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Natural language processing engineer

Specialised expertise: Computational linguistics, natural language processing. Development of language resources and processing tools. Co-developer of the first Hungarian POS disambiguation system. Research fellow at the Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Current research areas: Knowledge based recommendation systems; Evaluation of machine translation; Ontology development; Statistical models in natural language processing; Morphosyntactic disambiguation and partial parsing in highly inflectional languages; Corpus annotation and language resource development; Extraction of multiword expressions from corpora.

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Computational Linguist / Writer / Translator

I am a forward-thinking bilingual (German and English) Computational Linguist with lots of experience in Natural Language Processing (search technology, information extraction, text mining etc.). Furthermore I offer translating services (English to German) and writing services (German). I hold a Master's Degree in Data Processing as well as a PhD in the field of Computational Linguistics / Information Science. I am always looking for interesting research and job opportunities. Please do not hestitate to contact me and discuss how I can assist you with your projects!

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Computational Linguist

Cheng has a combined background of computer science and linguistics, as well as a solid background representing software system vendor in software solution implementation. A student of a wide range of the world's languages, Cheng has a life-long passion for language learning, teaching and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Language expertise includes Chinese, Romance, Semitic, Slavic and Turkic families. Cheng envisions a continuing career in Computational Linguistics. Some character highlights: - self-motivated with attention to detail - fast learner and independent problem solver While advancing his career, Cheng enjoys experiencing a wide spectrum of cultural and linguistic environments. Cheng is passionate about photography.

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NLP, ML, IE, IR, Text Mining

Specialties: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, Pattern Recognition, Text Mining, Data Mining, Semantic Web. Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation Systems, Text Classification, Document Clustering, Named Entity Recognition, Language Modeling, Syntactic Analysis, Semantic Analysis, Discourse Parsing, Word Sense Disambiguation, Dialogue Systems, NLIDB Systems, Question Answering Systems, Image Processing, Computational Advertising. Java, Python, C, C++ StanfordNLP, NLTK, libSVM, CRF++,Sci-kit,..

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Multilingual NLP programmer

4 years experience in NLP technology, toolkit and resources, including preprocess skills, especially in Asian languages; 3 years experiences in Web Developing (LAMP, HTML, jQuery, SQL programming); 10 years Linux/Unix programming experiences; Strong skills in Perl, C, PHP, SQL; Basic skills in C#, Matlab, Java Objective: A polyglot computational linguist who wishes to contribute to cutting edge NLP technology, solve real world problems and continue her career as a NLP / MT programmer. Characteristics: Self-motivated person with an adventurous spirit and a curious mind which help fit well in a new environment quickly. A team player who can work independently as well Polyglot: Mandarin and Taiwan native speaker with a good command of English, Japanese and French

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Expert Computational Linguist

Very experienced Computational Linguist with a strong academic background (BSc in Computer Science; MA in Artificial Intelligence; PhD in Computational Linguistics) and proven track record in industry (Start-ups as well as established companies). Worked on a wide variety of Natural Language Processing problems, both in academic context and industry. Key words: Spoken Dialogue Systems; Information Extraction; Parsing; Grammar Writing/Engineering; Semantics; Statistical NLP; Machine Learning Key Skills: Problem solving; Creative; Good communicator; Pragmatic; Client expectation management; Mentoring and training; Technical/Solutions architecture

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data science and engineering lab

Reliable skilled provider of data science, data visualization solutions Main expertise areas are data science (Python, R, Spark, Hadoop), machine learning, D3.js visualizations, dashboards design, one-page web apps (Flask, Django, Angular).

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Natural language processing specialist

I have experience as a software engineer with a background in computational linguistics and offer consulting services for solutions using natural language processing and related language technologies, including but not limited to information retrieval frameworks such as Lucene/Solr and dialogue systems such as VoiceObjects/Voxeo CXP.

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passionate NLP engineer and developer

I have been active in NLP research and development for around 10 years, working at several top European and US universities (Edinburgh, Stanford, Leuven) and companies (Textkernel, Wolters Kluwer). I have extensive experience with Information Modelling and Retrieval, and have worked on a wide variety of NLP and Machine Learning problems, including (but not limited to) sentiment analysis, semantic modelling (LSA, LDA, etc.), entity extraction, etc. I typically develop in Python or Java, and make use of open-source Machine Learning libraries like Scikit-learn, NLTK, Apache Stanbol, OpenNLP and Stanford NLP.

