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PhD in Machine Learning, Uni of Southampton, UK

I hold MSc & PhD from Uni of Southampton UK and I am Gold Medalist of UET Pak. =====AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED NAME===== Please Google with my name "Dr Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar" and analyse the impact of my research & development internationally. =====EXPERIENCE===== I joined Brandwatch UK in Spring 2012. I worked as a Java software engineer from 2012 to onwards. I obtained a Ph.D of Computer Science from University of Southampton, UK, with major in Machine Learning and minors in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. I have been awarded best student paper award from IADIS European conference on data mining 2011. I am interested in developing efficient algorithms and machine learning techniques to solve real world problems. I am in particularly interested in problems on prediction, recommender systems, data mining, and information retrieval. I had worked as consultant for many start-ups (e.g. on various projects related to prediction.

Pakistan, Essex, Brighton | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Quality and Time are of great essence to us

We are a group of technology enthusiasts working in 3D modelling, Game Programming, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Websites (Simple, E Commerce and CMS), Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Machine Learning. Programming Languages C#, ASP.NET, Java, C/C++ on Windows, PHP, R, Assembly, Prolog, Java-Script, JSP, MATLAB, HTML, and XML. Our skills also include Scikit learn, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Python, Machine Learning, Matlab, Statistical Programming, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Twitter API, C#, ASP.NET, Web Services, SOA, Web, Desktop Applications, .NET, R, Unity, 3DS Max Tools Microsoft Office, Visual Studio.NET , Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia Flash, Rational Rose, Erwin, JBuilder 7, SQL Server, Unity 3D, 3DS Max Databases Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access Platforms Microsoft Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ XP, VISTA, 7, 8, IoS, Android, Windows Mobile

Pakistan, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (3 reviews)
-- intelligent empirical analysis

INPIRICAL is an independent research and development company producing superior analysis, tools, and policies by adhering to a rigorous intellectual framework and robust empirical methods. We employ advanced computational methods for data analysis and science using high-level programming languages. Head of R&D: Johannes Tynes, CFA ? University of Chicago (EMBA) ? London School of Economics (BSc Economics, 1st) ? 15y quant analyst (UBS, Fitch Ratings, Christofferson Robb) ? native English ? EST+2h GMT-3h.

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Data Science, Machine Learning

My field of research covers Data science , Spark, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, Recommendation engines, Scala , R, ETL (Pentaho data integration) , Java, Linux, AI, Data-mining, parallel programming etc...

Serbia, Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina, Novi Sad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Statistical Learning/Machine Learning/Data Mining

Experienced engineer and researcher in Statistical Learning/Machine Learning/Data Mining with over 7+ years of experience in US for real-world problems. I create algorithms and proof of concept prototypes for solving problems such as predictive analytics, classification, machine learning, statistical modeling, etc.

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Web, Bioinformatics & Machine Learning Expert

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics and Machine Learning at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. I hold a master's degree in computer science specialized in machine learning. My research interest to use machine learning to explore NGS data and to develop predictive models for personalized health care. I recently developed a machine learning prediction model to predict genome-wide enhancers and their tissue specificity by integrating diverse ChIP-seq datasets. Currently, I am working on the discovery and characterization of super-enhancers using machine learning and also developing a browser based super-enhancers database.

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Data Science, Machine Learning, Ranking Expert

I am interested in 1. helping a client formulating the data problem for his/her business needs, 2. solve and prototype solution for specific problems, 3. helping in hiring strategy, interviewing candidates for a) data science b) data engineering. Example problems: 1) Domain: Game Analytics Problem: Model users who may be interested in purchasing in-app purchases. 2) Domain: An e-commerce site Problem: Make an algorithmic ranking that may help improving site's revenue.

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PhD in Machine Learning, Text and Image Processing

I am an expert in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. I have worked in artificial intelligence area for about 15 years, and have a PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I am also a veteran C/C++/C# programmer with 16 years experience. I can also program Matlab and Java. I have completed numerous projects for well-known companies and government agencies, and I am very pride of being able to do the jobs right at the first time and deliver completely-satisfied work on time. Equipped with solid background knowledge of applied mathematics and statistical machine learning theory, I have been working on face recognition, camera-based barcode reader, vision systems for micro-assembly, medical image processing, OCR, Web information retrieval, named entity recognition and recommendation systems. I am also actively looking for entrepreneurial opportunities in all applications of AI, and I am sure I could provide strong supports in technical issues.

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Electronic Engineer-Python,Matlab&Machine Learning

I'm a recent graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College and I am currently based in London. I am currently working for a machine learning/signal processing startup and have built the backend as well as the machine learning aspects of it. In May I will start working for Google and am looking for freelance work in the meantime. I have experience in signal processing, algorithm design, machine learning and backend web development. My languages of choice are MATLAB, Python and c/c++ but I am also comfortable with many others including Ruby, Perl, Java, ARM Assembly and R. Technologies/buzzzwords: Flask, Django, RabbitMQ, Recommender Systems, Classification (machine learning), regression techniques, data cleanup, FANN, databases (MongoDB/SQL), system design, pattern recogntion, regular expressions, audio features (MFCC/FFT/Chroma) Past projects I have done involve building a more efficient recommender system, making realtime signal processing algorti

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Expert Data Scientist - R, statistics, Data mining

For the last three years, I took part in large projects for companies such as Telefonica and involving diverse data science task such as: - Designing predictive models to predict churn, the propensity of clients purchasing certain products and text mining applications. - I have also experience in designing algorithms to optimize the expenditure in google adwords for large accounts. I hold a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Data mining, both from the University of Buenos Aires. I have also taken several online courses in order to learn programming, machine learning, convex optimization among other topics. Regarding programming, I'm comfortable using R, python, SAS and SQL for statistical modelling and data manipulation.

