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Versatile Writer, Editor, Proofreader

Headquartered in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, I have extensive experience writing, editing and proofreading documents for a large national company. I have created copy for procedures, training manuals, corporate letters, email blasts, and a number of similar projects. I am also frequently asked to proofread copy for websites, marketing material and proposals. Additionally, I have extensive experience editing resumes, cover letters, and collegiate papers. I am familiar with most major writing and citation styles, including APA and MLA. In my free time, I enjoy writing short stories and working on my novel - which I hope to have published sometime before I retire. Allow me to give you a hand with your next project! I'm easy to work with, professional, and extremely detail oriented.

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I am an experienced IT professional with a background in creative writing, telecommunications, network and desktop support, and graphic design. I'm currently working freelance and pursuing dual degrees in graphic design and creative writing.

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Cultivating curiosity, upholding my nearest and dearest value of freedom, all the while continuously being inspired and inspiring others are essential to my well-being and life purpose. I have extensive, varied experience editing and content writing for websites primarily in the Travel and Hospitality industry and would be delighted to assist you with any assignments you happen to throw my way. The more novel the better! I look forward to working with you soon. Thank you, all the best, Laurie Nixon

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Skilled writer

In pursuit of my Master?s degree in Art History with a concentration on Museum Studies, I had many opportunities to develop my natural presentation, research, writing, and technological skills. For the past few years, I have been a part of various management teams for seasonal Halloween stores. These positions relied on my ability to easily adapt to rapidly changing priorities and remain organized and calm whilst doing so. Additionally, I have years of experience as a front desk manager who was noted for my excellent customer service skills in person and on the phone. With the unique ability to see the details and the big picture, I am able to balance and prioritize workloads. With years of museum experience, I thrive on sharing my passions with others. I taught special lectures in graduate school and I presented papers at conferences. I also contributed three entries to an upcoming encyclopedia on the intersection of music and American society.

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Capable and storied writer.

I would like to bring my personal Brand of effective and engaging writing to many audiences within the business and literary communities. My background in business and technical writing for Fortune 500 companies has developed my ability to write succinctly about even the most complicated subject matter, while my background in classical and modern literature has blossomed my love and passion for creative works.

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Exceptional writer.

Curiosity drives the rigor behind my writing. I enjoy researching any topic and bringing vitality to it; whether it is writing about a literary work, the life of an individual, or an endangered species in the cloud forests of Guatemala. I believe accuracy and innovation go side by side in good writing.

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Personable and professional communicator with more than 13 years experience in nonprofit public relations, drawing on creative, deadline-driven problem-solving skills. Strong writing, editing and proofreading skills, as well as newsletter and graphic design proficiency.

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writer for hire

I am an experienced nonfiction writer who is looking to take on new projects. My background is in history. As an undergraduate and graduate student in this field, I learned a variety of skills that are transferable to any writing project; researching and reporting information in clear and concise form; initiating projects with minimal guidance; and revising and editing to improve the quality of content. I look welcome all projects, large and small, as an opportunity to use these skills

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Detailed editing with creative flair

Self-motivated and creative individual seeking an editing or writing position in the publishing and marketing industry, an exciting and fast-paced environment which requires quick problem solving skills, imaginative expression, an eye for social media trends, and a passion for grammar.

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I'm a highschool Junior looking for more experience in writing. I'm currently one of the editors of H Magazine, my highschools publication. I've been on its staff for three years and have had experience in writing, design, and editing. I'm also in college level English classes and have been my whole highschool career. Writing is my passion and I'm really hoping to turn it into a career.

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Technical writer

I have been doing technical writing and manuals for two years.

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As a recent college graduate with a background in debate and research writing I have the ability to create original content that is informative, engaging, and persuasive. My work with a major nonprofit has given me experience producing large scale research projects that are both accessible and educational. All of my work is completed with the goals and standards of the client in mind. The end result is a thoroughly edited, high quality piece of writing which always arrives on schedule.

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Professional travel writer

After graduating with an honours degree in English Literature I decided to embark upon a career in travel writing. I began my own travel blog- Emma's Travel Tales in September 2011, and it has been becoming increasingly popular and continues to grow every month. As well as running my travel blog I write for a number of other travel websites.

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I am a very creative writer who can produce news articles, copywriting, technical writing, and everything in between. I love to write and can put words to your vision.

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expert video producer / writer / director

Video producer - I have produced content for large corporations such as NASCAR and Burger King as well as small businesses and start ups. I will take a look at the project you want to do, and give you a flat bid on the project so you know how much you are going to be spending going in to it. Writer - I have over 50 published articles in the past 6 months. I am a regular writer for,,, and I specialize in travel, beauty, fashion, activities, and sports. I have also published narrative short stories, and written screenplays, as well as treatments and pitch packages.