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Data Scientist, NLP Python Developer

- I have 2+ years experience in NLP and ML, and have done several projects involving text classification, entity extraction, and syntax parsing etc., dealing with large volume of multilingual & multi-genre text, most of which resulted in conference publications or commercial prototypes. - I love Python and use pandas/scikit-learn/NLTK almost daily. I also use R for exploratory analysis and visualization. - I’m able to ETL data by writing complex SQL queries in traditional RDBMSs, aggregation pipelines in MongoDB, MapReduce codes on a Hadoop cluster, and Unix one-liners with GNU Parallel.

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Machine Learning Specialist

I'm currently doing my Masters in computer science at the TU in Berlin (Germany). My main topic of interest is machine learning and data mining with a focus on natural language processing (NLP). However I'm interested in working on all kinds of data analytics problems, e.g. before working on NLP, I was working on the improvement of algorithms used for brain computer interfaces.

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PhD Computer Science Machine Learning NLP BigData

An accomplished executive scientist with doctorate in computer science, innovator, architect, and leader looking to apply skills to marketplace. Hands on industry experience in problem solving, algorithmic development, data science, software engineering, systems architecture, machine learning, statistical inference, predictive modeling, natural language processing, and computational linguistics; with extensive experience in predictive analytics and recommendation. Experienced in managing projects from conception to completion. One US Patent (US 2--) assigned and more than 60 scientific and technical publications in Machine Learning, Statistical Methods and Algorithms.

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Expert C++ developper, indepth knowledge of X11

If you are looking for an expert C++ developper with a strong track record of getting things done, you should hire me. My emphasis is on server processes, Linux and X11 ( the graphics subsystem of Linux ). I have 18 years intensive experience with C++, including reading and implementing the ISO C++ standard in a parser for an IDE. 17 years experience with X11, including the X-Server code and XCB. Open Source contributions for XCB. I have my own software product which is a screen recorder for mission critical systems where it is vital to be able to reconstruct screen contents such as in air traffic control, railway control, industry etc. A variant of that product is available for recording demo-videos etc. As part of that work on my own products I have experience with X11, Xorg, XCB, ffmpeg etc. You can read my blog on to get a better idea on how I think and what I do. My LinkedIn profile:

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I am a PhD student at Stanford working on computational linguistics. I offer linguistic and computational expertise, and can help consult for projects in rule-based and/or stochastic language technologies.

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I am currently pursuing a Ph.D in computational linguistics, and have covered ample background in machine learning and natural language processing over the course of my postgraduate studies. I have often participated (and won) in several programming competitions. My primary OS platform is Linux.

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Natural language processing

Pushing the boundaries of computational linguistics; natural language processing; natural language understanding; formal semantics; proof-theoretic semantics; in attempt to understand meaning and its relation to automated systems.

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Product manager with background in bringing social and entertainment technologies to worldwide audiences. Games and music are ongoing interests. Education in computational linguistics: tons of work in NLP with research experience in machine translation and grammar engineering. Persistent moonlighting in music criticism.

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Visual analytics + Computational Linguistics

Creative Technologist / Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow 2012 / Visual analytics / Semantic Web / Computational Linguistics

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Anything regarding computers and web development

Description Vikster is a freelance production team that offers various services such as Web Development, Social Networking & Media, IT Solutions & Consultancy, Hardware and Networking, Photography, Video Editing, Animation, VFX, Sound Editing, etc. Founder : Vivek John Christy

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Software developer

Experience in industry, government, and academia, many environments and contexts

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Expert Java Programmer

I have three years of work experience as Java programmer. I have worked in Convergys and Oracle India in ERP domain. I have experience as technical writer as well.

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Im good in all skilss....You will succed when u hired me

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Expert semantic reasoning developer

I have 15 years of experience in proof-of-concept research work to enable group semantic reasoning using a novel Formal Language. It is applicable to any collaborative aim to develop evidence-based consensus and real-time best practice resource planning, development, deployment, coordination, evaluation, and continuous research. As an umbrella approach using existing local technologies, it is a low-cost enabler for increased efficacy and efficiency and advanced risk management; research and development.

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Hi everyone.. I am the elancer which would like to work from home and looking for the job since a long time.. It would be my pleasure to work for you.. see you hiring me..

