The Workroom methods of the Elance Developer API support obtaining detailed information from an Elance Workroom, including job bids, messages, and Workview™ details.

A Workroom is created for a project whenever a job is awarded. The bidId associated with the winning bid is used as the unique identifier for the Workroom. For more information on Workrooms, see "What is The Workroom?" on Elance Help.

Using the workroom/postMessage method, clients can submit messages and attachments to a Workroom through an HTTP POST request.

The Workroom methods can only be used if you have obtained an OAuth Consumer Secret from Elance, as explained in Using OAuth with Authenticated Methods.

Common Data Types
The definition of common object types used by many Elance developer API methods.

Retrieve the list of proposals for the specified job.

Retrieve the detail information for a specified proposal.

Obtain the messages posted to a workroom.

Submit a new message to a workroom.

Retrieve the Work View™ details for the specified proposal, user, and date.

Returns details for a specific screenshot associated with a Work View™ project.