I am always willing to put in the extra effort to do the research until I know it fairly well.

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Original, Dependable, Affordable Writing

I am a versatile writer with strong research skills. I have experience writing newspaper articles, blog posts ranging from serious to humorous, informational articles, creative non-fiction, and reports. Whether you need something written from scratch or just need a helping hand, I can help.

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Creative Writing Extraordinaire

I am a Cum Laude graduate of Elon University with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. I have worked as a Sportswriter for local newspapers in the NC Triad area as well as a Sports Marketing Promoter in Atlanta. I am a musician, poet, and aspiring fiction writer with an affinity for anything creative. My strengths tend toward post-modern writing and philosophy, with a dash of music and entertainment. I enjoy reading extensively and will gladly proof/edit any works in progress or contribute to blogs where possible.

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'Expert fiction writer'

my name is ngozi lizzy a 21- year student of a university in Nigeria, I'm currently studying English and I love writing a whole lot, it is my hobby, naturally I'm a creative writer both in fiction writing and articles. lastly I see myself as a great writer.

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Science, Biotechnology and Marketing

As a scientist, marketing professional and creative writer, my work lies in bridging the communication gap between the conceptually artful yet frequently puzzling voice of Science and the general public.

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Specialize in Creative Writing

I am a native Chinese speaker with experience in translating Chinese-English and English-Chinese. I am bilingual in both written languages and I strive to ensure the fluidity in my translations. I expertise in creative writing, especially fiction. I have edited short stories and novels alike, and have experience in proof-reading articles. My writing is slightly sophisticated, though still simple and easily understandable. My experience may be limited largely to creative writing, but I am a fast learner and is capable of translating other contents.

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Creative and Professional Writing Specialist

My name is Kevin Clark and I am a moonlight writer. I work part-time for clients developing web articles and editing professional documents. I'm a Wordpress Wizard and am always on time. In my past I have written S.E.O. articles for several small businesses as well as non-fiction educational publications. In my spare time I enjoy creating fictional short-stories to keep my mind and writing skills as sharp as my pencil. If you are interested in contacting me in regards to my talents, please email me at I am available to work at least 20 hours a week and am readily available as of now.

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Pop culture and fiction writer

I have been writing the majority of my life, including things such as university research papers, online gaming journalism, interviews, short fiction, and screenplays. Last year two of my screenplays were selected for competition, both were pitched and one was made into a short film. I have a passion for life and I express it through my writing. I am diverse, knowledgeable and have a unique voice which stands out among a sea of monotony.

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Ready for the next writing challenge!!

I've been writing for five years. I can do a range of things, formal and what not. But my real passion as drive is creative writing/novels/fiction. Thirsting for a challenge, I hope you consider me.

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Fiction/ Technical/Academic Ghostwriter,Editor

Ashif Shereef has been working with writing challenged clients for over three years. He provides ghost writing, proofreading, content writing and ghost editing services. Having ghostwritten numerous theses in both technical and non-technical domains, he has gained proficiency in academic writing with guaranteed quality and reasonable turnaround time. He has been ghostwriting small articles to entire books. Having a Bachelor's degree in computer science, he has a wide base of Technical knowledge as well as exceptional English language skills. He also enjoys writing SEO articles for businesses who want to see their Google search rankings soar. As far as fiction writing is concerned, he can guide your work away from the cliches that choke the reader or literary agent, and give it a personal magical touch. He takes all the works personal, which helps him build a relationship with the particular work before he start.

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medical and science communication, grant writing,

View samples of my work at Skilled communications professional with more than 12 years experience in medical and science communication, grant writing, report writing and non-profit stewardship. Always meets deadlines and delivers high-quality content within budget. Innovative problem-solver with the ability to work effectively with clients at all organizational levels, including senior management. Specialties: Health and science writing, non-profit development

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Retired English physician, good writing skills

Retired after 40 years in orthodox and complementary medical practice (inc. homoeopathy, herbalism, counselling, nutrition); widely travelled and wide-ranging interests including natural history, history, Israel and the Bible. Happily married with 13 children and currently 26 grandchildren (more on the way!). Good knowledge of English language, enjoy writing non-fiction and fiction, Norwegian second language (better at translating Norwegian to English than English to Norwegian). Can provide a rapid response to any client's assigments

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Blending professional with creative.

Looking for creative writing that is sharp, clean and professional? I am here to help! I am a professional proposal writer for a large, well-known company. I received my bachelor's degree from Brown University and I am completing my Master's degree in Fiction/Creative writing at Johns Hopkins. I am experienced in writing articles, stories (fiction and non-fiction), proposals and essays - and I can adapt my skills to fit your needs. Let me create a strong, creative piece of writing specifically for you!