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Expert Google maps API - Javascript - PHP

Hi there, I am a web developer with a mathematics background with a huge experience using diferent technolgies. Quickly adaptation is one of my skills and I enjoy developing in the last languages/tools AngularJS, Google Maps API, Jquery, ...

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Translate portuguese to spanish and english.

I have experience and can give personal class. I have experience costumer service, incidences, informatic support, etc- 07587370740

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Data, Please!

You may have noticed that I am a data junkie! I have a passion and talent for quantitative analysis, statistics, and research for just about type of data I can get my hands on (do you have any?). :) I have worked with Big Data for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and performed scientific data work in the fields of energy, weather, neuroscience, and linguistics. I am a dual citizen of The United States and Canada, and also hold a valid Chinese Residency Visa.

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Especialista en lo simple, práctico y tecnológico

Estudiante de ingeniería de sistemas con una afición grande por el diseño gráfico, siempre a la vanguardia de los cambios tecnológicos, así como herramientas que facilitan la vida al usuario. Alto potencial de creatividad. Saber de todo un poco y un poco de todo.

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I have a lot of experience in telecommunications, applications and applle androi. do translations English language Portuguese and Spanish

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NLP Graduate Student at UW

Hi, I'm currently a graduate student in the CLMS (NLP) program at the University of Wasington. I am interested in and would like to speak with you about this position. Could you send me an e-mail so we can discuss things privately? Thank you very much, Arjun

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18 y/o male with a passion for PC Hardware & Softw

18 years old and currently taking a gap year. Looking for some freelance work to keep me busy. Most recent subjects that have been completed and passed are: - 1 year of Cisco PC Hardware & Software - 1 year of Cisco Networking - 2 years of Computer Graphics and Design - 1 year of Media and Production I'm a fluent English speaker and enjoy doing the job right. Hire me.

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IT Profesional , Data Processing Specialist

Over 20 years experience in data processing as analyst programer with a large SE-European company with world-wide opperations in the field of geologiacal and geophysical survey. Contributions to various projects related to DBMS, in-house application software design, implementation and maintenance, topographic and geophysical mapping. Studies in physics and computer science at the University of Bucharest.

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Natural language processing, especially for Chinese/Japanese word segmentation, transliteration, and translation, based on pattern generation/matching, n-gram statistical language modeling with SRILM, and conditional random fields with CRF++, Wapiti or CRFsuite, is my most important skill set. Over 15, 13, 10, 8 and 5 years experiences on C++, Java, C#, PHP, and Python, respectively. Perl, Ruby, Flex, JavaScript, Scala, and Julia for fun. Also familiar with Lucene/ElasticSearch and Lemur/Indri, two of the state of the art of full-text search engines. I'm currently responsible for computer-assisted translation tool development and backend architecture in Yaraku, Inc. I was the core developer of GOING (Natural Input Method,, one of the most famous intelligent Chinese phonetic input method product. I was also one of core committers of OpenVanilla, one of the most active text input method and processing platform. Specialties: Natural Languag

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Informatics, nutrition and health literate

Former informatics engineer and informatics teacher, I changed to the domain of naturopathy and nutrition a few years ago. I can combine the best of both worlds!

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Senior QA (3yrs solid exp). Onsite coordination.

Specializes on Airline business applications Testing (Waterfall). Direct client onsite deployment to manage testing and overseer offshore testing activities and demand timely and quality deliverables. Relevant knowledge (intermediate) in testing management software (Quality Center). Relevant experience in the following: Database (IBM DB2) set-up for testing. Basic database query and testing. MQ Testing. Multi-browser testing. Performance testing and UVGen scripting.

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Write music through my own Algorithmic Composer

My music, composed and recorded through an Algorithmic Composer and Synthesizer (both programs written by me), is extremely varied. Most of the times it sounds as it were performed by a Symphony Orchestra, a Percussion Ensemble, or a Chorus and solo singers. I select the music style by means of a large set of parameters. The Composer Program generates pieces of a specified duration using a directed pseudo random number generator. Then, I select the best ones. I do not work on a hourly rate, only by completed piece of music.

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Expert Python / Social Data / AI / Java Developer

Past Carnegie Mellon/DARPA Researcher - Expert in AI, NLP, Python, Java, C/C++. + Full-Semantics Data Modeling / Data Mining + Social Data + Programming (Python, C/C++, Java, LISP) + Secure Networking (Academic Publications) Additional Universities: Georgetown, Columbia Additional Languages: SQL, C, LISP / HTML Lifetime Certifications: Cisco: Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP), Network Associate (CCNA), Design Associate (CCDA), Security Specialist-1 (CSS-1), Wireless Field Engineer, CCIE Security Written Exam Network Security: US Government National Security Agency(NSA)/CNSS Information Security (INFOSEC) Professional, Cisco Security Specialist-1 (CSS-1) (PIX) Network: CompTIA Network+, Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Certified Instructor (CI) Software and Training: Sun NetDynamics App Server Training, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Program

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Im a technically gifted individual who is fascinated about IT and technology. Im a hardworking individual whose is not scared of

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Expert in Finance & business management

I'm professionally independent and self-made and self-taught diversified entrepreneur! I bring expert unique creativity to the table and I work extremely intelligently & exceedingly efficiently and phenomenally effectively smart and fast. I also research, study, analyze on information systems that's computer science and business, along with financial capital research in private equity, venture capital, stocks, mutual funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies. I also have expert experience in computer programming with Python, CPlusPlus, haskell programming. If you want to know more about my expert professional experiences and remarkable extraordinary skills send me a private message! Thank you for your consideration and deliberation I appreciate it with all respect greatly! Passionately passion with teamwork & collaboration are the keys to success! My core principles are strong integrity, cooperation real value, loyalty commitment, diligence persistence consistency!

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Specialists in geospatial programming including Maptitude, MapPoint, open source tools (QGIS, PostGIS, etc), Python, .NET, etc.

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Expert Office employee

I have been in a field of office projects for a long time period and got a good experience to do various works regarding computers,files, and application.

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Expert Software Developer

Over the last 6 years, I have developed a wide range of SOA and web applications using HTML, C#, MVC, JQuery, and MySQL technologies. My skills have been integral in the development of demanding applications for both established and start up companies seeking scale-able web solutions. In the realm of data management and processing, I have extensive experience with MongoDB, parallel processing, multi-threaded applications, ORM's, and managing the latest deployment strategies for IIS7 web servers. My core programming languages are: .NET C# AJAX Javascript Java PHP XHTML CSS I work with Subversion, bug tracking systems, dev wikis, and can work in both solo and team environments. Familiar with working via remote access over VPN and Remote Desktop/TeamViewer. I'm also familiar with the following development IDE's: Visual Studio 2010 Notepad++ (w/ftp support) Eclipse NetBeans Thanks for taking the time to review my development experience. I hope that we

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B.A. from Purdue in Computer Science and Linguistics in 2013. In my linguistics program, I studied both Russian and German. I have studied both languages for 2 years each and have visited the countries for 6 months+ each. I visit Germany each year during the summer months to keep my German up to date. I am able to work with technical languages (i.e. Python, Java, Oracle, C++, etc.), and German/Russian languages.

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Applied mathematics,statistics and Data analysis

I am Mathematician statistician by profession and Data analyst with huge experience in government institutions.

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Web Security Analyst/ Pentester

My goal is to make sure my clients information is protected properly and secure. My main skills are finding bugs and exploits related to a website and then reporting my findings to the client. I also troubleshoot problems on many different platforms and services.

United States, PA, Bensalem | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I am a network administrator with experience three years of experience Am undergraduate student studying applied computer science and networks Am willing to improve my career work hard towards company goals

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Agencia Creativa de Marketing y Desarrolo Web

Especializados en: Diseño Gráfico, Multimedia,Redes Sociales, Marketing Digital, Páginas Web, Aplicaciones Web, Aplicaciones Móviles, Desarrollo de Software.

Mexico, Yucatan, Tizimin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Hi! I'm a self-motivated,Hard working and professional Pakistani software engineer, want to use my skills to server the humanity. I have a 4 years of work experience with different Software companies in Pakistan. I adapt easily between languages and technologies (C#,C++, Java, Python, Microsoft SQL SSRS Reporting, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework, MySQL). Normally,I am good team player, have Excellent Communication and Learning Skills and love to hit the deadlines.

Pakistan, khyber pakhtunkhwa, Dera Ismail Khan | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in I T

Am a computer engineer who graduated with fist class in computer science and have done several courses in I T. I stand for the best in delevery my services.

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Data Scientist

I am a consultant in Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data. I am a software engineer with a postgraduate specialization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (University of Buenos Aires). I have worked in data projects for big companies like banks, telcos, insurance and retail companies -using CRISP-DM methodology and commercial tools- and I have also worked for small startups using open-source tools (Python, R, etc). I can execute all type of data-related tasks: data engineering, data mining, statistics analysis, text analytics, social network analysis, etc. I have developed predictive models using neural networks, decision trees, logistic regression, SVM, random forest, ensembles, etc. I also can help you to define the scope and details of your data project, give you feedback based on my experience, and design and develop a POC, a prototype, or a production-ready software.

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Instructor, asesor e investigador informático

Estudiante de ingeniería en sistemas de información con 7 años de experiencia investigativa, en los cuales he adquirido conocimientos y habilidades en muchos campos de la tecnología y computación.

Nicaragua, Matagalpa, Matagalpa | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Unsolvable problem solver

I am a scientist since the time that I went to basic school. Physics, (insurance) mathematics, linguistics, and everything can be processed with computer programs. If you have a unsolvable problem, then you should hire me.

Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Wöhrden | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Software engineer, project manager, trainer, content author and translator with more than 15 years of professional experience.

Belgium, Antwerp, Antwerp | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I have a vast experience in Computer Hardware and Software Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Computer Services, Networking, Computer Network Administration, Remote Desktop Management I also have at several instances provide Human Resources Services.

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Statistics Expert

I am a professional researcher with specialization in Statistics. My interested are biostatistics, biomathematics and computational science. Instead of these I also can work multidisciplinary in many applied sciences. I hold a bachelor degree in Statistics from Diponegoro University and masteral degree in Statistics with minor in Mathematics from University of The Philippines Los Banos. Now I am going to continue my next journey of life for PhD in Applied Statistics. I am really happy to work and interact with many people in term of research collaboration and knowledge sharing. Looking forward to collaborating with you For more information you can visit our website:

Indonesia, West Java, Bogor | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Computer Science graduate student, software engineer interested in data science and statistics.

Egypt, Al Qahirah, Cairo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

senior manager of computing. many conhecientos use of mail and technical support, I do translation work and English to Portuguese.

Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Innovation : Collaboration : Transformation

15+ years success designing, implementing and refactoring technically sophisticated applications and multi-tier software systems in complex distributed environments. Areas of expertise include: data access, management and analysis; cognitive computing, natural language processing, conceptual search; business and technical applications development; Hire me to manage your complete software development lifecycle.

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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"-Wayne

I am an online business administrator and owner.

United States, MD, Pocomoke City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a detail-oriented people-person with a passion for design, clarity, and collaboration. I believe that ideas are products and code is a tool to implement those products. I hope one day to be a professional game designer or producer.

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Building trust through accurate text

I want to use text, computers, codes, and my own attention and imagination to bring more integrity and truth into the world. I want it not just for my own projects, but for others, too.

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.NET and Open-source Technologies Programmer

I have been programming more than 7 years in both .net and open source environments. I am also a researcher working with computational linguistics and automatic speech recognition. Like to solve problems , and has good understanding of business processes, and interested in process-automation. My skills (but not limited to) C#, VB.NET, VB6, MS-SQL and PHP, MySQL, Crystal Reports, Scraping, web and UI automation. I have developed management information systems, health management systems and also worked in CMS (like wordpress). Expert in developing and maintaining databases.

Pakistan, SINDH, HYDERABAD | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Data Science | Statistics | R Programming

I have a PhD in Cognitive Science and a MSc in Computational Linguistics. I further have several years of experience in hands-on statistical data analysis and software development in R. I have developed software in pure R as well as in C/C++/Rcpp, with a focus on the implementation of machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques. Most recently, I have analyzed online user behavior for, and created a Bayesian model of conversion and profitability to manage campaigns on Google Adwords.

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Speech technology, programming in C++, Java, Qt

I am a computer linguistics graduate with emphasis on speech recognition, speech synthesis, speech interfaces, assisted living and usability. I am interested in challenging projects related to speech technology, dialogue systems and software development in C++, Java or Qt.

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Software developer with 12 years commercial experience and a particular interest in audiovisual media, real-time systems, artificial intelligence, and machine understanding. Knowledgeable about concurrent programming, and a practitioner of an expressive, readable programming style. Strong object oriented programming knowledge, and a commercial background working with image, text and speech processing engines. A strong interest in search and automatic classification of media. Has worked with real-time, network based audio systems (SIP/RTP). Passionate about sound design with an understanding of audio production software and plug-in architectures, and sound-stage creation. Excited about the future of distributed software and web applications, and the challenges of real-time distributed systems. Highly experienced with C++, STL, Python, Perl, C#, Java and Bash.

United Kingdom, Buckinghamshire, Marlow | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Conceptual Artist in Software Development

Software developer specializing in web technologies, LAMP, with a background in computational linguistics.

United States, MI, Farmington | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Clean, modern design and skillful programming

Talented web designer and developer, experienced with JavaScript/HTML5/CSS front-end and Django back-end. Experienced creating clean, modern, and above all else usable designs and custom Content Management Systems for multimedia content. Also with special expertise in the domains of education, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.

Italy, PV, Bereguardo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
iOS / Android / Java / server development. 10+ yrs

I am an independent programmer, specialized in iOS / Android and Java server development. Awesome objective-C, C and Java skills. I work together with graphics designers and other developers to ensure quality of work. Hourly rate based on short project; longer projects, lower rate.

Netherlands, NY, Rochester | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Expert Software Developer

Software researcher/developer/engineer with a solid mathematical background, having strong passion as well as fair-to-strong experience in: - Artificial Intelligence Research & Development (including Natural Language Processing, Logic & Cognitive Systems, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Constraints Programming, Fuzzy Logic, Heuristics, Formal Ontologies and Speech Recognition), - smartphone applications development, - computer vision and image processing, - game development, - compiler design & development. - gamification. - opinion mining/sentiment analysis. - social media APIs (Twitter - Facebook) & mining. - bluetooth low energy. - indoor positioning & navigation. - machine learning My ultimate dream is to contribute in the development "of an embodied cognitive agent that interacts intelligently with its environment, and communicates its beliefs, actions, and observations in natural language"... Described in more details in

Egypt, Al Qahirah, Cairo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in Perl programming,and html,xhtml,C.

"Love your job, but don't love your company. Because you don't know when your company stops loving you ! "said by A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM. So, I will continue doing my job, and try to improve my career until the company throws me out. Am sure I will not be no way responsible for getting out of the company.

India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Microsoft SharePoint Architect/Developer

I am a senior Microsoft SharePoint consultant (6 years as a SharePoint Server MVP) with 10+ years of experience building custom SharePoint solutions. I was hired by Microsoft in 2006 to lead a team to create the first SharePoint developer certification exams. Since then I have authored several SharePoint development books, and conducted training classes for SharePoint developers across the US and around the world.

United States, FL, Fernandina Beach | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
PHP web designer and developer (Wordpress expert)

My name is Alvaro Blanco, and I am a Spanish multimedia expert who has worked in the last 5 years as web developer and designer. As provider, I work both as freelance or via Altair 4 Multimedia Srl, an Italian Multimedia leader company, My experience comes along several web projects working for such important institutions as United Nations and the Spanish Embassy, and many other private companies (in UK, Italy, Colombia, Spain). Our works are based under the concepts of the usability, accessibility, clear information display, beautiful and intuitive layout, updatable contents, and a clean, standard and easy-to-maintain code.

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Experienced UK Software Developer

I am an experienced (25+ years) software developer; and I am developing apps free-lance (worked in academia for 20 years). I have in the past developed in a variety of languages, including C, Java, and Erlang. I have five apps on the app store so far (three under my own name, and two developed for a client), and am working on expanding my portfolio. My specialities are iOS development and Natural Language Processing (both text analysis and digital signal processing)

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QA testing, administrative support, translation

Currently I have been working as a manual tester of different software applications, with different features and purposes. As a Graduate philologist of General Linguistics, I have worked as a proofreader and translator. I also have experience in administrative jobs, especially in data entry and typing jobs. I finished Training for e-business (advanced MS Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MS Project; marketing and sales on the Internet; web design (Dreamweaver, html, css), so I also have some experience in those fields.

Serbia, Vojvodina, Novi Sad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Data scientist, NLP and SNA expert

Experience in unstructured text mining, social media mining and social network analysis with focus on personality analysis. Experience in machine learning applied to text and numeric data: supervised classification, topic extraction and clustering. Advanced user of Python, R and Perl for data analysis.

