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Expert Clojure Developer

- Nearly 2 1/2 yrs. programming and thinking in Clojure - Wrote a pervasively concurrent social network miner in Clojure in about a week - Wrote a large, all-purpose Clojure library: - Created an efficient desktop app for financial analysis in Clojure and JavaFX - Fellow in the prestigious Crocker Innovation Fellowship Program LinkedIn: My technical nirvana? Where mathematical purity, functional programming, abstraction, and modularity meet scalable, real-time, performant, pervasively concurrent systems. Clojure, backed by the vast ecosystem of Java, is my time-tested tool of choice. The designer within me relishes the creation of complex systems whose life expectancy is longer than cancerous copy-paste actions permit. Where there's a code pattern, I create an abstraction to subsume it.

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Clojure developer and search specialist

I'm an experienced software developer from the Netherlands. My two main specialties are search (e.g. web crawling, Apache Lucene) and building web applications. I'm actively contributing to the technical community by doing open source work, writing technical articles and speaking at conferences like RICON in New York and EuroClojure in London ( see for a video of a talk about my work on search). I'm primarily a Clojure and ClojureScript developer, which is ideally suited for both web development and building search functionality. Clojure runs on the JVM, which makes it part of the Java ecosystem. I'm also familiar with several other programming languages and different server operating systems as well as cloud computing platforms (e.g. Amazon Web Services). I'm always happy to schedule a quick introductory video call to determine if what I can offer is a good fit for you.

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15 years Linux, 2 years Clojure, lots in between.

I've been a Linux sysadmin and developer for 15 years, working exclusively with Linux for 11 years. Done lots of web development in various languages for that whole time as well, also embedded development on AVR's (back before Arduinos). Been an Android developer for 3 years, and been using exclusively Clojure for development for 2 years now. Looking for contract projects, specifically using Clojure and Linux.

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Clojure / ClojureScript developer

Developing Clojure/ClojureScript web applications. With 12 years' of Java/J2EE experience developing web applications. Also comfortable with DevOps; both local and cloud provisioned servers.

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Clojure/Ruby/Rails/Scala/Java experts

We offer software development services to overcome your business needs. We have developers with excellent technical knowledge and understanding of latest technologies. We have developers competent in Java, Scala, Clojure, Ruby, Ruby on Rails.

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Java | Ruby | Android | AngularJS | Clojure | iOS

FreshCode is a software development company with 15+ highly skilled programmers and managers. We are based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine and we provide IT services since 2010. During this time we've completed many projects, ranging from relatively small and simple web and windows applications to a large and complex distributed solutions for enterprises from all over the world including USA, Germany, Russia, Australia, etc. We use only creative and cutting-edge tools therefore our team assures the excellent quality of the services and their delivery in time. We want to establish strong and long-term business relationships with our clients who are looking for high-end service and client-oriented specialists. Why clients choose FreshCode? - highly-qualified and detail-oriented specialists with 10+ years of experience in different programming fields; - over 100 commercially successful projects completed; - wide range of technologies mastered; - client-oriented customer support

Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhzhya | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
Full-stack Clojure and Ruby on Rails developer

Web and mobile software engineer specializing in Clojure and Ruby on Rails. Over 15 years of experience in startups developing complete software products.

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Clojure developer

Freelance Clojure developer. Specialized in web development and APIs, data visualization, e-commerce. US citizen living in Izmir, interested in remote work.

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ruby tcl clojure coder

I've been a tester for 5 years, focusing on test automation, including unit testing with Junit and Mockito, and system testing with Cucumber, Capybara. Then I transform to be a developer. Using ruby and clojure, for 2 years.

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Web developer with Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure

Full-stack web developer. Ruby (Rails), JavaScript (front-end and Node.js), Clojure. 5 years experience. China located. Available for part-time jobs.

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Java | Android | iOS | Ruby | Clojure

My name in Konstantin and I'm a software developer. I'm based in Ukraine and I have 6+ years of experience of developing. Therefore I count with lots of small and large applications for business and big enterprises developed for the USA, Denmark, Australia, Germany and Russia business and enterprises. I always take advantage of state-of-the-art tools to assure the best quality of service and to meet client requirements. I want to make long-term and strong business relationship with my clients.

Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhzhya | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
CTO with 3 exits; Clojure and Core Java Developer

I'm a former CTO with 3 exits. I've developed software for start-ups, mid sized and Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, I was a co-founder and CTO at UserEvents Inc. where I grew, attracted and lead a technical team from inception to acquisition.

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Clojure/ClojureScript Developer

Software Developer with a Computer Science degree and knowledge of object-oriented design (Java) and functional programming (Clojure, ClojureScript). Developer on a variety of technical projects and fields including banking, big data and robotics. Quick learner with an analytical mind. Always looking for interesting problems to solve.

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Clojure(Script), Java, Python, Postgresql

2 year backend develop experience. excel at Clojure.

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Java/Clojure Developer

Experienced in Java, Clojure, PHP, JavaScript programming languages

Ukraine, Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Clojure/JVM Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 15 years of experience with specialisation in back end development. Main programming languages: Clojure/Java/JVM, Flex/AS3. - Experience in many programming languages, from assembler on bare metal to LISP. - Very strong experience in software design and evolution, functional programming, refactoring, pair programming and TDD - Extensive experience in development of distributed systems, performance optimization, concurrency, security and mission critical systems. - Experience in building development teams with culture of pragmatism and transparency.

Ukraine, Kirovograd, Kirovograd | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Java/ Clojure Programmer

Short description about yourself or your company

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All things Clojure

I have a Computer Science degree and industry experience as a programmer as well as a software project manager. I am technically savvy and I understand the value of clear communication. In the past year I have been sharpening my programming skills in Clojure. At the moment I am focused exclusively on projects in Clojure. I am so delighted by programming in Clojure that I am not working strictly for money. As a result you should expect higher quality work than you'd get from a "mercenary" programmer.

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Clojure Specialist/Full Stack Clojure Developer

Clojure , Clojurescript,OM next, Clojure Android, Clojure Web application development /Reagent/React.Js/TypeScript/NodeJS

Kuwait, state of kuwait, kuwait city | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web back-end developer

Hello everybody! Thank you for visiting my profile! My name is Evgen and I am full-stack web developer with more than 3 years of development experience. I specialized in PHP, JAVA, Clojure with frameworks - for back-end development, and HTML/CSS/Javascript (Bootstrap/ AngularJS and JQuery) - for front-end. I have experience in development of various internet-based applications, such as: CRM, CMS, Browser Games, Social Networks. I'm a detail-oriented, passionate developer and team-player with many ideas for the best project realization. My goal to make clients satisfied by delivering a high-quality result that meet and surpass clients requirements and expectations. Thank you for your attention! Kind Regards, Evgen.

Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhzhya | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
code and data wizard

I'm mostly interested in projects which can increase my skills and especially looking for challenging tasks involving processing data to get extra juice from them. I have background with object oriented programming but am gradually moving to functional way of implementing things (Clojure). I'm experienced in processing hundreds of gigabytes RDF data (dbpedia, freebase, yago, wikidata), gathering and combining data from web pages and offline sources to provide services relying on them. I'm also experienced in managing quite large codebases. During my career I worked mostly for company which I created, developing product (chatbot) from scratch which has several hundreds of thousands lines of code. My personal areas of interest also include genetic algorithms, genetic programming and machine learning so I'm keen to take part in projects involving them to expand my knowledge about this wonderful part od science and turn it to something useful for You.

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Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Web developer with experience working in advertising campaigns, little startups and freelance works where i had to meet high quality criteria. I work with Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Sass, NodeJS and Python, and i'm experimenting with Clojure and Datomic

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Artificially Intelligent Systems

I am developer with focus on Artificial Intelligence and Maths. I am German, 32 years old and hold a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from TU Dresden, Germany. Currently I live in Luxembourg. I mainly program in - Clojure (3 years) - Java (7 years) - Prolog (5 years). My work focus lies on - Logic - Machine Learning - Heuristics - Complex System Design - Agent Design - Time Series I have special experience in - Functional Programming - Design Patterns and/or Architecture - Multithreading / Concurrency - Mathematics Other Infos: I founded a start-up in Luxembourg for time series forecasting. Before, I spent most of my life in Germany where I studied (Universities in Dresden and Chemnitz) and worked (also TU Dresden, SAP Research Dresden and some minor companies) and in Brazil (where I worked) Beside my PhD thesis there is (published and reviewed) evidence of my academic work, see "RESEARCH" under Service Description

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Full Stack Web Developer and Project Manager

-- I am a full stack developer who has been professionally building web applications since 1997. Currently, I am managing a Ruby-on-Rails project and a Laravel project. My server-side experience includes: -- Ruby-on-Rails -- Laravel -- Clojure -- CodeIgniter -- Postgres, MySql, and Cloudant databases -- Redis -- Stripe payment processing -- MangoPay payment processing And my client-side experience includes: -- Twitter Bootstrap 3.x -- ExtJs 4.x -- Sencha Touch -- Sencha Architect (licensed owner) -- backbone.js -- jQuery Most of my IT career has been working on large teams which has provided me with a very structured and task-directed work ethic. I greatly enjoy working with other developers on challenging assignments. -- Peter Fisk

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Clojure, Ruby and Agile XP consultant

Niranjan is Founder and CTO of C42 Engineering, a boutique software consultancy ($1M run-rate) and self-funded product company (>100k active users annually). As CTO of C42 Engineering, he has been responsible for building a engineering culture focused on passion for new technologies, code quality and daily customer engagement. As part of the management team, he was responsible for growing the consulting practice from nothing to a million dollar runway in 24 months with no external funding. On the delivery front, he has helped several startups ship resilient, flexible and scalable products which can easily respond to changing market needs. C42's product arm was responsible for building and launching and, helping over a hundred thousand people worldwide learn these programming languages every year. It is now shipping, a SaaS solution for matchmakers and marriage bureaus in India.

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Passionate Tech Experts on the Cutting Edge

Software Technologies delivered through development, consulting and training. Obsidian as a group develops, sells and maintains a suite of software based products and services from both original in-house innovation and as an outsourced consulting partner. In house innovation has led to the development of reporting tools for the financial securities industry that harness the opportunities created from open source, Cloud, SaaS, e-commerce, and our own original thinking in applying advanced technologies for the benefit and adoption even by the novice users. Area of our expertise is mainly focused on Web applications, Mobile applications, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture, RESTful Web Services using the JVM ecosystem with such languages as Scala, Clojure, Java and modern web technologies as HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, ClojureScript. We are also experienced in software development for GNU/Linux with a broad range of tools.

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Developer with Expertise in Clojure and Ruby

Over 10 years of experience programming ERP software and custom solutions for Higher Ed.

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Software engineer

10+ years of experience in software engineering. Participated in full cycle of software development, from requirements gathering and analysis to implementation and support. I have a strong knowledge of Java, Python, Clojure and C programming languages, relational databases (Oracle, Postgres) as well as non-relational data management systems (Redis, Elasticsearch). Also have hands-on experience in mobile development (Android SDK/NDK). Experienced Linux/Unix user and administrator.

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Hacker, "Lisper" and (very) experienced Sencha dev

Experience from both participating and managing large IT-projects ranging from Search Engine Development at CERN, to HTML5 Mobile Apps and Web Portals for public and private sector customers in Norway and worldwide. Have experience in both domestic and international projects. I have written software for portable devices since late 1990'es using a range of technologies (Casio Basic, Java, HTML5, SQL, ..). I am currently mainly writing mobile software on Sencha technologies and Cordova/PhoneGap. Have been using Sencha Touch since it's infancy and been involved with many of the core people at Sencha. From 2016 onwards I will be lecturing engineering (IT) students at Narvik University College in mobile app development. On the server side I'm mostly a Clojure/Java-on-Unix guy, often together with Cassandra or PostgreSQL. M.Sc degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from NTNU, Norway B.Sc in Computer Science from NTNU, Norway

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Pythonista, Djangonaut, Clojurian

More than 5 years of experience with Django and 10+ years in Python with an enthusiasm in functional programming (Clojure). I enjoy creating systems that are readable, robust, user-friendly, and extensible. On top of that, I take pride in being good with reading, writing, tutoring, and presentations. I take an evangelist's approach in the technologies I work and play with, and ensure good quality in whatever I make/modify with them.

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Python/Django developer with front-end skills

Web developer/programmer doing both backend and frontend work, using mainly Python, Javascript, Clojure and PHP.

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Functional Programming Programmer

I am a Java programmer who apart from OO actually love to code the functional way emphasizing immutation, scalability, concurrency via stateless architecture, Lisp and Clojure. I believe that programming can be fun and code should be elegant

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Software development with Python, Clojure

I am eager to participate in complex projects. I am a very purposeful person. I am good at Python, however in my free time I usually code in functional languages like Clojure Experienced in: * team collaboration * Python programming language * Web server-side development using Django, Flask, Tornado * relational databases like MySQL * No-SQL databases like MongoDB * debugging For other information please look at

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Python and Clojure programmer

I'm a Canadian software developer and recent computer science graduate. My programming background is Perl, Clojure, and Python.

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Simplicity is beautiful

I am well versed in functional programming, passionate about Clojure(script). I enjoy Python/Java/C#/JS as well. I love simple code, minimal state, and adaptability. I work hard and go above and beyond for my clients. Work samples can be produced from other client projects.

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Clojure, Python and R Programmer

Experienced software developer with 14 years industry experience in data warehousing, database design and real time systems.

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I code in PHP, Ruby and Clojure

Will be updated soon. Been coding since 2003.

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Software Developer

I'm an experienced software developer, writing applications and provide consulting services for more than 10 years. The software I've written still processed thousands of transaction everyday in real production environment.

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Experts in Web & App development for startups

We have all the experience you need if you’re facing short deadlines or your project has been already delayed and you can’t take any more risk with the quality. We follow the Lean Startup methodology, we can work with a limited budget and little or close-to-none specifications that are changing every week. We have developed some startups from scratch and have overtaken development in others - sometimes averting an imminent failure. We even have in our portfolio a startup that got selected for the Y-Combinator.

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JVM Platform Programmer

Well experienced but enthusiastic PROBLEM SOLVER with deep expertise in healthcare analytic, big data processing, mobile/online payments gateway etc. I love to write code as productive as possible and I believe coding is a work of art. Here's the proof for above statement, Also, I can code/ decode pseudo-philosophy. Thanks, Prayag

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Experts in Web-development and SEO-optimisation

We are young and creative team of web-developers and we are here to implement the most interecting projects in life! Our goal is to provide qualitative service, reach constant partnership with companies through the world and to develop our professional skills. We are also aimed at full satisfaction of our clients' needs as we believe, that the project is successful only if clients' expectations absolutely coincide with the result we have worked out. We build our partnership relations on trust and honesty, so we guarantee these conditions high-perfopmancing and expect the same from our clients. Comrad started as a group of young specialists that were keen on web-programming and would like to impove their skills. Now it is a full-fledged team with programmers, designers, project manager and client support manager. As we are beginners at E-lance, we would like to prove our good reputation by 100% successful projects, so if we take your task we guarantee that it will be done fully

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Ruby / JRuby / Rails, Spree, Ember.js, Clojure

"The most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills." "Don't code today what you can't test tomorrow." iRonin, an IT samurai with 11 years of experience in various IT technologies and systems, currently working exclusively with Ruby/JRuby and Rails mostly for US & European start-ups and enterprises. Worked on-site for international companies in Germany, Netherlands, Australia and UK. Owner of Rails dev shop, Senior Engineer of web applications (Ruby), mobile applications (iOS, HTML5), enterprise applications (Java/JEE), e-commerce (Ruby/Java). Experienced with on-site & remote team management and team leading, project management, business analysis, cloud computing (Amazon AWS), CRM, web traffic analysis, social media, user experience & information architecture (UCD approach). Problem solver fit to roles involved in the most challenging projects in diverse and changing environments both startup- and enterprise-like. Hates compromises and mediocrity!

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Smart and gets things done.

Trust Is Crucial I strive to build a culture of openness and transparency. Clients know at all times what I am working on and how it’s going. I tell it like it is-even if it means admitting fault. No project will run without hurdles. When problems arise, I report them early. My clients trust in my ability to ship. Quality Over Quantity I take the Jerry Maguire approach to business: “The answer was fewer clients. Caring for them, caring for ourselves.” If I am already at max capacity, I won’t take on a new project. That also means if I partner with a client, I am in it for the long-haul. I value long-term relationships over individual projects. Commitment To My Craft I am my own customer first. The code must pass my own set of standards before I deliver it for approval to clients. Placing a premium on clean code means that code is readable. It is easily understood. It is flexible to change. And, it is maintainable. I value simplicity and elegance in the solutions I write.

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offering simple solutions for complex problems

I am an application, mobile and web developer with eight years experience, with a good grasp of most of the widely used programming languages and tools, and keen on time management and meeting deadlines.

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Mobile Apps Veteran

Ex-Google engineer, founder at Gargoyle Software, 6 years experience building apps on iOS and Android. Track record includes delivering high-impact apps for Deutsche Bank, Otsuka Medical, and 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Have also delivered several rush-jobs for launches on Shark Tank, CES, and TechCrunch Disrupt.

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Operative Researcher and Industrial Engineer

Solid programming skills. Interested in mathematical modelling. Responsible, accurate, result-oriented, able to work under pressure.

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Ambitious developer always looking for a challenge

My GitHub: I am an ambitious software developer who is always looking to take on new, exciting projects. I have been a programmer for over 10 years, working in native Windows, native Linux, Java and .Net environments. I'm familiar with the surrounding technologies of each platform, most of the popular programming languages for each as well as database design and administration. Desktop applications, web applications, web sites, mobile and simple developer tools are all familiar to me. I've worked in a variety of industries and know how to make a customer happy!

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Full scope of development work. Web/ iOS/ Android

Sky-High Team is a group of qualified and enthusiastic developers, who has enormous experience in Mac OS X/iOS/Android programming, iOS/Web development and Web design. Our goal is creating high-quality products targeted for AppStore and providing software development services to meet particular needs of our customers. We seek to create products in accordance with most stringent quality standards stated by Apple. We have all needed equipment and devices for effective testing and debugging, such as iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6 plus, iPad mini, iPad Air 2 and iPod Touch 5G. We help you focus on results, defined by you, the client. As your strategic partner, we can help you accomplish more!

Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhzhya | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)

A budding Information Technology enthusiast with tremendous passion for technology seeking for challenging opportunities in information systems administration and security in a reputable ICT-intensive organization. I have exceptional technical and analytical skills, with experience in software development, data analysis, database management, information system support, security, network and server support, business analysis, enterprise application integration, program configuration, testing and evaluation, which I have gained in various analyst/programmer roles.

Kenya, Nairobi Area, Nairobi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Shifting Paradigms by Leveraging Technology

I am a craftsman, who skillfully wields the various tools of the technology toolset to help solve your business problems. I am eager to understand your domain and singular circumstances, and own the responsibility for choosing the right tools, architect an optimal design, and deliver a timely solution for your business problems. I feel honoured when businesses and individuals choose me to partner with them on their exciting journey of problem solving and growth. I eagerly look forward to be your partners ! Murtaza

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Switched on, experienced Software Engineer

Graduated from University of Canterbury at age 18 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science. Now an experienced Software Engineer with a focus on software on the internet.

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Software Condottiero

I'm a professional programmer and photographer based out of Chicago Illinois. English is my first language, and I'm proficient with web programming and application programming.

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Full Stack Software Developer

Worked as a Software Architect, Team Leader, Full-Stack Senior Software Developer, for various companies.

Brazil, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)

My developing philosophy is based on the ground of delivering useful products, thus I prefer to use right tools for the job and to know a wide spectrum of them. Nowadays I have the following technologies in active vocabulary: Languages: Clojure, Clojurescript, Python, Javascript, Coffeescript, PHP, HTML, CSS Web Frontend: Hoplon, Facebook React (especially Om / Reagent / Quiescent derivatives), Freactive, KineticJS, Polymer, Websockets Web Backend: Compojure, http-kit, Ring, Yii, Websockets DBs: MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Datomic Machine Learning: scikit-learn, MDP, Vowpal Wabbit Desktop: PyQT, Seesaw, JavaFX MQs: ZeroMQ I'm especially passionate about Functional Programming, Clojure & Clojurescript stack and Machine Learning, and I'm willing to go deeper into these fields.

Belarus, null, Lyuban | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Spain, Andalusia, Sevilla | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Clojure programmer Ubuntu (Linux) beginner tech lover Now a days experimenting Datomic (clojure database)

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

We offer custom web development, data visualisation and analysis, particularly in the area of environmental data. Areas of expertise include web development in Clojure and ClojureScript, geospatial analysis in R, visualisation using D3 and Incanter, and systems analysis.

Ireland, Cork, Grenagh | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Multi-Paradigm Coder

I am developer, I enjoy most clojure but I love to work with python too.

Italy, Italy, Monteriggioni | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Innovative and reliable web developers

o Excellent programming skills with high proficiency in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks: o Fluent in Object Pascal/Delphi, C, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Clojure, Common Lisp, and Racket, with strong knowledge of PHP, Java, Haskell, and Smalltalk. o Excellent front-end development skills with web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, and client-side JavaScript. o Excellent programming skills on POSIX-compatible platforms. o Highly proficient in computer science, particularly in the field of data structures and algorithms. o Proficient in Node.js, Compojure, Django, and Ruby on Rails. ? Excellent system administration skills, particularly with GNU/Linux systems (including Debian, RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu). Sound knowledge of operating system architecture and implementation. ? Excellent skills with source control management, especially with Git and Mercurial. ? Experienced in implementing and deploying clustering and high-ava

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Highly experienced Java developer

I am a professional Java developer with more than 6 years of experience. I am a Sun Certified Programmer for Java SE6, Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java EE5, Oracle Certified Professional Java EE 5 Business Component Developer, OMG-Certified UML Professional. In my career I have also been using the following languages: Javascript, Groovy, Python, Ruby, Clojure, bash and Powershell. Beside that I am very good in English and high job performance.

Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Krasnodar | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails done right

An experienced web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and Clojure with the WebNoir framework

United States, GA, Norcross | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Specialties: Clojure, C#, WPF, C/C++, Altera FPGA's

United States, NJ, Somerset | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience

Backend/Middleware Software Engineer,Software enthusiast hacking with Clojure Highly Experienced with distributed computing on Hadoop ecosystem and NoSql technologies, A lot of hands of experience with Map Reduce, Zookeeper, Flume, Pig, Storm, HBase, MongoDB Experienced with Clojure, Java, Python, Hadoop, MongoDB, CouchDB, HBase, Lucene, Cassandra, Restful web services,Spring, ESB frameworks, Django, Node.js, Functional Programming Certified Scrum Master Highly Experienced with Test Driven Development and Design Patterns / Anti-Patterns Experienced with AWS products, App Engine, NoSQL Interested in Performance Tuning and Scalable Architectures Specialties: Test Driven Development,Polyglot Programming,Design Patterns,JVM Tuning,Open Source Software, SOA, REST, NoSQL, Agile Software Development

Turkey, n/a, Istanbul | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Having a strong base in theoretical computer science, I enjoy information security contests, Statistics, Data-processing tasks and python+django frontend. Overall, I have a vast experience with databases (PostgreSQL), Linux-based operating systems (Arch, Ubuntu, Mint), functional programming (Clojure) and web dev (javascript+node.js mainly).

Russia, Moskva, Dolgoprudnyy | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web Developer - Ruby+Rails, Node.js, Go. 6+ years

New to Elance, but I have been a fulltime web developer for the past 6 years building bespoke websites mainly using Ruby on Rails. I have also built smaller sites using Node.js, Go and Clojure and I have some older php websites that I still maintain. I am happy working on the frontend side of things as well as building backend infrastructure, and I can takle the server admin needed to setup a variety of web services.

United Kingdom, Halstead, Sible Hedingham | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced developer

I bend technology to your will. I've worked with startups, corporations, and government. I am a full-service, experienced expert. Technology-wise, I have professional experience with Clojure, Scala, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and more. I've worked with numerous APIs such as, PayPal, Google Maps, Twilio, and Mailchimp.

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Writer and Programmer

My name is Mike, I am currently studying Computer Science at Hampshire College. I have taken courses in HTML5/CSS, Java, C++, C# and Clojure. I also work in IT part-time and have developed excellent technical support skills. In addition to my technical skills, I am a very proficient writer. One skill that is strongly emphasized at Hampshire is revision of both one's own writing as well as that of one's peers.

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Real Time Big Data Expert

Expert on Clojure, Storm Framework and Java. Real-time big-data processing and in-memory grids.

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Over 20 years experience in software development and architecture. Primarily java/unix/oracle, .Net stack, and system integration. Focussing on clojure and datomic at the moment.

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I'm a Clojure and Scala developer with additional experience in Java, Javascript, Ruby and more minor experience in a bunch of other languages. In a previous life I was a back end developer at a startup in London, working primarily in Scala, designing and implementing APIs callable from web and mobile clients, and with an emphasis on high traffic and scalability.

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Expert Java & Web coder

I'm a broad interests software developer. I'm a open source fan, and pay attention to the agile methods and software process improvement. I focus on Clojure and Go programming language, and contribute strength in order to the popularization of them in Chinese community.