Argentina, Buenos Aires F.D., Buenos Aires | IT & Programming | Rating 4.7 (5 reviews)
Machine Learning/NLP Expert

I am interested in applying machine learning algorithms to various problems related to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR) such as recommendation systems, opinion mining, sentiment analysis etc ... skills - Experience working with NLTK, WordNet, Gensym, Standford NLP Proficiency in Python, R, C, Java

Nepal, Bagmati, Kathmandu | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist

I am a Machine Learning Engineer who likes to play with versatile and complex datasets. Currently working on developing a supervisory algorithm for detecting and minimizing hypoglycemic events in TYPE -1 Diabetic patients by predicting blood glucose levels 30/60 mins in advance. I have a strong background in programming tools like MATLAB, Python, R programming, C++, Java, Javascript, XHTML, Weka, Rapidminer. I prefer using libraries like Scipy, Scikit-learn, LIBSVM, Caffe's Convolutional Neural Nets, LeNet, Forecast (R studio), ggplot2. My goal is to develop intelligent systems which would make life simpler for the end user and the community at large. For more detailed information please visit-

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PhD, AI, Algorithm, Neural, Machine Learning, DSP

B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado - Boulder. Current engineering and research interests include Stochastic Adaptive Signal/Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Ontology Systems, Advanced Radar/Communications Theory, Neural Adaptive Systems, Fuzzy Systems Design, Intelligent Controls, Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Expert Systems, Robotic/Computer Vision, Statistical Quantitative Data & System Modeling, Blind Systems Theory, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Genetic Systems Design, Stochastic Adaptive Evolutionary Annealing Simplex Systems, Multi-Agent Complex Adaptive Systems, Quantum Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Mathematics.

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NLP/Machine Learning, Python&WebScrapping Experts

AIDevel is a privately-held Romania based company committed to offer high quality work in several areas, like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, SEO automation, Web Scraping. We've been in business since 2008, we are truly experts in Computational Linguistics(NLP/NLG) and Web Automation, and we really love what we do. Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. You have a great idea for a project but you do not find available resources to implement it? You want to leave the burden of managing the development process to someone else? Our experience will help you handle all that. Our well-experienced experts will face any challenging project.

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Compute

I am co-founder at Inspiring Lab. Here we develop intelligent systems and tools focusing Nepali Language. Over 4 years, I have specialized in machine learning and intelligent systems, implementing and creating efficient algorithms, language models and mathematical models. * SKILLS - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Data Mining - Image Processing, Natural Language Processing - Linux Server Administrator Other Skills: openCV .openNLP . neuroph . nltk . octave . pyml . mahout . hadoop . weka - Linux(Ubuntu, Arch), Unix(Redhat, CentOS) · Expert - PHP · Python · MySQL . Scheme . Java Seeks opportunities to build intelligent systems so that you can fulfill your requirement within a deadline, with quality product

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Deeplearning, Machine Learning, Data Analytics

I am the lead developer of a team offering expertise in Deeplearning, machine learning, natural language processing, data analytic and other AI related field. My core team is about 5-8 developer but we can expand to more when needed. Past work: Data retrieval and data analytic Question Answering System Human Machine Emotional Response Sentiment Analysis on social media

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Machine Learning/Data mining Expert

A machine learning expert working on real world applications for the last 2.5 years. I am also currently pursuing a Ph.D. at University of Florida specializing in Optimization in Machine Learning. I finished my Bachelor's from IIT Madras, India and also hold two MS degrees in Mechanical Engg and Industrial Engg, while pursuing my third MS in Business Management. Prior to joining Ph.D., I worked for MathWorks (makers of MATLAB) for two years in Boston, MA. I have also interned as Data Scientist at AddThis and worked on building a content recommendation engine. I am looking to apply expertise and knowledge of Machine Learning on real world applications.

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Machine Learning, Big Data, Python, Java, SQL

Pass-out of top-tier engineering college in India with 4 years of experience. Python - 4 Year, Machine Learning - 4 Year, Big Data - 2 year, SQL - 3 Years, MongoDB - 2 year, AWS - 1 Year, R - 1 Year, C#- 2 years, Java - 1 Year

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Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, Mathlab, R

Telecoms Engineer and Master in Business Administration by IESE (University of Navarra – Spain) with knowledge in machine learning, optimization algorithms and data analytics. I can help you to model your problem of Linear and Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees, Text Analytics, Clustering, Recommender systems, Neural Networks, Genetics, Simulated Annealing using Python, C++, Mathlab, Octave and R.

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Computer Vision / Machine Learning Specialist..

Computer vision / image processing / machine learning / algorithms. More than 9yrs of experience working on software research and development. Co-founded a tech startup, ~2yrs as a full-time freelancer. Computer vision topics I've worked on: background subtraction, binary segmentation, facial expression transfer using active appearance models, object recognition, restoration, projective geometry correction, object tracking, video stabilization, graphs cuts, face authentication, OCR pre-processing, gesture recognition, etc. color: color quantization, color constancy (shadow removal), reduction to dominant color palette, illumination invariant color distance, color blending, color correction (gamut transform), Learning topics: Classification: linear regression, LDA, SVM, Clustering: KMeans, hierarchical kmeans, nearest neighbour Probabilitic analysis: naive bayes Recommender systems

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Expert in Mobile/Web App / Machine Learning Dev

TechnoSIP Inc, a leading Greater NYC area based mobile & web app development company that is focused on offering business-centered value driven mobile/web & Machine Learning apps crafted by very talented, dedicated and committed team of individuals that has more than a decade of rich project execution experience gained on technologies iOS, Android & HTML5 based App's while executing large scale complex technology projects for clients ranging from startups to fortune 500. TechnoSIP Inc strongly believes in designing simple solution for complex problems by creating powerful, aesthetic, highly scalable, high performance mobile apps, built with your success in mind. TechnoSIP team help you discover your imagination for your Mobile/Web app by being a trusted partner that will help you navigate through todays dynamic tech market SIP (Strategic Inflection Points) points that challenges existing fundamentals and at the same time provides new opportunities towards your accelerates growth.