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Fully qualified copy editor and content writer

Experienced writer with a particular passion for writing fashion/skincare/beauty articles. Experienced in creating online content for varying styles and SEO. For samples of my personal writing style, please see my blog:

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Creative and published

I am a former published writer looking to return to my niche. I spent 3 years writing sports, news and feature stories for a local newspaper and I had a feature story published in Dick Bergren's Speedway Illustrated. I am also a published poet. However, freelancing didn't pay the bills so I moved on but the creativity never left my mind and I need to release it.

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I have more than two-year experience in content and academic writing. Currently, I am writing for with pseudonym 'Edward Jnaro'.

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I have experienced corporate life working in multinational companies. My experience has taught me that the coroporate world is a big jungle comprised of all sorts of animals trying to survive and be on top. The current situation in Europe is not favorable to people trying to find their dream jobs while employees in the corporate world tries to hold on to their positions because it provides them with security while the world economy continue to worsen. Sharks are everywhere, devouring the smaller fishes who come their way. It's hard to compete in a world full of sharks but it's easier to fight your enemies when you have the strategic advantage. I write because it's the cheapest and most effective way of marketing yourself. I also write because I have the passion for writing. I definitely would like to work somewhere where I could use my skills and education.

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Creative & Technical Writer/Editor & Proofreader

A passion for writing and a love of the English language led me to obtaining a degree in English with an emphasis on Linguistics Studies. My love of the art of story-telling and creative writing is what inspired an intense interest in language and how it is used to form the world around us. I use a combination of passion, creativity, and analytical skills to take on projects from editing and proofreading to creative and technical writing.

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I'm a writer who's the definition of ambition

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Writer. I've been writing since before I got the hang of penmanship. I use the pen mainly to express my thoughts and ideas, but I am always willing to use my talents to help others excel in their ventures.

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I am a senior in college studying Mass Communications with a heavy emphasis in English and writing. Outside of school, I am a homeshooling mother of two. I have been passionate about writing since I was a child and am now looking to turn that passion into a career.

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Article Writer

I have extensive article writing experience, I expert author on Ezinearticles. I am a work at home professional, which allows me to be very flexible. For instance, if your timetable is short, I can kick it into high gear in order to accommodate! I write article directed to your audience. Article focused on achieving your objective. I love the power of words. Playing with them is my passion. That why I am good at what I do: I am fascinated by every project. As a professional writer, editor and proofreader with nearly one years' experience in a variety of publishing environments, I understand the importance of working with clients closely to achieve shared goals. I also understand the importance of meeting deadlines. As a writer, I pride myself on delivering clean, clear, concise and engaging copy. As an editor, I excel at working with clients who know what they want to say but don't know how to say it. As a proofreader, I have a knack for finding mistakes others miss.

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Inventive and smart Writer, Editor, Proofreader

I've been writing for over 10 years, and I've recently been looking to improve my skills and branch out, into different fields. I research and constantly read articles, newspapers, magazines, literary journals, literature, etc. I've got an editors eye, and a writer's skills and passion.

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Award winning writer

I received a Bachelor's degree in English as a presidential scholar at Spelman College, and a Master's degree in Creative Writing from Antioch University. I have spent the last few years seeking out and applying for artist workshops, residencies, and grants, resulting in ten international trips, several competitive residencies, and a myriad of assignments and performances throughout the country. As guest poet of the American Embassy, I have traveled to Kuwait, Russia, West Africa, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, England, and Ireland. I'm experienced, professional, reliable, and thorough.

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Writer/Editor/Proofreader for Hire!

I can do a lot of things with my talents- write, draw, tutor, etc. Just email me or call me if you need anything I don't specify and I will see if I can accommodate. I'm an English and Psychology major, currently going for my PhD. I have a lot of ghostwriting experience, audio transcription experience, and a strong editing background. I'm great at what I do; I work hard, and I do things in a fast-paced, efficient manner.

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Professional Christian writer from the UK.

I have 20 years' experience of writing for the Christian market. I am a committed evangelical Christian and everything I write is in accordance with the Bible as the word of God. I regularly have articles published in Woman Alive, Evangelical Times, My Life, Ulster Christian, and have published a textbook on Philosophy of Religion which has now been endorsed by one of the UK's leading examination boards. I have ghost-written books and edited books for other authors.

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I am a person who believes that in when trying to sell any products, communication is of utmost importance. i will help you do that the best way i know how, through writing. Enlist my help today and you will see positive change in service delivery and quality of work handed in.

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I have three published books. I always had good grades in English, spelling, and vocabulary during my early school years. I enjoy writing articles for websites, poetry, short stories, blogs, song lyrics, and I like to help others with their writing.

