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Embedded Software Developer

I have done Engineering from one of the best institute in India. I started my career in embedded system development at very core level. I worked with different platforms of micro controller like PIC, Freescale, Renesas. I worked with 8,16,32 bit micro controller platforms.

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nothing is impossible

I am a telecommunication Engineer whose profession is developing software for multiple industries using different skills , languages etc and all of this learning enthusiasm is fueled by passion for excellence and self improvement.I started working in embedded systems software designer for telecommunication equipment in C and have grown to develop professional mobile applications and websites in java ,all of this was possible because i started at a very low level of programming in C on Linux to higher level language like java and SQ L , improving with each challenge and hurdle.

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embedded linux, video streaming, kernel developer

I have 3 years work experience in company which very famouse at video survilance and broadcasting market with 20 years history. I was in charge with several success projects. I've developed some embedded linux SoC systems for video capturing and streaming. There were many various tasks, as low level software development, scripting, so high level software like video streamers, web interfaces and other soft. I have clear understanding what embedded system should do and how it should be developed. My experience in low level programming and understanding of hardware gives me abilities to developing regular software.

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Software QA Specialist

I'm a dedicated Software Tester and Project Lead that ensures the highest standards of the delivered software products at the most economical fashion. My core experience involves different forms of testing such as Functional, Integration, Acceptance & Beta Testing on projects with different financial companies. I also have a wide range of proven skills in programming (Java, C, Visual Basic & Assembly Language) and web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL & PHP). My hardware knowledge extends to embedded systems like the HC12 16-Bit Microcontroller & Programmable Logic Controller. Specialties Automation, Functional Testing, Unit/Component Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Controller Tuning, Computer Troubleshooting

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We have 10+ years of professional experience working on embedded systems. Both with small microprocessors (ARM Cortex-M, AVR, 8051) and embedded Linux. Currently we are working on customizing commercial Android and Linux devices using native programming and low-level modifications for Internet of Things applications. We have experience in communicating with hardware devices on all desktop and embedded platforms (Linux, OS X, Android and Windows) and with writing data visualization interfaces for them using Javascript/HTML5.

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Expert Embedded System Developer, ARMs, AVRs, PICs

- Work as IT Engineer for more than 10 years. - Expert in Embedded System, Java and related technology (Java core, web, Desktop Apps) - Experienced in Automation and Industrial System

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I am an Electrical Engineer in constant pursuit of challenges. Always looking for up coming opportunities where I can strive towards excellence. When working on a project, my adaptation and proficient critical thinking skills allow me to complete the task at hand, and prohibit simple road blocks to be disruptive. Challenges have been presented in which I was clueless and inexperienced but my strong will and reasoning guided me to complete the task during high demand deadlines. Learning and implementing is a day to day skill that will not be diminished regardless of it being a language, technology, or business decision. I can be contacted at Experienced engineer that has worked on front-end, back-end, and hardware. I've co-founded Looksy Technology and contributed on initial development as Senior Software Engineer for Live Ever Fit. I currently am a founder of LosQuatro ( Areas of Expertise & Interest Full-Stack Architecture, Python, Django, Angul

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Wireless geek with a passion in IEEE 802.11 WiFi.

IT and technology enthusiast since the age of 7. Officially started the IT path 12 years ago, with a primary focus on wired networks and in the last 5 years more WiFi orientated. Experience with Microsoft, Apple and my favourite Linux architecture. Also been working on some embedded system projects in the wireless domain. OpenWRT mad scientist. Worked with WiFi hardware from Meraki, Cisco, Aruba, Aerohive, Airtightnet as well as Ubiquiti. Also E-Bad milimetric-wave is personal favorite for carrier grade. Siklu & Sub10 familiar.

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PHP, MySql, HTML, Javascript, Ajax, C/C++, Excel

US Based software engineer. Knowledge in C/C++, Embedded Systems, Visual Basic/C++, PHP, MySQL, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Expert in Excel

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Innovative software developer!

Software developer with background in signal processing and telecommunication. 4 years experience from Ericsson within embedded systems, multi-core programming and c optimization. 2.5 years of experience from Saab within signal processing, target tracking and image processing. Now mainly focus is on app developement in Android.

