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Social Media Guru, Designer & Copywriter.

Looking to improve your socia media presence or web content? Need someone to setup, revamp or customise your Facebook, Twitter or blog pages? I have over 15 years experience in web design and content, starting way back in 1996. I have worked extensively as a copywriter, winning awards here in Scotland for writing both fiction and non-fiction. My talent is designing or reworking brands to reflect your image across the social web, ensuring your content is attractive and achieves SEO standards. I look forward to working on your project.

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Freelane and article writer

I have had experience in freelance, creative, fiction, non fiction and report writing. I have also worked as a citation writer. I hope to find more opportunities of writing to make a living.

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Versatile Writer Seeking Experience

I am a high school graduate whose biggest passion is the written word. I have worked very hard to hone my skills, and have been published before for both my fiction and non fiction work. There are very few styles of writing I haven't explored, and a variety of samples of my work are available upon request. My most recent published piece was written for Alaska Coast Magazine and can be found in the May 2012 issue.

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Hello! My name is Holly. I am a part-time stay-at-home mom who is looking to make some extra income working from home. I have a degree in English and Communications and enjoy writing anything from fiction, non-fiction, articles to blogs and reviews. .. I'm also skilled at social media marketing, editing, creating web content and have basic WordPress knowledge. In my free time, I enjoy reading, music and running.

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I am a writer who enjoys the labor and process of making a professional, streamlined product. I have been writing fiction and non-fiction for as long as I can remember. I can offer a good eye for grammar, creativity, and a professional attitude for as long as it take to finish the project, the right way. I delight in filling pages, and I'm excited to get started on a project with you.

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Creative Language for the Digital (P)age

Words mean things. They can express who you are and convey a multitude of emotions. They're important and so is what you have to say. Kim has been a professional writer and editor for more than 15 years and takes pride in finding the right way to say anything. She is published in print as a technical writer and editor for Leisure Arts, a Time Inc. subsidiary. Her experience also includes writing instructional and educational books, eBooks, articles, academic reports, short stories, and poetry. Tight deadlines, quick turnaround, and super-sharp editing are a way of life for Kim. She loves a challenge, loves to learn, and would love to help you with your next project.

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I have been writing since I was very young, and at 22 years old, I am a highly seasoned and versatile writer. I have experience with blogging, journalistic pieces, poetry, comedy (both monologues and sketches), creative fiction and non-fiction, songwriting, playwriting, and academic essays. I hold very strictly to the rules of English grammar and punctuation, and I believe all good writing should consist of clarity and strength of argument. I am a very proficient editor of other people's writing because I very often get to the root of what people are trying to say and so I can help them articulate their points with a greater specificity. In the past couple years, I have become heavily focused on comedic and dramatic writing for film, theater, and television, and this is what I would consider my specialty. I am especially proficient at helping people with their scripts--delineating characters, sharpening dialogue, and clarifying conflict.

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Engineer, Writer, Excel Wizard

(1) I am an Excel and data modeling expert; you send me numbers and I'll send you whatever charts, analyses and reports you need. (2) I'm an award-winning writer. I'm accomplished in non-fiction, copy-writing, television scripting and even poetry. I can write at all levels, from little kid books to academic treatises. (3) I'm bored out of my skull these days, so I'll be thrilled to sink my teeth into any sort of challenge. Let me put my efforts into work for you!

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To be completely honest, I am a young college student in my twenties, dying to get a taste of the writing world. I enter in numerous contests through Writer's Digest hoping to be successful in creative writing such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I carry a journal with me everywhere I go, always writing down sudden thoughts, epiphanies, wants, hopes, experiences, ideas.. Where later I sit at my computer and write short stories, novels, and poetry. I have taken college writing courses such as creative writing, poetry, journalism in society, and copy-editing. I always have words bumping into each other in my head that leave through a pen to stay imprinted on a piece of paper. My life. My passion. My obsession.

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Experienced Writer and Editor

I am a published writer with a love of writing fiction, non-fiction and everything in between. The process of writing is both satisfying and a thrill to me. I have a keen eye for literary flow and meticulous editing skills.

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I have recently completed a three year Creative Writing Course at Falmouth University. On this course we regularly proofread and edited each other's work, both looking out for grammatical and spelling errors and looking out for areas of improvement to the story. We were taught to write poetry and prose as well I took modules which taught me to write creative non-fiction, screenwriting and playwriting. I particularly enjoyed the playwriting module and made it the focus of my dissertation, writing a three thousand word essay analysing Waiting for Godot and a seven thousand word short play.

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I am a writer and traveler. I currently live in South Korea teaching English. I write blogs, short stories, non-fiction essays, and fiction. I am currently working on my own writing projects, but they are long-term so I want to do some freelance to hone my skills and dip my feet into the freelance world. I am a talented and ambitious young writer, I can use any blogging platform, if I don't know it I will learn it. I am excellent with social media and I keep up-to-date on all the latest in media, entertainment and the news. Please take a chance on me for your next project, you won't be disappointed!

