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What’s your Elance Brand?

What's in a brand?

Your Elance brand is comprised of a lot of things: Your credentials, your client's satisfaction and endorsement, your expertise and work samples, your professionalism and ability to communicate, your marketing message and more.  To build this kind of presence, trust, and reputation in the offline world costs significant marketing dollars and requires years of customer endorsement. On Elance, your personal brand is created almost instantly, all in one place. So, how can you take advantage of that?

These are some practical tips to make your Elance brand stand up for you:

  • Build a complete, well thought-out profile  
    You want prospective customers to be confident in your skills, so use your online profile to prove your expertise in your field.  Verify all certifications and credentials, list your best work samples in a logically organized portfolio and communicate what you do well. On Elance, you can also create a video to personalize your profile.


  • Create your proposal strategy 
    Simply submitting a bid isn't going to help your brand stand out against the competition. Buyers want to see a response that addresses the specific project requirements they have listed, so it's important to tailor your proposal to differentiate yourself.  Look at it from their side.  They need to get some work done, probably relatively quickly, and they want to trust someone to do a good job. A well thought out proposal shows your true interest in the buyer and their project.  Remember, you are competing to win a long term relationship, not just a project.  Don't be afraid to express your interest and follow up with the buyer a few days later.


  • Deliver consistent results
    This is a must if you want to win repeat clients and build a great reputation on Elance.  Your repeat clients show up on your profile and the network effect and positive word-of-mouth will only strengthen your brand both on and off Elance. Deliver great customer satisfaction and then be assertive about getting that final feedback on your project!