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Aric Rosenbaum
United States
Basking Ridge, NJ
ActionScript, Adobe Flex, Amazon Web ...
Experienced, entrepreneurial, hands-on executive with more than 20 years of experience solving business ...
Aaron H.
United States
New York, NY
PHP5, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, WordPress, ...
I know you are hoping to read a 3000 word treatise on development methodologies and company culture; ...
Dan Nissenbaum
United States
Greenfield, MA
C++, PHP5, MySQL Administration, AJAX, SQL ...
I have 20 years of C++, Java, and PHP experience, and a PhD in computational physics. I do my work in ...
Charles Holbrook
United States
Ellicott City, MD
HTML5, PHP5, ASP.NET, Sencha, Ext JS, ...
I am a web architect and specialize in creating rich user experiences for enterprise web applications. ...
Antonio Hung
United States
Valley Cottage, NY
IOS development, AS3, Objective-C, iPhone, PHP
IOS Developer with over 4 years of experience.
Joseph Fox
United States
Glen Burnie, MD
C++, Java, HTML5, MySQL Administration, ...
Hello, my name is Joseph and I am the leader of Vertex Repair, a computer repair and software ...
Alexander P.
United States
New York, NY
ASP.NET, CSS, Javascript, Microsoft ...
I have been working with CSS/jQuery and SharePoint for several years now as a developer, and have my ...
Kevin Smithwick
United States
Storrs, CT
PHP, PHP5, Javascript, SQL Programming, ...
Strong knowledge of PHP, ASP, .NET, Flash, Visual Basic, C++, Visual C++, Delphi, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ...
Alexander Bisignano
United States
New York, NY
AJAX, WordPress, CSS, English-Spanish ...
Alex Bisignano originally started programming to meet the bioinformatic needs of various medical and ...
Kris W.
United States
Poughkeepsie, NY
I am what is known as a front end and back end web developer. You can learn all about me at
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