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I'm Che McNeill, a freelance writer seeking entry-level writing jobs in order to build a portfolio and to expand my horizons. I specialize in non-fiction areas such as content writing and editing, though the literary skills I possess are can easily be applied on a much broader scale. As an individual with an exceptionally rational and logical personality, the natural flow of language has always come easily to me. I very rarely find myself struggling to communicate the exact message I need my audience to understand, never hinging on word-usage or misphrasing. I ensure that my work is of the highest possible quality and most thoroughly scrutinized content. All of my clients can expect consistency and expertise in any assigned task, no matter the scale nor attention to detail required.

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Content Writer and Client Support Specialist

I am a seasoned Client Support Representative and talented creative writer for both business and pleasure. I have written more than one hundred standard responses to client and customer inquires as well as the copy for three different versions of online policy information. I'm experienced in creative non-fiction writing and enjoying researching in great depth into new subjects so that I can better convey them to their target audiences, in clear, concise fashion.

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My name is Okey and I, like many here, am a writer. I own and run my own blog and currently a Ph.D. candidate in England. I am a writer of short stories and currently working on my novel. I have written non-fiction articles on a variety of subjects, technical and non-technical project proposals, product reviews bespoke to the market, edited, worked on and proofread essays and dissertations. I am happy to send online web-links of my published work or pdf/doc copies of written articles. My Ph.D is in the sciences, hence, I am able to comfortably write analytical reads in the sciences. My work experience has been centered on data analytics, using Excel and SAP- hence this is my area of strength as well. I am passionate about whatever I do and work within specification and -most importantly- meet up with deadlines. All articles by me are free of plagiarism as I am able to innovate and develop fresh ideas- and put it into writing.

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Extensive Word Skills, Client Based or Creative

Currently an English Language Masters student with years of writing experience ranging from creative projects, to formal business seo speeches. I have extensive experience in client based work, writing for numerous blogs and small magazines. I have also done many creative tasks, producing fictional and non-fictional pieces on specific subjects. Perhaps my greatest skill does lie in article work, my personal touch which remains apparent yet not impeding will make for a great read. Finally i have experience with proof reading and ghost writing articles along with vocabulary checks for our US counterparts! I look forward to working with you in the future, please don't hesitate to ask for an example of previous work! Regards Joseph Patterson

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Editor, proofreader and page layout specialist

Writing is rewriting. To be great writer you first need to be a great reader. Even the best writers need to have a second set of eyes or a different perspective. This is where I come in. I will be that second set of eyes and fresh take on your work. I have a B.A. in History and Secondary Education and a history various English courses. I am a native English speaker and will take on projects of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogs, articles, technical writing and academic writing. I believe in providing my client's with excellent service and adherence to the set guidelines. Deadlines will be met every time. Constructive criticism and excellent proofreading ensured.

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I'm here to polish up your rough copy, line-edit your ad, streamline your novel, and/or generally serve as your English-language expert. I'm versed in creative (fiction and non-fiction), academic, and business writing, as well as AP, Chicago, and MLA style editing.

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Quick, excellent source for content and non-fiction creative writing. College undergraduate educated and comfortable with a wide variety of topics including literature, psychology, sociology, philosophy, physics and biology.

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Passionate proof-editor

I proof-edit everything from business reports, fiction and non-fiction, newsletters and brochures to manuals and educational material. Since I work on-screen, I can help you no matter where you are in the world. I have an excellent eye for details and deliver quality work - on time, every time! I also offer virtual admin support, data entry and Danish/English English/Danish translation and/or revision. I have a deep passion for animals and children. I have a broad professional background from a variety of jobs in Europe and the US.

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Dedicated professional with extensive experience writing for large, internationally recognized websites such as,, and, as well as Pro Pulse magazine. I have frequently written on subjects such as: -Dating -Personal Finance -Weight Loss -Exercise -Personal Development -Self-Help -Fiction -Creative non-fiction

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Creative writer, artist/designer, and photographer

I hold a bachelors in English and Art and New Media, and have extensive sales experience. I am an efficient and concise writer and am skilled in both fiction and non-fiction (journalism, sales descriptions, etc..) based writing. I am also skilled in layout creations for items such as business cards, add flyer design etc... My design work is clean, organized, professional, and most importantly aesthetically pleasing. I also have skills in photography and art.

