The groups/{groupId}/members method requests a list of all Elance users who have joined and been approved for membership in the designated group.

Large result sets are returned in pages, with one page returned per response, and a default of eight (8) records per page. Client applications can use the rpp query string parameter to increase or decrease the number of records per page. By default, the first page of results is returned with an initial request; additional pages are requested by issuing subsequent requests on the same search with the page query string parameter.

A pre-populated API query to retrieve a group's jobs is returned in the groupMembers response property of the group/{groupId} method.

This method must be called using an HTTPS GET request. All responses are returned in the JSON format.


This method requires that the calling application has authenticated a user with the OAuth 2.0 protocol, as described on the Getting Started page.

tableofcontents_number_textRequired URL Parameters

Parameter Description
groupId The unique numeric identifier assigned to the group by Elance

tableofcontents_number_textOptional Query String Parameters

Parameter Description
page The page number of results to return, numbered beginning from 1. The default is 1. If this number is greater than the number of total pages (as expressed in the response by totalPages), the response contains zero results.
rpp The number of results requested per page. The default is 20. If more than 25 are requested, only 25 results are included in the response.

tableofcontents_number_textResponse Data Description

Property Name Data Type Description
groupMembers GroupMembers object The top-level element that encapsulates all of the other properties in this response.
groupId integer (JSON string) The unique identifier for the group, as supplied in the groupId URL parameter.
totalMembers integer (JSON string) The number of Elance users who belong to this group.
allMembers string (URL format) The URL that displays the group's members as a Web page.
totalPages integer The number of pages of data that can potentially be returned by this request.
page integer The page number, starting from 1, of the page requested using the page property.
numResults integer The number of total records returned by this request.
pageResults MemberSummaryData Object A zero-based array of MemberSummaryData objects (described below) that each describe a single group member.

tableofcontents_number_textMemberSummaryData Data Description

Property Name Data Type Description
userId integer The unique ID, assigned by Elance, that designates the user to whom this profile belongs.
userName string The unique text string, chosen by the user, that the employer or contractor uses to log in to Elance.
businessName string The name of the user's company, if applicable.
tagLine string A brief description of the user's services or business.
hourlyRate decimal The average price the user charges per hour for hourly jobs.
city string The city in which the user resides.
state string The state or province in which the user resides.
country string The country in which the user resides.
earnings6Months integer (JSON string) The total amount, in US dollars, that the contractor has received in payment during the past six months.
feedback6Months integer (JSON string) The number of ratings left for this contractor over the past six months.
posFeedback6Months integer (JSON string) The number of positive ratings received by this contractor over the past six months.
category string Service category of the member. For example: IT & Web Programming.
logo string The URL to the contractor's business image or personal picture.
providerProfileURL string The full URL to the contractor's profile on Elance.

tableofcontents_number_textRequest/Response Examples in JSON


The following URL requests a list of all current members of the group whose ID is 1116.|3784252|PJRXoP3q5Bbo78VdZhqIqg


   "data": {
      "groupMembers": {
         "groupId": "1116",
         "totalMembers": "2337",
         "allMembers": "",
         "totalPages": 293,
         "page": 1,
         "numResults": 8,
         "pageResults": {
            "0": {
               "userId": "300723",
               "userName": "synapseindia",
               "businessName": "SynapseIndia",
               "tagLine": "I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind (R)",
               "hourlyRate": "20.0",
               "city": "New Delhi",
               "state": "New Delhi",
               "country": "India",
               "earnings6Months": "942985.0",
               "feedback6Months": "92",
               "posFeedback6Months": "95",
               "category": "IT & Programming",
               "logo": "",
               "providerProfileURL": ""
            }, [...]
            "7": {
               "userId": "2112878",
               "userName": "InsideMediaCommunication",
               "businessName": "Inside Media Communication - Keep IT simple",
               "tagLine": "WordPress | Joomla | Drupal | Magento | Mobile App",
               "hourlyRate": "20.0",
               "city": "Bucharest",
               "state": "Bucharest",
               "country": "Romania",
               "earnings6Months": "196868.0",
               "feedback6Months": "36",
               "posFeedback6Months": "100",
               "category": "IT & Programming",
               "logo": "",
               "providerProfileURL": ""

tableofcontents_number_textError Codes

Error Description
E_GROUPS_INVALID_GROUPID There is no group corresponding to the ID provided by the groupId URL parameter.

For a list of additional error codes that can be thrown by this method, see Common API Error Codes.