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I am an educator by profession. Writer by choice.

.ME, MYSELF I am an MA in English and an MEd in Education. I am an educator by profession teaching undergraduates for nearly 30 years. I have no retired and have been doing the following jobs online: 1. translation Kannada to English and vice-versa 2. Proof reading both the languages. 3.Writing articles, short stories and composing poems. Presently doing translation work. 4. I hold certificates for everything which can be scanned and mailed if required

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A Certified Public Accountant with experience in financial reporting, audit and taxation in the Philippines. I love reading and transcribing things, proof reading is second nature since it is an auditor's job to find things to correct. I am detail oriented.English is my second language, I grew up talking and most of the time thinking in English. I would really love to help out people with their work be it proof reading, transcribing, typing, etc. I love words! I write poetry, non-fiction and fiction at whim.

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Student with deep interest in creative writing!

What defines me is my passion for writing!I am in high school but have been writing since the age of five. I've won numerous prizes and medals for creative writing,speeches,extempores,poetry and more. Achievements include being in the merit(Top 10) of the ;Junior Editor; competition organised by a national daily.A lot of my articles have been published in prominent indian newspapers and some of the local magazines.I've written professionally for a website,SpotOnLists; on Wordpress. Being blessed with intelligence and wit,I can take up homework assignments as well.I can also tutor nicely. And the best part is that i am a workaholic and determined and focused at my goals and ambitions.And i see myself as a prominent writer in a few years. I've been looking forward to work with some great people and write something good.In need of a chance,I assure all employers that I'll give my 100% to the job offered and you'll be mesmerised by my work! :)

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I've always been told I was a good writer, and I just never realized it because it's always been something natural for me. I write whenever I can. I jot down notes of sayings I find cute, I keep quotes I want to remember, I fill my journal with poetry and nonsense because sometimes I just have the urge to write literally anything. I've recently decided I'd like to apply my passion to a career. I will be honest, I haven't written for someone since high school, but I love to challenge myself and I want to see how my words can effect others. I love creative writing. I'd like to blog, write more poetry, short stories and reviews. I would love to work with you and display my skill and show my true potential, and have you get to know me by the way I express myself through my writing. Thank you for reading!

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Expert content writer, professional engineer

I have been writing ever since I was a young child. I started out writing my own poetry which I have published. Then songs, and music, I moved onto writing books and short stories. This moved into writing articles online for additional income and found that I really enjoy what I do and I am very good at it. My goal is to provide a level of excellence that only few other writers have been able to accomplish. I am very thorough and detailed. Also, if you don't need much detail I am capable of adjusting for that. My wide range of experience, education, and knowledge will be very beneficial to anyone I partner with, that is a guarantee. My hourly rate is negotiable, it's just posted at $22 because they wanted a number.

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Expert Poet, Storyteller and Game Designer

I'm a college grad with expertise in game design as well as creative writing, specifically poetry and short stories. I've had numerous writing pieces published over the years, my recent being a poetry collection. My style of writing tends to combine a short, frank attitude, with artsy wording and a bit of humor thrown in. This can also be seen in the videos games I've created for school. I am very dedicated to whatever project I'm working on and always strive to complete it in a timely manner. I am also willing to negotiate my wages so please don't be afraid to communicate with me. Here is the link to my Game Design Portfolio:

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Blog/Article Writer

I typically write blogs/poetry/articles, but I have a wide range of interests and expertise. I'm a beauty school graduate, and am currently in classes for freelance writing specifically to further educate myself in the field and broaden my horizons.

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Experienced writer provides high-quality content

To some writing is a skill better left for reports and letters. I am an experienced writer who uses this art as a means of communication, bridging the distance between creator and consumer. My main goal as a writer is providing high-quality content in the appropriate amount of time. Like an animator I use words to bring ideas and templates to life in order to relay the appropriate message a company represents and generate the desired consumer response. With experiences in poetry, report and column writing on the college editorial team, I promise to deliver pristine and result-oriented content on every project given.

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I'm a blogger, mom/dad blogging, proficient in advertising through my blog, best writing skills are poetry, creative and advertising. I have written for Yahoo Voices for years, switched to blogging because that is where the money is. Looking to enhance my writing skills for future success

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Writer, Poet, Ghostwriter

My name is Sheena and I'm a 25 year old mother who is in love with writing. I have been writing short stories, poems, essays, and articles since I was nine years old. Just recently I finished my first novel which I am very proud of, and I am looking for a way to make money doing what I love to do which is why I joined this site. I'm a very hard worker, I'm dedicated, and passionate about writing so anything I can do for you will be fun for me! I will not let you down, my unique and passionate writing skills will show and you will be happy you chose me. I'm looking forward to working with you, thanks!

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Dedication and Creativity

A grand hello to you all this fine day! I have been writing creatively for the past 21 years. I have some poetry published and have recently entered discussions with a few publishers in regard to one of my completed manuscripts. Through the classroom of life to campus life, I have been expanding on my knowledge and seek to do so until the day I pass from this life. I have many skills which you may or may not find useful to your endeavors. I am quite fluid as I can be the dedicated office assistant or the crazy columnist. I read Irish Gaelic with fair accuracy and love history. My writing is 100% genuine. I use everything I can to ensure this is so. I type between 50-70 wpm depending on the day or my familiarity with the subject.