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Detail-obsessed Copyeditor

With a master's degree in Writing and Publishing, my background is firmly set in the writing world. I am a very detail-oriented person who is somewhat obsessed with copyediting; I notice the tiniest grammatical and punctuation mistakes. I have experience as a copy editor, working with authors in various genres such as Science Fiction and Non-fiction. I am knowledgable in the Chicago Manual of Style, and I am familiar with AP style as well. In addition, I am an aspiring creative writer, and I have taken numerous workshops and magazine writing classes; I have also written for some small-scale magazines. Editing

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I am an author of several fiction and non-fiction novels. I have been writing now for about seven years. My topics varies. Fom health care to family, careers, Aging, friendships, relationships, companies and their success, etc. I am a blogger on various subject matters also.

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live, write and translate

A published writer (fiction, Chinese, but also excellent at English and non-fiction). Born in China, lived in New York for 13 years before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Worked for a TV Network in China and for Bloomberg L.P. in New York. Holds a BA degree in Journalism from Fudan University and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport.

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I specialize in writing, fiction or non-fiction. From short stories to novels to entertainment and informative articles I do it all. People respond best to what is real to them, things they can experience, and weaving pictures with words is what I do. My intention is always to transport you, to redefine your reality. Therefore, every single word becomes important to me. I live in the details. I have written articles for Build My Rank %90 of which were accepted and search engine optimization. I, however, am best at fictional work and I am yet to find a topic I am unable to make come alive whether fictional or non-fictional. I also do ghostwriting, copy writing and blogging ( ). My aim is to become a world renown writer.

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Academic, researcher, educator, writer

I have a strong background in academic writing and research. My written and verbal skills are outstanding. I also am an experienced lecturer and tutor with a proven supervision and editing record. I write a blog and as such am able to write online, short, fiction or non fiction pieces that require a less formal tone than academic writing. I am meticulous, goal orientated and my background in anthropology makes me an expert in cultural issues.

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Incisive editor

I am a graduate student in the humanities at Harvard University with experience editing for periodicals and books. I currently work as the assistant editor of an award-winning magazine at Harvard Divinity School. My research and writing experience as a graduate student combine with my editorial skills to make me an excellent choice for a range of editorial needs, from copyediting and proofreading to line and developmental editing. I can edit both fiction and non-fiction writing for academic and general audiences. I specialize in making a piece of writing sound more like itself. After I'm done editing, no one will know I've been there but you!

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I am a recent graduate of Southern Oregon University, where I studied English and Writing. I was named a recipient of the Herman Schmeling Award for Non-Fiction Writing in 2011 and hope to enroll in a graduate program in English in the near future. I'm interested in working and expanding my resume in the following fields: writing creative content for websites and social media, ghost writing, English editing, copywriting, etc.

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Analytic and Creative Expert

With a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and a solid background in English and History, I am perfectly suited for many writing tasks. My strong analytic skills, along with a flair for creativity and problem solving, can inject imagination into creative fiction and quality into non-fiction and technical writing. As a consummate professional I am thorough, accurate and clear, and complete all projects in a timely fashion, on or ahead of time.

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Involved in the creation and development of works of fiction and non-fiction. This covers a number of wide and varied forms including poetry, prose, and life writing, Also create the content for websites or write articles for magazines or newspapers. Work freelance and self-employed.

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Jenna has a unique background in counseling, client services, and non-profit business writing. When she is not writing on one of her many personal blogs, she is busy freelancing fiction and non-fiction pieces across the web.

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Professional writer

I am a devoted writer. I have been writing for approximately 9 years. Short stories, romance, non-fiction, academic writings are my forte. It is not merely a job to me but a passion that I respect in the working world, the incomparable art of writing. -Emilia C.

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Experienced professional editor/proofreader.

I am a professional editor and proofreader, as well as a published author, storyteller and qualified English teacher. I work to a consistently high standard, efficiently, and with a sensitivity to the demands of different types of document and client. I can also offer a professional standard of writing in any form, help for creative writers, research, transcription and typing.

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widely published, experienced writer and editor

I'm a widely published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, who has three years of experience at a major daily newspaper, and a Master's degree in Creative Writing.

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I have experience writing online articles and creative fiction. I have translated both fiction and non-fiction (such as various user manuals and other technical texts).

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Freelance writer

Hi, I'm Cameron! I'm currently working as a corporate recruiter for a software company, and I'm freelance writing on the side. As someone with a long-held passion for the written word, I have a talent for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Additionally, as a recruiter, I've honed my skills at both resume writing and cover letter writing. Let's connect!

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Nonprofit Professional, Blogger

Nonprofit professional experienced in non profit strategic planning, graphic facilitation, blogging, and writing (non-fiction, memoir, articles, reviews, research, short story)

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Hello! I'm a linguistics enthusiast and an avid writer. I have 400+ hours of experience in tutoring writing, which includes essay/report/non-fiction writing, research, editing/proofreading, resumes and cover letters, and creative writing. I complete my work efficiently and, more importantly, passionately.

