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Actionscript/ Flex Developer

Over the last 5 years i have developed a wide range of flash applications most with server side interaction using PHP/MYSQL. I have been developing these on a free lance basis or as the head of my own small firm. I have worked on flash based games, calculators, online signature capturing applications, CAD applications (made in flash ), complete flash based websites. I am proficient at AS2/AS3 and also have a good eye for design. I also have a team of people who are good at XHTML/CSS /Javascript and flash design in general. Apart from this i am a trainer in Actionscripting at my own multimedia training center.

India, Delhi, New Delhi | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
Flash|Flex|Actionscript|AIR|Edge Animate|Banners

i am full time Action script/Flash/FLEX developer with solid 10 years of experience with corporate worldwide. I have good knowledge in working on very high level complex projects and expertise in creating flash games, Flash/Flex websites, Customization tools in Flash and in depth knowledge of working on Actionscript 2 and 3 as scripting languages in flash and expert in working on client side scripting using javascript. My expertise is in Flash/Flex scripting, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming. Our expertise supports us to carry project independently to any extent. Worked on handling DB such as XML and SQL for the created applications in Adobe AIR. Having good knowledge on creating IPhone/IPad applications using Adobe AIR. You can see my personal linkedin profile at see my employment proof

India, UP, Lucknow | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (9 reviews)
Flash/Flex Developer

I am experienced Flash/Flex developer looking for Flash-Flex based projects. i have knowledge of ActionScript 3 / Flex and related technologies such as Pure MVC, FlexUnit, Stage3d, JSON, XML, Tweeners, Flash Catalyst, XPath, CSS and other. I have backend experience with Java/BlazeDs, ASP .Net, MS SQL, i worked with next IDE's: Adobe Flash cs4/cs5, FlashDevelop, IntelliJ IDEA, Flash Builder, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Mono Develop.

Ukraine, Kyyiv, Kyiv | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (13 reviews)
Java and Flex developer with 7+ yrs of experience

Sound knowledge and hands on experience in both the Java and Flex technologies. Flex: Latest projects done using Flex SDK 4.6 (AIR 3.1) which comprises exposure to PureMVC, Data binding, Apart from extending mx and spark components experience building custom component using MXML as well as ActiionScript Libraries. Java: Good coding practices in eclipse kepler IDE; Projects done in J2EE over jdk 6.0; Developed RESTful web services which serves JSON data and running on JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JSTL. Database modeling, designing, maintaining on Oracle 11g. Version control: Code check in/out, conflict resolution, branching, patch apply, sharing project, revert to version etc. version control practices using SVN project management in eclipse and flash builder.

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Freelancer, flash, web designer and developer, as3

I'm a programmer so I can program in different computer languages (c++, Delphi). I specialize in the Internet, especially in Adobe Flash, I work on 4.0 version (it was a product of Macromedia company which was taken over by Adobe). With such a big experience I can say I can program easily in AS1 - AS3 languages, but I use mostly AS3 (for FP9 and FP10 in CS4). Beside that, I know (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, so if the project demands the knowledge of not only flash but some of the technologies listed above I won't have any problems with it. Moreover, the flash components that I prepare are based on XML and if needed I can make it adjusted to CMS system (using PHP or ASP). When it comes to advert banners created in flash technology I can make them basing on materials from the client or I can prepare them on my own. If anything was created in flash technology I can make it as well. If you need totally new solutions we can talk about it.

Poland, slaskie, Czestochowa | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (10 reviews)
ActionScript, VBA & XML coder

Flash, ActionScript & XML Programmer with over 5 years experience. Visual Basic for Application programmer with 5 years experience. I have finished several VBA applications for Excel, Access and CorelDraw.

Ukraine, Kharkiv, Kharkiv | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
4 years experiance actionscript,flash,flex,AIR,php

more than4 years exp, have knowldege in flash,flex,air, actionscript, and also worked on E-learning projects.

India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/Flex ActionScript 2.0 | ActionScript 3.0 |

"Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript developer with 6 Years of experience". I am fluent in Flash/Flex ActionScript 3.0 and 2.0 and related technologies such as FlexUnit, Stage3d, JSON, XML, Tweeners, Flash Catalyst, XPath, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and other. I have backend experience with Java/BlazeDs, PHP, MS SQL, I worked with next IDE's: Adobe Flash CS6, FlashDevelop, IntelliJ IDEA, Flash Builder, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Mono Develop.

Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, kathmandu | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript expert developer

As an object-oriented developer for 10 years, including 6 years as ActionScript Lead Developper (in video-game industry), I have have great skills in video games and RIA development. My complementary skills in graphic softwares (2D and 3D) and game-design, give me high capabilities in communicating and discussing technical issues with other teams. In me career, I have met and used many different languages such as C++, Java, PHP5, JavaScript, Unity3D (C#), SQL, HTML/CSS. I'm passionate in video games and interactive applications, as well as everything that relates to graphical arts and music.

France, Ile-de-France, Ecouen | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash / Flex / AIR / Actionscript developer

During the last 6 years I have mainly developed applications and sites, both in Flash / Flex / AIR and Actionscript 3, working with digital and advertising agencies for clients such as Nike and Audi among others. I also have extensive experience in technologies like HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. I have made back-end applications and I have extensive knowledge in OOP and design patterns (MVC, Observer, Singleton, Factory). I like to care in detail all the aspects of the application. I also have great capacity to design (Use of Photoshop and Illustrator, expert level) I usually work in Eclipse with SVN for version control. I'm looking for challenging works that I could also learn with.