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Experienced in Handling and Developing Firmware

Senior Product Development Engineer with over 14 years industry experience, including: • Extensive product development in firmware systems engineering from inception to delivery and service. • Design of embedded systems for Intruder alarms, Fire alarms, Calling systems, Queue Management System, Automatic Meter reading system, Remote controlled Target boat system, GPS based time synch system using Orcad,C,C++,Assembly(ARM/MCS51Family). • Systems design, requirements specification, programming documentation and testing of real-time systems, Expertise in microprocessor applications design and implementation. Skills: • Processors/Platforms: Keil, IAR embedded workbench, Renesas. • Tools: Assemblers/Compilers/Debuggers, Emulators, CVS, OrCad, Protocol Analyzers and Logic Analyzers. • Micro controllers: MCS51 family, AVR family,RC8 series, ARM7,ARM9. • Protocols: I2C, SPI, RS232/422, USB 2.0 & MTP, ModBus.

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I have total 8.5 years of experience in embedded System development, mostly for the products.

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Control system engineer

I'm PhD student looking for extra cash. My primary skill is design and implementation of data protocol between embedded systems and PC. Also I’m very good at implementation of control algorithms and data signal processing.

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Embedded Systems

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Web Developer

To use my skills, experience and adaptability to obtain a programming position where I am constantly challenged. My greatest strength is my ability to walk into a new environment and be functional immediately. I am quick to learn and adapt to new situations, configurations and technologies.I have developed many different types of website using HTML, DHTML, PHP, MYSQL,ASP.NET,MVC Framework Javascript, Jquery,ajax for different companies.I also have experience in the following: Database,Software Design,OOP,Embedded System.Now seeking the opportunities for challenging web development,Software Development Job.

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Educational details: SSC : 89.5% Diploma in Electronics & communication Engg :82% B.TECH :65% skills : c on linux,Embedded systems

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Seasoned embedded professional with 15+ years of experience in embedded systems, Linux device drivers/ BSP/ boot loader development, networking and data com domain. Worked with different multi national companies throughout the career span at various capacities. Good communication and client interaction skills.

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I'm a computer science, electronics, and Embedded Systems engineer. I have developped many Matlab applications in diffenrent fields (image processing, signal processing, machine learning, mathematics, numerical analysis...). I have also developped many desktop applications with C and Java language. I have also developped many embedded applications based in PIC microcontroller using assembly language and C language

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i am fresh graduate embedded systems engineer i learned programming language while i was in prep school i wrote alot of codes iam very good at algorithms i started working with avr since 2010 i did a lot of project some of my project power line communication (graduation project) medical watch micro kernel robots control photo compression program ALU unit Implementation of ALU of Micro Processor with 74xx TTL Family

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Computer Engineer

I am an engineer graduate with vast experience and interest in software development , embedded systems and robotics. I am fast enough to learn new technologies and sciences that are required to get the job done , Self Motivated ,and i have the ability to meet deadlines successfully maintaining the quality of work.

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Expert Developer

As everybody knows that India is a IT hub so the services here are very economical, we do believe in making relationships by doing continuous efforts. i have developed several projects in C/C++, Embedded System, HTML,CSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Jquery etc, looking forward to explore my skills worldwide.

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With a background in Electronics and Wireless Communications, and over 15 years of experience in embedded systems for wireless communications (with companies like Nokia, NXP, Intel), I have the required expertise to help you deliver your embedded wireless communication products.

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Software engineer / Pen Tester

I'm a software engineer with a strong background in mobile development, especially in the Android language . I had a 3 years experience in a french startup which is specialized in embedded system and mobile device development. After that i decided to try another field which is the IT security and the penetration testing and now i have a 2 years experience in a multinational firm.

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With background in Computer Networks, Windows Server, Active Directory, Citrix, PowerShell and embedded systems you've found the person who can achieve work not only with high quality but with a smart way!

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Expert Windows/Embedded system software developer

I gradudated from Northeastern University and My major is electronic information engineering. I have worked for 9 year as a software developer and used to work in Huawei Corp. , Pioneer Corp and Wipro. My expertise is developing application software with C/C++, Java, PL/SQL including HMI or service layer in Windows or embedded system. My last job was a software developer in Wipro Corp. for 3 years.