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I am a hard worker with a passion for words. I deliver quality work and keep to a deadline. I have written two bios (Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen hawking). I have written articles on various topics: Insurance and child insurance in India, Changing role of architects in Mumbai, health tips when you get older, Is coffee good for you, Antrax vaccine testing on children, New Alzheimer drug, Lingerie articles, air conditioner: home, car, trains, buildings, poker, french cruises. You can see that I can write on a wide variety of topics. My articles are SEO, BMR and Ezine friendly. I write original articles that will pass copy scape. I love learning about new things and the research I have to do to write a quality article or Bio. My favorite is writing Bios. To learn more about a specific person and put it in words for others to see is wow! You can not pass up an opportunity to let me write for you. hire me and be amazed at my work.

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I am a young female with a love and passion for writing content that will reach vast audiences; I am new to the idea of freelance work and am very excited to get started. My name is Stephanie and I am a college student, supporting myself, and working hard to make myself happy. Writing is something that has always brought me pleasure and peace in this hectic world. My goal is to create the best work I can that reflects my passion and makes the client happy.

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Burgeoning writer

I have basic computer skills and can type fairly well. I have written my own blog for quite a while. I am looking for something in the writing area because I feel it fits me best.

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Chelsea Cohen is a professional writer and author who has worked for multiple years on a variety of writing projects spanning the spectrum from non-profit blogging to developing news content for international corporations. She's a young and established voice with a fresh perspective, and has had proven success with content writing, biography development, ghostwriting, and creative authorship. When not writing, she is busy as an aspiring anthropologist and kayaking enthusiast. Chelsea currently splits her time between Chicago and San Diego.

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Utilizing English Language Skills

I have Done Masters in English Language, Applied Linguistics. I possess excellent writing skills and able to conduct researches on various topics. I also explore domain of language with respect to different cultures and identities and write on multiple topics. I am serving as an Assistant Manager in a Publication House presently.

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Professional and experienced writer and editor.

My name is Jennifer and I am a 29 year old contract/free-lance writer and business owner. I started writing in my first year of high school and haven't looked back since. I am proficient in the English language in many areas including grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structuring and more. I have a strong talent for writing, whether it is a research report, essay, articles, blogs, short stories, slogans, jingles, song writing and the like. While I do not, at this time, have much to show for my skills and talent, I can guaranteed that you won't be disappointed in hiring me for your writing/editing projects. We've all been the new kid on the block at some point in our lives and have to start somewhere to get somewhere in life.

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I am a very thorough, analytical, and creative entertainment journalist. I am very knowlegable and interested in all mediums by which art is conveyed. Willing to work on projects large or small, creative or technical.

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Fast, Reliable, Flexible and Accurate

I am a native German speaker with excellent English skills and more than ten years of experience in text preparation including writing, translation, editing, proofreading, transcription and publishing. I have worked in various capacities from research to project management in fields from the arts and humanities to tourism, finance, web-development and consulting. I am fast, reliable, flexible to accommodate customer needs, dependable with deadlines and meticulous and accurate in my work. I am a seasoned writer, with several scholarly papers published and I will receive my PhD in American Literature in summer 2012. I have also co-edited a volume of essays. My creative writing experiences spans from short stories, to copy-editing to script-writing. I have excellent computer skills on both PC and MacOS with a large variety of text-editing software, online and other media tools, and am very quick to learn using new software.

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As a Jane of many trades, I have an eclectic history and broad base of knowledge and skills to offer. I have a bachelor's degree in psychobiology and I minored in women's studies. Familiar with both technical science writing and casual, informative writing for blogs, I am able to adapt my unique voice to fit the necessary setting. I'm proficient with all common office applications and a quick learner to any new skills. I bring enthusiasm to any new jobs and tasks.

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Make it a good story.

My name is Jan 'Yarn' Wositzky. I'm 61 and live in the historic gold fields area of Victoria, Australia. My bag is to make it a good story, whatever it is you want to say, and I'm experienced at working with other people's stories. As a freelance writer my credits include: * 2 award-winning television documentaries * 12 ABC radio documentaries * 7 books including dance instruction manuals and oral history, some best-sellers * 3 stage shows - storytelling theatre - for adults and students * 6 self-guided audio tours of the gold fields where I live * 1 report - for the Victorian Government on Community Building * 12 newspaper/magazine articles * 2 series of short stories for ABC and a serial for CAAMA radio * Songs, for myself, the Collingwood Football Club and with school children * Story CDs * My own web content, publicity for festivals and shows, and * Edited a Trade Union magazine which won a national Human Rights award

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Will Write for Food.