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ActionScript :: Flex :: Rich Internet Applications

iPantheons is a strong amalgamation of skilled and creative professionals working in sync to take it to new heights. iPantheons are encouraged to work beyond their profiles. It is this resilience and enthusiasm of their teamwork that results in high quality technology solutions. iPantheons values talent, positive attitude and innovation. We are committed to excellence and believe in exceeding the customers' expectations. Welldefined quality processes ensure smooth functioning of the project, and hence enhanced customer satisfaction. iPantheons possesses the expertise in three critical areas - strategy, creativity and technology to deliver innovative, dynamic solutions. A variety of web services and technology faculties complete our end-to-end offerings. Diverse Skill Sets - Programmers, RDBMS Experts, Testers, Flash animators, Graphic designers, flash scripters and visualizers. Diverse Technology expertise - Flash, ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0, Adobe Flex 2.0, PHP, MySql and Ruby on Rails.

India, Karntaka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
RIA Developer - Actionscript, Flex, Flash, AIR

I am an independent web/application developer with 6 years of web development experience. Expertise creating Flex UIs, dashboards, map overlays, games and e-learning courses. I have worked remotely for companies throughout Canada, the US and UK such as Lockheed Martin, Government of Canada, Canada Post and Frito Lay. I create optimal solutions for unique problems. Scripting Languages: ActionScript 3, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java Technologies: HTML, CSS, Flex, MXML, Flash, AIR, REST, JSON, XML, jQuery, Drupal, Django, Wordpress Databases: MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL IDEs and code editors: Flash Builder, NetBeans, Aptana, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Notepad++ Frameworks: CakePHP, Robotlegs Other technologies: AIR, Ubuntu(Linux) Design patterns: MVC, OOP, software development lifecycle Collaboration software: Git, SVN, Agile development Graphics applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks Video and audio: After Effects, Premiere, Audition

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Expert actionscript developer

Mhood Nashabat - Computer Engineer visit my linkedin (mhood89) Skills: Developing: -Programming languages: .........ActionScript 2,3 +++++ .........Flashlite 4 +++++ .........Java +++++ .........Javascript +++++ .........C (MikroC) ++++ .........Basic (MicroBasic)++ .........ASM .........Coffee python +++ .........AIR +++++ -Data mining skills: .........MySQL (Java) .........SQlite (Java, AS3, Android) .........MSSQL (Java) -IDE: .........Netbeans 7+++++ .........Flash builder 4+++++ .........Eclipse +++++ .........flash prof cs5.5 .........MS-Expression 4 +++++ .........MS VS 2011 ++ -AID Sft: ----Adobe cs5.5 MC : ........ aftereffect ++++ .........Premier +++++ .........Photoshop +++++ .........Illustrator +++++ .........Flash +++++ .........Catalyst +++++ ......... Flex ++++ .........Audition +++++ ----Maxon .........Cinema 4d 14 +++++ .........bodyPaint +++ ----other: .........Swift3d,Paintshop, -operating systems: ----Microsof

Palestine, gaza, gaza | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Flash/Actionscript 3 Game Developer

Are you serious about your project? Well, I am serious about what I can do for you. I specialize in 2D game development using Flash and Actionscript 3. I have created over 50 games from my previous employer and have 3 years developing Flash games, and over 14 years in the game industry as a technical game designer working on AAA 3D games for the major platforms(Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo). I also have cross-platform development experience using Adobe AIR for iOS and Android devices. If you are interested in developing 3D apps and games, I also develop 3D games and apps using Unity3D. Contact me with confidence. I look forward to doing business with you.

United States, CA, Ladera Ranch | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/Flex,Photoshop,ActionScript,HTML,GIF banners

Seeking work in 1. Flash designing/development 2. Flex/AIR 3. ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 4. Photoshop designing 5. Flash banners and gif animated banners 6. HTML/CSS 7. Flash/Flex based audio/video players 8. Flash/Flex based auido/video streaming applications 9. HTML-5 Over the last 6 years: 1. I have developed a wide range of RIA(Rich Internet Applications) using Flash, Flex, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0. I have worked on Mobile and desktop applications using Flex. 2. I have worked on Photoshop and Illustrator designing 3. I have worked on HTML/CSS 4. I can work on HTML-5 5. I have worked on Flash animations

India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript programer

Creating Flash based web applications or fully flash websites. Adobe Certified Flash 8 AS2 Developer ( 2007 ). AS3, DeepLinking Additional knowledge: XML PHP CSS MySql

Lithuania, Kauno, Kaunas | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Flex AIR Actionscript html5 jquery work

I would like to introduce my self as a game enthusiast, and a expert flash Actionscript 3.0 programer. I have hands on experience in some gaming engine(AS3ISOLIO, PBE) and Remoting in Flash (AMFPHP, ZEND AMFPHP, Blaze DS). Over the past years I have built gamesapps for facebook and integrated with facebook graph api, REST APIs, Flicker tweeter etc,. HTML5 using construct2 or limejs, or SVG / VML. I like to help other with technical issues and post blogs and answers in flash, as3 forums. I have also created some Video adpplication with Media server integration like Red5. and Desktop AIR apps. I know Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, PHP, wordpress / joomla, FFMPEG. I am also good at Adobe products. I hold a masters degree in computer application.

India, 400053, mumbai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional Actionscript Developer

Highly motivated and perceptive Flash Developer with a wide range of interests and skills. Very comfortable working in fast-paced environments, either independently or as part of a team. Strong problem-solving skills with a high attention to detail. Specialties Flash Actionscript, Flex, AIR, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash animation, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, audio and video editing, transcoding video

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Expert ActionScript Programmer

ActionScripting is the core area of interest. I have extended it in developing highly responsive, search engine optimized websites. I am here to write codes that can do magics.