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Senior UI Software developer

Senior UI Software developer with 9 years of experience with user interfaces, embedded systems and Linux.

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C/C++/VBA/Perl Programmer

I'm an electronics engineer with 5 years of experience in embedded software development using C/C++. I have worked on real time embedded systems with various 8/16 bit micro-controllers. I have experience in Perl, shell scripting and data processing using excel 2007. Persistent,reliable and a quick learner.

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Expert C/C++ Developer

I am an expert in developing C/C++ application on Winodws/Linux/Embedded System.

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Embedded, ARM, Atmel,Matlab,GSM,Robotics,Sensor

We are offering workshops,Certificate Training in the field of Embedded System, ARM,8051,PIC,Arduino,Gsm,Sensors,Matlab. With experience Trainiers Initially, the company Developed Lab Trainer kits and development boards these include C Compilers for micro-controllers and other supporting such as Training and workshops for corporate. Later Company enters into Training and workshops for Engineering Colleges. Then still we Developed and are still manufactured. Such hardware boards support a broad range of processors – including 8 bit, 16 and 32 bit processor.

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I've worked in Engineering and Technical services since around 1997. Primarily writing software for embedded systems and Windows/Linux on PC.

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Embedded Systems Engineer

I'm a freelance Embedded System Engineer with both hardware and software skills. Besides that, I've been a web developer before I switched to Embedded some years ago, making my programming knowledge a lot wider.

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A well-experienced senior embedded system designer with an excellent organizational and team working skills, quick learner and ready to solve complex issues.I am also an expert in FPGA-Based image processing and parallel computing.

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Embedded Software Professional

We are company focused to embedded systems and electronics. As for embedded systems, we work on both bare-metal and RTOS-powered systems, also with addition to make changes in kernels including GNU Linux. Specialties: Embedded solutions, experienced with many architectures: x51 (asm, C) x86 (asm, C, C++, Java, C#, python) pic10, pic12, pic18 (asm, C) avr (asm) ARM-Cortex (asm, C, C++) ColdFire (asm, C) and OSes: FreeRTOS, uC-linux, MQX, Windows, GNU Linux

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Java Developer

I have over 25 years of experience in software development for a wide variety of industries and applications, from embedded systems work to B2B e-commerce website development. I am comfortable working on anything from small one-off apps to large-scale SDLC projects, both individually and as part of a team. I'm just starting out in the freelance world, but I'm a veteran developer with experience as both a C/Unix guru as well as J2SE & J2EE applications.

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I have development experience with hardware, firmware, and software for embedded systems, in R&D, sustaining, and manufacturing environments on several platforms. If you have a development need, let's talk about it and see what it is you'd like to do!

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C programming with over 7 years of experience in embedded systems. Beginner in python scripting.

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Embedded Systems Development: - Specialized in software development for microcontrollers & Embedded System platform with some hardware experience as well. - I have more passion to write & develop device drivers for micrcontrollers. - Teaching C, ARM Cortex and Embedded Systems.

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Electrical Engineer (Telecom Expert), Experienced

LOOK NO FURTHER!! Here is a promise of customer satisfaction :) ~ 3 Years Electrical Engineering Experience ~ MATLAB ~ HFSS (ANSYS) ~ PCB Designing ~ Electrical / Electronics ~ Telecommunications Expert ~ Embedded Systems

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I am an expert in wireless communication systems and 4G technologies. In my previous position at FRC, I had technically managed a complex and challenging project for developing WiMAX productline based on 802.16e standard. It was a huge success; FRC developed complete WiMAX productline (BTS and CPE) covering three separate RF bands, including the unique 5 GHz band. The project was realized using a fraction of the time and resources that was used by the competitors. After this, I have prepared a comprehensive LTE development project plan for FRC which became the foundation for their current LTE program. I have experience in managing projects involving multiple players and disciplines. I have strong technical skills thanks to my development background. This allows me to have a firmer grip on the progress of the projects. In addition, I have field experience, I am very familiar with the needs and requirements of the field. To have the field perspective is essential in order to develop suc

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Experienced PCB Designer

I am an experienced printed circuit board designer and programmer and have completed hardware and software projects ranging from robotics, embedded systems, power electronics, and aircraft flight controls. I've worked for companies such as SpaceX, Gulfstream, and GE Aviation and can offer flexible, well-designed solutions that meet your needs.

