The Elance Developer API Version 2 exposes the power of the Elance system through a simple, Web-based interface that can be called from any application platform. Using the Elance API, you can obtain profile data for providers, search our database of available jobs, and obtain listings of groups and their members. All that is required is an account on our system, and an API key (available upon request). Our documentation will tell you everything you need to know to begin consuming the API on your development platform of choice.

Consult our Help pages for instructions on how to request an API key.


Getting Started

Learn about the basic structure of an Elance API command request and response.

Jobs Methods

Search all jobs, list jobs associated with an employee or a freelancer, and retrieve information for a specific job.

Workroom Methods

Access all messages, users, messages, and Work View™ data associated with an Elance Workroom.

Profiles Methods

View all of the information associated with an employee or a freelancer.

Freelancers Methods

View detailed information on freelancers, and retrieve a list of all freelancers employed by an employer.

Groups Methods

List Elance groups, and retrieve lists of members and jobs belonging to a group.

Utility Methods

Obtain ancillary Elance information, such as the current list of all job categories.