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Outsourcing 2.0

Here are new thoughts on Outsourcing 2.0 from Monsoon Company’s Doubtsourcing cartoon written by Sandeep Sood.  Sandeep handles outsourced IT work from Berkeley for clients such as Microsoft, Disney, Wells Fargo and Cisco.  Let us know what you think.



Amy, this is great! It is right on target but also extremely funny. Thanks for sharing!


It is not just people, it is organizational approach, who/which could own the iterative cycles project plans (generally 2 weeks) i and provide commitment on completion of the work with quality i.e not just the completion of functionality and provide a right people. There is a need for system to design it self to min impact of people transitioning and should focus on owning the tasks and code quality.

Raja Nagendra Kumar,
A Competant and Reliable Offshore Java Code Audit experts.

I loved the cartoon esp the catch phrase "doubt sourcing" . Keep it up Sandeep !

Amy thank you sharing and Sandeep it was really good and neat stuff. Your one liners say’s it all.....Cheers to you :)

That is such a great cartoon. It is so true with the web 2.0 going to the people rather then the big corporations.

I really liked the 2.0 concept of outsourcing. Its very true! Its all because of Internet, world is interacting now :)

Insightful and entertaining. Very accurate. Well done!

Great work Sandeep!

It is indeed a very funny depiction with a twist of some reality due to vast cultural differences. We being ourself a hybrid form on outsourcing firm with main offices in US often come across such issues but interestingly, all such issues are irrelevant when one handles it with open cultures and high quality deliverables.

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Sandeep has skillfully combined humour and insight. Incredible trust results in Instant Turnarounds and Impressive Turnovers comes across clearly in this cartoon profile. Way to go for the World ahead.

God Bless the Internet! It's the great equalizer.

How many $250,000 contracts can you handle? Let's be realistic here - I want to trust a pragmatic visionary - not a dreamer. I like the approach though - very cute!