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash ActionScript AS3 expert with design skills

I specialize in Flash ActionScript for online and desktop applications. I have created websites, DVD-ROM games, online games, voting polls, apps, widgets, screensavers, presentations, and various other forms of media for clients including: Disney, Paramount, Fox, Universal, Summit, Warner Brothers, LucasArts, Spike, Starz, HIT, and many other high-profile companies. I have been working with Flash and related multimedia for over ten years. My work is balanced between form and function. I focus on making things work right and look great, so my mindset is always split between logic and creativity. I think this leads to producing the best possible applications. I studied Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts at UC San Diego which encompassed digital art, programming, and audio processing. It gave me a very solid foundation in multimedia in general. about yourself or your company

United States, CA, North Hollywood | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
PHP, Wordpress, Flex, Flash, ActionScript, FMS,

With over 12 years experience in flash and media servers, I can place myself as a specialist with a demonstrable command over the flash technology and a solution architect who can bring life to your ideas and challenges. As my profile goes, own a lot of experience in creating: * Rich media applications involving audio and video streaming; * Live chat applications; * Real-time applications involving online virtual classrooms with screen sharing and recording facilities; * P2P applications * Mobile Applications Skill Set includes: * Proven experience in Flash and Flex applications-audio, video streaming and live chat * Demonstrable expertise in ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0; * Ability to develop object oriented Flash applications * Proven Project management skills and timely deliverance I may consult individually as a flash developer or as a provider of a complete package of web services in .Net, PHP and flash technologies.

India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript with 8+ Yrs

"Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript consultant with 8+ Years of experience", this one line statement represents my profile, skill and experience. These Adobe technologies are the ones which I am in love with and my entire Software Engineering career revolves around these most powerful, exciting and innovative UX/UI technologies. I have strong experience in developing enterprise level of Web, Desktop and Mobile Software Applications using Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR and Actionscript technologies and am working as a full time freelancer/consultant on software projects for domains like Education, Gaming, Media & Entertainment, Banking, Finance, Aviation, Healthcare, etc. My core technical skills include Adobe Flex 3 to 4.6, Apache Flex 4.8 to 4.13, Adobe AIR 1 to 13, Actionscript 2 to 3, Starling Framework, Adobe Flash CS, Adobe Catalyst CS, OOPS, Flash frameworks like SWIZ, Parsley, Pure MVC, Cairngorm, Performance Profiling tools like Adobe Scout, Hi-Res-Stat, etc.

India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida | IT & Programming | Rating 4.5 (3 reviews)
Game Developer - ActionScript/Flex

I am an ActionScript Game Developer. I have a lifetime of experience as a professional programmer (19 years). I have extensive experience with ActionScript3 and Flex4 and casino products. I have worked with Apache, Maven, and ANT. I have been leading the development of social casino games for the last 4 years, and am one of the best in my field. I am familiar with SCRUM, AGILE, TDD and BDD development methodologies.

Argentina, Buenos Aires F.D., Buenos Aires | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flex/actionscript programmer

I am a 29 year old MSc. software architect from Hungary. I have 6 years of working experience in Flash, and 5 years of experience with Adobe Flex ( 3 and 4 ), and worked on jobs ranging for hotfix one-day project to a 9 month long full-time contract at Morgan Stanley. I am looking for freelance work related to Flash/Flex/general algorithmic problems. I have been working as a professional flex developer since 2008. I have a small blog about my hobby flex/actionscript projects at

Hungary, Budapest, Budapest | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Flash/ActionScript3 Developer

I work in the area for over 3 years, I develop web applications, games and e-learning in ActionScript3. ------------------- my website : -------------------- Among my clients, I can highlight: - JL Rocha, Soluções em Treinamentos - - Atheva, Energizing Education - - Chilli Beans, Óculos e Acessórios - - RS Ativa, Inteligência Digital - - among others. Proficiency in Flash and ActionScript3 attested by ENG DTP & Multimedia; Higher course in Game Development by UNICSUL (incomplete)

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ActionScript 3 Flash Game Programmer

Do you have an action or hardcore Flash game engine that you need coded? As the developer of Flash games in ActionScript 3.0, I have completed over 30 Flash games for various clients, as well as had two of my own games sponsored. My services also include, if desired, building engines that support re-useability for future games. The primary method is by using a data source such as XML or JSON to modify high-level game design data, that the engine can understand. This allows you to easily and quickly modify certain aspects of the game, _without requiring a programmer_. You can swap out graphics, scoring system specifications, order in which levels are played, among other facets of the game's high level design.

United States, MI, Detroit | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Actionscript and Flash service, at cheap rates!

With over 7 years of real life experience with flash, I can provide high quality Actionscript and Flash expertise to your project. I've mainly been focused on game development, working for my studio Alnoor Games, based in Boston, but I can work with all kinds of libraries and genres of flash work. -My most popular game is Kawairun 2, which has had over 25,000,000 plays over all of the internet, and has been featured on websites like Andkon, ArmorGames, Newgrounds, Agame, Miniclip, and NotDoppler -Kawairun has won multiple awards such as the Best Multiplayer Game of 2013 from, and has been a "Best Game of 2013" finalist of the Flash Gaming Summit 2013 Conference in San Francisco. -I've done freelance writing for the Tuts+ network. I've written several articles for them,one of which has been voted as their "Best of June 2010".

United States, MA, Wellesley | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/Actionscript Expert

I'm a freelance contractor who's been developing applications with Flash and Actionscript for over eight years. I can take your idea and create the graphics, interactive UI components, and backend code to bring your application to life. I've created dozens of applications that access backend data systems to create attractive and useful data applications for a range of sites, from photograhy portfolios to complex music and video tools.