I am a Freelance writer living in Austin, TX. I graduated from Loyola Marymount in 2009 and since then have been working in various fields. I have expertise in journalism, creative writing, and marketing. I have worked at publications including 944, Variety, FILTER Magazine, and LADYGUNN. My main focus currently is in freelance writing/editing publications as well as ghostwriting

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Having spent almost five years in the profession of Journalism, mostly business and economy, I dwell upon my caliber to write, rewrite, research and interpret. I have a flair for writing eye catching articles, stories and reading material which is complete yet tight and crisp. With qualifications in commerce and economics and a Post Graduation in journalism, experience to work under pressure and tight deadlines, I am armed to take up and complete any writing assignment and complete it beautifully. I am looking for work which gives me a chance to take advantage of the existing skills and also improve on them. At present, I am keen on taking up a job in writing, editing or content development that gives wings to my creativity, allows me to play with words and in the meantime also adds to my knowledge bank. My previous articles and work can be seen on the internet by just typing my name and clicking on search.

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Words, thoughts, opinions, ideas

Proofreading, editing, or composition: if it's about writing, I can do it for you.

United States, OR, Lake Oswego | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Creative writer providing work that is both expressive and professional, tailored to suit the tastes and needs of various clients. Background includes experience in a wide range of areas, including television & radio, article writing, creative fiction & nonfiction, SEO copywriting, and editing/proofreading. Dedicated to quality work delivered quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost.

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love to write on any topic.

An Electrical and Electronics Engineer by qualification, and with a avid browsing and reading habits. Have interest on diverse subjects, which gives me an open view to the world. From technology to history politics, literature, movies and music. I love reading and writing. Here I am mostly to hon my writing (and earn some extra meantime).

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Professional Content Writers and Translators

Ever wanted to show great articles about your company on your news page? Look no further! We specialize in content writing in the following sectors: - Automotive (car selling, car leasing) - Insurance & Financial Services (including Accounting) - IT & Technology (gadget review, specialized writing on networking, hardware, software) - Fitness - Skincare - Diet & Weight Loss - Affiliate Marketing - Online Dating - Real Estate - Credits - Dental practices - Decorating - Accounting and last but not least - specialized articles for e-commerce (fancy dress, lingerie, clothing, partywear) and many more. We can send you samples of articles written and if you are not happy, we can even write an article as a trial. If you are not happy, you do not have to hire us. Multilanguage translations: - we can translate into the following languages: English to French, English to German, English to Romanian, French to English, German to English, Romanian to English.

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writer, editor, proofreader

Recent graduate from Oakland University with a B.A. in English and a Minor in History. Winner of the Oakland University Writing Excellence Contest, published in online Magazines and the Oakland Press Newspaper.

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I am Oxford educated (MChem) with experience in running small businesses and writing marketing materials. I have lived in Belarus for one year and have a high level of Russian.

United Kingdom, West Yorkshire, Ilkley | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Throughout my life writing has served as a fantastic outlet for creative expression as well as an easy way to share information and opinions in a clear fashion. I have always had a talent with words, and have put my talent to use in the past by writing for my school's newspaper in high school and college. I was part of several creative writing clubs, and kept a blog for 4 years about media and its affect on society.

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New Orleans-based Writer and Photographer

Hello, I?m a New Orleans-based freelance writer and photographer specializing in travel/cultural features and journalism focused on current events and social justice. I cover a great range of subjects, from local treasures and the joyous traditions of Mardi Gras to the struggles of post-hurricane rebuilding and Gulf Coast disasters such as the BP oil spill. Currently, I write and photograph for Fodor's travel guides, Art Vocies Magazine and Foam Magazine. My work has appeared in The Nation, Maclean's, Wiretap, Zoomer, for the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and through Agence France Presse international news wire service. In addition, I have written extensively for local publications such as New Orleans Magazine, Louisiana Life Magazine, St. Charles Magazine and New Orleans Homes and Garden, among others. Got any questions? Drop me a line ? I?ll be glad to provide further information as well as discuss subjects and content.

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expert content writer

I am a freelance writer and have completed 300 + projects in the past 3 years with 94 positive feedback from clients all across the world. I hold a Masters degree in Life sciences and a bachelor's degree in education. My area of expertise is on human rights, international relations, UK law, arts, life sciences, education, psychology, sociology, journalism and mass media. I enjoy researching and writing on various topics and my work is my life.

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Photographer, Creative

I am firstly a photographer. I love to take pictures and produce beauty in my work! I am a college graduate with a BA in Counseling. I am also proficient in writing, grammar, and English vocabulary. I enjoy writing novels and editing friends essays or short stories. I love to read various genres of books, my personal favorite at the time being biographies. I hope to create my own personal work one day. I am a hard worker and reliable to all that know me. Thanks for reading!