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Masters in Screenwriting for TV and Film

Masters in Screenwriting for TV and Film from University of Miami. Editing and proofreading skills also acquired. I've been a lover of small screen, big screen, and novels since childhood and I'm passionate about doing justice to creative thought whether it is transformed into visuals or the written page.

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Writing, Editing, Library Research Professional

Writing and editing professional with experience in various fields including reviewing fiction, non-fiction, historic biographies, and other books for various outlets, writing and editing copy for company websites, and researching and organizing information for library patrons.

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Freelance journalist: editor, writer, photographer

I am a professional writer and editor with a news/non-fiction/journalistic bent. My writing specialty is features, though I am adept at almost any audience/purpose. I am a strong copy/line editor and fluent in AP and Chicago style.

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Film critic, novelist, creative writer, G(r)eek.

Creative Writing graduate based in London, fluent in Greek and English and specialising in fiction writing (all genres, with an affinity for science fiction and fantasy), film criticism, and feature writing. Skilled editor and translator, proficient in audio/video editing and blogging platforms. You can find samples of my film crit work on

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Ghostwriter and Article Writer

Hello everyone. My name is Okinawa Alexander. I am a US native who specializes in ghostwriting for fiction and non-fiction and also article writing. My favorite genres are romance, science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction. You should choose me for your writing needs because i strive to provide 100% unique and engaging material, and I can deliver quality content to you in a reasonable time frame.

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I'm a freelance writer,Journalist and an experienced sub editor and proofreader based in India. I have been associated with communication industry for a considerable amount of time. The experience has imbibed in me a keen ability to conduct research and impeccable writing skills. I have experience of writing for newspaper and online media. I am proficient in grammar and usage. Beside I proofread academic texts and handled websites and many other documents for individuals, agencies and businesses.

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Specialist Content Producer

After graduating with distinction in Journalism, I worked for a national daily newspaper where I covered topics of lifestyle, health and fashion as well as hard news and business. I am also skilled in research and previously completed an internship with an investigative journalism agency and an online magazine. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Technology degree in Journalism and I am a part-time journalism tutor and blogger. I am passionate about editing, literature and creative writing. My skills in all the above-mentioned fields will enable me to craft a comprehensive and well-written piece of work.

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Highly skilled in all areas of writing and English

I learnt to read when I was four and therefore have an extensive vocabulary and a high level of expertise in English spelling and grammar. I have been writing for my whole life and I have explored the areas of script-writing; creative writing; fiction writing; children's writing and business writing to name but a few. Many of my plays have been produced in Germany and South Africa for large audiences and my writing has always met with critical acclaim.

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Content and Copy writing.. on the dot!

I am a 27 year old educationist. I love to write. It has always been my first love. I hold a degree in the English Language (B.A. Hons. in English) and so understand the laws of a beautifully written piece perfectly... within the constraints of time.Bringing up two children of my own, i have been pushed to create and concoct stories time and time again. So i am adept at story writing as well. I can write pieces ranging from Articles to Fiction; from Letters to Speeches. Editing and Copy Editing are also in my sphere of interest.

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Writer, Proof Reader, Ghostwriting, Editing

Hi! I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and have a background in teaching, career counselling and writing. I have over 15 years experience in writing website articles, blogs, brochures, books and ghostwriting for authors. I studied in both American and British schooling systems and am very familiar with spelling differences and phrases. I am very well read and have a good knowledge base out of personal interest. I would love to have an opportunity to quote for your writing job. Please let me know if there is any other information you would like. Thanks for reading this overview!

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Write at Your Service

I am a recent Professional Writing college graduate, working toward a Masters degree in English Education. I won PCC's 2014 Commencement Contest in the Fiction category. As an exuberant everything writer, I look forward to serving your writing needs. I am ready to assist you with your editing, writing, and creative projects. Have a spiffy day!

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For all your writing,rewriting,and editing needs

If you are looking for a reliable, confidential writer that has superb mastery of the English language, is outstanding in spelling, punctuation, and grammar; then you need look no further. I have over 35 years experience in writing for myself, and others. My writing has covered a very wide range, including personal and business letters, reports, informational articles, RPG scenarios, and much more. The subjects for which I have written, encompass both non-fiction, and fiction. I also have experience in editing, proofreading, and rewriting, should you have need of one of these services. If you are willing to give me a chance to prove my skills to you, you will not be sorry. Considering my present lack of an official portfolio, my rates are extremely negotiable. No job is too large, or small. Thank you for your time, and consideration

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Mutli-Talented Writer

Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in fiction writing. I've tutored, and student taught, as well as substituted. I also freelanced for Campus Gal online magazine.

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