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Delivering quality with every touch

I am academically holding a BA in business administration and commerce, as well as an MBA awarded by a university in the UK. Decided to leave workforce after 15 years of experience to become a stay-at-home mom. During this tenure, I have undertaken various nature of work which includes tabulating data, conducting research, writing and proofreading articles and reports as well as undertaking English-Malay translation work. Have always been a fast learner and able to deliver all tasks in a timely manner. Hobbies include reading fiction and non-fiction materials. This leads to my passion and interest for writing various articles including short stories for children. Work Terms I am comfortable to work 5-7 hours per day, depending on urgency of projects. Payment via Paypal is preferred when work is completed. My preferred communication channel is via email and thus, I can be contacted at

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Oxford Graduate and published author

I am an exceptionally strong fiction writer with three published novels to my name. I studied History and English at Oxford University, so my understanding of grammar, writing, and what makes a compelling and well-written story is first rate. I write quickly and efficiently, but above all, I write well. Don't work with me if you want to hire someone as cheaply as possible and have them churn out any old rubbish. Hire me if you've got a big project that really matters to you. Hire me if you want someone to write you a real novel, not just half-hardheartedly string some sentences together. I specialize in high-quality romance, YA, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal and historical, but I am confident with all fiction genres, as well as well-researched historical non-fiction. If you'd like to see a sample of my work, check out my novels (and their positive reviews) here:

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I have an extensive background in research. I love to travel, and share all that l learn. I have written for blogs, newsletters, websites, and businesses looking to expand their market. I really get into what l am writing about. I have been writing all of my life. I currently enjoy writing screen plays, as well as non fiction.

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Expert editor, proofreader, writer, researcher,

I am the author/editor of twelve books of fiction and non-fiction, with prestigious publishing background. I am an award winning cultural journalist, an expert researcher, and am able to transpose translations into readable, effective English. I work quickly, precisely and well and I decades of experience and imaginative solutions to each of my jobs.

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Experienced blogger and content writer

I have several years of experience ghostwriting and blogging lifestyle, health and wellness, cooking and recipe, fashion and beauty articles for a long-term client. I also have extensive experience writing academic articles including literature reviews, research articles and academic essays as well as experience writing creative non-fiction, poetry, advertising and website copy.

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Hello, I am from Ireland. I am well-travelled and well-read and educated in a variety of subjects - Ba Social Anthropology and Spanish, Diploma of Sports Medicine and Remedial Massage. Currently studying towards a Bsc in Psychology. I am a walking thesaurus and a talented writer across genres - most specifically Travel, Academic, Non-Fiction, Articles Speech Writing etc. I am fluent in Spanish and will translate from Spanish to English.

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Talented writer, has degree in English and Physics and is passionate about journalism. Can produce convincing material of a high intellectual standard in three different languages in any area of English writing: fiction and non-fiction. Is very keen to continue working as a ghostwriter.

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Because great mastery is always an option.

Much like Kwai Cheng Cain from Kung Fu the series, I have traveled throughout America on foot extensively since 2010; carrying only my 2nd degree Black Belt and a love of humanity, and knowledge. As a self proclaimed lexiconographer I am prone to intelligently creating new words. Also, I am a mega fan of my American Indian heritage(3/8) and love writing with this traditional mythos. As a romantic whom loves all languages, I'm known to serenade and croon like Frank Sinatra, and sometimes in Spanish. I thrive on details and precision while visionary enough to expand on ideas to bring them to life. I see the merits of each writing genre and am flexible enough to express fictions, non fiction, self help, diy, historical fiction, sports, and others. Some of my favorite all time books are The Federalist Papers, Holy Bible, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Wheel of Time series, and so many more! I am thrilled to see people advance their ideas and feel very alive when contributing to them.

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Professional writer

Blogging, creative (fiction & non-fiction) writing, resumes, reports, and news stories

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Graphic Designer | Writer | Illustrator

I thrive in creating both visual and written compositions. My design competencies and experience include but are not limited to: ? Poster, flyer, business card, newsletter, magazine, and chapbook layout ? Logo design, product branding, and promotional campaign development ? PowerPoint and other multi-media presentations ? Photo and video editing ? Illustration My writing competencies and experience include but are not limited to: ? Strong command of the English language ? Content and essay writing on a variety of topics ? Research, analysis papers, and academic writing ? Fiction and creative non-fiction works ? Copyreading and editing To get a better idea of whether my work is the right fit for your needs, check out some featured projects in my portfolio. If you are still unsure, please contact me so we can arrange for a paid trial and I can demonstrate what I could do for your project.

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More than five years’ experience writing, paid and unpaid, for blogs and miscellaneous articles. Experience writing and proof reading fiction and non-fiction novels. Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint; keyboarding speed 100+ WPM. Strong writing and research skills. Broad area of subject knowledge including politics, technology, physics, video games, music, and current news. Motivated, friendly attitude, extremely passionate about writing. Quick learner, willingness to listen and comply with strict and specific instruction. Ability to analyze problems and devise effective solutions by using active listening skills and tailoring results to each individual..