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computer vision / machine learning programmer

5+ years experience working as a software engineer. Most work consisted in developing computer vision /machine learning modules for demanding clients such as the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, banking institutions, government institutions, shopping malls, etc. Also large experience in biometrics such as facial detection, analysis and recognition.

Portugal, Setubal, Barreiro | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Machine Learning Consultant

I specialize in applied Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, and general Data Science for Fortune 500 firms, start ups, and hedge funds.

United States, CA, San Francisco | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Scientific Software/HPC/Python/Machine Learning

Masters degrees in computer science and Artificial intelligence and a PhD in computational science. Well rounded developer comfortable with Python, Java, C++, Matlab, C#, Javascript and associated toolchains. Happiest in a linux environment and much experience with: * software architecture and design * distributed computing (PBS/Torque, EC2, MPI, WinHPC, RabbitMQ,..) * machine learning (neural networks, support vector machines, Krigin, ...) * evolutionary algorithms (GA, ES, EP, ...) * optimization & MDO * surrogate modeling / response surface modeling More info & CV:

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python, machine learning, data mining, back end

I'm self-taught python programmer with 3 years of experience (not counting time spent on learning), interested in machine learning and data mining. Since I have not received any reviews yet, I have no experience working remotely, and my English is not perfect, my hourly rate is only 10$. I'm going to work remotely full-time, this is not a side job for me.

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Machine Learning Researcher

PhD in machine learning with around 3 years experience. My strong suits are C/C++, Java, Python, Matlab and scientific computing. I have experience in developing cross platform computer vision applications, 2D and 3D image processing and analysis with machine learning algorithms. I am Interested in projects in DSP, DIP, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, machine learning algorithm implementation, etc.

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Algorithms, simulation, machine learning

As a goal-oriented and highly committed professional, my work experience includes several consultance and R&D positions in USA, Germany and Turkey. Particularly interested and experienced in jobs that require an a fine academic and analytical background.

Turkey, Ankara, Ankara | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
PhD, DSP, Machine Learning, Forensic investigation

B.S. in Applied Mathematics, M.S., and Ph.D. in Technical Engineering. Current engineering and research interests include Media Forensics investigation, Speech Recognition, Signal/Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Controls, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Genetic Systems Design and Advanced Mathematics.

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Machine Learning specialist

We are a team of Machine learning experts. We have 10+ years of professional experience . Specialist in Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Data science, machine learning, predictive analytx

Senior data scientist with over 17 years of industry experience in US and Europe building cutting-edge innovative solutions for real-world problems, involving predictive analysis, modeling and optimization of complex dynamic systems. Created award-winning prototypes for NASA, contracted on multiple projects by Unilever and British Gas, was instrumental in the creation of the first commercial e-ink e-book reader for Philips/Sony and . Keywords: consumer choice modeling, pattern recognition, fault detection, atypicality detection, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, classification, algorithms, modeling, statistics, analysis, simulation, agent based modeling

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Web Scraping, Big Data, Machine Learning

* Web Scraping / Information Retrieval * Big Data / Machine Learning / Statistics * Image Recognition / Image Processing * MatLab / Mathematica * Python / C / C++ * System Programming * Algorithm Development

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Machine learning, data analysis, Java, C#

Experienced software developer with machine learning and data analysis expertise. Prize winner of two competitions. Coding expertise in Java and C#.

Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Matlab Expert/Data Scientist/Machine Learning

Strong academic background in Software Development coupled with more than 5 years of experience with Matlab Applications design and development. Love to learn and experiment with Latest Technologies. Over 5 years, I have worked on numerous projects involving Matlab, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing and Data Engineering. Always open to new challenges, specially on jobs including: * Machine Learning * Artificial Intelligence * Digital Image Processing * Data Engineering * Matlab

Pakistan, Punjab, RAWALPINDI | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in Machine Learning

Expert in Machine Learning Algorithms and their Optimization

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Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning

Web developer specialising in high quality web applications and expertise in JavaScript. Experienced in implementing machine learning algorithms, web scraping and data mining Skills: Web Design and Development - JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB - Python programming - HTML, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sencha ExtJS, Sencha Touch - Google Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Apps Script, Google APIs, Google App Engine - Salesforce,, ASP.NET, MSSQL, C#.NET - PHP, WordPress, MySQL Machine Learning and Data Science: - Data mining and Predictive analytics - SciPy, scikit, NumPy, NLTK, Classification, Regression, Clustering - Genetic algorithms, Genetic Programming - Web scraping, Web bots and web spiders. - Computer Vision, Face recognition, Natural language processing - R Programming, MT4 Expert Advisors My tech blog and public domain work at:

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (5 reviews)
Expert on Machine Learning, Algorithm, Data Mining

I've had over 10 years of solid consulting experience on data analytics and web programming. I joined IBM T.J. Watson Research, Industry Solution group in Spring 2012. I worked as a J2EE software engineer from 2006 to 2008. I obtained a Ph.D of Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles, with major in Machine Learning and minors in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. I have been awarded the Most Outstanding Ph.D Graduate Award, the Northrup-Grumman Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award, the Chancellor Award for Most Outstanding Applicants, all from Computer Science Department, UCLA and the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Chinese Students Overseas, 2010. I had worked as a consultant for many start-ups on various projects and I have solid background on both research and development.