United States, null, Schenectady | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert:Flash,FLEX, AIR, ActionScript3,Mbl,eLearnin

As needs differs from person to person so do the projects, our team are well versed in finding the needs of the project and work accordingly towards its goal. Our motto is to deliver the projects on time with quality.Am a flash evangelist, grownup with flash and actionscript technogies, i belive in quality and time, with my past experience had debugged applications and worked on application based project and eLearning projects

India, TamilNadu, coimbatore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Sr. Actionscript Developer

Actionscript, Flash, Flash Audio Applications, Music Players, AS3+PHP, AS3+HTML, AS3+Javascript, PHP, HTML, Javascript. visit some of my projects :

India, Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Freelance Flash ActionScript developer

Freelance Flash ActionScript developer and animator. Expert in ActionScript programming, object oriented programming, code optimization and have necessary skills to fulfil every wish client has, that can integrate with Flash (PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, etc.). Also know lots of other stuff irrelevant for Flash. Constantly buying and learning books about Flash, reading blogs, or helping out on community sites. Professionally working with Flash for 3.5 years. Prefer coding rather than animating, and prefer working on creative and innovative projects.

Croatia (Hrvatska), null, Zagreb | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Platform Developer- ActionScript, Flex, OSMF

Experienced and specialized developer seeking projects using the Flash platform to create dynamically driven content for delivery of multimedia web applications.

United States, OR, Portland | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash ActionScript Developer

Looking to do some freelance work mainly surrounding Flash and ActionScript. I currently work as a Software Engineer at a gaming company doing User Interface work in ActionScript 3 and Flash CS4. Prior to my current job, I mostly worked with Java and C++.

United States, MN, Coon Rapids | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
expert actionscripter

Expert actionscript coder with 5 plus years experience in all things Flash including remoting with php and coldfusion, as 1.0, as 2.0 and as 3.0.

United Kingdom, null, Tadley | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Flex ActionScript AIR

My areas of interests are web and desktop applications, programmed and developed using Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript 3, PureMVC, XML,AMF, RubyonRails, Django,Red5

Romania, Iasi, Iasi | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Actionscript Guru

I am currently working for Hunt & Gather, an award winning interactive agency, which has been finalist in various categories and has won multiple awards through MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) for producing outstanding websites and interactive media. Through this company, I have had the honor of working on multiple projects for prestigious clients such as Bravo TV (Step It Up and Dance), Solange Knowles, Lindt & Sprungli (Lindt Chocolate), and Harvard Business School. My main skill is Actionscript (Flash, Flex, and AIR) development. I was on the Flash CS4 private beta team and was given recognition in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Classroom in a Book by the author. I am also knowledgeable in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. On the side of work with Hunt & Gather and freelancing, I develop Flash games and create experimental work with Actionscript.

United States, null, Boston | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash webgame actionscript

============= nExt AS TEAM ============== is locacted in Shanghai, China. We are 5 persons team which concentrate on Flash/Flex ActionScript 3 Application development. We have good experience in: 1- MMORPG webgame. 2- Action Webgame. 3- php webgame. We have served for some famous webgame Company and one education Company in China since 2007. All those project is base on AS3 as client side and Java as server side. As the server side, we are expert for SmartFoxServer game engine. Our team has 3 programmer which two of them are for ActionScript/Javascript/Html and the other one is for server side, and another 2 is Graphic Designer.

China, Shanghai, Shanghai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScripting, Flex and Front-end Pro

I have 18 years of experience in the Web/Multimedia industry. My background has been in design, however, for many years I have worked at achieving some form of interaction between the viewer and the work itself. This is what led me to programming. Starting with the basics, (HTML) in 1994, but still focusing on design. Three years later I began to take a far greater interest in the programming world and subsequently taught myself several scripting languages (JavaScript , DHTML, VB, Lingo). Since then I have increased my knowledge base to include Flex, PHP, CakePHP, ColdFusion, Flash Actionscript, Spectra, JSP, some JAVA, some ASP, XML, and SQL.

South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Games/Actionscript/Android

I'm flash/flex/python developer. I like computer games. I like to do them. In the development I'm using Flash Actionscript 3, Python (Twisted), MySQL. or other means, suitable for a better solution. Practicing the concept of OOP and design patterns apply.

Russia, Volgograd, Volgograd | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Lead Actionscript / Flash Developer

Experienced Lead Actionscript / Flash Developer, with extensive experience in experimental high profile Flash and PHP projects. I have worked with high profile clients from around the world. Working on and leading projects that incorporate all of the newest api's including Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Bebo and Twitter. I also have experience developing in Unity3D. As a coder I am passionate about standards based coding.

United Kingdom, Antrim, Carrickfergus | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flex ActionScript Freelance Programmer

I have experience 3+ years in Flex 3 or 4, ActionScript 3.0, AIR, Swiz Framework, RobotLegs Framework, Parsley Framework, Zend Amf, XML, PHP 5, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Facebook application, Google Map and AXIIS Data Visualization.

Thailand, Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
LAMP/Actionscript/Javascript/Web Developer

I'm a 38 year old graduate (March 2006) of the Art Institute of Vancouver's Interactive Media Design program. Since my graduation I've been employed across a spectrum of companies/design houses located both in Vancouver, British Columbia and in Japan where I presently reside (going on seven years now). While my experiences range from the desktop to the mobile application space (above all here in Japan, where Mobile is king and queen), my core skill set revolves primarily around Rich Internet Application development and deployment on a LAMP (or rather LLMP, as I personally prefer Lighttpd to Apache) stack.