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Capable Editor/Writer

Allow me to give your work a polished touch! I can tune-up any type of creative, non-fiction, scholarly or professional print you have got. I've been editor/writer to friends, classmates, and businesses over the past 15 years and through it all I've aided (and sometimes abetted) them in writing a clear and crisp paper. I can clear up your grammatical errors, re-write, or even just transcribe your work.

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I am a third year college student working towards a degree in Criminal Justice. I have taken many English electives in college to go along with my major also. I really enjoy writing fiction stories and non fiction is even more fascinating to me.

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Unique, professional and fast service.

I am primarily a non-fiction writer with great experience in research. I also write creatively and have finished several ghost writing projects on a variety of subjects. From health and nutrition to beauty and fashion, I am confident in my ability to provide each client with unique research and content so that their project is totally tailored to their goals. I also write fiction and am willing to provide content in any genre except science fiction or horrow.

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Expert Content Writer

I am a very practiced and professional writer, specializing in creative content writing. I am also very good at researching unfamiliar subjects to write articles and essays on them. I like to write fiction, non-fiction, how-to articles, and opinion pieces, and I am capable of taking on pretty much any writing project. I also have over 8 years of customer service experience, and I am good at internet marketing. I look forward to working for you.

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I have studied and completed my primary and high school in the United Kingdom, I studied in Indonesia for my bachelor degree in communication and soon i will study abroad to get my masters degree in M.B.A. I have finished all the levels in E.F (English First) in flying colors and also i have a TOEFL score of 563. My thirst for knowledge and creative skills made me an expert in computer skills, song writing skills (Hip hop and R'n'B), fiction and non fiction creative writings and also to add to my creative skills in writing a fiction or non fiction my favorite past time hobby is watching movies so i have all the imaginations i need for a story.

Indonesia, North Sumatra, Medan | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Fitness/Welness/Creative Writer/ logger

I am passionate health and wellness coach who loves to write! I love writing fictional and non fictional pieces on pretty much anything. Writing is my passion!

Canada, Newfoundland, Holyrood | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

With a background in both fiction and non-fiction, I am able to adapt my writing to a wide range of outlets. My creativity helps me tell a story in each piece I produce, while my attention to detail allows me to communicate the facts.

United States, MD, Baltimore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

BA (Hons) Economics. Twenty years experience in the UK publishing and media industry. Extensive writing, editing and project management experience. Wide variety of topics. Education. Medical. Legal. Fiction. Non-fiction. Business. Consumer. Scientific. Children. Academic. Magazines. Books. Newsletters. Speeches. Research. Reports.

United Kingdom, England, London | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm an Internationally Published author in both Fiction and non-fiction. I have been a Journalist for over thirty years, mainly working on International Stories for the BBC Reuters and Sky News as well as for numerous magazines and Newspapers.

France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Huby-saint-leu | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Truth be told, I don't have any amazing qualifications. Though I will work as hard as I can to finish any projects/jobs I receive. I will make sure any piece of work is above satisfactory before even thinking about it being complete. If you are looking for a proofreader, I have been known to find easy-to-miss mistakes in other people's works, even though I often miss them in my own work. I have been to many places around the world, and have had many of my edited photos on display in different programs (known mostly by my hometown). Creative writing is my favorite skill. I enjoy writing fiction most but non-fiction is always good, if the facts are correct. Hit me with your best shot, I love challenges! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Great Writer with Flexible Schedule

I started at BlogMutt in January as one of their freelance writers and already have ghost written a lot of blogs for their happy clients. I have a broad educational background and a love of learning new things. I've been practicing writing fiction and non-fiction since I was a teenager and have worked in many industries as an admin.

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Native German speaker with expertise variety

Working in a variety of industries has given me a broad expertise in writing, translating and editing business documents, reports, technical documentation, fictional and non-fictional texts and reports. I am a Chamber of Commerce qualified translator and business administrator with interests in many different fields. I look forward to working with / for you.

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English tutor, editor, proofreader, galore!

I am currently a full time student inching closer to my degree in English with concentrations in Professional Writing and Editing (I will also have a degree in Italian language). I am a skilled writer, editor, and proofreader, and have worked as an English and writing tutor and editor for those in high school and college. As a writer, I excel in technical and creative non fiction writing. I am open to editing or proofreading anything, however. Because I am in school full time, I seek to gain more experience and locate job opportunities. Contact me and I will be more than happy to help!

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I have an M.A. in History, with my B.A. in History and Philosophy. I've honed my writing skills through countless academic papers, as well as personal writing of fiction and non-fiction. I can work quickly and efficiently to produce a near perfect product in one go.