United States, NY, Hartsdale | IT & Programming | Rating 4.0 (1 reviews)
Machine Learning researcher

I am a researcher in Artificial Intelligence. I would love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for this topic. I can help you find the appropriate technique and, more importantly, a good way to model your problem. I also developed a strong technical background. I can help you in Python or C for example. I use python on a daily basis. See full CV :

France, null, Paris | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Data analyst and c++/java developer

I have M.Sc. in machine learning and software development. I have work experience using machine learning methods in analytical CRM and have worked as a scientist at a research institution. I'm also experienced developer in C++ and Java (Eclipse).

Finland, Uusimaa, Riihim?ki | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine Learning and Robotics specialist

Graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, and their applications to Robotics. Extensive experience with data analysis, algorithms, and web apps. Previous work experience include Google's Self-Driving-Car, DARPA's DRC challenge, and DARPA's ARM challenge. Proficient in C/C++, Matlab and python. My public profile at CMU:

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Data analysis, Machine learning, Python, C

Specialties include: Bioinformatics, Data analysis, Analytics, Data Mining, Machine learning, Software engineering, Programming, C, Python, Perl, Linux. I work with computational tools to extract useful information from collections of data. Make your data more valuable by learning from it! I also have considerable experience with academic and technical writing, editing, and proofreading, as well as university-level curriculum development and instruction.

United States, OR, West Linn | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine Learning Specialist

I'm currently doing my Masters in computer science at the TU in Berlin (Germany). My main topic of interest is machine learning and data mining with a focus on natural language processing (NLP). However I'm interested in working on all kinds of data analytics problems, e.g. before working on NLP, I was working on the improvement of algorithms used for brain computer interfaces.

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Big Data/ Machine Learning/ Hadoop/Data Analytics

Extensive experience in Big data Analytics and Machine Learning using Hadoop , R , Python , spark and Mahout. I have exhaustive experience in Machine Learning algorithms majorly around text mining , Predictive-Analytics (Regression, Classification , Ranking etc) . My total industry experience in 6 + years.

India, Haryana, Gurgaon | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine Learning Consultant

I have a strong academic and business background in Data Mining and Machine Learning. See my linkedIn page for more info: I also love doing webdesign. More info at;

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NLP/Machine Learning Developer & Scientist

I'm professional NLP Developer with more then 10 years of hands-on experience on different text processing tasks. Also I have 4+ years of Machine Learning experience. At this time I'm working on a PhD dissertation on Machine Learning/Text Processing. As a scientist I'm involved into different research projects in the NLP field, I have some published results in scientific journals/conferences proceeding. My current technology stack: Java, Mahout, CoreNLP, OpenNLP, Rosette, Digital Trowel, OpenCalais, WordNet, SentiWordNet and others. I'm experienced in SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB) Databases.

Russia, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Computer Vision,Image Processinig,Machine Learning

Protech is a software engineering company focused on the full development cycle: from idea to design, production and maintenance of complex software solutions. One of the company’s specializations is computer vision and machine learning related software. Protech has solid domain knowledge in this area and experienced engineers. Software platforms are custom made and tailored for specific clients’ requirements.

Serbia, Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina, Novi Sad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine learning specialist

I’m a good candidate for data mining jobs. I have many experience in data computational statistics, analysis, prediction/recommendation modelling. 1. EDUCATION - 3+ years works in Data mining and Machine learning (from 2010) - M.E. in Computer Science '2012 at Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea. - B.S. in Computer Science '2009 at HCM University of Industry, HCMC. (In Computer Science)

Vietnam, viet nam, Ho chi Minh | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Computer Scientist (text mining, machine learning)

I am a PhD student at IISc, Bangalore working on machine learning applications to text. Previously, I have worked for more than 5 years in product development at SAP. See github ( for some examples of my work, and my home page ( and my LinkedIn page ( for my full profile.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Big Data, Machine Learning, RTB expert.

Machine Learning expert with experience in advertising domain, building ML algorithms for RTB engine, security applications, fraud, anomaly detection, recommendation engine, forecasting, personalization and predictive analytics. I have experience working with open source and propriety technologies like Hadoop, Mahout, Spark, MS SQL server, etc. Some of application of algorithms are personalizing e-commerce portal/app for users, evaluating impact of advertisements and campaigns, understanding customer behavior and sentiment, predicting missing values in the data, forecasting sales, stock price.

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Data scientist, Expert in applied machine learning

I'm a very passionate data scientists and nerd (see my picture profile). PhD in computer sciences working for almost 15 years in real applications for computer vision, machine learning, biomedical data analysis, ecological data analysis, large scale optimization, signal processing and neuroscience. Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Excelent background on applied mathematics, statistics and computer sciences. Proeficiency at several programming languages (Matlab, SQL, C, C++, Java, HTML, XML/XSLT/XPATH, Flash/ActionScript...). Fast and independent learning quite excited for learning.

Colombia, null, Bogota | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Computer vision, NLP, machine learning, robotics

and best industry practices at an economic rate. Artificial Intelligence(e.g. natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning), Embedded Systems(microcontrollers, development boards) and Robotics(both automated and teleoperated) are my key areas of expertise. I have competed in a robotics competition organized by NASA and to developed a novel Optical Character Recognition system for an alphabet. I study ground breaking research articles and convert them into industry standard functional tools and systems. I implemented complex algorithms harnessing massively parallel processing capacity of multiple GPUs and sometimes also squeezed them into very small, single thread controllers. My long involvement with open source technologies has habituated me to work with legacy code, writing comprehensive documentation and code reuse to avoid reinventing the wheel and save precious time.

Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Chittagong | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web-apps, NLP, machine learning

I hold a Ph.D in Computational Linguistics, and I split my time between working on my own personal projects and freelance work, and I'm equally interested in general web app development and NLP-specific projects. I code primarily in Python but also less often in C, Java, R, or Matlab. I have experience using several open-source projects for Natural Language Processing (e.g. NLTK, Giza/Sphinx for machine translation, Festival for speech synthesis, Weka for machine learning). For Web Application development, I have exeperience using the Amazon Web Services platform, JavaScript, Django, Apache, and MySQL, among other technologies.

