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Analytics Programmers near Berkeley: 145+ Freelancers Found

Cory Mawhorter
United States
San Jose, CA
Javascript, PHP, C#, .NET Framework, ...
I started programming when I was 11 years old and now have over 15 years of coding professionally under ...
Jeanine S.
United States
Santa Clara, CA
Ruby on Rails, Perl, MySQL Administration, ...
Ruby on Rails and Perl developer who builds reliable, easily maintainable web applications and tools. ...
Your Web Programmer
United States
Pleasanton, CA
PHP, HTML, Java, MySQL Administration, C#, ...
We are a small company located on the West Coast of the United States. We specialize on designing ...
PixelFlare Design - Wordpress, HTML5,...
United States
San Francisco, CA
SEO, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flash, ...
**Top 5% in Wordpress & SEO contractors since 2010** Specialize in the highest quality, custom ...
Kirsten S.
United States
San Francisco, CA
Microsoft Excel
I'm a seasoned Actuary, with 7 years experience building, analyzing, and automating work products in ...
Daniel G.
United States
Berkeley, null
PHP, Adobe Flash, Analytics, Python, AJAX, Java
We are experts in web application design - with over 30 years of experience between us. We have ...
Ravi Punj
United States
Berkeley, CA
Javascript, CSS, HTML5, MySQL Programming, ...
Currently completing my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the ...
Chris J.
United States
Kingsburg, CA
HTML5, CSS, WordPress, SEO, Ecommerce, ...
I am a professional web developer who focuses on my client. I have over 10 years working with websites ...
Asha J.
United States
San Francisco, CA
leaflet, less, jQuery, Javascript, Mobile ...
My specialties are web based Data Visualization, Data Journalism and Interactive Frontend. I have a ...
Anna H.
United States
Woodside, CA
Analytics, Perl, SQL, Microsoft Excel, Data ...
Here's what I can do for you: 1) Design and build a database in FileMaker, MySQL, or MS Access. 2) ...
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