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Certified & Experienced English Language Teacher

I am a passionate and creative young professional who strives for excellence in every area of my expertise. I enjoy the challenges presented by teaching English as a foreign language and I am also qualified and experienced in writing, marketing and communications. I am dedicated, persistent, committed and accurate. I enjoy traveling and exploring new cultures & adventures and relish the opportunity to apply my outgoing personality to each challenge. I’m also very interested in technology and innovation in the classroom, creative and non-fiction writing and social media.

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Organized, deadline-conscious, efficient in time, and effective in word, I am very good at what I do in writing and editing, and I am not here to waste your time. I specialize in editing manuscripts and documents for grammar and content, proofreading for errors, creative or academic writing tutorials, fiction or non-fiction ghostwriting, and persuasive essays or speeches. By way of background: I hold a BA in English Literature and an MFA in Poetry; I teach university-level academic writing, creative writing, and literature; and I am currently pursuing a PhD in English Literature. Full disclosure: I am selective about my clients and students and will not tolerate falsity, facade, or harassment of any kind. Serious inquiries only.

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I have a Master of Public Health with a focus on Behavioral Science and Health Education, but am also experienced in interviews, science writing, and writing for academic and research journal publication. I was also a history major undergraduate, with creative writing and women's studies minors. I am comfortable editing non-fiction history writing, and editing fiction and erotica, including kink/BDSM writing. I am also very experienced in editing papers written by non-Native English writers for content and style.

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Expert Writer, Blog Writer, Online Advertising

I am from Abu Dhabi, working as Document Controller/Secretary in a Government Company. I am a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) from Garden City International College, Bangalore, India. I am an expert in all sort of writing-related works, whether it is blog writing, Content writing,fiction or non-fiction ones etc. I write reviews for electronic gadgets, auto-moto vehicles, movies etc I am a very detail-oriented, left-brained word lover. Give me a spot-the-difference word test, and I will spot the difference. Ask me to fix your referencing style, and I'll do it spot-on; I thrive on copy-editing and quality assurance. The same goes for proofreading, editing and Afrikaans translation. And although I don't always like the Oxford comma, I absolutely love everything language-related.

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Experienced content & fiction writer.

I am an experienced academic, business, fiction, and non-fiction writer with a strong blogging history and an eye for detail. I also work with people on creating and editing their resumes for success. My fiction writing strengths are in humor, romance, complex plots, character development, erotica, LBGT characters, and snappy dialogue. My non-fiction writing history is predominantly in lifestyle and health topics, but I am also versed in popular science and current events. My three most recent resume edits have resulted in interviews within a week.

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accountable , honest , professionally ethical

Hi ! Employer , I know the tactics of influencing people with my written material . I have the ability to describe any complex system/situation/substance in any kind of formal or informal - report , description , manual , technique . I am of technical background , have 5 years of writing experience . I started with fiction , then non fiction and now technical writings and seo writings are also under my writing genre . I am damn serious when it comes for the sake of work. I understand the responsibility situation very well and I have that credibility of taking charge of what work is given to me .

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I am fluent in both English & Bengali,spoken & writing. I can write non-fiction stories,articles & translate it efficiently.

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I deal mostly with research and non-fiction writing; however I can use words to set moods and tempo which work well with fiction.

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Want someone who's meticulous but also versatile enough to incorporate your needs and stylistic preferences? Look no further. With a track record in delivering optimal customer service, I will leverage my professional experience in academic/technical writing and an intuitive mind for creative elements to provide efficient services of quality. - specializes in analyzing and interpretating information for a wide array of subjects (medicine, science, healthcare, public health, mental health, psychology, sociology); performing general Internet and literature search - produces both non-fiction (scientific/medical articles, Op-Ed on lifestyle and sociocultural phenomena, socio/psychological analyses) and fiction (poems, flash fiction/drabbles, short stories) - familiar with various publication manuals, including APA, AMA, CSE, IEEE, and Chicago

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Novelist, Columnist, Editor, New Media Professional, Social Media Manager for Small Business, Retired Military Specialties: Publishing, editing, fiction, non-fiction commentary, weblog publishing; online text/podcast/video creation, social media

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I've done professional and personal writing and editing. I have experience with professional, non fiction and fiction editing. I enjoy working with authors and helping them get the most out of the editing and proofing experience.

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I'm a Christian who writes, my own works ranging from devotionals to songs, from novels to full length non-fiction works. I have a strong musical foundation, including a Bachelor of Arts in Music, and some business knowledge, as I minored in Business Administration. I also have some background in journalism, child care, administrative assisting, and I currently homeschool three children, one of whom has Autism. I'm dependable, productive, and a bit of a workaholic when it comes to writing.

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I am a comic scriptwriter and an English-Polish translator (at the moment completing my MA studies in translation). I did quite a number of writings of all types, though, and I would love to take any assignment conncected with writing both ficition and non-fiction.

