The Elance Developer API provides access to the following data maintained by Elance.

tableofcontents_number_textClients and Providers

A client in Elance is an entity (person or company) that posts requests for work. A provider is an entity (person or company) that accepts work requests and delivers a measurable result to a client.

Information that has been made public by providers is returned by:

Selective information about clients is returned as part of job and bid data (see below).


A job in Elance is a request for work that has been posted by a client. Different Elance API methods return different sets of job data.

General Job Data: returned when an Elance API method returns jobs that may not have been awarded to a provider. General Job Data is returned by:

Working Job Data: returned by API methods that report on awarded jobs. Contains General Job Data, as well as the current job status, the number of proposals placed, and whether the job is hourly or fixed-price, among other information. The format of Working Job Data is specified by the JobData object in Common Data Types. Working Job Data is returned by:

Job Proposal Data: returned by Workroom API methods that report on jobs in the context of reviewing proposals. Similar to Working Job Data, Job Proposal Data is represented by the JobData object specified in Common Data Types. The major difference is that Job Proposal Data excludes the status property. Job Proposal Data is returned by:

tableofcontents_number_textBids and Workrooms

A bid (also referred to as a proposal) is a provider's commitment to complete a job within a set time frame and at a set price. One job may have many bids.

The placement of a bid creates a Workroom, which is a shared work and communication space that can be used by both the client and the provider both before and after the bid is accepted. (In the Elance system, Workrooms are identified by bid IDs.) At a minimum, two people - the client and the provider - have access to a Workroom. The client may invite other employees of his or her company to the Workroom, and a provider with a Team account on Elance may invite other members of his or her team into the Workroom as well.

Besides information about the bid placed, bids also contain a limited amount of provider profile information.

Bid Data is returned by:

Additional Workroom data is returned by full suite of Workroom methods:


A group is a community of service providers based on professional affiliations and verified expertise.

Group data is returned by the Group methods:


An inbox is an electronic mailbox associated with each client or provider on Elance. Whereas a Workroom contains messages only relating to a specific bid, the inbox contains all job and bid e-mails for all jobs, as well as invitations to bid on projects, notification of project term revisions, and payment notifications.

Inbox data is returned by:


A screen is a data capture of a provider's desktop taken as part of the Work View™ feature by the Elance Tracker application. A screen consists of a URL to a screenshot, a thumbnail of the screenshot, and other miscellaneous data, such as time taken.

For more information on Work View™, see the help topic What is Work View™?

Screen data is returned by: