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Stephanie B., Creative Writer
United Kingdom
Aleks S., Programmer
Benjamin O., Designer
United States
Pavel K., Programmer
Brian A., Financial Analyst
United States
Yanina F., Designer
Mansi G., Programmer
Khalima M., Illustrator
Mike F., Writer
United States

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“Freelancing has given me the ability to escape corporate America by moving to Puerto Rico and living my dream of owning a farm.”
Sarah R. , Writer
Puerto Rico
“Through freelancing on Elance I have found my true path in life. I was never meant to be someone's employee. Being laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me!”
Thomas H. , Writer/Editor
United States
“Freelancing through Elance has also allowed me to be mobile, which is a source of inspiration for me, as I get to move my work place from the countryside to the city and back again.”
Yoko M. , Graphic Designer

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