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• Embedded system diploma in NTI. • Home auto

• Embedded system diploma in NTI. • Home automation project in NTI. • Languages : C ,VHDL , Verilog,system verilog,ovm. • Good knowledge in RTOS. • GSM from centre of science at menouf engineering faculty. • CCNA. • Good knowledge in CCNP routing

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C/C++, Python, PHP coder

C/C++ coder with expertise in image processing (pattern recognition, stereo vision), embedded system development, communication protocols (automotive industry).

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Expert Software Engineer

Versatile architect and developer. •C++, C, C# •Python, Java, & SQL •High performance/multi-threading •Solid background in Computer Science PROJECTS * Stock-picking s/w for high-value customers, on Wall Street, Author. * Automotive Infotainment and Safety System- The Detroit Software and Electronics Architect for global $ 1 billion project * Development of the final test station for next-generation Abrams tank armament- Embedded Systems Manager and Project Manager. * Embedded systems for military for various high-end military vehicle simulators. * U.S. Presidential Campaign Web Developer. * Machine vision and robotics, inspecting aerospace, automotive, medical devices * Parallel processing software for complex, compute-intensive transport system in use by thousands of city governments * High-end inspection machines for military and medical applications * Automatic Guided Vehicle (MAGV)- Conceived, developed full prototype for HP. * Wide-Area Network Engineering

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Snr Embedded Software Engineer

More than 11 years software engineering experience, broad range of computer expertise. More then 7 years firmware development for different embedded systems. Core language skills C, C++, Java, Assembler for different architectures(x86, ARM, MIPS, AVR, C51), VHDL, Verilog; Computer architectures: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86. Microcontrollers: PIC24, PIC32, AVR, C51; Protocols: - Modbus communication protocol ; - I2C, SPI; - Etherbet; - RS485.

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HIGH POTENTIAL SENIOR EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ARCHITECT / MODELER / IMPLEMENTER * 30 years of experience with Architecture, Development, Verification and Validation of complex reactive and real time systems, software, and hardware, in a variety of CPU and RTOS environments. * 15 years of Systems and Software Modeling with SysML and UML: Use Case Analysis, Structural, Behavioral, and Communication Modeling, Model Execution and Validation, dynamic transition from Model to production quality Code, Reverse Engineering of C, C++ and Java codes into equivalent models. * 15 years of Project Management: from Requirements Management to Implementation and Validation.

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Embedded Systems,Office Automation, BPO, Security

Team of highly experienced professionals offering services in various domains: Product Design Embedded System CRM ERP Office Automation Web Application Website Software

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iPhone | iPad | Android | Symbian | Win 7 | Mac OS

Experienced software developer with 7+ years experience developing mobile/desktop applications and embedded systems using wide range of programming languages and tools. Expert in development for iPhone/iPad and Android. Self-motivated and responsible, always achieves goals that have been set.

Ukraine, Kharkov region, Kharkov | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Hello Everybody, I have 3+ years of experience in embedded systems designing and programming in C/C++, JAVA, Linux Device Drivers, BSP Development, Android Programming

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Expert PHP Developer. Fast, Reliable, Made in USA.

I am experienced and reliable with a proven track record of solving difficult problems and delivering timely solutions. A creative and efficient developer who enjoys using technology to make a positive impact. Interested in the domains of engineering, embedded systems, distributed computing, informatics, health and science, art & design, and music. I have a MS in computer science and 10+ years as a professional software developer. I specialize in Wordpress, membership sites, community sites, OpenEMR and custom web applications in PHP.

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Expert embeded wireless connectivity programmer

1)Master degree of telecommunication engineering. Work experience in 2 Fortune 500 corporation as embedded system programmer,Huawei & Emerson for totally 6 years. 2)Mainly focused on embedded system programming and iOS app with wireless connectivity,for example Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi. 3)Familiar with QualcommTi WiFi chips and TiDialogNordic Bluetooth chips,especially good at power optimization for wireless communication in battery powered gadgets. 4)Familiar with iOS apps development,especially CoreBluetooth framework.