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Expert editor and creative writer

My name is Lauren Hodges. I am a young, ambitious college student with a strong passion for the writing world! My niche is creative writing but I also recently discovered I love to edit and proofread as well. I have been writing poems and songs all my life's a first...I like to write research papers! I am very interested in writing articles and research papers. I gravitate towards jobs that are focused around the health/wellness fields such as psychology, mental disorders, stress relief, spirituality, physical health, etc. I am a very motivational person as I have my own very personal experiences so I'd love to offer my service to anyone who would give me the chance! I

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I am a regular writer who knows his job well. Many children?s novelettes are in my credit which had been awarded National prizes. ?Magician?, one of my stories written in English for children was shortlisted by for worldwide publicity through internet. My poem has also been published in an American Poetry Journal ?Lucidity?. But that?s not all. What matters much is my keen passion for doing this job most earnestly not only for earning money but also to justice to my creative impulse which will be really helpful for him who entrusts me to offer the job.

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I am a creative writer, also write poetry.

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Writer, English, Poet, Creative Writing

I am Jessica and I am currently in college. I have been writing since I was a little girl. I can write professional press releases to playful and humorous articles. I also have some experience in blog posts, websites, short stories, poetry and product descriptions. I have published a couple items, but not much at all. I am young and pursuing my passion for writing. I have just recently began my research for freelance writing. As I had stated; I am young and just trying to get my foot through the door.

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Creative Writer

I am a reemerging freelance writer of the creative and resourceful type. I can use my experience in creating, managing, and writing creative content about the music industry via LA Nightimer (see link below) to provide you with thoroughly researched written material that is catered to your specific niche and need. If you need something creatively written, I can wear that hat. My experience with writing quirky haiku's for the blog Haikoochie (see link below) can provide you with examples of the variety and creativity I can provide your writing necessities. I am the writer to call upon if you need a person that is flexible and able to write across many different genres, themes, ideas, and points of view. I have experience with the music industry, poetry, fiction, short stories, health industry, and education. I have extensive knowledge about special education and general education. I am here to help you with a spectrum of creative possibility.

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I am merely a vessel my words used to escape.

I have authored and co-authored five books of poetry and short stories. I am writing the sequel to my novel, First Kiss: Missing. I have been a featured author on, and

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I have been passionate about writing since an early teen and have won a variety of writing and speech contests since childhood. I personally love creative writing such as poetry and short stories, but I also have vast experience in content writing. I have researched, developed and created content for multiple successful business' websites, have maintained a weekly newsletter for a mid-size cooperation, created two company safety manuals and IIPP, and written articles for Angies List. Currently, I am writing articles for Yahoo! and hope to gain more experience working for you. I have been certified to type 70WPM accurately, consider myself an expert in many computer programs (word, excel, and powerpoint). I have extensive knowledge in product research and have the capability to produce content fast. Because I genuinely enjoy writing, I am an ideal candidate for your next project. I will ensure exceptional quality and I am excellent dealing with fast deadlines.

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Award Winning Fictional Writer and Editor,

As winner of St. Martin's University's Nursia prize in English and American Letters, I am one of the best writers out there. My poetry is publishing standard, my amateur editing praised, and my voice acting and reading enjoyed. Hire me, and I promise that the work will not disappoint.

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Ghost Writer, Creative Writer, and Editor

"The 'quality of Bret'...far exceeded any reasonable expectations that I might have had." Top 1% in English Skill Score. Do you want your words to shine? I do, too. Careful craftmanship and love of words fuels my work. I won't write something that isn't great, and why would you want anything less? I have tons of experience with writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, academic work and more. When you want integrity combined with experience and passion, I'm your man. I hold a B.A. in English from Brevard College, and I am currently attending Northwestern University--St. Paul earning a M.Div in Biblical Studies. I have college level teaching experience in English. I am seeking opportunities to collaborate on interesting projects I can sink my teeth into. I am addicted to the creative process. I complete all my work on time and correctly. I look forward to working with you.

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Efficient editor and creative writer

I am a college student majoring in English and Communications which has provided me with strong editing and writing skills. I am an avid reader and can efficiently edit documents in a timely manner. Further, I am hardworking and somewhat of a critic (in the best way possible!). When editing, I will bring a critical eye that may be of use to you in your writing. Though I am very skilled in formal and academic writing, I excel in creative writing and poetry but am willing to take on any job needed! I am hardworking, fun to work with, and of course, professional. Thank you for visiting my profile and I look forward to working with you!

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Dedicated writer and romantic poet...

Graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2002 with a BA in English Literature, PJ Lowry has been writing fiction, non-fiction and poetry for over twenty years. He's been blogging online since 2000, writing editorials, film reviews short stories and an atheist column that is read by thousands a week.

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Writer ~ Editor ~ Grant Writer ~ Translator

"I was very impressed with this freelancer's work. She went above and beyond what I had expected, was very responsive and delivered early. The quality of the text was outstanding, I did not discover a single spelling mistake. I can only highly recommend her and will certainly work with her again given the opportunity!" "wow, she is a fantastic editor !!!" "This freelancer took on a tough project with a very tight deadline and did a fantastic job. She was responsive and her writing is excellent. It was a pleasure!" As a published author and editor, I can help you provide compelling content to get your message across clearly. I am passionate about the power of words and dedicated to help you express yourself effectively. With over 18 years of writing experience, I can assist you with: Articles Manuscript Editing Grant proposals Newsletters News Releases Educational Materials Web Content Transcriptions Poetry or Lyric Rewrites I am fluent in German, and am avai

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Always striving for writing perfection

I have several short stories and poems published in several venues. I always edit and re-edit all my work until it is as finely tuned as a racing engine. I meet or beat every deadline with a superior dedication. I love writing and all that is involved in this great field.

