The profiles/my/icon method requests the icon image for the currently authenticated contractor.

This method returns an error (see "Error Codes" below) if the user authenticated with OAuth 2.0 does not have a contractor profile on Elance. To obtain public profile information on another contractor, use the profiles/{nameOrId} method.

This method must be called using an HTTPS GET request. All responses are returned in the JSON format.


This method requires that the calling application has authenticated a user with the OAuth 2.0 protocol, as described on the Getting Started page.

tableofcontents_number_textRequired URL Parameters

There are no required URL parameters for this method.

tableofcontents_number_textOptional Query String Parameters

There are no optional URL parameters for this method.

tableofcontents_number_textResponse Data Description

Property Name Data Type Description
thumbnailURL string The location on the Elance site of the image that serves as the small version of the contractor's site image.

tableofcontents_number_textRequest/Response Examples in JSON

tableofcontents_number_textRequesting the Profile Icon for the Authenticated Contractor


The following URL requests a small version of the image associated with the currently logged in contractor's Elance profile.|3784252|BFEvZuqFVmSUQ9b9elkGHQ


    "data": {
        "thumbnailURL": ""

tableofcontents_number_textError Codes

Error Description
E_USER_SELLPROFILE_NOT_EXIST A contractor profile does not exist for this user.

For a list of additional error codes that can be thrown by this method, see Common API Error Codes.