China, Shaanxi, Xi'an | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
High-quality embedded system design

Ross is a seasoned electrical engineer with diverse technical skills developed through university research, corporate work, and in start-ups. He knows what it takes to go from prototype to production and how to keep costs down all while producing quality products. Native English so communication will be no trouble. Specializes in embedded system design and firmware implementation. -B.S. EE and minor CS, University of the Pacific -M.Eng. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley

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Aerospace Engineering with a side interest in computer science. Experienced in space systems engineering and software engineering for embedded systems. Gifted in unconventional problem solving.

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Embedded engineer, electro/programming enthousiast

If you are looking for an enthousiastic freelancer who will get your electronics or programming project done properly and quickly at the right price, I'm your guy. In my opinion, you don't need someone with ten years of experience (and the accompanying pay rates) to get a job done well. In this field, the best engineers are usually the ones who enjoy their work, and I certainly do. After getting my Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, I have spent two years working abroad as a full-time embedded engineer. Now I am back home, and I am studying for a Master's degree in Embedded Systems while doing freelance jobs on the side. My experience doesn't come from many years of being in the business, but from two years of working in a small start-up - and the countless projects I've done in my spare time, both paid and unpaid.

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Desktop and Android Developer

I am a Desktop and Android Applications Developer; It is my passion; It is my JOB. I love what I do

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Embedded Hacker

Having experience on various Embedded System Designs. I have completed major IOT(Internet Of Things) type embedded projects which involves core electronics designing and programming skills and also knowledge of networking fundamentals.I am equipped with hard core knowledge of micro-controller, processors and communication modules. links of my work:

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Firmware Developer

I am looking to broaden my skills and challenge myself outside my current technical abilities. Most of my experience revolves around C programming in an embedded environment as well as network administration and Linux administration. Projects involving Perl, PHP, Javascript, Apache, or any embedded system? Bring it on.

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Software Developer, Embedded systems expert

Embedded Systems Experience: -6+ years of experience with software and embedded systems development -Extensive experience with most popular architectures Atmel AVR, ARM, MSP -Digital circuit design -Experience interfacing with all sorts of sensors: GPS, GSM, Accelerometers, etc. -Schematic Design and Circuit board layout with Altium Designer, and Eagle -Extensive experience developing firmware for and debugging USB devices for Linux, Windows, and OSX -Develop low power battery powered devices Software Development: -8+ years C, and C++ development -6+ years Python development -Experience with Java and Swing UI development -MySQL, SQLite, LAMP, Linux Web Development: -CMS website design and deployment with Drupal -Django website development -PHP, Yii Framework

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delphi guru , reverse engineer

10+ years of delphi developing reversing services sqlite/firebird/mysql embedded systems

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iOS Developer

I'm an iPhone & iPad iOS developer with experience designing applications for deployment of custom business applications, including tie-in to web services for data acquisition and retrieval. I've developed smaller scale projects, and I am looking for the opportunity to expand my work and skills by helping other small businesses and start-ups achieve their mobility requirements. I have also been involved in an embedded Linux project over the last 12 months, developing a solution for a custom in-car embedded system including cellular, GPS, and other sensors. Lastly, my skill set includes experience with networking technologies and virtualization [KVM, ESXi, AWS] including SDN based deployments and programming [Openstack]. I also have experience with IP/MPLS based networks in the mobile backhaul and strategic industry sectors.

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Expert Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineer with expertise in embedded systems, systems programming, robotic controls and simulations, C++-MATLAB-JAVA-Python programming, and excellent programmer and troubleshooter.

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Expert Embedded and Multimedia coder and Tester

5+ years of experience in software architecture, development, testing, technical team leadership and customer management with exclusive focus on Multimedia Technologies and Testing. Substantial know-how in Audio and Video Codecs,Digital Rights Management, Audio streaming, Bluetooth Streaming, and Embedded systems Integration. German Language Proficiency (A1 Certified). Proficiency in Black box, White box, Component and unit testing and Documentation. Multimedia, Embedded and Android device testing skills. Proficiency in C, C++, VC, VC++, Scripting and Assembly Good know how in Version Control software like SVN, CVS, VSS, Clear Case. Experience in Mobile Application Testing, Android Application Testing and GUI testing. Knowledge of SQL and Encryption. Experience in Operating Systems like Windows XP, NT, Win CE, XP Embedded and Linux. Experience in Embedded Processors and Mpeg2 TS Demux Digital TV Receiver (Set Top Box). Project Management Tools like Red Mine, MPP

