The profile/getSearchThumbnail method is an Elance Developer API Profile method that gets the URL for a given user's search thumbnail image. The referenced user may be either a client or a provider.

profile/getSearchThumbnail is a public method. It requires a valid Elance Developer API key, but does not require HTTP authentication. It is invoked as an HTTP GET request.

This method can return straight JSON data, or a Javascript callback. The name of the callback is specified using the jsonp query string parameter.

For more information on the format of an Elance Developer API request, see Getting Started.

tableofcontents_number_textRequired Query String Parameters

Parameter Description
userId The unique numeric ID of a user on the Elance system.

tableofcontents_number_textResponse Data Description

Property Data Type Description
thumbnailURL URL The URL to the specified user's thumbnail image, as displayed in search results. The image will be in either JPEG or GIF format. (Animated GIFs are not supported.)

tableofcontents_number_textRequest/Response Samples in JSON

tableofcontents_number_textRetrieve User Thumbnail Image URL

The following example HTTP GET request demonstrates retrieving the search thumbnail image URL for a specific user. It uses the curl command line utility.


curl ""


    "api": "profile\/getSearchThumbnail",   
	"apiVersion": 1,   
	"rcode": 1,   
	"data": {     
		"thumbnailURL": "http:\/\/\/uploads2\/95\/57\/17323925\/userImage.jpg"  

tableofcontents_number_textError Codes

If the Elance Developer API encounters an error in processing the request, it may return one of the error codes below. The format of error responses is specified in the Getting Started page. For a list of other common errors that can be thrown by this method, see Common API Error Codes.

Error Code Description
E_USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST The user specified by userId does not exist.