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15 Questions To Ask Yourself, To Make Sure Your Startup Is Bulletproof.

When we’re on the road attending events (or hosting meetups here in our Mountain View headquarters), entrepreneurs often ask the Elance team for advice on how to grow their startups. While we love offering guidance to those we meet, unfortunately we can’t speak first hand to all of you. However, our Startup Toolkit is a great resource for similar tips and insights. Visit the site at every stage of your development and you’ll find plenty of valuable information, such as the article below.


While we all love to applaud great ideas, the simple fact is that most startups are successful not because their idea is so off-the-charts incredible. Instead, what makes startups a success is how they execute the idea.Startup Toolkit

There may be others in your space already doing what your startup intends to do. No problem. As long as you’re breaking new ground on how to bring the idea to life, you’re well on the way to having a prosperous business.

So whether you’re the first to market or the first to first to give the market something new to cheer about, here are 15 questions to ask yourself, insuring that your startup idea is bullet-proof.

1. Are you totally passionate about the idea?

2. Is your idea simple and easy to explain to others?

3. Is your idea truly a problem solver?

4. Is there a huge number of people who have this problem?

5. Is the general market ready to move in this direction?

6. Can you deliver something unique that your competition isn’t yet offering?

7. Is your idea defendable, once others see its value?

8. Is there a way to get your idea to market quickly, letting you “perfect” it down the road?

9. Are your customers easy to identify and single out?

10. Do you have a sure-fire way to inform potential customers about your idea?

11. Do you have access to top talent needed to bring your idea to life?

12. Is there a proven revenue stream for executing your idea?

13. Will you have access to funds to keep moving from step to step?

14. Is this idea worth putting in 15 hour days to work on, 7 days a week?

15. Are you open to pivoting, tweaking your idea when needed?

Those are a lot of questions, eh? But successful startups need to cover all the bases, and if your idea is bullet-proof then you’ll answer “yes” to most of these questions if not all. Then the only thing that’s stopping you from success is starting your startup, so get busy and build your business now before someone else does.