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Providing security for Gabriel Iglesias

I am 26 years old, I have been writing since elementary school and have two books published under my maiden name, as well as two under my married name on I have won awards for poetry before, and written articles for school papers. I am in the military as a Security Forces member and have been doing that for five and a half years. I have a nine-month-old son, and my husband has the same job I do. I love to write and usually carry a notebook with me everywhere I go.

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published author, book reviewer,ghost writer

I am a published author of two romance western novels Autumn Sky and it's sequel Dark Skies Of Autumn . I also have reviewed books for numerous sites as well as for individual authors. I have been writing since I was in my teens and have had various works published on internet sites as well as local papers. My poetry anthology has been sent by my publisher to the Noble Prize committee for consideration for the prize in literature I look at my writing as a way of bringing life to the past and placing the reader in that time frame just by reading the story. I believe that a story should make the reader feel they are experiencing what they are reading not just reading words on a page . I feel if my poetry brings a tear to your eye or the memory of a special moment, then I have done my work as a writer. I look forward to hearing your reply to my response

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Looking to put words in your mouth!

I have earned a Masters degree in psychology. Educated in journalism, fiction, technical writing and poetry. I am a therapist that writes children's books, songs and poetry for leisure. My elance specialties include everything from academic to creative writing. Editing, proofreading, working quickly with excellent communication make me a fantastic fit for multiple assignments.

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Top-notch writer & award-winning teacher

If you want a writer who establishes a conversation with readers, injects a sense of humor, and crafts poignant, thought-provoking pieces, you've found her. While I excel at research, I prefer to follow the wise advice to 'write what you know.' As a writer, a teacher, and (above all) a wife and mother, I specialize in writing about: * education * children * parenting * family life * food * Christianity * music * inspired living I hold a B.A. in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Communication Arts and spent a decade teaching those subjects. While teaching, I advised a literary magazine that garnered top honors for five consecutive years from the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association; I presented at the 2008 CSPA conference. In addition, Mossy Creek Press published my chapbook "Grace Notes" in 2001, and I've worked part-time as a professional pianist since 1997.

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I'm a recent graduate with a B.A. in Creative Writing. I have experience editing, from the developmental stage to the copy editing stage. While writing poetry is my main focus, I love editing and have a very careful eye.

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Creative Writer and Published Author

I am a British writer living in Texas with a Masters degree in Creative Writing. I have experience in children's literature, travel writing, poetry, flash fiction and novel writing. I have a published fantasy fiction novel for young adult readers. With a strong background in Early Years teaching, I have a good understanding of what captures a child's interest, imagination and humour.

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Looking for a creative workaholic to turn words into cash? Look no further. If you need captivating copy to inform or sell, I'm your man. For the last half a decade I've been crafting quality short stories, screenplays, poems, articles, web content and copy. Experience has enabled me to bend the English language to my will, using it as a weapon to engage, persuade and entertain. Recently, I graduated from the University of Greenwich with an honours degree in Creative Writing at bachelor level. Utilising a malleable writing style I can deliver high quality writing suitable to your needs. Discover competitive pricing and quality writing, hire me today.

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Poet, writer, translator

Hello! My name is Artem Humenyuk. I?ve graduated from Petro Mohyla Mykolayiv State University (Ukraine). I gained BA in English philology in 2007 and then studied for one more year till I got Specialist qualification. I'm experienced as a teacher of the English language (private lessons, pedagogical practice at Lyceum), worked on some translational projects on a freelance basis. Also I?ve got experience as a freelance English and Russian article writer. From March 2010 till June 2011 I?ve been working at the Wcities as a researcher. From February till March 2012 I?ve been working as a playwright at Chicago Boom Theater (Amsterdam). I've got a book of poetry published by the costs of Clarence Oakes publishing house My translation pairs are En-Rus, En-Ukr. With the hope for collaboration, Artem

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Writing, graphics and content development expert

I wrote my first book, a novella entitled MY STUBBORNNESS ENDS TODAY in 1996. The book was published in 2006 and is now a literature text for classroom instruction in Nigeria.10 years later, I became a member of Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA). Since then, I have written eight novels and novellas, two volumes of short stories, three plays, 300 poems, and so forth. Since becoming a member of ANA, I have written with increased effectiveness and accuracy. It is with this wealth of experience, strength of attitude and timliness that I approach any new job I will execute for my Elance clients.

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I am a writer of creative writing. I write poetry for weddings, birthdays and greeting cards. I can write about anything and everything. Over 100 words a minute flow through my brain. If you want examples please email me for preview.

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I achieved a High Distinction in a Creative Reading & Writing course with the University of Newcastle and have had several short stories and poems published.

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Young female aspiring writer

I am a young female who will complete her bachelor's degree in psychology in December, however my big passion is writing and I will most likely go back to college and earn a journalism degree also. I am a foster mother to kittens for my local humane society and have fostered over 100 kittens in the past two years - so I know a LOT about them. I have done some poems and enjoy writing many things. I have played video games for most of my life and I think I add a different opinion since I'm female and most gamers are male.

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Writing Jobs With Precision & Attention to Detail

I am a college-educated homemaker who is passionate about communicating through the medium of writing. My respect and knowledge of my native English language has led me to become almost obsessive with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Although my degree is not in the area of writing, I have always excelled in English and Writing classes throughout high school and college. In my personal life I have written countless poems, articles, and papers. I am constantly doing research on topics of interest as I document my results in personal files for future reference.

