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Software development is not only my profession but also my greatest passion and hobby. This is why I spend majority of my free time improving my programming skills, learning new concepts, technologies, languages and tools. I am strong at writing the best ROR API code using REST API and AngularJs to parse the JSON data and integration with UI. While developing i will fully follow the TDD(test driven development) i will write cucumber tests cases. I am expert in writing the decent code. I am working as a Ruby on Rails developer from past 1 year. I know ROR, Android, AngulaJS, Jquery , Bootstrap, HTML5, HAML, JSP, Core Java. I have done 3 projects on Ruby on Rails (Kanari,Xtribe,Appraisal Management) which includes the technologies ROR, AngularJs, Jquery, Bootstrap and HTML5

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Rails Developer

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) I have more than 8 years experience in Web Development on big projects. Specialties: Web development Php / Html / Javascript. Symfony framework. MySQL and MongoDb. Working Ruby on Rails, Sinatra frameworks for over 3 years now. I have worked for a short period with Django Framework.

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Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack - Ruby on Rails Developer. Experienced with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Backbone.js, PostgreSQL, ActiveRecord, jQuery, AJAX

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Developer (JavaScript, Angular, Ruby, Rails, CSS3)

I love learning new things and conquering new challenges. I've always been interested in the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of technology use cases and their effectiveness. The challenge of properly integrating resources in order to create enjoyable user experiences is something I enjoy. Clear communication, honesty, and being able to read inbetween the lines is something my clients appreciate about working with me. I never charge for time that may be needed to learn an API, or toolset as it is already a value-add for me. Thank you for taking the time to review my profile. I look forward to working with you. SPECIALTIES: Javascript (jQuery, Angular) Ruby (Rails, Sinatra) CSS3 (Sass, Responsive Design) HTML5 Photoshop Git

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Full Stack Ruby on Rails and Oracle Developer

IT project manager and senior software developer featuring expertise in Ruby, Oracle and Java with strong experience in software engineering, architecture and business analysis.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Software developer, having experience in C, C++, Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, Shell Script on GNU/Linux, Windows Platform

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US based Ruby on Rails Expert

I'm a Detroit based Ruby on Rails developer with 4+ years of experience. I've worked in NYC with a few successful startups across a wide variety of domains: finance, music and media. I am a heavy backend developer but I also possess strong frontend skills using javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. I've built mission critical backend financial applications, integrated e-commerce sites with 3rd party APIs like PayPal and Braintree for credit card and subscription processing, highly customized reports and built HTML5 charts.

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Expert RubyOnRails Dveloper

Passionate software developer, with high focus on software quality. While working on college as teaching assistent (in Computer science), have been focused on finding best solutions for problems I worked on. With 3 years of experience in web applications development using RubyOnRails, and more then 8 years practicing programing using other languages such as C, C++, Java.

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Ruby on Rails Expert

I am a Ruby on Rails developer for last 4 years

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Expert Ruby and Ruby on Rails Engineer

Ruby and RoR engineer with proven experience in back-end programming and web development including HTML, JS, JQuery, CSS, and integration with many eCommerce and social media platforms. I also have a good experience in PHP, C/C++ and Objective-C (iOS mobile).

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HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails

I'm a software developer with over 17 years of experience. My focus now is on web development, and specifically, JavaScript, HTML5, and Ruby on Rails.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

3+ years of experience in software and WEB systems development for the Telecom market. Experience with Ruby On Rail, Java, HTML, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Git, Subversion, Google Maps API. Graduated in Computer Engineering in 2008. I'm adaptive, pro-active, love to learn new things and technologies.

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Ruby on Rails developer

I'm a Ruby and Ruby on Rails professional looking for a challenging and interesting web apps developer position in Bangalore. My primary goal for the Organization I'm going to work with would be to be a catalyst in increasing profit and/or reducing cost by leveraging my skills as a techie person and also as a person who can learn lessons from life itself in general.

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Full Stack Web Developer/ Designer

I'm a junior full-stack web developer with over 10 years experience in different areas of technology. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and I just finished a coding bootcamp with Bloc,Inc and can work on the frontend and backend of a web application. I work with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Coffeescript, Rspec, Git, Zurb-Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, Angularjs, Nodejs and API’s.

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Ruby on Rails | Backbone JS | Node js | HTML5

I am looking for opportunities to work with exciting people on wonderful websites. I have developed some exciting social websites using Rails3 and Backbone js Specialties: - Ruby, Rails, Node JS, C#, .Net - Webservices,SLIM, HAML, LESS, SAAS, HTML/CSS - Javascript, Jquery, Backbone JS, - Object Oriented Design, Relational Database, Mysql, Postgres, NoSql, HBase, S3

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Ruby / Rails developer

More than 5 years in web development. Currently working with Ruby, RoR, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Ember.js

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Ruby on Rails Expert with 3 years of experience

Top-notch ruby on rails developer with 3 years of experience in web development.

