The Workroom methods in the Elance Developer API (Version 2) enable applications to access all of the data associated with an Elance virtual workspace.

A Workroom is created every time a proposal is made on a project. When a proposal is accepted, that Workroom becomes the Workroom for the project. All Workroom methods require a bidId parameter, which is the unique integer assigned by Elance to a Workroom. The bidId parameter can be obtained using the jobs/my method.

Requests detail information for a Workroom.

Requests a list of all outstanding actions for a Workroom.

Requests a list of all contractors who have access to this Workroom.

Requests the most recent unread messages and notifications in the Workroom, including new messages from other Workroom members and important project notifications.

Requests a list of all messages sent between Workroom members.

Requests a description of the original bid on which the Workroom is based.

Requests update reports filed by contractors against this project.

Requests reports on hours worked that have been filed by contractors against this project.

Requests a list of all users who belong to this workroom.

Requests WorkView™ information for the specified user on the specified project.