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Expert Objective-C, Swift, Java developer

I'm an expert in different programming languages and mindsets (such as Objective-C, Swift, Java, C, C++, Assembly) with experience and knowledge of various APIs (such as iOS, Sprite-Kit, glKit, Cocoa, OpenGl, DirectX, Windows API, etc). I attempt to deliver really product (code, documentation, tests). Testing is one of my strong sides, I'm really familiar with Java's jUnit but I was also developing module-tests and solution-tests too. I was working in both Mac, Windows and Linux environments so far. I have experience with quite some tools, IDEs, debuggers, editors, etc in all of these systems. I know and understand the AGILE way of working, especially the Scrum subset of it and have over a year active experience with it. I am communicative and can keep a strong contact with my clients: answering questions, reporting regularly on my status with the project, helping outside the strict boundaries of the project if needed.

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I am computer engineer SEIII Master Student very interested in Artificial intelligence programming embedded systems

Romania, Iasi, Iasi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Just completed a degree in bachelor of science (Robot Systems) i am looking for small interesting projects involving sound processing or embedded systems. I have a broad knowledge of sound processing, embedded systems, electronics and programming.

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Embedded Systems, PCB Design and Websites

I program and design embedded systems. That includes PCBs. I have experience with the Cadence EDA suite, as well as EaglePCB. All designs characterized by design and test. I also do websites on the side, with an emphasis on javascript and back-end

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Mobile and Embedded system developer.

Personalized Mobile and Embedded system solutions for your business. Advantages for you: - Full time communication - Creative ideas generation regarding improvement of your Product - Reliable and practical partner - Rich experience in software engineering. Use our expertise today! Our focus is Mobile and Embedded system development, including: - Mobile - iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone; - Porting new system to new board; - Testing and quality assurance - Project management and requirements analysis

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Expert c/c++ , Expert Qt , Expert PCB design

Expert c/c++ , Expert Qt , Expert PCB design , Expert circuit design , Expert embedded system software and hardware ,

Egypt, Al Qalyubiyah, Khanka | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

Electrical engineer with a specialization in embedded systems. I look to further my knowledge in my field and grow as an engineer. Throughout my career, I have had experience in the following specialties: HARDWARE: ARM Cortex-A9 core CPUs (Freescale i.MX6) ARM Cortex-A8 core CPUs (TI OMAP3530, DM3730) ARM 9 core CPUs (TI OMAP-L138) SOFTWARE: Embedded Linux Android (Gingerbread, Jelly Bean) Windows CE 6.0 Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python Revision Control: SVN, Git Eclipse IDE OTHER: Schematic capture using OrCAD 16.3 Soldering and other hand assembly skills Debug using oscilloscopes and logic analyzers PROJECTS: FreeRTOS port for BeagleBone Black

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Electronics&Computer Engineers

We are a married couple of Engineers. Having both of us MS degree in the field of Electronics and Mechatronics Engineering from reputed university of South Korea in year 2009. We both are working as professional engineers for an Embedded Software development and Electronics design Company in Pakistan for the past 6 years. Our research work has been published in the forms of papers in IEEE Journals of Consumer Electronics, Embedded systems and Fuzzy systems.

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I am an electrical engineer with specialization in computer engineering. I am expert in C,C++,C# Java, Embedded System Design and Electronic Design

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Techonology Consulatant in IT & Telecom

15 years experience in Telecom , Web technologies, Embedded systems and Robotic projects. Let us help you build your next dream product. Please visit "" to know more about us.

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Software Developer with 15yrs+ exp in C, C++, C#

I am an experienced software developer accomplished in delivering high quality software on time and according to requirements. I have 14 years of professional experience in: * Embedded systems (POS terminals, handhelds) * Payment / loyalty solutions * Java Card, Smartcard, Sim Toolkit development * Android/Java development * GIS (Geographic information systems), client server architecture desktop app. * GIS web application * Google Maps * .NET c# web applications, Backoffice, Web Service * Web applications using php * VML, SVG browser vector programming * Retail shop sale and stock management application * Expert in C, C++, C#, .NET, PHP, Ajax, Html, Javscript, SVG,VML

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Professional Electrical/Software Engineer

I am professionally registered electrical engineer with 12 years of experience in both hardware and software embedded system design. I am fluent in C, C#, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, shell scripting and have experience with a range of other programming languages.