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Ruby On Rails Developer

hi i am ruby on rails developer i have 1.3 year of exp on this

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Ruby on Rails, Android

Software developer , with focus on web based application development with Ruby on Rails.

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Sen Ruby on Rails Developer

About me I am a talented and experienced full-stack web application developer. I work almost exclusively in Ruby on Rails. I love developing applications "the Rails way". I appreciate the brilliance of the Rails architecture and enjoy using it to build world-class applications. I’ve created a number of complex systems using Rails. Responsibilities Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code. Integration of data storage. Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic. Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems. Help maintain code quality, organization and automation. Production development and maintenance. Taking care of architecture. Skills Experience with Ruby on Rails, along with other common libraries such as RSpec and Resque Good understanding of the syntax of Ruby. Solid understanding of object-oriented programming

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Ruby On Rails developer

Ruby On Rails developer. Have a well experience in development web-app's back-end using RoR. Also I always grow up as frontend developer using modern frontend frameworks such as Angular, React, Backbone etc in my projects. My core skills: - Ruby 2.0 and higher - I like to use Ruby based microframeworks: Sinatra, Grape, Padrino, Roda etc. - Ruby On Rails 4 - Knowledge of popular Ruby gems (devise, active admin, kaminari, carrierwave, cancancan, simple_form, capistrano etc) - I love tests! (Rspec, Capybara, BDD, userstory) - Front-end: Vanilla JS, CoffeScript, AngularJS, JQuery, SASS, Slim, Jade - API: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google

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JavaScript/Ruby on Rails Web Developer

I'm a junior-level web developer with training in Ruby on Rails, and professional experience working with PHP, with a heavy dose of JavaScript included in every step on my journey to a master-level developer. I have a deep interest in improving my understanding and skill with JavaScript frameworks, and an unfaltering loyalty to creating applications with Rails. Aside from the list of technologies, I love building neat things on the web, solving problems, and knowing that others are happy as a result of my code!

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Ruby on Rails Developer - C.S. Engineer

My name is Bruno Tagliani, Im a Computer Science Engineer senior, at the Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, graduating soon. I've been working on full stack Web Development, using Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, SASS, Haml, MongoDB, Cucumber, Selenium webdriver and a variety of other languages and template engines for over 2 years now, and Im aspiring to meet great people and work on great ideas. We used PivotalTracker to manage our agile development process. I stopped working because I was finishing my Thesis and wanted to dedicate myself to it full time. I worked for WyeWorks, alongside Santiago Pastorino, Rails Core Contributor. I'd love to meet and form part of a great team. My developer philosophy is to do the cleanest and most maintainable code possible, and test everything, always. We used to work like this at WyeWorks and I feel is the only way to deliver high quality code, and reliable applications. Hope to talk to you soon!

Uruguay, Montevideo, Montevideo | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

I have great experience building out Ruby on Rails applications from scratch, by myself. UX is really important to me and I always consider the ease of use when building websites.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Backend Developer with experience in Ruby and Rails. Scrum Master

Argentina, Tucuman, San Miguel de Tucuman | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Senior Ruby Developer

More than 4 years of experience in web development. The projects based on PHP and Ruby in conjunction with various other web development technologies. Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Middleman), SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React), CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SVN and GIT are used. Here is a link for metabright profile:

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Full-stack Ruby-on-Rails developer from Chicago

I am currently a web development instructor for the Starter League in Chicago. My educational background is in Engineering and Psychology, with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction. My professional background has included both education and software development. My recent freelance projects have been full-stack work in a Ruby on Rails framework, using the following core technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Heroku and Amazon S3. In addition to standard database-backed work, these projects have involved the development of web scrapers, customization of content management systems, integration of existing web services such as Google maps and Facebook streams, front-end engineering and application deployment.

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Ruby enthusiast|JS ninja candidate|Senior teacher

Hard working, fast learning and quickly adaptive person. I have a background of JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, like innovative things, music, to spot regularities in world around, science research, to study and to teach others. As a teacher I've coordinated student groups for more than 2,5 years under the Scrum process, working majorly as a Scrum Master and Product Owner. Passes a Scrum training under the guidence of Certified Scrum Master.

Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert Ruby on Rails

I have over 3,5 years of experience with Ruby on Rails development. I also have experience in: * Ruby/Ruby on Rails * HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap * PostgreSQL, MySQL * NoSQL, MongoDB * TDD/BDD: RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber, Selenium and WebKit * GIT My github profile:

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Freelancer From India.I have 5 years experience in web development. Would like to take up Jobs in Rails, PHP, MySQL through Elance.