Japan, Tochigiken, Nogi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Front End Developer. ActionScript+JS+PHP

English: I'm system engineer with a degree in Software Construction of the Universidad de los Andes. I develop mainly in ActionScript 3.0 and PHP with MySQL however lastly I'm focused in HTML / JS development. I have wide experience working with Facebook Applications, Websites implementation and Games Development. I work with some Digital Agencies and currently I'm performing as a Project Manger in one of them where I have been for more than 6 years. Espanol: Soy Ingeniero de Sistemas, especialista en Construccion de Software de la Universidad de los Andes. Desarrollo en ActionScript 3.0 y PHP con MySQL principalmente, aunque ultimamente estoy enfocado en desarrollos HTML / JS. Tengo amplia experiencia trabajando en aplicaciones de Facebook, Montaje de Websites y Desarrollo de Juegos. Trabajo con varias Agecias Digitales y actualmente me desempenio como Gerente de Proyectos en una de ellas, donde llevo mas de 6 anios vinculado.

Colombia, Cundinamarca, Bogotá | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
AIR, Flash, ActionScript3, Starling

AIR, Flex, ActionScript Development (GAIA Framework). Drupal integration with Flash/Flex site (Druplash/Druplex). Drupal Theme and Modules creation. Site Performance, SEO.

Georgia, Tbilisi, Tbilisi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
TYPO3, Actionscript 3 developer

Areas Of Expertise: PHP programming, TYPO3 CMS(Extbase, pibase Extensions programming, Typoscript, Fluid), Actionscript 3, Flex, OSMF, Flash Media Server. DevOps: vim,emacs,SVN,git,Vagrant.

Lithuania, null, Vilnius | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscript | HTML | Javascript | PHP | AIR

Freelance professional specializing in: Flash/Actionscript Javascript HTML PHP Photoshop

United States, TN, Cleveland | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscript 2&3 Pro

ActionScript 3 is my native tongue.I also specialize in Actionscript 2 to 3 conversion. Currently working in Java with android specific focus and C#. I have been working as a professional for 3 years now. Looking to get into mobile development as soon as possible.

United States, GA, Atlanta | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Actionscript Development

Over 30 years programming experience, 15 years rich media experience, 7 years Flash Actionscript experience.

United States, CA, Larkspur | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Professional Flash Actionscript Developer

I've been working as a professional Flash Developer (ActionScript 2/3) for 9 years. I have experience in developing data driven websites and applications. I have also knowledge of video streaming (Flash Media Server). I am looking forward to interesting and professional projects, which require good ActionScript knowledge.

Lithuania, Kaunas, Kaunas | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Interactive Programmer (ActionScript 3 & HTML5)

I am interactive programmer mostly working with ActionScript 3 and HTML5 Canvas. I'm a friendly guy with over 7 years of experience in software development.

Pakistan, NWFP, Peshawar | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Magento | PHP5 | ActionScript3 | MySQL | Photoshop

Here are the three most important features an IT product should have, and the means by which we can deliver them: 1. High quality. The quality of our products is the result of a vast expetise in multiple fields like PHP, MySQL, ActionScript3 and Adobe products, e-commerce and CMS solutions, expertise built over the last ten years. 2. On time delivery. Meeting deadlines, in an industry where release date is crucial, is a must. Therefore, with a good project management and a transparent and effective communication, this goal is always reached. 3. Reasonable pricing. The cost factor is essential for a successful business. Operating in an emerging economy allows us to offer high quality and, in the same time, cost effective products.

Romania, Dolj, Craiova | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flex Flash Actionscript RIA with Java / .Net / PHP

Expert Flex Actionscript RIA I am very skilled in object oriented programming and design patterns and my work is always robust, reliable, maintainable, and elegantly coded. I am always open to new projects and I am particularly interested in technically demanding and innovative projects.

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash | Action Script | HTML | WordPress | Php |

Greetings ! We are a team of talented, trusted and skilled professionals providing quality services to our clients at a fair price. Working with us you will have full support of a talented and energetic team of designers, programmers and content writers, available online 24* 7 to support you with your project needs. We have rich experience in editing and creating fully functional static and dynamic website development using following set of skill: 1 . Flash Design development and Action Script Coding 2 . Flash Animation 3 . Html Design and development 4 . Style Sheet 5 . Content Writing 6 . WordPress 7 . Data Entry

India, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash ActionScript Programmer and Flash Designer

Areas Of Expertise: Programming: - Flash Programming ( ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0) - Flash design - XML - HTML - Web Design - Photoshop - Photo Manipulation - Photography - Graphic Design - Hand coding CSS - Java Script - PHP - MySQL

Germany, Bremen, Bremen | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
SharePoint Objective-C ASP.Net C# ActionScript

I have more than 8 years software/internet working experiences on Microsoft Platform (MCPD Certificated, SharePoint), iOS Platorm and Adobe AS3 Platform. Familiar with: * Office 365+/SharePoint2007/SharePoint2010/SharePoint2013/Project Server; * ASP.NET(C#)/MS SQL/PLSQL; AJAX/Javascript/jQuery/DHTML/XML/XSLT; * XCode/Objective-C; * Flex/Flash/ActionScript3; ASP/VB6/COM+ etc. Also have a few expreiences on: * android development * Google API I am currently working for a Fortune 500 company, my project's industory includes: Internet, Energy, Media, Telecommunications. I could provide you a good solution from different insights. I started to manage my projects 4 years ago, also pass the PMP certification . I could manage your goal, scope, schedule, cost and quanlity well. I also have: Good communication skill with oral or written English, Good knowledge on Software Engineering, CMM/CMMI; Good at team construction and team management, strong teamwork skills.

China, GuangDong, GuangZhou | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript, action script 3.0, Flex 4, flex

ActionScript 3.0/ Flex 4 developer in the second generation, with experience of developing more than two years. Participated in a large and technically complex project.

Montenegro, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscript, Flash and Unity3D Developer

Professional Mobile and Web Game Developer for last 7 years. Robotics and Automation programmer for 10+ years prior to that.