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Administrative Support and Content Writer

My goal is to provide quality contract work at reasonable rates. I am a skilled content writer, researcher and proofreader, and am qualified to provide administrative support in a variety of settings.

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Fast typer; creative writer

Hello, Elance! My name is Christopher Acciardi. I am a graduate from Assumption College with a bachelors degree in Political Science. I am currently pursuing a certificate in Paralegal Studies. I am an incredibly fast typist, excelling in transcribing, editing and writing. I'm also good at talking about centuries old political philosophies, but I'm not sure how in demand that skill is. I have years of experience with creative writing for groups online, as well as blog writing for the gaming site

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Graduate Student English/Programming Major

English/Programming Double Major in Graduate Studies. Currently studying at University in Massachusetts. Expertise in PHP programming and English writing and editing. Prowess in creative and professional writing adhering to proper diction, spelling, grammar, usage and mechanics. Well acquainted with MLA, APA and Chicago Manual of Styles.

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Freelance writer for hire

I am a freelance writer living in England. I want to help you with content creation and marketing, writing ebooks, newsletters, writing to your email list, blog posts and articles - if it involves words, I can help you.

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Writer/ Editor/ Translator of German

I recently returned from two years of teaching ESL in Tirana, Albania, a culturally rich country. Albania is located in Eastern Europe north of Greece, and next to the Mediterranean. It once was the poorest nation in Europe, but has made progress towards becoming a more developed nation. I studied English and minored in Journalism at a small private college, where I reported for the college paper (mostly News). The second and third years, I managed to study Community development in Mexico, and Literature and Theolody in Oxford, England. My senior year, I began working with the local paper, The Kankakee Daily Journal and stayed for over a year. I worked mostly in the Think/Life section, writing about local heroes, charities and achievements. Currently, I do PR work for the Junior Women's Club of Cheyenne, Wyo., where I recently moved 5 months ago. I love writing, the art of writing, news, and getting to know new people!

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Thorough professional with over 17 years in IT

Have more than 17 years experience in IT Industry, worked with clients of major international banks in all facets of software development, maintenance, implementation and support. Worked for more than 8 years in the US for large companies like Fruit of the Loom, Mutual of Omaha, Lincoln Life and American Express Bank. Have work experience in Australia and Honkong also. Now retired from full time IT profession and looking to work from home on any assignment ranging Software development, project management, freelance writing on technical and non technical topics / blogs to data processing. I am also good in designing and designing and developing electronic equipments, microchip programming and an active Ham Radio operator running local amateur radio club. Also an expert in 3D stereoscopic photography / printing and lenticular printing.

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The best free lance writer.

I am a poet and slogan writer.I hold a masters degree in Co-operative Management and a Bachelors degree in Commerce from Loyola College,Chennai.I am proficient in English and Tamil language (speaking & writing).

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Writer/Blogger/eBooks/Voice-Over. Fitness/Nutrition/Workout Expert. I am a Writer & Blogger. I have a background in sports (Fitness, American Football, Soccer, Futsal, Gymnastics) and have studied physical therapy.That is why writing articles about those topics are one of my specialties. I also love to write about,and have studied the subject of Love/Relationships & Spirituality. I do Voice overs, not only fun cartoon-like voices, but voices for advertisements and commercials as well.

Netherlands, Noord Holland, Amsterdam | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Freelance Writer, Various Companies 2007 - Present ? Experience in writing: Dissertations, essays, term papers, short assignments, budget and statistical analysis reports, surveys, research papers HR Officer, Z&J Hygienic Products

Pakistan, sindh, karachi | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Hello. I'm very new to this, but eager to build a resume and assist you the best I can. I have a B.A. in English and some writing and blogging experience.

United States, WI, Altoona | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
A passionate writer and a life long learner

Writer, Teacher and Makeup Artist ?Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.? Rumi I believe there are so many stories around us that need to be told, things that need to be said and knowledge to be gained so I channel the past misfortunes into my writing and dream for a better future.

United States, CA, Anaheim Hills | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Versatile and creative generalist

I have knowledge and experience far beyond what Elance can handle, which gives me a great deal of adaptability for your project and the unique chance to contribute to it beyond initial expectations - it comes naturally and at no extra charge. Writing and programming are my passions, with music a close third, and I've been doing all three since I was very little. Besides skills listed, I do AI programming for fun, including A* and related pathfinding/graph traversal, ANN-assisted designs, and natural language processing with WordNet. I also have a broad knowledge of science and technology, in particular materials engineering, organic chemistry, and geology. I've always been a hopeless geek - I devoured my library's sci-fi and fantasy section as a youth, and am perfectly suited to such a project. Social sciences and ecology/economics are also fascinating to me.