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Rails Developer with Hardware Background

I am a software engineer with 9 years prior experience as a hardware engineer designing boards at a semiconductor company. I transitioned from hardware to software because the aspect of my job I enjoyed the most was writing the software for the boards we sent out. I eventually recognized I was more interested in a career in software development and I decided to leave my position behind and enroll in Dev Bootcamp...risky but it was the best decision I have ever made. With the new skills I have acquired I can give life to many abstract ideas. Furthermore, I bring the experience of having already worked in a technical, project based environment. Specifically, I know how to work in groups, communicate clearly (and frequently), and most importantly meet deadlines. With the combination of my previous engineering experience and my new software skills, I have the ability to create complex, responsive websites within short timeframes.

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Ruby programmer, Drupal expert, Rock climber

Web developer, Drupal expert and Ruby programmer. I have been involved in building many middle to large scale web applications for over 6 years. My development experiences includes wide range of development platforms as well as best sever side practices. I'm familiar with Varnish, Nginx or Apache Solr implementation and fine tuning, these technologies gives a huge performance boost with positive influence on search engines position. I know many effective SEO techniques that can be implemented in any web application - let's say content is not a king, it's a princess. Privately I'm enjoying travels, contact with nature, rock climbing and playing football (a.k.a. soccer).

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Ruby on Rails King

I am very nice in Ror

India, tn, chennai | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Developer

I am a web developer specializing in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have been working with Ruby for almost 1.5 years now and has experience with other technologies such as Drupal over 3 years. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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Lead Ruby on Rails Developer

Hi, I am a Lead Ruby on Rails Developer. I have sound knowledge of Ruby on Rails Development. I have worked with service and product development industry. I have excellent communication skills. My profile on up work having very good reputation and 5 ratings. Refer below link...

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer

I am experienced in developing web applications within the Ruby on Rails framework. Strong technical skills, resourcefulness and ability to communicate and collaborate effectively are my strong points. I always try hard in order to achieve the best possible result. My fluent English will help us to understand each other.

Ukraine, Kharkiv, Kharkiv | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Rails dev w/ a human touch. Prelaunchr Expert

You care about your business. So should your freelancer. I'm committed to responding within 24 hours or less. I care about your needs and I'm all about getting things done. I know how frustrating it is to ask for something and getting something completely different in return. That often happens when one party make assumptions. I'm an expert in making sure both parties are clear about expectations so what you want to get done gets done. Spend less time on fixing things that were done wrong by hiring me! I'm a full stack web developer with 5+ years of experience in software development. - Ruby on Rails - Angular JS - Javascript - Wordpress - Meteor - Node.js / Express - RESTful API - MongoDB - Building MVPs rapidly - User Interviews/Research to gain customer insights - Lean Startup - Design Thinking - A/B Testing - Agile Methodologies

United States, CA, Santa Monica | IT & Programming | Rating 2.6 (2 reviews)
experienced in Ruby, Ruby on Rails.

Software developer, experienced in Ruby, Ruby on Rails. The objective deliver quality software.

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Experienced Web Development and Programming

I am an experienced freelance web developer from the United States, specializing in Wordpress development and in Ruby on Rails web applications with rich JS/AJAX interactivity.

United States, NV, Las Vegas | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Full Stack Expert: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript

Experienced full-stack software developer with solid web application development expertise using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript. Comfortable developing applications from start to finish including setting up automated deployment infrastructure.

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Senior Developer-Ruby on Rails/Laravel/CodeIgniter

Hello, I am senior ruby on rails developer with 5 years experience. TECHNOLOGIES: - Presentation layer Ajax, jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, LESS CSS - Business logic layer RubyGems, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Phusion Passenger, Unicorn, RSpec, Cucumber, Jekyll, Laravel - Development languages jRuby, Ruby, Rubinius, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP - Databases SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle - CMS/E-Commerce Refinery CMS, Spree, ActiveAdmin, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal - Servers Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, HAProxy - Tools Capistrano, RubyMine, Sublime Text, RVM, Git, Jenkins, TeamCity, Ruby-prof Thank you for your consideration, Steve Case

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We Believe in Quality

We believe in Quality. Always provide Quality work within time limit. We stick on our commitment. We always speech by works rather than words. Why choose us: - Responsible, Detail-oriented, Reliable, Goal-oriented, Relentless, Self-motivated, Open-minded, and Willing to learn. - Believe in Quality over Quantity - Have experts of multiple technologies

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (2 reviews)
7+Year Exp, Ruby on Rails, Twilio, Bootstrap, HTML

7+Year Exp, Ruby on Rails, Twilio, Bootstrap, HTML Overview of my skills Language - Ruby (1.8.7, 1.9.x, 2.0.x ) Framework - Rails (2.3.8, 3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 4.0.0) Database - MySql, PostgreSQl , Sqlite, Oracle, MongoDB Javascript - angular.js, Jquery, Prototype. VPS & Cloud services - Heroku, Linode, EC2, Rackspace ,Amazon Webservices (S3, Mechanical Turk) Testing- Development of the application using BDD and TDD,Rspec and Cucumber Payment Gateway - PayPal , Braintree gateway, Stripe, Versioning control using - Github , SVN, Bitbucket Project Management Tools - Jira, Pivotal tracker, Basecamp, Trello Media Management - Real Time video/audio streaming Web server - Apache , Nginx, Thin Deployment using - Phusion Passenger, Capistrano MTA / Mail Server- Postfix , SendGrid, Sendmail VOIP- Twilio API'S - Facebook , Google, Twitter E-commerce development using - Spree, Shopify, CMS - Readmine, Refinery CMS, Radiant, Comfo