United States, Illinois, Grayslake | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript programmer (Flash, Flex, etc)

ActionScript 3.0, Flash, Flex, Cairngorm, AIR. Java JME, JSE, JEE. PHP. MySQL. Oracle. Scrum.

Argentina, -, Buenos Aires | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Actionscript Designer/Developer | 6+ Yrs Exp

Hello, I am an Italian Flash Designer and Developer with 6+ years of experience. I use Creative Interactivity and Visual Elements to create Great User Experience for web and mobile. These are my skills: --------------------------- - 6 Years of Design and Development experience in Rich Internet Application - 3 Years on Mobile for Android and IOS - Overview projects and Application Prototyping - UX Design for web and mobile Before you hire me... ---------------------------- - I design/develop the project alone or with your team. - I like to share with you opinions based on my experience, so you could have my professional advices. - I always prefer ethic and quality works. Thank you to read my overview, and feel free to contact me. Daniele

Italy, Veneto, Torrebelvicino | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash Animation & Actionscript -10+ years

Actionscript, Adobe Air, Flash Animation & Flex

United States, null, Los Angeles | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Senior ActionScript / C++ Developer

I am an developer with more than 7 years experience in innovative projects for mobile and web. In last years i was focused in social, web and mobile games, physics and mathematics educational models and games, augmented reality, video streaming and encoding projects. All my projects are easy to extend and support. My goal is to create breathtaking result in estimated time with clean code behind. My skill-set includes: -C++ -cocos2d-x -ActionScript 3; Air; Flex SDK (mx and spark), Stage3D, Starling, Away3D, Box2D frameworks; MVC, -Design Patterns, OOP, Code Review -Jira, PivotalTracker, FishEye, Confluence -Scrum -Unit-Testing -JavaScript; HTML5, CSS3

Russia, Moskovskaya, Dolgoprudnyy | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash, ActionScript, Cartoon Animation, HTML5

I'm working at Elance since 2001, providing professional services in: - Flash Action Script programming - Flash animation - HTML5 - Cartoon animation I work individually or cooperate with other professionals when necessary.

Russia, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Actionscript/ E-learning Developer

Over 4 years of experience in Flash Actionscript Programming (AS2,AS3). Involved in creating e-learning Interactions, games, developing Flash Course Engines, Flash and XML based Test Engines which are SCORM Compliant.

India, ANDHRA PRADESH, Secunderabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
iPhone/iOS/Objective-C/Actionscript 3/flex

For the past 8+ years i have developed applications(web/desktop), Games, mobile apps ,framework and architecture. I am fully committed to my work and always want to keep my customer happy. Throughout the development life cycle i manage to solve the technical difficulty ,closure of technical discussion and analyzing the feasibility of the problem. Some of my experience includes 1. Developing native iOS application and MAC OSX using objective-C/Xcode 2. Adobe Flash/Flex with ActionScript2 and ActionScript3. 3. Giving training for ios development and worked as Technical Architect for applications. 4. Have integrated a)MapKit integration b)Cocos-2d c)Payment gateway integration d) Parser API integration e)Core Data, Sqllite integration f)Consuming REST/SOap webservices for server communication g)Socket programming h)Complex Pdf generation and printing i) Facebook, twitter, imessage integration j) Having experience in Universal application k) Native contacts n eventk

India, null, noida | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
flash and flex actionscript developer

flash and flex actionscript developer

Tunisia, Tunis, Tunis | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/Actionscript HTML/CSS/Javascript PHP coding

Black Cove Media is a full-service development outlet. We provide coding services in most commonly-used languages. Our strengths include Actionscript 3.0 (integration with Flash, Flex and third-party APIs), HTML/CSS/Javascript including popular Javascript libraries and newly supported HTML5 and CSS3, PHP/MySQL integration, XML and web service integration. We also work with a variety of the popular CMS platforms and offer customization of themes and plugins. Future offerings include mobile platform development (Android and iOS with the possibility of Blackberry OS too) and social media integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). If you are interested in development work with any of the above or other technologies, we encourage you to submit an inquiry. We will respond as quickly and accurately as possible. Thank you.

United States, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscripting, HTML Design, Web 2.0, XHTML/CSS

I am a web designer & developer, specializing in website designs, graphic designs, logo designs, flash, actionscripting OSCommerce, Joomla+Virtualmart, PHP/Mysql, CSS, DHTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Web promotion, SEO, Link building, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Actionscripting. I provide full site development services. It will be my pleasure to work with you and I hope you will allow me to submit a quote for your review. Thank you! Your satisfaction is our 100% Guaranteed!

India, delhi, delhi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/ActionScript/Flex expert

I work as a freelance flash designer and developer. I have several years of experience creating content for web using Flash, Flex and ActionScript - image galleries, menus, video & audio players, dynamic websites, banners and some other utilities.

Bulgaria, null, Plovdiv | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (1 reviews)
Professional ActionScript Developer

Specialties: • ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 • Pure ActionScript 3.0 • OOP and Design Patterns • Software architecture abilities • Up to date with most of AS3 technologies • Experienced in the game development area • 3D engines and Physics engines experience. • Mobile development experience(via AIR) • Interested in game design • Interested in artificial intelligence and Multi-player games • MVC framework sustained development (RobotLegs) • Entity frameworks: PushButtonEngine and Ash

Romania, Bucharest, Bucharest | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

9+ years of experience in website/games/web application development. Includes less than an year experience in mobile application development * Building Flash/Flex applications for web, desktop, ios and andriod. * Integrating and publish application to facebook * Creating Games and collaborative game building application using Actionscript. * Develop Web applications using javascript/jQuery/ backbone framework * Create custom component like Video player , Charts, Scroller and lot more * Develop website using php and mysql * Experienced with Wordpress and drupal

India, null, Chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscript 3 and Flex 3/4 Developer

Over a decade in the IT industry. Programming skills include C, PHP, Jacascript, ActionScript, HTML, CSS, XML and MXML.