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Active Thinker

Having learned the skill of programming I find myself, after all these years of: study, practice and experimenting, with the belief that One doesn't only write code to solve a problem, but One scribbles what it is a smaller part of a bigger story that may, or may not be translated into a striking and adored product. Either way, "hit" or "shit", the story might as well be written with the elegancy of literature. Strong poins: JavaScript, PHP, Python, Clojure or Clojurescript.

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Saving You Money

8 years experience as a professional programmer, startup employee, and startup founder. I am an expert in C/C++, Java, HTML, Python, PHP, and Scheme. I can also program in in C#, Clojure, Haskell, CSS, Forth, Java, LISP, Mathematica, Java, Javascript, Prolog, Perl, Scala, VB.NET, and VBA. Hire me to write a design, requirements document, or specification for cheap coders. I have experience both programming and managing programmers.

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Network Applications Development

I am a French freelancer with experience in system administration and network software design. My main skills are in Python, Clojure and unix environments. I am fluent in English & French, and proficient in German.

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I'm a freelance programmer with over 5 years of programming experience in a wide variety of programming languages and fields.

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Professional Web Developer, Google Glass Developer

- Professional web developer using Java & C# as major languages, Clojure as secondary language; - Have a set of skills developing mobile applications, including iOS, android, and most importantly, Google Glass; - A member of [topcoder] winning several challenges and competitions; - Extremely efficient learning skills, having the ability to gain new knowledge very swiftly.

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Expert Java Developer

I am an experienced Java developer, having authored 2 open source 2D game engines built on the idea that the end-level API should be as simple and ergonomic as possible: I am the lead back-end developer at NewsTrolley, which is built on python-django/bootstrap: I have a special interest in Game Programming, Computational Theory and Machine Learning, and have been looking into Functional Programming, mainly in Clojure. I love reading, writing, hiking, and travelling.

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I'm a clojure hacker, with extensive distributed computing experience. I'm also well versed in Java. I prefer to work only on weekends and holidays.

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Expert NodeJS/Java Developer

Java/C++, client/server development. Java2EE, EJB, JSP, JavaBeans, eCommerce, WebLogic/JBoss/Tomcat application servers. The last innovative web technologies: Ruby and Ruby on Rails, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3. SQL Databases Oracle, MySql, Postgre, Paradox, DB/2, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server Internet Nodejs,, HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, J2EE,Erlang,Clojure Different payment gateways Ripple Software Design Method Unified Modeling Language (UML). We are experts in Object Oriented Design using Design Patterns and languages such as C++ and JAVA. We can solve your Client/Server problems using CORBA, COM/OLE Our applications expertise Accounting, Web sites, Custom Windows Applications, Community Portal Sites, Real Estate sites, E-Commerce, Internet Security, Statistical / Scientific Analysis, Secure Servers,lottery

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Specialties: Clojure, Full Stack, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Linux, Haskell, TDD, Cucumber, Javascript, Coffee-Script, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap

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Full-stack web developer

I have been working as Ruby developer for 4+ years now. Aside backend development with Ruby on Rails I have been doing front-end work using both plain HTML(5)/CSS(3)/JavaScript and technologies like HAML/SASS(SCSS)/CoffeeScript. I also have a lot of experience in setting up servers (incl. production), automating server setup with Opscode Chef and configuring code deployment. Though I mainly work with Ruby/RoR, I am also highly interested in functional programming. My language of choice in this field is Clojure, but I also have experience with Erlang, Scheme(Racket), OCaml and some others.

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functional programmer,experience in distributed system with clojure and scala akka, can develop high performance applications..Experience retrieving and analyzing data, data mining and clean data also I've got experience developing interfaces and working in the client side using react, proficient in javascript, not so much in css...

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Ruby on Rails developer

I can help your business make more money.

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Senior Backend Developer

Welcome to my profile! Thank you for taking the time to browse through it! My name is Deyan, I am a Bulgarian living in Hungary. I am a senior software developer with (some might say overly) diverse experience, but my main focus is web backend: obtaining data, storing it, transforming it in simple or smart ways, making it configurable, serving it to those who want to use or display it. I have delved in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, geo-information systems, indexing/search, parsing/compiler-compilers, and I have built RESTful APIs and small UIs. I have used and am comfortable with Java, Clojure, Python, JavaScript and bash scripting. Testability and DevOps are important to me, and I keep them in mind when I design. For the last year and a half I have been working from home. I am comfortable with that setup, and at this stage I am only interested in remote jobs.