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Passionate and Professional Writer

After writing avidly for 14 years, I am experienced and deeply passionate in the arts of both creative and technical writings. My creative pieces have included lyric, poetry, journals, columns, prose, letters, children's books, and short stories. My technical writing has included business plans, market analysis, Product Descriptions, proposals, resumes, cover letters, reviews, blogs, E-books, and articles. I have 10 years of outside work experience in various markets, which allows me the knowledge and understanding of a diverse pool of topics. I have worked and studied within customer service, food service, retail, child and adult care, nutrition, brand promotion, business, and sales. If you are looking for someone that is passionate, precise, punctual, and professional to devote an undivided attention to your project; whatever it might be, then rest assured, you will not be disappointed in choosing me.

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I'm a teenage girl growing up in the Midwest, but don't let my age or background tell you who I am. I'm hardworking and extremely willing to learn. I will do whatever it takes to put forth my best work.

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Communications and Information Professional

I am a dynamic, professional, and creative writer living in Buffalo, New York. I have my bachelor's in English and Creative Writing and Master's in Library and Information Sciences. I was the editor of a literary arts journal (The Prelude) for 2 years, have over 3 years of non-profit experience, and 2 years managerial experience. At my current job I assist with grant writing and development for a non-profit that provides services for low-income customers. My creative specialties are short stories, creative non-fiction, and poetry.

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Editor & Proofreader

I have more than ten years of experience at reviewing, editing, and proofreading various documents. I'm also a seasoned university English instructor. I offer dedicated editorial support to ensure that you express your ideas clearly, effectively, and professionally.

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Health & Wellness Writer, Marketing Specialist

I have many years of experience in many forms of writing- from journaling to business reports; administrative tasks to poetry. I also have strengths in resume writing and professional formats. My writing style is normally conversational and witty, but I easily adjust it according to what is necessary for the job at hand. As a Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer, I am especially knowledgeable and interested in health, cooking, fitness, nutritional science, and the subjects of inspiration and faith. I have experience in petition writing and humor, as well. I have contributed articles to websites such as,, and offer my services (as well as blog post) on My YouTube channel: If you are looking for a passionate, hardworking, and personable writer, I am your gal! :)

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Published Writer

I am an artist at heart, teacher by profession, writer by nature and poetess in solitude!

Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.6 (9 reviews)
Come To Me When Words Escape You

I am a reliable, creative, intuitive, poetry writer who also excels in writing informational essays, articles and speeches. Deadlines will always be reached. My family, friends, and even strangers compliment me on my writing and insist that I pursue a career in writing. If you hire me, you will not be disappointed.

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Let the Kingfisher Ink your next project!

Specializing in music composition and poetry, along with experience in proofreading and descriptive writing.

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Creative Writer, Editor, Customer Service Expert

Writing has always been a passion of mine. It has given me the ability to see the world and situations through eyes other than my own. There is such power.. such creativity behind words, and I will always cherish that. I am hardworking, focused, determined, and efficient. I love being challenged because challenges push a person to grow. In everything I do, I believe it's best to give my all.

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I was born to write and write I will. Capable of performing detailed quests for background information, and digesting it into poetry, prose, and accurate reports and articles. Experienced story teller providing compelling content and appropriate humorous interjections. Takes direction well, and applies innovative creativity to delivering a product that is at least as amazing as you imagined it.

United States, MD, Rockville | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (4 reviews)
Creative Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting

Great writer. Has excellent writing skills, well versed on all subjects, communicates well and delivers ahead of time. Highly recommended! mdinglasan Excellent worker and very efficient! DrPeter English native speakers from Edinburgh, UK, with an MA Degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Dundee, an MSc in Literature from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Screenwriting from Napier University of Edinburgh. We write, edit and proofread fiction and non-fiction books, e-books, websites, articles, essays, stories and scripts. We write poetry and screenplays for you or assist you in perfecting your work. We suggest ways to improve your writing as well as provide feedback. For over 10 years, we have worked with magazines, newspapers, television channels and production companies, achieving top results. All clients have rated our work with five stars in six categories, and they have stated to have been 100% satisfied.

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Anything creative is my kind of thing.

I am a student who has an avid interest in writing poems, stories and articles. I have a particular talent for writing to inspire and being creative. I also love science and am very much into scientific writing. I can produce fine pieces of work which are both attractive to read and do the job they're meant to.

United Kingdom, The Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
English graduate article writer/blogger.

I am am English free lance professional writer available for many different literary activities. I am currently the content writer for a very successful Indonesian property website and enjoy blogging and writing website articles. I am also a qualified Journalist and English Literature graduate. I have an unmatchable skills set in writing, and a way with words, if you want original, engaging and interesting articles then look no further.

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philosophy and imagination; children of invention.

As a young inspiring individual of an ever-evolving world, i find myself following an evolutionary course. I am determined to intersect the lines of financial stability to self-fulfillment. i have an eagerly growing appetite and I love to digest the gaining of knowledges and techniques. I am able to guarantee my work-ethics along with discipline, while possessing an inventive and inspiring imagination.

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Lyricist/Playwright/Creative Writer/Salesperson

I am acclaimed writer in poetry, lyrics, short stories and articles. I have published three books recently in fiction, poetry and politics. I enjoy writing songs, stories and poetry. For school, I attended Towson University where I studied Creative Writing as my minor. I currently write for a Access to Heaven Network and Yahoo. I've been writing for 15 years and I pride myself in my creativity and professionalism. I offer the best services and skill sets and with that I say, do not hesitate to visit my website for writing samples at

United States, MD, Germantown | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Quality. Creativity. Originality.