India, Karnataka, Bangalore | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (4 reviews)
Space-O, A Company with [x] Get Shit Done Culture

Virtual Tour of Space-O Who Chooses us: - Startups companies - Technical Experts - Marketing and Digital Agency Why you should select Space-O ? - We are 100% Focused on Mobile Technolgoies - We follow LEAN Development - Pixel-Perfect Design - You can expect Technical consultations - We prefer Unit Testings - Very effective communication - We offer weekly demos We are top provider on Elance with only perfect feedback's and happy clients. The best way to decide if you'd like us to work with you is to check feedback's provided by our clients on You'll get a flavor of the sort of things we do and the people we like working with. ##452+ Jobs Completed on Elance ## 7,657+ Hours of work with 300+ Milestones delivered on Elance ## 30%+ Repeated Clients ## 1,324+ Milestones ## 96% Clients Recommend to use our services ## Over 100+ Five Start Ratings **

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (56 reviews)
Power behind your idea

We are power behind your idea. Get in touch with us and discuss your app idea. We at Biz4Solutions are pioneers in mobile and web app development services. We will build quality mobile and web apps for you. We ensure that your app is not just built, but is successful. We at Biz4Solutions will remain your partner throughout the application development cycle, starting from the initial strategizing to the final goal of monetization and revenue generation.

United States, FL, Orlando | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
"Ruby On Rails developer"

I'm working with rails for almost three year, and i've done number of projects in rails facebook/twitter apps, Business applications, Games on web and some credit card processing type things. i'm a computer scientist and have worked on number of technologies including Web, Mobile and Desktop and I love to play with command line (Terminal) Vim is my favorite text editor

Pakistan, Punjab, Multan | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby On Rails developers team

We are experienced developers team. We have a wide range of skills modern technologies around RubyOnRails and related. We're new to Elance. For instance our profile at Freelance: Our site: Github profiles:,

Russia, Moscow, Dubna | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
I make rails apps that power your ideas to reality

I love Ruby on Rails, it is simply the fastest way to do quality apps! For small projects, I probably won't charge because I absolutely love Rails! On larger projects, I do very competitive pricing simply because I love rails and I really am not money oriented. I honestly love rails and I'm here to get your ideas into reality, not too make profit. Please excuse my lack of picture, I will try to upload one as soon as possible!

United States, CA, Garden Grove | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails Developer

I am ruby on rails developer. Experience: - 4+ years with ROR and Javascript - 1 years with Angular framework - 1 years with web designing Skills: - Ruby/Rails3/Rails4, MySQL, Bootstrap3, MySQL - AWS, Heroku, GitHub - HAML, SASS, Coffescript - Paperclip, BrainTree, Paypal, Stripe - Cabybara, Cucumber, Rspec, Factory Girl - Performance Improvement with Caching, CSS and SQL Queries, Site security - Payment Gateway APIs:, Active Merchant gem, Paypal * Some strong points of mine: - Familiar with agile software development methodologies. - Experience with all aspects of Ruby on Rails including designing, architecting, scaling and hosting - Enjoys working as part of a team.

India, Madhya pradesh, Indore | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on rails and QA automation developer

I would love to work in a environment where I am open to suggest any thing that can be used for betterment of things (application). I am having 4+ years experience in web development. I love to play with codes especially when it comes to HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, JS, Jquery, Ajax, and Ruby on Rails, Software Testing. Also familiar with ecommerce is my favourite part in development. And most of all I am not doing this for a part time income, this is my main and only source of income. I am also looking for permanent job where my ideas are free to move, and can be transmitted to my team as well. Well I am not native English speaker but I can read, write and speak it well.

India, Madhya Pradesh, Villeage Amla Tehsil Barnagar Dist Ujjain | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Expert In Ruby on rails Having 4.3 years exp

My name is Sateesh Kambhmapati. I have 4.2 years of experience in building web applications using ruby on rails. I have good knowledge in ruby on rails in different versions(2.3.5, 2.3.8, 3.0.3, 4.1) since I am working in ror from starting of my career. Coming to database level I am good in mysql, postgreysql. I am pretty much comfortable with Bootstrap, Html 5, Css3. I have placed main role in complex applications build using ruby on rails. I have actively participated in various domain projects like RealEsate Domain, Health Care Domain and crowd funding platform and many other projects.

