The following data types are used by multiple methods in the Elance Developer API Version 2. 

tableofcontents_number_textEnumerated Data Types

tableofcontents_number_textPhase Enumeration

Value Description
1 auction - The job is open for bidding.
2 selection - The job is closed for bidding, but not yet being worked.
4 canceled - The job was canceled by either the client or the provider.
5 working - Work in progress.
89 complete - The job is marked as complete by the client.  

tableofcontents_number_textMessageType Enumeration

Value Description
feedback A client has left feedback for a provider, or vice versa.
invite An invitation from a client for a provider to bid on a job.
payment A notification that a client has sent a payment to a provider.
pmb A new message posted to a Workroom message board (a.k.a. Private Message Board).
proposal A proposal has been made for a project.
statusreport A notification of a recently filed status report.
terms A notice that initial terms of agreement have been posted for a project, or that the existing terms have been revised. 

tableofcontents_number_textScope Enumeration

Value Description
GENERAL The message is a general message, unrelated to any specific job or bid.
JOB This message pertains to a specific job.
WORKROOM This message was posted to a workroom. 

tableofcontents_number_textDeliveryTimeline Enumeration

Value Description
13001 Within 1 day
13002 Within 3 days
13003 Within 1 week
13010 Within 2 weeks
13011 Within 3 weeks
13004 Within 1 month
13012 Within 2 months
13005 Within 3 months
13006 Within 6 months
13007 More than 6 months