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Working on Embedded System from last 3 years , with practical hands on various protocols , interfacing , diversified problems. Core expertise in GPS , GSM , GPRS , RF Modules , Sensors , DC Motors , Display Units etc and many more.......

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Expert Embedded Developer,Expert PHP Developer

hello everybody. my name is cui xiulin. I have been worked in aspect of embedded system for 4 years. and have a good experience in PHP. If you have a any idea in these aspect, i will achieve your idea. Please contact me. i will always ready start for now. thank you

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I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. I concentrated on embedded systems programming. I currently work as an industrial automation controls engineer.

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Expert C/C++ Developer, Embedded Systems

I have 5 years experience on embedded development. I have worked for AirTies Wireless Networks IPTV and Siemens industrial network communication processors divisions. I mainly worked in firmware development side on various operating systems and free-os systems. I have experience either on hardware interfacing layers and application layer of the firmware.

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Give the best.

Have 11+ years of industry exposure in design/development of embedded systems, handheld device applications and Windows applications.

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Functional, Reliable, Maintainable. Choose any 3!

- A wide and deep exposure of multi-platform products: from Desk top applications to real-time embedded systems. - From specifications to deployment, expertise for complete system design. - Expertise: C/C++, J2ME, Symbian, Linux, Windows, Nucleus & uCOS-II RTOS, Android

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Expert in Python, C, C++, Linux, HW I/O

I have spent most of my career working in the Aerospace industry working with satellites where I learned the value of a strong engineering process in creating quality software. From this experience I offer my clients the following skills: A thorough understanding of all aspects of the software engineering process from requirements definition to long term support. An ability to learn new technologies and programming languages rapidly. The capability to understand and architect large software applications. A detailed knowledge of how to create robust software that will not fail when operating in the real world. The Aerospace industry has provided me with an opportunity to work with a diverse range of types of software, including: Database Systems, SQL, Compilers, Assembly Code, Network Communication, Hardware I/O, Embedded Systems, Real Time environments, Hardware Simulation, and much more. I can work in any programming language. My primary expertise is Python and C/C++.

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I can provide my services in the field of programming and embedded systems as i have experience in the field.

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Electronics, Firmware, Software, and Web Design

I am an electrical and computer engineer with more than 6 years of experience in the design and development of embedded systems. I designed and layout out electronics circuit for safety critical application in rugged environments for world class customers. I also worked on firmware and software development for many processors. I created low level code and drivers as well as application code. I also integrated different middleware software. I addition, I also have significant web development skills which have evolved from my passion for the World Wide Web. I have worked on the development of websites using technologies such as PHP, MySQL, WordPress, html, CSS, and JavaScript.

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C# desktop application developer, Embedded system developer, PIC Micro controller programming

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Embedded systems,arduino,labview,plc,scada

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Linux engineer. techno geek and embedded systems maniac. i like - Linux ( Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, OpenWrt), Freebsd, Embedded hardware(arm,mips,ppc), Arduinoesp8266, Web(nginx,mysql,apache,varnish,apc,php-fpm and etc), SystemNetwork administration, ?ircuit engineering, and motorcycles of course :) i hate - Systemd, PulseAudio, NetworkManager and HAL/DeviceKit-*, i'm a good guy and i know how to cook stable 24/7/365 and highload systems.

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I am a passionate computer programmer with great interest in micro-controller and product based development on embedded systems that are in someway related to computer program or application. Whether it is a web server, GUI application, Android, SQL Database,JAVA,C, etc, I am good at all to what an above average Programmer can do. I am an Electronic Hobbyist and have 3+ years of Experience on working with Arduino. I have also worked on Raspberry-Pi and Microsoft Kinect and have created various robots. Here, at Elance I am searching for jobs that could help me earn extra bucks with experience as well as provide the clients with effective and cheaper project solutions.