India, Andhrapradesh, Hyderabad | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Rubyist and Passionate Web Developer

An experienced digital application designer and developer with a head for business. I¿m personable and enjoy building relationships and managing teams whilst maintaining a high level of autonomy. An experienced user of Ruby, amongst other languages, I also enjoy managing projects from start to finish, end to end. I can help you at any stage of development, from ground up application design and creation to extensive live testing and application launch. I am passionate about Start Ups. Having been central to a number of tech-focused businesses from the word go, I want to put my expertise in both business management and tech to use by helping innovative and exciting businesses put their ideas out there. For examples of Previous Projects please look at my Employment Information

United Kingdom, London, London | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Web Application Developer(Ruby on Rails/php/java)

Over last 5 years, I have worked in wide range of web applications from small scale application to large start ups, travel portal, social networking site. My main field of expertise are as follows Project management Software Development Consultant Web Application Development Consultant Website Development Ruby on Rails PHP, Zend Framework, Laravel framework, Code Igniter SQL, MYSQL, ORACLE, POSTGRESQL Twitter bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS java, C, C++, C#, .net

Australia, Victoria, Reservoir | IT & Programming | Rating 4.9 (1 reviews)
Building amazing web apps for mobile platforms.

I have been a professional web developer for 14 years, have a Master's in MIS, a passion for mobile web apps, and lots and lots of experience in small companies and start-ups. I strive to build lean, maintainable, and mobile friendly web apps using tech. stacks that are mature, not obscure, and that provide developers with easy-to-use tools. I recently led a team of 5 software engineers working on a crowd-sourcing app in the movie industry ( Our stack includes Rails 4.1, Twitter Bootstrap, Coffeescript, MySql (and Postgres for companion apps). I also designed and coded Tugg's API from scratch, along with Node.js and Ruby EventMachine clients. Check out I also constructed Tugg's core logistics and operations web application using ActiveResource to talk to via its API (that I built).

United States, TX, Austin | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web Developer, PHP/Ruby/JavaScript

I am a web developer and Computer Science student. I have experience with medium-size projects in PHP and Ruby on Rails. I can also code server- and client-side JavaScript (Node.js and Ember.js, for example), and I am a fast learner. I have done Java and Android development before. I contribute to a few open-source libraries in my spare time.

Germany, Thuringia, Jena | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Brooklyn based full-stack Rails developer

A full-stack Rails developer living in Brooklyn, NY, I have experience with frontend and backend Rails development, server setup and configuration, in addition to basic php and extensive ecommerce functionality with Magento and Spree. I am an avid reader and have a keen eye for detail and design, and would love to build you a fully responsive, functional, and beautiful website.

United States, NY, Brooklyn | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Rubyist, TDD/BDD-er, great OOP skills

Software Engineer, Mentor, Trainer, and Manager in a wide variety of business applications, Object Oriented Programming, Test Driven Development and eXtreme Programming. Particularly interested in lightweight methodologies, Smalltalk, Ruby, and various functional languages. I have over 12 years of professional software engineering experience.

United States, MI, Saline | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails developer

I am ruby on rails developer. I am working at Leapfrogr technolgy, nepal around 8 month. I have been using some coffescript and sass alone with my project. I have completed BIM(Bachelor in information management) from St.xavier's college, kathmandu.

Nepal, Kathmandu, kathmandu | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Web Development & Design Expert

Ruby on Rails, Laravel, YII, CodeIgniter, AngularJS Expert. Involved in DEVELOPMENT and DESIGN of many web sites using PHP frameworks; Strong knowledge and enough experience of Web Site Development and Design; - 2 Years of Ruby on Rails - 2 Years of AngularJS - 2 Years of Laravel - 3 Years of Yii - 3 Years of CodeIgniter - Very good at HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3

China, Liaoning, Dalian | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Full stack Ruby on Rails developer with an experience of more than 3+ years. I have a good knowledge in Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery Framework, Backbone.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Social APIs..

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Experienced Software Engineer

I am an experienced developer with experience in C, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Erlang, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. I have contributed to social and ecommerce sites, including handling online payments securely, and I am the lead developer of I am the author of widely used open source Ruby libraries for PDF file generation, remote method invocation, and an object oriented database.

United States, null, Brentwood | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)
Polyglot web and software developer

I'm Kristian – I've been programming for over six years in various languages. I began using PHP and Wordpress, as well as basic CSS and HTML, but I've progressed to Ruby, Ruby on Rails, as well as Node.js and other Javascript tools (Ember.js is my favorite currently). I've written a couple iPhone apps, and I've also spent a fair amount of time doing database work. You should hire me because I have experience in all fields, but more than that, I'm professional and communicative. I can help you make the right decisions, but we can also talk about *why* that's the right decision and what other options there are. I hope to talk to you soon. Kristian

United States, WA, Bellingham | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
A developer who designs, a designer who develops

I am a highly-experienced combo Ruby on Rails developer/designer, with extensive UI design skills. I can easily take you from prototype to product by myself, at the same time I've also worked with remote teams. My specialty is in single-page web app front-end development using backbone.js.

