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Jonathan Fleming Sails Through Groundhog Day

Do you ever feel like you are living the same day over and over again? Like Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day," many of us get stuck in recurring routines that may be holding us back in our professional or personal lives.

Elance buyer and realtor, Jonathan Fleming, broke out of the day-to-day routine by using Elance to find and hire professionals to help him supercharge his real estate business while launching new ventures including public speaking and consulting.

Jonathan uses Elance for all aspects of his business - from writing sales letters and updating his real state blogs to managing his customer database and producing podcasts.

Before working with professionals from Elance, Jonathan spent a lot of time on administrative work. With the use of technology and Elance, Jonathan has been able to automate many aspects of his business, freeing him up to spend more time with clients, show and sell property and work on his other business initiatives.

"The ability to have a team of people working for me without a full time staff on my day-to-day payroll is amazing. I have my army when I need them," said Jonathan. "In addition to launching my public speaking and consulting ventures, I am planning to write two books in 2008. I will have Elancers help me with these projects as well."

What would you like to change about your daily routine? Could Elance help?


I would like to hear more about your outsourcing.
I too, have developed a plan where the majority of our IRA real estate business is outsourced and would certainly like to hear more about your successes.


Systems, Systems and more Systems. Take a look at your business first and foremost to ask yourself not about saving money, I think it is more about productive enhancement, growth and building your the core essentials of your business. My business is heavily entrenched in "Lead Generation and Servicing Clients" so my core duties such as flyer creations, advertising, writing copy, online tech support, blog support and creation, internet marketing and the list goes on and on was money well spent. You might want to tryout small items of outsourcing to get your feet wet then build from that model to other services you can outsource. There are some truly brillant people out there in the world.

Just looking at your business I see some unique things you can do right off....once you get a core group of items you'd like to outsource just put whomever you hire on a trial basis to test it out first! Good luck...Jonathan Fleming