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Flash Programmers near Los Angeles: 130+ Freelancers Found

Dan Schaefer
United States
Oxnard, CA
PHP5, HTML5, Content Writing, Ruby, jQuery, ...
A principal engineer (BSEE) with many years experience in Hardware Design, Software Development, ...
David Talley
United States
Huntington Beach, CA
ActionScript, Internet Marketing, MySQL ...
Freelance web designer/developer with experience in large and small scale PHP/MySQL projects, ...
Charity L.
United States
San Diego, CA
PHP5, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery, SEO, ...
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke ...
Rachel Manning
United States
Los Angeles, CA
Drupal, HTML5, HTML, CSS, WordPress, SEO, ...
I'm a do it all front end developer and designer. I work with individuals and small to medium sized ...
Derek Youssi
United States
Laguna Hills, CA
ASP.NET, ActionScript, Adobe Flash, Adobe ...
I have been working full time for 4+ years as the lead programmer and web developer for my main client. ...
Samuel P.
United States
La Mirada, CA
Web Services, WordPress, Drupal, SEO, SEM, ...
The Lab is based in Los Angeles County, USA. We are local to many clients seeking freelance work on ...
United States
Los Angeles, CA
osCommerce, Magento
We are a Los Angeles based web design and development company, specializing in open-source e-commerce ...
Bonnie M.
United States
Tehachapi, CA
Customer Service, Joomla!, Joomla 2.5, ...
I am an independent developer, working alone. I am 47 years old. I am triple majoring in college in ...
Brandon Morrison
United States
Long Beach, CA
Adobe Photoshop, PHP5, CSS, HTML5, Adobe ...
I'm a web developer and designer. A former paid intern of the Los Angeles Lakers and other large ...
Tyler Barabas
United States
Los Angeles, CA
PHP5, WordPress, HTML5, SEO, Content ...
I'm a full-time freelancer based in CA. I have 8 years experience designing web sites with PHP, MySQL, ...
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