Philippines, Cebu, Cebu City | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
To invent, you need a good imagination

I am a developer. I love to code using nodejs, java, ruby, etc to build an awesome application. Being a programmer is like an artist. I have to look a things more closely than other people do. I have to find beauty in everyday things and situations. And I have to look at things in different ways in order to generate new perspectives.

Indonesia, Riau, Pekanbaru | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)
Ruby on Rails, AngularJS developer

My name is Kirill Grin and i'm Ruby on Rails and AngularJS developer. I came to web development after 3 years work on QA position and have a good understanding on how should work web-services and UI. Mostly of my working time i was involved in high-loaded project as Ruby on Rails and AngularJS developer. Before i start my job on a project, I usually prepare a list of questions related with given features to improve understanding between me and project owner.

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Ror/IOS/Android Developer

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from PUCIT, I’ve been in the software field since sep, 2010 and gained extensive experience in different aspects of software engineering, including software design, application programming, requirement gathering, understanding and QA testing. Currently I am senior software engineering at Coeus-Solutions GmbH and have worked on several web-based projects for our clients. More importantly, throughout my career I’ve been continuously interested in Ruby on rails development. However I have done development in IOS and Android as well. People who know me best say that I work very hard, adaptable in every situation, quick learner, never give up and continually look for ways to provide the highest quality products. I am self-motivated and enjoy working in a team environment. Visit my linkedIn account: I like working with technology Ruby on rails and been waiting radically different opportunity.

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Web Developer | Ruby on Rails

Professional and responsive Rails developer working hard to help you meet your goals.

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I am ruby on rails developer

Hi, I am Javascript, ROR and Capybara/Cucumber/Rspec developer, having more then 3 years of experience in web development with expert in javascript, web designing, social API integration, Heroku, AWS, GIT, Cucumber, Capybara. I have done various projects on RoR and now I am feeling very confident and more familiar with RoR. * Skills: • Ruby/Rails3/Rails4, MySQL, Bootstrap3, MySQL • AWS, Heroku, GitHub • HAML, SASS, Coffescript • Paperclip, Paypal, Stripe • Cabybara, Cucumber, Rspec, Factory Girl • Twilio API, social API integration. I also have expertise on managing servers and deploying rails application on the server on Heroku. Thanks

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Senior Ruby on Rails developer & Project manager

I've been directly involved in building 6 start-ups over the last 4 years. All of which have gone onto become successful ventures in profitability, user-base, or raising venture funding. I have 4+ years of Ruby on Rails experience, I am a full-stack developer and a project manager. I've managed teams of upto 8 people and always get the job done on time, and meet expectations!

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agile developer, .net advanced semi senior, rails

Self-motivated agile programmer with over 3 years experience working on software development. Adept at deliver the best possible solution, using the right tool for the right problem, prioritizing and completing requirements to meet customer’s needs. Passionate developer with strong teamwork and autodidact skills. Committed with growing and improving my software development best practices.

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Ruby on Rails developer

I am working as Ruby on Rails developer, having 3 years experience in this area. I believe in quality of work, meeting time line to have long term work relationships with clients, and accept work as challenge. In previous 3 years, I had private job as ruby on rails developers.

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Ruby on Rails and AngulatJs Developer

Over the last 4 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using HTML, CSS, DIV, TABLE, TABLELESS, DHTML, XHTML, with latest trends and designs including JavaScript for small businesses. I am trying to be self-motivated, reliable and receptive. Always trying to learn new techniques and bring fresh ideas to projects. I am in quest of opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business and extensive applications in Ruby on Rails, Mysql and postgres. I have also worked on mostly social media api like facebook, twitter, Google+ and Linkedin etc. I also have good experience in the following areas: SQL, Ajax, Jquery, OOPS, and software designing. I accept as true in delivering the project right on time with Qualities.

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Development with a global perspective

With years of experience developing software using open-source technologies for a wide range of clients, from health care organizations to art galleries, I take pride in providing code which is both flexible and easy to understand. As an adept of Test-Driven Development, I can ship your code with an automated test suite, making if safer to modify later. I have extensive experience working with Python, Ruby, Java, Perl and JavaScript.

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I write code to make Websites interactive & power

Ruby and Ruby on Rails professional working for Web Development. I have worked as a Scrum Member for various projects ,I am capable team player who works well with people at all levels. Also involved in analysis and design, development, implementation, maintenance and testing on client-server and stand alone environment of Ruby on Rails applications.