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Editor, proofreader, and published author

I am the author of a non-fiction book for young adults (Youth Specialties, 2008), which I wrote while still in college. After graduating with a double major in English and history in 2010, I completed an editorial internship at Zondervan (part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing). I currently work part-time for a small non-profit run by two authors, often editing and proof-reading their writing for publication.

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While I am new to Elance I am a trained literary author specializing in: Creative Writing: Narrative Non-Fiction, Short Stories, romantic novellas, and inspirational faith-based fiction. Essays: Autobiographical, Persuasive, Argumentative, Legal, Academic and Expository. Academic: Research; political and social science; and legal rhetoric, and American historical discourse. Marketing and new Media content, informative and feature journalism, Public relations and online media platforms. Communication: speech writing and motivational speaking, and oral transcription and newsletters. .

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Creative writer, editor, proofreader, wordsmith

I am a nerdy intellectual type who loves working with the world of words. While my primary passion is the education of young children, I pursue writing projects in my free time. I particularly love creative writing and poetry, but I can also get into a good research project or essay. If I won the lottery, I would likely quit my day job and jump into writing some of the books that are currently simmering on the back burner of my mind. I have written, but not yet found an illustrator for, one children's book. I also have one sci-fi book and one non-fiction book in process for big people. I hope you will see me on a bookshelf near you inn the future.

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Experienced creative, business and academic writer

I have a Masters degree from a distinguished Canadian university, 10 years experience teaching internationally at the college/university level and an extensive resume as a corporate trainer. I am a published novelist and book reviewer and have produced documentary programming for international broadcast. In addition to creative writing services, I edit non-fiction, fiction, academic writing, business documents of all kinds.

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Seasoned editor, proofreader, and writer

Bogged down by the editing process? Let me clean up the manuscript so you can focus on creating the content! I'm attuned to picking out typos, misspellings, and misused punctuation with a quick glance. Upon thorough review, I provide in-depth editing feedback to help strengthen the overall work. My creative writing background includes both fiction (novel, short stories, playwriting, and poetry) and non-fiction (personal essays, blogs, film/TV/theatre reviews, and genealogy-themed pieces). I look forward to hearing from you!

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I'm a self-employed professional in the state of New York. I've written reviews for all sorts of products, as well as writing for fictional and non-fictional stories.

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I'm an emerging writer with an Associate of the Arts Degree and I am meticulous in my proofreading. I specialize in children's writing and creative writing, especially poetry and creative non-fiction. I'm also very skilled in various computer programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Filemaker Pro, and Audacity. I'm also very familiar with several blogging platforms, including, but not limited to: BlogSpot, WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. I'll make sure your work is clear, concise, and perfectly punctuated.

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Scholarly Writer, Proofreading & Editing, Creative

I studied English and art history at Barnard College of Columbia University. I am a skilled writer of both fiction and non-fiction and have written reviews and criticism for several arts & culture websites. In addition to writing, I can provide fact-checking, proofreading, and other editing services. I also have experience in creating flyers and other promotional material; I worked for three years as my college radio's promotions director. I am an experienced DJ and have knowledge about all different types of music.

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I am a writer versed in multiple styles and mediums of writing. I have three years of experience working for my college newspaper, the Stanford Daily, as a writer and a desk editor for the Features section. My work there taught me to creatively bring a story alive through interviewing different sources and weaving these voices together. Additionally, throughout my undergraduate years, I took both non-fiction and fiction creative writing classes. Most of my time outside of the Daily office, though, was spent on academic papers, my time split between qualitative research, interviews, and writing up findings. After I graduated college, I worked for an education non-profit. Writing became a large component of my job in this capacity, composing emails, newsletters to outside volunteers, Excel documents, and lesson plans. I gained experience translating documents to Spanish for students' families. I am open to any writing, editing, translating, and researching jobs!

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Have a journalism background in print and magazine writing. Adept at long form stories in multiple fields. Flexible in my writing style and can handle both fiction and non fiction. Am good at rewriting, research and editing and can churn out crisp copies quickly without compromising on facts.

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I am a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's Degree in English. I am a skilled writer and always came in at the top of my English classes. I enjoy writing fiction but am able to write competently in all other areas including essays, non-fiction, article writing, and technical writing. I am also able to edit and proof read efficiently and effectively. I am a quick writer and look forward to completing a wide range of jobs.

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I am a proficient writer committed to the completion of work on record time, with a background in communications, writing both fiction and non-fiction etc.

