NOTE: Version 1 of the Elance Developer API is officially deprecated. Please work on porting existing applications that use the Elance Developer API to the most recent version.

The Elance Developer API exposes the power of the Elance system through a simple, Web-based interface that can be called from any application platform. Using the Elance API, you can obtain profile data for providers, search our database of available jobs, and obtain listings of groups and their members. All that is required is an account on our system, and an API key (available upon request). Our documentation will tell you everything you need to know to begin consuming the API on your development platform of choice.

Consult our Help pages for instructions on how to request an API key.


Getting Started

Learn about the basic structure of an Elance API command request and response, and see an example of how you can consume the API in a PHP script or an AJAX application.

Profile Methods

Obtain all public information on an Elance provider, including their skills, current and past jobs, earnings (if available), and client testimonials.

Search Methods

Search all currently available jobs and provider profiles on Elance.

Group Methods

Request details or member rosters for a specific Elance professional group.

Util Methods

Request data (such as categories) that is used by several Elance Developer API methods.

Manage Methods

Obtain information pertaining to the logged in user's account, including lists of jobs and recent messages.

Workroom Methods

Obtain detailed information from an Elance Workroom, including job bids, messages, and Work View™ details.

Pay Methods

Obtain invoices and payment details for both hourly and milestone-based projects.

Using OAuth

Explains how to use the OAuth authentication protocol to access the Workroom and Manage methods.

Code Examples

Demonstrates how to work with the Elance Developer API from various programming languages, such as PHP and client-side Javascript.