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Meet Campus Joe: A Young Entrepreneur

Joe Colasuonno isn’t your ordinary twenty-something:  he’s a recent college grad, current graduate school student in Biomedical Science, Medical School applicant and entrepreneur.

Joe started two businesses targeting college students, and is using Elance to build his latest venture – CampusJoe.com.

CampusJoe.com is designed to be a one stop platform for campus students.  “It’s an exciting fusion of iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes, and Facebook,” said Campus Joe.  “It will include aspects of social networking, blogs and wikis, allowing college students to create a customizable internet 'start page', with sections for different groups, areas of interest, and RSS feeds.”  Joe is forecasting 20 schools using the product in the first year.

With great ideas like CampusJoe.com, it’s not surprising to learn that CampusJoe.com isn't Joe’s first entrepreneurial venture.  He started his first college business, EagleNites (a website for Boston College students) while he was still a student.

In fact, he won the $10,000 grand prize at the Boston College Venture Competition for the EagleNites business.  He reinvested his winnings into the creation of CampusJoe.com.
(Update: Joe is finishing development of the site now and hopes to launch it in the coming weeks.)

Joe says he likes Elance because it's easy to post projects and he was able to quickly evaluate and hire the right firm on Elance to bring his vision for CampusJoe.com to life.

Best of luck, Joe!


I tried to check out CampusJoe.com, it doesn't exisit. I also visited another site you mentioned, www.fitnessmodels.com.au, but that site only has fitness models on it... Why is campusjoe non existent?

Good to hear about Joe and my best wishes too are for him.

As an elance provider for many years, I have been very happy to be part of many such endeavors by fresh grads and people like Joe. I would love to visit and view his site but it is not available at www.CampusJoe.com

Can you provide me with your site address?


Well done Joe...you have made every Elancer feel proud and at the same time every youngster to feel motivated by your successful ventures. All the best. Jack, www.egzone.info

Way To Go Joe!!! I look froward to seeing the site thats a great idea and also sounds very useful. I have use Elance recently for the first time for my website www.dealydally.com its not finished yet still has ALLOT more changes and sections still to come.
well congrats Joe!

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. CampusJoe.com is still under construction at the moment, and I hope to launch sometime within the next month or so. Keep a look out for it. Also, I'm currently looking for potential investors, and am interested in hearing from any and all parties. You can contact me on JRCola@gmail.com

Nice work Joe. It's always good to hear such success stories. Best of luck with the launch