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Expert in many fields

I can do many tasks at a very reasonable price. No job is too small. I can do tasks from data entry to website design to editing and writing articles. I also have many programs available to me to assist with the completion of the job.

United States, FL, Sebring | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Self-Motivated freelance writer/editor. Creative, organised and reliable. I hold a degree in Professional Writing and Editing as well as a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and Bachelor of Arts (Development Studies).

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A prolific writer and an online counsellor

A pen is mightier than a sword.I have not found anything that is as intresting and impacful as writng.This is what I live for and will probably die for. Philosophers of old transformed their thoughts into writing.That is why their impact remain goldmines.I am a writer of profound pedegree.I offer nothing short of good contents.The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

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A professional in the media industry, Joanna has written for high-profile publications including the Independent on Sunday and the Big Issue. With a portfolio ranging including business, arts and health writing, Joanna is able to craft new and compelling content to deadline. Joanna has a first class degree in English and Philosophy and a Masters in Journalism.

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consummate copywriter

Accomplished, adaptable, practiced and proven. I have been writing for merely a few months but have already had success with businesses as varied as VELUX, Lettershop, QMS and International Beverages - as well as numerous freelance articles and submissions. I am a word-wrangler and a sentence-monger. An alchemist of letters, a mixologist of ideas and a wet-nurse to the English language. Light of humour, wry of wit and delicate of eyebrow. I also make a damn good Manhattan.

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Writer for Any Occassion

I have a background in sales, marketing, social media, web copy development and layout. My writing skills are extensive and cover a variety of categories including but not limited to--blogging, creative writing, marketing material creation, website copy, and social media content. I can also assist in editing and tightening copy you may already have written and are just looking for a second opinion. Writing is a passion of mine and something that I pursue outside of my professional life. I believe that writing can be a form of expression and freedom, but is a very powerful tool and must be solemnly revered. As they say, you can't unbreak and egg and neither can you undo the damage of poorly chosen words.

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Writer and editor

Experienced editor and writer with more than fifteen years of book publishing experience in content editing, copy editing, and copy writing. Years of previous experience writing feature articles for local newspapers, including "advertorials". If you need it written or edited, I'm professional, punctual, and friendly. I've been published by Kensington Books, Harlequin, and HarperTeen.

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Experienced Writer and Microsoft Office Experience

I am experienced and efficient in Microsoft Office. I excel at creating professional, streamlined Powerpoint presentations. I have many years of experience in writing and proofreading, and worked specifically in these areas with students during college.

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Experienced, friendly, efficient writer

Cara D?Amico Bledsoe began writing plays for the neighborhood children to perform around the age of six. She later received a BFA in Theatre from New York University-Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied various forms of writing in addition to other arts. Cara had a nutrition column in the Scholastic teen life-skills magazine Choices for a year, and has also written articles for the Scholastic Classroom Magazines Junior Scholastic, Scope, Math, Art, and Scholastic News. Online, she has written articles for, extensive web content for the national non-profit Achieving the Dream, and ad copy for She is currently editing her first novel, No Longer Mine, for agency submission. Before she was a writer, she was a performer, a casting director, and an executive assistant. In other words, she can make coffee for you en pointe while evaluating your singing skills. She is nothing if not creative.

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Howdy, need something worked on?

Hello, Hello I received my bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University, specializing in the fields of English, Philosophy, and Medicine. Upon graduation, I spent half a year in a specialized workshop led by a previous professor and, after he left, I took over as its leader. I have years of writing / editing experience and am willing to stay up as late as it takes to make sure that jobs are completed by their deadlines.

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Expert writer, copywriter, editor, and proofreader

I'm a published author and editor based in New York City. I have extensive writing and editing skills, and knowledge in many fields including real estate, entertainment, music, culture, financial services, and more.

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Expert Writer,Author, Blogger

I am an accomplished Author of a novel now on entitled 'A Flowered Thorn'. I created a website at I am a content writer for under 'agreenworld'. Giving excellent attention to detail I offer a specialized commitment to servicing your writing needs. My mantra: Your Business Is My Business. I look forward to working with you.