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I'm a TextMining Expert and provide especially Text Mining Services and Natural Language Processing. My programming languages are Java and Python. I'm a big fan of ElasticSearch and I can help you setting it up.

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (2 reviews)

I'm a passionate engineer that loves solving hard problems with the latest tools and technologies. I love to learn anything new. I'm experienced and can solve most problems with little to no supervision. I like people, especially if they are interesting. My current interests are Web Mining, Big Data, Data Science, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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Computer Scientist - Engineer

I am a PhD student of Computer Eng'g , computer science faculty-on-leave. Licensed ECE. Knowledgeable in Perl, Java, C/C++, Matlab. Focused, self-driven, and innovative.

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null * Developed visual editors for various purposes. * Implemented retargeting module for DSP, highload banner networks. * Produced 1 social and 3 mobile games, educational app for iOS, published 1 mobile game. * Developed 3 social games, 2 browser games, 3 mobile games, 3 strategic PC games. * Developed 3 plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC (MacOS / Windows). ------------------------------ Languages: C/C++ [14 years], Lua [6 years], JavaScript [6 years], HTML5 [4 years], bash [6 years], Visual Objects/Clipper [3 years], Perl, PHP, XML, Prolog, Visual Basic, SQL. IT-environment: Linux, Redmine, Trello, Google Analytics, Rational Rose/StarUML, MS Project/OpenProj, MapReduce, MySQL, nginx, github, gitlab, git, SVN, IDEA, Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, KDevelop, gcc, cmake, TestTrackPro, TWiki, Bugzilla, BaseCamp, Adobe InDesign Plug-In SDK, STL, Boost, gSOAP, fmod, vorbis, zlib.

Russia, Moscow, Moscow | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (3 reviews)
Delphi developer

I am a computer programmer for over 10 years. I have written both free and commercial applications. Check my website for further details. Programming languages: - Delphi 5-XE5 (components TMS, Devexpress, LMD, IBDAC, FireDac) - C# .Net - Pascal - Lazarus - JAVA Database knowledge: - Oracle - Sql Server - Firebird - Paradox - MySql Networking: - Eligible for CCNA ceritifications - CISCO routers and switches Reporting tools: - Rave - Report builder - Fast reports - Quick Reports Other tools: - JIRA Knwledge of Agile, Scrum

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Among the top skilled developers

Among the top 30% of most skilled developers in PHP WordPress, HTML5, CSS, JS, CodeIgnitor Over 300,000 worked hours on big stake Projects. Agile software development process according to corporate standards. Now we provide the complete single point expert solution under Android, IOS and Web app Our focus is Android, IOS E-commerce and Web app development. Now we are on elance

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NLP/Machine Learning, Python&WebScrapping Experts

AIDevel is a privately-held Romania based company committed to offer high quality work in several areas, like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, SEO automation, Web Scraping. We've been in business since 2008, we are truly experts in Computational Linguistics(NLP/NLG) and Web Automation, and we really love what we do. Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. You have a great idea for a project but you do not find available resources to implement it? You want to leave the burden of managing the development process to someone else? Our experience will help you handle all that. Our well-experienced experts will face any challenging project.

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Mobile Game Developer and Software Generalist

I have a B.S in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, an M.A. in Computational Linguistics from the University of Washington, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. I have nearly 5 years as a professional software developer working with various game technologies. I have used more than 5 game engines and over 20 programming and scripting languages. I am a software generalist and know how to create all kinds of software systems, but primarily have experience working with game technologies. I am very independently motivated and work hard and fast. I have a high bar for quality and take pride in my work. Game development is my passion, and I am looking to make some money so that I can support myself while I create my own games.

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Experienced software engineer with recent focus on software testing. Currently seeking full time work (software testing/QA or data analysis) in the Greater Vancouver area.

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I've been a professional software developer for twenty years. I have a Ph.D. in computational linguistics, and I'm very interested in natural language generation. I use Visual Studio 2012 to develop applications in C++ and C#. I also have a great deal of experience in VB.NET. I'm particularly good at designing interfaces for complex applications, and making the interfaces easy to understand.

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Software developer with 5+ years of mixed industry and research experience. Strong background in Computer Science with special focus on the Language Technology- mainly Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics.

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