United States, WA, Tacoma | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscript, Flex, Flash, AIR, Edge Animate Guru

I am adobe expert using as3 and flash, flex and adobe air technology. i am devoted to delivering quality at an affordable price. I have mac mini, desktop using windows 7 and 8, ipad retina, iphone 4 and iphone 5s, samsung android tab for work. I work with my husband from home. i am available on skype for any query almost 16 hours a day. I have many skills and I can provide a different services. For example: Adobe Creative Suit (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Catalyst Flash CS Pro 3.0 - 5.5, 6, cc Flex (Flash Builder) 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 and 3.0 JavaScript, MySQL

India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (6 reviews)
Actionscript 3.0 developer

Hi, I have graduated from the faculty of Engineering, Architecture dept. 2007. In college I mastered the 3DS max and Photoshop. After then I took an IT diploma in the Multimedia track, where I learned alot about interactive media. I liked Actionscript 3.0 the most and I was specialized in developing Rich Internet Applications. I also gave courses for beginner and intermediate levels in Actionscript 3.0. My architectural background helps me alot with Actionscript 3.0. Though they seem to be totally different tracks, my architecture studies in college help me alot in AS development. I studied Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics in my foundation years. This helps me alot when developing physics engines or particle systems. I also studied Art and aesthetics which help me alot with the interfaces I develop, generally I don't have much trouble with designers when they talk about alignments, color schemes, etc. Thanks for visiting my profile.

Egypt, Al Qahirah, Cairo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Objective-C, iOS, Xcode, Flash, Flex, ActionScript

I have experience 2 year of iOS development and also experience of Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript development.

Russia, Smolensk, Smolensk | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flex Action-script, java, PHP and object C Expert

i have been working on flex action-script, java, php, c# .Net and objective c for more than 3 years. like to do challenges and work for pleasure.

Pakistan, punjab, rawalpindi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced ActionScript/Flash developer

I am a professional Actionscript 2.0, 3.0 / Flash, Flex developer with +7 year experience in digital agencies. I have worked for clients like British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Vodafone.

Romania, Bucuresti, Bucharest | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash, Flex, game, java, actionscript, php

flash, flex, actionscript, java, mysql, mongodb, memcached, nosql, php

China, beijing, beijing | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Flash/Flex/Javascript/Java/PHP expert with 10+ years of experience. I excel at developing RIAs & rock-solid architecture for medium to large size web & mobile apps development projects using Flash-Flex-Actionscript. Also, I work with AngularJS & ExtJS applications. I am adept at developing solutions with BlazeDS / AMFPHP / FluorineFX / GraniteDS. I possess comprehensive understanding of native mobile development technologies for Android and iOS platforms. I am pragmatic; I prefer to prioritize on the most pressing issues of my clients. What matters most to me is to 'get things done' and 'ship out of door' at the best quality ASAP. I make sure I see the projects from start through to the completion with best code quality.

India, Maharashtra, Sangli | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript Developer

ActionScript Developer

Ukraine, State, Poltava | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash,ActionScript 3.0,Banners,Games,Applicatoins

I'm ActionScript programmer with 5 years of experience.I love to develop games(for PC,Android and IOS).Also I can make banners,applications,flash sites and Android/IOS app. My Skills: Actionscript 3.0,Flash CS6,AIR,Android,IOS,PHP,C#,MySQL,HTML,API.

Ukraine, Poltavska obl., Kremenchug | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Flash Action Script Developer

I have an experience of 8+ years in Flash Action Scripting. I have handled many large scale, data driven flash based projects for major global clients. My experience includes creating scalable, reusable, data driven frameworks, components and templates using Action Script 3.0. I have also developed many simulations and few games. Additionally, I am a Adobe Certified Flash Developer. I always look for a long term, mutually beneficial relation and so quality of work is of utmost importance for me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Canada, ON, Toronto | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/Actionscript Programmer

Flash/Actionscript game and application developer, including website integration using JavaScript, AJAX, XML, PHP, mySQL.

United States, CT, Higganum | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript 3.0 developer

ActionScript 3.0 game developer with 3 years of experience.

Macedonia, null, Skopje | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Expert

I'm a Flash programmer with strong ActionScript 3.0 experience, developing games and applications in Flash and Air. My skill-set includes database integration using PHP/MySQL, multiplayer games, video streaming/chat. Specialties: - ActionScript 3 (Starling) - Javascript - HTML5, CSS3 - NodeJS, PHP, MySQL - Xcode (IOS) - eclipse (Android)

India, Gujarat, Surat | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web Developer (ASP.NET, Actionscript3, HTML/CSS)

I have been working full time for 4+ years as the lead programmer and web developer for my main client. I'm looking for more work both for additional income, and to progress my skills further by working on a more diverse range of projects. Although I am not looking for design work, I have a heavy design background, and work closely with a design team on a daily basis. This allows me to work with graphic assets and communicate design concepts, enabling design and development to work together seamlessly. I am involved in all steps from concept to completion. Data Tier: Architect database systems(SQL Server 2005), write stored procedures(SQL), write Web Services and HTTP Handler scripts (ASP.NET C#). Logic Tier: Engineering web applications through ASP.NET(C#), Flash and Flex (Actionscript3), and other client side logic (Javascript/JQuery) Presentation Tier: UI development in HTML/CSS, Flex and Flash

United States, CA, Laguna Hills | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Adobe Flash | ActionScript 3.0 | Away3d

Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Away3d, PHP, XML, MYSQL, Adobe Photoshop, Maya.