United States, OH, Cleveland Heights | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine Learning, Python,C++,Web coder

Experienced coder specialised in Python and C++. Having MSc in CS and BSc in EECS. Currently doing research in Machine Learning and Robotics for PhD. Experienced in software design and development, web dev (RoR, Django), algorithms, optimization.

Germany, Baden-Wuettemberg, Freiburg | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Python Machine Learning Specialist Prefer fixed price contracts where end results/goals are clearly-stated and well-documented by employer. If you have multiple projects coming up or simultaneous projects and your topic is interesting, the first project will be free. I have a job currently but I'm looking to work on interesting problems that I do not have access to in my current position. Do not hesitate to ask about a particular skill set that you may or may not see listed. I have dabbled in many areas of Data Science and Machine Learning, but I only list those that I feel very proficient in. Furthermore, there are many sub-categories within some of the skills categories (e.g. Machine Learning has various sub-topics like classification, cluster analysis, text analysis/sentiment analysis) however in the interest of brevity, I stick to main categories. Please ask if there is a certain area or skill and I will be be happy to let you know my proficiency level in it.

United States, AZ, Tempe | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Data scientist, machine learning developer

I have experience of 3+ years of data mining in different fields like: computer vision, pattern recognition, text mining, natural language processing etc. For last year I took part in some big data projects using hadoop+java and map/reduce pattern. In my work I use python, java, R, c# and sql. My CV here Some examples of my python and R code are here Examples of c# here

Russia, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Data Analyst / Researcher / BI Consultant

Currently, I am obtaining my PhD in the field of data analysis & machine learning and work as research associate at a German university. Besides my general research areas of artificial intelligence and automated data analysis, I am specifically interested in time series analysis and forecasting. These are also the topics of my BOINC project called DistributedDataMining, that I've founded in order to develop and study different algorithms for time series analysis, social network analysis and medical data analysis. Many scientific articles, a published book and numberless satisfied customers testify to the quality and success of my work.

Germany, Sachsen, Limbach | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
DevOps-Machine Learning Architect and CTO

My area of expertise is in buidling real time, low latency high throughput infastructures using Chef, python, and nginx un a ubuntu platform. Recent Projects: Built a real time Bitcoin exchange with a an orderbook for buying/selling coins. Used Techologies: Python/Redis/ZMQ/MyQSL Built a crawler/scapper that fetches millions of pages a day and is horizontally scalable. Used Techologies: Python/Redis/MySQL/Riak/lxml/gevent Built a high frequency trading platform on the ASX at the orderbook level. Used Techologies: Python/R/c++/zmq/gevent/druid/redis/chef/scikits Built a tinder like app for mobile where uses swipe left or right in order to learn user preferance for arctitecture style for the real esate industry: Used Techologies: Python/reinforiment learning/nginx/redis/Flask/gevent/scalable crawers to fetch milions of images for scoring.

United States, FL, Tampa | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine learning researcher

Machine learning scholar, My research area includes Data mining, NLP, Image processing. My past experience in machine learning includes 8+ year in machine learning research. I have expertise in Natural language processing, Data mining, Machine learning, R programming, Python, Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hbase, Hive,Image processing, Computer vision etc.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning

Experienced engineer and researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Have worked as a scientific data analyst, algorithm developer and software developer for mobile apps. Bsc. and Msc. in Artificial Intelligence, obtained at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Netherlands / Holland. Also (co-)author of 3 scientific publications on Image processing. 1. deviantArt in Spotlight: A network of Artists, Leonardo - MIT Press Journals 2. Explorative Visualization and Analysis of a Social Network for Arts: The Case of deviantART, Journal of Convergence (JoC) 2(1):87-94 3. A Color Based Rangefinder for an Omnidirectional Camera, Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 2009.

Netherlands, South Holland, Rotterdam | IT & Programming | Rating 4.7 (4 reviews)
Data Scientist

I apply Statistical and Machine Learning methods for providing valuable insights from data.

Germany, NRW, Bonn | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert in Python and Machine Learning with Numpy

I am a researcher in English and Computational Linguistics with expert knowledge of Object-Oriented Design in Python, as well as a range of machine learning, data science, and linear algebra libraries for Python such as Numpy, Scipy, and Scikit-learn. I also have specialized knowledge about machine learning technologies including Artificial Neural Networks, Recommender Systems, and generative statistical models such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation.

United States, NY, Saratoga Springs | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine learning & optimization - state of the art

An Auto adapting optimization- and forecasting software developed by SOTA Solutions, which uses neurological nets and is able to be highly flexible and adaptable, integrated as an platform. SOTA Solutions offer within its software methods that address categorization of data (automated sorting), forecasting (prognosis based on historical data), simulation (Black Box Modeling), and optimization (automated planning procedures). Utilizing the highly flexible and adaptive platform the SOTA technology can be used to address Big Data issues in production, services or industry to solve and reduce set-up cost, improve search results on the internet or improve forecasting processes. The SOTA technology is based on high performance methods of intelligent auto adapting optimization-software. Its methods are combined by a selection of mathematical solutions with software generation. These methods enable the creation of a complex software solution within shortest time and effort.

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Web Developer

Research background in Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Natural Language Processing. 2 years experience in Java and Web development.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Big Data/ Hadoop/ Machine Learning/ NLP

QBurst provides consulting and customisation services in Big Data under a broad reporting and analytics portfolio. As an early adopter of Big Data technology, we have the right skill sets to help organisations chalk out their Big Data strategy.

India, Kerala, Trivandrum | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
expert machine learning,embedded systems engineer

i have a strong background in electrical engineering and computer science, having majored in machine learning (stanford university)

Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
cloud computing; machine learning

Experienced professional in software development. I know how to translate ideas into results. Over 15 years of experience in the industry.