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Professional Researcher, Writer & Editor; Educator

Whoever said, "Those who can't, teach" were wrong! With over 20 years experience as an English educator, I furnish my clients a solid understanding of how to write for a variety of audiences. With a recent M.A. in English and several years as an Academic Instructional Librarian, I am a pro researcher. I supply clients with a diverse range of skills, including research, writing and editing--all in one smart, savvy package. I am the owner and writing expert at, where I provide writing tips to reluctant college writers. With me on your team, you never need to research, write or edit your own text again! I am detail-oriented, self-motivated and professional.Read what other professionals have to say about my work here: and

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Nella Fitzgerald Arts and Entertainment Scribe

I have been writing about film, music and theater for the past 17 years. I started out writing about up and coming artist and live shows for a now defunct magazine called Philly Word. I moved on the freelance in fashion editorial for Fusion Magazine and worked as Arts and Entertainment Editor at The Gleaner, Rutgers University, school publication. Since, I have started my own blog called Additionally, I freelance regularly for image consultant Aside from my professional writing, I also write creative non-fiction, memoir pieces and poetry. Writing is my passion and I am talented and skilled in many different categories of the field. I offer swift, engaging and accurate prose. Hope to be able to serve your needs soon!

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I am a third-year college student pursuing a B.A. in English, with a minor in linguistics. With several years experience across various fields, I specialize in and enjoy writing and editing. I work quickly and efficiently and offer editing services for fiction, non-fiction, prose, essays, copy, academic material, and journalist articles and stories.

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I love Social Media and Public Relations. I like reading literature and non-fictional books, I enjoy writing articles, reading blogs and watching european movies.

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Creative writer, fast and trustworthy. Let's do it

I have experience with blogging( and have good creative writing skills. I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction work and can apply these skills for article writing, product descriptions, reviews and copy writing, among many others. I believe that I have good work ethics and can provide my clients with a peace of mind in accomplishing their projects.

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Need fast, accurate editing? My skills include full-length fiction and non-fiction books, short fiction, journal articles, manuscript assessment, online articles and newspaper and magazine feature articles. I can also provide well-researched, accurate writing in many forms. Check my resume at

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Eclectic writer, musician, videographer, blogger

Hello, Following are a few background items that should give you an idea of what I can do for you. 1) Published one fiction novel and am working on a non-fiction piece at present. 2) Currently write and have been writing online content for over 10 years, including business to business, humor, e-commerce, and how-to articles. 3) Produce and edit short videos including any script writing. 4) Worked for Apple, Inc. for 9 years as a content specialist, focusing on apps, iBooks, Music, TV, iAd, and Film. 5) Worked for Bazaarvoice for 1 year as guideline specialist. If you have any questions or concerns about my ability to adeptly handle your project, please let me know. I always ensure my clients are satisfied with the work that I do. Best, Jeremy

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Experienced writer and educator

I am a creative writer with eight years of elementary and middle school teaching experience and over ten years of professional writing experience. I have extensive experience in blog writing, fiction writing, travel writing, playwriting, writing for children, and non-fiction article essay writing. I write a monthly healthy eating column on, a website for women. My fiction has appeared in PANK magazine and my travel writing has appeared on and other sites. I have also ghost written a series of guided meditations. My short plays have been produced in theaters throughout the United States and Canada. I am an MFA student in Creative Writing; therefore, I am used to completing work by a given deadline. I am professional and always prompt.

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Razor Thin Studios: Business, Finance & Technical

I have been supporting the diverse and professional team at Razor Thin Studios for three years. I am a dynamic and creative writer with a niche in fresh and inviting business, marketing, finance and SEO copy. With a bright outlook and creative spark, my writing takes on a personality of its own. As a technical writer I can provide detail rich and fluid reading for such items as technical manuals, user’s manuals and concise and easy to understand direction or how-to’s. Passion resides in creative fiction and non-fiction writing. I am the author of two published novels and over 150 short stories under various by-lines. If creative content, story or novel is something you are interested as well, I can help without question. Specialize in children’s, young adult and adult horror/suspense, fantasy and science fiction.

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I am an enthusiastic student reading English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield. I am passionate about both fictional and non-fictional creative writing and have recently started my own blog acting as a food critic. I pride myself on my knowledge of the english language, whether structurally or otherwise. I believe I am fantastic at manipulating the language to suit any purpose. This talent also allows me to be highly proficient at editing, as I can spot spelling and punctuation mistakes from a mile off! Any job I am a given I will carry out with a real passion and zeal, and will ensure it is completed to a high quality of standard.

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Literary and Business Education

A wife, lifelong student, career woman, personal chef, laundress, online gamer, library card holder, sorority sister, actual sister, daughter, mother, shoe shopper, eBay-er and of course, a writer willing to lend my originality and spice to enhance your work. Together we'll pull in the audiences you want to entice! Writing comes easily to me, something I attribute to a lifelong addiction to reading anything and everything that comes across my desk, computer and/or lap. I've exerted a lot of effort in both foreign and domestic literary courses. Grammar, structuring and editing having fallen hand in hand with the literature, I'm able to boast a strong grasp on how to create a work whilst still being able to recognize the errors and footfalls of a piece. Studies in international finance, chemistry and psychologies have made non-fiction writings an easy transition from the fiction I've become accustomed to completing.

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