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"Elance has helped us achieve things I never knew possible, even in my metropolitan city. Rather than staffing up with employees, we hire specialists for projects such as research, programming, web design & development, and more."
David G.
McAllister and Quinn

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What's Possible with Elance:

"Elance has made a platform for business owners to take
advantage of the power of programmers without any of the
worry that goes with it. With Elance, I can see what my
programmers are doing and ensure I'm only paying when
they are working. I also don't have to worry about
payment issues and know that my information is safe.
That's why I use Elance."
Kevin Zittle

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What's Possible with Elance:

"I use Elance for jobs too difficult or time-consuming for in-house. This frees our staff to work on more creative projects or ones they're more suited for. Elance's cost was 60% less, and I was thrilled with my team's combination of language skills and technical accuracy."
James C.
Challenge Power Trans.

Why Clients Choose Elance:

Clients love Elance - 96% of new clients would come back and hire again.
9 out of 10 clients say the talent is better than or equal to who they would otherwise hire.
Clients on average save 50% of their hiring costs.
Elance provides business with a way to address very specific skills gaps.
Maxim B., LA Web Factory
"As a global business, Elance has been the ideal associate for me. Without them, I wouldn't have achieved many of my project goals."More   

Maxime has hired Elancers from around the world for everything from translation and writing to website development, data entry and link building. He estimates savings of $250,000 from using Elance.

Alisha F., Hummingbird Hall
"Being from a rural area, it can be hard to find talent at the right time and price. Using Elance is like having an extended team of specialists, everywhere, who you can use when needed."More   

Owner Alisha Fuller loves Elance because she can remain competitive in the wedding market while attracting guests from around the world. From a beautiful and rural location she loves living in and sharing with others, she’s able to use programmers for a wide variety of jobs and projects – from Hummingbird Hall’s website to financial projects. Alisha estimates she saves 60-70% by using Elance, and is able to use the savings to pay her staff well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Daniel C., Echoer
"Elancers never seem to have a problem taking work on and keeping up with the demands of my busy startup, they're great."More   

Daniel prefers flexibility and specialized skills, two benefits of working with Elance. He and his team often call upon Elance for researchers, translators, data processors, localized PR and other freelance experts to maintain their momentum. It must be working because they recently won Google’s People’s Choice Award, Le Web ’11.

Brad S., ClearMechanic
"In terms of project work, Elance is always the first place I go. Living in an area where the cost of living is high, the time and money I save helps me to focus on what's most important."More   

Brad estimates he saves 50-80% on projects by using programmers around the world, including several Elancers whom he has ongoing relationship with (including developers and a data analysis team). But as well as saving money, the team at ClearMechanic loves how Elance simplifies working with overseas contractors. They save time and headaches while communicating with and paying workers in other countries. This allows Brad to focus on the core projects needed for success.