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Expert, Efficient, Editor and Writer

Are you a business needing professional documents for your transactions, advertising, or website? Are you writing essays for your school, university, or community college courses? I can edit your papers and projects, helping you improve your writing. I have a masters degree in English Literature, a bachelors degree in English, and four years of experience in university writing centers. I can edit any level of essay or project--from proofreading each line to addressing thesis and content issues. I have experience in the following areas and more: * Thesis * Research Essays * Literature * Creative Writing * Grammar My rates begin at $35 an hour and go up from there, depending on the service requested. * Get in contact with me via email and ask your questions! JV Creative Services

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Multi-skilled creative

I am a multi-skilled, traveler from New Orleans, LA finding my way in Europe. I am seeking freelance opportunities - either remote or I travel to your destination in Europe. My skills and talents include: Organizing. This can be anything... information or physical items, for a project, an event, a business. Writing. I am a sound creative and informative writing, enjoying writing about topics I feel passionate about as well as communicating information and business writing. Communication: I am a clear communicator, both written and spoken. I am also a good teacher. Computer Friendly. I am comfortable using the computer as a tool to manage information and have basic experience using the web as a communication tool... facebook, twitter,, constant contact. I am a sensitive, intuitive, and creative individual and am willing to be of service. On good days I like to laugh and have a sense of humor. Please be in touch via email for work opportunities.

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Hard working individual with attention to fine detail. Background in health and therapeutic care. Special interest in comedy writing and writing for children.

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A deep thinking writer able to tackle tough topics from unique persectives. Versed in academic and creative writing.

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Expert Rifleman.Train Conductor. Photojournalist.

Former Marine Corps Non-commissioned Officer and Combat Correspondent, or photojournalist / public affairs specialist (2005-2010); Editor of Observation Post, newspaper for largest Marine Corps base in the world -- Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms -- with 40,000+ daily circulation (2007-2009); Multiple award winner for journalism and photography excellence with inservice as well inter-service recognition; specialized military and civilian training in photography, photojournalism, photo production, photo editing, news writing, feature writing, creative writing, content editing, copy editing, and design.

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I speak English, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese

I am a graduate student at Washington University, St. Louis pursuing degree in International Affairs. I have Bachelor Degree from Saint Louis University in Communications, International Studies and Russian Studies. I have lived in China, France, Ireland, Spain, Turkey and Russia. I have experience in advertisement, PR, creative writing and management. I love event planning and have a natural eye for talent. My true passion is Chinese language and culture. I love fashion and people with class. I am looking for a job that would give me an opportunity to meet new people on regular basis. I would love to work in a fun environment with a group of creative intelligent people. It would also be great to have chance to use my language skills as well.

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We bring your idea to paper

Extensive experience in article and paper writing - over 20 years, including fundamental research, analysis, graphical display of information, bibliographies, and summary. Please see portfolio for examples. We also work on creative short stories and entertainment pieces for newspapers. I am fluent in German, and passable in French.

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Gabe West is a Virginia Beach based freelance writer. While in college, he wrote front page articles for the university newspaper, and was an intern at the alumni magazine. He has interviewed a wide range of people from Pulitzer Prize winners to Four-Star Generals. His travels have taken him to eclectic places in the world, and he's eager to share his writing and editing skills after serving four years in the military.

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I am a professional artist and amateur writer.

Though painting is my strength, I do enjoy expressing myself through written word. I have two degrees in the medical field: medical lab-AAS, and physical therapist assistant-AAS. I have experience with writing medical notes and have a working knowledge of medical terms that may be useful for transcription or other medical writing jobs. But I do want to get into other and any area that stimulates my creative nature as well. Having studied in the medical field, I did not get a degree a web design or graphics and I sorely miss those skills. Therefore I am in process of going to school for web design and graphics. I desire to work my way through with freelance writing. I have an agent in Atlanta, GA who sells my paintings. We get commissions for designers and hospitals. It's a fun career and we are lucky to have the jobs we have. I really hope to hear from you.

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Skilled copywriter and communicator

I'm Andrew Bennett, an experienced copywriter and Public Relations consultant who has written for everyone from multinational companies like GlaxoSmithKline, to small enterprises in my local community, such as an artisan bakery. I've crafted copy that makes the customers and staff of these organisations take notice, and as a PR professional I can also produce compelling news releases that gain mainstream, technical and business-to-business media coverage. As well as producing copy for the web, PR materials, case studies and news and features, I've written social media copy and materials for the stakeholders of companies and organisations - outsiders who take a keen interest in what they are up to. I'm adept at creating straight, factual copy that gets the key points across with minimal fuss, but I can do quirky and off-beat writing too. It's about understanding the client's needs and using my skills to ensure the right messages hit home.

