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“Annual Impact Report” Shows Vitality Of The Amazing Elance Community.

We want everyone to know about the incredible group of people who make up the Elance community, and how we are working together to create economic opportElance CEO Fabio Rosati video introductionunities for millions of businesses and freelance professionals through online work. This includes spelling out our vision and mission for Elance, as well as sharing real-life stories that celebrate the ingenuity, talent and diversity of Elancers around the globe.

With this in mind we created our first-ever Annual Impact Report. Naturally, many members of our community were a huge part of this endeavor, and we thank everyone who took the time to participate. We asked Fabio, our CEO, to make a quick video introducing the report.

The Annual Impact Report defines what it means to Work Differently.

The report brings to life many dimensions of online work: From a glimpse into the spirit, passion and lives of individual Elancers to a broader look at the impact of our entire community. To get the most value from our Annual Impact Report, we worked with an independent third-party organization based in New York, Imperative, and utilized statistical and measurement frameworks such as the PERMA methodology. This approach has allowed us to contextualize and benchmark the results of the study, and has helped us set measurable goals for improvement over the next year.Page from Elance Annual Impact Report

In other words, our Annual Impact Report is an expression of how we all Work Differently and an exploration into ways we can make online work better. Thanks for being a part of the story, and pass this report on to others to share the virtues of our community and the tremendous value of online work. Watch Fabio’s video introductionElancer Dayna BPage from Elance Annual Impact Report


This is great. !
Thanks Fabio, for this excellent opportunity.
Congratulations to the entire community of Elance.

Wow, there are some incredible numbers in this report! In the name of my team at PowerLancer: congratulations for these amazing achievements and keep up the good work!

Hi, Mr. Fabio Rosati.

Congratulations, the Annual Impact Report.
Particularly I find very interesting this relationship to work online.
It's really fascinating to me, living in Brazil, having the opportunity to share a little of my talent and creativity, with people all over the world.
The Annual Report shows impact through numbers, this whole interaction between all users of Elance.
The Elance today is centered in the United States and its community is around the world. Is there any possibility of decentralization and Elance have in other countries in their original languages​​?

Best regards,

Daniel/ Studio Domingos

I'm sure this report contains great info and I'd love to read it. But the online reader is just horrible and unusable. Can you just provide a downloadable PDF?