The Pay methods provide access to billing and payment information for Elance projects.

The core of the Pay methods is a set of objects, defined in Common Data Types, that model billings, invoices, and payments for both hourly and fixed-price projects.

The Pay methods can only be used if you have obtained an OAuth Consumer Secret from Elance, as explained in Using OAuth with Authenticated Methods.

Obtains a specific timesheet. Returns either the timesheet specified by a timesheet ID, or the most recent timesheet for the specified bid.

Returns all of the timesheets for the specified bid.

Obtains a specific statuc report. Returns either the status report specified by a status report ID, or the most recent status report for the specified bid.

Returns all of the status reports for the specified bid.

Obtains all billing objects associated with a project.

Obtains all invoices associated with a project.

Obtains all payments made for a project.