Christian missionary with a background in creative and fiction writing. My focus is always on quality work and giving the client exactly what they need.

United States, LA, Morgan City | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Vivacious Writing. Clever Content. Precise Prose.

Integrity and tenacity drive my passion, my love of language. We're humans, communicating through computers and keypads, but there can still be beauty and honesty in the words. I'm a writer, versatile and detailed. My words are evocative and my grammar is impeccable. I'm a professional vegan chef. Writing nutritional info in a current, creative and informative tone is my specialty. I'm a food blogger and published recipe writer. I'm highly experienced with Raw foods, Detoxes, Juicing, Southern Soul foods, Baking and more. I also write excellent restaurant and food product reviews. Educated in theatrical design, I have received compliments for my costume design in prestigious arenas, like VARIETY, and museum awards for 2D art. I can provide critical and/or emotive description of any element in any genre of media arts. I spent ten years writing about animals, managing Social Media and transcribing medical details, working in non-profits and veterinary surgical practices.

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Writing services for innovative projects.

Finely-crafted language for your communication needs! I am a creative writer with an MA in Writing and an MFA in Poetry. I'm also an experienced English teacher. My role on your project is to help you to elevate your voice, to reach out to others and express whatever it is that you need to say, whether it is to tell your life story, relate your creative imaginings, or to find the people who need to know you and share your vision and work. In the spirit of collaboration and creative excellence, my editing and feedback come from the place of a reader trying to understand your purpose. My writing aims to fine-tune your ideas and your message. Seeing someone’s ambitions unfold through a writing project is a great pleasure to me.

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Professional, Witty, Perfectionistic Educator

I am a NATIONALLY BOARD CERTIFIED ENGLISH/LITERACY TEACHER with 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the teaching field. I hold a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION and a MASTER OF SCIENCE IN LIBRARY MEDIA AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES. I consider myself to be compassionate, persistent, and energetic all the while embracing the ability to present myself in a professional and articulate manner. Some of my hobbies include traveling and reading. I am proficiently skilled in proofreading and editing using a variety of technology tools. I have developed and maintained a public school website as well as worked with many technology programs to manage, teach, and supervise my educational responsibilities.

United States, AR, Mountain View | Writing & Translation | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
Copywriter, Journalist, Poet, Musician, Radio Host

I'm a friendly poet, musician, radio host and a professional writer and copywriter with a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Human Rights from Kingston University, London. I am also a member of the Professional Copywriters' Network. I provide a personable and friendly service with excellent grammar, punctuation and professionalism. I have developed a rich spectrum of tone to adapt to the needs of my clients drawing from my experiences as a poet, speech writer, journalist, musician and copywriter. My work is weighted in personality, intellect and solid research I ensure to make the processes as quick, easy and effective as I can for my clients. please see the temporary site for further information and direct enquiries

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freelance writer

if you would like a good quality work done for a fast turn around for a fair price..!!! hire will not be disappointed. i am a motivated, adaptable and a responsible graduate with a Bachelor degree in English literature, i am pursuing M.A in English literature currently.i am looking for online work hoping to get hired

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Math Aint That Hard = Math

I am Jordan Chad Whittingham, a past student of the University of Technology, Jamaica in the year of 2011. At this institution of education I completed my study in Computer Science majoring in Data Communication. I've always had the quickest grasp on the key mathematical aspects of computer science such as Logic gates, Binary to Decimal conversions, Knowledge of indices. I believe that through an understanding of the purpose of Mathematics one can achieve a better grasp of utilizing their problem-solving skills. My aim is to dedicate as much time as is needed to contribute to one's approach in Mathematics. Ultimately I seek to make the experience of this pursuit of knowledge in this area less problematic

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Experienced Network Administrator/Creative Writer

My name is Micheal Card. I have been working with computers for over sixteen years and been a Network Administrator/Systems Administrator for over 10. I have experience is all aspects of computing including Windows, Linux, Networking, Basic Programming & Web Design, etc.. I have also been a creative writer in my spare time. I have had different poems and short stories published and find that writing is my true passion.

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Creative, Article & General writing, Poetry

A professional writer with a "BA English Honours" degree I offer quality work at a very affordable price. With an aim to create breathtaking interest, an impression everlasting among the readers I pen down words which are refreshing and resonating. Using a simple yet lucrative language I can write on various topics with style and creativity ornamenting even the common used words. A poet by nature I am a dedicated writer, believing in the concept of "Work Is Worship" who can design creativity entrusted to catch the audience's attention and deliver utmost satisfaction to my clients.

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Translator consultant

Hello! I translate only writing for health reasons I can not translate speaking at this stage. Work profession more than 13 years. Under my leadership teams of professional translators in more than 15 languages. We will be happy if you accept to work on your projects...

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writer , blogger , pen , art , word , english ,

Following the research I have done to find work through the internet, I came across your website, I take the initiative to write to you to offer my candidature for the post. A motivated self-starter, able to quickly grasp issues and attend to details while maintaining a view of the big picture.An author of two poetry volumes and one novel who can be very creative, resourceful and flexible and able to adapt to changing priorities and maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

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Colouring the World with Words

I have completed my Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Power Plant Systems from the Glasgow Caledonian University. I have always loved writing, fiction to non-fiction, lyrics, poems and most of the times even proof read and write from scratch speeches, reports and articles. I have a highly balanced understanding of English Grammar and can read and write with ease. I am adept at Microsoft Word and general word processing.

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Experienced Audio Engineer

I am a recording engineer and vocal recording artist and can provide a wide range of vocal as well as writing services.

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Professional, quick and accurate writing services

Author of speculative fiction and poetry, looking to gain experience in non fiction article and review writing. Deadline oriented and professional. Has been a published author for more than 15 years.

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Freelance Storyteller

I am a freelance storyteller with a successful blog and strong online presence. My work has been featured in Livejournal Idol, a blogging competition for creative writers, and Whispers, a showcase event in Brisbane for dynamic writing voices. I love words - I always have - and I promise to give yours life, colour and power. I can offer experience and skills in many areas including short story writing and editing, blogging, travel writing and poetry. I offer a quick turnaround and a professional attitude - I want your project to succeed. I am currently studying my graduate diploma in Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology and am a longtime member of Queensland Writer's Centre.

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Dedicated Newbie

I'm new around here, but all I want to do is write and help people out. I currently work part-time and have more free time than reruns of Dr. Who and Charles Dickens' books can fill. (Just kidding - I hate Dickens). I am comfortable with poetry and fiction, but wouldn't shy away from something more technical if it caught my interest. I know you're not really interested in my background, but more interested in if I would be a decent worker who provided better work than that other guy who put in a proposal. I guess you'll just have to choose me and find out.

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Writer/Editor/Proofreader for Hire, Freelance Work

I am skilled in writing, proofreading, and editing. I graduated from Miami University of Oxford, OH with a BA in Creative Writing and a Japanese minor, Honors with Distinction. I can do freelance work from home. I took French in high school. I love to write, and I loved to edit the papers of my classmates and friends, who would actively seek my aid in proofreading their work and making it better. I have also published a thesis: "Fox Spirit Field Guide: Read at Your Own Risk, Possession Possible," about the fox spirit legends of East Asia. It is a work that, while informative, also contains short stories, flash fiction, poetry, made-up newspaper articles and letters, and the like. Each section contained a short informative introduction to the fox spirit legends of that country. The thesis is about 60 pages long. I was the editor of a literary magazine and the school newspaper in high school, so I have some experience there. I also wrote a couple devotionals on

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Need a blog, article, or ebook? I can write it!

I am the author of 'Praise Through Poetry Prayers And Prose','Serving in Singleness', and 'Penelope's Perils,' ... with many more to come. Along with my writing, I have edited and proofread several books and many articles. I am also the mother of two, grandmother of eight and great grandmother of one, an Associate Minister at Bread of Life Christian Fellowship in Mound House, NV, . And I am always looking for new ways and places to share my writing gifts. Writing experience: Blog and Web site: Bread of Life Christian Fellowship: Assistant to Pastor Betty Wiltse / PR representative Since 2005 Columnist - Westwood Pines Post, Westwood CA -- 1992-93 Westwood Wanderings, Byline under previous name - 'Leigh Horsell'

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A perfectionist with a penchant for English

I have experience in writing news articles, essays, poems and stories and have been published in each specialty. I draw from a wide range of experience and training to provide accuracy in content, clarity, grammar and style.

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Creativity at its most Unique.

Alexander Taylor Clayton 21 years of age, first published at the age of 18, has published numerous amounts of work over a multitude of news outlets, most notably Humanity+ Magazine and NerdWallet. An established article writer, Alexander has also been international published as one of the best young poets for 2012 by the World Poetry Movement. He is also a standing advisory board member for the Media & Arts Board for the Lifeboat Foundation. Back history includes a brief stint in the United States Military before being medically discharged during the end of BCT. Fond of travel, Alexander has seen nearly half of the United States out of his own pocket and has plans for overseas travel. Alexander holds special interest in topics covering science, astronomy, technology, environmentalism, animal and human rights, economics, and politics. Additional: Writing is Alexander's life. There is nothing more that he enjoys or takes seriously than his work.

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I specialize in scientific, odd and experimental

I recently graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in English. At MSU I took many creative writing and critical literature courses. My realm of experience includes writing poetry, particularly experimental and postmodern. I have also studied gender and race issues, middle and early English writing, Greek and Roman mythologies and cultures, and fiction writing including science fiction, literary/realistic fiction, magical realism and surrealism. Prior to English, I was studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at MSU, and took a refresher Organic Chemistry course this past year. I generally keep up on science in the media, and my exposure is increased via my part-time job at MSU's research greenhouses. These two backgrounds provide me with excellent research skills, an ability to work within deadlines, and an accessible but informed writing style.

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Freelance Diverse Writer

I am a Freelance Writer , Poet and Song Writer. I have an extensive background in the Entertainment Industry as well as the Health and Beauty Industry. I am well traveled and speak Japanese and French. My life's experience coupled with my expertise colors my work!

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Your final product must be perfect, or I've failed

My primary area of focus is alternative health. Other niche areas include: writing how-to's, yoga, meditation, spirituality, healthy and vegetarian food, nutrition, dieting, education, career transitions, substance abuse and recovery, ecology, feng shui, relationships and dating, women's health, reviewing communities, home remedies, politics, Laws of Attraction and Abundance, and Twentysomethings. I have written for: *Suite -- Online Magazine and Writers' Network -- Link to Articles: * -An Alternative Health Newsletter -- Link to Articles: Fan -- A Writer's Community and Writing Website Link to My Portfolio of Fiction/Poetry:

United States, IL, La Grange | Writing & Translation | Rating 3.7 (1 reviews)
Hardworking College English Student

I am currently a sophomore at Skidmore College, majoring in English. I am an extremely hard and dedicated worker. That, along with my skills in writing, earned me a free ride to this New Ivy School and promoted me to Student Supervisor within the first year of working in Skidmore's Dining Services. I am interested in further increasing my writing skills, as well as plumping up my resume for future internships and job/career opportunities. I have written a number of essays, short stories, poems and blog entries in my lifetime. Now, I want more professional experience. I have a very flexible work schedule but am currently looking for a summer job, but if the school schedule allows it, may work beyond such time frame. If a great, hard-working, young yet critical writer is what you're looking for, I'm your girl.

