New VAT–Compliant Invoices

To simplify tax reporting, Elance adds Value Added Tax (VAT) options to invoicing.

Exclusive to Elance, it's now simple for freelancers based in Europe, Australia or Canada to add VAT to invoices to comply with local VAT legislation. See a list of countries we currently support and more information about how VAT works on Elance.

Easily add VAT on proposals and invoices.
Invoices meet all VAT requirements.
Fully comply with your local tax laws.
You control VAT Options.
Decide whether to add VAT to job proposals and invoices.
Simple VAT controls.
Specify VAT rate, and with a few clicks make VAT required.
Clients receive itemized invoices.
Breakdown cost by work done, plus a line item for VAT.
No drawbacks for you.
Itemized VAT informs clients they would pay same tax to local workers.
Legal compliance.
Now receive freelancer invoices that meet local regulations.
Easy to understand invoices.
See a separate line item with VAT applied.
No surprises.
Know exactly what your total price will be before work begins.
Easy payments.
Make tax amount hassle-free.