India, WB, Kolkata | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash, ActionScript, Adobe AIR, Unity, Html5, Java

I can code Flash, Adobe AIR, html5/javascript, Webgl games. I can do flash, html5, jquery, css3 animations. I can edit,write,extend, re skin Unity 3d projects. I can edit,write,extend code in Java. I can use Unity 3d . I work with Android studio for java projects .(I use java mainly for android ). Actionscript 3 libraries I can use : Starling, Away3d, Nape, Box2d, GreenSock, Adobe AIR sdk, Facebook as3 SDK.. Javascript libraries I can use : CreateJS, Pixi, Phaser, GreenSock, Jquery, ThreeJs.

Lithuania, Siauliu Apskritis, Siauliai | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
flash actionscript away3d 3d papervision3d

Experienced and creative programmer. Specialization: actionscript, flash 3d, php, javascript, java, mysql, mssql.

Poland, Mazowieckie, Chynów | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript 3.0 Programmer

Hello! My skills: over 11 years of actionscript programming. over 7 years of web development 2 years in 3D modeling. Your job will be done clear and fast.

Russia, Moscow, Moscow | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in Flash/Flex, Action script 2.0 & 3.0,

Flash Programmer, having deep knowledge in coding and development of Flash games, applications and websites with Action script 2 & 3 as scripting languages. Good knowledge in working on Client side scripting using JavaScript. Good knowledge on XML and SQL and comfortable to use them as Database for the applications. Expertise in working on complex requirements and meet the deadlines as per the scheduled time line. Explore the world of SynapseIndia - "I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind"

India, New Delhi, New Delhi | IT & Programming | Rating 1.5 (1 reviews)
Flash/Flex, Action script 2.0 & 3.0,

Flex programmer,having good knowledge on flex programming using Actionscript 2 and 3 as scripting languages and javascript as client side scripting. Expertise in working on desktop applicaitons and flex applications including customization tools and good knowledge on working on Editing functionalities for avatars and customization for the same. Good knowledge on working on the latest technologies and worked on flash games/applications and can able to full fill all the requirements and meet the timelines as per the projects schedule. Explore the world of SynapseIndia - "I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind"

India, UP, Noida | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Flash/Flex, Action script 2.0 & 3.0, SynapseIndia

Flex programmer,having good knowledge on flex programming using Actionscript 2 and 3 as scripting languages and javascript as client side scripting. Expertise in working on desktop applicaitons and flex applications including customization tools and good knowledge on working on Editing functionalities for avatars and customization for the same. Good knowledge on working on the latest technologies and worked on flash games/applications and can able to full fill all the requirements and meet the timelines as per the projects schedule. Explore the world of SynapseIndia - "I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind"

India, NCT, Delhi | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (12 reviews)
PHP flex chat actionscript audio video streaming

We create difficult applications on the basis of Adobe Media Server/Wowza Server and PHP5. We like to create something big and awesome. We work with: 1) Flash Media Server 2/3 (audio/video/streaming) 2) Wowza 3) ActionScript 2/3 4) Flex 5) PHP 6) Stratus (p2p from Adobe)

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast', Dnepropetrovsk | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Actionscript developer

Actionscript programmer with more than 10 years of experience.

Bulgaria, Varna, Varna | IT & Programming | Rating 4.2 (1 reviews)
Flash ActionScript, Air, mobile/browser games/apps

9 years experience with Flash ActionScript 3, creating social, mobile, browser games and apps, websites, highly configurable flash components and other various projects. Strong experiences in creating games: car game with physics, casino games (slot games, video poker, blackjack, roulette), facebook games, numerous card and puzzle games, mobile and browser games, multiplayer games. Strong experience in the development of Flash Applications with heavy server communication (Remoting, Sockets, JSON) and JavaScript / Flash bridging In-depth knowledge of ActionScript 3, XML, FlashDevelop Tool, Air, OOP, PureMVC and design patterns. Basic JavaScript, PHP (AMFPHP) and MySQL knowledge. Specialities: Flash ActionScript 3, games, Air, Nape physics engine, Starling Contact: Skype: kolumban_lehel Google: kolumban.lehel

Romania, Romania, Miercurea Ciuc | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Expert Action Script Developer

I am software developer in Action script 3 using Flash Professional CS6 and Flash Builder 4.6. I have 6 years of experience in flash scripting. I have also have knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, XML and JavaScript etc.I have developed number of games for iPhone,iPad and android in flash with features like in-app purchase,ad integration,rate box and game center. I have worked at a number of top notch software agencies and IT companies.

India, Maharastra, Mumbai | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Flash/AIR/ActionScript Developer

Large amount of experience in flash development, 7 years in the field

China, SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web/ActionScript Developer; Multimedia creator

Freelance web developer with a background of more than 5 years of experience at web agencies at Paris, serving clients like Nivea, Sony France, Air France, Hewlett Packard and more.

France, Ile-de-France, Boulogne-Billancourt | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
ActionScript and JavaScript developer

Hi, I'm Nick. I'm here to create beautiful things and make you happy. I have been working as Flash Engineer since 2007. Since 2011 as Senior Flash Engineer and Team Lead. B.S. of Computer Science. Since 2013 I write JavaScript applications for both front and back ends. During this period I applied my knowledge and enthusiasm to real-world applications by working in industry as a Software Engineer.

Ukraine, OD, Odessa | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (1 reviews)
Actionscript / Zend Framework / Flash /Flex /AIR

I am an Adobe Certified Expert and ZEND Certified PHP Engineer Having more than 13 years of experience.

Sri Lanka, Central Province, Kandy | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)