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Creative Writer

I am a published poet with a love for creative writing. I write a cooking blog and have experience with creating recipes, party planning, crafting, poetry writing, religion, and natural child-birth. I am continuing education in Psychology and aim to be a funeral director.

United States, NM, Los Lunas | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Structure, syntax, style, grammar, punctuation--the very foundations on which language stands. I pride myself in this knowledge and give it willingly...[more] Having trained in the creative writing field at Florida State University (culminating in a Bachelor's Degree in the subject), I feel confident in saying that my language and composition skills, combined with a high degree of both linear and abstract creativity, qualify me for every sort of writing or editing job you have to offer.

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Writing Beyond Quality

I have been working as a travel and business writer for the past year and I am the creator of the online magazine Projects that challenge my creativity and skill are the greatest joy for me to tackle, and I will work with you to create a piece crafted to your specific needs and leave you satisfied with a work that is both useful and beautiful.

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Hindi T.V. Serial & Film Story Writer

I am an author, poet and translator. I have written and translated hundreds of stories and a few novels in Hindi. Most of my writings are published. I have been writing since 1959 and my first publication was in 1966 at the age of 18. My choice is Suspense / Crime / Murder and Terror of highest degree. I also like writing horror stories and novels in Hindi. Some of my famous translations are “Psycho”, “The Birds”, “The Desperate Hours”,” A Cry from Penthouse”, “The Waxwork”, “The Crime Machine”, “Double Trouble” &“The Man Eater of Rudraprayag” etc.etc. I also have to my credit the translation of Sir Arthur Conal Doyle’s “The Sign of Four”, “When the World Screamed”, “The Poison Belt” and Samuel Taylor’s “The Man With My Face” etc.etc. These days I am working on a 52 episode suspense crime T.V. Serial in Hindi.

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Hindi / English published poet, stage performer,

Involved in translation , content writing, excited about helping people translate literature to English or Hindi.

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Freelance Writer

Wide range of skills in terms of writing. Poetry, short stories and blog like writing. Creative, imaginative, and able to produce work very quickly. No topic is taboo, and willing to research information for any topic I am not 100% confident in my knowledge of.

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Expert in SEO and Creative Writing

I am a full time, professional freelance writer with years of vast experience in both the writing and publishing fields. I hold a BA in Creative Writing. Recent freelance jobs include writing SEO content for Click Consult, a UK based SEO firm, and writing business reviews for References are available upon request. I have also been a regular feature writer for two daily newspapers in America, a project manager at a text book publisher, an assistant librarian, and am co-author (with Susan Page Davis) of three mystery novels published by Barbour. My writing has also appeared in many print magazines and online literary journals. I have published novels, poetry, articles, humorous anecdotes and essays, book reviews, travel articles and reviews, and creative non-fiction. I am confident and reliable, and work well under pressure. I also love a challenge.

United Kingdom, Merseyside, New Brighton | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Believe to Achieve

My name is Isabella C. I currently go to a private college prepatory school in Texas. In 2008 I won a Fine Arts Festival South Texas District Award of Merit in Poetry. In 2009 I placed 7th in the nation in poetry at Fine Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida. I have contintued from the district to national level in 2008, 2009, and 2011. I have been reached out to by colleges such as Stanford, Rice, Oxford, Cambridge, Brown, NYU, Baylor, Colorado State, and Carnegie Mellon. I plan on majoring in Civil Engineering and later attending Bible College or Seminary.

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Project based original content writer.

Hey there! If you're looking for some original content to be published, you've clicked the right button. I also do screenplay, poems, lyrics and paragraph typing. Did I forget to say I am a blogger too? Well here it is: Your dime on my time, and see how sublime. Cheers!! P.S. Do check out my resume!

India, Kerala, Trivandrum | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional Multilingual Translator and Writer

Professional multilingual translator with strong commands over Indonesian, English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) with cultural sensitivity and years of experience. Excellent proofreading and editing skills. Occasional writer and literature enthusiast. Currently in the process of learning German as well.

Indonesia, North Sumatra, Medan | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced freelance writer and translator

Ines is a 23 year old experienced freelance journalist and writer. Native Croatian and German, fluent in English. Open to translations and helping.

Croatia (Hrvatska), -, Zagreb | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Wordsmith, Creator, Dreamer ....

Writing is my passion, and has been so since my earliest literary memory. It is the air that I breathe, and the blood that pumps through my veins. My skill and experience spans a variety of writing styles and categories.

South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative Writer

Hi. I'm a writer. I have a self-published book of poetry. I have an affinity to the horror and comedy genres. I'm new to things, but I'm a good speller and have an ability to paint a picture with my words.