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Expert RoR,AJAX,JQuery,angularjs,boostrap 3

Focus now: - Ruby on rails (2.x, 3.x), various gems, running on Mac OSX 10.8.2 (RVM ruby 1.8 & 1.9 & 2.x) - Test: TDD, unit test, Rspec, Cucumber - Test client: jasmine, mocha, Protractor (for angularjs) - HTML5 & CSS3, Validity, Canvas, Twitter bootstrap 2 & 3 (responsive design) - Javascript: Angularjs, emberjs, jQuery, jQueryUI, Ajax, Nodejs, coffeescript, spinejs - Redis, PostgreSQL, MonggoDB, MySQL, MS SQL Server - Corel, Photoshop, illustrator - Server: Heroku, Amazon EC2, Hostgator, godaddy - Server code: SVN, Git, Github, Assembla, bitbucket - Manager Project: Assembla, trello - Purchase: ideal, paypal... I'm hard working and responbility in work. I'm availabel 24/7 on skype, anytime all can discussion I have 7+ years developer, in many complex system with many programming language. Oriented programming, MVC, Security.... If you need the man working creative, good group communication and good quick study new technology, may be is me I'm friendly and alwa

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Ruby on Rails / Laravel / Angular.js Developer

I am a full-stack developer with 4 years of experience working with clients in education, government, non-profits, and large corporations. 1) Back-end Development (Primarily Rails, Laravel, and Node.js) 2) Front-end development (Angular.js, SASS, Bootstrap) 3) Application/Information architecture 4) Devops and Workflow/Process engineering 5) Server and application maintenance and debugging I am an excellent choice for freelance work because I maintain a holistic view of the project from start to finish - being a full-stack developer I always have my eye on issues such as performance, user experience, and maintainability. I like to think of my work as sustainable development! Through agencies and my freelance gigs, I have worked with companies and organizations such as: Pfizer Hearst Publishing The Mellon Foundation US Department of Veterans Affairs US Department of Health and Human Services Yeshiva University MIT Yale University

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Ruby-on-Rails Developer

Highly talented and accomplished Software Developer with 17 years experience in systems administration and software development. Consistent history of improving efficiency, and increasing productivity with solutions provided. Outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills resulting in effective working relationships and top performance among staff. An excellent communicator between technical staff and customers that can translate complex technical concepts into easily understood terms.

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Ruby on Rails team

Team of web developers with experience in developing web applications using technologies like Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, AngularJS. We always take responsibility for our work and strive to deliver high quality results using up to date technologies and tools.

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Ruby on Rails, php, Moovweb, SEO

I am having 4+ experience in web development on Ruby on Rails and also having good experience with Moovweb Technology. I have assisted several companies for past 3 years in web development. My skill sets include:- Framework:- Rails 3x Lanuage:- Ruby, HTML, HAML, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Tritium Designing:- Twitterbootsrap, zurb foundation, css, sass Database:- Mongodb, Mysql, Postgres, sqlite3 API:- Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin I have worked on web applications in Ruby on Rails and Moovweb projects. I am looking forward to work on Projects commensurate to my skills and aptitude.

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Ruby developer

I am skilled web-developer with with passion to solve difficult problems, fix and develop things. I have a serious background in the fields of programming, computer networking (CCNP level), Linux servers administration. Besides I am primarily a Ruby developer, I am also skilled in other programming languages, such as Python (Django), PHP5, Perl, Delphi, Bash. I also know SQL and markup languages like HTML5, CSS3, HAML, CSS, ERB and so on.

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Professional web programming with Ruby On Rails

Software developer with focus on web development with Ruby On Rails, the most productive tool for this task. I love to work on web apps from the moment of the first idea till shipping the value to its users. Studying computer science gives me a solid understanding of the concepts and tools we are using as web developers.

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20 years of passionate software development

First and most important (in my humble opinion) is my passion for software development. I don't do this for any other reason than the joy it gives me to tell the computer what to do, even though it doesn't always comply at the first try :-) I started learning about programming at a very young age, but I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that currently I specialize in website development with Ruby on Rails, but there are a host of other technologies I'm well versed in too (see my profile). My biggest developments include payroll automation software, corporate websites, and vertical portals.

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Experienced Web & Mobile App Developer

I am a highly experienced software engineer based in Birmingham, UK. I specialise in web & mobile app development with Ruby on Rails & Sencha Touch respectively. I have over 5 years commercial experience and have worked with a number of clients ¿ some of which are world-leaders in their respective industries ¿ to develop a variety of web and mobile apps.

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Ruby on Rails expert

I am an experienced Ruby on Rails developer currently living in Manchester, UK. I have previously worked on some of the biggest Ruby on Rails sites in the UK.

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Skilled Web Engineer

Skilled web developer, have 8 years corporate J2EE java back end development experience. Enjoy developing PHP and most recently RUBY ON RAILS. Establishing a web development and hosting company.

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Senior Ruby on Rails & AngularJS Developer

Hello, I'm a senior developer who is proficient with major web development languages and platforms. As a full stack programmer, over the past 8 years I've created a number of complex systems including e-commerce sites, inventory management systems, forum applications, internal organizational systems, and order fulfillment systems. I continually learn new ways and approaches to help you avoid costly mistakes and rework in your next project. Also experienced in team building and leading, and I am seeking opportunities for helping you to build your technical business. Here's my skill set. - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Gems - JavaScript - JQuery, AngularJS, HighchartJS, NodeJS - PostgreSQL, mySQL - HTML, LESS CSS, BootStrap - C

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Expert PHP Developer

I am an experienced PHP developer -- also specializing in MySQL, AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, HTML/CSS, XML, JSON, CakePHP, Smarty, Ruby on Rails, Git, MongoDB, AngularJS, etc.