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Well versed in all aspects of Software Development gained from more than 10 years of professional Experience, with particular expertise in Software Development for Embedded Systems, Web and Desktop Applications Embedded Systems: C, C++, Video Compression (H.264/AVC, MPEG4, MPEG2, VC1), Optimization, Video Analysis, socket programming TCP, UDP. Web: HTML5, XML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, Google Maps, jQuery, ASP.NET. Desktop Applications: C#.NET, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), VB.NET, Visual C++.NET, socket programming, VOIP.

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i have completed BE(ECE) and i have an experience in 3d printing,teaching embedded system.

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Website, UI, graphics design expert.

An Electronics engineer with expertise in Embedded system design. Website designer with expertise in PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla etc. Graphic designer with expertise in Photoshop,

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WinCE and Windows Mobile Design and Development En

I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer working in R&D of rugged handheld and mobile phones industry. I work as a freelancer on my spare hours working on various projects which ranged from embedded system design, device drivers, mobile app development. Commercial products that I've been a part of as a professional involves printers, digital TV, USB controllers, and rugged phones and vehicle mounted units. I'm into mobile app and games design lately more specifically iOS. Before this, I was a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist on WinCE 6.0. I've also developed stuffs on various operating systems like Linux, Nucleus, VxWorks, and Windows Embedded OS family (POSReady, XP Embedded, CE). You can verify my MCP credentials at: Transcript ID (1007873) Access Code (97293183)

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IOS and Embedded System Developer

I am an electronics engineering. I have done electronic projects mostly related to embedded systems. I have hands on experience on micro controllers, data acquisition from sensors and interfacing RF modules. I am skilled in computer languages such as C++ , Visual Basics, Objective C. At present I am working as an IOS developer. I have created ipad applications for Philip Morris International.

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Find great working with data

I am an expert with data related technologies as well as user interfaces as i have done this as a part of my work over the years. I am an Engineering Graduate in Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations, have worked on various research projects throughout my career in fields ranging from the robotics, data science to sociology. The underlying mathematical principles and the use of computing help to connect everything and makes like simple for me. Have the commitment and passion to deliver any work with up most quality and within stipulated time.

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Embedded Product Design Specialist

Mbedded Technology is an advanced and innovative company works in the field of Embedded systems,Industrial Automation, Web Desiging,Mobile application Development, Desktop and Web application development and SEO. We provide technological Solution to above mentioned industries. Mbedded Technology has an excellent and experience team of professionals from various backgrounds and academics who are committed to delivered quality services on customer focus, product innovation & technologies.

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Embedded Software Engineer

Developing modules or complete software for embedded systems with micro-controllers - Atmel AVR, Atmel SAM4S, Atmel SAM D20, ST STM32, Cypress M8C, Analog Devices ADUC70xx,

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Expert Linux & Embedded Systems Developer

Expertise in Linux, Embeded Systems Development, Information Technology Architecture Design

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I have been involved in the new product development process for most of the almost 30 years of my career. Whether the product or feature is PC based, or it is an embedded application, I have the experience required in order to carry out the development to a satisfactory completion. My usual role is as a member of a product development team, whether in a lead position or contributing member. I can step into a project at the stages of its development cycle: - Product/Feature definition and specification, - Hardware technology selection, - Software/Firmware architecture, - Hardware/Software/Firmware development, - Unit/Automated test development, - Defect correction and tracking, - Release procedures. Over the years I have developed products using an extensive lineup of processors and supporting technologies. Along with these I have thorough experience with the tools needed to realize the designs being implemented. Whether your development needs are short term or longer

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Embedded software and hardware engineering, with experience in applications for various fields, including automotive, communication systems, home automation, HVAC systems, CNC machining, power monitoring, GSM, GPS, LED displays, etc. Broad experience in embedded system design, integration (hardware and firmware), PCB bring-up and debug.

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Delivering technology in a nutshell

We are a group of young entrepreneurs set out to challenge the status quo.Our organization is a proper blend of young entrepreneurs, passion, technology and experienced guidance.We are not here to change something or to create something different but we are here to just make your business simple. We have been working in software solutions, embedded systems and industrial automation since past 3 years. Few of our clientele are LNTMHI, Mahindra and Mahindra Nagpur, ECLAT, Datamatic, Technodeal Enerpower Pvt. Ltd.

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