United States, TX, Plano | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Senior Computer Vision and Machine Learning Expert

Thank you for your attention! I have developed many computer vision jobs including face recognition and OCR, object detection/object recognition, image processing apps such as fatbooth for 8 years. I am seeking opportunities to develop and maintain complete computer vision applications, whatever standalone or back-ends for smart websites, or mobile. I am a Software Engineer with expertise in iOS,Android,python, c++,c# programming and have two Certifications. - Fast and Reliable Face recognition and OCR engine for mobile. - specialized OCR engine - vehicle license plate recognition - Card detection and recognition Apps - Bar code and QR code apps - Video, Camera, Image/Photo processing, Video/Audio Streaming

China, Jilin, Tumen | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (5 reviews)
Expert data scientist/statistician/software dev

I am an expert data scientist. I have academic and industrial experience in machine learning and applied statistics. I hold 2 MSc degrees (awarded with distinction), and I am currently finishing a PhD in machine learning and applied statistics from one of the best institutions in Europe. I am familiar with both statistical methodologies (such as linear regression, generalized linear model and logistic regression, clustering, mixed effects, models for time series such as ARIMA) as well as machine learning/data mining techniques (such as neural networks, decision trees, support vector machines, Gaussian processes and deep learning). Throughout my 5 year experience with the sector I have analyzed tons of datasets from various different domains (from business, to sports to text). There are two things that I believe set me apart from the competition: 1) My breadth of knowledge. 2) My communication and reporting skills. Feel free to contact me about any data-related problem.

United Kingdom, England, London | IT & Programming | Rating 4.6 (2 reviews)
Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science

Intelidata Big Data & Business Analytics practice has a long and successful track record of helping clients like you discover predictive insights and turn them into operational reality closing the gap between strategy and execution. Big data?massive amounts of unstructured data?has remarkable value in it. But you need to find it first. Through data management and other technology and analytics tools, we help you not only find, but move the needle in the big data haystack. With proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership in those that are emerging, our team of senior-level consultants will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data - allowing you to predict customer demand and make better decisions faster than ever before. Whatever your Big Data challenges are, we'll provide you the strategic guidance your business needs to succeed.

Spain, Andalusia, Marbella | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
MT4 & NinjaTrader. Machine Learning

MT4 & NinjaTrader .. C#, Mathematica ... ... Physic, Cosmology, etc.

Spain, Almeria, Almeria | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (8 reviews)
Imaging Processing, Analytics, Machine Learning

Developed solutions for video noise filtering, image enhancement, stabilization, autonomous PTZ camera tracking, data fusion, geospatial data mining, video analytics etc. Developments are product ready and not mere prototype. Comfortable in implementing product ready systems in Java/C#.Net as well. Have got 4 patents and more than 10 international publications. Detail portfolio and resume will be shared with serious clients.

India, null, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 4.8 (10 reviews)
Under-promise, over-deliver

IS/IT Engineer (MSc,PhD), R&D professional/academic Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Signal processing, Medical Imaging, Bioinformatics, Decision Theory. Working only on serious, challenging projects.

Greece, null, Athens | IT & Programming | Rating 3.9 (1 reviews)
Bioinformatic Data Analyst and Modeller

6 years of experience in academic environment with next-generation sequencing data analysis (bacterial genomics and metagenomics) in combination also with machine learning algorithm development (see the Bioinformatic paper below). In my post-doctorate, I was also worked on more mathematical tasks such as PDEs modelling and optimal control, thanks to the fact that my MSc was on Mathematics. My preferred language is Python, and I am a shell-oriented Linux user. My scientific publications include: Plos Biology, 2015 (also on BBC News Bioinformatics, 2011 BMC Genomics, 2013 I am a reviewer for 3 journals: BMC Bioinformatics, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Italy, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Big data engineer, webapp prototyper

I am a software engineer who focuses on big data, machine learning, and analytics. I have a masters degree in computer engineering and neural engineering. My thesis focused on using machine learning techniques to classify brain signals in real time. Throughout my academic career I completed my internships at one of the "big four" and I just left a software engineering position at another one of the "big four". My other work has been in the startup world where I became familiar with agile development and getting things done! I am proficient in Python, Ruby, Rails, Hadoop, C++, Java, MATLAB, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and more. I have built many projects from the ground up and am familiar with cloud platforms such as Heroku and AWS. By this I mean, I can get your app up and running in no time. Here is a running list of some of my current work:

United States, NY, New York | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
Researcher in Machine learning and Text mining

I am an expert in machine learning, text mining, information retrieval and signal processing. I have an MS in Information Technology and 5+ years of experience as senior research engineer in knowledge extraction, text classification and clustering, automated ontology building etc. I have also worked on algorithm development and system design for wired/wireless communication systems as well as optimization of audio codecs and published a few papers in IEEE conferences. I am proficient in Weka, Sparql, Solr, Mahout etc. as well as programming in Perl and Matlab.

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Top Computer Vision, OpenCV, Mobile expert!

'Top Quality + Powerful Service + Rapid Communication!' is my forever business policy for Client! I'm Ph.D. in Computer Vision with extensive knowledge in signal and image processing. I'm winner of a number of math competitions During 9 years, I worked in several core IT fields such as Image Processing / Computer Vision (including OpenCV, Kinect, Kiosk, MATLAB, OpenCV4Android SDK, JavaCV, OpenCViOS), OCR, Android/iPhone/Windows Phone programming, Mathematics, Software Architecture, C++/C#/Java/Object C/Matlab/VB Programming, Computer Graphics and etc. I have also rich experiences of Android/iPhone/iPad/Windows Phone which are supporting Image Processing/Computer Vision projects. As you can see my just following Service-Description, I have done a lot of projects in Image Processing / Computer Vision / Machine Learning / Augment Reality fields on PC and Mobile platforms. Thanks you for reading.