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Cutting edge web development and graphic design.

"La Constructora" is a group of creative and highly effective professionals with knowledge and experience in delivering cutting edge web based applications with strong emphasis on functionality and graphic design. Our team is composed of professionals with experience in fields such as: Web programming, application programming, database management, graphic design, visual communication, security, operating systems and open source software. "La Constructora" is committed to deliver high quality services efficiently and with a strong attitude towards customer satisfaction.

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Expert enterprise level software developer.

Combining nearly 30 years of highly technical experience in the areas of enterprise level software development, systems integration engineering, database design and data migration, consulting, training, and technical documentation, I am adept at utilizing my functional skills to perform problem analysis, recommending the best solutions, and utilizing my technical skills to implement solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. I function well in fast-paced, continuously changing environments where my capacity to prioritize responsibilities and manage multiple projects simultaneously coupled with my aptitude to learn new programming languages, technologies and tools at a highly accelerated rate are utilized. I demonstrate exceptional attention to detail and the capability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

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UK Based Senior-Level Website Developer

UK based, fluent English speaking, web developer of Ruby on Rails based database driven websites, with a proven track record working with front-facing and back-end systems. Experience: a total of 3 years of commercial experience and 1 year of freelance experience.

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Ruby on Rails Freelancer

I have been doing software development since 2003. I have worked on web applications, large scale distributed systems. I graduated from college in 2007 with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I am well-versed in a variety of programming languages - primarily Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and C++. I am currently also in the process of picking up Python. In the past life, I also co-founded a software house d3velopers where I was solely responsible for development of some very interesting projects like Chat Tool for Assembla, Anycarhire UK, Startupblvd. All were built using RoR and some PHP. These days I am working on a music app store for Polyvinyl Records. It is basically a revamp of their current site. This site has been built using PHP CI framework. On a personal level, I am an easy to go with kind of personality. I believe in keeping the team's spirit high, and love to self organize myself. I love my job and what I do and take pride in it.

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Ruby on Rails | iOS | CSS | HTML5 | Bootstrap

I am a Ruby on Rails developer, having 2 years of experience in web development with expert in Rails, web designing, Heroku, GIT. Skills: $ Excellent working experience $ Rails4, Bootstrap3, MySQL ,Spree e-commerce $ AWS, Heroku, GitHub $ HAML, SASS, Coffescript $ Paperclip (), BrainTree, Paypal, Stripe

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Rails Craftsman

Self taught programmer | Lover of Ruby, Linux and Open Source

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Ruby on Rails Developer

I'm Ruby on Rails Developer. I know HTML, HAML, Slim, CSS, SCSS, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Heroku, GitHub ect. I am going to complete all your tasks.

Russia, Tomsk Oblast, Tomsk | IT & Programming | Rating 0.0 (0 reviews)

I'm a Professional PHP/Rails developer with 8 years of software develop experience. My goal is ALWAYS providing my clients the best services to achieve your business success. I have a lot of experience in PHP, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, HTML, jQuery, Ajax and page speed up. proficient with git and svn, work for a long time using bitbucket.

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Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Developer with English fluency. Three years of experience in design, development, test and deployment of web apps, using mostly Ruby on Rails and BackboneJS. I work in a e-commerce website for one of the biggest department stores in America, and I seek for part time jobs to apply my skills. BSc in Computer Science.

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I started off as a Database Analyst working with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and all the OSs inbetween. From creating custom monitoring scripts for these technologies, I soon moved on to becoming a web developer, giving me five years experience in Ruby/Rails/PHP/MySQL/jQuery development. At the moment I'm working on a ruby on rails project for Sage Ireland. Applicable experience includes developing heroku hosted services, using frameworks such as refinerycms and spree, and using various technologies such as SASS, Sahi, jasmine, sugarjs and more.

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Senior Ruby On Rails Developer

Fast, enterprising, sociable and responsible RubyOnRails developer. Also, I like parties, disco and fitness.

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ruby on rails

A TALENTED and work hard Ruby on Rails developer in China Have 3+ years work experience for American Company, and worked with colleagues in US for many projects, including inside company projects for managing work times, client projects with complex logic which is already online and earn money. Good communication in English, well understanding with requirement. And quality code is my desire. Always want to learn more, and challenge more. Want to create more successful products with passionate guys Enjoy free life, enjoy happy coding, enjoy learning something new. And get ready for them Thanks for visiting me, and hope you can hire me :)

China, Zhejiang, Hangzhou | IT & Programming | Rating 5.0 (1 reviews)