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Freelance Writer: Expertise With a Personal Voice

Independent freelance writer, combining expertise with a personal voice / Astute, analytical support professional with years of experience. I have extensive experience interviewing, researching, developing, and writing material daily for more than ten years. ***** "Light Spinner Quarterly magazine had the esteemed honor of having Patricia write an article for our last issue. She instantly stood out against other applicants as being uniquely attentive and compassionate, both as a writer and an individual. Her article has since been the most commented on and regarded for its sincerity and warmth. Patricia has a distinguished talent for writing through the eyes of another. She was very responsive to emails, offering her own ideas and finishing before deadline. We wouldn't hesitate a second to hire her again and hope to do so again soon.? January 23, 2012 (LinkedIn review) *****

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I have an extensive background including bachelor's and master's degrees from Purdue University in Agricultural Education. I have a minor in Entomology and am a Certified Crop Advisor. I have worked a variety of postions including: District Sales Manager, Executive Director, and Instructor. I enjoy working on websites and blogging on the side! I manage Sweeten Farms website and market our products as needed.

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Creative Professional Writer

With a dual-major bachelor's degree in writing and Spanish, I am available to edit, translate, create reports and resumes, and write blog posts among other things. I have been trained in both professional and creative writing and can adjust my talents to fit your needs.

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My main objective is to work in a situation that allows me some flexibility and to offer timely and dependable support. I have perfect customer service skills and people skills as well. I am team player, diplomatic, self-disciplined and honest. I have worked as a data entry professional, web researcher and as an article writer with excellent writing skills. I work extremely hard and diligently. I am keen to details and am a problem solver at heart. I have many skills that allow me to perform a wide range of duties, and am always finding new things to add to this. I am extremely honest and do not bill for hours I do not work. I am just the kind of person you want to work with for the success of your company.

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Professional Article Writer

Experience in the field of literature for 3yrs, working as well as studying as a professor in a reputed college as a literature professor. I have experience on Ghost writing, article writing. I have done a ghost writing for a novel.

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Reliable, hardworking, professional - That's me!

I am a reliable, hardworking professional available for administrative, writing, proofreading or editing projects. I have an extremely strong command of the English language and well-developed writing and grammar skills.

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Hi , I'm a doctor(obstetrician and gynecologist) from Egypt , excellent in English writing ,speaking and grammar as well as Arabic which is my native language .I'm very good in data entry and typing on computer .

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PR Specialist & writer extraordinaire

Over three years PR writing experience. Over eight years proposal, grant, business plan, marketing plan, etc writing

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Quick Editing for ESL, Students, and Writers

English/Creative Writing degree from USC, and love editing! I'll edit your academic papers, websites, published blog posts, or even novels! Rates to be determined individually with clients. I work very quickly and can get back to you within 24 hours on shorter projects. Let me know what you need and I'll quickly give you an honest response with an estimate for compensation.

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Writer/Web Programmer/Desktop Publishing

I work as a web developer full time and interested in doing creative writing, technical writing, or usability testing for your website.

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Short story writer. Essay writing.

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Reliable and dedicated writer

I am a SEO contractor/content writer based here in the Cebu, Philippines for almost three years now. My job includes making post templates (writing an original article, then rewriting it three times), making social profile links (signing up in different forums and adding links), blogging, blog commenting, making health-related articles, travel guides, making review articles, etc. As a BS Biology graduate, I am also used to writing academic papers (e.g. scientific papers, thesis proposals, review papers, etc).

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Writer, Editor, Translator

I am an award winning writer with numerous publications in nationally distributed magazines, newspapers and literary journals. Prior to becoming a full-time freelance editor and translator, I served as the editor in chief of a bilingual culture and arts magazine in Italy. With over fifteen years of experience in the field, I have worked for some of the most well respected publishing houses in the country, including Knopf. Full knowledge of AP Style and Chicago Style. I hold a BA and MFA in English and Creative Writing.

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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire Dick Methia # 10. He?s smart and savvy (but not boastful). # 9. He?s as fully trustworthy as the Boy Scout he once was. # 8 . His entire career has been spent in jobs requiring expert communication. # 7. He loves to write so he puts his heart and soul into his writing. # 6. He knows a lot about a lot. He?s been an educator, non-profit exec, award-winning writer and speaker, author, and (almost) an American astronaut. # 5. He plays fair. You get what you pay for--and more.. # 4. He writes with a sense of humor because he believes laughter (or its little brother chuckles) is a cure for the blues and maybe, just maybe, a path to transcendence. # 3. He loves his rescue dog Ginger. No true dog lover will ever steer you wrong. # 2. He writes for the love of craft, not money (well, almost). # 1. He?s been published by some of the coolest guys and gals who bring you only the best and brightest writing.

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Experienced writer-for-hire

As a screenplay writer-for-hire I am easy and collaborative to work with, I get the story you want told written, but in the development process make sure that what you are putting out there is something that is marketable and can get made or sold. I have a strong knowledge of the industry and strong relationships with production companies. In my writing for magazines, I bring humor to my pieces that make the articles fun, informational and easy to read.

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