China, Beijing, Beijing | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Software Engineer with broad skillset

6+ years of software development experience in Python, Java, Django/Flask and Solr/Haystack. I also have Machine Learning/Data Mining background and I have been using scikit-learn for machine learning projects. I have worked on different platforms and system, including Linux(Ubuntu, Redhat) and windows, Mysql and PostgreSQL database, etc. I am usually very willing to dive into new technologies. Graduated with Software Engineering and Computer Science degree. Understand computer's internal mechanism well enough to design and build robust and error resistant applications.

United States, CA, Belmont | IT & Programming | Rating 4.3 (9 reviews)
NLP, ML, IE, IR, Text Mining

Specialties: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, Pattern Recognition, Text Mining, Data Mining, Semantic Web. Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation Systems, Text Classification, Document Clustering, Named Entity Recognition, Language Modeling, Syntactic Analysis, Semantic Analysis, Discourse Parsing, Word Sense Disambiguation, Dialogue Systems, NLIDB Systems, Question Answering Systems, Image Processing, Computational Advertising. Java, Python, C, C++ StanfordNLP, NLTK, libSVM, CRF++,Sci-kit,..

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Computer Engineering Researcher

I'm a Computer Engineering Master student in Istanbul Technical University. I'm working on my thesis that is in the field of Machine Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms for solving Time Series.. I had 6 years of professional work experiences as a .net developer, java developer, web developer using PHP and JavaScript and Software Engineer and Architect and also Software Project Management. I'm lean to get projects related to my research field: -Machine Learning -Evolutionary Algorithms (Genetic Algorithm, EDA, Memetic Algorithms, ...) -Data Mining

Turkey, Istanbul, Istanbul | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Algorithm Engineer

I'm current very happy with my current employer. Only interested in free-lancer, contractor jobs. Preferred in information retrieval, data mining, machine learning projects.

United States, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Backend Developer, Machine Learning, NLP

I am an experienced Backend Developer. I have worked on project ranging from Real Time Messaging Systems to Intelligent Systems. I have a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence majored in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Quality, Transparency and Honesty is my working framework.

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Bioinformatics, NGS Data, Cancer, Machine Learning

I work as a senior bioinformatician at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Inst. in Cambridge where I investigate genomic and transcriptional profiles of human and mouse tumours using various computational and statistical methods to identify causal somatic variants. I have extensive experience in Cancer Bioinformtics, Next Generation Sequencing & old school array based data analysis. Industry Affiliated Projects: - Structural variant detection in novel yeast strains [ Alergenetica ] - Integrated patient information system, Kings college London [ IBS ] Selected Publications : - -

United Kingdom, England, Cambridge | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
python, data analysis, machine learning

I am a programmer/researcher/analyst. I have development and research experience in the fields: cryptology/information security, genomic data analysis, conversion Rate optimization, machine learning, statistics. I have a deep understanding of algorithms and I also have very good knowledge on programming especially in Java and Python. I developed different software packages using Java and Python which includes but not limited to software for managing printers, keyword extraction, statistical analysis, managing/populating and querying databases, java swing applications, social network analysis using Hadoop and MapReduce framework, applied machine learning with R, software testing, REST API development with Python. I have a patent, journal publication, a conference proceeding and a journal publication, a hypothesis testing method for genomic analysis, an improvement on poly factorization alg, a draft on math language processing where I use Bayesian networks. Master thesis ranked first

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
speech recognition, NLP, AI,M.L techiniques

can efficiently work with different speech recognition (ASR) speech synthesis (TTS) applications naltural language processing natural language generation artificial intelligence and other machine learning techniques like classification problems

India, andhra pradesh, hyderabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Computer Scientist & Software Engineer

Areas of Interest: Map-Reduce ( Hadoop ), Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Information Theory, Artificial Intelligence. ---------------------------------- Main languages: Java, C, C++. Other languages and skills: SQL, MATLAB, BASH shell scripting (linux), Perl, Prolog, CLIPS, PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, DTD, XSLT, XPath, Xquery ---------------------------------- I have a Computer Science B.Sc. degree and currently doing my M.Sc. in Information Systems. I always had a passion for computers and the university made that passion even greater. My skills have theoretical basis, so I am not limited by the languages and platforms that I know. I can accomplish projects that need both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Greece, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Analyst, R, Python,RapidMiner, Big Data, We

Proficient analyst, offering expert analytical and statistical skills with extensive project management experience. Attention to detail & ability to work in a pressurized time sensitive environment Experience running complex and high volume ETL processes Skilled in Machine Learning Algorithms on R, Octave, RapidMiner, KNIME Exposure to MIS/data warehouse applications, Big Data analytics, CRM & Enterprise systems in a Telco Environment. Sound understanding of relational, object and dimensional databases Extensive experience with SQL/Server T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Jasper Reports, SAP, Pentaho BI, R, SPSS & Excel 2007/2010 Hadoop Certification Good written and oral communication skills Expertise in Amazon EC2 cloud architecture, Windows Azure, Windows Server Administration, Linux systems

Kenya, Nairobi Area, Nairobi | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Software developer

Software developer interested in automated testing, machine learning, clouds etc... Many years of Java programming experience, now entering in world of parallel programming in CUDA C/C++. Extensive knowledge in testing with selenium grid on all platforms and all browsers. Created many C# API's for test suits

Serbia, Serbia, Novi Sad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Computer Vision, Image Processing, MATLAB

Computer Vision Image Processing Signal Processing Applied Machine Learning Pattern Recognition Data Clustering MATLAB, C/C++

Bangladesh, Dhaka, Dhaka | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Python/Mathematica/Fortran Sci. Programmer

Mathematics have long been my passion. Ideas, floating in my mind and visiting me without asking, my Nemesis. Poetry, the way to describe ideas and images with style. Nature and Physics, my home and the way to get home. But time has come to go a step further and be creative but still scientific. I hold a B.Sc in Physics from University of Crete and a Pg.Cert. in Operations Research from University of Edinburgh. Github account:

Greece, Akhaia, Patras | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
AI and Machine Learning Expert and Developer

I'm an AI and machine learning expert research engineer with a PhD and 10+ years of experience in the field. I've worked for many worldwide top research labs, from NASA ARC to DFKI and CNRS, and developed many high efficiency solutions, from next-generation planning for Mars rovers to online unsupervised data processing platform. I've architectured, implemented and led the development of several AI and machine learning online professional platforms. My work is targeted at the emerging class of AI-based services, from mobile to highly computational data exploration. I have a very strong C++ and Python development background.

France, Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine Learning

I am a master of biomedical engineering student. I am working on EEG signals by using machine learning techniques.

Turkey, Adana, Adana | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Java Web Mobile Algorithm Trading Developer

Experience : 6 years / IT / Product development (Worked as a regular employee) Domains : Finance and Cyber security Previous employers : Thomson Reuters ,Narus networks. My Areas of expertise are as mentioned below. Core Java, Web (Servlets, Applets, JSP, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, webservices), Android, J2ME, Blackberry, Algorithmic development (Financial Markets) , R&D (Machine Learning, Big data analysis)

India, Karnataka, Mysore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine-learning specialist, Ph. D.

Machine-learning specialist with a doctorate in mathematics and a strong background in computer science. I have a very wide variety of experience in different fields and the background necessary to quickly prototype innovative solutions to difficult problems. I have worked extensively with real-time bidding, natural language processing and text mining, CRM optimization, and with recommenders.

Germany, Berlin, Berlin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Data Scientist

My research has spanned from general machine learning and data mining to privacy preserving data Science, text mining, semi-supervised learning, active learning, Statistics, Probability and Probability Distributions, Stochastic Process and knowledge management. Most of my work has focused on developing and using machine learning & data mining approaches to solve large-scale problems in Predicting Insurance Claims. My current interests lie at the intersection of Machine Learning/Data Mining. I¿m interested in solving large-scale and high impact social problems using data driven and evidence based methods. A lot of government, civic, and non-profit organizations are realizing the value of better data and have been focusing on improving data collection and data standardization. My goal is to build on these efforts, and work with these organizations to use this data to help improve outcomes for these organizations.

Pakistan, KPK, ABBOTTABAD | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
8+ Years of Experience in PHP-MySQL Development.

With 8+ years of experience in PHP-MySQL based web application developments, you are looking at the right person for your job. Application I developed on includes large scale Enterprise Intranet Web Applications, Back-office Applications, Social Networks, SaaS Applications, E-Commerce Applications, Custom oAuth 2.0 APIs, iOS apps back-end server, Multi Channel Chats, SaaS, Recommendation System, etc. Along with development, I planned and designed database schema, system architecture and deployment infrastructure for many multi-tier web applications. Being a LAMP & MAMP developer I have a good grasp on Linux based production environment and experienced with cloud server infrastructures including Amazon, Rackscpace, Digital Ocean. I'm available for 20-35/hrs per week.

Bangladesh, Dhaka, Dhaka | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Consulting Programmer: AI / Linux / HPC / Git

Petr Baudi? has over 10 years of experience as a C and UNIX programmer and Masters degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Among many things, he was one of the core Git developers and worked as glibc main?tainer at SUSE Labs and is author of one of the best Go-playing software in the world. He is currently an AI resea?rcher, teaches technical courses at the Czech Technical University and Charles Univer?sity, Prague and works as inde?pendent software consultant.

Czech Republic, Praha, Praha | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (3 reviews)
Data scientist with strong programming skills

Data scientist with strong programming and academic background, interested in data mining using machine learning and other AI techniques. I've studied machine learning and data analysis online courses from leading universities (Stanford, Duke, Caltech) and trained on practical projects from Kaggle with a score in the top 10% of involved data scientists. I've recommended missing links in a social network (Facebook), predicted the salary of job ad based on its contents (Adzuna), auction price (FastIron), built a web pages classifier (StumbleUpon). As a regular job, I predicted user's profile from the click stream for advertisement targeting, and age and diseases from biometric data. Specialties: data mining, machine learning, natural language processing Primary languages: C, python, R Secondary: perl, bash, Matlab, C++11 Experience: FreeBSD, linux; AWS; mySQL; Berkeley DB, Redis; numpy, scipy, sklearn, Hadoop, MapReduce Algorithms: general, machine learning, AI

Russia, null, null | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Developer specializing in machine learning

Highly capable programming in any environment. Experienced with Java, C++, C, Python as well as web programming (PHP, Django, JSP, Javascript). Looking for part-time work to make extra money while working full time on a tech-start up. Previously worked at Bloomberg LP and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Completed MSE and BA from Johns Hopkins in computer science and economics respectively. Finished both degrees in a total of four years. Passed two of the three required examinations for CFA destinction.

United States, NY, New York | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Machine Learning Specialist

I'm a Data Analyst and Machine Learning specialist with hands on experience on multidisciplinary projects that have ranged from detection of Nuclear threats to Human-Stress recognition. I enjoy taking on new challenges and learning about Machine Learning, Statistics and Mathematical Thinking. I'm currently working with topic models and spectral methods in order to understand human routine behavior from Smartphone's data.

United States, PA, Pittsburgh | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
machine learning, robotics, optimisation

I am a fifth year PhD student in robotics. My scholarship had run out, and I'd like to earn a bit cash in my free time. I am specialised in machine learning and robotics. I have 2 years experience in teaching algorithm class. I am originally from Taiwan but have been living oversea for 14 years. I am fluent in English and Mandarin.

United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)