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Python, Java, PHP developer

I'm mostly experienced in web-centric technologies utilizing Python (4 years), Java (3 years) and PHP (6 years). Currently, most of the time I'm working on projects using Django framework. I have some experience with lisp family of languages, including Scheme R5RS, Common Lisp and recently Clojure but only in scope of personal projects.

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Product Manager with a background in Data Science. I combine a deep understanding of algorithms and technology with a focus on understanding customer wants & market demands. Working with a stellar team of engineers, we're able to produce novel solutions to challenging problems using cutting edge "Big Data" techniques and technology. Specialties: Machine Learning, Statistics, UX, Product Management, SQL, SAS, Clojure, Python

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3D animation/image creation

I am looking for jobs where I can do as much Clojure and Clojurescript programming as possible. I'm completely self-taught and have a real passion for learning and programming in Lisps, particularly Clojure, but I have done a good bit of SBCL programming. I use Linux exclusively and prefer free/libre/open-source software over proprietary products. I code in Emacs, but I also use Vi(m) for quick tasks. I create graphics in Gimp, Inkscape and Blender and am very familiar with their respective workflows.

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Autodidact open to any beginner/intermediate proj.

Capable learner open to new and interesting technologies. Moderately skilled at web technologies (JavaScript, TypeScript, Ember.js, Angular.js, Dart, Angular.Dart, and more). Lots of experience with Python but recently learning computation and data science through matplotlib, scipy, and numpy. Also very interested in new languages and tools. I greatly enjoy Ceylon, Perl 6, ClojureScript, and for tools I've been recently enjoying LightTable (but vim is my editor of choice). I'd love to start working on some projects!

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Full stack Engineer / Architect

Product Architect and Developer, Solution Consultant, Startup engineer Specialties: Dynamic display internet advertising ecosystem, Computer Graphics, Robotics , CAD / CAM, java infrastructure, software consulting, identity management, prototyping new product ideas., startup experience of 7 years.

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Computer engineer

I'm versatile computer engineer and passionate about developing automation solutions. Recently, I have focused on information extraction problems, like OCR and web scraping.

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Expert in Programming Languages

Stone Soup Systems is our little software company. We specialize in functional programming, data analysis and systems integrations. Functional programming is a software development methodology particularly suited to building large, concurrent and distributed systems. In our specific case we use Clojure and usually deploy onto the ubiquitous Java Virtual Machine. For data analysis work we are fans of R and Python. R supports data visualization and aligns with our proclivity towards functional programming whereas Python is a programmer’s Swiss Army knife which supports multiple programming paradigms, numeric and scientific computing, and systems integration efforts. Give us a call to talk about your project.

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Clean Coder

Experienced Software Engineer. Currently leading a small team of developers and acting as a Product Owner, as well as serving as a team's Mentor, helping & tutoring younger members. Looking for some additional sidework in: - .js - jQuery, AngularJs, EmberJs, nodeJs, plain ol' JS/DOM etc etc. Full front-end stack is a given (HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap et al) - Clojure. I love anything and everything functional, and would love to dive in a serious project based on this beautiful JVM language. - Android development

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Senior Python Developer and Linux Admin.

I am highly skilled with 4 years of experience using a number of languages including python, clojure, ruby and php. I'm incredibly adept at problem-solving, optimisation, scaling, pen-testing and future-proofing back-end systems. I've created several e-commerce sites, wordpress sites and back-end systems as well as contributing to the Light Table IDE project written in clojure. I have used graph databases i.e neo4j, nosql i.e redis, mongo and bigtable in a variety of personal projects.

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Real US developer with real-world skills

Native English speaker, 9 years of experience as a software developer and data scientist, freelance and corporate. Clojure + Ruby + R. Web and software development, but besides that, I will work with you to really flesh out the needs and requirements of your project.

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I'm outgoing person with over 3 years experience in software development. Fan of JVM languages and Test Driven Development. During a career working with various of technologies. Areas of interest * OOP +FP- Java8, Scala, Clojure * Web development - Vert.x, Node.js * Mobile development - Android * (NLP) - Natural language processing * Big Data - Hadoop, Hortonworks, Machine Learning

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Versatile Programmer

I am a software engineer from Vienna/Austria with several years of working experience primarily in C, C++, Network programming and databases. I particularly like to work in modern languages like Haskell or Clojure.

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