United States, AZ, Phoenix | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer /Poet/Editor/Screenwriter/Sales/Marketing

Passionate and daily writer who has a college background in Media Arts and a focus in philosophy. Able to express complicated ideas in a creative and concise manner. Extra articulate and extremely professional. Skills are not limited. Very versatile. Featured in: HQ Publications, Sage Point Marketing, Pearson-International School Market Research Analysis, Pain Magazine,, Grand Signature Engineering, International Library of Poetry, and chosen for an Editor's Choice award. Writer/Editor- (ALL FORMS)

United States, NY, New York | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
3 Continents 21 Countries 4 Languages 1 Lifetime

MAIN SKILLS: - Creative Writing (35 years) - Content Layout (30 years) - Translation (15 years) - Proofreading/Editing/Post-Editing (7 years) - SEO (5 years) LANGUAGES: - French (Native) - American English (37 years - 6 years in the U.S.) - International Spanish (30 years - 1 year in Spain - 11 years in Peru) - Brazilian Portuguese (13 years - 6 years in Brazil) MAIN AREAS: - Movie/Video/Theater Play Script/Subtitle Writing/Translation/Editing (5 years) - Travel/Tourism Industry contents: Creative Writing/Translation/Proofreading/Editing/Post-Editing (7 years) - Advertising/Marketing: Corporate Image/Slogan Creation/Translation - Photography/Video (13 years) - Cultural Event Organization/PR (15 years) - Languages - Business/Sales (20 years) - Philosophies/Religions/Traditions (25 years) - Conscious Spiritual/Personal Evolution (26 years) - Article Writing (27 years) - Nature/Ecology/Recycling (30 years) - Literature/Poetry/Song Lyrics (35 years)

Peru, Catalunya, Barcelona | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative and reliable

I am a poet in training. I have my degree in English Language and Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from SIUE in Edwardsville, IL and am working towards a masters degree in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. I can write poetry, short fiction, and essays well.

United States, null, O Fallon | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Creative writer and novelist

I am a creative writer located in Umatilla, Florida. I strive to create original, entertaining pieces in all my works. I'm willing to take on a variety of long or short term jobs in fiction or non-fiction creative writing, proofreading, poetry, script writing, lyric writing, and more.

United States, null, Umatilla | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

True, I don't have a lot of experience, but I am a conscientious worker. Try me out on a small job, you won't be disappointed. TAKING IN TYPING! Take a look at my portfolio. It has an example of how I edit a short story, as well as a couple of my poems.

United States, CA, Ventura | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Writer - Photographer - Editor - Transcriptionist

If you didn't notice the name listed by my overview, my name is Thomas. I have been passionate about writing and photography for over ten years. Although this is far from my primary occupation, I still have the skills to do what it takes and the motivation to follow through. Whether its Creative Writing, Children Stories, Portraits, Action Photography, or your Day to Day Business Operations, I'm a Jack of all trades.

United States, VT, Rutland | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Freelance Writer

Business Communications and English Language trainer with an overall experience of over 13 years in teaching English Language and Literature and planning & delivery of English Language training. Have contributed articles, poems and personal essays in newspapers. Currently writing a novel in English (on it's way to completion by December 2013) Academic Qualifications: Masters in Arts (English) PG Diploma in Business Adminstration (Operations Management)

India, West Bengal, Kolkata | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Administrative Support Professional

I am a highly capable professional with a Master's degree in International Relations with concentrations in Interpersonal Communication and Sociology, and a BA degree in Spanish Language and Culture. I am detailed oriented and adept at streamlining operations and improving efficiency. I thrive in a fast paced environment and can handle multiple projects with no loss of productivity. I am honest, dependable and loyal, and driven by a desire to excel. I have a strong work ethic, and I will perform my job with the utmost professionalism. I have over 20 years of administrative experience working in positions servicing a high volume of customers and in overseeing the processing and maintenance of large quantities of data, reporting to the federal and state governments, processing all aspects of electronic exchange data, and monitoring levels of expenditure.

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I'm a bargain at this price .

“How are his poems?" "He's not as good as he thinks he is, but then most of us feel that way.” Charles Bukowski, Hollywood I'm a 20 year old living in Lahore , Pakistan with a passion for words and language . I have actively participated in writing articles and essays throughout and after my secondary education for professional and recreational purposes . I'm currently looking for opportunities to break into the freelancing market and to showcase my talent and ability . You are not likely to be disappointed by my work , especially with my attention to detail , what the client wants and meeting deadlines . Just give me a place to start .

Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Eagle-eyed creative writer/proofreader/editor

I am a creative writer with published short work who loves to assist others. I will help you produce high-quality copy in a range of styles, from conversational to strictly professional. My eagle eye will net you the perfect grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling. I'm a team player who maintains consistent communication with clients, and I take direction extremely well. Deadlines are no problem. I want to write, edit and proofread ads, blog content, articles, and website content. I'd love to handle larger projects too: manuscripts, manuals, instruction booklets, you name it. I have a B.A. in English and General Literature, proofreading experience, and publishing credits. I absolutely love reading and writing. My goal is to help other writers produce creatively inspired and technically perfect copy. It makes me happy. If you want someone hard-working, friendly, reliable and consistent, please contact me. I look forward to working with you!

United States, NY, Vestal | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Freelance Writer/Editor

I am a passionate, professional writer with an eagerness to learn and apply an advanced writing education to the business world. I earned my BA in Creative Writing from DePaul University in 2012. I currently work full time doing market research reports on insurance and investments in Chicago. I have experience with creative fiction, poetry, newspaper journalism, travel blogging, editing and proofreading, and peer education. I have a general working knowledge of several topics, and the resources available for extensive research for topics I may not be as familiar with.

United States, IL, Chicago | Writing & Translation | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)